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Role Play to the Extreme

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Daisy and Jack had shared their fantasy of bondage and torture. They had already spent a weekend swapping roles as captured spy and torturer. Both had been incredibly aroused by their experience and agreed they wanted to pursue it further. Though both had found the role of sadistic torturer exciting, they agreed to explore the role of spy together first.

They spent several weeks thinking about and researching a way to experience the role of captured spy together. After their “regular” lovemaking, they would discuss the fantasy. One day, after researching on the internet, Daisy felt she had found a solution.

Daisy and Jack traveled to a non-descript building in downtown one afternoon. After being buzzed in, they walked up to the second floor. It was a somewhat unimpressive office with cheap furniture and little decoration. Inside they met a woman who introduced herself only as “Erica”.

Erica conducted herself in a very professional, almost academic manner, “As you saw from my internet ad, my business is making sexual fantasies come true. I have several employees who assist me in the various types of fantasies we facilitate. Many involve medical fetishes, teacher-student fantasies and the like. Yours, however, even within the realm of BDSM, is not that common and I find it intriguing. Most of the BDSM fantasies I facilitate involve fat businessmen who deal with their sense of monetary guilt by getting dominated by a strong female. Your fantasy is very erotic. I would look forward to serving your fantasy along with two of my employees.”

After some negotiating, the deal was set and a date selected. As they departed, Jack said he hoped the role play would not be more than they bargained for. Daisy kissed him and reassured that it would be the turn on of their lives.


Several weeks had passed and Jack and Daisy found themselves checking into the cheap motel selected by Erica. Not knowing what came next, the two made love and in spite of their anxious anticipation fell asleep.

Jack sat up in bed as he realized someone was in the room and as something was pressed over his mouth and nose. Before he could fully awaken everything went black.


The fog lifted from Jack’s head as he looked around. The role play had begun. He was strapped into a heavy wooden chair in a dark room save for a single light bulb which glowed red hanging from the ceiling. He was completely nude. The room was constructed of grey stone and the temperature was quite warm.

Jack sensed he was not alone and this was confirmed by woman’s voice from behind him, “I trust the chloroform has adequately worn off.”

The accent was Russian or Eastern European. Erica stepped in front of him. She wore black cargo pants; a black sport bra top which showed off her c-cup breasts; and combat boots. Her long dark hair was in a pony tail.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Svetlana Popstupyanska, formerly of Russian intelligence. I left the service a few years ago to join the private sector. I was trained by my country in the art of interrogation, with a specialty in sexual torture. My codename is Vixen”

She leaned in close to him, “I enjoy my work and look forward to extracting information from you, Mr. Jack Jones. Yes, I know who you are and I know about your team’s effort to try and steal my employer’s research plans. What I need to know is where those plans are. ”

Jack struggled against the restraints.

“Let’s get started” said Vixen as she pursed her lips.

She opened the door to the room and two individuals entered. Vixen introduced the tall blond female as Natasha and the male as Dmitri. Natasha was nearly six feet tall, blond and pretty with pouting lips and a very athletic body. Dmitri was about five feet ten inches, with dark hair, a strong jaw and a body builder’s physique. Both were dressed in dark military style clothing.

The two removed Jack from the chair and led him around toward the other end of the chamber. Jack could see various devices, chains, manacles and the like on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. A table was to his right and a wooden platform with a post was on his left.

As he faced the post, his hands were manacled to it and a metal bar was placed to spread his legs. Natasha cinched a length of nylon cord around the base of his testicles. From the other end hung a leaden block which tugged at his balls quite painfully.

“Where is Daisy?” asked Jack.

“We will join her soon enough,” replied Vixen. “I’ll leave you in Natasha’s capable hands while Dmitri and I see to other matters.”

As they left, Natasha removed a flogger from a hook on the near wall. She smiled and began whipping Jack’s ass and back. After about ten blows she paused and placed clothespins on his nipples and on the head of his cock.

Despite the discomfort, Jack was aroused by this woman and being at her mercy.

She whipped him for a few more minutes before uncuffing and leading him to the back wall, which was difficult with his legs still spread by the bar. His hands were fastened to the wall in iron cuffs shoulder width apart and just above his head.

Natasha leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Her breath was clean and had a hint of mint. She stared into his eyes as she removed the clothespin from the head of his cock and stroked him, causing it to harden in her hand and lift the weight slightly. She undid her pants and stepped out of them. She turned around and positioned her shaved pussy against his cock head. He felt himself slide into her slowly. She slid her pussy back and forth on his erection and began massaging her clit with her left hand. After a few minutes she began to climax and as she did, Jack bit his lip as he felt himself ejaculate inside her. Natasha said nothing as she collected her clothes and left the room.

Jack was left alone for some time before the three entered the room again. Jack was strapped to a large hand truck, the type movers would use and blindfolded. He was wheeled out of the room and it seemed he was being taken down a long hallway. He listened but heard mostly the squeak of the wheels beneath him and the rushing of blood in his own ears as his nervousness grew.

He heard a door open as they paused before being wheeled into another room. The hall had been cooler, but this room was also very warm. Jack’s blindfold was removed. There was very little light. He strained to see in the darkness, sensing there were others in what he felt was a very large room.

A spotlight came on suddenly, temporarily blinding him. As his eyes adjusted he struggled to make sense of what was before him. A nude woman was suspended upside down, hanging from leather straps around her ankles. It was not Daisy, but she was instantly familiar. After several confused moments, Jack recognized the woman as Daisy’s former college roommate, Jodi.

Daisy and Jodi had always remained close after college and shared girl talk about their boyfriends, fantasies, etc. Once, Daisy had asked Jack if he would consider a threesome with Jodi. Though tempted, especially since Jodi was a pretty brunette, 5’6″ with big tits and awesome legs from her soccer playing days, he had decided it might create problems in their relationship. He had later regretted that decision, but never brought it up again. Daisy had obviously let Jodi in on their fantasy and invited her to join in, or, perhaps, knowing Jodi, she had bullied her way in.

Either way, here she was, nude except for a leather collar, hanging upside down, hands restrained behind her back. His cock grew erect at the sight. Natasha was rubbing oil over her body. Her pussy was trimmed save for a one by three inch patch of dark pubic hair above her pussy. Dmitri walked over with a leather flogger and brought it down gently between Jodi’s legs. She squirmed and twisted. This scene was, no doubt, more than she had anticipated.

Natasha brought a thin whip across Jodi’s back and she cried out. Dmitri again flogged her between the legs. The two alternated blows, Natasha focusing on Jodi’s back and ass, Dmitri her pubic mound and inner thighs. Jodi yelped and shouted throughout as her body swayed in the suspension.

Vixen had released Jack from the hand truck and cuffed his hands behind him. She led him over to Jodi.

Dmitri hoisted Jodi higher until her face was even with Jack’s erection.

Vixen moved Jack closer until the head of his cock touched Jodi’s lips. She mouthed his cock slowly, drawing his head and then part of the shaft into her warm mouth. He felt her run her tongue around his head and he fought the urge to thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. The visual of her suspended in front of him, every oiled muscle taught while giving him oral sex was unbelievable. He was rapidly reaching the point of orgasm.

Vixen sensed this and withdrew him from Jodi’s mouth. Her right hand, encased in a leather glove and wrapped around his cock set a rhythm and in moments he exploded in Jodi’s face. Vixen worked his cock like a fire hose, spraying hot jism and coating Jodi’s entire face. Jack could not believe how much he was coming. Jodi licked her lips and sucked in some of his pearly white come.

“There is plenty of pain, but also more pleasure,” said Vixen. “Talk means pleasure, stubbornness equals pain.”

Jack responded,” I won’t talk.”

Daisy’s voice came from behind them, “Jack, no matter what they do to me, don’t tell them anything.”

Jack turned to see Daisy strapped to a wooden table on the other side of the large chamber. The red lights in the ceiling above her had been turned on. She had undoubtedly been there the whole time and witnessed everything that had just transpired.

After Jodi was taken down and both she and Jack were chained to a pole in the middle of the room, Dmitri, Natasha and Vixen made their way over to Daisy.

Daisy was held by leather straps to a pine table set at a forty five degree angle. A round table of lit candles stood a few feet away.

Daisy lifted her head to look as each of the three retrieved two large pillar candles, then she looked at Jack and he thought he saw fear in her eyes.

Daisy threw her head back as the first teaspoon size dollop of hot wax hit her breasts. Her chest heaved and she gave out a sigh.

The first of the wax was soon followed by more on her other breast, then some on her abdomen. Each of the torturers took turns pouring the molten wax onto Daisy’s tan body. It pooled before hardening in her navel, running down her sides and covering her breasts.

“Talk.” Said Vixen.

Daisy responded, ” Fuck you.”

More wax and Daisy groaned in spite of herself. The burning sensation only lasted several seconds, but it each pouring came on the heels of the last. After several more minutes Daisy’s upper body was encase in hardened red and blue wax.

“Clean her up,” Vixen ordered.

Natasha and Dmitri peeled larger pieces of the wax from Daisy’s body the removed the rest with wire brushes which caused Daisy to yell out as the bristles scraped her sensitized skin.

Daisy was taken off the table and it was lowered until horizontal. Jack was then led over to it and strapped down onto it. His pulse quickened.

Natasha began to rub a substance onto Jack’s cock as Vixen explained, “This is electro-conductive jelly.” Jack was now covered in a thick coating of it with a consistency of vaseline.

Vixen began securing a rubber strap with metal contacts on the inside to the base of Jack’s semi-rigid penis. Wires ran several feet to a metal cart with a shock generator on it. “Bring her over,” she ordered.

Daisy was positioned on top of Jack so that his cock slid into her. Her cunt was wet and warm and he slid in easily. Daisy’s ankles were strapped down and her hands cuffed together and raised straight above her head. Jack’s hands were cuffed to a leather belt cinched tight around Daisy’s waist. Electrical pads were placed on either side of Daisy’s nipples.

They were left like this for several minutes as Vixen inspected them and Dmitri readied the machine. The silence made their hearts pound.

Natasha held firm on a leash attached to Jodi’s collar.

Vixen spoke matter of factly, “This machine delivers electrical shocks gauged numerically from 1 to 10. One is little more than a tickle, but ten could kill you. So, tell me what I want to know.”

Daisy was scared, but she swallowed hard and maintained the role, “fuck you bitch.”

Vixen smiled, “Seven!”

Jack’s cock felt like a white hot poker in Daisy’s pussy and her nipples felt as though they were pressed against belt sanders. She threw her head back, arched her hips and screamed out.

Jack yelled as it felt like his entire pubic area were being stung by a thousand bees.

Vixen laughed and stood next to the table. “Talk!”

“No!” answered Daisy and Jack in unison.

“Seven!” answered Vixen.

The scene was repeated with the nude bodies, glistening with sweat in the red lighting of the chamber; straining against their binds and each other.

“Again!” yelled Vixen.

The two grimaced and writhed as the shock ran through them, each becoming an instrument of torture of the other.

Jodi stepped forward but was forced to her knees.

Vixen smacked Daisy’s ass with a riding crop. “Talk or suffer.”

Daisy was weakened and merely shook her head.

“Eight’, said Vixen.

Daisy lifted her head and looked in fear and disbelief just as the shock was administered. Every muscle tensed and neither Daisy nor Jack could utter a sound.

Both appeared nearly lifeless.

Jodi was brought to the table and positioned straddling Jack’s face. Daisy was breathing heavily and Jodi leaned in and kissed her. Daisy reciprocated as their tongues probed each others mouths.

Jack sucked at Jodi’s pussy lips before focusing on her clit. She tasted salty and Jack worked her pussy as well as he could with his dry mouth.

Jodi and Daisy moaned, their lips still locked, and Jodi began to orgasm.

Vixen ran her hand across Daisy’s back, “Dmitri, take our guests for some rest.”

The three were handcuffed and laid in a room the size of a walk in closet with a mattress on the floor. Each was given bread and water, then they were left in darkness. The three discussed briefly ending the fantasy, but Daisy insisted they continue. Soon they fell asleep.


They were awakened a short time later and taken to a concrete room where each was given a bar of soap and were forced to wash in the cold water of a garden hose aimed at them by Natasha.

They were dried and taken to a room with a king size bed. Vixen awaited them, “I have decided that it is time for some fun.” Each of the three was injected with a small syringe in the ass. Vixen explained, “When I worked for Russian intelligence we developed the drug you have been given. It was meant as a truth serum, but was found ineffective at eliciting truthful verbal responses. It did, however, produce an almost hypnotic state in which physical action was controlled by verbal command. I like to call it chemical bondage. You will obey my commands, unable to resist the action I demand of you. I expect you are already feeling the drug’s effect.”

Jack, Daisy and Jodi were feeling increasingly lightheaded as Vixen, Dmitri and Natasha removed their clothes.

Jack’s head was spinning, and time seemed to be moving slowly as if in a dream sequence in a movie. He watched as Jodi began to eat Natasha’s pussy while Daisy began lapping at Vixen. Something seemed wrong to him and he realized that Dmitri’s erection was only inches from his face. He felt himself being willed to perform fellatio on Dmitri and slowly slid his mouth over the other man’s penis. The thought should have sickened him, but it was as if those feelings were not available to him. Instead he wrapped a hand around the huge cock in his face, pumping it as he worked the massive head with his mouth.

Dmitri withdrew and positioned himself behind Daisy. She looked over her shoulder, unable to protest as the huge head of Dmitri’s cock pressed into her pussy. He grabbed her waist and began pumping her. Natasha got on all fours in front of Daisy so that she ate her pussy as Dmitri fucked her. With each thrust, Daisy’s nose and face were pushed into Natasha’s pussy and ass.

Jodi had positioned herself, laying on her back with Jack straddling her face. She licked and sucked his balls as Vixen moved in and took his rigid cock in her mouth. Despite the drug, Jack felt the pressure building within him.

He watched as Dmitri removed his cock from Daisy’s pussy and positioned its glistening head at her anus. Daisy winced as he slowly pressed his cock into her ass, then quickly resumed his hard thrusting.

Jack’s balls were soaked with Jodi’s saliva and she was licking the space between his balls and asshole as he began to come into Vixen’s mouth. She sucked down every drop he gave her before releasing his member and giving a satisfied smile.

Dmitri withdrew from Daisy’s ass and moved to her head where he began to come across Natasha’s pussy and ass. Jack, Jodi and Daisy were made to lick the come from Natasha with each sucking down an even portion of salty jism.

Hours seemed to pass before the three returned to normalcy as the drug wore off.


Daisy lay on her back in the center of the torture chamber as the leather cuffs surrounding each ankle and wrist were hooked to a pair of bars which were connected to winches by heavy chains. Natasha turned two hand cranks as Daisy was lifted into the air, hanging from her four limbs. It placed tension on her shoulders and hips and she shifted her weight uncomfortably as she hung three feet from the floor.

Jack straddled a wooden bench, balancing on the balls of his feet. Between his legs flickered a lighted candle. His wrists were tied just above his head. As his legs and feet grew fatigued, he lowered his feet flat but instantly felt the flame of the candle begin to sear his scrotum forcing him back onto the balls of his feet.

Jodi stood on the other side of the room, her hands tied in front of her and her feet strapped to a spreader bar. She watched with a look of fear and interest as Vixen reached into a stainless steel bucket on the floor in front of her. The bucket was filled with ice water and Vixen removed a stainless steel hook attached to a length of black nylon cord. Jodi felt Dmitri reach into the crack of her ass and smear lubricant onto her anus.

“Oh, no.” she pleaded.

With a smile Vixen stepped up to her, reached around her waist and slid the ice cold hook into her ass.

Jodi screamed as the 4 inches of blunt, half inch diameter, ice cold steel slid into her. It sent a sharp pain through her intestines and Jodi gyrated her hips in a reflexive attempt to dislodge the icy intruder.

Dmitri attached the cord from the hook to a winch and immediately tightened the tension, lifting Jodi up onto the balls of her feet. She was whimpering now and fighting back tears as vixen placed metal clamps on her sizable nipples.

Daisy had been distracted by the punishment being dealt to Jodi and did not realize that Natasha had retrieved a leather paddle. She yelled as the paddle met the flesh of her ass. Daisy spun one way, then the next with each blow. She felt like a human piñata. She twisted in her suspension as her ass reddened and her muscles and joints tightened, making her increasingly uncomfortable.

Natasha grabbed Daisy by the hair and turned her head toward Jodi.

Daisy watched as Jodi, now silenced by a black ball gag, was forced to take a shaft of solid ice in the shape of a cock into her vagina. She was shaking her head violently and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I’ll talk.” said Daisy.

Erica ended the role play and congratulated them all on “an incredibly erotic experience.”

Daisy smiled but wondered to herself whether this had all really been more than they had bargained for?

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