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A Chance For Pleasure

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It would be fair to say that I live an ordinary life. As a thirty-something consultant I earn decent money, have a wife and children and don’t break any laws. My work is varied and interesting but I find myself wishing I could experience something different. My wife and I have good friends and I believe we provide a good base for our young family. We are a good team and there is a familiarity between us that borders more on companionship than lust.

Last Friday I had taken my car in to be serviced at the garage where I bought it which happens to be in the next city to my home. Having dropped the car off in the morning I left the showroom to catch a tram into the city centre where I was to spend the morning working at a client’s office. The service assistant at the garage told me they would call my mobile when the car was ready (which would probably be late afternoon).

I’m not used to public transport but these trams are clean, fast, and regular but sadly, under used. I shouldn’t get on any eco-warrior soapbox though as every workday I drive to work (alone like most drivers) when, if I really tried, I could take the train. It’s only on rare occasions that I use the tram but each time I do the same things happen such as I forget the price of my ticket, or I look at attractive women and imagine them naked. Anyone who says they’ve never done the latter is lying.

I have an active imagination but that is as far as it goes. I never initiate conversations with my fellow travellers instead I carry my own space around with me and keep it that way. When I started my career I used public transport a lot and would attract female attention. I loved this and the thrill of making eye contact with an attractive fellow traveller was a real buzz.

Years of contented living have added a few pounds to my frame and I now wear glasses. These days I don’t spend hours grooming myself as I don’t set out to attract anybody. It isn’t a priority for me and I hate rejection.

Before I knew it the tram was gliding into the city centre where I got off and headed to my clients with my umbrella, laptop bag on my shoulder and energy to face the work ahead. I had expected to be at the clients until at least after lunch but due to staff illness could only complete half my scheduled work. I got away nice and early.

I grabbed a sandwich and wandered slowly to the tram stop. My plan was to catch the tram to the massive out of town shopping mall that was the last stop on the line and only a walk away from the garage where my car was being serviced.

On the return tram journey I had a double seat to myself and a facing, single seat dead opposite. I dropped my laptop case onto the seat next to me, loosened my tie and looked out of the window as the city sped by. I tuned into a conversation that an elderly couple were having across the aisle with the conductor who checked my ticket and gave an accepting grunt. I looked back out of the window.

After what seemed like a few hours of daydreaming (but was actually minutes) I turned to see a woman sat in the single seat opposite me. She was fumbling with her purse as the conductor broke off from his conversation to take her fare. I didn’t really take a good look at her as she politely bought a return ticket to the shopping mall asking for it in a very clear, polished, Welsh accent. The sound of her voice caught my attention.

I glimpsed across at her and took in a woman whose age, after some deliberation I put at 40ish. Her face was young looking with a hint of make up. She wore glasses, the frames were classy and the more I looked at her the more they made her face have a dull appeal. Her short black hair also seemed to complement her complexion… I actually found myself starting to appraise her and I felt a need to keep casting my eyes over her again and again. Her body had no outstanding features – her jacket and sweater covered a small pair of breasts (compared to my wife’s) – I’d guess her size at 36B. The rest of her body was hard to imagine as she wore a brown pair of slacks, the top of which were obscured by her sweater and jacket.

For the remainder of the journey I found myself looking at her and made eye contact once or twice. My lazy expression didn’t give anything away though.

I still hadn’t got to the stage of seeing her naked as my gaze kept resting on her face. There was a little paunchiness under her chin but still there was something about her face… What was she? I could see no wedding ring – so not a bored housewife. Was she a school teacher? No, this was term time. Hmmm A university lecturer perhaps? That would make sense and she appeared to recognise the university logo on my fleece top. All these thoughts stopped as the tram pulled up at the mall for everyone to get off. I found myself walking to the exit just behind my mystery woman and I brushed lightly against her. There was definitely a charge of something between us but she acknowledged nothing.

From the platform she pulled away from me walking towards the main staircase. I now got to see her from behind. She definitely started to appeal to me, her trousers showed off her arse quite well. Here was a woman who did know how to present herself.

The picture was now clear in my mind small tits, big bum and some magic enchanting spell. Was it her fragrance? My eyes were fixed on her arse. With very little effort I could picture that arse, naked and pounding back onto my stomach in a dream where I was fucking her doggy style, listening to her panting with pleasure.

Part of me was pleased that I wasn’t dead from the waist down & the rest thought what the hell am I going to do about it anyway? A woman with a pushchair stepped in front of me and I became separated from my view of the lady with the highly appealing arse. With the object of my arse pounding fantasy gone it was time to re-enter the real world. The usual pattern of fantasy staying as fantasy hadn’t been broken.

I left the tram terminus with a view to loafing round the book and computer stores in the mall until either the garage rang to tell me my car was ready, or I got sick of hanging around and walked to the garage anyway, to camp out until late afternoon. I left the stairs to join the glass walkway into the mall. To my left, on the wheelchair ramp, and slightly ahead of me appeared the lady with the arse.

“You should have followed me.” She said, smiling. “The ramp is quicker than the stairs.”

I took in the sound of her voice and instinctively laughed, “You’re right. I’ve been coming here for years and always done the same thing.” I hesitated, “Is this your first time?” I spluttered out as we carried on walking.

“I haven’t been here for some years” she replied. “Has it changed much?”

“Not really. The coffee’s getting more expensive and harder to order especially if you want a medium choccamoccalocca grande.” My poor attempt at humour made her laugh. She was definitely older than me but getting more appealing by the minute. I had now crossed a line. How far could this go?

I followed up behind her as she walked on weaving through a throng of people coming the other way. Again all I could see was the back of this woman and in my mind an even more perfect fantasy of her bent forward with her hands against a wall, tits swaying slightly, screwing back hard onto my cock and screaming for me to fuck her harder. I was definitely aroused, excited and disappointed that our conversation had stopped flowing.

Not wanting my target to get away this time I kept up with her. As we passed through the crowd of people she slowed down, turned her head and then smiled as we walked the last few yards into the first department store at the entrance to the mall.

“What are you doing here today? Shopping for something particular?” She asked.

“No I have a few hours to kill waiting to pick up my car from a garage. I’ve finished work and the garage is not far from here.” I replied smiling and looking directly into her green eyes (the same colour as my own).

“Aah do you work at the University then?” Her eyes now were locked into mine. I was sure this was going to work. This was a real conversation that wouldn’t be out of place between people more familiar with each other. I wasn’t going to let this go. I had crossed the start line of a race to get this woman naked. Having not disclosed names or occupations to each other and being as this encounter was taking place in a safe, public area I decided to take some risks.

“No I studied at the University years ago. What do you do? Are you here on a day off?” I spluttered out. My heart was starting to speed up. This was definitely going somewhere. My eyes dropped to her tits. I wanted to see them. Did she notice? Yes I think she did. I felt my cheeks and ears get warm. She also coloured a little.

“What do you think I do? ” A playful glint appeared in her eye. “I tell you what. If you can guess I will help you kill some time with a ChoccaMoccawhateveryoucalledit after I have done my shopping. I only came here to visit this place.”

We were stood, facing each other at the beginning of the Ladieswear section of the Department store.

“I had you down as either a teacher or a lecturer” I replied trying to look like a ‘little boy lost’ by glancing down at the floor, then looking back up (taking in her tits) with sullen eyes.

Her smile widened, she’d seen where my eyes has wondered “OK then if you don’t mind waiting I need to quickly look around in here and then I’ll have to trust you to find a good coffee place.”

“OK, do you know where to find what your are looking for? Am I going to be embarrassed when I end up following you into the lingerie department?” I let out a nervous laugh. She went bright red.

“I can’t believe you just said that. This is a surreal conversation between two people… I don’t even know you… I’m Janine by the way.” She was confident. I was now convinced she was on the same wavelength. This was getting very good.

A small silence followed. I pulled myself together and decided to go for it. I had never done anything like this in my life. In my wildest dreams I could never imagine I could be so aroused by the promise of an experience based upon such a chance encounter. I glanced around and in a low but firm and relaxed voice, gave her my pitch.

“I’ll tell you my name if you agree to what I’m about to suggest. This sort of encounter doesn’t exactly happen every day. It may never happen again in my life. Right now all I can think about is spending the remainder of this dark and rainy afternoon seeing you naked and pleasuring your body. Now I don’t like coffee, this place is open until eight tonight so how about you and I go somewhere and indulge my fantasy?” I hesitated, “If you don’t want to go through with this I swear I’ll walk away and not bother you ever again. If you do we’ve got four and a half hours left before I pick up my car. If you say yes I’ll tell you my name. What do you say?” I kept a serious look on my face.

I could feel my heart beating and see the shock in her eyes. She looked around. I could feel my arms trembling. I was actually quite amazed at my composure.

“The answer’s yes – now tell me your name.” She too was serious. Inside I was in a state of shock. I had crossed so many boundaries. The tension in the air had become sexual. To my relief Janine was open to the idea of an afternoon of a no strings, sexual adventure.

“David” I replied. “Pleased to meet you Janine. We should walk this way.” I motioned towards the exit from the department store into the shopping mall. My mind raced as to where we could go and I remembered the Holiday Inn Express from my drive in that morning. Not far from the garage either. I wasn’t thinking of my wife but which credit card I would use to pay for the room. The important thing was not giving Janine any reason to change her mind. I was about to become an adulterer and it felt damned good.

Without breaking into a sprint I steered Janine towards the main front exit of the mall. As we weaved through the other shoppers I lightly touched her shoulders giving her a re-assuring smile. The touch was electric. I suppose we were both stunned at what was happening. She spoke first.

“Hadn’t we better get some… you know…”

We were stood outside a drugstore. I didn’t know what she meant. Then the penny dropped – condoms.

“Shall I come in with you?” My mind was racing this was serious and I could still make a wrong move.

“No. I’ll go. You wait here.”

I watched Janine walk off to the area marked family planning. My thoughts returned to her arse. Was it me or was she swaying her hips now? I wanted so much to touch it, feel it and use it. Again I could picture her creamy arse and imagined holding onto her hips as I fucked it.

Janine picked up a pack of condoms. She looked for me but I stayed out of her eye line. I watched her pick up something else but I couldn’t see what. I moved back towards the exit as she went to pay. How long would I have to wait until I was fucking her? I willed her to hurry up and pay so we could get into the hotel room. I was anxious that she’d change her mind. I couldn’t believe I’d got this far.

Janine walked towards me clutching a small paper bag. As she had no bag of her own I took it and put in it my laptop bag. I tried to feel what else she had bought apart from the condoms. Her face said nothing as I purposefully let my hand touch her right breast as I closed my laptop bag. I saw her shudder and give a brief smile. I smiled back at her and without saying anymore we made for the exit of the mall walking very closely together but not touching. This increased the sexual tension.

Outside the mall we entered the dark lower level of the multi-story car park. It was cold and damp and I could hear the rain on the top level above. Again the not touching or speaking made the atmosphere more charged. I waited until there was no one around then touched her arse. She looked back and smiled. I had to say it.

“That feels just as good as it looks… you’ve got a gorgeous arse.”

“Right now I feel like you’ve already undressed me with your eyes. My bum feels like it’s on fire. You were staring at it before we even spoke.” A wicked smile came onto her face.

We continued walking onto the main road leading to the hotel I put my umbrella up against the rain and I pulled her towards me. I then took the chance to kiss her fully on the mouth. I let my free hand circle her waist. I’d got a real hard-on by now and she felt it through my trousers.

“My My I’d forgotten what one of those felt like,” she grinned.

“Same here” I replied quickly.

It was obvious that neither of us had had it in ages.

Given the traffic and waiting around at the last set of lights there was no more touching on the walk to the hotel. My hard-on was still at full strength as we entered the lobby. Janine waited by the door out of range of the desk.

I booked a room giving my name but the address and postcode of an associate I knew who lived miles away. As I used my company debit card I could pass this off as a consultancy expense especially if my wife found the bank statement.

I got the key to the room and with a remarkable coolness Janine joined me at the lift door. As there were only two floors in the place the lift journey was short and sweet. I stood behind Janine and let my breath hit the back of her neck. She shuddered and I though of what her nipples would be doing under that sweater which would soon be coming off.

Our room was pretty sweet, two double beds, a desk, two chairs and a footrest.

The bathroom light was on as I dropped my laptop bag onto the floor and started to get undressed. Now for the fun. Janine removed her jacket.

“What do you want me to do first?” Janine asked.

“We get naked and have a bath. Now get your knickers off” I was surprised at the tone in my voice. I set the bath running.

“Just my knickers? You really know how to charm a lady don’t you?” came the cheeky reply.

I grabbed Janine and pulled her to me kissing her full on the mouth. Now my hands got busy. As I kissed her my hands slid onto her arse and started to kneed her butt cheeks. She moaned in to my mouth. I reached round to the front and unbuttoned her trousers pushing them down to her knees. Her knickers followed. The tightness of the knicker-elastic around her knees made her arse nice and firm.

My hands continued to wander over her gorgeous globes my index finger drifting into the crack of her arse. She wiggled and squirmed moaning more and more.

‘Hmmm she likes this.’ I thought.

I stood back from her and pulled her sweater over her head to reveal a small white bra holding her pert little rack. I pushed her back on to the bed, raised her knees up and pulled the shoes off her feet followed by her trousers and knickers. Whilst she struggled to undo her bra I ran my hands down her legs to her cunt and started to tease it with my fingers. She’d had a recent bikini wax. Overall a neat little pussy. She shuddered and her breathing got harder.

Janine was struggling with her bra so I turned her over. She was lying flat on the bed and after catching my breath at the sight of her naked arse I undid the back catch of her bra. She slid it over each of her arms and threw it onto the floor. I was pleasantly surprised to see her tits showing from the sides but my attention turned to that gorgeous arse.

I reached under her hips and pulled her up onto her knees. I gently raised her so that her nipples were just gently touching the bedspread. I reached under and cupped each of her tits. I let my groin rub the crack of her arse.

“God that’s good, why are you still dressed?” She could feel the fabric of my clothes against that gorgeous wide arse. All I wanted to do was stick something up her arse as soon as possible but first her clit needed some attention. She was already a bit moist as my fingers teased her little clit making her moan.

“Yes! Yes!’ I could hear the words being hissed into the bed covers. My cock was like a rod of iron. This woman was hot and begging for it. I decided to talk dirty.

“You love this don’t you? You like me feeling your tits and groping your big gorgeous arse don’t you?”

“Yes I do… touch me, play with me…”

I played with her clit and rubbed my thumb up and down her cunt.

“Do you like me playing with your cunt before I fuck you? You like men touching your cunt don’t you?”

“Yes I’m dir.. Ahhh don’t stop that’s so bloody good.” She was getting into the spirit of this

“What do you want me to do to you?”

Janine span round onto her arse, sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at me. Her glasses made her look like a naughty secretary as she sat completely nude on the edge of the bed facing me. The musky smell of her cunt reached my nose and I instinctively smiled down at her whilst rubbing her tits. They felt so firm and filled the palms of my hands. My hands were warmer than her firm, juicy titflesh. She shuddered. I pulled back slightly and rolled both of her erect nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

“I want you to take your clothes off. I want to see your cock.” She demanded. “Keep talking dirty to me, tell me everything you’re doing.”

I had already unbuttoned my shirt so took that off and unzipped my fly. Her hands reached for my belt. Before I knew it my trousers were round my ankles. In one swift move Janine pulled my hands off her tits and reached down to undo my shoes. I got another amazing view of her arse. I reached over and pulled her arse cheeks apart blowing gently into her crack. Again I felt her breathing quicken and she moaned as I raised my feet in turn and kicked off my shoes and socks. She came back up so her head was in front of my shorts. She pulled them down to be confronted with my cock.

She looked up at me again as I stepped out of my shorts then took the end into her mouth.

I nearly came on the spot. My wife hadn’t done that to me in years and although Janine was nervous I’m sure she’d done this before. I placed my hands on either side of her head and slowly joined in the backwards and forwards movement as my cock slid in and out of her mouth.

“Oh yeah that’s it, suck my cock you gorgeous lady. Suck it.”

My naughty secretary was doing a real number on me and this was what I’d been craving. Realising that the bath was almost full I decided on a strategy of shoot my load then have a bath with her. I couldn’t decide whether to unload into her mouth or all over her face and tits. If I did it would be a big load and I would last longer the next time. I took threw my glasses onto the desk.

I grabbed hold of her head and started to increase the speed and depth of my thrusts into her mouth. I wanted my first blow to be special. An idea struck me.

“Hold on gorgeous” I pulled my cock out of her mouth leaving her a little dazed. I grabbed the footrest and pulled it towards us my cock flying around like a lance. Using her pert little tits I steered Janine off the end of the bed and sat her on the footrest so her arse was just hanging over the edge. She giggled.

“Take my cock back into your mouth and shuffle your arse so it’s hanging over the edge.”

“God this feels so dirty, are you going to come in my mouth?”

“I haven’t decided yet I was wondering whether to paint a pretty pattern over your tits or arse. Whatever happens I’m not far off coming. Take me deep into your mouth.”

She obliged her gorgeous face glowing as she closed her lips around my cock and made a real go of sliding it to the back of her throat. The view was breathtaking.

“That’s it gorgeous. Suck my cock. Play with your gorgeous titties.”

Her hands dropped to her tits and I watched as she massaged her little grapefruit sized tits. She started to pull quite hard on her nipples and I could feel a gorgeous vibration on my cock as she moaned with it in her mouth.

“Oh yes you gorgeous bitch suck my cock. Faster, yes. Take your hands and pull your arse cheeks apart.”

I watched as she let go of her tits and placed a hand on each buttock. She gave a sexy wiggle and pulled each buttock apart. I reached down and pulled her forward using her nipples. This increased the stretch on her arse and I saw her pucker.

“Oh god yes I’m going to come .. here it comes… get ready AAHH Janine…’

Janine tensed up as my first spasm went into her mouth. She gagged so I pulled out of her mouth and lifted her up. Taking my cock in my left hand I rubbed her firm tits with my cock spraying a little cum over her neck and tits. As the spasms decreased I turned her round, bent her over the stool so her elbows were resting on it and rubbed my cock on her arse crack letting the last of the cum coat her arse.

“Oh god that was good. You’re an amazing, sexy woman with a horny body.” I gasped.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve never had cum in my mouth before.”

She was rubbing my cum into her tits.

“I’ll be washing that off soon, let’s get in to the bath.”

I turned off the taps and let some water out before we both squeezed into the bath. I had picked up the shower/gel and decided that it was Janine’s turn to be pleasured. She took off her glasses, kissed me and then climbed into the bath with her back to me. I immediately began soaping her upper body and reached round under her arms to focus on her neck and tits. I washed my spent cock and then we both stood up. I turned her round towards me and started soaping her back moving slowly down to her arse. Her body felt amazing rubbing against mine working up a lather with the bath gel I had soaped her with. I kissed her fully on the mouth conscious of her heavy breathing and slow sensuous sliding movements. She was enjoying this.

“Now for your arse.”

I soaped the jiggly globes and cautiously slipped a well-soaped finger in to her arse crack. With my free hand I applied soap directly in to her arse and felt her shudder at the cold. I worked my index finger in to her arse applying pressure and feeling it slide in. as this was a day for crossing boundaries I decided to go for it.

Janine’s breathing quickened. My right hand was now at her front massaging her clit and occasionally slipping inside her. My left hand was squeezing her right buttock whilst my index finger slid in and out of her arse. Her resistance was lowered and she was moaning with pleasure. It felt like I was playing a world class cello.

Janine wriggled her body against my double invasion. Her breathing got ragged, she pulled her mouth from mine and held on to my neck, her body starting to tense up. I quickened my pace on her clit and had two fingers up her cunt. I had one finger up her arse and she was dancing on my hands, all the time grinding her little, soaped-up tits into my chest. I could fell her rock hard nipples brushing against my chest. She was loving this. I looked down to see her tits moving around. her areolae were hidden by soaps suds.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes this is so good. Oh yes fuck that feels sooo good..” she was gasping, her eyes shut tight soaking up the pleasure. Her excitement started to get me excited. I decided to risk another finger up her arse.

I slowly started to introduce another finger my hand digging into her deliciously soft buttock. No resistance. She started to cry out. This gorgeous sexy woman was enjoying my hands simulating every hole between her legs. Janine was more or less standing on the sides of the bath riding up and down like a pogo stick.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss that feels so good. Fuck me with your hands….”

Janine stopped shouting out, tensed up and let out a massive sigh. Her legs went limp and her full weight rested on my hands. My fingers were still nicely embedded in her arse and cunt.

She started to relax trying to free herself from my hands. I slowly and carefully released my fingers and kissed her full on her mouth as she tried to catch her breath. I turned her around put her hands against the bathroom wall and while still stood in the bath recovering, I rinsed her off with the shower head. She turned round to look at me her eyes half open and a little smile. I brought the shower head down to her arse and whilst enjoying the view rinsed her arse and pussy.

When she finally spoke it was a relaxed, contented voice.

“I’ve never come like that before. What you did to me was incredible. What did you do to my arse?.”

I looked back at her as she towelled herself dry.

“Nothing compared to what I want to do to it.” I replied with a semi serious face.

“What do you mean? You want to… fuck my arse?”


“OOh you naughty boy. I would never have had you down as wanting to stick your cock up my arse when I first saw you on the tram.”

“Looks are deceiving I think both of us have experienced a lot so far and will go away from this a lot wiser still. I can’t think of a better way to spend a wet Friday afternoon.’

“Oh I agree. You mentioned wiser still…?” A smile crept onto Janine’s face.

“Ok then. We’re both dry. How about we go back into the bedroom?”

Janine lay back on the bed, legs spread wide and I immediately dived onto her pussy. I spent the next ten minutes making her moan as my tongue danced over her clit and slid slowly in and out of her cunt. Occasionally I would let my tongue dance on to her pucker and slide up her arse. She loved this.

The more Janine moaned the more aroused I became. My cock was now hard and throbbing from earlier. She was pulling and twisting her nipples. I had been used to women with big, heavy tits. This afternoon had definitely improved my opinion on small-breasted women. Janine just lay on her back thrusting her hips up and muttering obscenities,

“Oh yes stick your tongue up my arse you dirty bastard, God I love that. I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

She raised her knees and pulled my head away as she experienced a climax. She got up from the bed.

“One second, I almost forgot.” Janine reached for my laptop bag and took out the drugstore bag. Bending over, she emptied the contents onto the bed. There was a pack of ribbed condoms and the other box I’d seen which contained a tube of KY Jelly. The little minx had really planned ahead!

I laughed, “KY eh? You knew I was going to fuck you up the arse didn’t you?”

“Well I thought if you were able to get me to agree to sex that easily you must be adventurous. I thought it was time I finally got a good rogering up my arse. When I was at uni I stopped my boyfriend from doing it and I’ve always regretted that and wondered what having my arse fucked would be like. Besides I felt your eyes on my rear long before we spoke. It has been tingling ever since then. It’s time to scratch my itch as much as it is yours.”

I mulled over the fantasy in my mind. I wanted to start where we had left off before the bath. I wanted everything now before it was time to leave.

“David I’m all yours lets do this.”

I pulled the foot stool over.

“Sit on this gorgeous. Like you did before with your arse hanging over the edge. That’ll do for starters. Put your glasses on for me like before.’

Janine put on her glasses, they were all she was wearing and she looked spectacular. She took my cock in her hand and started to alternate between rubbing her tits and kissing the tip of it. All the time I had a gorgeous view of her arse and little hanging tits. Her arse had spread nicely on the footrest and I could her pucker nicely reddened from my earlier attentions.

I let her suck on my cock. The saliva making her nipples glisten as she rubbed each one. I applied some pressure to the back of her neck and pushed her down. I picked up the lube and squirted a large dollop into her arse crack. She jumped with the cold so I started to slide my fingers up and down warming the liquid up and occasionally slipping a finger into her tight arsehole. Each time I did I felt a response from her mouth vibrating nicely round my cock.

“Get up on to the bed on your hands and knees and stick your arse up in the air.”

Janine slowly relinquished my cock from her mouth and did as she was told. The anticipation was building.

Her cheeks were flushed. She obediently stuck her sweet derriere up into the air accentuating the curve of her back. That arse was spectacular and ripe for fucking!

I toyed with her for a while just blowing on to her cunt and lightly touching her clit. Each time she pushed back trying to prolong my touching but I pulled away. I studied her arse letting her feel my breath on her pucker. Eventually it got to me so with the aid of the KY jelly I started to ease one and then two fingers in to her arse. She was incredibly tight and her breathing was getting deeper. She felt hot and tight inside. With my free hand I slapped each of the arse cheeks making her jump.

“That’s it relax. Feel my fingers probing and filling your gorgeous arse. Use your hands to pull your arse open wider.”

Janine’s hands reached round onto her beautiful arse globes and with her fingers spread out and her painted nails in her arse crack she really pulled her arse wide open to reveal her puckered starfish. I eventually found myself with three fingers to the knuckle sliding in and out of her arse. Her breathing was laboured and I couldn’t tell whether she was enjoying herself.

“David fuck me.”

I pulled on a condom and slid my cock in to her pussy. Janine cried out and braced herself with her arms on the bed. My cock slid all the way in without any difficulty until I felt my balls touching her pussy. Her cunt muscles were clamping on my cock trying to hold me in place. She was loving this and starting to push back. With my cock deeply embedded in her pussy I jabbed my left thumb into her arsehole. Janine squealed at this, looked over her shoulder and smiled lewdly. Her little tits were hanging down with her hard nipples rubbing against the bed spread. Janine rotated her arse in a slow clockwise motion exposing my cock and then pushing back to take it all the way back in.

“Fuck me now. I want to feel your cock in my arse.”

I slid out of her cunt, pulled off the condom and applied some KY to my cock rubbing it from tip to base.

“This is it gorgeous I’m going to fuck your arse.”

Janine tensed again as my cock slid into her arse. After I eased my cock head in the pressure subsided. I slid all the way in and it felt incredible!

“Oh yes… my cock is right up your gorgeous, creamy, Welsh arse.” I hissed, my head back and eyes closed.

Janine was moaning with a mix of pain and pleasure, her breathing was heavy and laboured. I couldn’t see her face to read the expression but this felt good.

As soon as I could feel my balls on her cunt I stopped to savour the moment. It was truly amazing.

“Come on David fuck me! I’m your bitch!” She gasped between deep breaths.

I pulled out again and slid my cock all the way back in making her gorgeous arse cheeks jiggle with each stroke.

“Oh yes… that’s good… keep going.” Janine’s teeth were clenched.

“Come on then bitch, let’s make this more interesting.” Whilst deeply embedded up her shit hole I put my arms around under her waist and picked her up off the bed to swing her round to face the wall. I positioned her standing in front of the mirror.

My cock was being squeezed as I positioned her exactly as I had fantasized on the train. I put her hands against the wall on either side of the mirror and reached under to grab her tits. I cradled them in my palms and massaged them with big round movements until eventually I was pulling the nipples quite hard to increase the bend in her waist.

“Uh yes, oh yes, fuck my arse, fuck… slam it in my arse… play with my tits…” Janine was now pushing back against my cock and I knew I was ready to blow my load. The view of her face and tits in the mirror was really getting to me.

With my hands mauling her little swaying tits I stroked three more times into her rectum. My stomach and balls were making a neat slapping sound against her nicely spread arse and pussy.

“Janeeeeeen I’m coming. I’m coming in your arse… right up your beautiful Welsh arse.”

Janine pushed back extra hard as I came up her arse. My hands were now removed from her tits and raking her buttocks. I wanted to empty my balls in to this beautiful arse. I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her back harder. I kept moving in small strokes until I slid my cock out leaving her pucker red and open.

Janine just stood there, leaning against the mirror with her well-used bum still sticking back up in the air.

Eventually we curled up and lay on the bed, just recovering and staring, in silence at the ceiling. I know I wanted this sort of liaison to carry on as often as possible.

The silence was broken by the ring tone of my mobile telephone. My car was ready – it was 4:30pm and time to go.

“Typical bloke! You either roll over and go to sleep or run away.” Janine joked.

We exchanged mobile numbers and we agreed to meet again soon.

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