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The Houdini

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“Jesus!” I bleated in my wife’s ear while watching her best friend, Melissa, pull her husband’s giant cock out of his shorts. They were only a few feet away from us, snuggling up on the couch across from our own, but tonight they were taking their exhibitionism to new heights.

Melissa and Tommy had come over to hang out, something we’ve done countless times before, but, tonight things got a little heated, and it all seemed to start before I even got home from work.

4 Hours earlier

“Mel and Tommy are coming over tonight. Kids spending the night at your sisters” the text from my wife read. Of course, I didn’t mind, they come over all the time, and we’ve always had fun with them. But as I came through the garage door I overheard the last part of a conversation.

“… and that’s why they call it the Houdini!” Melissa laughed, as both Tommy and Angie burst out laughing. Angie gasped for air as she gripped the empty margarita glass in front of her.

My wife has always been sexy as hell, with large double D breasts, thin waist, and full ass, all packed into a small body just five feet tall. Her long dark hair is naturally wavy and frames her face perfectly. She’s normally pretty conservative in the way she dresses and acts, but when she gets a few drinks in her, she turns a little silly and quite a bit slutty.

“Hey guys, what’s so funny?” I asked.

“You tell him, Melissa,” Angie snorted, glassy-eyed and still calming down from her laughter.

Melissa and Angie have been friends since they were kids, and growing up together they seemed to have a million inside jokes. She’s a beautiful woman, about 5’9″ flat footed making her a bit taller than I am. She has a modelesque figure, slim with long legs, humble and supple breasts and tight ass. Melissa and my wife both have thick, wavy, dark hair and equally thick southern accents, in fact, their voices sound nearly identical. Honestly, there were several times Mel was talking to Tommy and I thought it was Angie talking to me, and vice versa.

“Well in class today, one of my students named Harry Houdini as a personal hero in his oral report.” Melissa started off, she teaches Composition and English at a community college.

“At the end, other students can ask questions or make helpful suggestions. Jason, this 20-year-old who should know better, raises his hand and says,

‘When did he invent his position?’

Well, I had no idea what he was talking about, but half the students started laughing. So, I asked him what he meant by that.

He looks me square in the eye, and without any hesitation, he tells me, “it’s when you’re fucking your girl from behind, and then you switch places with another guy. He keeps fucking her, and you go outside and wave to her from the window, and she’s all like wtf? How did he get outside while he’s still fucking me? And that’s why it’s called the Houdini!”

Melissa barely finished before they all burst out laughing again, this time I chuckled along with them, but it seemed more like a “you had to be there” kind of story.

“So… is that really a thing?” Angie asked apprehensively.

“Certainly not.” I chimed in, “it’s got to be fake, there’s no way the girl wouldn’t be able to tell that she wasn’t getting fucked by the same guy. Plus, wouldn’t that kind of be rape?”

“Do you think you would be able to tell the difference?” Tommy asked bumping his hip against his wife as he stood beside her.

“Well, I guess you would have to find another guy as big as you.” Melissa teased biting her lower lip and giving him a wink.

It certainly wasn’t the first time they had talked about his considerable size, and having seen him in the pool several times I had noticed his pretty impressive package. Something that my wife had noticed too, I’ve caught her steal glances at his crotch particularly in his wet and clinging swimsuit. Which years ago led us to have some really open conversations about penis size.

My wife only had a few partners before me, and according to her, they were all roughly the same size. She never measured any of them, but she guesses they were all around 6 to 7 inches. After she told me that, I asked her to measure me. I knew how big I was, I just found it exciting for her to see for herself how I compared. At just under 4 inches she wasn’t sure how to respond, but I learned that I love it when she compares me to other guys and engages in small penis teasing.

I enjoyed her verbally comparing me to her ex-lovers. Making comments about my size, and I enjoyed our role play of various scenarios where she would fuck a big cock (dildo). And then about 2 months ago she started teasing me that she had told Melissa I was small, I was certain it was just a tease, but every now and then Melissa would say or do something that made me wonder if she really had said something to her.

After Melissa shared her story, the conversation changed and that seemed to be the end of it, and we continued with the evening. I grilled some burgers, and we drank a little more than normal since the kids were out of the house. It was a nice September night so we sat out back as we talked and polished off a bottle of rum.

“Y’all ready to go inside for a movie?” Angie chirped, with her thick southern drawl.

Our living room is an open concept and is set up in an L-shape, with two couches facing the TV and a large ottoman close to the elbow. Melissa and Tommy laid down on the couch perpendicular to the TV, with Mel sandwiched between Tommy and the back of the couch, her head resting on his chest as he propped himself up a bit using some pillows.

Angie and I cuddled up on the other couch our feet propped up on the ottoman, with her on my right side. From our position, the TV was directly in front of us, with Melissa and Tommy to my left about 3 feet over to the left and two feet forward.

About 10 minutes into the movie Melissa gets up and says she’s a bit chilly and asks Angie to help her find a sweatshirt to put on. They both disappeared for a few minutes, but I didn’t think twice about it. When they returned, Angie flipped the light off as Melissa quickly scurried over the back of the couch resuming her position beside Tommy.

As Angie sat back down next to me, she pulled a blanket up over her and covered me from the waist down. She snuggled up close to me laying her head on my chest so all I could see of her was the top of her head.

Several minutes past and between the alcohol, the long week of work and feeling full I was drifting in and out, not paying attention to the movie at all. Suddenly Angie placed her hand on my thigh, and slowly worked her way up to my crotch. Earlier, I had changed into some loose-fitting nylon basketball shorts, which gave her easy access as she slipped her hand up the leg hole and made contact with my balls. She teased them, pulling on the loose flesh of my sack and tickling me with soft scratches of her fingernails.

I moaned softly as she touched me, encouraging her to keep going. Since we were under the blanket I was confident we were being sneaky enough to not draw attention. But, then I looked over and watched as Melissa draped her hand on Tommy’s hip and slid it over tracing his dick with her hand.

I kept watching as Melissa continued to pet Tommy’s growing cock, and noticed his breathing was becoming strained as her head raised with each breath he took. By this time my own dick was fully erect, so I laid back a little more and spread my legs giving Angie even more access to me. Tommy’s thin shorts tented down his right leg as his fat cock grew harder, thicker and longer.

I leaned forward and kissed the top of Angie’s head encouraging her to keep playing with me. That’s when I watched with a mix of lust, confusion and a bit of shame as Melissa reached into Tommy’s shorts and pulled out his long, thick cock. Tommy helped by lifting up and pulling his shorts down a bit, giving Melissa total access, and flaunting his massive tool. His cock was enormous and was nearly completely straight with just a slight bend upwards. A prominent vein trailed down his impressive length. His head seemed unusually large, with a puffy ridge giving it that German helmet look.

“Jesus!” I huffed, Angie gripped me tightly in her hand as she watched Tommy’s cock.

Tommy is a fairly average looking guy, about six feet tall, dark hair and fit body for a guy in his early 30’s. We were pretty good friends, and I enjoyed hanging out with him, and we occasionally hung out without our wives, but I had never seen his cock before. And certainly, never seen it erect. He was easily 9 or 10 inches long, and about as thick as my wrist. I watched as she gripped him with about an inch gap between her thumb and forefinger. I wasn’t sure how to respond but was worried how Angie might.

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer, Angie quickly pumped my dick several times, then stopped. I could feel her tracing the length of my dick with her fingers, before wrapping them around my slim, short dick feeling my girth. We had talked several times about length, but girth was never mentioned, and now that Tommy’s fat flesh pipe was on display she seemed more than a little interested.

Melissa was now slowly stroking her husband’s cock right in front of us on our sofa without any inhibition. Her hand slid up the impressive length of Tommy’s dick, then swirled his head, then slowly back down again. I was lust drunk watching them and didn’t notice Angie repositioning herself. She leaned against me, pressing her face against my ear aiming me towards Melissa and Tommy.

“God, his cock is so big” She whispered as she nibbled my neck and ear. “I knew he was big, but he’s so much bigger than you.” She confessed and slipped her hand back down to my lap, now rubbing me with her hand on top of the blanket.

“How big do you think it is?” She asked with exaggerated innocence. I turned toward her as she turned her face against my shoulder so I could whisper in her ear.

“Maybe eight inches. Maybe.” I gulped, knowing I was shorting him.

“Well if that’s eight inches, then…” She paused and slipped her hand beneath the covers and down my pants grabbing hold of my dick, “How big is your little man?” She simpered.

“You know how big I am,” I said trying not to answer and watched Melissa’s hand slide up and down Tommy’s fat dick.

“Are you five inches?” She licked my ear. “Hmm, I want to hear you say it. Tell me.”

“No, I am not five inches.” I huffed, excited by the teasing and the fulfillment of many of our secret fantasies, and fearful that reality might be very different.

“Tell, me how small you are.” She pressed while gently squeezing my balls.

“Four inches.” I sighed.

“Hmm, four inches? I am not certain it’s quite that big. I mean if Tommy’s cock is only eight, then I am thinking you’re more like three inches. But, what about thickness? You know all those Cosmo articles say that a small dick is fine if it has girth, but they never say what to do if it’s small and thin, like yours.” She sucked my ear.

Just then Melissa leaned over Tommy and licked his cock. Holding him firmly in her hand, she spun around, now on top of him, her hair hanging down in front of her, but there was no hiding the fact that she was taking him into her mouth, sucking his giant dong then she slipped his pants down further and sucked his balls as she jacked his dick.

“Tell, me honestly, wouldn’t you love to see your wife’s hands on that big, man-sized cock?” She teased.


“What if I did it, really did it? What if I got up and put my little hands all over Tommy’s big dick? Would you get mad at me, or would you be so excited you would just sit here and jerk little stick watching me?” She said with a tone that made me wonder if we were still pretending or if she was serious.

My entire body shook with anxious excitement. My breathing was strained like I was about to hyperventilate, and my head was spinning like I might pass out.

“Shhhh” She calmed and rubbed my chest. “You need to breathe. I am not going to make you do anything, but if you want your small penis fantasy to get real, all you have to do is pull this blanket off and yank your tiny dick out so everyone can see you.” She breathed in my ear.

“I am going to give you till the count of 5. And when I get to five you’re either pulling your little dicky out, or you can just slip your hand underneath the blanket and tug yourself off. It’s up to you.” She kissed my cheek reassuringly. Then started counting.


My heart was pounding in my chest, and adrenaline was rushing. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had so many thoughts racing through my head, what had gotten into Melissa and Tommy that they would do this in front of us? What if I pull my dick out and they see me and never treat me the same again? What if Angie loses respect for me, what if she already had?


Jesus! What happened to two and three?! Did she say them and I just missed it? I took a deep breath closed my eyes and pushed the blanket off and quickly sat up just enough to slip my shorts and boxers down to my knees.

“Holy shit.” I murmured, I couldn’t believe we were doing this. My little dick was sticking up as hard as I’ve ever been. I just kept watching Melissa work Tommy’s cock waiting for her to turn towards us and see my little dick. How would she react? I wondered. Would she say anything? Make a gesture? Or would she just pretend it was normal, not wanting to hurt my feelings? My heart was throbbing inside my chest, panicked by insecurity and alive with lust.

“It’s not very big is it?” Angie maligned. I looked down and saw her cradle my little dick in her hand, and I must admit it looked smaller than normal. She placed her palm on the tip of my dick and stroked me gently with her fingertips.

“You know how they say size doesn’t really matter?” Angie asked,


“I am not so sure that’s true anymore. I mean there’s probably very little difference between a 5-inch dick and 6-inch dick, but the difference between your little 3 incher and his giant 9-inch cock would be night and day different.” She continued, teasing me and humiliating me, with her lips pressed against my ear, and her thumb and forefinger slowly jerking my dick. “A cock like that would really fill a girl up, stretching her and touching places you never could. A cock like that makes you glad you’re a woman, I can imagine that pleasure that it would send through me to feel his thick cock stretching me open as he slid his massive cock all the way in.” She shivered as she thought about.

“AHEM!” Angie fake coughed, and my heart nearly skipped a beat. She was obviously trying to get Melissa and Tommy to see me, but they were too busy.

“I knew it wasn’t big, I just didn’t know he was so much bigger and you were so much… smaller.” She said a little louder while slowly jerking my dick, her hand swirled around my small dick as she pulled on it seemingly trying to make it bigger.

“Are you ready?” She asked rhetorically, “Here it goes.”

“CHECK IT OUT!” Angie broke out, causing Tommy and Melissa to look over at me. I am certain I was beet red, my face burned with humiliation. I looked at Melissa who had her hair down in front of her face as she peeked around Tommy’s giant cock to look at my tiny penis.

“Oh my gosh!” She laughed out loud. I could feel Angie tuck behind my shoulder, I wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed or just letting me have my humiliating moment.

“Dude, how do you live with that?” Tommy chuckled unsympathetically.

“Jesus! You deserve the best wife of all time award for putting up with that little thing.” Melissa cackled. “Seriously how big is it?”

“You tell them,” Angie said and grabbed my balls.

“About five inches.” I lied, but Angie didn’t let me get away with it and tightened her grip. “FOUR.” I yelped, and she slapped my balls. “3 and a half.” I squealed.

“How big is your cock?” Melissa asked her husband and jacked it up and down in a few loving strokes.

“Almost 10 inches” He gloated, “And, over six inches around.”

Melissa held it up against her arm, it was the length of her forearm elbow to hand. Then she placed her hand around it like she was strangling an eel. Angie gripped my little dick and wrapped her finger around easily touching her thumb.

“Look.” She breathed, her pointer finger didn’t just touch the tip of her thumb, but to the knuckle, as she showed me how small I was. “So, small.” She giggled.

“I want you inside me!” Melissa snorted loudly and quickly spun around peeling her yoga pants and panties down and kneeling on the couch inviting Tommy to make a rear entrance. I’ve seen Melissa in skimpy swimsuits several times but had never noticed how nice her ass looked bent over like that. It seemed fuller and thicker than before. Tommy didn’t waste any time, he spat on his hand and rubbed his thick tool. From my vantage point, I could see him tease her opening with his long rod, making sure she was adequately lubed before placing himself against her cunt and pushing himself in.

“Oh Fuck!” Melissa nearly screamed as if in pain.

“Oh my God.” Angie hissed, suddenly seeming irritated they would take it this far in front of us.

“Shit, it’s so big… too big… slow… Oh shit yes!” Melissa called out, “Fuck I am cumming! Keep going” Melissa cried.

“Jesus” I huffed, I’ve never made Angie cum just by dicking her, and never that fast even using our toys.

“Damn you feel tight tonight” Tommy commented. Melissa squealed and huffed as he worked himself in further.

“Oh, FuUuCk!” She quivered as her legs shook obviously experiencing an incredible orgasm.

“Do you think she would even feel your little dick?” Angie asked with a tone of disdain. “Huh?” She gripped my balls wanting me to answer her.

“No.” I huffed solemnly.

“Oh, MY GOD… I…M…CUMMING AGAIN!” Melissa shouted as she came for the second time.

“Damn,” I thought to myself. Then Angie quickly knelt in front of me and lowered her head and slurped me into her hot wet mouth. God, she felt so good, she was tonguing my dick while she sucked me hard, then she did something totally different. She started humming with my dick in her mouth.

“Fuck!” I coughed and grabbed the back of her head fucking her mouth.

“Holy SHIT!” My legs tensed and stomach tightened as I shot my load down Angie’s mouth. She has sucked my dick hundreds of times before, but not once has she ever swallowed my jizz, but this time she held me in her mouth and sucked all my cum out and swallowed it, gently sucking me till I was totally spent.

“Jesus!” Angie laughed loudly still kneeling between my legs, “Not only are you small, you’ve got a quick trigger.” She laughed. That’s when I looked down and saw her between my legs, wiping the cum off her lips.

“What the fuck!” I barked. It wasn’t Angie between my legs, it was Melissa. And that meant, that wasn’t Melissa getting deep dicked by Tommy, but it was my wife.

Tommy looked over at us and saw his wife kneeling in front of me, laughing with my pants down around my ankles.

“Who the fuck!?” He cried out.

Angie turned toward him and flipped her hair out her face, “Tada!” She sang out. “Please, keep going.” She encouraged him and looked over at my small flaccid dick. “I’ve really needed this.”

“You might as well finish.” Melissa granted him, absolving him of any sense of wrongdoing. Angie sat up and pulled her top off, then turned around kneeling on the couch in front of Tommy and slowly and seductively unhooked her bra. She held it in place a second teasing Tommy with her gorgeous figure. She let her hands fall, removing her bra with them. Tommy gripped my wife’s bare breasts and sucked her tits laying her back on the couch, Angie spread her legs inviting Tommy to keep fucking her.

“Is this what you want?” Tommy asked Angie as he gripped his fat cock slapping it on her swollen clit.

“Is this what you want, baby? You want to see your wife get fucked by a big cock?” Angie directed to me.

“I… I don’t know…”

“She’s already been fucking him for the past ten minutes, might as well sit back and enjoy it, little man.” Melissa taunted and took my dick in her hand again.

Angie wrapped her legs around Tommy and pulled him inside her with a gut-wrenching moan of pleasure. Melissa slipped my shorts all the way off and pumped my dick back to a full erection, then stood up and quickly removed her clothes with no fanfare. She’s a stunning girl and seeing her naked had been an active part of my fantasies, but I felt more like I was naked in front of my sister, than a girl that would have sex with me.

“Come here,” Melissa held out her hand and guided me to sit on the ottoman, which she had pushed closer to Tommy and Angie. I sat down and watched Tommy impale my wife with his long thick cock. Melissa sat beside me and wrapped her left leg around my back and draped the right leg over my right leg keeping my legs spread open. She grabbed my balls and told me to jerk my small dick, I reluctantly took hold of my dick and slowly stroked it, while watching my wife get fucked.

“Oh YES!” I heard my wife cry out as she came yet again from Tommy’s superior tool.

“When Angie first told me about your… little issue,” She snickered, “I honestly thought she was kidding, after all, you have such a nice body.” She cooed, and ran her hand up and down my chest. “It really is a shame.”

“Oh baby,” Angie gasped and reached out and grabbed my dick from me, squeezing it in her small hand. “I love you.” She huffed looking me in the eye.

“Wow, even in her smaller hand your dick is puny.” Mel teased. “Look, at Tommy’s dick, look how it spreads her cunt out.” Tommy leaned back allowing me to get a good look, he pulled his cock almost all the way out and I watched Angie’s pussy lips pull down around him, then he slowly pushed himself back in, her face giving evidence to the pleasure she was experiencing. Angie let go of my dick and gripped her breasts toying her nipples.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone other than Tommy, but I’ve never been with anyone as small as you,” Melissa confessed. “I would offer to let you fuck me, but honestly I don’t think it would do any good. “Melissa teased in high pitch voice, “I think a coffee cup would get more pleasure from a stir stick than I would from your little dinky.”

I could feel the warmth of her pussy against my side as she slowly gyrated herself grinding into me. Then I felt her lower her hand between us, she gasped as her hand contacted her clit. She rubbed herself while watching her husband stretch my wife out.

“Don’t worry, I am certain that just one time won’t ruin her forever, but… then again, it may be awhile before she can really feel you.” She kissed my neck and slid my dick between her thumb and forefinger pushed together in a circle. “Look at that, you fit between them.” She kept fucking my dick with her hand in an OK symbol.

“You know it usually takes a woman a few months to bounce back after childbirth, Tommy’s cock is huge, but not baby head huge, give her a few weeks of doing Kegels and she’ll probably feel you again if she ever really did.” Melissa teased, or at least I think she was teasing.

“I am cumming” Tommy announced, he pulled out and slipped up Angie’s torso and fucked her tits. Angie held her breasts for him as he pounded her. His cock straining to be contained between her large mounds, while my little guy would get swallowed up in them.

“Oh my God, look at that massive cock,” Melissa whispered in my ear. “As soon as he’s done I want to see you try and fuck her. I want to watch as you pump away and get no pleasure from her stretched out pussy. Here he cums!” She giggled.

I watched as his head turned purple, a flow of thin pearly fluid seeped out his slit. “That’s just the pre-cum, little one,” Melissa said, then I swear his cock grew another inch, and thickened too, as he grabbed his cock and pumped out what looked like a half gallon of Elmer’s glue on my wife’s tits, neck and face.

“Now,” Mel commanded. I got up and knelt between my wife’s legs and looked down at her cunt, her lips were red and swollen and her gash opened like I’ve never seen before. Tommy stepped aside and sat down on the floor, sandwiched between his wife and the couch. Angie wiped the cum off her face with her shirt and sat motionless as I slipped my dick inside her.

“Tell me if I am hurting you,” I said, concerned that she might be sore from the beating her pussy had taken. But it just made Melissa burst out laughing.

“You think you’re going to hurt her?! She’s not even going to feel you!”

I thrust inside her and quickly discovered Melissa was right. It was like fucking a bathtub of warm water. I usually only last about 30 seconds inside her, but after several minutes Angie pushed me off her.

“My legs are cramping.” She groaned, “Can you just finish by yourself?” Angie asked sincerely.

I rolled off her and jerked my dick, standing in front of all three of them as they watched me fuck my fist. After several seconds, I just stopped, unable to cum, and my little dick quickly deflated down to a small nub.

“Holy fuck!” Melissa laughed, “I’ve seen thimbles bigger than you.”

Minutes later Tommy was fully functioning again and spent the next 20 minutes fucking his wife in positions that weren’t possible with my little dick. Angie cuddled up beside me and played with my penis, teasing me, keeping me on edge, and humiliating me.

“Maybe Tommy should change his name to Houdini,” Angie laughed,

“Why?” Melisa asked,

“Because his cock is magical.”

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