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My Dream Girl

Category: Fetish
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I have always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a girl who has not shaved her legs and underarms. I guess you can say it has been a fetish of mine for as long as I could remember. At twenty four I was begining to think I would never see my fantasy come true. After all where is a guy going to find a girl with hairy under arms and a nice crop of hair on her legs.

My friend Gary laughed at me when I told him about my fetish. He thought I was nuts and said I would never find that kind of girl. After he finished laughing he said if I did find her, she would probably be ugly. When Gary walked away, I decided I was not going to tell anyone else.

I was to the point of putting the thought out of my mind, then I met this girl at a convenience store. She was coming in as I was paying. She was beautiful. I watched her walk by. I turned around a couple of times to check her out while I was in line. It was the only time I was thankful for a long line. I searched my mind for an opening line, but nothing.

She was five eight or nine, she had broad shoulders and wide hips with a beautiful round ass. Her long brownish blond hair was beautiful. I guessed she was 22 or 23. Watching her, I started wondering what she looked like naked with hairy legs. She had on a man’s shirt and slacks. Above the pocket on the shirt a patch said “a plus auto parts” Above the other pocket was the name Kelly.


Her words took me by surprise. Slowly they stroked me back to reality. I stopped visualizing her naked and said,


With a look of curiosity, she said,

“I saw you looking at me in the store. I wanted to say something, but I wasn’t sure what to say.”

“I know what you mean.”

I felt like a total dweeb with that answer. Before getting into our cars we made a date for lunch in about an hour. I went back to work. That was the longest hour I’ve been through in a while. Our lunch date was nice. In the next month we got to know each other. I found out her parents own the parts store and she is the manager. She knows more about auto parts then most mechanics.

We had been going out for six months. A few times I stayed at her house late into the night, sometimes she spent late evenings at my small one bedroom apartment. Through that time we never had sex. I was begining to feel like she didn’t want to.

One Friday night after she closed the store, we went out for dinner and a movie. The movie let out a little after midnight. We went back to my apartment. We were sitting close on the couch while watching television. We were kissing, hugging and I was caressing her breasts. She was so passionate; I was getting turned on.

I reached for the bottom of her shirt. She stopped me.

“What are you doing?”

I looked at her with a puzzled look. Was I getting the wrong signals? I thought I would be straight forward. I said,

“I was going to take your shirt off and see you topless. and maybe we could go further.

She smiled almost like she was embarrassed. After an awkward silence, she said,


She said it slow like she was looking for some other words. Getting up, she led me to the bedroom. At the foot of the bed she said,

“It must be completly dark.”

I was curious, but agreed. Lying on the bed, we kissed again. Together we took off her shirt. She had small perky tits with small nipples. They were beautiful. I caressed one then the other. Leaning down, I sucked her left tit. I slowly slid my hand down her stomach. Reaching her naval, I could feel hair between her naval and her waist band.

She started undressing me. She touched me all over. I was getting more turned on as she touched my cock. As much as I was enjoying her touch, I made her quit so we could get her undressed.

Grabbing the waist band of her pants, I pulled them down. I was shocked. I could feel long hair all the way down her legs. It was hard to control my excitement. Sliding her underwear off, I made sure to go slow and feel the hairs again. When she was completly naked, I moved up to suck her tits. After slowly sucking her tits, I moved down her stomach. Finding the trail of hair leading from her naval to her pussy, I started licking and moving towards her pussy.

Reaching her pussy, I got another pleasant surprise. Her pussy was covered with hair. I moved my fingers around the folds of her pussy. Feeling her juices mixed in her hairs really got me excited. I was in heaven feeling the hair between my fingers.

Sticking my tongue out, I started licking her pussy while I fingered her. She started to moan and move her hips. I licked and moved my fingers wildly. She moaned, screamed and came.

Touching my shoulders in a motion to move me towards her, she said,

“Come here.”

I moved up, stopping momentarily to lick and suck her tits. I could feel her pussy juice mixed in my goatee. Positioning my cock at her pussy, I slowly moved towards the opening. Sliding in her wet pussy, I started to thrusts in and out. She moved her hips to meet my hips. Moving in a rhythm we started going faster. Moving faster and faster, we both hit a thigh shattering orgasm.

We lay there drenched in sweat and sweet love juices. I stared at the ceiling looking for something intelligent to say. She broke the silence, saying,

“That was wonderful.”

I leaned in to kiss her and said,

“That was more then wonderful.”

She started to move. I stopped her. With a smile, I said,

“Can I ask you a favor?”


Lovingly, I massaged and caressed her breast. I looked at her in the dark and asked,

“Can we turn on the light?”

I wish I could have seen her face, because she didn’t answer. While she tried to think of something to say, I said,

“I realized your legs are hairy and want to see you naked with the light on.”

Continuing to move she got off the bed. going towards the door, she said,

“Are you sure?”

Before she could finish, I said,


She flipped on the light. I sat up. As she walked towards me, I concentrated on watching her legs, stomach and pussy. Considering the hair was blondish brown, the hair on her legs was hard to see. Looking up, I enjoyed seeing all the hair around her pussy. Looking up more, I could see the patch of hair between her naval and her pussy. It looked so sensuous on her tanned body.

Looking up more, our eyes met. She sat on the bed and opened her arms for a hug and a kiss. As I leaned in to kiss her I noticed her under arms were full of hair. We had several hot passionate kisses. While we kissed, we lied down. Rolling her on her back, I pinned her arms above her head. Breaking the kiss, I looked down at her hairy arm pits and went to suck her tits.

I ran a finger across her pussy. I went down and licked her pussy. After fingering and licking her pussy, she came again.

She kissed me and rubbed my pussy juice drenched goatee. Breaking the kiss, she said,

“Let’s go take a shower.”

In the shower, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was disappointed when she turned away from me. Then she put her hands on the wall. With the water cascading over us we started making hot passionate love.

I grabbed her hips and moved fast in and out. She was moving with me and moaning with each thrust. We both came, breathing hard, I slid my softening cock out of her pussy. While we rinsed and relaxed in the water, I enjoyed watching the water run off her long pussy hair on it’s way to the shower floor.

Drying off from our shower, I asked her,

“What made you decide to let it all grow?”

Walking to the bedroom, she answered,

“About thee years ago, when I was twenty, I was engaged. I was in love and he said he was too. Two weeks before the wedding, I stopped by his house and caught him in bed with another girl. His fetish was to lick a girl that had a bald pussy. After I caught him, I was so angry I decided to let my pussy hair grow back. I also decided to let everything else grow too.”

She stayed that night. We moved in and I still enjoy making love to her, and feeling all of her hair.

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