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Two Parties Become One

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My god she is beautiful. My wife Sharon has just got out of the shower and her long dark curly hair is cascading down her back. At 39 and three kids later she is still a stunner. A small mummy tummy is all that is can be seen, and that only by a trained eye.

This morning before we arrived for our friend June’s 40th birthday I shouted her a facial, wax and massage at an exclusive beauty parlour here in the Blue Mountains.

I won’t pretend for one minute that we have a ‘normal’ marriage. We have anything but. We started off being normal but got tired of it very quickly and when we got stoned and had a 3some with a mate of mine 16 years ago we entered the world of multiple sex partners and haven’t looked back since.

The arrival of the kids has slowed us down a bit, we can’t really have an orgy with young teenage kids wandering about, so now we get together with a few select friends every couple of months. June is one of our friends. Unfortunately for June her husband took off about 10 years ago and she hasn’t found anybody that could keep up with her bizarre life. Very good looking but emotionally draining. She certainly knows how to fuck and is rarely without a short term partner who will keep her entertained.

I’d already had a shower and as I was lying back nude on the bed I had a perfect view of her naked torso as she preened herself in front of the mirror. Her perfect arse was bent nicely over the vanity as she examined her eyes. My mind drifted back to previous experiences of us and our sexual activities. I recalled our first outdoor 4some with another couple, a 3some with another male in a spare room in a pub one night, a night of fucking german backpackers and our first visit to Sin Sity swingers club in Surry Hills. As a result, of course, I got wood.

I could hear the muffled sound of drunken youths in the beer garden downstairs and I went over to the window for a peak. Down below was what looked like a triumphant cricket team. The blokes were all in white and the girls were all on one table. Sharon and I often sit back and pick which people we would shag in a room and guess at how big or tight they would be. We’d never done it nude though.

“Sharon, come here a sec.” I called out.

“What is it?” She said as she came into the room in all her naked glory. I noticed that she had had her bush trimmed and waxed when she was at the parlour.

“It’s a cricket team and female associates.” I rubbed her arse as she looked out the window.

“Mmm.” She said thinking. “That bloke with the long hair is alright, he’d have a big one.”

“That blonde in the pink top would have a tight pussy.” I said. “The girl next to her in the singlet top would take it up the arse.”

“You reckon?”

“For sure.” I said as I rubbed her pussy lips from behind. She leant more forward and poked her tits out the window. If anybody looked up they’d cop a perve. Sharon’s tits are just the right size, not humungous DDD and not too small either. Just perfectly proportioned.

I dipped my fingers into her pussy and felt her wetness. She groaned slightly as I slid three fingers in. “So you have one in your pussy,” I said to her “now who do you want in your arse?”

“That European looking bloke over near the BBQ. He’d be dirty.” My cock was ready to split. Sharon reached back and grabbed my cock squeezing it hard. “But I’m afraid that you, my dear husband, are going to have to wait.”

Highly sexed she may be but she also knows how to tease.

“Not even a little blow job?” I begged.

“Not now.” she said smiling. “I just brushed my teeth.”

“How about I just slip my cock into your pussy for a few pumps.’

“Then I wouldn’t be able to stop and we’d be late for the party.”

“Bugger.” I said laughing. “Looks like I’ll have to stop thinking about shagging then.”

“You know you can’t do that.” She said.

“I’ll try, watch.” I stood up and walked over to the bed and grabbed the remote. I hit the switch and the cricket came on the telly. I’m not a big cricket fan so I channel surfed for a while before I came to the realisation that there was nothing on TV.

My todger had subsided a bit so I grabbed my clobber and got dressed. Sharon was still at the window having a look.

“Look you pervert.” I said to her as I slapped her on the arse. “Get dressed or we will be late.”

“Can we go to a nudist camp one week?” She asked.

I was surprised by the question. “Why do you ask?”

“I like hanging around with people in the nude.” She said. “It’s relaxing.”

“On our next trip up the coast,” I said. “We’ll go to one.”

“Cool.” She said moving away from the window.

“I’m going down to the bar for a drink.” I said. I knew she’d be another 15 or 20 minutes.

“What are you wearing tonight?” I asked as I opened the door.

She smiled back at me and said. “Not much. You never know who I’ll meet. I might need to get undressed quickly”

“Of course.” My dick gave another twinge and I slowly closed the door as I watched her bend over into the suitcase. Sharon loves to have sex with complete strangers in any location. Once she fucked a bloke in the storage room at a bowling club.

I went down to the bar and grabbed a schooner of Carlton Draught. In the public bar a band was setting up in the corner and the bar was filling up with some fairly rough types of customers. The TAB results were blasting out of a wall of TVs so I grabbed my beer and took it out to the beer garden to check out some of the talent at closer quarters.

The girls were indeed very cute and in their 20’s as were most of the blokes. Typically I imagined the girls all naked and fucking the boys. I did notice a couple about my age over near the bar and the bloke gave me a quick nod and raised his glass as if to say cheers. He looked kind of familiar so I went over to say hello.

“G’day.” I said as I approached.

“G’day.” Said the bloke. “Its Marcus isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” I said. “Sorry you look familiar but your names escape me.”

“I’m Doug and this is my partner Julie.” She waved up at me and I looked at her tits. “We met at a barby at Steve’s about, oh 5 years ago.”

“Oh yeah.” I said lying. “Now I remember.” All I could remember of that night was fucking Sharon in the back of the old Sandman panel van Steve was repairing. Steve at the time was June’s partner but they split about 6 months ago.

“Are you here for June’s 40th?” I asked as I pulled a chair over and sat next to Julie.

“Yep.” He said but I wasn’t really listening. I was checking out Julie. She was in her 40’s but was very well preserved. She had great cheekbones and just the right amount of flesh on her bones. As women get older they sometimes look better with a bit, not too much, extra padding. Her blonde hair had received the help of some bleaching compounds.

“We should share a cab to the Golf Club.” I said bringing my attention back to Doug.

“Good idea.” He said. “We should leave… whoa is that your wife?” He was looking behind me at Sharon as she walked into the beer garden. A good number of the cricket lads were having a look as well. When she said she wasn’t wearing much she was right. All she had on was a tight black halter neck dress with a plunging neckline, a black lace necklace was tied around her neck and her hair was tied up with a few loose curls framing her face. Her red lipstick teamed with the stilettos completed the hornbag perfection.

“Sure is.” I said as I watched Julie giving Sharon a good look over and then smacking Doug in the arm. The look she gave Doug was not one of humour but more of a ‘Don’t you dare’ look. There was something not quite right about the two of them. He looked very uptight and even had his Polo shirt tucked in.

“Do I have time for a drink?” She asked as she got to the table.

“Yeah sure.” I said. ‘This is Doug and Julie.” Unlike me however she remembered them from 5 years ago.

“Hi. I remember you two.” She said as she got some money from her purse. “I’ll be back in a jif.”

I watched her go over to the bar and with the black dress clinging to her arse and no sight of any visible panty line, I knew she wasn’t wearing any knickers. She went into the Public Bar where all the rough heads were and began to flirtingly flick her long dark hair about. Julie turned around and was watching as well.

“I’m going to get some ciggies.” Julie said as she stood up out of the chair.

“Aren’t you giving up?” Doug asked.

“Not just yet.” She said as she gave him that look again.

She was wearing a long batik skirt and a gold top with pearl buttons down the front. The neckline was deep enough so that I could see her black lace bra when she bent over to get her bag. She turned and walked into the Public Bar and went over to Sharon. She whispered into Sharon’s ear and they both looked around the bar and had a laugh. Julie asked the barman for some change and turned towards Sharon so that they faced each other. Julie looked over towards Doug and seeing that his sight was blocked she put a finger under the halter neck of Sharon’s top.

Sharon is used to strange people touching her so she didn’t even flinch when Julie slid her finger down until the back of her hand brushed against her left breast. They whispered and laughed some more and a big bloke with a blue singlet on came over to them. Julie checked Doug’s line of sight again and put her hand on his chest. She was certainly a flirt.

Julie finally went over to the machine and bought her smokes and the two of them whispered and laughed a bit more as they came back to the table.

They both sat down like they’d known each other for years. We chatted for about fifteen minutes and I studied them closely. They weren’t especially happy campers. We all finished our drinks and headed out to the Taxi rank. A taxi was waiting on the line and we all piled in. Doug sat in the front and the three of us piled in the back. Julie was in the middle and usually people try to keep some distance between each other, but not Julie. She spread her legs wide so that she was resting up against us. I also had a good look down her top. Nice tits if I say so myself. Nice Bra too. I love black bras.

We pulled into the car park and I saw a room with the full disco experience happening. I saw that the room was full of young people and a 21st birthday party sign on the wall. For a moment I thought we were at the wrong place but I saw June standing outside another door waving madly at us so there must have been two parties on at once.

We paid the cabbie, greeted June who showed us the back entrance to the members bar where the party was being held. The music got louder as I went up the stairs but it was all coming out of the 21st being held in the other bar. I had a look inside the bar and saw about 50 people all in their late teens – early 20’s dancing and drinking and generally having a great time.

We all walked in together and the party wasn’t exactly pumping. Some music was going through a crap stereo and everyone was just standing around talking. I recognised some of the people from previous parties and I went and talked to a few I knew. Most of the rest of the night is fairly dull and the only real interesting things that happened was how Julie was watching both Sharon and I all night. At one stage I met Sharon on the dance floor and we both reckoned that she would be in for a bit of fun later, husband or not.

At about 10.30 I saw June, Sharon and Julie all talking over near the bar. Sharon looked over to me and put two fingers up near her mouth to indicate that she wanted to know if I wanted to go outside for a joint. I don’t usually smoke in public because I hate the paranoia that I feel, but some fresh air would be great so I went downstairs with them. A group of people from the 21st were also outside and we moved away from them for some privacy. June sparked up the first joint and took a huge toke and held it in like a pro.

“I haven’t smoked a J for about 15 years.” Julie said.

“Look out it’s a lot stronger now.” I said. “I wont touch it.”

“You’re soft.” Sharon said to me.

“I’m soft if I smoke too much weed.” I said grabbing my crotch. “Smoker’s droop.”

Julie took a few huge drags on the joint and passed it along the line.

“Does Doug smoke?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about him.” She said as she fished her ciggies out of the bag. “He’s the reason I smoke. He’s being a real shit lately.”

“How.” Sharon asked.

“It’s a long story.” She said. “The simple version is that he had a fling with a girl at work and after nearly having a breakdown two years ago he has pretty much given up rooting all together.”

“Fuck that for a joke.” June said. “Either piss him off or get some sex elsewhere.”

“Don’t worry.” She said as she lit her fag. “I’ve thought about it heaps.”

“Never acted on it?” I asked.

“I’m not sure what I really want.” She said. “I’m forty next year and soon enough no one will be interested at all.”

“That’s bullshit.” June said.

“Sexiness has nothing to do with looks.” Sharon said as she swallowed a waft of smoke. “It’s all to do with attitude. If you act and feel sexy you will be sexy.”

“I need a life sexiness coach.” Julie laughed.

We all had a laugh but stopped slowly when two of the sexiest young girls came walking up to us. They were here for the 21st but I don’t think they were far over 18. One had jet black straight hair with a fine platt on the left side that dangle down over her eyes. They were both very petite but she had a bit more in the breast area. She was wearing a short dress that buttoned up the front and nicely framed her boobs. She looked similar to the singer from The Corrs. Her friend, well let me say that nearly all men have a schoolgirl fantasy and this blonde was certainly playing the part. She was wearing a short Tartan skirt with a white shirt open down to her tits and she had a black lace bra on. To complete the look she had long white socks and black school shoes on. She looked a bit like a very cute Avril Lavigne. Needless to say I couldn’t help but perve.

“Hi.” The blonde said. “We were wondering if we could have a smoke.”

Julie reached into her bag “Yeah sure have one.” She offered them a cig.

“Actually we could smell the weed and would like a toke.”

“Ahh.” Sharon said. “This one is nearly finished. I’ll get you a new one.” She dug into her bag and pulled out about five joints. She fanned them out and held them up to them. “Here, pick one.”

The blonde reached up to get grab one but Sharon playfully pulled them away. “Tell me your names first.” She said.

“I’m Amy.” The blonde said.

“I’m Kim.” The black haired babe said.

“Now you can have your joint.” Sharon said as she passed one over. “But you’ll have to share it with Julie, she needs coaching.”

“Coaching in what?” Amy asked.

“Sexiness.” Julie said striking a pose. “I’m getting taught how to be a sexy mama.”

“Cool.” Kim said before lighting the joint.”We could teach her how to dance.” She said to Amy.

“Yeah cool.” Amy said taking the joint from Kim.

Julie, Kim and Amy finished the joint as we chatted about music and what not. Julie was getting a bit of a sway up and began dancing next to the two girls.

“Would you all like to come into our party for a while?” Kim asked.

“Yeah why not.” June said. “The men are all a bit younger.”

“Cradle snatcher.” I said.

Kim and Amy led the way and we all strolled into the party which looked more like a nightclub than a 21st. The room was full of young spunks all dancing and gyrating the night away.

“Yee haa.” Rang out as a very stoned Julie grabbed Amy and Kim and ran onto the dance floor. The three of us had a laugh and went over to a table to watch. Julie was a petty crappy dancer and hadn’t learnt any new moves since about 1989. Kim and Amy were trying to show her how to shake her hips and move about but it wasn’t working too well although Julie was enjoying herself.

“Let’s dance.” Sharon said to June. She didn’t ask me. She knows I can’t dance for shit. I was enjoying the show anyway. I watched the two of them sashay over to the floor and get the grooves on. Not surprisingly the younger blokes in the room all had a perve at these two new women on the floor. They danced for about 15 minutes and I was really enjoying watching the interaction between all the drunk and stoned dancers. Four blokes had got up and were dancing near June and Sharon and soon the two of them had thrown their arms around the necks of some of them and were dancing up close. I’m sure that they were all sporting hard ons.

I went back to June’s party and it was kicking along quite nicely. I grabbed another beer and chatted to a few faces that I recognised. I knew one bloke called Julian from about eight years before who I worked with when I was teaching at TAFE. He and I spent a week in Bega with Sharon and June fucking ourselves senseless. On that week the two girls went out and picked up two men each from a local pub and brought them back for a orgy. He was now married with two kids. His wife thinks that June was an old friend from school. We talked for about half an hour and I was surprised when Amy and Kim tapped me on the shoulder.

“Um sorry to interrupt but could you come with us?” Kim asked.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I stood up.

“It’s your wife and her friend June.” Amy said.

“Let me guess” said Julian. “They’re dancing naked.”

“Worse… kind of.” Said Kim smiling.

“Where are they?” I asked.

“Teeing off on the back nine.” Amy said. Kim laughed.

“Ok.” I said to them. I saw Doug over near the bar. He was looking fairly pissed.

“Could you two do me a favour?” I asked.

“Maybe.” Kim said.

“Just go over and flirt with that bloke in the polo shirt at the bar.”

“Is that all?” Amy said puzzled.

“Yep.” I said “Just keep him occupied.

Sharon was kneeling on the grass, her dress pulled down over her boobs, sucking on some young blokes cock as she frigged herself with her left hand. June was on her back, on the picnic table, with her legs wrapped around the torso of some young man as he pumped his cock into her pussy. Three other lads were standing around, with their backs to me, waiting their turns. The bloke being blown by Sharon pulled his cock out of her mouth and with a few well aimed pumps he shot a fair sized load into Sharon’s open mouth. Sharon let it fall out of her mouth and it dribbled down her chin and down onto her boobs. At that moment, just as it was getting exciting two things happened which dampened the whole event.

Firstly Sharon looked up to me and gave me a small wave that made the three blokes waiting turn around to see who she was waving at. That made them nervous as they probably thought I was some kind of jealous husband who was going to go nuts and, right at that moment, a police car with its lights flashing turned into the entrance of the golf club and sped up the drive. The three blokes took off back into the club house and the fellow shagging June pulled his cock out, tucked it back into his jeans and took off taking the lad who had just shot his load over Sharon with him. The two girls, noticing the flashing lights, quickly adjusted their clothes and walked over to me.

“What the fuck’s going on.” Sharon asked me.

“Fucked if I know.” I said. “Bad luck there with the police showing up. Let’s go have a look.”

“And where the fuck did you get too?” Sharon asked as she punched me in the arm.

“I was talking to Julian.” I said “Remember him girls.”

“Is he here?” June asked.

“Yes June but so is his wife.”


“So what now?” I asked. “What do you two have planned?

“I’m going to take some home with me.” she said. “It is my birthday after all.”

“Fair enough.” Sharon said. “How many?”

“Three I think.” She smiled. “That should be enough.”

“Can we come?” Sharon asked.

“No.” She said as she went over to Sharon “Tonight I’d like to have them all to myself.”

“Oh bugger.” Sharon said as they embraced. “We will need reinforcements.” She said to me.

“Three for you as well?”

“Why not.” She said as we opened the door back into the club house.

We could see right down the corridor to the front door in time to see a young man being helped out into the paddy wagon while another had a bag of ice held against his left eye.

“Looks like there’s been a bit of a barney.” In the young room a few tables were being put back up and the chairs were being stacked. The party, in this room, was now over. Over at the bar I recognised two of the blokes that were waiting in line downstairs.

“Go get your bag.” I said to Sharon. “Will those two lads at the bar do for starters?”

“They certainly will.”

“Get your stuff together then.”

They both looked away as I came over no doubt thinking I was going to fire up them.

“G’day boys.” I said to them as they nervously turned around.

“Before you get too worried I’m not going to get up you.” I continued. “In actual fact I’d like to invite you both, and your other mate, wherever he is, back to our hotel.”

“Your kidding.” Said one.

“No.” I said smiling. “Is your mate still here?”

“He took off.” Said the other.

“That’s bad luck.” I said. “So are you two in?”

“Can’t see why not.” One said to the other.

“I’ll call a cab then.” I took out my mobile and called the taxi company.

I motioned to the two lads to stay where they were and I went back into June’s party to see what was taking Sharon so long. I saw a very drunk and stoned Julie having a blue with her husband Doug. Sharon was trying to settle her down so I went over to assist.

“Just go back to the hotel and we’ll sort it out tomorrow.” Doug said and then turned and walked away.

Sharon looked at me and shrugged. “What will we do?”

“We could take her back with us I suppose.” I said. “I’ll have to get another cab.”

I walked back into the 21st and as I ordered another cab I witnessed June walking out to a cab with three of the lads from the 21st. She was certainly in for a big night.

“I have to ask you two for a bit of a favour.” They just nodded. “Take a friend of ours in the cab back to the pub and we’ll see you there.”

“Sure. No problems.” One of them said. “Is this her?”

I turned to where he was looking and nodded. Julie was full of life and smiled as she approached the two lads.

“Are you two going to escort me back to the hotel?” She said as she patted one of them on the shoulder. “I’ve always wanted to be an escort lady.” She laughed.

At that time a cab pulled into the drive and the five of us walked out into the cool night air.

“By the way I’m Marcus and this is my wife Sharon and this is Julie.” I said to them.

“I’m Tim and..” said one “..and I’m Matt.” Finished the other.

“Ok Guys I’ll see you back at the pub. We’ll meet you in the bar.”

The doors of the cab shut and with Julie in the back sandwiched between the two lads it left the club.

“They had a fair blue inside.” Sharon began. “She was going on about wanting kids and here he was being groped by those two young things from the 21st. She was really getting up him.”

“He sounds like a dickhead.”

“Here’s our cab.” She said as it came into the drive.

We climbed into the back seat of the cab and told the driver, a bloke in his 40’s, to take us back to the pub. Sharon was sitting behind the driver and she hiked her skirt up so that her pussy was clearly visible. She smiled at me as she turned, at an angle, towards me and ran her right hand down to her slit.

There was general chatter on the taxi’s radio and Sharon then popped her right boob out of her dress. I decided to tease the driver and I took her left leg and pulled it up onto my lap. her pussy was wet and glistening in the street lights as we approached the centre of town. The two way radio in the cab came alive with the voice of another driver.

“Code pink from 1102, repeat code pink from 1102.”

“Go ahead Fred.”

“I have a Code Pink in the back of my cab.”

“And what is the nature of the Code Pink 1102?.”

“A middle aged caucasian lady being willingly fondled by two young caucasian males.” I nudged Sharon and she opened her stoned eyes and I put my finger to my mouth to keep her quiet.

Our cab driver laughed. “You get all the good luck fred.”

“That’s our friend.” Sharon said to the driver.

“She is one horny lady.” He said.

“Turn around and you’ll see another one.” I love my wife. She moved over and pulled her other boob out of her dress. Her dress was pulled up enough to reveal just a little bit of her bush.

The driver checked the road and then looked around as Sharon slid her hands up her thighs towards her honey pot.

“Jesus. H. Christ.” He said.

He picked up the Two way and called in. “Come in 1102.”

“1102 receiving.”

“I have a code pink here as well.” He said. “They know your Code Pink apparently.”

“We are just arriving at the hotel.”

“ETA five minutes. Over.”

“The lady wants to meet in the bar.”

I nodded.

“That’s OK.” He said as he accelerated towards the hotel.

“You can both join us if you like.” Sharon said. As I said, I love my wife.

He looked like somebody had asked him if he wanted a free fuck. Which is exactly what he had been asked.

“We have an invitation 1102.” He said into the 2-way.

“Looks like there will be a shortage of cabs tonight.”

Sharon undid her seatbelt and threw herself over me.

I pulled up the back of her dress so that the driver could have a good look at her arse. He wasn’t at all shy because he reached around and rubbed her arse as he drove into the main shopping strip.

We fondled each other as we drove down the street and as we pulled into the car park of the hotel the cab driver turned to us.

“I won’t charge you for the ride.”

“I won’t charge you either.” Sharon said as quick as a wink.

We piled out of the cab and saw the other cab parked near the entrance. Live music was coming from the public bar and we opened the door to be met with a room full of pissed locals dancing and singing along to the band. Julie, Tim, Matt and Fred were all at the bar and Julie was all over fred and she was looking very wasted. I nodded to her and she came over to us.

“You talk to her.” I said to Sharon. “Find out what she wants.”

“I know what I want.” She said. “And I think I know what she wants.”

“Let’s just be sure.” I said as I went over to the bar.

“I’m Nick.” Our cab driver said. I shook his hand and introduced myself. We were now five men waiting anxiously to fuck two women and we were strangely silent. Thankfully the girls didn’t take long and they both came over to the bar, arm in arm.

“Let’s go.” Julie said as she grabbed the hands of the two lads.

We left the bar and headed out the door to the stairs that led up to our room. We were all buzzing with anticipation and my cock was already 3/4’s hard as I opened the door.

Even before the last of us was inside Sharon had pulled her dress off over her head and she stood in the middle of the room completely naked except for her stilettos. Her nipples were erect and her long dark hair hung down over her shoulders.

“Fantastic.” said Nick as he unbuckled his belt.

“Let’s watch the expert.” Julie said as she sat on the lounge pulling Tim and Matt by the hands down next to her.

I started to get undressed and Fred and Nick, who seemed familiar with this kind of scene, were already down to socks and undies. Sharon knelt down on the ground and pulled Nick’s cock out of his undies. He let out a low groan as she slipped his cock into her mouth. His cock was at least 8″ long and Fred’s was not much smaller. Sharon pulled Fred’s cock towards her and sucked it into her mouth. She is an excellent cock sucker and Fred’s moaning was testimony that he approved. I looked over to Julie who was kissing Matt and Tim was undoing her top. I walked behind Sharon and knelt down behind her and reached around and grabbed her firm boobs. She groaned and went back to sucking Nick. I reached down and rubbed her pussy and quickly went to work on her clit. Her slit was sopping wet and I easily slid three fingers into her hole. I scooped out some of her juice and ran it around her arsehole and the rest I coated all over my cock. I stood up and walked around to her and offered my cock to her. She grabbed Nick and Fred’s cock in each hand and opened her mouth. I slipped my cock into her open mouth and she quickly began licking her cunt juice off my sticky, already used cock.

“Oh God yes.” I heard Julie say and as I turned around I saw Matt sliding the fattest cock I’d seen in a long time into her mouth. Tim had lifted her skirt up and had his left hand down her panties rubbing her pussy. His right hand was alternately pulling on his sizeable cock and squeezing her boobs. Sharon popped my cock out of her mouth and went back to sucking Nick’s. Julie lifted her arse off the lounge and Tim was struggling to get her panties off. I went over to assist and got undressed further as I did so. I stood there in just a shirt and bent down to pull her knickers off. My touch made her open her eyes and she lifted her arse again to help me pull them off. Tim stood up and began getting undressed and Matt was rubbing his cock all over Julie’s face. As Julie’s panties came off she spread her legs wide and her hairy cunt was plump and glistening with anticipation. Now I love a hairy pussy and I don’t like them shaved bare. Trimmed and tidied up a bit is fine and dandy, but I love em natural and this was as natural as they come. I slid a finger into her wetness and she groaned over Matt’s cock.

Tim hopped up onto the lounge and offered Julie his cock. She took it into her hand and shuffled forward on the lounge and opened up her legs wider. I dove down into her wet slit and quickly licked her clit as I drew my tongue upwards.

“Oh fuck, yeah”. She moaned as she swapped cocks and began sucking Tim’s.

I went to work on her pussy and slid three fingers into her hole as I sucked her clit. My cock was as hard as iron so I knelt up and watched her alternately sucking both the cocks at her disposal. I shuffled forward and placed my cock at her slit and slowly slid it in. Her pussy was nice and tight and incredibly wet. I rubbed her clit as I began pumping and she let go of the boys and grabbed me around the back.

“Fuck me harder.” She groaned. “Fuck me harder.”

“Shut up and suck me, slut.” Tim said as he spun her head around and forced his cock into her mouth. Matt began kneading her left boob as she spread her legs even wider.

“You love being a fucking whore.” Tim kept going as he grabbed a handful of hair and was fucking her face. “Suck it down.”

I quickened the pace and began rubbing her clit as I rogered her. Tim held her by the hair and gently slapped her face with his cock.

“You love cock don’t you?” he said to her but she only nodded.

“Answer me or we stop.” He tilted her head back and I felt her clit get larger.

“I love cock.” she said as she exploded in orgasm. “Oh fuck I love cock.”

Her pussy got instantly wetter and hotter as she shook in pleasure. Her cries were muffled by Tim’s cock as he began fucking her mouth again. I pulled my glistening cock out of her hole and watched her hairy cunt stay open as it awaited its next cock.

“All yours Matt.” I said as I stood up. “Fuck her nice and hard.”

He hopped off the lounge and knelt down where I had been moments earlier. I looked over to Sharon who had Fred pinned down on the bed and was riding his cock as Nick was kneeling in front of her feeding her his cock. My darling wife loves nothing more than having all her holes filled so I went into the bathroom and pulled the baby oil out of the bag.

Matt was slapping his cock over Julie’s open slit as he taunted her before he easily slid his fat cock into her slot. I flipped open the lid of the baby oil dribbled some on my dick before I stood up on the bed. Sharon looked up at me and I waved the bottle of baby oil at her. She smiled, nodded her head and went back to sucking Nick’s cock. I squirted some oil onto her arse and watched it run down onto Fred’s cock as it continued pistoning into her.

“She doesn’t?” Asked Nick as I threw a leg over her back.

“She sure does.” I said. “And it ain’t the first time.”

“I’ve got to get me some of that.” He said.

I squatted down and lined my cock up at her arse. Fred was still pounding away though.

“Stop for a sec mate.” I said to him. He stopped and Sharon let go of Nick’s cock and lent forward. I rested my cock against her hole and easily slid it in.

“Oh fuck yeah.” She said as I began fucking her tightness. Fred gave a few pumps and we all began filling her with cock. When Nick stuck his cock back in her mouth she began to moan in her characteristic orgasmic manner. Fred and I had got our act together and we were now synchronised enough to get the one in, one out style happening.

I heard movement from over near Julie and the three of them were now standing up and Julie was getting completely undressed. Her naked torso was fantastic and she was certainly as horny as hell. She pushed Matt onto the lounge and he sat up on the backrest and pulled on his cock as Julie knelt on the seat. Her hot arse pointed out to Tim who was at the perfect height to slam his cock into her wet, open pussy.

The three of us continued fucking my wife as Julie got well and truly pounded for some time before I decided to let Nick have a turn at Sharon’s arsehole.

“Your turn mate.” I said to him as I pulled my slippery cock out of her hole. He immediately hopped off the bed and came around and mounted my wife. I passed him the baby oil and he squirted some on his cock before he easily slid in.

“Oh fuck that’s good.” He said as he began pumping into her.

“Where is one for my mouth.” Sharon groaned as she looked up at me.

“Tim.” I said to him. “Time to swap.”

He whipped his cock out and left her cunt open and waiting for me to take his place.

We Hi-Fived each other like wrestlers as we passed and I easily slipped into her tight hole once again. Tim knelt in front of Sharon and began his taunting of Sharon.

“Do you want my cock you cheap slut?” He said as he grabbed her hair.

“Do you want to fuck my arse?” She said to him. “Or will you cum all over my face?”

“I’ll do both if you’d just shut up and suck me.”

Sharon knew that Tim would indeed be able to do both and she grabbed his cock and eagerly began sucking it.

“Lick that slut’s juice off my cock.” He said as I slammed my cock into that slut’s pussy. I reached around Julie’s tight hips and began rubbing her clit. Within a few minutes of this, combined with Matt rubbing her tits, her clit became noticeably larger and ‘bang’ another orgasm swept through her. She must be getting thirsty because her pussy was taking up all her moisture, boy was she wet. I pulled my cock out and sure enough she gave me a fanny fart. I continued to pump into her pussy for a bit longer until Matt indicated that he wanted some pussy. I looked over at Sharon with three cocks being pumped into her and decided to take a few pics of this memorable moment.

I pulled out of Julie and Matt slipped down onto the lounge. “Does anybody mind if I take a few pics?”

“Please take one of me.” Julie said as she spun around with her back to Matt and hopped up on the lounge. “I’ll send it to my husband.”

I grabbed the camera out of Sharon’s handbag and turned it on. Julie had Matt’s mammoth cock ready to fill her cunt and as I aimed the camera at her she sunk down onto its girth. I took a few pics and she was really playing the part of the porn model, as was Sharon who was still being the fuck toy of three men. I aimed the camera at her and took a few of her being filled with cock.

She looked up at Tim and said. “Cum in my mouth for the camera.” I moved in closer because I knew she had him.

“On my tongue.” She said as she poked her tongue out. He pulled on his cock and sure enough a blast of cum shot out into her waiting mouth as I took a photo. She took it into her mouth and then began sucking on his super sensitive cock as he held the back of her head. He was still shooting as the cum oozed out of her mouth and spread down his shaft. His cock had a great coating of cum and spit over it and I took another shot of the cum dripping off her chin. Tim pulled his cock out of her mouth and with it still coated in cum, hopped off the bed and walked over to Julie who watched him coming over with his cock in his hand.

“Now you can clean me off before I fuck that slut’s arse.”

Julie was rubbing her swollen clit as he hopped up on the lounge and straddled them both and began wiping his cock over her face. She eagerly took his cock into her mouth and began licking it clean and yes, he was still hard.

“Time to change places.” Sharon said as she pushed Nick off her back and flipped over onto the bed.

Fred’s cock slipped out with a pussy fart as accompaniment and Sharon stood up on wobbly legs and walked over to Julie who was still sucking Tim’s erect cock. Sharon knelt on the lounge and joined in with Julie in sucking Tim’s cock. Julie, to my surprise, slipped a hand between Sharon’s legs and began rubbing her open, wet pussy. Sharon responded by sliding her tongue into Julies willing mouth as she came off the end of Tim’s dick. Julie was surprising me every minute. Sharon moved her hand down to Julie’s cunt and began rubbing Matt’s cock and balls as it slid into Julies squelching pussy. Sharon was used to a bit of bi action and she started to suck on Julies tits as she began rubbing Julie’s swollen clit. Julie had Tim’s cock back in her mouth and Nick and Fred were standing back with me watching all the action.

I had an idea and decided to put it into action.

“Nick, hop up.” I said as I motioned towards the lounge. He moved Sharon to the side and stood on the lounge offering his cock to Julie who grabbed it with her left hand. I nudged Sharon who looked up at me and I stuck my tongue out mimicing licking a pussy. She smiled and slid down off the lounge onto the floor and moved between Matt and Julie’s legs. Julie opened her eyes and looked down at Sharon as she made her way to her pussy and sucked Nick’s dick into her mouth. Sharon rubbed Julie’s clit before moving forward, on all fours, to lick her clit. Fred saw Sharon’s arse available and he spat on his cock and squatted down behind her. Julie was the first to cum and she shook with delight as Sharon sucked her clit into her mouth. Her nipples became visibly larger as the orgasm swept through her. Fred was shoving his way into Sharon’s arse and I took a few snaps of all four men enjoying these two wonderous women. Julie noticed me taking a few shots and she let Tim’s cock out of her mouth long enough to speak.

“Marcus, grab my phone out of my bag.” She said. “It’s in the side pocket.” And then she went back to sucking Nick.

I scrounged through her bag and pulled the latest Nokia mobile out of the side pocket. I flipped it open and carried it over to her.

“Take a video.” She said.

I looked at the menu and eventually worked out how to start filming. I stood back and held the camera up as everyone, like seasoned performers, began groaning and pumping.

“Hi Honey.” Julie said into the camera. “You’ve always wanted to know what I wanted.” She sucked on Tim’s cock. “Well this is it.” She sucked on Nick’s cock. “So come back to the pub and come to Room 11. Oh fuck this is good.” She held Sharon’s head and spun it around so that I could film her licking Julie’s clit and Matt’s huge, thick cock.

I filmed some more until it ended and another menu opened up.

“Give it here.” Julie said as she let go of both the cocks she was sucking and took the phone from me. She fiddled with the menu and sent the video to her husband.

“Let’s see how he reacts to that.” She said as she went back to sucking Tim and Nick’s cocks.

Fred was really plugging away into Sharon’s arse so I got the baby oil off the bed and dribbled some down onto her crack as his cock slid more easily in. I reached under and rubbed her pussy and clit and as I did so she popped Matt’s cock out of Julie’s pussy and sucked it, almost fully, down her throat.

“Oh fuck.” Cried Matt. “I’m going to….ahhh.” A stream of cum shot into the air and landed on Julies stomach as Sharon pumped its length. Another stream hit Sharon in the face and in her mouth as she tried to catch as much of his man nectar as she could. Julie moved forward and grabbed his still exploding cock and slid it into her pussy.

“Cum in my pussy.” She said. Matt obliged and pumped the rest of his load into her. Fred was next off the rank and he pulled his cock out of Sharon’s arse, stood up and moved over to Julie. With a few quick strokes of his cock he delivered a rope of cum onto her chest. Sharon was sucking the remains of cum out of Matt’s twitching cock and Tim saw that Sharon’s arse was waiting for a cock to fill the void left by Fred. Fred hopped up onto the lounge, replacing Tim, and Julie, with complete disregard to where it had just been, took it into her mouth.

I saw a stream of cum leak out of Julie’s pussy and so did Sharon because she licked at Julie’s pussy like a cat at a bowl of cream.

“Oh fuck that’s good.” Julie said between sucking Nick and Fred’s cock. Fred’s cock began to deflate so Julie paid attention to Nick’s firm rod.

“Cum in my pussy.” She said as she looked up at him and smiled. “Do you want to cum in my cunt?”

Nick didn’t answer with words but simply hopped down off the lounge and motioned for Julie to slide off Matt and onto the lounge. Julie obediently did so and Sharon took hold of Matt’s cock and slid it into her mouth. Fred hopped off the lounge and went over to his clothes and began to get dressed. I sat up on the arm of the lounge next to Julie as Nick, who was now kneeling on the floor, slid his cock into her wet slit.

Julie was rubbing her clit as Nick pounded away into her hole and she could only manage to hold onto my dick for support. I tweaked her nipples as she reached down and grabbed Nick by the balls.

“Cum in my cunt.” Was all she said as Nick threw his head back and moaned as his cock emptied itself inside her. The warmth of his cum, combined with my tweaking her nipples and her rubbing her clit pushed her over the edge once again as she twitched and shook in orgasmic bliss.

Sharon was still copping it in the arse from Tim, who was unstoppable, and Matt was back at full hardness. Nick pulled his cock out of Julie and stood up on shaky legs.

“This is what I love about this job.” He said. “Every so often we get very, very lucky and meet a slut or two that are just begging for it.” He sat on the edge of the bed and bent over to pick up his clothes.

“We have to get back to work.” Fred said as he looked at his pager. “We have a pick up at the golf club.” Julie didn’t hear him as she lay back on the lounge rubbing the cum into her pussy and rubbing my cock.

Sharon turned back to Tim and pushed him gently away. “Lets change possies.” She said.

Tim stood up and Sharon soon followed with Matt quickly peeling himself off the lounge.

“Your turn for my arse.” She said to Matt.

She walked over to the bed and turned to Tim. “Lay down.” She said.

Tim obediently lay down and Sharon threw a leg over him and slid his cock easily into her wet hole. Matt grabbed the baby oil off the bed and squeezed it down into her arse. Before Matt was allowed into her arse though he had to hop through one more hoop.

“Put it in my cunt first.” She said to him. “I want both of you in my cunt.”

Now this was a first. We had never even discussed the idea of having two cocks in her pussy. I hopped off the lounge and left Julie sitting there, stoned as a chook, rubbing herself. I grabbed the camera and moved in close. Matt and Tim had no problem with the idea of rubbing dicks so Matt moved his cock down to the packed entrance and tightly pushed his cock into her.

“Oh fuck.” Was all they could say.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph.” Cried Sharon as she came again. “This is wild.”

The two boys got into some sort of rhythm and began really fucking her cunt hard. I’m sure Julie was asleep so I took one more pic and put the camera down. I knew that Sharon wouldn’t mind if I slipped my cock into her mouth. When I offered it to her she sucked it readily down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Julie move. She stood up and went into the bath room and sat on the dunny. I heard a stream of piss and a few farts and then the rolling of the toilet paper before she came back out into the room. She was absolutely beaming.

“You selfish bitch.” She said laughing. “Mind if I take your husband away?”

“Be my guest.” Sharon puffed.

Julie kneeled on the bed opposite myself and bent over and kissed Sharon on the mouth. I did the right thing and slipped my cock between the two mouths. Both the girls licked and sucked on my cock for quite sometime as Sharon got pumped by the two cocks in her snatch.

I moved my cock out of the way and hopped off the bed and went around to Julie’s pussy and slipped it right in. She was at the perfect height and I was able to easily get my motion up as my cock squelched in her wetness.

“Fuck me…fuck my cunt…shove your cocks in me.” Sharon was cumming again and this time though Matt took advantage of the situation and pulled his cock out and slid it into her arse.

“Oh Holy Mother of God” Julie screamed.

“I’m gonna cum.” Matt moaned and pulled his cock out of Sharon’s arse.

“Cum in me.” Julie said as she moved forward, spun onto her back and spread her legs wide. Matt couldn’t hold back long enough and a thick stream of cum flew out across Julie’s chest before he could get it all into her cunt. He eventually did though and pumped her full of goo.

Tim was getting madly shagged by Sharon and I got Julie to suck my cock as she lay there being filled by Matt who eventually pulled his cock out. Julie rubbed her slit as Matt went over and crashed on the lounge and watched the action. Julie let go of my cock and turned to Tim.

“You can cum in my cunt too if you like.” She said.

“Yeah fill her up.” Matt called from the lounge.

Sharon hopped off Tim and Tim sprung up and slammed his cock into Julie. Julie went back to sucking my cock and Sharon came over and began to lick my cock also. They both had excellent action and I could feel my balls tighten as I prepared to cum. It only took Sharon to look up at me and smile as she pulled on my cock and sure enough I let a stream of cum out and onto Sharon and Julie’s faces. I nearly passed out as they sucked at my cock and swapped cum.

“Christ.” Said Tim as he shook and came in Julie’s pussy.

At that moment, as Tim was filling Julie’s twat with cum and the two girls were slurping on my cock and cum, the door flew open and Doug stormed in.

“For fucks sake Julie.” He spoke softly. “Is this what you wanted? To be a slut?”

“Yes.” Julie said as she pulled on my cock. “I can’t have children so I may as well live it up.”

“Why didn’t you just say or do something. I’ve been wanting to do something exciting for years.”

“Now’s your chance.” Sharon said as she spun around on the bed. My cum was all over her face and chest. She reached for his belt.

“I think that maybe Julie and I should go back to our room first.” He said.

Julie stood up as Tim began picking up his clothes.

“Ok.” She said. “Let’s go.” She simply walked over to the door and looked down the corridor.

“The coast is clear.” She said smiling and walked out of the room in the nude with cum all over her body.

Doug just looked confused and dazed and quickly followed her out.

“Well you two.” Sharon said. “Where do think you’re going?”

“Home.” Tim said.

“You two are breakfast.” Sharon said. “That’s a fold out bed.” She pointed to the lounge.

As I said. I love my wife.

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