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Two Moms, Two Laps: Laying Penny

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Laying the groundwork (and Penny) for a culture of sharing

I know Chapter 3 was a little slow-going. I wrote you that one, so I could bring you this one. Enjoy.

I had spent much longer with Aunt Marie than I’d planned. It was almost 6:00 pm. No surprise then, when I got home to find Mom and Penny sitting on the couch, drinking wine, and talking quietly.

“My two favorite women,” I announced. “What’s going on?”

“Girl talk,” Mom said, rather abruptly as if I was interfering.

I was a little taken aback by her tone. “I’m sorry. Am I interrupting? I can make myself scarce.”

Penny shook her head. “No not at all. I’ve missed you.” Mom got up and walked to the kitchen. She definitely looked out of sorts.

I went over and gave Penny a hug and a kiss. “I missed you too, gorgeous. Mom’s not bothering you too much I hope.”

She shook her head, and I could swear I saw tears in her eyes. “Impossible. She’s the best.”

I sat down next to her. “Is something wrong?”

She shook her head. I looked up and Mom was walking over, phone in hand. She sat down on my lap, putting an arm around my neck and kissing me on the cheek. “No baby. It’s going to be fine.” She turned to the phone, and I caught her side of a strange conversation.

“Colleen? Alice here”

“I know, it’s been ages. Too long. That’s why I’m calling.”

“Not on the phone. Could you come over? It’s important.”

“Yes, it’s about Penny. There’s nothing wrong. Just the opposite. It really is very important though.”

“Ok, see you in a few.”

It was weird, holding Mom in my lap, while she talked with my girlfriend’s mother on the phone. I’m assuming it was Penny’s mother, I didn’t know any other Colleens.

Mom gave a little wiggle, settling between my thighs. “Someone smells like Marie,” she said accusingly.

“It’s not what you think, Mom. I promise, I’ll explain it all later. You know I don’t keep anything from you anymore.”

She didn’t seem happy, but she didn’t pursue it. “Penny’s a little nervous.”

Penny spoke up. “He doesn’t know yet.”

Mom stopped. “I’m so sorry, honey. Should I leave you two alone?”

Penny shook her head. She turned to me. “I thought tonight could be our first time,” she said softly. She scooted over closer, cuddling up to me. Still weird, Mom on my lap and all. Especially since Mom was wearing such loose shorts, and my hand was inside her panties, massaging her butt cheek.

“She’s a little nervous, and she has very right to be,” Mom said. “I know better than most. My first time was with someone as big as you.”

I leaned over and gave Penny a kiss. “It doesn’t have to be tonight,” I said.

“I want to. I’m a little scared that’s all. You’re really large, you know? I’m not. Not down there.” Penny answered.

Mom took Penny’s hands in hers. “You’ll be fine. A little warm-up, lots of lube, a gentle, patient partner, and everything will be fine.” She leaned over, pressing her forehead against Penny’s. “I’m so excited for you. It’s such a big day. You’ll remember this for the rest of your life. Let’s make it perfect.”

I had to chuckle. “How about me, Mom? Big day for me too.”

She gave me a poke. “Not the same. Trust me. It’ll be a great night for you, I know. Hell, look who you get to have for your first! Still, you’re a boy. You couldn’t understand.”

Penny squeezed Mom’s hands. “Are you sure about my Mom?” she asked nervously.

“As sure as I am about anything. She’s going to appreciate it.” Mom lifted Penny’s hands to her lips, kissing them. “Just like Harold and I appreciated the little movie you made for us. God, did he appreciate it. My jaw’s still sore this morning.”

Penny was blushing cutely. She was very fair, and when she did blush, it would light her up. I loved to see her turn red.

The doorbell rang, and Mom got off my lap. “Get the door, Jeremy.”

I was mortified. I was going to pop Alice’s cherry, and I was about to let her Mom in the house. I opened the door. “Mrs. Booth, please come in, the ladies are in the living room.”

I walked her into the living room, and I saw Penny move to the center of the couch, her mother taking the seat on the other side of her, opposite Mom.

“Jeremy, bring the wine over please, and a glass for Colleen.”

I did as requested, delivering the libations, and topping off all three glasses, while they talked about how long it had been.

“Now make yourself scarce a while,” Mom told me. “I’ll call you when we’re ready.”

I retreated to my room and my laptop. Since I had a little time, I downloaded the videos off the camera, cleaning up the two with Aunt Marie, and burning each to their own DVD. I also downloaded the video of Penny’s family BJ, and copied that onto Dad’s DVD, with the message from Aunt Marie. I reviewed them, to make sure they would play correctly, and erased them from the new video camera.

I was nervous. Since they hadn’t called me, I decided to take a quick shower and clean up. I shaved, put on a drop of cologne, and dressed casually, khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

I waited.

Mom finally came upstairs and got me. “I’m so jealous,” she said softly.

“You shouldn’t be. You were my first.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “Our little secret. And one of the most precious things in my life.”

At the bottom of the stairs she turned to me. “Get yourself a beer, then come and join us.”

I turned to the garage, and walked into the living room a few seconds later, Shiner Bock in hand. The seat next to Penny was open, Mom standing close, sipping her wine. I sat down next to Penny and took her hand in mine. “Everything alright?”

Mom sat in my lap, which was more bizarre than ever, with Alice’s mom there.

Penny nodded.

Mrs. Booth was looking at me. “You’ll be gentle with her.” It was more of a statement than a question. Still scary.

“Of course. I love her.”

“Right. Love. You’ll be leaving her in three weeks,” Mrs. Booth said sharply.

“Momma, don’t!” Penny said sharply. “Don’t make this difficult.”

Mrs. Booth had her arm around her daughter, holding her, facing us. “I’m sorry, Princess. You’re right. You’ve dated for a year, and he’s always been decent and respectable. I won’t cause trouble. I’m…I…I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I’m just concerned.”

Penny smiled. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“What was your first time like, Colleen?” Mom asked.

Mrs. Booth blushed. In an instant, she went from being my girlfriend’s mother to an attractive MILF. She wasn’t gorgeous like Mom and Aunt Marie, but she was good looking, curvy, pretty like her daughter, same big blue eyes, same full lips.

“Like most, I suppose. I shouldn’t say that, I think it was better than most. Back of an Olds station wagon, parking by the dam. Plenty of room to stretch out. After Homecoming, our senior year. I was in love. He played football. We’d dated for over 4 months, and we’d been building up to it.”

Penny giggled. “I didn’t know that. How were you building up to it?”

Her mother blushed again. It was cute, she blushed so easily. A lot like Penny. As I listened to her I found myself noticing more similarities.

“You know. Kissing, second base, hand-jobs. He liked my boobs. Couldn’t get enough of ’em. Derek was handsome, muscular, tall, popular. He smelled good. He had a nice sized…uh…penis.”

Penny laughed. “C’mon, Momma. I’m about to get fucked for the first time in my life, and you’re calling it a penis?”

“Fine. Cock. There, happy? Cock, cock, cock. He had a nice cock. Not too big, or too thick, just right. Easy to suck.” She laughed. “Does that surprise you, Princess? Your mother used to suck cock?”

Penny leaned into her giggling. “Geez, I hope you still suck cock. Don’t tell me you gave it up after high school.”

“No, Princess. I didn’t give it up. I still suck cock. One special cock. Not as often maybe, but enough not to get rusty.”

“Are you good?” Penny asked, her eyes twinkling.

“I’ve been told I’m very good.”

“Because you like it, I bet. You do like it, don’t you?”

Mrs. Booth gave her daughter a little shake. “Do you want to hear the story or not, troublemaker?”

“Admit it, Momma. You like it. The feel of it, the way you can make him burn with desire, the control, even the taste. All of it.”

Her mother was blushing again. “Yes. I love it.”

“I know. Me too. I knew I got it from you.”

Mrs. Booth gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I had sucked Derek a lot. Almost daily. Sometimes more than once in a day.”

“What was the most, Momma? The most times in a day.”

“Are you going to let me finish the story, nosy britches?”

“He came for me 4 times yesterday. What’s your record?”

“With one boy, or all together?” Colleen answered, grinning. “Five with Derek. Eleven in one night.”

“Eleven Momma? In one night? Jesus!”

“That’s a story for a different time. With Derek, I knew exactly what I was getting in to. We were prepared. We had planned on it. He had a sleeping bag laid out in the back. I got completely naked for him, and we played together. I sucked him off, so it wouldn’t be too quick, and then got him hard again and put the rubber on him.” She leaned her head against her daughter’s, reminiscing with the sweetest smile on her face. “I didn’t know how, and almost made a mess of it, but he didn’t seem to mind. I’d already lost my cherry to my favorite hairbrush, so it wasn’t too messy. He was big enough to feel good, without hurting too much.”

“How big?” Penny asked.

I was being naughty again, playing with Mom’s bottom, while we listened to Penny’s mom tell her tale. Mom must have been getting into it. She adjusted her weight, leaning on her side, giving me better access to her sweet cheeks.

“Almost six inches. About as wide as two fingers. It was nice. He went down on me for a while, then eased it in. He didn’t shoot right away, giving me a chance to feel what it was like. A couple of minutes, at least, before he told me he loved me and came. We did it a second time a little while later, and it was even better. A good five minutes, at least, and he was a lot more active, screwing me faster and harder. We dated until I graduated. I thought I was going to marry him. He was a great guy. I was very lucky.”

Mrs. Booth turned to Mom. “How about you, Alice? Or are you afraid to say in front of your boy?”

“He knows. I was about Penny’s age. I was home from college, freshman year. It was Harold.”

“Harold? Your husband was your first?”

“First and only. It wasn’t so easy. He’s big. Very big. It took several tries, and it was painful. I was so proud and happy when I felt him completely inside of me. He didn’t last long, only a few strokes. Still, when I felt him come, it was wonderful. Knowing I was a woman. My first time, with the man I loved.”

She gave me a hug, kissing my cheek. “I know what Penny’s going to go through. Jeremy’s like his father. We’ll have to make sure she’s ready, and use lots of lube. I wish I’d known about lube back then. Jeremy will be very gentle, and very patient. Won’t you, baby?”

“Of course. I’m not going to hurt her. Last thing in the world I want is for her not to like sex!”

That got the girls giggling. “There is that, I suppose,” Mrs. Booth said. “Are you ready, baby girl?”

Penny nodded.

Mom got up. “Wait for us here, Jeremy, while we get everything prepared.”

“What do I tell Dad when he gets home?” I asked, suddenly nervous.

“He won’t be home until I tell him he can come home,” Mom said, giving me a wink. “She’s nervous enough without him down here, listening to everything.”

The girls left me, dazed. I chugged my beer, and grabbed a second one. I thought about squeezing a quick one off, but decided against it. Aunt Marie had already wrung two out of me earlier, and I figured the ladies probably had a plan in place to make sure I didn’t pop too early.

Mom finally came and got me, an eternity later. She took me to my room. “Get rid of those clothes, and put on a nice robe.”

Easier said than done. I only had the one. She shook her head at me. “We’ll be getting you a nicer one.” She looked down at my flaccid cock. “Not hard?”

“Jesus, Mom! This is so awkward. Way weird.”

She chuckled, and gave me a hug. “I know, baby. This is all for her, Ok?”

“Of course. Whatever she needs.”

Mom gave me a smile. “That’s the perfect attitude. Just remember you said it. Now where’s the new camera?”

I got it from the computer, and took a minute to show her how to use it. Pretty easy really. “You’re going to film this?”

“Of course. Waste of a new camera if I didn’t.” She checked her watch. “They should be ready now. Be gentle with her, but once she’s used to you, don’t be afraid to have fun. I know you’ll be incredible with her.”

“I’ll give it my best.”

Mom giggled. “No, not your best. She’s not ready for that. Give her your good.”

I laughed, and pulled her in my arms. “Have I told you how much I love you?”

“As much as your pretty little virgin?”

“Don’t be silly, Mom. There’s no comparison. I’ve only loved her for a few days. I’ve loved you all my life.”

She kissed me softly. “I know baby. I shouldn’t tease. Let’s go make one very lucky girl insanely happy.”

She took me to her bedroom, and I almost called it all off. Too damned weird for words.

There were candles everywhere. Classical music playing softly in the background. The lights were dimmed. Not enough for me to miss Penny lying in the center of the bed, naked, her legs together, bent, tilted to one side. Or her mother lying next to her, wearing one of Mom’s nightgowns, holding her daughter’s hand.

Jesus-fucking-Christ. How was that supposed to work? Especially her. She didn’t even like me. Fuck.

Mom hugged me. “It’s alright. She’s only here for moral support,” she whispered.

Penny looked nervous. I wanted to take her in my arms and calm her.

I approached the bed, and took off my robe beside it. I climbed onto the bed next to her, opposite her mother, trying to ignore her presence. “Miss me, gorgeous?”

She grinned. “All day long.”

I gave her a tiny kiss. “I’ve missed you, too. Ready for some practice?”

She smiled. “What did you have in mind?”

“I practice on you, you practice on me, I practice on you again, and then we get down to business.”

She looked happy, no longer so nervous. “And by business you mean…”

“I make love to you, nice and easy, before I fuck your pretty little brains out.”

I heard a disapproving little grunt from Penny’s Mom. Like I cared what she thought. I was going to fuck her baby girl right under her nose.

Penny turned on her side toward me, no longer holding her mother’s hand. “You don’t mind ‘practicing’ with everyone watching?”

“Not if you don’t.”

She laughed, flopping back on the bed, fluffing her pillow, and spreading her legs. “Practice me, baby. Practice me good,” she said, in a teasing, sexy, sultry voice.

I didn’t jump right in. I laid on top of her, kissing her. “I’m going to make you scream for your pretty Mommy.”

“She should have brought earplugs if she has a problem with that,” Penny giggled, pulling me down and kissing me hard.

I worked my way down her body, not as slow as I would like, since I was damned eager to get to the end game. I hardly even noticed Mrs. Booth watching us, her eyes burning a hole through me. I sucked Penny’s titties, getting her nipples nice and hard, tugging on them with my teeth, making her squirm and moan for me. I traversed her smooth belly, dipping into her cute little innie for a moment, then down past the soft field of blonde hair. I opened her legs, teasing her inner thighs, then her outer lips. I kissed and licked her gently, feeling her trembling in excitement. I opened her up with my tongue, tasting her, getting my first good moan out of her.

Penny ran her fingers through my hair. I loved that. So much that I rewarded her by sliding a finger inside her while I sucked up the skin around her clit, Aunt Marie’s favorite move. I moved my lips and tongue, sucking and pressing, feeling her clit moving underneath the skin. Aunt Marie swore it was best that way, without the direct contact, pressuring and teasing her hidden love button.

I changed things up, spending lots of time licking and sucking her pouty lips down there, sticking my tongue deep inside her, probing her with a couple of fingers, but always going back to what Aunt Marie called the ‘big suck’. On my third tour of her sweet virgin pussy, I had her.

Her moaning turning into a higher pitched keening, her legs trembling wildly. I was a little distracted hearing the Moms talking about what I was doing to our girl. I had the big suck going on, my middle two fingers curled inside her, rubbing the rough spot on the top, the same move that got Aunt Marie going. Penny gasped, and then screamed loud enough to wake the dead, her pussy spasming around my fingers, clamping down. Her thighs trapped my head and I groaned when the heels of her feet started pounding into my back. It hurt, a lot. She was going to pay for that one later.

Dad was right. She was a noisy little thing. Louder than Mom. I was kind of proud.

She came a long time, shaking, until I eased off, letting her down slowly. I subtly wiped my face on the sheets, and moved up and over her, holding her, while she gasped for air. It was only when I went to kiss her, that I noticed her mother was cuddling her head. I got to feel a new breast pressed against my face, while I kissed her softly. “I love you, Penny.”

She was breathing hard, her chest heaving. “God, Jeremy. That was perfect.” She giggled. “You can let go of me Momma, and get your tit out of my boyfriend’s face. I’m not dying.”

I gave her a quick kiss. “Be nice to your Mom. She loves you. Not many mothers would do this for their girl.”

Mrs. Booth started to scoot back, and I put my arm around her, before she could get away. I even gave a little tug to keep her close. She was looking at me in surprise. “I’m not going to hurt her Mrs. Booth, not if I can help it,” I said. “And I don’t mind the boob,” I teased, brushing my lips across the thinly covered flesh.

She giggled. “I think you can call me Colleen when we’re all in bed together. Especially after that.”

“Momma!” Penny squealed.

“Well we are, aren’t we?”

I laughed, and leaned over. “Would it be Ok for me to kiss you, Colleen?”

She nodded, and I pressed my lips gently to hers, licking her lips softly, nibbling her bottom lip open, teasing them apart until I could feel her teeth with my tongue. I felt them part, and the tip of her tongue brushed against mine. I didn’t stop, taking it slow and easy, just like I was going to take her daughter. I pressed the tip of my tongue against the sensitive upper palate, her tongue exploring the underside of mine. I drew it back slowly, and I felt more than heard, her soft moan. Bingo. Enemy to ally.

I gave her a last soft kiss, brushing my finger across her lips, then returned to her daughter, kissing her hard and deep. I pulled back staring into her eyes. “Practice me, baby?”

She grinned. “I’m dying to. Don’t hold back, Ok?”

“Not a chance.”

I rolled off of her and scooted into the center of the bed. She moved between my legs, smiling up at me, then pouted. “I wanted to make it hard.”

“You can make the next one hard,” I promised.

I felt a shifting on the bed and Mom was lying beside me, cuddling up to me, her hand holding the camera, focused on Penny. Colleen moved closer, and I put out my arm, pulling her in tight. So decadent, so very naughty, holding both Moms, their soft breasts pressed close, while Penny pleasured me.

She was having fun, showing off, licking playfully, kissing, sucking noisily. Colleen giggled. “She looks like she’s having a good time.”

Mom agreed. “She’s a natural. I wonder who she gets that from?”

“Like mother, like daughter,” Colleen answered, sounding proud.

“Stop you two. If you keep that up, I’m not going to last two minutes.”

“Poor baby. Two hot MILFs too much of a distraction?” Mom teased.

Colleen nibbled on my ear. “She’s good for a beginner. I’m better.”

I groaned. “Please. You’re killing me,” I whispered. “This is her night.”

Mom leaned across me, blocking my view of Penny’s actions with her tits in my face. I wasn’t going to complain, chasing her nipple through her flimsy nightgown. When she got off me, I looked over and saw that Colleen was naked to the waist. Big natural boobs staring at me. Bigger than Mom and Penny. Maybe as big as Aunt Marie. Not as firm, maybe, but I wouldn’t mind finding out. I couldn’t help scope them out, huge friggin’ nipples, as big as the end of my pinkie, standing tall.

Penny was sucking me, doing her best to avoid laughing. She pulled up, stroking me with her hand. “You both are horrible! He’s mine tonight. You both have your own men.” She was grinning as she said it, her eyes lively.

“Of course, Princess. All yours. That’s a lot of man, are you sure you can handle it alone?” Colleen teased.

“Damn it, Momma! Yes. I can handle it.”

“That’s wonderful. Remember, if you need help, Alice and I are here for you.”

“Behave Momma, or I’ll make you watch from the chair.” She grinned and took me in her mouth, sinking down, pushing, forcing my cock into the back of her throat. She gagged for a moment, then her lips slid down my shaft, her nose pressed against my pubes. She stayed there, looking at all of us. She pulled back, gasping. “See? I told you I can handle it. I’d like to see you do that, with something this big,” she taunted.

I turned to Colleen. “Me too,” I whispered, winking. “Like mother, like daughter?”

“My baby girl. I’m so proud of her. So much like her Mommy.”

Penny went back to blowing me, and Colleen got up, leaning across the bed. Her breasts settled over my face, and I got my first taste of her hard nipples. She pulled away a little later, pausing to watch me, until my lips released her hard little nub, stopping to give me a quick kiss. “There, now we’re even.”

I looked over and Mom was naked. “Even?”

“We will be in a moment,” she said, and I looked back to see her removing her nightgown. Fuck. She had a tattoo of a rose just above her bare pussy. Unfair.

“Penny,” I warned.

She pulled up, and sat back on her feet. “Come on my face, Jeremy.”

Releasing the Moms, I struggled to my feet, sliding my cock back between her lips, holding her head and fucking her mouth.

“Gentle, Jeremy,” Mom warned. She was kneeling beside me, camera in hand, getting a closeup.

I was being gentle. As gentle as I could be under the circumstances.

I felt Colleen move up next to me, her hand between my legs, massaging my balls. “Give it to her, Jeremy. She can take it. Paint her pretty for us.”

I groaned, pulled my cock out from between Penny’s sexy lips, and erupted, a long stream of cum streaking her face from hairline to chin. Several more shots later, and she was a beautiful mess, her face covered in my cream. She had her eyes closed, smiling angelically. She slowly laid back on the bed, stretching out, her legs open.

“Practice me, Jeremy, while your Mom cleans me up.”

Mom giggled. “That’s a lot to clean up, honey. He got you good. It is Ok if your Momma helps?”

Penny grinned. “That would be perfect.”

Mom handed me the camera. “Don’t do her yet, baby. Get a couple of minutes of this. The Dads are going to love it.”

I moaned, already hardening, as I watched both Moms lean over and start licking my sexy girlfriend’s face clean. They were sweet and gentle, both of them, their tongues moving slowly, curling, scooping up my cream.

Colleen moaned adorably. “He’s sweet. Jesus, I could do this all night.”

“Isn’t he? Marie told me he was,” Mom told her.

“Your sister said that? God, that’s kinky,” Colleen whispered.

I had a great shot of it all, groaning when I saw the moms come together above Penny’s lips, kissing each other. It was cute, a tiny little peck at first, until I saw their tongues, working, cleaning each other’s mouth, battling for my cum. Holy fuck, that was hot.

“Open up, baby,” Colleen said softly. Penny opened her mouth, and I struggled to avoid stroking myself when she licked cum off of her daughter’s forehead, then stuck her tongue in Penny’s open mouth. Penny sucked on her tongue. “Mmm, thanks Momma.”

“There’s more,” Mom said, licking Penny’s eyelids before slipping her own tongue between my girlfriend’s lips.

Penny reached up and held my Mom’s face in place, kissing her hard. “My two Momma’s taking care of me,” she sighed.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

That got them all giggling. “I think he likes the show,” Colleen said.

“I should warn you. I’m taking this out on your daughter’s pussy in a few minutes.”

Mom turned to me. “Don’t even joke about it! If you’re not gentle with her, I swear, you’ll be cut off from everything.” She wasn’t kidding.

“Mom! Of course I’ll be gentle. The first time. But we’ve got a long night ahead.”

Colleen leaned over and kissed Mom, stroking her hair. “Trust him, Alice. Penny does.”

Mom sighed. “I do. I trust him with my life. But I also remember what it was like.”

I crawled around the bed, and pulled my Mom up to her knees, hugging her. “I’m going to make it perfect, Mom. I promise. Whatever it takes. I wouldn’t hurt her for the world.”

“I know, baby. It’s a little scary, that’s all.”

I tilted her head up and kissed her, tasting myself on her lips. “Trust me, please?”

“Always,” she said softly.

I reached over and grabbed Penny around the waist, lifting her easily and spinning her around on the bed, tossing her into the middle, making her squeal and laugh.

“Gentle!” Mom snapped, slapping me hard on the back.

“Jesus, Mom! You wouldn’t know gentle if it walked up and smacked you in the face. I’ve seen how Dad is with you.”

“Jeremy…” she whined.

“We’re playing! Having fun. Shouldn’t this be fun? Wonderful? When it comes time for the big show, we’ll be as gentle as she needs. Now cool your jets, or you’re getting banished to the Bad Mommy chair.”

Penny and her Mom were laughing. “Someone’s slacking off,” Penny announced, reaching between her legs and slapping her pussy. “It’s not going to lick itself, handsome.”

I climbed between her legs, blowing a raspberry on her pussy, before going crazy on her. She was laughing hard, wiggling underneath me. The Mom’s bracketed her, teasing her, playing with her tits. I couldn’t help grinning. I came up for air. “God, Penny. I love playing with you. Fuck me for being an idiot and waiting a year for this.”

She laughed joyously. “Come up here and kiss me, stupid. Then I want you to make a woman out of me.”

I climbed up and kissed her tenderly. “You are so wonderful,” I told her.

She smiled. “You ain’t seen nothing yet. Once you’ve broken me in, I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

I kissed her again, tasting her lips. “I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you too.” She stopped smiling, and looked into my eyes. Those beautiful big blue orbs, mesmerizing. “I think I’m ready,” she said softly.

The moms went into action. I watched Mom pull out two full pillows. “Raise your hips up, Penny, this will make it easier for both of you.” She slid the pillows under my girl, lifting her butt up, and tilting her pretty pink pussy up toward me. I gave her a quick lick before I was pushed away by Mom.

Colleen had a bottle of lube in her hand. “Pink? Is it any good?”

Mom nodded. “Miracle juice, slippery as hell, and it lasts as long as you want. Perfect for marathon sessions. You can borrow it, if you want to give it a try. I’ve got more.”

Colleen was pumping the lube into her hand, and rubbing it into her daughter’s pussy. Fuck. Much more of this, and I’d be shooting before I even got inside her.

“Condom, Mom?” I asked.

Penny spoke up. “I’m on the pill, Jeremy. We’re good.”

Mom looked over at Colleen. “Get him ready?”

She looked at Mom, then down at Penny. “May I?”

Mom nodded. “I can’t. He’s my boy.”

Colleen moved over and I groaned when she lowered her mouth over my cock. She sucked me nicely, easy and slow, taking me deep in her mouth, her naughty MILF tongue active. I reached down and played with her tit. Yummy soft. After only a minute or so, she pulled off. “Jesus, Alice. He’s huge, and hard as a steel rod. It’s a lot for a first time.”

Mom took the lubricant, and squirted it on my cock, rubbing it in. “She’ll be fine, I promise.” She leaned her head against mine, her breath warm against my ear. “Try not to hurt her too much,” she whispered.

“I know, Mom. Kiss me for good luck?”

She smiled, and pressed her lips to mine briefly. She pulled back and brought the camera back up.

“Penny?” I asked.

“Now, please, Jeremy. I can’t wait any longer.”

I took my cock in hand, scooting forward on my knees. I pressed the head against her opening, rubbing it up and down. Mom was right, it was slippery as hell. Her lips parted, and I saw the bright pink of her insides. I pushed the head against her, and pushed.


I sat up a little higher, lining up again, and pushed into her. Harder. A little moan escaped her lips. I saw her mom was lying down next to her, eyes tightly closed, clutching her daughter’s hand in hers. Her knuckles were white. My cock started to bend painfully.

“Ease up, baby,” Mom whispered from beside me.

I pulled back and heard Penny sigh. Mom reached down and stroked me, nibbling on my ear lobe. “It’ll be fine. Push hard, quickly, we just need to get the head in. That’s the worst,” she whispered.

I opened Penny with my fingers, then pressed the head up against her opening. I grabbed my cock a couple of inches back, to stop if it went in too fast. I leaned over my tight little virgin, pushing hard, feeling a little give. Penny was whimpering softly. I took a deep breath then stabbed forward. She cried out, and I felt my cock slide in a couple of inches.

I looked up, worried. She was painfully tight.

She was staring into her mother’s eyes, only a couple of inches apart. “Is she Ok?” I asked softly.

Penny nodded slightly. Colleen looked over at me. “She’s fine. Slowly now.” I watched her brush a few stray tears from her daughter’s cheeks.

Mom whispered in my ear. “Little nudges forward. Teeny tiny. Take your time.”

I took her advice, rocking my hips ever so slightly, push, rest, push, rest. The tiniest pressure. It moved slowly, in small distinct increments. I’d make no progress for a few seconds, before sliding in another half inch or so. Penny gasped with each little bit of additional access. I looked down and was surprised I had almost half my length inside of her.

Mom gave me a squeeze. “That’s enough for now. Back and forth slowly, but no deeper, Ok?”

I eased back out carefully, leaving the head inside. I didn’t want to have to go through that again. Penny sighed, relaxing as I pulled back. I pushed forward, steadily until I’d regained most of my ground. Still ridiculously tight. She gave a soft whimper and I slowed.

“Don’t stop,” she said softly. “It feels good. Big, but good.”

Thank God. Back out slowly, then back in again, a couple of seconds on the down-stroke. It was getting easier. I found myself developing an easy rhythm, about a full second in each direction, feeling her virginal tightness slowly start to give.

Mom was reaching down, rubbing Penny’s clit gently. “A little bit deeper now, no more than an inch or so,” she said softly.

At the end of each stroke, I started pressing a little harder. She was opening for me, letting me in. Mom stopped me with a couple of inches to go, her hand just above my cock. “No further than that, tonight. You’re long, and you’ll probably bottom out. Most girls find that uncomfortable.”

I stopped with most of my length inside of my sweet girlfriend. I leaned over her, my face a few inches above hers. “Are you alright?” I asked.

She smiled tentatively. “Remind me to shove a two-by-four up your ass later, and I’ll ask you the same question.”

I grinned and she laughed, cringing a little. “Damn, Jeremy. Why couldn’t you be human sized?”

“I’m not that big,” I told her.

“Nine inches?” Colleen asked.

“A little over eight,” I told her.

She shook her head. “Not tonight you’re not. I’ve had eight inches. It didn’t look like that.”

I leaned over and gave her a kiss. “If I’m bigger than normal, you know whose fault that is, right?”

“Your Mom’s?” she said, getting another giggle from Penny.

“You’ll get yours,” I told her.

“God, I hope so,” she said, smiling at me. Her smile slipped away, becoming much more serious. She reached up and touched my cheek tenderly. “I’m sorry I was mean to you earlier. I couldn’t ask for a better man for her first time. I can see why she’s so crazy about you.”

“Thank you, Colleen.” I grinned. “I like your tits, by the way.”

She gave me a loving slap, followed by a sweet little Mommy kiss.

“Ready for more?” I asked Penny, leaning down and chewing on her lips playfully.

“There’s more?” she asked nervously.

“Not more cock. More fucking.”

She took a deep breath and nodded. “Fuck me, Jeremy.”

I got back on my knees, opening her legs. I’d slipped out about halfway while talking to her. I returned to stroking her slowly, all but the last couple of inches.

“Can I go faster?” I asked my mom.

She reached down and touched me. “Pull out to the edge a second.”

I slid out, all but the head of my cock shiny with her juices. I was swollen up as big as I’d ever seen it.

Mom had the lube in her hand, and got me nice and slippery again. “Colleen was right. You’re huge tonight. Hell of a time for you to get like this,” she said, sounding almost irritated.

“Like this is my fault? I’m getting my first real fuck, with this gorgeous virgin, and two incredible sexy naked women helping and watching. If that wasn’t bad enough, the MILFs are not just any Mommies, but mine and hers. Geez, Mom, we’re lucky I’ve lasted this long.”

“Um, down here, guys” Penny teased, “ex-virgin needs tending.”

Mom patted my rear and give me a kiss on the cheek. “Faster now. Little bit at a time, until she complains.”

I slowly picked up the pace, watching her reaction. After a minute or so, I had doubled it, at least, and it was getting easier. She was moaning softly, but it didn’t sound like pain. My hands were caressing her thighs, hips, belly. She was so soft and smooth, her skin felt like velvet. I heard her first little love moans.

“Ok?” I asked, maintaining the steady stroking.

“It’s good, sweetie,” Colleen said.

Penny was squirming a little, biting her bottom lip. The moans were more frequent. I fucked her faster, still only three quarters of my length, making her whimper beautifully. It was feeling good. Wonderful. Earlier it had been too much work, too tight, too distracting. Now I was feeling her. I liked it.

Mom leaned against me, “Close?”

“Not yet, but it’s getting better,” I told her. “It hurt before.”

“She can take a little more, a little faster. Tilt her legs back.”

I lifted her legs, hands behind her knees, and pushed them back, halfway to her chest. I felt an immediate change, more pressure against the top of my cock. She gasped, trembling, a cute series of grunts escaping her talented lips, I slowed down to make sure she was Ok.

“Don’t stop!” Colleen cried out.

Speeding up, I fucked her harder, faster. There was only an inch outside of her, and she was whimpering so sweetly it was driving me crazy. “God, Penny, you are so fucking incredible,” I gasped.

Her calves were trembling, toes curled so cutely it hurt. She started whispering, a series of groans, and muted “oh’s”. She even squeezed in the occasional “God!”

“Steady baby, just like that. Give it to her. You’ve almost got her.”

The pace was fast, but not out of control. I knew I could sustain it for a little longer. The feeling was magical, and I felt the pressure building down around my balls.

“Momma!” she cried out gasping, her legs stiffening.

“Harder,” Mom whispered, reaching down and rubbing Penny’s twitching clit.

Unbelievable. I was fucking her with my full length, balls slapping against her ass. I leaned over her, sliding her ankles over my shoulders, my arms outside them, supporting my weight, pinning them in place. I rose up on my toes, legs straight, slamming into her, pummelling that tight virgin pussy. Every stroke, long and full, my entire shaft driving deep. My full weight crashing down on her poor innocent pussy, crushing her. Mom was going to kill me, I was being anything but gentle. It couldn’t be helped.

Penny was staring up at me in amazement, her eyelids fluttering, her eyes rolling back in her head for a few dick hardening moments. Her jaw started trembling, her lips shaking. Beautiful, kissable lips.

“MOM!,” she screamed, her body tensing below me, thighs as tight as steel bands. Her pussy clamped down on my cock like a fist.

“Don’t stop, Jeremy!” Mom gasped.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “It’s too good,” I straightened, grabbing the front of her thighs, pulling her back against me on each stroke, gasping as I felt my imminent release. “FUCK!” I growled, slamming into her and feeling the rush of fluid up my cock, screaming for release, firing off inside her.

She was squealing, nonsense sounds, trembling, throwing her head around. She was bright red, from her pretty face, across the top of her chest and shoulders, down to between her tits. Colleen was holding her, trying to sooth her.

I didn’t think it would ever end. For either of us. Every time I thought it was over, I’d feel another spasm, and push deeper inside her. I could feel myself touching bottom, but each thrust seemed to set her off again.

After what seemed like an eternity, I could feel it was over. For a few moments there, I had gone deaf, dumb and blind, my entire existence reduced to those few inches buried inside her tight velvet embrace. I was losing my hardness, to my infinite regret. I pushed deep, leaning over her, gasping. I never wanted to pull out of her. Never. Her pussy was pulsing around me, squeezing me, teasing me.

“Jesus,” Mom whispered. “Sweet Jesus.”

I slowly backed out, her tightness pushing me out the last couple of inches. I kissed her soft smooth calf, lowered her legs, and then crawled up next to her, pulling her into my arms. She clung to me, crying.

“Shh,” I whispered. “I love you, Penny.” I rolled onto my back, pulling her with me, her chest resting on mine, her head tucked into my shoulder. I was both exhausted and exhilarated. I tried to catch my breath.

She only cried harder.

I felt movement down below, and found Mom sucking me clean. She was very gentle, thankfully. I was ridiculously sensitive. It verged on the comical, her wonderful mouth holding my cock, while she kept that damn camera focused on Penny and me.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked. “Did I hurt you?”

She was sniffling, kissing my shoulder. “Hurt me? It was perfect. I was so scared. I didn’t want you to know, but I was terrified. I didn’t think it could actually fit. All my fears came true when you couldn’t get in me, and then that big push, tearing me open. God, that hurt so bad Jeremy! I can’t remember anything hurting like that. I really thought you had torn me open. I had to be bleeding out. But I knew I couldn’t be. My Mommas wouldn’t let that happen.”

I hugged her. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? It was wonderful. So…so amazing. I thought I’d have to just suffer through it, try not to let it show, but then it started to feel good. Incredible. I was full, completely, all the way to the back, each nudge at the end like a jolt. Every nerve in my body going off each time you touched bottom. Watching you lose control over my pussy, hammering me, glowing above me, God!”

“You liked it?” I teased.

She hit me. “Asshole! You tore me open, fucked me inside out, reshaped my insides and forced me to come all over that monster cock, endlessly. You were supposed to be gentle, you fucking animal! I’m ruined for all other men now. God! I loved it.” She kissed my lips softly. “We’re going to be doing that a lot more often. Just as soon as my dislocated hips heal, and my poor kitty stops feeling like there’s a Red Bull can still stuffed inside of me.”

She leaned over and kissed me hard. I relaxed, letting her tongue rape my mouth. She pulled away gasping. “Fuck God. That’s what I’m going to call you.” She giggled. “I’m going to build a shrine in my closet. Mom can help. I’ll pray to my Fuck God, every night.”

She leaned against me. “Was I Ok? Not too uncomfortable? I know that couldn’t have been easy.” she asked hesitantly.

Jesus. Hadn’t she been there? I looked up and Colleen was looking at me, smirking. “Not too bad,” I said.

“Not too bad?” she shrieked. “What the hell is that? Not too bad? I gave you my virginity! I let you rip me in two with that fucking mutant beast between your legs! Not too bad?”

Mom had finished cleaning me up, and had moved behind me. She slapped me in the head, hard. Had me seeing stars. “Don’t be a fuckwad, Jeremy. Jesus, you’re just like your father. Always got to make a joke out of something serious. Tell her the truth.”

I stopped Penny from chewing me out by kissing her. “You were incredible. Scary at first, I was so worried I was going to hurt you. So damned tight, I thought I would never get in, and it felt like my poor cock was clamped in a vice. But once we got going, fuck! I didn’t know it was going to be like that. You took it all. Everything, right to the root. So sweet, so soft, so tight, I could have fucked you forever, Angel. I loved it. I swear I never wanted it to end. God’s honest truth, at one point, when I kept coming and coming, I thought something was wrong. It was impossible. I couldn’t stop. You were beyond amazing.” I kissed her again. “I think I’ll keep you a while.”

She calmed down, hugging me. “God, you’re such a dick sometimes. Why would you tease me now?” She kissed me, “So you think you’re going to keep me? What if I don’t want to be kept?” She laughed, biting me on my chin. “Oops,” she giggled. “I think I made a mess. God, I feel like I’ve got a gallon of your stuff up inside me.”

Colleen leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then moved down between her daughter’s legs. “I guess since Jeremy’s mother cleaned him up, I’ll have to do the same.”

Penny’s eyes got big. “Momma!”

Colleen peeked up from between her daughter’s legs, my juices on her chin. “Hush now, and relax.”

I held my girl, kissing her softly, while her mother took care of her. Penny was tense at first, before slowly relaxing in my arms. “Is that nice? Momma taking care of our baby girl? Kissing her boo-boo better?” I was trying to tease her playfully.

She moaned softly, squeezing my hand. “Good,” she whispered. “Really good.”

I kissed her gently, long and slow, until she pushed me away. “Please, Jeremy, let me have this,” she moaned.

Whatever her Mom was doing must have been pretty damned amazing. I held her, fondling her chest gently, watching the change come over her body. “Oh, Momma!” she groaned softly and came in my arms, for her loving mother.

Mom kissed my neck, still filming Colleen’s naughty performance. “Are you guys going to do it again, or can I let your father come home.”

I looked at my girlfriend. “I want to,” she said softly, breathing hard. “But I know it’ll kill me. Can we save it for tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

She looked down, and saw that I was hard. “I don’t want to leave you like that.”

“I’ll be fine. This was wonderful.”

Mom leaned down and sucked me, teasing, stroking me, until I was rock hard. She took me by the hand and pulled me off the bed, while Penny watched us, her forehead crinkled up in curiosity. Mom guided me to the end of the bed, where I looked down at Colleen’s ass, lifted up nice and high, while she went down on her daughter. “Looks like it could use filling,” Mom teased.

I looked over at Penny, and she slowly smiled, nodding, giving me a thumbs up. Colleen seemed oblivious to it all until I pressed my latest erection between her legs, and thrust in.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, before lowering her mouth down between her daughter’s legs.

I grabbed her hips and started hammering away at her. She was tight, and wet, and felt great. Big soft rear end, cheeks jiggling with each deep stroke. I had her moaning quickly, her efforts to please her daughter falling to the wayside. Penny got up and crawled to the end of the bed next to me. “You and Mom are bad,” she said.

“Not my idea,” I told her, grinning while I plowed her mother. “I’d rather being doing this to you again.”

“No, but I didn’t see you fighting too hard.”

I reached out for her, pulling her close, kissing her.

She pulled away. “This is so wrong. Kissing me while you’re fucking Momma. I should be mad at you. This is my night.”

“Should I stop?” I asked.

“No!” came a muffled reply from her mom.

“I guess,” she sighed, “since you’re already this far, you might as well finish her. I suppose you’re going to want me to bring Dani over here as well, collect the whole trifecta. At least she’s not a virgin.” She leaned over and smacked her Mom’s butt. “What do you think, Momma. Should I call in Dani?”

Colleen was gasping, “Just us, baby girl. He’s just for us.”

“Was she Good Mom, tonight, or Bad Mom?” I asked my sexy girlfriend.

“Mostly bad. Teasing you like that. On my special night.”

“She did take care of you at the end,” I reminded her.

“Alright. She was Good Mom. Why?”

“A bad mom, we’d spank and leave hanging. A good mom gets to come for us.”

“She was good and bad. Why don’t we spank her, and then you can make her come on your cock.”

“You are a wicked little girl,” I told her, pulling her close for another kiss.

I pulled out of Colleen, making her moan. I lifted her up and turned her to face me. She looked dazed. I kissed her feeling her respond, my hands gliding over her skin, fondling her soft, mature body. “You were very naughty, Colleen. Teasing me on your daughter’s big night.”

She grinned sheepishly. “I was just playing, Jeremy. Trying to make things less stressful.”

“Your daughter thinks I should spank you, and then make you come on my cock.”

She smiled. “I did get naked. That was pretty naughty of me.”

“Getting him ‘ready’ Mom? Really? You couldn’t even wait until I’d had him one time?”

Colleen blushed, making my blood boil. “It was only a little taste, Princess.”

I sat on the bed, patting my lap. “Now, Colleen.”

She laid across me, naked and beautiful. She had a hell of an ass, round and soft, well padded. Not firm and high, like Mom’s bodacious butt, but still sexy as hell. I wanted to chew on it. She jumped when I smacked her, leaving a red hand-print.

Penny giggled. “Move up the bed, Jeremy.”

I moved further up the bed, dragging poor Colleen with me. Penny moved closer, sitting facing me, wedging her legs underneath her mother, beside mine. Her mother was lying across both our laps. Penny gave her a smack, setting her ass cheeks jiggling. I followed up with a swat of my own. A couple of minute later, Colleen’s cheeks were nice and pink. I had a couple of fingers inside of her, teasing her, using my other hand for the spanking.

“Your butt looks really big like this,” Penny teased.

Colleen whined, “Don’t be mean, baby. It’s not that big, is it?”

I slapped her hard, twice. “No Colleen. You have a very sexy butt. Soft and smooth, and very, very kissable.”

Penny smacked her mother’s butt again, hard. “If anyone’s kissing any butt, my rotten mother will be kissing mine!” she snapped. “Stripping naked Momma? You just had to show off your big tits, didn’t you. He’s mine!” she growled spanking her mother hard. Colleen’s ass was turning a bright red.

I pulled Penny’s face closer and we kissed, over her mother’s glowing butt. “She did give you quite a few kisses, if not on your butt, pretty darn close.”

Penny blushed. “I guess she wasn’t all bad.”

I nodded, smacking her Mom’s rear playfully, not hard at all, just enough to keep it nice and red, and keep those soft cheeks shaking.

“Please, kids, enough! I’ll be good,” she squealed.

Penny pinched her butt, making her jump. “Will you be very good?”

“Very good. I promise.”

Penny slapped her mother’s ass really hard, the sound echoing in the room, making Colleen cry out. “He’s mine Momma. My boyfriend. Not yours. You have Daddy.”

Colleen was on the verge of tears. “I know, Princess. All yours. Anybody seeing the way he looks at you would know. The way he made love to you, damn! He’s yours, and I don’t think anything could change that.” She sniffed, “I’m so jealous of you, baby girl. To have a man like that your first time. I only wanted to be a part of it.”

SMACK. “Mine Mom.”

“Yes,” she moaned, lying helplessly on my lap. “He’s yours. I won’t interfere, unless you invite me. I promise.”

Penny looked at me. She nodded toward her mother’s head. “Make her blow you.”

I moved down Colleen’s body, until her face was resting in my lap. “Open up, beautiful Mommy,” I told her.

She opened her mouth and took me in, sucking me like her life depended on it.

Penny was still swatting her. Playfully, teasing. “Is she being good?”

“Very good. You come by this honestly.”

“Don’t come in her mouth. I want to watch her ride you,” Penny said.

That’s why Mom found us in a cute little three-way. I was on my back with Colleen riding my cock, while her daughter sat on my face. We had been at it a few minutes when she got there. I was getting crazy excited, once I starting thinking about the fact that I had a mother/daughter thing going on. Hot mother/daughter, with the Mommy riding me like a champion cowgirl. I almost giggled, thinking about getting her one of those over-sized award rodeo belt buckles. ‘Champion Bareback Rider’ seemed fitting.

Mom interrupted my little fantasy. “Your father will be here in about 15 minutes. We should start cleaning up soon.”

Penny climbed off my face a little while later, and I saw Mom had the camera out again. Penny went to her, pulling her by the hand. “Ride his face, Mom.”

“Oh, baby. I can’t.”

“Of course you can. You let him fuck my Momma!” She tugged again, pulling the camera out of her hand. “Just for a minute. For me? Please? On my special day.”

Mom let her have her way, sitting astride my face. I was in heaven. I licked her eagerly. “No pictures, Penny. Harold will kill me. This stays a secret. Just us girls.”

“We’ll keep these separate. You’ve filmed me enough tonight.”

Colleen was gasping. “You want a turn over here, Alice? He’s incredible.”

“God. I wish. I can’t. I promised Harold I wouldn’t. Even this is too much.”

“Your loss. He’s going to make me come again,” she gasped.

I didn’t make Mom come for me, although I tried. I did get a nice little orgasm out of Colleen, and I gave her a load to remember the evening by. Moments later Mom was chasing me and Penny out of the room. I took her to my bedroom, lying down with her, playing around. “Happy?” I asked.

“Ecstatic. I’m just sad it’s going to end in three weeks.”

“Go on hold. Not end. I think I’ll be coming home pretty regularly. We can have some nice weekends together.”

“Would you want to? Keep it going? I could come and visit you some weekends.”

“I’d like that.”

She hugged me. “You’re not going to keep screwing Momma are you?”

“No baby. I think that’s a one-time thing. Your special night.”

She kissed me. “Every now and then might be Ok, and only when I’m there. I don’t want it to be a regular thing, like everyday for lunch.”

“No. If we do it again, I’ll let you decide when and how.”

She hugged me. “I had the most incredible night. I’ll remember this forever, Jeremy. You were perfect. I don’t think a girl could ask for a better first time.”

“The Moms weren’t too much of a distraction?”

“They were great. I had no idea Momma would be like that. I think we’re going to be close like you and your parents now. I love that.”

I gave her a last kiss. “We need to get you dressed. Dad sees you like this, all gorgeous, naked and freshly fucked, and Mom won’t be able to walk straight for weeks.”

She giggled. “If he walks in the other room, my Momma might not be able to walk right for months.

She grabbed my cock. “I just had the most wicked thought. What if he walked in that room, and took it out on Momma, and then you went in there and helped him?”

I was surprised. “You are a dirty girl. You’d want me to double-team your mom with Dad?”

She grinned. “It was just an idea. Two huge cocks at once? She’d owe me, like, forever.” She laughed. “God, Jeremy! You got hard? You want to tag-team Momma?”

“Fantasy. I’ve imagined working over a girl or two with Dad.”

“Me?” she asked nervously.

“Maybe.” I couldn’t say it was my Mom.

“Who else?” she asked, stroking my cock.

“Aunt Marie, and now your Mom.”

“How did you imagine it, with me?” she asked.

“I’m not letting him have this pussy,” I teased. “It’s all mine. I thought he could tell us how close you are to being as good as Mom, in the blow-job department.”

She pouted. “That wouldn’t be fair. I couldn’t give him my best if your big thing was inside me.”

“That’s why it’s a fantasy. In my dreams, you’re perfect.”

She smiled, kissing me. “You dream about me?”

“I do. I fantasize about you, too.”

“How would you do my Mom?” she asked.

I laughed. “We’d make her our cum slut. All openings, all ways. We’d wear her out. Mouth and pussy, mouth and ass, pussy and ass, each of us taking turns in each opening. We’d fuck her for hours and hours, and when she collapsed, we’d keep on using her until we couldn’t get it up for her.” I whispered in her ear, “When she was too tired to go on, I’d bring you in to keep us hard with your amazing mouth, before fucking the shit out of your poor Momma’s unconscious body.”

“God, that’s nasty. You’d want to fuck her in the butt?”

“I don”t know. Never done it. Dad loves it, though. He and Mom do it all the time, at least once a week. If we did do your Mom, I’m not about to let Dad be the only one to fuck that big yummy ass.”

“Jesus, Jeremy! That’s pretty crazy. We might have to do that.”

“Me, Dad and your Mom? Or me, Dad and you?” I teased.

“You’d really let me blow him?” she asked nervously.

I’d let her? Not make her? “What I’d really like to see is Mom teach you, working with me and Dad.”

“Oh, God! Really? Two big cocks? All mine?” she murmured, rubbing up against me. “Why both of you?” she asked.

“He knows how good she is. He can tell you what you’re doing right or wrong. I don’t know enough. As far as I can tell, you’re living perfection.”

She hugged me. “After tonight, you must know I’ll never be able to say no to you. God, Jeremy, I hurt so good. Every little hurt reminding me.”

Mom poked her head in the door. “Enough, you heathens. Get dressed. He’s going to pull up any minute. Your father sees her like that, I won’t be responsible for any of the women in this house. Your sweet little girlfriend’s in no shape to handle him,” she teased.

Penny giggled. “Sounds like a reason to stay naked.”

Colleen was standing behind Mom. “Penny!”

“Don’t sweat it Momma. I’d let him have you first. I might even let Jeremy help him.”

That got Mom laughing. “Stop. Get dressed or no play time for a week.”

I scrambled out of bed like someone had lit me on fire, throwing on shorts and shirt, getting both our moms to laugh. Penny got up slowly, walking weird, and her mother handed over her clothing.

“Remember, kids, Alice and I stayed out of it, Ok?” Colleen said quietly. “This has to be our little secret. We were just there for support.”

Mom handed me the camera. “I expect you to make that clear on the video. Both Dad’s are going to see that.”

Penny looked mortified. “Dad? He’s going to see it?”

Colleen gave her a hug. “His birthday present. Best damned present he’s ever going to get.”

“He won’t get mad?” Penny asked nervously.

“Mad? He’ll be jealous as hell. We both thought you were already putting out. Seeing your first time, as wonderful as that? We couldn’t ask for anything better for our baby.”

I heard the Jeep pull up outdoors. Hard to miss it, followed by the hum of the garage door opening.

“Mums the word,” Mom said.

“We understand,” I gave her a hug. “Thanks for everything. You both were great.”

She kissed me. “No baby. Thank you for sharing with us.” She patted my rear. “Go welcome home your Dad, and get him a beer. He’s going to have a lot of questions.”

I gave Penny a quick kiss, and gave Colleen’s butt a squeeze, before running out the door. I met him coming in the garage, and gave him a grin. “Sorry Mom kicked you out. You missed an epic evening.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Am I going to get to hear about it?”

“Of course. Who else could I tell? Better yet, tomorrow you’re going to get to see it all on our new camera.”

That got a grin out of him. “Tomorrow?”

I nodded. “I promised Penny she’d get to see it first. She’s a little embarrassed. She said she might want to veto a few things.”

I walked past him to the fridge, grabbing two beers. “You up for one?”

“Hell yeah. Let me get out of the monkey suit, and we’ll talk.”

He was almost to the stairs when the girls came down. Colleen lead the way, walking up to him and giving him a hug and a nice kiss. “Thank you, Harold.”

He seemed surprised, but not nearly as much as when Penny wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave him a toe-curler. “I’m sorry I was so nervous. I should have let you stay, Daddy. I hope you like the movie.”

He was struggling to answer, when Mom caught him. “I’m going to make this up to you. I promise.” She whispered in his ear, and I saw him drop his coat on the ground. The other girls laughed.

“Goodnight, Jeremy,” Colleen called out. “It was a perfect evening.”

“‘Night, Fuck God. See you tomorrow?” Penny asked from the front door.

“Absolutely. You and I have a movie to review.”

She laughed, “See you tomorrow, Mom. Thanks again. You’re the best.”

Dad stared at the door for a few seconds. He picked up his coat, jogging up the stairs. “I’ll be down in one minute. One minute.”

Mom laughed, flowing into my arms. “I’m so proud of you, Jeremy. You were perfect tonight.”

“You were pretty amazing too. God, I love you so much.”

She pressed her lips to my ear. “You have to win me. You have to. I’m going crazy.”

“I will Mom. Within the week, if you’ll help.”

“Whatever you need. Count me in. I want a night like tonight.”

I sat on the couch, and Mom sat in my lap, letting me play with her breasts, until Dad came down. He sat next to us, took the beer I handed to him, then patted his lap. Mom scooted over to him, giving him a hug. “You’d be so proud of him. So much like you I almost cried.”

He grinned. “Ok. I’m proud. Now what the hell was that all about?”

“Penny’s first time. We wanted to make it perfect for her.”

“No shit? You nailed her?” he asked me.

“Amazing Dad. She was incredible.”

“You and Colleen?” he asked Mom.

“She was there for moral support. I ran the camera.”

“Jesus. Whatever that camera cost, I’m going to pay you back double,” he told me.

I laughed. “You paid for it.”

“Oh. That’s right. I’m going to pay you anyway. Take that girl out somewhere nice, buy her a car. Do something.”

Mom laughed. “You haven’t even seen the video yet.”

“Is it good?” he asked.

She nodded. “Unbelievable. And I mean that. Inconceivable.” She leaned against him. “You remember our first time?”

“Like it was yesterday,” he said, hugging her close.

“How difficult it was for me? For a long time?”

He nodded slowly. “I loved you so much for that. Sticking with it, being so patient with me. I wish I’d known more.”

She kissed him softly. “I was certain it would be like that for her. You know Jeremy’s as big as you.”

He nodded. “So I’m told.”

She looked at him askance. “Told? You have the video of him and Penny.”

“Yes. He’s big.”

“We didn’t want it to be like that. Not that I’m complaining, but it hurt. A lot.”

“Was she alright?” he asked nervously.

“Harold, he was perfect. He got her loose and relaxed. He went down on her and gave her the most amazing orgasm, then she gave him a spectacular blow-job.” She leaned against him. “Things got a little iffy there, but I don’t want to keep anything from you.”

“Iffy? How?”

“She made him come all over her face, and wanted me to clean it up, like she said on our video.”

“Damn it, Alice! I thought we’d talked about this.”

“I know. I’m sorry. But she was so excited, and it might have ruined everything if I didn’t go along. It was going so beautifully, and I didn’t want to ruin the mood. Colleen helped me. Jeremy filmed it for you.” She nuzzled his neck. “Don’t be mad honey. That was the worst I did. That wasn’t so terrible was it?”

He sighed. “I guess not. If that was the worst.”

She nodded. “We were very naughty. Colleen kissed me. Not a friendly little kiss either. She’s wild. And we both fed his cum to that darling girl. With our tongues.”

“God, Alice! You have that on video?”

“Perfect picture, Dad. Unbelievably hot. Did you know her Mom was like that?”

“Colleen? Not in the slightest. I never would have guessed that. Not in a hundred years.”

“After that, our boy went down on her again, getting her going, until she was begging him for it. We got her lubed up…”

“You got her lubed up?” he asked.

“Colleen did, I put some pillows under her hips, and Jeremy went to work. Not before Colleen made sure our boy was nice and ready.”

“Shit!” he groaned. “Do I want to know how she got him ready?”

Mom grinned, “Penny comes by her love of blow-jobs honestly. Like mother like daughter.”

“Son of a Bitch!” He turned to me. “Really?”

“Only for a minute or so, pretty amazing.” I turned to Mom. “I thought we were going to keep some things quiet? She might not want everyone to know.”

She glared at me. “Are we going to keep secrets from your father, Jeremy?”

“No ma’am.”

“No ma’am is right! You won’t talk about this to anyone else, you understand, but we keep nothing from your father. Am I understood?”

Dad interrupted. “Don’t be hard on him, Alice. He wasn’t trying to keep things from me. Not about anything that matters. She’s married. I can understand him not wanting to tell tales, especially if she asked you not to.”

“Say what you will, Harold. No secrets. Not about bedroom stuff. Hold one thing back, and soon it’s another, and then another. Do you want that?” She was still sounding pretty angry. I didn’t like that.

Neither did Dad. He grabbed her by the shoulders, firmly, his voice hard. “No. But let me make my point clear, Alice. Very clear. I have my rules. If you break them, like licking Penny’s face, I want to know. If you make a promise to someone else, someone not in this family, I don’t want you breaking that promise. Am I understood?”

She nodded quietly. “Perfectly. I’m certain she didn’t want us to keep the licking from you. We videoed it. I specifically told Jeremy to film it for the Dads.”

“She did, Dad. It’s the only time I had the camera all night.”

“Dads? So I suppose Joe’s going to get a copy of this video?” Dad asked.

“It is his daughter. Colleen said it was going to be a birthday present.”

“He’s not going to be a little surprised seeing my wife licking our son’s cum off his daughter’s face?”

“Surprised? Probably. Colleen did worse. They have no room to talk. Hell, he’s going to be watching a video of his gorgeous daughter being deflowered. He’s going to love it.”

Dad didn’t look ecstatic.

I scooted over next to him, and Mom stretched her legs out on mine. “Dad, wait ’til you see the video. The whole night was amazing. If you want me to take anything out, I will. I promise.”

I rubbed Mom’s legs. “Mom was an angel. She knew what to do, every step of the way, thanks to you. She told me everything. How hard to push, how deep to go, when to slow down, when to speedup. I would have made a mess of it without her. You’ll see.”

He chuckled, grudgingly. “She does know a lot about taking big cocks.”

Mom smacked him teasingly. “God, Harold, you make me sound like a slut! One big cock.”

He nodded. “One.” He turned back to me, “Continue.”

“It was so hard to get started with her. I couldn’t get in. She was tight as a fist, and practically crying. Collen was almost in tears herself, eyes clenched closed, holding Penny’s hand.”

“Explain to me again why she was there,” he asked Mom.

“It’s the biggest day of Penny’s life! As big as her wedding, or first child. It’s different for us girls. What girl doesn’t want her Mom at her side in the delivery room, or when she’s walked to the altar? God, Harold, it was so beautiful. You’ll see. When she started coming on our boy’s cock, she called out for her momma. I was almost in tears.”

“She came for you? Her first time?”

Mom was relaxing, stretching out, her bottom resting between my legs and Dads. She had pulled his hand into her nightgown, and he was playing with her tits. I was rubbing her legs, halfway up her thighs.

“It was wonderful,” Mom said. “Tell him, honey.”

“I really struggled to get in her. She cried when I forced the first couple of inches in. I was ready to stop. She wouldn’t let me. It must have taken another five minutes of Mom’s coaching to get halfway inside her. Penny was whimpering and moaning the whole time, and I felt so bad for her. I wasn’t even enjoying it that much, because she was so tight it hurt.”

“What lube were you using?”

“The Pink, dear,” Mom said.

He grunted. “Good stuff. Didn’t it help?”

“Probably impossible without it. I don’t know how you and Mom managed without.”

He grinned. “I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy.”

“But worth it,” I reminded him.

“Hell yeah. Best little pussy in 50 states,” he teased, reaching down and rubbing Mom’s crotch.

“Harold…” she whispered.

“Hush, you. Tell me he didn’t see this tonight.”

She turned her head, nuzzling his side. Silent.

She whimpered when I saw his fingers pull her panties aside and slide into her.

He looked over at me. “You were halfway inside Penny?”

“Yeah. Almost ready to give up. I’d spent the whole time working my way in. Mom said Penny was ready, and I started actually screwing her. Pulling out and pushing back in. It took forever, but eventually she started loosening up, and it wasn’t like putting my dick through a grinder, finally.”

“And that was with the lube,” he said.

“A huge amount. I did get a rhythm going, and she seemed to be fine with it. She had stopped crying and groaning, and Colleen said she was Ok. Mom told me to push further. By the time I had all but a couple of inches in her, Penny was moaning again, but better. A good moan.”

Dad grinned, fingering Mom hard, and getting a nice little response. “That kind of moan?” he teased.

Wow! “Exactly. So I sped up, fucking her harder, and the more I did, the better she responded. When I finally got all of it in her, she cried out for her Mom, and I could swear she came a little.”

“A little?” Mom asked. “You need to learn more about women, baby. That was a nice one.” She had opened her legs, and I had a hell of a view of Dad groping her.

“After that, I let loose. I fucked her hard, Dad. Mom told me to push her legs back, and as soon as I did, she came for me again.”

“G-spot, son. Tilt her legs back, lift her hips, lower yours, and you’re riding her g-spot. Big orgasms that way.”

“Wow. Thanks. I wondered about that. It felt great.”

“I know. Rubbing the crest of your head against the top of her cunt. It can make you too sensitive if you’re not careful. Shorten the ride. We wouldn’t want that.”

Mom moaned when he said ‘cunt’, pressing his fingers into her hard. She was leaking pretty heavily. I could smell it from where I was. It was ridiculous that I was getting hard again after all I’d been through. Only for Mom.

“I guess the lube helped there. It was perfect. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.”

“Sounds to me like you lasted more than a couple of minutes,” Dad said.

Mom was moaning softly, while Dad kept diddling her. “Forever, dear. He lasted forever. His Daddy’s boy.”

I laughed. “Forever, or maybe 15-20 minutes. Getting her to blow me first helped a lot. That didn’t last long.”

“With those two MILFs egging you on? Why am I not surprised?” He gave Mom a few rough strokes and she moaned for us again.

“Once she came for me like that, I rode her hard. All the way in, pounding her. I was bottoming out on every stroke, and she seemed to love it. She was building up to a big one. I saw enough of her orgasms yesterday to know what was happening. Mom told me to keep it steady, like I was doing it, until I couldn’t hold back any longer. When I came in her she completely exploded, screaming, trembling, her whole body shaking. It went on and one. God, Dad, I wish you could have been there! I didn’t know girls could come like that.”

Dad was grinning at me again. He nodded down to his hand, and started hammering at Mom’s pussy. She gasped, twisting her legs. “Hold her,” he said.

I pinned her legs down, stopping her struggling, holding her open for him. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he grabbed the crotch of her panties and tore them open. He stuck two fingers in her, and pounded her pussy. It scared me, how rough he was being, and she was getting off on it. Mom’s legs started shaking, and he pulled his hand away, laughing. Mom immediately squirted on me, her whole body spasming, and Dad starting slapping her pussy, making her scream.

“Kind of like that?” he asked me.

I was gob-smacked. Completely in awe of my father. “Jesus, Dad. How’d you do that?”

He looked at me oddly for a bit, quietly before he seemed to come to a decision. “Pull her down into your lap,” he said softly.

I lifted her hips, still trembling, setting her in my lap. Dad leaned over and took my hand in his. “These two fingers,” he said, pushing down the two middle ones. He drew my hand down to her pussy, pushing those two fingers into her. “See that? Holding her like a case of beer, two fingers, two knuckles deep.” He slid his fingers in with mine, pressing upward. “Up here, on top, that rough area. That’s what you want. Now, like this.” He started jerking his hand upward hard. “Pound her there. Hard. You can’t be too rough. You try it.”

I started pulling upward.

“Harder, son. She can take it.”

Harder she got. Very hard. Lifting her hips by her tight little pussy, making her whimper and moan.

“That’s it. This one should be quick. Once you get the first one, the rest are easy.”

I copied what I’d seen, slamming away at the top of her pussy, making her squirm.

“Hold still, Alice,” he told her, holding her shoulders down. “Use your other hand to keep her legs open, Jeremy.”

I pushed her opposite leg away, still fingering her roughly. I felt her pussy pulse, swelling beneath my fingers, and she went off, screaming. She squirted on my hand, and I pulled it away, watching her come so hard, amazed at what I’d accomplished.

“You felt it, didn’t you? Right before she comes?” Dad asked, as Mom continued to come for us.

“I did.”

“Good. Next time, you pull away at that moment and enjoy the show. Give her another one, let’s see you get this one right.”

Mom gasped. “No Harold, no more.”

“Hush, or I’ll let him do it with my cock up your ass. Now be good.”

I opened her legs, and she whimpered when I slid my fingers back inside her. Dad had her nightie pulled up to her shoulders and started playing with her tits, pulling on her nipples, while I hammered her pussy. It didn’t take more than a minute or two this time, before I felt that pulse again. She cried out when I pulled my fingers away, squirting powerfully, unlike the first two times, wetting the couch down to her knees. She was crying, squirming, and kept coming over and over again.

“That’s a huge one, you did good,” Dad said, putting his hand around my neck and giving me that familiar squeeze of approval. “Smack her clit lightly, and we can keep her going for a while.”

I grinned for him, and starting patting her clit. “A little firmer,” he said softly.

Mom was going nuts, twisting and turning, her legs shaking uncontrollably. She started to slide off my lap. “Don’t let her get away. Control her,” Dad said.

I grabbed her by the pussy, and pulled her back, making her cry out even louder. I slapped her soaked pussy, grinding my cock into her ass, watching Dad strip her, teasing her, tweaking her nipples. It seemed like she’d lost control of all her muscles. I thought she was finally coming down when he leaned against me, “God, isn’t she beautiful like this?”

“Incredible, Dad.”

“Again, one last one. Like the last one, that was perfect.”

I was alway proud when he acknowledged my getting something right. No more so than that moment. I reached into Mom, finding that magical spot, before tugging upward hard, like I was going to pull her pussy apart. She was crying hysterically, pushing me away with her hands, until Dad held her down. It took a little longer, and I was worried that we’d worn her out, until the waves took over her body, and I felt that tell-tale pulse. I pulled away, letting her squirt, before slapping at her dripping pussy, her juices splashing everywhere, her body once again spinning out of control.

She was oddly quiet, and I looked up to see Dad had his forearm pressed against her mouth and she was biting him.

Dad looked at me and smiled. “That was good. We have to let her down easy now, this is hard on her.”

She kept squirming, muscles clenching spasmodically, once again in danger of falling off the couch. I leaned over, hugging her hips, holding her safely, kissing her soft belly. “Relax, Mom,” I said softly, “Relax, that was beautiful. It’s over now. Relax.” I kept talking to her, holding her, my hands caressing her softly, my lips brushing across her hips, her belly, her pubis.

Dad was holding her in his arms, soothing her. “Shh, Alice, it’s Ok. We’re here. Jeremy and I. You’re safe. We love you, baby.”

He reached out squeezing my shoulder, the closest thing we have to a hug. “We can’t do this very often. It takes a lot out of her. There are not many women that can let go like that, completely. It requires total and absolute trust.” He lifted her like a ragdoll, and left her in my arms, naked straddling me. “Hold her for a bit. She needs to feel safe before she can come back to us. I’m going to get her some water, she’s going to need it.”

I held her, kissing her cheeks, her slender neck, holding her firmly in my arms. She was whimpering, even giggling, completely out of it. I felt her grind against me. I reached down and cupped her ass cheek, pushing down, settling her. “You were perfect Mom. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. I love you, Mom. I’m here for you, and I love you.”

She shivered. “Jeremy?”

I hugged her tight, “Welcome back, Mom.”

She settled into my arms, purring. “Mmm, my naughty boys,” she murmured, rubbing her head into my shoulder, curling up in my lap.

Dad showed up with a glass of water. “How is she?” he asked.

“Seems better. She knew who I was a second ago.”

Dad leaned over, tilting her head back. “Alice,” he said firmly.

She opened her eyes, giving him the most beautiful innocent smile. “Harold.”

“Drink some water for me, please.”

“I’m so tired. Jeremy has me.”

“Yes he does. Drink, just a little Ok?”

She nodded, tilting her head back, and letting him place the glass against her lips. He raised the glass and she slowly drank about a third of it. “More, Alice,” Dad said when she turned her head away.

“Sleepy,” she pouted.

“Drink,” he said firmer.

She was like an exhausted little girl. Shaking her head.

“Please, Alice, for Daddy?” he said softly.

“From your lips,” she whispered.

Dad took a sip, and pressed his lips to hers, pulling back after a few moments. Mom cuddled into me. “Yummy Daddy,” she whispered, already half asleep.

Dad lifted her chin up. “One more time, alright honey? From Daddy’s lips.”

She pouted. “No. From baby’s lips.”

Dad sighed and gave me the glass. I filled my mouth, draining the glass, and pressed my mouth against hers. She opened hers, and I let the water slowly drain into it, her tongue lashing out and teasing me while I did. When I was empty I kissed her softly.

“Good Mommy,” I said softly.

She grinned, and pressed up against me, purring.

Dad got up and and grabbed an afghan, putting it around her shoulders. “Hell of a night, huh?”

“No kidding.”

“Did you get any of that Colleen?” he asked, teasing.

“A little at the end. Penny was wiped out, and I was hard. I don’t know if we have it on video. Mom was calling you around then, and we were starting to clean up.”

“You lead a charmed life, Jeremy.”

“You’re not doing so bad yourself, old man. What you did with Mom? Unbelievable.”

“No. It just takes time and patience, love and trust to get a woman there. We’ve had years and years to get it right.”

She felt so wonderful, sleeping naked in my arms. The perfect end to a perfect day.

“Is she out for good, now?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. She’ll be useless until she wakes up tomorrow.”

“There’s a DVD on my dresser upstairs that’s labeled ‘Dad’. You want to get it?”


“I think you’ll like it,” I said.

“I thought it wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow.”

“This is a different one. Trust me, Dad. You’ll want to see it.”

He heaved a sigh and made that huge journey up the stairs and down the hall. He came back down with the DVD in hand. “Can I get you a beer, I’m going to have one more.”

“No Dad. I’m good.”

He looked at me holding Mom in my arms. “Yeah, I guess you are.”

He grabbed his beer and put the DVD on. “Use the headphones,” I told him.

Dad grabbed the headphones adjusting the audio output. The DVD Menu came up, with two entries. ‘Penny BJ’ and ‘Marie Confession’. He looked over at me, eyebrows furled in confusion. I nodded back at the screen.

Dad’s weird. I know I would have gone instantly to the Marie Confession. Not Dad. Penny BJ was the first entry so he watched it in its entirety. About halfway through, he had his cock out, stroking it.

I, on the other hand, was more than content to hold my Mom, adjusting her in my lap, caressing her smooth skin, fondling her ass, cupping her tits. I stayed away from between her legs, figuring she had to be pretty damn sore down there. I did cup it a couple of times, gently rubbing, imagining using it. I was in heaven. What a wonderful way to wind down the day. I was done. Fucked out, but I still saw Mom out of control, a damn orgasm machine, and then got to hold her wonderful naked body.

Dad finished the first video, and moved onto the second. He watched in confusion, looking over at me several times at the beginning, unable to tear his eyes away once Aunt Marie was naked, stroking me on the screen.

I couldn’t remember the words, so I watched, relaxed, enjoying the view of Aunt Marie’s body, comparing it to the beautiful girl in my arms. Dad seemed to be enjoying it too, stroking his meat fast.

He turned to me, while Aunt Marie showed him her virgin butthole. “Wake her up, Jeremy. Now. Hurry.”

I gave Mom a shake. “Mom. Wake up. Now Mom, wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered open. “Jeremy,” she said smiling.

Dad stood over her, his cock red and angry. “Open up, Alice. Now!” he said very firmly. I was shocked by her response, sitting up, stretching her head forward, opening her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out. Dad slid his cock between her lips and looking back at the paused image of Aunt Marie’s puckered butt-hole, he came in Mom’s mouth, groaning. She swallowed his load, sucking softly until he pulled away. Dad stroked her cheek. “Very good, Alice. Good girl.”

She smiled, her eyes still closed. “Thank you, Harold,” she murmured, settling back into my arms.

Dad must have watched that video for at least an hour. He watched it all the way through again, then started picking and choosing his parts. The butt part was an obvious favorite.

“Wake her gently, Jeremy. I’m sorry about last time. I didn’t expect it to come on that fast.”

“You want to do it inside her?” I asked. “We wouldn’t have to wake her.”

“If we hadn’t played so hard, I would. It would hurt her now. She’s dry and worn out. Her mouth is best. Don’t worry, she’s used to this.”

I nudged her slowly awake, teasing her. “Wake up Mom. C’mon, wake up. Time for another feeding,” I told her kissing her face. “Mmm. Jeremy feeding?” she asked.

“No Mom. Daddy feeding. Wake up Ok?” She grinned, sitting up a little straighter. Dad walked over, using the same exact words. “Open up, Alice. Now!” She opened her mouth again, leaning forward for her prize. Dad put his cock in Mom’s mouth, and stroked it, while she sucked on the end. He had the remote going, replaying Aunt Marie’s early blow-job. His hand was moving easily, Mom sucking away contentedly. Dad fast forwarded to Aunt Marie showing off her pussy, and then back to her tight virgin ass, offering it to him. His hand became a blur, occasionally hitting Mom’s chin. She didn’t seem to mind as he groaned his release, filling her mouth again. “Good girl,” he said softly, and she smiled. “Thank you Daddy,” she whispered, leaning back into me.

Dad sat back on the couch, still watching my aunt. He turned to me. “If you need to come, you can use her mouth. I understand.”

He couldn’t have stunned me harder if he’d hit me with a 2×4. “I’m fine now.”

“Alright, but if you do need it, go ahead.”

I hadn’t, but when I thought about it, watching Aunt Marie, feeling up Mom, that started to change. I rose up and pulled my shorts down, freeing my cock. I started stroking it under the covers, reaching between her legs to do so. Mom seemed to wake a little, cuddling into me, then reaching down and playing with my cock. “Naughty Jeremy,” she whispered softly, stroking me.

I couldn’t believe how fast she had me ready. “Wake up Mom,” I said softly.

She smiled, her eyes fluttering open. “Jeremy feeding?” she asked.

“Yes Mom, Jeremy feeding.” I slid her off my lap, standing over her, my cock in front of her face. “Open up Mom,” I said. She grinned, shaking her head no.

“Please Mom, Open up for me,” I asked her. She clenched her lips, giving a quick shake of her head.

I looked over and Dad was watching me. “Open up, Alice, Now!” I growled at her.

She grinned and opened her mouth wide. I slid my cock between her lips, barely in time. She sucked me for a few seconds, before I had to come, giving her yet another feeding. I let her suck me dry, and didn’t stop her until I firmed up again. I eased out of my Mom’s naughty mouth. “Good girl,” I whispered, kissing her forehead. “Thank you, baby,” she said.

Dad pushed me out of the way, “Open up, Alice. Now!” She opened her mouth quickly, and he barely got between her lips before he came for her. A few seconds later he pulled out. “Good girl,” he said and she smiled for him. “Thank you, Harold.” She gave a little burp and giggled. “Yummy,” she purred.

I sat down and took her back in my lap, ashamed of how we both were using her.

“Don’t,” Dad said softly. He had the movie paused on a closeup of Aunt Marie’s pucker. “Don’t think about it like that. She loves it.”

Damn, he knew me so well. “She completely out of it, Dad,” I said softly.

“No. She knows what’s happening. She really does love it. She won’t remember much tomorrow, but she’ll remember every one of those loads. I know I’ll be catching hell for letting your first time in her mouth be like that, but she’ll thank me for it. Thank both of us.”

He moved closer, brushing her hair back from her face. “She’s a very sexual creature, your mother. She loves to be used. She craves it. It’s part of why I’ve never shared her. She’s so easily dominated. You won’t go beyond what I allow, will you?”

“No Dad. You’ve never told me your rules, and Mom has only hinted at them. Whatever you say, I swear to you, as God is my witness, I won’t go any further. I won’t let her either. She tends to want to bend the rules sometimes.”

He grinned. “I know. I’d appreciate that, if you kept her in line.”

He looked serious for a moment. “She’s still mine, you understand.”

I nodded.

“No fucking. None. Not in her pussy, not in her ass.”

“I won’t.”

“Nobody else gets to use her.”

“Of course not!”

He laughed. “You say that easily enough, but what about when your girlfriend’s mother shows up with a strap-on?”

“I understand. Her pussy and ass are off limits.”

“Not off-limits. She can’t be penetrated. If Penny decides she wants to pleasure your Mom, and you’re Ok with it, I can let that slide. I wouldn’t mind a video,” he said grinning.

“Ok. I understand.”

“Nobody but us, Penny and her Mom, and your Aunt.”

“Got it.”

“Ok, I think that covers it. Now you want to explain what that movie was about?” He nodded toward the screen.

“I thought it spoke for itself. She wants you, bad. Always has. She compares every man to you and of course they fall short. No wonder she goes through them like Kleenexes.”

“Why? Why are you doing this? I’m not going to let you fuck your Mom, just because you hand me Marie on a silver platter.”

“It’s not that, Dad. I’m not trying to trade for her. If it was that easy, I’d have a line of girls out the door, ready to do anything you wanted.”

He laughed. “I bet you would.”

“I want to patch things up between Mom and Aunt Marie. Once and for all. I need you to help. You have more influence than anyone on her.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Jeremy. You can wrap her around your little finger.”

“Help me, Dad. I’m going to have Marie begging on her hands and knees for forgiveness, and opening her soul to Mom. You need to let Mom know that Marie’s been good all these years. She has, hasn’t she?”

Dad nodded. “Surprisingly so. Still flirting and the occasional teasing flash, but very well behaved.”

“She’s trying, Dad. Mom misunderstands. Marie wasn’t trying to steal me. She wants to share. She’d never try to take you away from Mom. But she’s willing to do anything to be under your control.”

“She said that to you?”

I laughed. “Yes. She said that to you, on the video.”

“Blow-jobs? Anal? That’s not Marie.”

“For you it is. She’ll be our personal house slut. We only have to convince Mom she’s not a threat.”

“You’re certain she’s not?”

“Dad! Would you leave Mom for anything? For her?”

He snapped. “Of course not!”

“Would I trade this here, holding her, for anything?”

He smiled, seeing my point. “I don’t imagine you would.”

“She’s no threat to the family. But I bet she’d be a hell-of-a toy.”

He leaned back, thinking. “You want her too, don’t you?”

I nodded. “Right now, Mom has agreed that I can do anything but fuck her in the pussy. I’ve already fucked those tits.”

“Amazing?” Dad asked.

“Incredible. You’re going to have do that soon.” I grinned. “She wants us both. At the same time.”

“You’re cool with that?” he asked.

“I’ve fantasized about it. Fucking Aunt Marie, lying on my back, holding her ass open for you, and listening to her scream.”

“You’re thinking the same about your mother, aren’t you?”

“Of course. She’s so much hotter than Aunt Marie.”

“If I go along with this, I’m not saying I’m going to let you have her, you understand.”

“Yes. This isn’t about fucking Mom. It’s not even about fucking Aunt Maire. I could do that right now if I wanted. Mom would be pissed, but Aunt Marie would let me. It’s about Mom and her sister, and their relationship. I want her happy. Deliriously, stupidly, walking around with an inane grin all day, happy.”

Dad nodded. “I’ll help if I can.”

He stood, “Give her to me, I’m taking her to bed. Let me know what I can do.”

I stood, holding her and passed her to him. She seemed really nervous, scared for a second when we exchanged her, but once in Dad’s arms she settled down, smiling so sweetly.

“You want to give her one more before I put her down?” he asked.

“No. I think I’ll wait until she’s awake.”

Dad grinned. “You’re not as dumb as you look.”

I laughed, squeezing his shoulder, then leaning down and giving Mom a kiss on her magical lips. “Mom’s brains, Dad’s looks,” I told him.

“Ain’t that the truth. Put away that DVD for me?”

“On my computer desk anytime you want it.”

Dad started to walk away.

“I love you, Dad.”

He hesitated, one foot raised on the second riser. “I…me too, Son.”

I cleaned up the room, putting away the DVD, throwing away the bottles, clearing up wine glasses. Keeping myself busy. Wouldn’t do to get all sappy. I knew he loved me anyway. Didn’t need to hear it. We were men.


Hope you enjoyed the latest chapter in the Lap Moms saga. I enjoyed writing this one.

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