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Two Sides to Every Story

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Una’s stomach tingled. Jesus fucking Christ, why can’t I ever say no and mean it?

She knew the answer well enough. She loved men. She craved their smell, how their asses moved while they walked away from her, and most of all she absolutely slobbered thinking about their penises. She loved them all, big and small. She loved long, skinny ones, Short fat ones, bent ones and meaty lengthy ones, and even iddy-biddy-teeny ones. They all had what she considered too be personalities of their own. And she talked them, one and all.

At the moment, she had a collegiate swimmer in her bedroom. Georgie’s beautiful cock was trapped in his jeans and pressed solidly against her ass.

They had kissed their way into the house, kicking the door shut after leaving her Honda civic parked in the middle of the driveway.

“You’ve got a beautiful ass,” he croaked.

“I like what you’re rubbing against it, Georgie,” she gasped.

Una was already breathing hard. She’d been wet for him since he’d gotten into her Honda thirty minutes before. She loved the feeling she got by turning a guy on. She lived to feel their hardons pressed against her or in her hand, or mouth; but best of all she loved their beloved penises slamming into her in a rousing fuck. He was grinding his erection against at the moment, and Una was given over to his male rawness and abandoned all thoughts save that of his cock searing her vaginal muscles as it slammed into her.

She pushed back against him, arching her back. Her fingers never faltered as she worked to extract his banana-shaped, seven inch phallus from his jeans.

“Oh, baby!” he groaned as she rubbed his erection over her face. She loved that sound. It meant he was sure to give her the gift of his cock wherever she wanted it.

But Georgie had a one track mind and reached under her skirt, took hold of her thong. With a soft grunt, Una lifted as he worked her white thong down over her hips, not realizing that Una wanted to suck him off.

Una helped him roll the silky material down to her ankles, lifting first one foot and then the other as he yanked them off her. She allowed herself to moan appreciatively, as if he had brought her to an orgasm.

Georgie’s hands moved upward, under her shirt and pinched her nipples. She hummed loudly. He pushed his cock into her rear, making clear what he meant to do.

“Let me, let me!” she called out with an urgency that stopped him in his tracks.

Cupping his sacs in one hand, Una brought his curved member to her widely parted mouth and dropped him on her pierced tongue.

“You want this?” he demanded to know. Georgie had never had a blowjob before. Having gone to a Catholic High School, the three girls that he’d managed to fuck had all demanded that he fuck them in the ass. They considered cocksucking disgusting, and of course, rubbers couldn’t be trusted. Lastly, they were afraid of asking their mother’s to put them on the pill. Ah, religion and all its moral quirks.

“Mmmmph touse I do!” Una mumbled since her mouth was already full.

Georgie knew enough to return the favor and they quickly positioned themselves into the standard sixty-nine arrangement with Una the bottom.

The moment his tongue lapped her outer folds, Una began to whimper with want. There was nothing she wanted more right then, not even his cock, which was after all firmly lodged in her warm, wet, vacuuming mouth.

Five long minutes later, after licking his precious dick from top to bottom; after taking each of his sizable testes in her mouth and tickling his scrotum with her fingers, Una sensed his pending ejaculation and stopped.

The fact of the matter was that Una couldn’t cum without the able bodied assistance of the male penis. And so, for all the moaning and rolling and twisting about on the bed, feigning the throes of passion, she was nowhere close to coming even though Georgie held her hips and mouthed her clit in a near frenzy.

“You gotta fuck me, Georgie!” she said, stifling a scream of frustration.

Guys… you really couldn’t get by without them, but sometimes you had to lead them by the fucking hand, she thought, before repeating her request for him to fuck her.

To his credit, Georgie got the message and rolled off Una, tossed her onto her belly and picked her up by the ass while positioning her on her knees, ass in the air.

“Yeah, that’s the way!” she chortled happily.

“Now give it to me!”

He knelt behind her and started rubbing his dick up and down her open, wet slit.

“Beg me for it,” he said feeling full of himself.

Una was on fire. “Stick it in!”

“What?” he said, sensing his new found power. “I didn’t hear you,” he said intent on teasing her into frenzy.

“Fuck me!”

“You want me to fuck you?” he leered.

“YES, Yes, yes … fuck me hard, fuck me with your big hard dick,” she begged.

Georgie counted to four and then slammed his banana’d penis well into Una’s sopping pussy while she moaned and then screamed.

He gripped her ass and began a deep, hard fuck, moving slow at first, then increasing his tempo until she was gritting her teeth with the ecstasy he was wringing out of her twat with each body shaking slam of his cock.

“What?” she gasped.

“Who’s that?”

“Oh shit. My husband!”

“I thought you said he and your aunt went to your parent’s.”

“They did… they said they…”

“Shit!” she gasped as she struggled to free herself from their entanglement.

Frantically, she looked over the room, seeking escape, or at the very least a hiding place. Her brain went into overdrive, telling her to hide their clothing. She scooped up her panties, his shirt, coat, shoes, everything!

Her husband’s car’s headlights lit up the bedroom wall. A few seconds later she heard the front door rattle, then open.

They were both coming in!

“The closet! Get into the fucking closet! She screamed, but it came out a husky whisper, saving them an impossible embarrassment.

She followed Georgie into the closet and pressed her back to him, squeezing him against the closet’s back wall. She quickly pulled the closet’s louvered, folding doors shut. His clothes and hers were still in her hands.

The door to the bedroom opened.

“Why would it be in Una’s room?” her aunt asked.

“I don’t know,” her husband answered. “I haven’t the foggiest idea where it could be, Sis.”

“What about the living room?”

“I looked there,” he said lamely.

“We just came in the house. How on earth could you have looked there?”

“It’s bigger than a bread box, Vera. I scanned the room as we passed by.”

“What about downstairs?” Vera said, slowly losing patience with Una’s husband.

“Where the hell is Una?” her husband asked.

“Maybe she hasn’t come home yet.”

“But her car’s outside.”

“Maybe she’s out with a friend.”

“She would leave a note.”

“Why on earth would she leave a note? You’re supposed to be at your parents.”

“Look in the closet, Jeff, dear.”

“Oh No! No! Una bit her lip.

Georgie unconsciously squeezed her breast at the thought of being found by Una’s husband.

“All right, all right… I…wait a minute. Yes. Yes. I paid for something over the phone. That’s the last I had it.” He pounded his fist into his hand in frustration.

“I’ll be damned, there it is!” he groused.

“Where?” Una heard her aunt say.

“By the damn lamp. See it?”

“Oh, my… how did it get there?”

“I was using the phone in here, I guess I had it with me and left it.”

“Silly man!” her aunt said with an affection that triggered alarms throughout Una’s nervous system.

Sounding very relieved, her husband said, “You know, Vera, we’ve got plenty of time before we’re expected at Mom and Dad’s.”

Una saw her aunt smile at her husband. “So we’re alone?”

Her husband stepped behind Vera, hands on her hips, pelvis pressing at her from behind. “Oh, yeah… we certainly are.”

“Not now!” Una’s aunt stepped away from her husband. “I don’t want to be late.”

Vera went to the other side of the bed and stopped again.

Georgie quietly lifted Una’s skirt.


Georgie, obviously relieved at not being caught, was too excited not to take advantage of the situation he found himself in with Una.

Slowly, quietly, he let his cock out. She could feel its skin and heat lodge between the cheeks of her ass.

No! She wanted to say, No! But he was pushing now, pushing upward!

“Oh, look at this mess,” Aunt Vera said. Una’s husband, Jeff got down on his hands and knees to look under the nightstand where Aunt Vera was pointing.

“Jesus, look at this mess,” Jeff said. Moments later he reconsidered his statement. “It’s not that bad; some change, three dollar’s and a couple pictures of our wedding.”

In the closet, Una’s mouth opened wide and she stiffened. She gripped the clothes rolled between her fingers. She wanted to reach for something, anything. The opening to her womb kissed, parted and abruptly flared round the head of her lover’s cock.

Her eyes rolled. She bit her lip as he slowly rose upward insider her. She squeezed her thighs together but her pussy had already closed lovingly around the sliding stem of his cock. He pushed. She didn’t dare to breathe: the feeling! That lovely feeling of a man sliding up and inside! Jesus, my skin! His heat! He’s so hard, so long there’s a hard knot of him in my belly!

“Oh, I see you two made good use of my wedding present,” Aunt Vera chirped happily.

“Yes, Una is very fond of it. You have exquisite taste, Vera.”

“Do I?”

“Yes, you certainly do. You picked me, didn’t you?”

Georgie pinched Una’s nipple. She stifled an appreciative moan. But when he tugged the piercing she emitted a slight squeak.

“Did you hear something, Jeff?”

“No, Vera I was just thinking.”

Una pushed herself into Georgie’s hands and leaned her head back against his shoulder. His hips drew back and pushed upward again. He licked the nape of her neck. Una wanted nothing more than to scream and wildly writhe on his impaling instrument.

She felt her own tickling moisture streak her thighs. His right hand went to her clit, erect and bulging. He softly squeezed it, then rolled it between his fingers.

Una prayed they wouldn’t open the closet door. She prayed they wouldn’t see what filled her abdomen from below.

What could she do? She felt a first spasm and gasped. Christ, she needed to be quiet! Then Georgie was pulling her panties out of her hand.

What was he doing?

He stuffed them in her mouth! She tasted herself and her lover’s day old come. His fingers found her clit again. She bit down. He pinched, rubbed and squeezed the exposed nerve and then – oh – and then – oh god! – He pulled and thrummed her golden clit-ring. Her eyes rolled again. She arched.

“You two must have lots of fun frolicking in this bed,” Vera said, giving the King-sized bed a pat with her right hand.

“We have had some pretty good fucks on it, I admit it.”

“As good as the ones we enjoyed when I was eighteen?” Vera asked in a sexy voice.

Una stained to hear her husband’s response to that comment.

“Nothing will ever be that good, Vera.”

“Do you remember the things I did to you back then?”

“Every goddamned one of them, lover boy.”

Jeff laughed. “I haven’t heard that name in a while.”

“Remember the time you did me so many times I was dripping your stuff on the floor?”

“And I asked you to clean it up and you used your tongue to do it?”

“I got every fuckin’ drop of it too.” You did. I remember that, Vera.”

“I remember all of it, Jeff.”

“You think we have enough time….”

“If we don’t we can make it… we tell them we got caught in traffic, or something.”

Una saw that Vera was leaning on the bed and pulling up her skirt. They were facing her, just visible through the louvers. She wanted to close her eyes but couldn’t. Her husband’s thrust was abrupt, shoving her aunt against the edge of the bed.

“Yes!” Vera shouted as she widened her knees.


She let out a long moan. “Hurry. Do me!”

Una rose to the balls of her feet. She held her breath. She tensed. She tried to stop the pleasure Georgie was wringing out of her.

Her husband’s hands were on his sister’s hips. Her chin was pressed into the mattress, both elbows up, palms flat at her waist. She was coming. Una cringed. Una closed her eyes. She stiffened. She fought her own orgasm until her abdomen threatened to cramp.

But no matter how stiffly she locked her thighs; no matter how rigidly she held her spine; no matter how tightly she clenched her ass and pussy, first one and then another quick spasm answered Georgie’s smooth caresses.

Her head lolled back and her eyes lost focus.

Georgie’s fingers thrummed and his expectant cock pressed. The straining core of her belly fluttered and finally pulsed with his ministrations. Her slender body snapped. Her back bent. She saw sparks behind half closed eyes. Her contractions squeezed and released the cock impaling her, inviting it to spill in her womb.

It was time.

When she opened her eyes again, Una saw her aunt straddling her husband who was playing with her breasts.

Vera began to grunt and ride him faster. Jeff tried to slow her down, but Vera wasn’t having any of that.

Una’s husband groaned and she knew he was about to cum. His cock slipped out of Vera and spewed his load over her belly and breasts. Vera laughed evilly and leaned forward so she could take him into her mouth.

Jeff was quiet as Vera sucked the rest of his sperm out of his faltering cock.

Vera let his flaccid member fall from her mouth, hopped out of bed and walked into the Master bath.

Una’s eyes followed her as she grabbed a towel – My favorite fucking towel – Una screamed silently as Vera wiped what remained of Jeff’s seed from her body and stepped into the shower.

When she came out of the shower, Vera dried her hair and body with the same towel, then tossed it in the hamper with the other dirty items.

Careless of her, Una thought. Or devious. She knows I’ll find the semen on the towel, or hopes I will. That cunt!

Her husband stood and zipped. Una’s aunt started to dress, pulling up her panties, working her breasts into her bra then donning her blouse. A moment later she smoothed the back of her skirt and lightly palmed her belly.

“It feels good in there.” She said before kissing Jeff. “Let’s just go. You look fine to me, Jeff.”

Then she half whispered, “You can think about all that cum in me when we’re at the party.”

“You think we might sneak off to one of their bedrooms?” Jeff whispered.

“Stop whispering, Jeff. We’re all alone here.”

“I want to eat you, Vera. I really want to eat you up.”

Vera laughed. “Well, you might get the chance. At Mom’s.”

Una’s husband frowned.

“What’s the matter, Jeff?”

“Where the hell is Una?”

“Maybe she’s got a lover you don’t know about,” Vera said teasingly.

“Nonsense, she’s got me, she never even looks at other guys.”

“She’s a woman, Jeff. Of course she looks at other guys. It’s a matter of what she does other than look that counts.”

Vera brushed against the closet door as she went to the mirror to freshen her lipstick.

As she applied the final touches, Georgie’s banana’d cock pulsed twice and spurted into Una’s belly. Because they were standing, a line of his semen began trickling out of her and down her thigh, eventually running the length of her left leg and streaking her ankle.

Her husband smoothed the bed and when Vera was finished checking her face in the mirror took her by the arm, and left the house.

Una waited until she heard Jeff’s car engine start up and then waited until the car sounds faded away.

“C’mon, Georgie, you’ve got more sperm stored away in those big bad balls, don’t you?”

“Are you sure? I mean that was kinda close, don’t you think?”

“Am I a bad girl, Georgie?”


“Get out of those clothes and onto the bed, lover. I’m so hot I might explode!”

She was already thinking about how she would seduce her husband that night. Poor boy, after Vera fucked his brains out, she would demand another sterling performance from him. And she wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

She was such a bad, bad girl.

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