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Seduced by My Landlady

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As a civilian apprentice working with the British Royal Navy back in the late 1970s, once my exams were out of the way I would spend my summer months working in places like Portsmouth, Plymouth, Newcastle and Glasgow to gain practical experience in the shipyards and naval bases. On my first visit to Plymouth, aged 19, little did I realise that I was about to gain practical experience on a more personal and life-changing level.

I loved working in the coastal towns and always selected to stay in a guesthouse near the seafront, as that’s where girls would be found, enjoying their holidays and dressed in skimpy summer clothing. My naïve hope was to find a young teenager staying with her parents in the same guesthouse and maybe enjoy a holiday fling, luring her back to my room after her parents had retired for the night. Not surprisingly that never materialised, and probably just as well, because what happened instead turned out to be far more educational and of lasting benefit.

I arrived at my guesthouse after work on the first day and was greeted by Sue, the landlady. Smiling broadly, she welcomed me into her home as if I was family, putting me at ease immediately and radiating warmth and motherly charm. As we struck up conversation I took in how lovely she was, a full-figured bonny looking woman who I guessed was in her 50’s. She was dressed in a flowing knee-length summer dress, her greying fair hair elegantly bobbed and wearing the minimum of make-up.

She led me up to my room on the 2nd floor and as I followed her up the stairs I was struck by how beautifully full and rounded her bottom was. More than that though, it was her leg appeal that affected me more. They were bare and lightly tanned with a lovely natural sheen to her skin, and slim ankles. Her feet were dainty, her toenails painted perfectly in a deep shade of blue and she was wearing white stilettos with a peep toe. The shape of the shoes was very elegant and she was displaying some lovely toe cleavage. Only with hindsight did I realise that she had equipped me to be a life-long admirer of feminine legs and feet.

She showed me the room and suggested that once I had freshened up I should join her in the lounge for afternoon tea. I suspect this was so she could find out about me at the outset and do a full character assessment. Not that I minded, I was going to be spending 10 weeks in her home. We spent a pleasant hour chatting and her interrogation was so subtle, and she was so engaging, that I was happy to play along. Sitting opposite me I found it difficult to not to steal glances at her lovely legs, especially as she had that wonderful habit of dangling a heel from her toes.

Slowly but surely I was succumbing to her feminine charm and couldn’t help wondering if she was flirting as she started to quiz me about girlfriends. With a twinkle in her eye she told me she understood the way of young people and said she was happy for me to invite a girl back so long as we were quiet and didn’t disturb other guests. By the time we finished chatting I realised that I was very attracted to her and that I would jump at the chance to be more intimate. I could never have guessed that the opportunity would come so soon.

During my first week at Sue’s guesthouse I rarely saw her wearing the same attire twice. She was invariably presented perfectly, nails always beautifully manicured and hair neat, either up or down to just touch her shoulders. I soon realised she enjoyed showing off her legs, always wearing a skirt or dress and with high heels of varying colours and styles. I came to look forward to hearing her clicking heels on the wooden floors and wondering what she would be wearing. I would tease her about the extent of her shoe collection and she must have sensed I enjoyed seeing her legs and feet so much on display.

By the end of my second week we had established a lovely rapport with each other, I was the only constant guest, others came and went after a night or two. She came to ask me little favours like changing a light bulb or mending something, explaining that she had no man in her life. I noticed that she would often place a hand on my arm or playfully poke me in the chest during our frequent conversations.

On the Friday of that second week I had been planning to go home for the weekend but during the day the weather deteriorated rapidly with an Atlantic storm hitting Plymouth hard. I rang Sue during the afternoon and asked if I could stay for the weekend as trains out of the city were becoming badly delayed. She expressed pleasure with my change of plans and told me she had been dreading a weekend on her own now that the bad weather had resulted in other guests cancelling. A pleasant thought crossed my mind that Sue and I would be on our own in the house that weekend and at the end of work I hurried back to hers with a sense of excitement, wanting to spend time in her company.

With the storm starting to make landfall I arrived at the house soaked through and found to my horror that I had left my front door key in my room that morning. Hoping Sue would be in I rang the bell and waited ages in the rain until she came to the door. It was clear that she had been in the bath or the shower, her hair wet and wearing a long dressing gown and without her trademark heels. I apologised profusely for disturbing her relaxing soak and for forgetting my key but she would hear none of it, fussing instead over my bedraggled appearance and insisting I join her for tea after I’d showered and changed.

So there I was back in her lounge, two weeks after I had arrived and been given my interrogation. This time however, Sue came and sat next to me, still wearing her robe but having dried her hair and pinned it up off her shoulders, which I found very appealing. Her face was glowing from her warm bath and she smelt gorgeous. She tucked her bare feet under her legs, leaned into me and asked me what my plans were for the weekend. She added that the weather was going to get worse still and that she was worried about the warnings being given for the severe storm.

I reassured her, told her I wasn’t going anywhere and suggested we batten down the hatches and ride out the storm together. She squeezed my arm, snuggled a bit closer and looked up into my face and said she hated being on her own in the big house, especially during a storm and was glad I had changed my plans. We held each other’s gaze long enough for me to realise this was an opportunity not be missed. I bit the bullet, swallowed hard and, battling hard not to blush deep red, I tentatively told Sue I thought she was lovely. She moaned softly, smiled with her lovely blue eyes, leaned in and placed a soft hand to my face and offered her mouth to mine. We kissed softly and then parting momentarily, she looked at me with great seriousness, muttered my name, closed her eyes and took the lead in a prolonged bout of very deep French kissing. She tasted divine, placing her hand on the back of my head and pulling me to her, groaning softly into my mouth as our tongues played together.

Pulling away again held my hand, looked at me intently and in a barely audible whisper asked if I had any experience with a woman. I shook my head, feeling a bit inadequate and way out of my depth. Sue sensed my concern, held my face in her hands and between wet kisses told me very candidly that she wanted to teach me everything a young man should know about pleasuring a woman in bed. She blushed a little and added that she’d harboured a long-held fantasy to seduce a young man and give him a proper practical sex education and the opportunity to experiment with an experienced older lady.

I needed no convincing but she was keen to tell me her age was 58, that she had 3 grandchildren, that she was divorced and that sex was important for her even though she no longer got the chance to enjoy it as often as she wanted. She was clearly getting off on the prospect of taking a teenager to bed and opening his eyes to a real woman. With that she took me by the hand to her bedroom, divested me of my clothes as quickly as possible and slipped off her robe to reveal her lovely mature body.

I was lost for words, my first sight of a real naked woman. Sue was panting a little, and reached out to hold my hands and let me take her in. My brain was on overload, desperately trying to take everything on board, it was all so unfamiliar, yet being naked with her seemed so natural and right. The thing I remember most was her bikini tan marks, and the contrast in skin colours. Her breasts were so white against the rest of her skin, and her nipples so brown and large, already hardening. I let my gaze drop to her rounded tummy and the neat little bush of fair hair at the tops of her full thigh. She had some wrinkles on her face and her neck and at the top of her cleavage but fuck, she was gorgeous, so womanly and available.

Even to my inexperienced eye I could see she was already very aroused, so assured in her anticipation of educating me. It was a defining moment for me and I’ve been attracted to mature women ever since. Age loosens the inhibitions and they often have a sexual confidence and an appetite to get very dirty in the bedroom. I also love the way a woman’s body changes with age and I’m now enjoying all this with my wife, much to my delight. She’s 54, has become extremely naughty in the past couple of years and to be candid, she can’t get enough cock.

Without a murmur, Sue let go of my hands and knelt at my feet to take my erection into her warm wet mouth. In those days my penis when hard used to cling to my flat tummy and she had to gently prise it forward to pop her lips down over the glans. Oh fuck, I’ve never forgotten the feel of her mouth slipping over my cockhead, the warmth and wetness were sublime. She had cleverly positioned us in front of a mirror so that we could both enjoy the imagery. A skilled and experienced lover, she knew only too well that I had no chance of delaying my climax in this, my first ever sex act with anyone, and she concentrated on fellating me to an urgent and powerful ejaculation. I produced a copious amount of cum, to such an extent that she had to let it overflow onto her face, the final few spurts painting her cheeks with thick cum-strings.

Seeing her getting so messy was a massive turn-on and she grabbed some wipes from the nightstand and discretely wiped my cum off her face. Later in my education she introduced me to the pleasure of cleaning up my own mess and snowballing it with her but she must have felt this was too much in the first lesson.

Having cleaned herself up, Sue lay on the bed, her bottom on the edge of the bed and raised up on a pillow, her legs held wide apart. She instructed me to kneel on the floor so that my face was level with her vagina and proceeded to introduce me to her genitalia, using her fingers and guiding mine to hold her apart, examine her intimately and gain confidence in exploring her vaginally and anally. She was keen not to rush this part of my education, emphasising how important it was for me to know a woman’s body and her responses to stimulation.

I had enjoyed porn and seen some pretty graphic images of women’s private parts but was not prepared for my senses to be so overcome by the sheer delight of being so close to her vagina. I found the smell alone hugely erotic and Sue was already very wet. In the years to follow I would come to appreciate how women’s intimate regions vary so widely, in particular the size and shape of the labia but also the prominence of the clitoris and the shape of its hood, the depth and width of the vaginal canal and the position of the cervix.

Sue had what I could only describe in my head at the time as a very pink and wet gash between her legs. Her labia were very prominent and I was surprised that they were not symmetrical, the left being much bigger than the right. Her clitoris was like a small thumb and seemed to like being outside its protective hood, craving attention. Her mons was covered in soft, fair pubic hair, but she had removed all hair around her opening and also around her anus.

It wasn’t long before male instinct took over and I just had to run my tongue between her labia and start to taste her. Her vagina smelt and tasted very strong but I was hooked from the outset. She was rapidly getting very wet and after just a few rasps of my tongue across her clit she was moaning loudly, pressing my head into her and begging me to suck on her labia. Her juices were now flowing freely and her entire vagina was a sticky mess of syrup. I was amazed at how liquid she had become and I could hardly keep pace in keeping her clean. I was developing a taste and a love of messy sex. I have since realised that Sue was one of those women who produce copious amounts of natural lube, indeed she subsequently demonstrated her ability to squirt, much to my delight and amazement.

She asked me to move my tongue away and carefully guided me on how to examine her internally and in particular how to find and stimulate her G-spot with two fingers. Under her instruction I learned how she enjoyed clitoral stimulation with the tongue and finger stimulation of the G-spot at the same time in order to achieve her climax. It was a revelation to hear Sue’s response to this treatment and to learn the differences between her various types of orgasm.

Not only were her moans getting louder, her language was getting more and more coarse. No longer the respectable middle-class woman you’d expect to see at the supermarket checkout, my landlady had metamorphosed into a complete slut, begging me to suck her cunt, tongue her clit, encouraging me to slide a wet finger into her anus, and urging me to use my fingers on her G-spot. With her writhing on the bed, lifting her bottom off the pillow to press herself into my face, pulling on her own nipples and screaming obscenities, Sue was rapidly approaching a huge climax.

I thought she was going to crush me or suffocate me, but I held onto her hips as she bucked and cried out my name repeatedly. I was moved by the intensity of her climax, not quite believing that I had caused such a primal response, albeit under her instruction. As the aftershocks racked her body, she reached out for me and I quickly moved up to hold her, my instinct being to gather her into my arms, wrap the duvet around us and give her warmth and protection.

Despite my inexperience it was obvious that Sue needed recovery time, we were both affected by what had happened between us and I was very happy when she turned into me, snuggled up and pressed her face into my chest as I held her close. Within minutes she was slumbering quietly, the aftershocks lessening and holding my hand. Bringing a woman to orgasm was a huge ego boost and did wonders for my confidence and as we lay there I wondered what further delights were in store.

I lost track of time having fallen asleep too, but stirred to the sound of the gale force wind outside and found myself with an aching erection pressing into Sue’s smooth round tummy. I looked down at her, still asleep, snoring gently and dribbling onto my chest. God, I think I fell in love at that point. Her hair was still partially pinned back and I began to kiss the top of her head, working down to her ears and neck, her skin smelling gorgeous. She slowly regained consciousness and as the realisation of what we’d shared came back a smile crept across her face and she pressed her mouth to mine. Our tongues reunited, we started to roam our hands over each other. Hers went to my nipples and mine to her breasts, which I’d badly neglected until now.

With our responses starting to heighten again, Sue broke the kiss and told me matter-of-factly that she wanted me inside her. She manoeuvred her body on top of me and leaned forward to snog me wetly while I relished the feel of my erection tucked into her warm soft belly. Then she broke away and raised herself up, grasped my penis and wiped it back and forward along her gash. Oh sweet Jesus, what a sensation that was. She murmured to me that she loved this bit, using my cock to prepare her vagina for penetration and get herself really wet and gaping. Then she changed the angle or something, I wasn’t quite sure at the time, and guided me into her. She sank down onto me and squeezed me tight with her cunt muscles and I groaned loudly with complete pleasure. Another moment I’ve never forgotten, that first sensation of being deep inside a woman.

She proceeded to ride me with consummate ease, varying the pace, the depth, and the angle, deliberately using my cock as a sextoy. She was panting hard but managed to keep up a little commentary, explaining how she was getting pleasure from the variations in stroke. It all seemed very controlled for a while, but then she changed up a gear and really went for it, bucking up and down on me and fucking herself senseless on my cock. She climaxed loudly and fell forward onto me, showering me with kisses and boosting my ego again by groaning at how good I felt inside her.

With my confidence now high, I made a split-second decision to change position. I’d seen pictures of missionary position intercourse in school biology textbooks and had always been aroused at the images. There was something about having a woman in a submissive position that must have hard-wired itself deep into my brain. It’s always been my favourite position but that’s in large part thanks to the way Sue responded to me that night. Up until that point she had taken the lead and had relished educating her young lover, but I was now ‘blooded’ and ready to take a more active role in our lovemaking.

She must have sensed I was ready to take over and I realised later in life how lucky I was to have been with such an experienced lover for my first time. Sue urged me to roll her over onto her back and give her a good fucking. Male instinct kicked in, she spread her legs and begged me fuck her hard. Oh god, all those visual and verbal signals combined in my head and I was so turned on, and so rampant. I remember feeling a flutter in my tummy at the sheer raunchiness of the situation, me a young 19yo looking down and watching my rock hard cock sliding slowly into a lovely, dirty 58yo grandmother. I realised Sue was also looking down at the sight, clearly as turned on as me, urging me to start slowly and let her feel the full length of my cock gradually, not too quickly, and to build the pace.

Bless her, she tried to maintain her instructions in an attempt to guide me still, but she was rapidly losing control and begging me to fuck her deep and hard. She then did something I’ll always remember, and it’s stuck with me throughout my sexlife. She brought her thighs back so her knees were pointing towards her ears and she raised her lower legs so her feet were up in the air. Oh fuck, that’s the moment when I learned how wonderful and how important it is to get the right angle of penetration. I entered her so deeply and she asked me if I could feel something firm and squishy against my cockhead. I wriggled my cock a little bit deep inside her and said I could feel it. She giggled and told me it was her cervix, and that I was at maximum depth and that she really got off on it.

She urged me to pump her hard and deep so she could feel my glans poking her cervix and she breathlessly told me that a lot of women really enjoyed this intense deep pounding. She gripped my upper arms with her hands and told she loved the feel of my balls bouncing against her bum, then shouted at me to fuck her hard and fill her with cum as she began to climax again. Thank god, I couldn’t last much longer, all the sensations were just too much and I could feel the familiar ache in my balls as my semen started to flow. The last thing I remember before inseminating her heavily was the sound of our bodies slapping loudly together and the sight of her tits bouncing around as we rutted like animals.

The next slice of time is a complete blank in my mind. I think we both slipped into a black hole immediately after a huge, noisy joint climax and I don’t know how long it was before we came around again, probably just a few minutes. I woke to find myself still on top of Sue, my face in the pillow beside her and my softened penis just slipping out of her warmth. I crawled off her and looked down to see a puddle of thick cum on the sheet that had trickled out of her.

We snuggled into each other and drifted off to sleep, waking as dawn broke and with the storm outside starting to abate. Sue groaned and complained about the soggy mess on the sheets under her bottom, then giggled. She got up onto her elbow, tapped me on the chest and told me with a mock serious face that I’d made a mess all over her sheets for the second time. Before I could answer she added that it wasn’t the only sheet I’d made a mess over and that she’d changed the bedding in my room the previous morning.

My brain instantly clicked at what she was getting at and I recalled how I’d had a wank one night in bed and hadn’t managed to catch my heavy load in a tissue. Sue giggled at my obvious embarrassment and kissed me, reassuring me that it had turned her on a lot, and she asked me outright what I had been thinking about when I’d wanked. I told her straight that it was her, that I’d fallen for her on the very first day and had got so turned on seeing her lovely legs in her heels. She pressed me for more details, about what exactly I’d been imagining as I’d cum over her sheets. I blushed deeply and whispered in her ear that I’d been fantasising about cumming all over her toes. She groaned loudly and told me how filthy I was but that she’d want me to do it for real later.

She told me she knew I liked looking at her legs and that she’d deliberately shown them off for me, and had hoped she could trap me and seduce me. Then she went all coy and told me she didn’t make a habit of taking young men to bed, but that it had been something she’d fantasised about and decided that as I was quite cute she’d decided to have me. She asked me if I’d always been attracted by a nice pair of legs and I told her I hadn’t thought about it until seeing hers and had realised how lovely they were. She pressed me on what I thought of her heels and whether they made her look too tarty at her age. I told her I loved what they did for her legs and her walk and she said she’d always had a weakness for them and what they did to men.

Then she told me to go to the wardrobe and select a pair of shoes for her to put on. Full of excitement I went to her shoe rack and groaned at the sight of so many pairs of heels, in all colours. She must have had twenty pairs, some of them really high-heeled and very slutty. I chose a pair of shiny black patents, peep toed and with a 4inch heel. She looked at them and groaned that I’d made a good choice, telling me that she got very turned on wearing that pair. She offered her feet to me so I could slip her shoes onto them, but not before I took the chance to kiss and suck her toes. Her nails were beautifully manicured and painted in a dark maroon colour.

On her right ankle she wore a fine gold ankle chain and I got really hard playing with it, even more so when she told me it signified her availability. She reminded me that she hadn’t worn it when we’d first met but had put it on after my first week, when she started to feel attracted towards me and wanted to use it as a little signal. I told her I hadn’t realised the significance of her anklet and she explained that some women used them in this way to send a signal to men, but that I must be careful not to rely on it, as many women wore them without meaning anything. It was years later until I came across the significance of an anklet again, this time in the swinging lifestyle, but it’s an item of jewellery I’ve always loved on a woman.

Sue loved me playing with her feet and asked me to slip them into her shoes. Oh my god, what a look, she was on her back, her black heels digging into the bed, her painted toes peeping out and her anklet draped sexily onto the top of her shoe. She spread her legs wide, bent her knees and offered me her lovely cunt. I wanted to eat her there and then and got between her legs to plant my mouth on her vulva. She cradled my head and played with my hair as she grinded her wet cunt into my face. I lapped firmly at her open labia and teased her clit, amazed at how familiar and natural this sex act felt already, only my second time.

She brought her legs back still further and let her pointed heels graze oh so gently across my upper back. I moaned at the feeling of her stilettos, such a raunchy tactile sensation, and I was hooked. In that moment I learned how sexy and slutty it feels when a lover wears footwear in bed, especially gorgeous fuck-me heels like Sue had on her feet. But she wanted me to show me more delights, aware of how turned on I was by her heels.

She gently pushed me off her and promptly turned over to offer me her lovely full bottom, then urged me to fuck her doggy style. It took me a few agonising moments to get the right height and angle and she reached round and spread her cheeks to help me, her face pressed into the pillow and her muffled moans of anticipation encouraging me to enter her quickly. I found the right spot and pushed, loving the feeling of her warm cunt engulfing my full length once more. I’ve never forgotten that sight, her fair hair against the pillow, her full round bottom in the dim light of early morning, framing my slick erection sliding in and out of her squelchy cunt, and of course, her gorgeous shapely legs and her spiky black heels.

Sue lifted her feet up a little so I could reach down and hold them, loving the look and the feel of them in her fuck-me heels. In the early dawn light I could see her ankle chain glinting and dangling with the movement of her legs as we fucked, our pace starting to pick up. She encouraged me to stay still so she could slide her vagina back and forward onto my cock, giving me the most incredible sensation of being used for her pleasure. I loved it but found it difficult, as my instinct was to do the thrusting myself, especially having her in such a vulnerable position.

Thankfully she soon grabbed a couple of pillows and stuffed them under her tummy, got herself completely comfortable and begged me to fuck her brains out, really hard. Seeing her full bottom bouncing around and hearing the regular slapping sound that invariably accompanies a deep pounding were all the encouragements I needed to give Sue a really hard fuck. She was shouting a stream of filth, begging me to fill her with cum and screaming her way through a succession of multiple orgasms. I let go of her heels and held her hips, loving the feel of grasping her and working my hips hard to give her the cock she craved.

She suddenly surprised me by pulling herself off my cock and rolling over onto her back, begging me to re-enter her and dump my cum in her slutty little pussy. She delighted me with her legs again, slipping them over my shoulders as I entered her and she clearly loved me looking at her heels and kissing her shoes as I emptied another load deep inside her.

That was just the start. Over that summer Sue opened my eyes wide and showed me a wide range of sexual pleasures, some of them quite depraved for my young mind. I never returned to my room, which enabled her to rent it out to someone else and I slept with her every night. She had a voracious appetite for sex and we’d retire to bed early, around 9pm, as she had to be up early to make breakfasts. She was very vocal in bed and both of us would get quite noisy, I think she got off on the thought of her guests hearing her fucking.

She would give me sex lessons on Saturdays and Sundays after she’d finished all her guesthouse chores. Once she’d served breakfast to the other guests and supervised her cleaners, she’d come up to her private suite mid-morning to shower, then join me in bed and teach me new delights which we’d practise during the week. In those days I was able to get hard repeatedly and cum heavily several times in a sex session.

It was an amazing summer and when I left her to return to college she told me she didn’t wish to see me again and that I should concentrate on meeting a girl my own age and enjoy passing on my knowledge. I was upset at the time, feeling I’d fallen for her, but she was right, and I suspect she was ready to move on and educate some other young callow youth. I’ll never forget Sue, she made a huge impression on me and I enjoyed using the knowledge she left with me.

I’ve often thought there ought to be a formal sex education system in which young men, once they reach the age of 18, should be referred to a mature woman, a warm, motherly type, who conducts a prescribed course of sex therapy and practical instruction. I’d love to organise such a scheme and select my therapists, having to check their skills myself periodically.

Sue shared many insights that have lived with me ever since, especially the realisation of what an older woman can offer in the bedroom, but also the delight of messy bareback sex, the sheer raunch of dirty talk, and the raw sex appeal of fuck-me heels on a pair of lovely legs. She was more influential than I realised at the time and these particular tastes have characterised a large part of my sexlife ever since.

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