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The Club

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Chapter 1

The last yellow rays of late afternoon sun cut through the old, leaded windows of the student union and caught Barb in the eyes as she sat next to Janet. She squinted, took a sip of her coke, and said, “Let’s scoot around a little. The sun’s starting to hit me in the eyes.”

Janet moved her chair part way around the circular table, pulling her plate with her, and quipped, “And I thought it was just your naturally shining personality.”

Barb made a face at her and moved her own plate and drink around so she was out of the sun. It was early May and the sun was just now setting at nearly seven thirty. Outside, students walked past the Union building in the warm spring air. “I just couldn’t face the thought of dorm food tonight,” Barb said, as she picked up her cheeseburger.

“Yeah, me, either,” Janet agreed. “I know we already paid for it, but there’s a limit to how many chicken and noodle dishes I can take. Have you noticed that when we have chicken a second or third time during the week, it seems to have more garlic in it each time?”

“What’s the matter with that?” Barb asked. “Charles not like the way you taste afterwards?”

Janet giggled. “As a matter of fact, his dorm does it too and as long as both of us have it the same night, we don’t seem to notice.” Then she grinned. “And even if we did notice we’re both too busy to care.”

“You do get along well with him, don’t you? You two have been together all semester, haven’t you?”

“And half of last semester. I haven’t been out with any one else since last October.”

“Getting serious, are you?” Barb teased.

Janet turned a little red. “Maybe, she mumbled. Anyway, it’s fun finding out if we will.”

“I know what you mean,” Barb said. “James and I have been together since last year. We still aren’t sure if it’s going to be permanent, but neither of us wants to change anything right now.” She took another drink of coke. “Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. With all the end of semester papers and tests, we haven’t been able to spend any time together during the week and I, for one, am getting awfully horny.”

“No, kidding,” Janet shot back. “I’m about to go up the walls myself. Say, you know that girl, Laura, in my psyc class? The tall blonde? Well, we were talking earlier and she was telling me how she’d pledged a sorority this semester. Anyway she was telling me about their initiation Saturday before last. Among other things they had to strip down to their panties and each was paddled with one of those wooden paddles the pledges all have to carry. But what she said that surprised me was that the paddling really turned her on. She said she was dripping before it was over and couldn’t wait to get alone to, as she said, find some relief. She then got her boyfriend to use the paddle on her last weekend and said it was the hottest sex they’d ever had. I know it sound’s kind of kinky, but she’s got me to wondering if it’s possible someone might really like that kind of thing.” She hesitated a second and, looking a little embarrassed, added, “I’m even thinking of getting Charles to spank me and see if I like it.”

Barb grinned at her. “Ready to get into the whips and chains stuff, huh?” she teased.

Janet turned a little more red. “No, no. It’s just that she seemed so wound up about it, I was wondering. Maybe I should just forget about it.”

Barb looked directly at her. “No, don’t forget about it. She’s right. I found out I love it.”

Janet’s head popped up. “You mean you’ve tried it? When? How?”

Barb glanced around to be sure they weren’t being listened to, but they were by themselves in the corner. “Well, my birthday was in March and James took me out to dinner and afterwards we went back to his apartment. He talked me into a birthday spanking. An old tradition, and so on. Well, I finally agreed and he had me lie over his lap. What I hadn’t expected was that it was going to be a bare bottom spanking. He held my hands and pulled my skirt up and pants down and laid twenty hard swats across my ass. It hurt like hell, but when he was done, my pussy was soaked and I practically raped him. We’ve tried it several time since and it’s really turned me on each time. He seems to get really hot doing it, too.”

“Wow!” Janet exclaimed. “I guess I will have to get Charles to try it. I just hope he doesn’t think I’m perverted or anything.”

“Don’t worry. I think all men get hot at the idea of spanking a girl. And I’ll admit that now that I’ve tried it, the thought of it turns me on, too.” Just then Barb noticed a tall blonde walking into the room with a tray. She waved and said, “There’s Liz.”

Janet looked behind her and, seeing their friend, waved her over. As Liz set her tray down and pulled out a chair, she said, “Hi. What are you two guys so busy discussing?”

Before Janet could think of a response, Barb put in, “We were just discussing if Janet can get Charles to try spanking her ass tomorrow night.”

Janet turned bright red and opened her mouth, but couldn’t think of a thing to say. Before any sounds could come out, Liz said, “You mean you’ve never tried it before? Believe me, it starts some of the hottest sex possible. And it’s almost as good when I spank Rick, but not quite.”

Now both of the other girls stared at Liz. Janet was still flustered, thinking she must be the only coed in the world who hadn’t tried this form of sex play, when Barb said, “You spank Rick? I hadn’t thought of trying it that way, but the idea does sound tempting.”

“Oh, we trade off, but I like being on the receiving end better,” Liz answered. It’s especially hot when he ties me down first.”

Both of the other girls looked at Liz. They were well aware that Liz was probably the most extroverted and daring of all of their friends, but, even though she often talked about her sex life with Rick, this aspect had never come up before. Finally, Janet was able to get out, “You mean you’ve tried bondage, too?”

“Sure,” Liz replied. “Remember, Rick and I love sex and neither of us is afraid to try new stuff. A couple of times we’ve found something we didn’t care for, but mostly we find the variety exciting. And I will say we’ve never involved anyone else. Just the two of us. But bondage is one of the things that turn us both on the most. You can’t imagine how hot it is to be tied naked on the bed while a sexy man beats your bare ass with a leather belt and then fucks you while you’re still tied helplessly. But, look, don’t think we’re too far gone. We never play hard enough to do any real damage and we use safewords so the victim can stop things anytime.”

Barb had gotten a sort of glassy look in her eyes and murmured, “That does sound hot. Maybe we’ll have to try it, too. Have you guys tried any other kinky stuff?”

“A few things,” Liz admitted. “But there are still a lot left.” She laughed. “Rick has been wanting to try anal sex, but I’m still kind of afraid it’ll hurt too much.”

“Same here,” Barb echoed. “I’m sure James would love it. And it does sound interesting, but I’m not sure I really want to try it.”

Without even thinking Janet blurted out, “You mean there’s something you guys haven’t tried but I have?” Then she realized what she had said and jerked her hand up to her mouth.

Barb and Liz looked at her with real interested. Almost together Barb said, “you mean you’ve tried anal?” and Liz, leaning forward, asked, “You’ve taken it up the rear? How is it?”

Janet overcame her embarrassment and answered, “Yeah, OK, Charles and I have tried it. In fact we usually manage at least once every other week or so. If the man is careful and doesn’t rush things – and uses plenty of lube – it really doesn’t hurt at all and the feeling is indescribable. There’s nothing like it.”

“How did you happen to try this?” Liz asked.

“Well,” Janet began, “Charles had hinted at wanting to try a couple of times and I finally decided to give it to him for his birthday a couple of months ago. Turned out it was as much a present for me as for him.”

“You mean it really doesn’t hurt?” Barb asked.

“No, not really. It does stretch you a lot and you feel really full, but if you use a lot of KY or Vaseline and the guy takes it slow, it doesn’t really hurt. Actually I’ve found I really love it.” In her mind Janet was beginning to wonder if it might not be even better if she was tied down and maybe even had her ass spanked first, but she didn’t say this.

Liz sat back and a big grin crossed her face. “Well, I know what I plan to be doing this weekend. How about you, Barb?”

Barb was not quite as comfortable as Liz in talking about her own sex life, but she had to admit that the idea did fascinate her. She cautiously said, “Well, I’ll admit I’ll think about it.”

“Probably constantly now,” Liz teased.

To herself, Barb admitted this was probably true. After a few seconds she changed the subject and said, “I’ll be glad when the next two weeks are past and finals are over. The pressure this year seems twice as bad as the last two. I expect I’ll be all nerves and all on edge by the time I finish.”

The other two nodded. All three were juniors and their courses had seemed quite a bit harder than the first two years. Janet asked, “When are you finished?”

“My last exam is over on Tuesday afternoon,” Barb replied. “What about you two?”

“I’m not done until Wednesday morning,” Janet said.

“I finish up Wednesday about noon,” Liz replied. “What about the guys? I know Rick is finished early Tuesday afternoon.”

“I think both are done on Wednesday morning, too. I know Charles is. Didn’t he say James was done then also?” Barb nodded.

“OK,” Liz said. “For once it looks like we’re all done early in the week. Why don’t we get together right after everyone finishes up and let off a little steam. I know I’ll need to depressurize by then.”

“That sounds great,” Janet exclaimed.

Barb nodded and said, “I’m in. What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know,” Liz replied. “It’s just that we’ll all need to relax a little and it’ll be the last time we can get together before school’s out for the summer. I’ll talk to Rick and maybe we can think of something.”

After a few more minutes Janet finally said, “Look, guys, I’ve got an exam tomorrow morning. I’d better get back and hit the books again.”

“Me, too,” Liz admitted. Liz liked to come across as unconcerned and carefree, but both girls knew she was a serious student and worked hard to hold her high gradepoint.

Barb added, “And I’d better get to work on that paper. I expect we’re all going to be pretty busy the next week and a half, but let’s meet here for dinner next Thursday. Maybe we’ll have some ideas for a party or some such by then and it’ll give us another break from garlic chicken.”

Janet laughed and Liz looked a little puzzled by the remark, but both agreed to meet in a week.

The next week was extremely busy and the three managed only a couple of short phone calls, but just before six on Thursday they met in the Union longue and soon were back at the same table with their food.

When they had settled in to their meal, Barb asked, “Well, did either of you have any ideas about what we can do next Wednesday? I asked James and he’s willing to go along with most anything.”

Liz looked at Janet who didn’t say anything and then she started, “Well, Rick had an idea but he said he needed to check on something first. He said he’d let me know tomorrow night. What about Charles?”

“He didn’t have any suggestions,” Janet replied, “but he thought it was a good idea. If you two have come up with something, we’ll go along. Anything to break the tension.”

“OK, I’ll give you two a call on Saturday to tell you what Rick has thought up. Wait, better make that Sunday. I don’t expect to be up very early on Saturday – I mean Rick and I need to break some tension now – and I really will have to hit the books on Saturday afternoon. I’ve got my first exam Sunday at one. I’ll call you Sunday afternoon when I’m done.”

“That sounds good,” Janet agreed. Then she added, “Break the tension, huh? Did you let Rick break something else last week?”

Liz laughed. “Well, nothing broke, but something sure stretched.” All three laughed. “You’re right, Janet. There’s nothing like it. Especially when you’re tied down.”

Janet squeezed her legs together at the picture forming in her mind. Liz went on. “What about you, Barb? And did you get your ass warmed, Jan?”

Barb and Janet both turned a little red. “Yeah, we tried it,” Barb said. “I’ll admit I was still pretty scared at first but, like you said, Jan, it didn’t really hurt and I can’t believe how hard I came. And James loved it, too.”

Both girls looked over at Janet. “OK,” she said. “Yeah, I got my bottom spanked. And it is as hot as you both said. In fact I got it warmed three times and the third time, Charles tied my hands behind my back first. I’ll admit, I’m hooked.” Then she looked at the other two and added, “Look. You two don’t think that there’s anything wrong with us for liking this stuff, do you? I mean a lot of people would think we’re really perverted to want it.”

Liz turned serious. “As long as it’s just a game and no one really gets hurt, no, there’s nothing wrong with it. Rick and I talked a lot about that at the beginning. Most people who would think we’re perverted are probably so hung up on other things that they could never understand. We’re just playing games. Didn’t you two play cowboys or spies or some such when you were little? This is just the adult version. No one gets hurt, there’s no real damage, and we all like it. Right?”

Barb nodded agreement and Janet said, “Yeah, OK, I guess you’re right. I suppose it’s just the old ‘this is two good not to be wrong’ kind of thing.”

Barb giggled. “Yeah, and as long as we’re over eighteen it’s not illegal or even fattening.”

The other two laughed and the conversion turned a little less serious.

On Sunday afternoon Liz called Barb. “Rick said whatever he had in mind will work out, but he didn’t want to tell me what it is. Said it might spoil the surprise. He’ll tell everyone when we meet Wednesday afternoon and if we don’t like it, he said it wouldn’t be a problem and we could do something else. I told Janet and she said that would be OK with Charles and her.”

“I guess I can go along with that,” Barb replied. “You don’t have any idea what he has in mind?”

“Afraid not,” Liz answered. “But knowing Rick, it’ll probably be fun and something different.”

“OK, I’m going to be too busy until then to worry about it. I’d better get back to the books. See you Wednesday.”

“OK, bye.”

Wednesday morning dawned with a clear, blue sky and the promise of the season’s first real heat by afternoon. Highs in the low eighties were predicted. Janet had two exams and spent most of the morning inside a windowless lecture hall filling a blue book with what she hoped were the right answers. Or, if not the right answers, at least the ones the professors wanted to see. At eleven thirty the proctor called time on her last exam and, with a sigh of relief, Janet passed her blue book forward and gathered her stuff.

When she stepped out of the building, it was into a blazing noon and a breath of hot air. The sudden warmth actually seemed to relax her tensed shoulders, but she could still feel the internal tension and the acute need to scream or run in circles or something to let off steam. Instead she headed towards the union where the six had agreed to meet.

As she turned in that direction, an arm suddenly encircled her waist. She looked up into Charles’ smiling face. He quickly bent and kissed her on the lips. Then he asked, “How was it?”

“Not too bad, really. At least I think I did pretty well. How was yours?”

“About the same. I guess we’ll just have to wait a week or so to find out for sure, but I’m pretty confident. Say, any more idea what Rick and Liz have in mind?”

“No, and I don’t think Liz has any idea either. Come on, I was just heading over there. We’ll find out pretty soon.”

“Well, I don’t care as long as it gives me some time alone with you and that delicious body of yours.”

“Charles!” Janet quickly looked around to see if anyone had overheard. She wasn’t really embarrassed or bothered by the remark. She had found that most college students talked about sex a lot, either directly or indirectly. But a midwestern small town upbringing was hard to completely lose. When she had seen that no one else was listening, she leaned over to Charles and said, “I’m sure that can be arranged. I may even let you tie me up and have your way with me.” This was followed by a “helpless damsel” look which brought a laugh from Charles which Janet quickly joined.

As they walked into the Union building, Janet saw Barb just joining James and Rick at a table. She and Charles quickly went over to meet the others. Rick said, “Liz should be here any minute.” He looked around the room and then added, “Here she is now.”

In just a few seconds everyone was seated around the table. Rick said, “I’ve ordered us some pizza and coke. Come on and help me get it, Jim. It should be about ready.” The two went off to the counter and the others exchanged comments about exams.

In just a couple of minutes, the two men were back with a couple of large pizzas and two pitchers of soft drink. “regular in this one, and diet over here,” James said.

The six all helped themselves and when they were started, Liz finally asked, “OK, Rick, tell us what you’ve got in mind.”

“Really?” Rick asked. “You mean right in front of all our friends and everything.

Liz stuck out her tongue at him. “I’m sure they already know about that. I mean what kind of a party or whatever have you been planning?”

“Road trip,” Rick replied. Everyone looked interested. He went on, “There’s this guy I work with. His family has a cabin up in the mountains about two hours from here. His family owns it, but he’s the only one who has used it in years. I think his father is in a wheelchair or something, but, anyway, he’s letting us borrow it if we want.”

Liz immediately said, “That sounds great! What do you guys think? Ready for some good old Virginia mountain air?”

The other four answered almost at once. “Sounds good to me.” “I could go for that.” “We can take my van.” “When do we leave.”

“Well,” Rick said, “I guess the idea meets with approval. OK, Charlie, when we finish here, you go get your van and everyone grab a few clothes. He stopped and looked at the girls. “In the case of you girls, the fewer the better.” Ignoring their looks, he went on, “We’ll meet outside Case Hall in, say, forty minutes. That sound OK?”

Everyone agreed and Janet asked more about the place. “I’ve never been there, remember,” Rick said. “But Joe told me it’s about five miles out from some small town – I’ve got the directions written down somewhere – and back in the woods. I have the idea it’s out by itself. He did say there was electricity and water and a TV and stereo and stuff, so we won’t have to rough it. We’ll just stop on the way out at Safeway and pick up some food. There should be dishes and cooking stuff up there.”

They soon finished and everyone left to get their stuff. About forty-five minutes later, Janet walked up in front of Case with her small backpack and tossed it into the back of Charles’ van. Everyone but Rick was already there and she joined Charles in the front seat. Barb and James were in the rear and Liz was waiting – a little impatiently, it looked – in the middle seat. Just as Janet sat down, Rick came running up with his own pack. He tossed it into the van and joined Liz. “Sorry I’m late. I had trouble finding where I put the directions and the key.”

“How careless,” Liz teased. “I’ll have to think of some fitting punishment for that.” Then she whispered something in Rick’s ear and he grinned. Janet couldn’t hear what she said and her imagination began to run wild, but she held herself in check and looked straight ahead.

“OK, everyone, let’s roll,” Charles said. “I guess we might as well stop at the Safeway near campus. At least we know where everything is in there.”

“Sounds good,” Rick replied. “What does everyone want for dinner?”

No one answered right away until finally someone said, “How about hamburgers?” This was echoed with agreement.

When the van pulled into the supermarket parking lot, Rick, James, and Charles went in to get food and the three girls remained in the van. “Any idea what there is to do up there?” Barb asked Liz.

“Nope. At least not what to do in public.” This brought a laugh. “Rick hasn’t told me anything about it. And, really, I don’t think he knows either. He said there’s a TV and stereo. We can probably find some CDs and dance.” Then she added with a leer in her voice, “That’s always a good warm-up.”

Laughing, Barb said, “You sound as horny as I am. Didn’t get any last week?”

“Well, it has been several days,” Liz said. “Rick didn’t say, but I hope there are three bedrooms. Even if you two are my best friends, I don’t intend to spend the night with you.”

“And to think that I had been planning for us to sit around trying out new hair styles,” Janet threw in. “I guess I’ll just have to find something to do with Charles.”

“I’ll bet you have a lot of things in mind to do with Charles, don’t you?” Then Liz added, “Or maybe for Charles to do with you.”

“Well, I’m sure we can find something to do,” Barb said. “I, for one, didn’t bring a book. Did you two.”

“Not likely,” Janet said. “I’ve had enough books for a little while.”

Just then they saw the guys coming back with three bags of groceries. As they put them into the van behind the back seat, Liz asked, “Did you get enough to last til breakfast?”

Charles answered, “We might have to ration it a little, but we’ll survive.”

Barb had leaned over the back seat and was looking into the bags. “Oh, good, potato salad. And chocolate chip cookies.”

“Just hold off until we get there,” James said as he climbed into the seat beside her. “You’ll see soon enough.”

They started out once more and soon were climbing into the mountains. Even though it was more like summer in the lowlands, and though the air was still hot even as they climbed, the woods surrounding the highway looked more like spring. The higher they went, the more obvious this was. After a little while, conversation died down and they settled in for the long ride. Janet leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. The tension of the last couple of weeks was definitely still there, but she felt herself begin to relax a little and drifted almost into sleep. Vaguely she was aware of some movement and quiet sounds from the back couple of seats, but Charles was driving and she let herself almost doze off.

She came awake as the van slowed and pulled into a rest area. “Pit stop,” Charles called. Janet sat up and looked around. It was apparent that the two couples in the rear had been necking and now began to untangle themselves.

Everyone got out and headed for the restrooms. The stop was deserted, which wasn’t too unusual for a weekday afternoon. When everyone had come back out and stretched a little, they began to pile back into the van. Charles suddenly tossed the keys to Rick and said, “Here. You drive for a while. You know the directions and, besides, I want a chance to neck, too.”

“Sorry,” Liz quickly put in. “I’m going up front with Rick.

“I didn’t mean with you, Silly,” Charles said.

“Oh. My mistake,” Liz kidded.

“No, he’s definitely mine,” Janet said. When there were just the six of them together, Janet didn’t mind the direct talk or teasing. She still had a problem with opening up in what she still thought of as “public” – although campus wasn’t the same as public – but she could easily trade sexy remarks and jokes with the others without any hesitation.

They pulled out of the rest area and started out again. Janet found Charles hadn’t been kidding and was soon lost in a long, deep kiss with him. His hand slipped up between them and covered her right breast through her light shirt. For the next half hour or so they held each other like that, kissing or just snuggling. Finally, Rick said, “I think this is the last town coming up here.”

Janet and Charles straightened up a little and Janet became aware that Barb and James in the back seat were doing the same. Through the windshield she could see a couple of houses and then a gas station, a small grocery store, and something that had fishing supplies and bait and might have sold hardware or farm supples. Then the town was past and Rick said, “There should be a road off to the right in a half mile or so.”

“There it is,” Liz suddenly called and Rick slowed the van and turned onto the narrow strip of asphalt. They followed the winding road for about three and a half miles until it ended in a circular turn around.

There were four small gravel roads leading off from the end of the asphalt. “We’re supposed to follow the second one from the right,” Rick said. “The cabin should be about 1.2 miles from here.” With this he swung the van onto the track and, at about fifteen miles per hour, started down the narrow trail.

The track led through the woods with no sign of civilization except the road itself and a set of wires on poles along side. “Should be almost there,” Rick said. “Probably around that turn up there.”

The van swung around the turn and emerged into a cleared area. Rick pulled to a stop and everyone climbed out and stared. In front of them was a cabin, all right. If you could really call this building a cabin. It was log construction, but looked in perfect repair. The porch in front ran the width of the building, about forty feet. They could see a large deck behind the building, about half of it enclosed in screen. The entire building was set on a hillside and the rear deck was about ten feet above the ground. A set of stairs led down from the open part of the deck and onto a path which continued on down the hill through a grassy field to end at a wide wood dock at the edge of a lake. Looking out at the lake, Janet decided it must be at least a mile or two long and probably almost a half mile across. She could see no other sign of people and the only structures were a couple of other docks, the nearest nearly hidden behind a point a good half mile distant.

“Is this really the place?” Barb asked. “I mean, we didn’t stumble into some millionaire’s private estate, did we?”

“Nope, this must be it,” Rick said. “There on the porch. See the sign? ‘Richardson'” That’s Joe’s name. If this key fits, we’ll know for sure.”

The six headed up the front steps and waited while Rick tried the key. It turned without a sound and he opened the door. He turned and grinned at them and they all went inside.

Janet found herself in a large living room facing a huge stone fireplace off to her left. There were two love seats, a couch and several chairs arranged facing the fireplace. She also noticed over to the side of the stonework, a large wood cabinet which probably held the entertainment center. A wide expanse of windows looked out onto the woods and over the lake. Directly in front was a large dining table which could probably seat ten. To the right as she entered she could see through a door to the kitchen. There was a set of stairs just to the left of the door which led up to an upstairs area with a balcony overlooking the large room. The balcony surrounded the room on three sides and two doors stood at the two ends. Janet guessed these led to bed rooms.

The three couples began to explore. The kitchen had new looking appliances: A good sized refrigerator, a gas stove, and a stainless sink. A large bath was located off the kitchen. A second door led from the kitchen through a pantry/storage room and on out onto the covered part of the deck. The two upstairs doors did, indeed, lead to two bedrooms which were located above the screened deck, each with its own bath and shower, each with its own spectacular view of the lake. Even from up here she could only see the two docks she had noted earlier. The rest appeared to be undisturbed woodland.

After wandering around awhile, the guys went out and brought in the groceries and while the girls put stuff away in the kitchen, they returned for everyone’s packs. As the men came back in, Liz was reaching for the last small sack. She reached inside and pulled out two bottles of Champagne. “Ah, I see you are planning to get us drunk so we’ll let down our inhibitions. Then you’ll probably want your way with us, you cads.” She spoiled it by not being able to keep a straight face and soon everyone was laughing.

“I didn’t think you had any inhibitions, Liz,” Barb said. “I doubt if they’d need the Champagne for that.”

“Well, whatever the reason, I’m glad they got it,” Liz replied. Here, I’ll put it in the fridge for later.

The guys had set all the packs in the corner of the living room. “Come on, let’s go take a closer look at the lake,” Charles called, and everyone headed down the slope out back.

They all gathered on the wood dock, which was nearly twenty feet long and ten wide. “That looks awfully inviting,” Barb remarked. “I’d love a swim, but no one said to bring a suit.”

“We don’t mind,” Rick said. “Go ahead.”

“I don’t think so,” Barb replied.

“What’s the matter? Never been skinny dipping?” Charles teased. “You can always keep your underwear on.” Then he added maliciously, “That is, if you’re wearing any.”

“You men go ahead if you want,” Barb said. Then, looking at Charles, she added, “That is, if you’ve got the nerve.”

The challenge hung in the air for a few seconds and then Rick said, “Come on, guys. Let then stay hot and dry if they want.” He started to unbutton his shirt and Charles and James quickly joined him.

Suddenly Liz said, “Oh, what the hell. Come on girls, you aren’t afraid to show your tits, are you?” She pulled her tee shirt over her head and her large, firm breasts were suddenly free, standing out from her chest. She made no move to hide them and all three men stared at her. She unfastened the zipper on her shorts and let them drop to the ground, leaving her in only a skimpy pair of bikini panties. She turned to the other two women and said, “Look at them, just frozen there. I guess they’re just all talk. Come on, let’s the three of us go for a swim.”

Barb shrugged her shoulders and began to unbutton her own shirt. Janet hesitated a second and followed suit. This seemed to break the spell and the three men resumed removing their own clothes. Soon the three women were all down to their pants – and none of them wore much in the way of panties: Liz’s were typical. They dove off the dock and were followed seconds later by the men. Although they were trying to hide it, Janet – and she was sure the other two – saw that the men all seemed to have something pushing their briefs out. She giggled to herself. At least they couldn’t see her excitement.

For the next half hour the six young people splashed around, each of the couples playing a little grab ass and kissing a bit. There was no real sex and soon everyone relaxed and settled down to just have fun. Finally, Liz went back to the edge of the dock. “I don’t know about you guys, but the water still seems pretty cold to me.” With that she pulled herself up onto the dock and stretched out, face down, in the hot sun. “Ah, that’s definitely better,” she said. “Now if I just had someone to rub my back.”

Rick took the hint and pulled himself out. He moved over and lay down beside Liz and began to rub her back. Soon the other two couples came out and each moved to their own spots in the sun. Janet lay on the warm wood, the hot sun drying her back, and Charles gently stroking her from shoulders to waist. He made no attempt to do anything else, and, in fact, neither did any of the others. They were just six friends relaxing in the sun. They just happened to be nearly naked. Janet was aware of the warm wood surface against her bare breasts, but surprising, wasn’t really bothered by the presence of the other two couples. Still a little puzzled by her own reaction, she drifted into a half sleeping state until finally she heard Liz say, “I’m going for one more quick swim and then get back inside. It’s beginning to cool off a little.

Janet lifted her head and watched as Liz stood, quite comfortable with her own near nudity, stretched and then dove into the lake. She started to swim out from the dock and Janet looked over at Barb who was also watching Liz. A look was exchanged and almost together the two girls stood, stretched, and followed Liz out into the lake. The men just watched as the three lovely young women swam out and back and then clung to the edge of the dock. Rick suddenly stood and went to give Liz a hand climbing out. Charles and James were only seconds behind him. They picked up their clothes, but didn’t put them on and soon all six were climbing the hill back to the cabin.

Once inside the three girls grabbed their packs and headed into the big bath with it’s large shower, leaving the men behind. Rick just shook his head and looked at the other two. “Come on, I guess we can use the showers upstairs.”

In ten minutes or so everyone – now once again dressed in shorts and shirts – started to drift back into the living room. When everyone was there, Rick said, “I suppose we should pick out rooms so we can get our stuff out of the way. The big couch in here opens out, so we have three rooms. Who wants what?”

“Tell you what,” Charles said, “let’s draw for them.” He pulled a pad of paper from the table top and tore off three small sheets. “I’ll mark them ‘up-south, up-north, and living room’ and we can let the girls draw. He wrote on each sheet and then folded them. Someone handed him a mug and he put the three sheets inside and handed the mug to James who held it out for the women. Liz reached in and drew a paper slip, followed by Janet and Barb.

As they unfolded the sheets, Liz turned towards Rick and said, “Looks like we get the couch, lover. But, then, that means we have the fireplace, too, so I guess that’s fair.” Everyone moved their things, Janet and Charles to the north room, Barb and James to the south. Liz and Rick moved their packs into the corner of the living room.

“OK,” Barb said, “If one of you guys wants to start that nice gas grill I saw on the deck, we’ll get some burgers ready.” The three women headed into the kitchen and the men started on out towards the deck. In about ten minutes the women carried out the food: potato salad, some fruit, a couple of kinds of chips, and a plate of hamburger patties. Barb took the hamburgers over to the grill while the other two put the rest of the food on the long picnic-type table in the screened part of the deck. They went back inside while James started grilling the meat and soon returned with some cold drinks. “The wine is for later,” Barb said as she put the cokes onto the table.

As they ate and watched the sun go down over the lake in a spectacular array of color, the high pressures of finals’ week seemed to dematerialize and the tension leaving the six was an almost visible thing. When the food was finished, Barb and Liz cleared the dishes and brought out more coke and chips. Although the cabin was fully equipped with electric lights, they preferred to remain sitting in the growing darkness watching the emerging stars. The woods began to fill with the sounds of the spring peeper frogs and a variety of insects. About nine the moon, now a few days past full, began to rise. When it’s light hit the lake’s surface, a pearly glow seemed to fill the surrounding forest.

All six were dressed in shorts and light tops. Finally Liz, who was wearing a very short pair of cutoffs and a thin shirt which ended below her breasts leaving some six inches of bare midriff, stood and said, “Well, even if no one else is going to say anything, I’ll give you guys two choices: Either we move inside and build a fire in the fireplace or I’m going to go put on some more clothes.” Janet and Barb murmured agreement.

Immediately Rick replied, “Definitely a fire.”

He was followed hardly an instant later by Charles, “I’ll get some wood.” and James with, “A fire, by all means.”

The three girls laughed and picked up the remaining food and headed inside closely followed by the men.

Ten minutes later as the fire was beginning to take hold Janet was looking through the cabinets next to the fireplace. There was a TV, stereo, and VCR, but there were also a number of other items including cards and some board games. Suddenly she spied a familiar blue box and pulled it out. Turning to the others and holding it up she called, “Hey, guys, look what I found.”

The six of them had spent many evenings in answering the thousands of questions contained in the Trivial Pursuit game and they all enjoyed it. Half the fun was in the competition and the other was in the wisecracks they made in response to the questions and answers. Upon seeing the game, everyone made enthusiastic responses. The three men pulled a small, round game table over in front of the fireplace and Janet began to set out the game while Barb and Liz went into the kitchen to get some more snacks. They quickly returned with bowls of chips and nuts as well as six glasses and one of the bottles of chilled Champagne.

They usually played as teams, men against the women, and decided to do the same this time. The first game was closely fought amid storms of laughter and some increasingly ribald comments as the tensions of the last few weeks finally disappeared.

Some time during it, Rick went for the second bottle of wine and, while split between six people, two bottles couldn’t have any real effect, it did considerable to relax them. When the girls gave the correct answer to the final question winning the game, the men called for an immediate rematch. Everyone agreed and then, while the pieces were being set up again, Barb said, “We should have a bet to make this more interesting, What would you guys like to loose?”

Charles started, “I doubt if we’ll be the ones losing, so what do you suggest?”

The girls had started to put their heads together to come up with a suggestion, when Rick suddenly said, “I’ve got an idea. Let’s play for clothes.”

Everyone turned to look at him as, still flushed with the effects of the wine – as was everyone else – he said, “You know. Like strip poker. We’ll play short game rules and each time the losing team has to take off an article of clothing.”

Liz answered, “We’re only wearing three pieces.” Everyone had taken off their shoes and socks and were now dressed only in shorts and tops. The third item was underwear, and, as the girls didn’t have on bras, men and women were evenly matched.

“That’s right,” Rick answered. “What’s the matter? Didn’t mind skinny dipping, but afraid you might lose now?”

Liz turned and looked at the other two women. Slowly she drawled, “Well, how about it girls. Want to see what these guys were hiding this afternoon?”

This seemed to be moving awfully fast to Janet. The six of them had done a lot of things together, but never anything like this. But then they had never been swimming half nude before this afternoon. Janet wasn’t sure if it was the wine or, more likely, just the surreal atmosphere of relaxed tensions after the past few weeks of intense concentration, but whatever the reason, the idea excited her. She looked at Barb who seemed to be thinking along the same lines. Then she turned back to Liz and said, “All right, but the loser can’t just take it off. He has to stand up and show.”

A mild look of surprise crossed Liz’s face for a fraction of a second, but then she looked at Barb and got a look of acceptance, if not wild enthusiasm. She turned to the men and, smiling, said, “OK, you guys, it’s a bet. We play until one side is stripped all the way down.”

Now the men looked a little uncertain, but no one was going to back down from this challenge. And anyway the chance to see these three lovely women naked was too much to pass up. All three smiled and agreed to the terms.

Short game rules usually resulted in a round which lasted no longer than twenty minutes. The first round went to the women again and the men all removed their shirts. By now the fire had warmed the room and as each of the men removed his shirt and slowly turned with his hands behind his head, Janet noticed some slight glimmers of sweat.

It looked like the second round was about to go for the women also, when they missed an easy answer and then the men had a run of four correct. Each of the women had to remove her shirt and, as usual, Liz was the leader. She stood, pulled the shortened tee shirt over her head and then placing her hands behind her head, did a slow turn, sticking out her chest and giving each of the men a spectacular view of her firmly shaped breasts. Janet thought to herself, “Well, it really isn’t any different than this afternoon,” and stood to unbutton her own shirt. As she removed it she was surprised to feel a strong surge of excitement. She lifted her hands to the clasp them behind her neck and slowly turned around. Her nipples were beginning to harden and stick out, and she could feel an intense warming sensation between her legs. Barb followed her and as she turned in display, Janet noticed her nipples were also hard and engorged.

Not surprisingly the men were somewhat distracted by the feminine display of beauty and missed several easy answers during the new round. The result was that each removed his cutoffs and again turned in display, this time wearing only briefs. “Briefs and hard-ons,” thought Janet as she stared hungrily at the display.

This time the women were more distracted and soon were showing off their own bodies clad only in bikini panties. The sexual tension in the room was now unbelievable. Janet was sure everyone could smell her arousal, but it wasn’t necessary to smell anything so see the state of the men’s interest.

The fifth round again went to the men. Liz, followed by Barb and finally Janet, stripped off the panties and then slowly displayed herself clad only in a smile. Janet was still surprised by how much this was turning her on. She’d better get Charles alone pretty soon or she might rape him right here and now. As she finished her own wanton display she thought the game was over until Liz said, “All right, you guys. You won but you need to give us another round to get even. OK?”

James answered, “OK, but what do we get if we win?”

Liz looked around at the other two, then back at the men. “What do you want?” she asked.

Everyone, including Charles, froze with surprise when he said, “If we win we get to spank you.”

The air seemed thick enough to cut, thick enough to see. For maybe twenty seconds no one said anything. Then Barb timidly asked, “What exactly do you mean? Who spanks whom and how much?”

Charles glanced at the other two men and then said, “Each of us spank our own girl. And I don’t know. Say fifteen swats?”

Everyone’s breath was coming short and shallow now. The men’s briefs were doing nothing to hide their thoughts and Janet felt soaked and was sure the others were also. She looked at Liz, the apparently appointed spokesperson, and nodded slightly. Barb followed her lead and did the same. Liz then turned to the men and said, “OK. Agreed.”

This round lasted twenty five minutes until finally the women triumphed. Slowly each man stood and stripped off his briefs and again turned full circle, holding his hands behind his back. Each of the men displayed a cock, not only erect, but rock hard and sticking straight out. By now everyone was nearly panting with each breath and finally Charles said, “Want one more round? For the same stakes. Spanking.”

Everyone looked at everyone else, but no one said a word. Finally Liz said breathlessly, “Yes. Last round and winners spank the losers.” This seemed to break the spell holding everyone frozen. As the questions came the two teams stayed nearly even until finally the men beat the women to the last correct answer.

Everyone sat still for half a minute until finally Rick said, “Your idea, Charles. You go first.” Janet felt her heart skip a beat as the men leaned together and Rick said something else. All three men nodded and Rick stood up and went over to his pack to dig something out. Charles dragged a straight backed chair over from the dining table and sat it in the open. Rick returned and handed something to each of the other men. As Charles started towards her, Janet saw that the something was a length of velvet ribbon, about an inch wide and three or four feet long. From their own games she knew what this was for and wasn’t surprised when Charles used it to tie her hands securely together behind her back. She looked around and found that Rick and James had done the same to Liz and Barb.

Now Charles sat on the straight chair and beckoned to Janet. As she moved to stand in front of him, painfully aware that she was bound, totally naked, and about to be spanked in front of her friends, Janet also realized that she wasn’t sure she had ever felt this hot. Her arousal seemed a live thing, taking over any rational thought. Charles said, “I’ll give you a choice: fifteen hard or you can have a warmup of five and then the fifteen hard swats. Which will it be?”

Janet felt her pussy contract hard. She was aware that the other four had gathered in a semicircle about four feet behind her and were watching every move. “I’ll take the warm up,” she said.

“All right,” Charles said. “You know the position.” As Janet moved beside the chair, he helped her lie across his lap. He positioned her so that his cock was trapped between her thighs and her ass was directly in front of him and directly under his hand. He brought the first stroke down with a slap the seemed to echo in the quiet room. In reality it wasn’t very hard and, even though Janet sucked in her breath, it was more from surprise than pain. The next four became progressively harder, but the sixth was the first blow which really hurt, causing Janet to cry out. By the time the fifteenth of the hard swats had landed, Janet was openly crying, but also grinding her hips against Charles’ bare flesh.

After the last blow, Charles stood Janet back up. Then he stood to face her and clasped her in a tight embrace and deeply French kissed her. Janet responded with an intensity that surprised both Charles and her. As they broke the kiss the other two men applauded and cheered. Charles led her, still tied and with her bottom red and burning, back to the circle of onlookers and said, “All right, James. Your turn.”

James led Barb, who looked both scared and eager, to the chair and gave her the same choice. Barb also elected to receive a total of twenty so she could have the warm up strokes. As her nude form was draped across James’ bare lap, Janet could see that she was flushed and seemed to have trouble holding herself still. The spanking proceeded much as Janet’s had and by the time it was over, Barb was squirming against James as the flow of tears washed down her face. James gave her a “full body kiss” like Janet had received and then said, “Your turn, Rick.”

All of the women had slim, athletic builds and excellent figures, but Liz, at five nine was the tallest with legs that seemed almost too long for even her height. She also had large breasts which were far more firm than could be expected and stuck out proudly. Now, as she approached the seated Rick, Janet thought she looked the ideal embodiment of a sex goddess. She seemed flushed and practically glowed with the heat of her excitement. Rick didn’t even ask but proceeded to give her the five warm up stokes, perhaps a little harder than the other two had received. When the sixth, and first of the fifteen hard strokes, landed it was accompanied by a sound like a shot. In response, Liz suddenly straightened and arched her back, but made only a sharp gasp of sound. The second stroke was even harder than the first and brought a slight cry from the bound girl in addition to the hard muscle contraction. The next thirteen were more severe than either of the other women had received, but Liz didn’t complain despite the cries and a couple of screams they produced. When it was over and Rick stood to give her the now expected kiss, Liz pressed herself against him and used her tongue to push back as hard as Rick did. She ground her hips against him and squashed her breasts to him, rubbing her rock hard nipples against his chest.

After it seemed the kiss had gone on forever, they broke apart and seemed only slightly aware of the applause and whistles. Janet found herself rubbing against Charles and stretched up to whisper in his ear, “Let’s go to bed.”

Charles nodded, and said to the others, “I think we’re going up. See you in the morning.” James said something similar and Rick murmured some response, but it was obvious he was not paying attention to anything but the hot, naked, bound woman he held.

Charles and James led the two women, their hands still bound behind their backs, up the stairs and into the two bedrooms. Within minutes the house was filled with the sounds of sex, and it was another two hours before the last moans and cries finally quieted. As Janet was finally falling asleep, she thought, “I feel like such a wanton creature. I’ve never been this hot and the idea of those guys watching me has made me even hotter. What’s wrong with me?”

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