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Two Sisters, One House, One Amazing Time

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My Name is Alison, I have lived in California for over five years, and I won’t lie to you. I do have plenty of money. You see I was married briefly before my husband left me for another woman, during my divorce, I got half of his estate which was, well quite a lot of money, with this money I bought a new house, secluded and out of the way, surrounded by a large rear garden with a huge swimming pool and hot tub. Around six months ago my twin sister Mia split with her fiancé of three years, she was devastated.

Apparently he was sleeping around behind her back. Although I was alone in the small four bedroom house, I had never turned down my sister; there is something about having a twin that draws you close. Anyway, Mia and I are identical in everyway, as kids and teenagers we used to dress alike, even take each other’s boyfriends out on dates; it was a game we played. The only difference between us both was a small birthmark on Mia’s left inner thigh in the shape of a heart, anyway…

After three weeks of living in my house, Mia had rarely left the front door, it was the height of summer crystal clear skies and very hot. I once told her that on days like this I loved to skinny dip in the pool and dry off in the hot sun on the grass nearby. She thought I was nuts lying naked on the grass for all the to world see. Until I told her that the grounds where hidden from prying eyes, she seemed to spark up at the idea of having an all over tan, it was something she had never had.

The next morning I left to do some shopping, when I arrived home Mia was not in the house, you can imagine my surprise when I thought she had left for some reason, until I heard loud music in the rear garden, I placed the bags on the sofa and walked to the rear window, I saw her swimming in the pool wearing only bikini bottoms, I could see she was enjoying her self and the freedom of doing something she had never done before, you see as kids Mia was always shy and quiet, especially about her own body, but knowing about the freedom of no one being able see her she must have loved it. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t peel myself away from the window. I just stood their and watched this beautiful creature swimming until she stepped out of the pool and lay on the towel next to the pool to dry off. I must have watched her for almost ten minutes before I turned and left her to her own privacy. I usually swam in the afternoon, after a quick shower I grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around my naked body before walking out of the house towards the pool. She was slightly startled as I lay my towel next her. I think it startled her more that I was wearing nothing, with a slightly smile I dove into the pool and swam a few laps as she watched me laughing as I fooled around, anything to try and draw her out of her depression, she had a contagious laugh that made anyone smile.

As I climbed out and lay on my towel next to her she sat up and spoke with her soft voice.

“I can’t believe you have this place, it’s gorgeous” “Should be, it cost my ex a lot”

Softly she laughed. I asked her to rub some tanning lotion on my back, reluctantly she agreed as I turned onto my front. I could feel the cold cream hit my back in the warm sun and her hands run over my body and down my sides, it was a huge shock to me when she worked the cream into my butt and down my inner thighs all the way to my feet, her hands where soft as silk and tender as she continued to work the cream into my skin, softly she asked me to turn over so she could work my front.

Slowly I turned over, revealing my naked body to my twin sister, I felt her firm hands running over my stomach and down my legs with her fingers wrapped firmly around them as she rubbed the lotion into my legs, slowly she ran her hands back up my legs my stomach until she genteelly ran her finger tips across my nipples, for a moment she paused as she looked down at me and smiled before raising her leg and softly sitting on my thighs. Her thoughts where unmistakable as her nipples hardened and her bikini bottoms began to grow wet, a matter of moments passed before she leaned down and kissed me, passionately. I could feel her heart pounding as our nipples touched and her tongue separated my lips and entered my mouth. As if controlled on their own, my hands ran down her body and pulled down her bikini and slowly up her inner thigh until I pushed my fingers deep inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her.

Very quickly she reached a monster orgasm as I pushed three fingers into her and pounded hard. Quickly I kissed down her neck to her hard nipples and began to roll them around my tongue before sucking on them hard. The minutes that passed seemed like eternity until we both stopped and realised what was happening, quickly I pulled away and looked at her. Softly she smiled and leaned towards me to kiss me once more, I pushed her aside and told her what we was doing wasn’t right. With a slight smile she spoke.

“I don’t see anyone around, and I owe you an orgasm or two”

I couldn’t believe what I had done, made love to my own sister, it was something that I had never imagined I would ever do, although we had both been threw rough times with men before, and this was not the answer. The next few days passed very slowly, as the realisation of what we did sank in, we basically avoided each other, the brief times we met was filled with an awkward silence. I had promised her she could stay as long as possible, et the day after she began to look for new apartment, although she was low on money, I offered her everything she needed to get her self back on her feet. After four weeks she found a place just out side of town, a cute little two bedroom house, I gave her the money to buy the house out right. Although I had offered to help her move, she declined; the memory of what had happened haunted us both.

I don’t exactly remember when the dreams started, but became more sexually intense by the night, I imagined my self making love to Mia, every night I awoke sweating and looking around for her, until that one night.

It was Mia’s house warming party, and we had plenty of drinks after the party cleared I volunteered to help her clean up. It took over two hours to clean the mess from her new house, especially as we where drinking and laughing along the way. As the last bag was placed in the trash, I looked deeply into her and smiled softly. I was shocked by the thoughts running threw my head of screwing her on the floor where we stood, softly my hand ran up her arm to her face where I ran my fingers over her soft beautiful lips and kissed them softly. I wasn’t shocked when she returned the kiss, more aroused. We locked our arms around each other and embraced in a deep kiss before she lead me to her bedroom. As we walked we took our clothes off until we reached the bed naked. Softly she pushed me down on the bed and ran her tongue down my body stopping briefly at my nipples, finally she reached my waiting pussy and began to softly lick my lips, teasing me, separating them briefly until she finally pushed her tongue deep inside. Instantly I moaned as this gorgeous woman began to pleasure me as no man could, she knew exactly what I wanted. Even pushing her fingers deep inside my pussy and butt as she licked my, sending me to a huge orgasm as my fingers gripped the hair on her head tighter and pushed her mouth deeper into my exploding pussy.

It was a night that we both would remember for the rest of our lives, and the one time we both shared with each other what it was to be a woman.

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Moon wrote

Love the story and I walk around naked AA the time