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Two Weeks at the Family Reunion

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It was 6 am and 18 year old Maya lazily rolled over to shut off her alarm. An hour earlier than she was expected to wake up, she decided to relax in bed for a few minutes before the fast-paced day began. It was the first day of their family reunion and Maya and her parents had a long drive ahead of them before they got to her grandparents’ lake house where the reunion was being held. As she stretched, her raggedy sleep shirt was pulled up to expose her flat, bronze stomach; the early morning air chilled her body and gave her goosebumps, hardening her nipples. As she reached up to pull her thick, curly hair into a bun, she ran her hands over her sizable breasts and gasped in arousal.

Forgetting about her hair, she tweaked her sensitive nipples, feeling a rush of warmth flood the pink lace panties that hugged her curves. Slowly running her hands down her body, she gently dipped her hands into her panties, teasing herself. Flicking her clit, her back arched. She gave up on teasing herself and suddenly plunged two fingers into her waiting pussy. Gasping for air and trying to contain her moans, both her hands worked furiously to get her to the orgasm she so greatly needed. As she came, she let out a throaty moan that she knew would wake her parents – one she tried to pass off as a set of coughs she hoped would fool her mom and dad.

Deciding that she should start to get ready to leave or risk being exposed, Maya jumped in the shower, packed her bags, and went to meet her parents downstairs. Still aroused from her earlier activities, her nipples pushed against the thin coral-colored tank she wore that reflected off her bronze skin so beautifully. Her tiny white shorts, made even tinier due to the fact that they were purchased before she began high school 4 years ago, outlined her curves like they were painted on.

“Morning, Mom. Hey Jim,” Maya greeted her parents, kissing her mom on the cheek and ruffling her step dad’s hair.

“Enough of that, Maya!” Jim scolded, despite the twinkle in his eye and the hint of a smile on his lips. Despite his words, Jim adored Maya and enjoyed watching her blossom from a shy, lanky teen to the gorgeous, curvaceous 18 year-old she was. Her tan skin, dark brown curly hair, yet unexpected blue eyes and smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks composed Maya’s beautiful face, while her 5’6, slender but curvy figure lent her the exotic beauty that even her mother’s boyfriend couldn’t deny.

Jim reached over and ruffled Maya’s hair in return, slyly paying notice to her rosy nipples and curves as he leaned back. “Jim, come on! I just did my hair!” she groaned as Jim and her mother laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Finish your breakfast, we got to get on the road if we want to avoid traffic.” Jim replied.

8 hours later, they were finally at the lake. Maya stared up at her grandparents’ massive lake house; even bigger than she remembered it being as a child. With 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a living room, as well as a game room and den, and an indoor and outdoor kitchen, the lake house was big enough to host every family reunion. Maya helped her mother and Jim carry in the two weeks of luggage, dripping sweat from the 96 degree heat and humidity.

Greeting her 7 aunts, uncles, grandparents, and little cousins, all Maya wanted to do was flop face down on her bed upstairs for a nap. They were to be barbecuing in a few hours. Bringing her luggage upstairs, Maya had just closed her eyes when she heard “Hey, it’s Maya-eats-ten-pies-a!” She sat up, rolling her eyes, getting ready to throw a punch to her 20-year-old step-cousin she hadn’t seen since she was 8. She hated that nickname – she was a chubby little kid and she worked hard to get rid of the body that warranted it.

“Shut up, you piece of sh…it,” Maya stuttered as she looked upon the face of a movie star with the body of a god. Standing at a huge 6’4, her cousin Ryan had lightly tanned skin, dirty blonde hair, and sparkling green eyes. “Wow, you look great, Ryan!” she got up and gave him a huge hug.

“Yeah, you too pipsqueak. Far from that nick name, eh?” he smirked. “Whatever.” She rolled her eyes again, bending over to fix her bedding before she went downstairs.

“Wow…” Ryan thought to himself as he stared at her ass. “Fuck, she’s so hot.” He felt a stirring in his pants as his cock began to grow. Looking behind herself, she noticed that Ryan was staring at her ass. Giggling, Maya asked if he liked what he saw. “Yeah, actually…” he said as he approached her, grinding his dick into the crack of her ass. Maya definitely was not expecting him to answer in such a manner, and felt her face burning despite the wetness in her pussy. “Don’t flirt if you’re not expecting me to react, pipsqueak.” He slapped her ass hard. “It’s getting a little hot in here, don’t you think?” he asked. “Let’s go swimming in the lake before dinner.” She nodded, too shocked but turned on to speak.

As Ryan left to go change, Maya changed into her tiny red bikini. Trembling, she grabbed her cover up and towel and headed towards the lake. Diving in, she embraced the cold water to calm her highly-aroused body down, and she tread water until she saw her hot step-cousin making his way down the hill from the house. Completely shirtless, Maya’s jaw dropped. His body looked like it was carved from stone, his chiseled abs complimented his gorgeous face. He dove in; covering Maya with water again and she shrieked and started kicking water at him. Giggling, she swam away, but he quickly overtook her and grabbed her hips. Pulling her back, she was pressed against him and she felt his hard cock pressing against her smooth backside.

“You like that? Hm?” he whispered in her ear.

“Ryan! What are you doing?!” she asked, breathless.

“What does it look, ahem, feel like I’m doing?” he chuckled as he dipped his fingers into her bikini bottoms. As he made contact with her aroused pussy, she gasped and closed her eyes. “Maya, tell me you don’t want it and I’ll leave you alone. We can pretend this never happened.” He said as he circled her clit slowly.

“I…” she began, as she gasped again. Ryan chuckled as he dipped a finger into her waiting pussy. “Fuck…” she moaned. She opened her eyes and looked up, eyes wide. She could see her family enjoying the summer on the porch, and the two of them were in plain view. “We can’t do that. Not here,” she swam towards the dock, hiding under it. Ryan followed her, cock hard as ever.

Pushing him against a pillar under the dock, Maya attacked his lips with her own. “Woah there, pipsqueak! Didn’t know you wanted my cock that bad.” He laughed.

“Shut up, asshole.” She said between kisses, wrapping her tan, slender legs around his waist. Too horny for foreplay, she pushed her bottoms to the side as he took out his 8 inch cock. Lowering herself onto it, she moaned loudly into his mouth.

“Fuck, that feels so fucking good. You’re so tight.” Ryan groaned as he filled her up. “Seriously, shut up and just fuck me, okay?” she said as she ground her pussy on his cock. Per her request, he began fucking her in long, slow strokes. Finding her rosebud, he gently began to rub her asshole with his middle finger, causing her back to arch.

“Like that, pipsqueak?” he smirked. “Mhmm… she moaned, pushing her ass farther onto his finger. “Please… harder.” She begged. Ryan grabbed her hips and started giving it to her harder and faster, making her scream.

“Shh… we don’t want anyone coming down here, do we?” he asked as she bit down on his shoulder a little. Fucking her faster, he felt her pussy clench around his cock as she came.

“Fuck, oh my god, fuck me Ryan!” she exclaimed, cumming again. Her last plea did it for him, and he shot a huge load into her tiny pussy.

Both gasping a little nervously, they looked at each other. “No one can know about this, obviously.” She said. “We can never do that again, okay Ryan?” He looked at her, slightly taken aback.

“Whatever, Maya.” He said as he swam away, slightly hurt. Maya looked after him with confusion, as she just fucked him – just as he wanted her to. Thinking he’d get over it, she swam after him, pulling herself on shore and heading back to the house for dinner.

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