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Yet Another Boring Day at Work

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The next day, Sam sat at his desk trying to work, but every time he shifted in his chair the feel of the silky red panties caressing him drew his mind toward other activities. He hadn’t seen Melinda this morning yet. Maybe she wasn’t here today, he thought with a shock. He almost groaned aloud. God, he hoped she was here.

Sam continued working for another hour before closing up his files and folders to go to a meeting. He couldn’t even remember what it was supposed to be about. “Oh geez!” He did however remember that the meeting was to be held in conference room B.

Meetings in there always made him… uncomfortable. The table was made of glass. He could never even remember what was said during the meeting. He grabbed a couple more folders to set open in front of him. Maybe he could block enough of his field of vision so that he wouldn’t be distracted.

Sam left his office and hurried down the hall to the conference room. To make matters worse, all the people in this team meeting would be women. Sam walked into the conference room and took a seat. Crap. Were they trying to torture him?!!! Every single woman seemed to be wearing a skirt that ended well above the knee today. As he looked down through the table, shapely legs in various shades of color, with their sexy shoes and stockings, crossed and re-crossed themselves.

Between those legs and the satin on his cock, he didn’t know how he was going to get through the day. Sam set out his folders, opening them up.

“I’m glad to see someone came prepared,” the team leader, Sheila, said with a nod in Sam’s direction. Sam smiled back and arranged his folders.

The folders didn’t do him a lot of good. They couldn’t cover his line of vision down the table and the flash of legs as women fidgeted through the boring meeting nearly drove him crazy. His cock was getting harder by the minute. He hoped none of them noticed that.

A flash of legs to his right caught his eye. Barbara was wearing fish net stockings. Why the heck was she wearing those to the office? She turned a little in her seat and crossed her left leg over her right, causing her already short skirt to rise further up her thigh. Sam couldn’t help imagining his hand sliding up between her leg and the skirt, feeling the texture of her stocking.

A flash of legs to the left drew him in that direction. Jessica, one of the college interns, was wearing a denim mini skirt that was close to being wildly inappropriate for the office. She did not appear to be wearing any stockings at all. He wondered what her panties were like. Were they a simple little cotton panty? Something silky or satiny? A thong perhaps? He saw her grip her skirt and pull down on it. Concerned that his gaze had been too obvious he looked up but she appeared oblivious to him. Probably just realizing the skirt really was too short for the office. Though, knowing college students, perhaps she didn’t have anything else clean. Ooooo, maybe she didn’t have any panties on at all.

God! His cock was rock hard now.

“Sam? Sam?”

He looked up quickly from the papers he was staring at blankly to find all eyes on him. “Sorry, Sheila, what was that?”

She frowned at him but let it go. “I was asking if you had any new findings to report?”

“No, nothing new today.”

“Okay, then I guess we can adjourn the meeting. Everybody knows what piece they’re working on and our timetable. If you have any questions, let me know.”

Sam gathered his folders and stood, holding them in front of him to hide as much of the hard-on he had as he moved through the group of women. Their various scents assailed him and he stifled a groan. Was this heaven or hell?

He headed back down the hall to his office, lost in his erotic thoughts when a voice stopped him.

“Oh Sam, could you step in here a minute?”

It was Melinda. He turned and saw her standing in the doorway of her cubicle. He walked slowly toward her. She was wearing a button down dark blue satin blouse today with a black skirt that ended mid thigh. She stepped back as he came toward her, sat at her desk and beckoned him in with a finger.

“You just got out of meeting in Conference room B, didn’t you?” Without waiting for a reply, she pushed the folders aside to reveal the solid bulge in his pants. She smiled and reached out a finger to trace around it.

Sam sucked in his breath and held it before slowly blowing it out. He was starting to see stars.

“Why don’t you go back to your office and relax for a few minutes? I’ll be right in with what I need to show you.” She smiled up at him through her eyelashes.

Sam nodded as he put the folders back in front of his groin and made his way back to his office. He closed the door behind him then slumped against it in the dark. There was just a little light coming from a small window over his door. This was insane! Wasn’t it? It was dangerous to be playing with fire in the office.

His phone chirped and he fumbled it out to open it. Melinda. What now?

Hello Naughty Boy, keep the lights turned out in your office. Go lie down on your sofa and close your eyes. I’ll be in momentarily with a nice surprise for you.

The pressure in his cock was so intense. He couldn’t think straight. All he knew was that he needed it, needed her bad. Anything she wanted to do, he would do it.

Sam shivered as he re-read her message. He couldn’t believe yesterday hadn’t been a dream, but here was proof. He laughed, there was also the red satin proof wrapped around his cock and balls. He pictured Melinda as he slipped out of his suit jacket and laid it over the back of his chair then loosened his tie and slipped it off.

He pictured her blouse coming off over her head and her hands undoing the hooks on her bra so he could finally see her luscious breasts. Sam went to lay down on his sofa against the wall and wait for Melinda. He didn’t have to wait long.

He heard the door open and close then the lock snicked into place. Footsteps came softly across the floor and a hand caressed the bulge that had finally started to subside in his pants.

“Are you having a nice nap?” Melinda’s voice purred softly in the darkened room.

“I was,” he replied.

“Sorry. Would you rather I left?”

“No!” He heard her laugh softly.

“I didn’t think so.”

Her fingers continued to caress his cock, bringing it back to full erection. She stopped and stepped back. “Get undressed. You’d better be wearing the panties.”

“I am.” He stood and stripped off his shirt and pants then sat back down.

“Turn over,” she commanded. “Onto your hands and knees.”

He did as she directed, kneeling on the seat with his hands on the back of the sofa. Her hand pulled the satin panties down a little then caressed his ass as she touched him from behind. Her fingers pressed his ass cheeks open and he felt something cool touch his anus. He jumped a little.

“Just a little gel. Relax now for me.”

Her finger rubbed around and over his anus again and again then he felt something pushing in. Oh God! What was she doing?

“Stay still,” she said calmly. “Push out a little and then relax.”

Nervous, he did as she said and felt something pushing in. It was too small to actually hurt but it made his ass feel full. He resisted the urge to push against it. It seemed to push in forever, but finally he felt something on either side of his anus.

“There! You have a nice little butt plug. What you feel on your ass to either side is the wings to keep it from getting stuck and I… have the control.”

Sam jumped as the plug began to vibrate. It stopped and then started again.

“Oh God…” He moaned and sunk forward. It felt sooo good. The throbbing in his cock grew stronger, then the vibration clicked off. He slumped there, panting for a minute. He felt Melinda pull the panties back up over has ass and give him a little pat.

Melinda slipped out of her blouse and her skirt then sat down on the sofa at the end. “Stand up.”

Sam eased back off the couch and stood in front of Melinda as she turned to rest one long leg along the back of the sofa. “Sit in front of me, facing away.”

Her hands reached out to guide him down, helping him to lean back against her so that his head was pillowed against her breasts. They were so soft. He inhaled her scent. Her legs came up around him and his hands settled on them. Stroking up, he found the top of her stockings and the garters that held them on. He realized he could feel her bush tickling his back slightly. She didn’t have any panties on. He moaned softly. Then the vibe started in his ass again, ramping up his arousal again.

“Mmmm, does my Naughty Boy like that?”

“Oh… yes.” He could barely think. It felt so good, being held by her… against her, the vibe vibrating in his ass, his cock so hard, his head against her soft breasts. He needed to come so badly.

He felt Melinda’s hand reach into the red panties and push them down underneath his balls. His cock jutted up and she took hold of it, sliding her soft hand up to the head, wiping off the pre-come oozing out. She brought her hands to his lips.

“Taste it.”

He readily sucked her fingers into his mouth. After licking her clean the day before, this just made him crazier. He moaned as he sucked her fingers. When he was done, she turned the vibe off again.

“I have another present for you,” she murmured. “Since you’ve been such a good boy.”

A light appeared to his left and he realized it was the screen of her phone as she brought it up in front of him so he could see. She flipped through a few screens to some photos.

“Let’s see, you were in the meeting with Barbara, Monica, Katie, Sheila, Brooke and… Jessica, right?”

“Yes.” He looked at the screen with interest now. What was she up to? A picture appeared. He sucked in his breath. It was Barbara. She was naked, under a shower. The water was making her skin shine and her short blond hair was slicked back. Her left hand was crossed in front of her on her neck and her right hand was wiping suds from her right breast. “Where? How did you?”

“Downstairs, in the ladies shower rooms, after morning workout in the company gym,” she replied casually. She pushed a button for the next picture. This was Monica in her white lacy bra, putting mascara on in front of a giant mirror over the sinks. Her brown hair curled around her neck just above her collarbone. Melinda flicked the vibe in Sam’s ass back on and slipped her right hand around his cock. “Just look at the curves of her breasts.”

Sam moaned as she stroked him, flipping through pictures of the women and occasionally bringing her fingers to his mouth for him to suck.

There was Katie, casually holding a bra in front of her, preparing to put it on, her nipples jutting out. They looked aroused and ready to be sucked. Sam started to thrust into Melinda’s hand.

“Hold still,” Melinda admonished. “Or I won’t hold your cock and stroke it for you.”

Sam stilled but it was a painful strain to do so. Melinda continued to stroke him slowly. She brought up the next picture. “That’s Sheila,” Melinda said. She was bent over at the waist, facing away from the camera with her feet spread. She was wearing some little lacy panties and Sam felt his cock throb even harder than he thought possible at the sight of her full ass on display in the tiny pink lace panties.

“Oh, God, please… please can I come?” Sam begged. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold back.

“Almost,” Melinda purred.

The picture changed again. Brooke. Her arms were up as she hooked a strand of pearls around her neck. It was a beautiful shot of her upper body and she wore no bra yet. Her dark rose nipples rose up and seemed to offer themselves to the camera.

Sam groaned and squirmed.

“Hold on baby, one more pic to go,” Melinda said as she stroked his cock. She pushed a button and the pic of their college intern, Jessica, came up. She was stretching with her hands over her head, naked. Her firm full breasts were flawless, her head turned to the side, her long dark hair spread over one shoulder and behind the other. Her pubes were shaved into a runway strip that led down between her legs.

“Do you want to come?” Melinda asked.

“Yes! Yes! Oh God! Please yes!”

“Then give me that hot come baby, shoot it out of that cock for me!”

She stroked him faster but she didn’t even need to. He was coming as she said the last word, panting and whining. It shot up and out of his cock onto his chest, a thick white cream as she milked him. One, two, three, four, five shots! Sam was seeing stars as the orgasm shook his body.

Sam gradually became aware of his surroundings again, Melinda’s voice softly murmuring in his ear and her hand stroking his temple. They lay there quietly for a few more minutes. He realized the vibe was turned off.

“Was that good, baby?” She kept her voice low and soothing.

“Oh yes… thank you, Melinda.”

She pushed at his back and he sat up so she could ease out from under. She turned around and straddled him. “Now for my treat. Hold my hair up for me.” Sam held her hair back as Melinda leaned down and licked the come from his chest, making little noises of appreciation.

God, she was so kinky. Thank God! Sam felt sooo lucky to have found her.

Melinda finished her snack and sat back, licking her lips. She swung her leg off Sam and stood up. “Lift your hips,” she said. He did as she said and she peeled her panties down then pulled them up her own legs, over her stockings and garters. Her skirt went on then her blouse and she stood buttoning it.

“I think it’s time for you to get some panties of your own. Tonight, after work, you need to go to the mall and choose some nice panties for yourself. I think red suited you well. Make sure you wear them tomorrow.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She leaned down and kissed him once firmly on the lips.

“Keep the vibe and behave yourself the rest of the day. I’ll be back to take it out at the end of the day.”

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