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Two Creative Girlfriends

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Justin had recently moved into a complex of townhomes and apartments in Charlotte, NC. It was a popular singles place that had amenities and activities conducive to active people. Justin worked for a small consulting firm and he used his townhome as his business location. He had two bedrooms and he set one up as his office. Whenever he was not at a client site or on a sales call he worked from home.

He liked the set up at the complex as he was active and stayed fit. There was a fitness center, large swimming pool, volleyball, and tennis and basketball courts. Justin was 27 years old, 6’2″ and 190 pounds. He loved to play tennis, SCUBA dive, alpine ski and workout. He was in excellent shape and he loved the ladies. Justin had hazel eyes and light brown hair that he kept neatly cut.

Justin was working from home one Tuesday and it was a great day to be by the swimming pool. He had to read and respond to a Request-for-Proposal (RFP) from a prospective client so he elected to do it poolside. He made a blood-mary for himself and headed for the pool. It was a weekday and as usual the pool area was quiet. Justin moved a lounge to face the sun and pulled a side table over by him. He applied sun block to his body and then stretched out on the lounge. Occasionally sipping on his bloody-mary, he began reading the RFP.

Justin was poolside for nearly an hour before anyone else arrived at about 11:00 AM. He looked up as two very attractive young women wearing bikinis approached the pool. They walked right over to where Justin was sitting and he got a better look at them. They could pass for sisters based on their height and figures. One was blonde and the other brunette. Justin smiled at them as they set up the lounge chairs not far from where he was seated. The blonde smiled back and then spoke to him.

“I hope you don’t mind if we sit here. This is the best place for the sun,” she said more as a statement then a request.

“I don’t mind at all,” Justin replied.

He watched the young women move about and he felt his cock stir a little in his swim suit. He guessed them both to be about 5’5″ tall and weigh no more than 110 pounds. They both had similar figures they he estimated to be 34-24-35. Their legs were shapely and they had flat tummies and curvy bottoms. The blonde had curly hair down to her shoulders and the brunette’s hair was short cut in a pixie style. He guessed them to both be in their mid to late twenties.

“I’m Ginger and this is Sharon,” the blonde said introducing them.

“I’m Justin. It’s nice to meet you,” he answered.

The brunette smiled and nodded and the Ginger spoke again. “So are you drinking alone?”

“I made a batch of bloody-marys and I was just going to get another one. Would you ladies like one,” Justin offered.

“That would be great, what about you Sharon?” Ginger replied.

“Sure a bloody-mary would be great,” Sharon accepted.

Justin got up from his lounge and he felt their eyes on him. He was proud of his physical appearance and he looked good in his tight boxer style swimsuit. He went back to his townhome and got the pitcher of bloody-marys and two more plastic cups. He returned to the pool and served the two women. Justin knew at that moment that he wasn’t going to get much work done that afternoon.

Justin lifted his glass and offered a toast to the girls, “Cheers!”

They returned the gesture and then the three of them chatted and got to know each other in the next hour. Justin explained his job as a consultant and that he worked from home. He learned that Ginger and Sharon were flight attendants and that they were flying international routes out of Charlotte. Ginger was scheduled for her next flight that upcoming Friday but Sharon was off until Monday.

The three of them got along and Justin invited them to his place later that afternoon for a cookout. He had a gas grill set up on the small deck and he grilled hamburgers for them. They returned to the pool after lunch and relaxed the rest of the day. They exchanged contact information before the girls returned to their own apartment. Justin went back to his home and worked on the RFP some more but his mind kept wondering back to the two beauties he met earlier. Justin thought about asking Sharon out for the weekend but he felt awkward doing it with Ginger present. He was actually more attracted to Ginger, probably because of her super fine ass but she was going to be working on the weekend.


On Friday, Justin decided to ask Sharon out for dinner and she accepted. She was pleased that he called as she had no plans for Friday. They had a great dinner and afterward they went for a walk. Sharon took Justin’s arm and cuddled to him as they strolled along. They stopped several times and kissed and then resumed walking. Justin was anxious to get Sharon back home but when they arrived at their complex, she said goodnight and went to her apartment. Justin had a woody and he was disappointed that he didn’t get laid that night.

Sharon took a liking to Justin but here were two reasons that Sharon didn’t sleep with him that Friday night. First, she made it a rule that she never slept with a guy on a first date. Secondly, Sharon was not that horny as she and Ginger had made passionate love the night before. Unbeknown to Justin, Ginger had taken good care of Sharon’s pussy. Justin resisted the temptation to masturbate that night as he thought about Sharon and Ginger both. He dozed off thinking about going clubbing Saturday night and maybe getting lucky. Justin usually had no trouble picking up girls at the clubs.

Justin slept in Saturday morning. He was still in his sleep shorts sipping coffee and reading the paper on his deck when the phone rang. He answered the phone and he was surprised to hear Sharon’s voice.

“Good morning, I wanted to say thanks for dinner last night,” she started.

“Your welcome, I enjoyed your company,” Justin replied.

“I’m glad. That’s why I called. Do you want some company later? I have some shopping to do but I don’t feel like being alone this evening,” she offered.

“Sure, I was going to go clubbing but I’d rather stay in. We could do a movie and a pizza.”

“A movie and pizza would be great. I’ll come over about four o’clock. Is that okay?”

“Four would be perfect, I’ll see you then.”

Justin decided to finish up the RFP before Sharon arrived later. He worked on the proposal until 3:00 PM and then he showered and dressed. Justin put on tan shorts and a polo shirt and he wore sandals. At four on the dot, Sharon arrived at his townhome. When Sharon arrived at Justin’s, he opened a bottle of wine and put the pizza in. They sat in his living room and chatted until the pizza was ready. Justin selected a movie which they watched while they ate pizza and drank wine.

When the pizza was consumed, Sharon curled up on the sofa next to Justin and he put his arm around her as they watched the movie. They killed the first bottle of wine and Justin opened a second one. By the time the movie was over they had finished the second bottle of wine. Sharon was feeling the effects of it and she also felt very amorous. She had purposely had more than usual and she felt very wicked. Things then moved quickly and Sharon found herself in Justin’s arms. Justin soon had Sharon moaning into his mouth as he kissed her deeply.

Justin’s hands began to move over Sharon’s body and then found their way under her blouse and bra. Justin cupped her firm 34 B tits and twirled her rock hard nipples between his fingers. Sharon was extremely turned on and her panties were soaking wet. She wondered if Justin could smell the dampness in her panties. Sharon’s hand drifted into Justin’s lap and she ran it over the bulge in his shorts. She gasped when she felt his erection through his pants.

No words were spoken as Justin stood up and picked Sharon up in his arms as though she was a feather. He carried her to his bed. Justin carefully put Sharon on the bed. Justin smiled down at her and then he confidently removed her clothes. Sharon’s firm tits came into view and her hard nipples stood out proudly. Justin then peeled her shorts and panties down and off her legs and stared briefly at her lovely body.

Sharon watched Justin as he undressed. By the time he removed his shorts his cock was already hard and stuck out from his body. Justin was in an unmistakable state of desire as his huge cock stood out at attention. Sharon was in awe of his cock as she looked at it. His cock was not menacing to Sharon but impressive and beautiful, that is if a cock could be called beautiful. Justin then began his journey down her body and his first stop with her breasts. Justin sucked on her tits and rock hard nipples for a long time. Sharon was groaning and she could feel the tingling in her loins.

Justin continued his descent down her body and spent a lot of time kissing her flat firm abs before her bypassed her pussy and kissed and licked her thighs. Sharon’s pussy was sopping wet and she dying for Justin to tongue her pussy. Justin lifted Sharon’s legs up and placed them on his shoulders then he kissed her inner thighs and blew lightly on her pubes. Sharon flinched at the sensation and then she tried to push her pussy toward Justin’s mouth. Justin prolonged the teasing until she pleaded with him.

He tickled her outer lips with his tongue and then let it slip inside her vagina. Sharon was so wet that his tongue slid in easily and she unconsciously tightened her grip on his head. He moved his mouth toward her and closed it over her pussy shoving his tongue into her wetness. Sharon cried out and grabbed his head again and held it tight to her quim. Justin sucked on her hard clit and she bucked her hips up into his face. He reached under her and cupped her shapely ass cheeks in his hands as he drove into her pussy with his tongue and nibbled on her clit.

The climax rocked her body and Justin held on for dear life as she thrashed, twisted and bucked all over the bed. Justin kept right on eating her pussy and he held onto her shapely ass as she thrashed about. Sharon slowly calmed after her intense orgasm but Justin continued to lick her until her pussy was dry. As they lay on the bed Justin continued to kiss her bare thighs as she ran her hands through his hair.

He moved up between her legs as Sharon stared at the big cock about to enter her pussy. She couldn’t wait for him to fill her pussy with his meat. Justin slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to his size and continued to go deeper with each thrust until he was buried balls deep in her pussy. Justin could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he filled her pussy with his cum. Sharon stiffened and then had another violent orgasm.

She yelled, “Hold me, please hold me, I’m cummmming!”

Justin reached around behind her and pulled her toward him as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did he and he fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover Justin laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as his cock remained hard. Justin’s cock was swimming in her cunt. He eased his big cock out of her pussy and lay down beside Sharon on the bed. He reached over and stroked her firm tits and hard nipples as she still breathed deeply from the intensity of her orgasm. After a few minutes Justin was ready to fuck again so he rolled Sharon over on her side and slipped his big cock back in her pussy. He reached around with both hands and diddled her clit with one hand and stroked her tits with the other. Sharon had never had sex like so intense in awhile. Justin seemed to be tireless and Sharon was beginning to feel insatiable. She wanted Justin to fuck her forever or at least as long as they both could last.

“Can I stay here tonight? I don’t want to be alone,” Sharon asked in a whisper.

“Absolutely, I would love for you to stay the night,” Justin told her.

Justin began to tease her anus and it seemed as if he was testing the water. “Justin you can finger my ass but don’t try to put your cock in there,” she cautioned.

Justin honored her request even though he would have loved to take her ass. He fucked her until they were both tired and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Sharon dozed off in Justin’s arms but when she awoke in the morning he was hard again and ready to fuck some more. Sharon started to play with Justin’s cock she loved holding the thick meat in her tiny hand. Justin smiled and caressed her tenderly. They hugged and stroked each other for quite awhile before Sharon was ready to fuck but by then she was so ready she almost came when Justin’s cock head just touched her pussy.

Justin slowly eased his cock into Sharon’s tight pussy. He pushed in a little and then backed out then back in and back out. Justin was gentle and took his time feeding his big cock to her. Sharon caught herself holding her breath and then reminded herself to breathe. Her pussy was sopping wet which served to make Justin’s entry a lot easier. Just when Sharon didn’t think he could go any deeper he did once again taking her breath away. Sharon didn’t realize that Justin was all the way in her pussy because she had felt so full for the past several minutes. Justin began to fuck her slowly and she continued to open up for him.

Once Justin’s hips began to move with more authority Sharon realized that she had taken the entire cock into her pussy and she began to move with him. Justin was racing toward a massive ejaculation and Sharon was like a dog in heat. They fucked each other as if they were racing each other toward an orgasm, which in a sense they were. Sharon’s body shuddered and rocked in climax first and she held tightly to Justin, digging her heels into the back of his body. Justin stiffened as he always did and then fired round after round of hot cum into Sharon’s cunt. Sharon could feel the force and volume of his cum shots and it turned her on so much that she continued to orgasm until Justin collapsed on top of her body.

Justin’s cock gradually deflated inside of Sharon’s pussy and slipped out with a trail of cum trickling on Sharon’s inner thighs. Justin rolled to her side and the two of them rested as they recovered for the intensity of their recent orgasms. Justin’s wet cock lay against the side of Sharon’s thigh and she could feel his cum start to dry on her skin.

“Come on let’s shower together and then I’ll take you out for breakfast,” he whispered.

They showered together, dressed and then went out for breakfast. Justin took Sharon to a quaint French bakery and she was thrilled as it was her first time there. “I didn’t even know this place existed. I can’t wait to tell Ginger about it,” she told Justin.

“Yeah I like it. My favorite is the soft boiled egg with French bread and a latte.”

“I think I’ll opt for the fruit tart and a latte.”

They placed their order and Sharon made a request of Justin. “Please don’t mention our sleeping together to Ginger.”

“Don’t worry; I like to be discreet too.”

“Thanks! We both have our share of affairs but I like to be more discreet than Ginger is about her encounters.”

“My lips are sealed.”

Justin and Sharon finished their breakfast had a second latte and left the bakery. Sharon had a flight out Sunday night so she needed to get home and get ready. Even though he would have liked to fuck Sharon again, Justin had to finish up the RFP so he wasn’t upset that she had to leave. Justin spent the rest of Sunday on his assignment and had it ready for submission on Monday.


Four days later on a Thursday afternoon Justin ran into Ginger at the pool again. He knew that Sharon was flying and that Ginger would be home alone. Once she pulled up a lounge next to his, he knew that he wasn’t going to get any more work done. Justin watched as Ginger got set up and then applied sun block on her body. She covered the front of her body not covered by her skimpy bikini. As he watched her, Justin felt his cock stir, particularly when she bent over to do her legs displaying her super fine ass.

“There that will do it for now,” she said as she turned and smiled at Justin.

“How was your flight?” Justin inquired.

“It sucked. They usually do but I like the international flights better than the domestic ones especially when I get to work first and envoy class.”

“Do you get to see much of Europe?”

“Sometimes but the first day, we are all tired. Sharon and I have been to a number of cities on vacation since we can fly free and that is cool. We love Paris and Barcelona.”

“I like those cities too. Lot’s of pretty women and great food,” Justin added.

Ginger smiled at him and then asked, “Hey what are you doing later? I’m home alone and I was going to make some pasta and drink some wine. Want to join me?”

“Love to, I’ll bring the wine,” Justin accepted.

“Great!” she replied and then said, “I’m going to read for awhile. I’ve been meaning to finish this book.”

“That’s cool I need to read this paper for work anyway,” Justin told her.

The two of them returned to their reading for about an hour before Ginger decided to lie on her tummy. “Hey Justin, do me a favor and put some lotion on my back and shoulders, okay.”

“My pleasure,” he said and sat up.

Justin moved closer to Ginger and poured lotion in his hands. He gently rubbed the lotion onto her body and he loved the feel of her soft warm skin. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down to her lower back. He gazed at her lovely curvy ass and it was all he could do not to touch it.

“How about the back of your legs, do want me to do them too?”

“Sure, since you got your hands all oily.”

Justin applied the lotion to each leg and rubbed it into her silky smooth skin. He cock was rock hard by the time he finished with her legs. Ginger glanced at him and she saw the bulge in his swimsuit. She smiled as she remembered that Sharon had bragged about his big cock. She thought to herself that hopefully she would get to experience it later. Justin made his way over to the pool and jumped in. he was thankful that he and Ginger were the only ones there as his erection was very visible in his tight swimsuit. The water cooled his jets and he returned to his lounge.

They stayed in the sun until about 4:00 PM and then Ginger said, “Let’s go to my place and I’ll get dinner started.”

“Shouldn’t I change first?” Justin questioned.

“No you’re fine, we’re just having pasta,” Ginger replied.

“I’ll swing by my place and grab the wine and put on a pair of shorts. I’ll be over shortly,” Justin told her.

“Okay, see you in a few.”

They picked up their items and headed to their own place. Justin changed into shorts and grabbed two bottles of red wine. He arrived at Ginger’s place minutes later. She had wrapped a sarong around her lower body but she was still in her bikini. She got the water going for pasta and Justin opened the wine. They killed one bottle before dinner and finished off the second when they were done eating. That’s when Ginger blew Justin’s mind.

“I’m ready to fuck. How about you?” she announced.

Not another word was spoken and Justin followed Ginger into her bedroom where they quickly stripped off their clothes and got in her king sized bed. Justin crawled between Ginger’s legs and he moved his mouth toward her and closed it over her pussy shoving his tongue into her wetness. Ginger cried out and grabbed his head and held it tight to her quim. Justin lapped at her pussy as he fingered her with two fingers. Then he spread her pussy lips apart and located her super sensitive clit. Justin sucked on her hard clit and she bucked her hips up into his face. Justin reached under her and held her shapely ass cheeks in his hands as he drove into her pussy with his tongue and nibbled on her clit.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming,” she screamed as she orgasmed.

The climax rocked her body and Justin held on for dear life as she thrashed, twisted and bucked all over the bed. He kept right on eating her pussy and he held onto her shapely ass as she thrashed about. Justin continued to lick her until she moved his head away. As she lay on the bed Justin licked and kissed her bare thighs. It was like a repeat performance that he had with Sharon.

“Oh wow I really came quickly. You know how to eat pussy,” she sighed.

Justin moved between her thighs and placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. She shivered in anticipation as Justin eased her back down on the bed and proceeded to feed his thick cock to her.

“Oh yes, that feels good, fuck me, yes fuck”, she said loudly.

Justin slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to his size and continued to go deeper with each thrust until he was buried balls deep in her pussy.

“Oh my I love being so full of cock, Sharon said you had a big cock. Now fuck me, make me cum again,” she cried out.

Justin was taken back when Ginger told him that Sharon bragged about his cock. “So much for being discreet,” he thought to himself. Determined to give Ginger the ride of her life, he pounded her pussy making sure that his cock stayed in constant contact with her clit. Ginger had pretty firm tits with nipples that pointed toward the ceiling. Justin loved the way her tits curved and the nipples stood up. He twirled the nipples in his fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in his mouth. Justin could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he filled her pussy with his cum. Ginger stiffened and then had another violent orgasm and then a string of orgasms as he fucked her.

She yelled, “I’m cummmming, I’m going to keep cumming.”

Justin reached around behind her and pulled her toward him as she shook and trembled throughout her multiple orgasms. As she was cumming so did he and he fired a massive amount of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover Justin laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as his cock remained hard in her. His cock was swimming in her cunt.

“How was that?” he asked her.

She smiled at him and said, “You really got me off, it was great. My pussy is full, that was some load.”

“You brought out the best in me,” he said.

“Well let’s hope there is some left.” She looked down at Justin’s cock and took it in her hand, “My you have a nice cock,” she said as she stroked his cock to hardness again. “Sharon bragged about it the whole time.”

“I thought she and I were to be discreet,” Justin stated.

“Normally but she was so excited about your cock that she had to tell me,” Ginger admitted and then ordered, “Now fuck me again.”

She held her arms open to Justin welcoming him between her legs again. He moved between her legs and slipped his hard cock back in her pussy. Justin wanted to fuck the blonde beauty into submission and hopefully have a shot at her ass. He wanted to fuck her all night. Ginger had orgasm after orgasm as he relentlessly fucked her. Justin just kept at her with his hard-on until she screamed and pleaded with him to stop. Ginger’s body convulsed in a mind blowing orgasm and then she went limp on the bed. Justin smiled to himself and eased his cock out of her well fucked pussy.

Ginger knew that Justin needed to cum again but she needed to give her pussy a rest so she reached for Justin’s cock. Ginger wrapped one hand around its girth and looked up at Justin with those daring blue eyes. She then tilted her head back down and brought her mouth towards his cock. She ran her tongue up its smooth underbelly and Justin groaned aloud.

Holding it with her hand she sank her open mouth down onto his cock. Her lips closed around it and Justin felt her hot, wet tongue go to work. Ginger sucked him hard and her cheeks hollowed as she worked her head back and forth. Justin gasped and put his fingers into her soft hair to guide her head back and forth. Ginger knew what she was doing as her pace slowly quickened and her right hand worked Justin’s shaft. Her left hand cradled his balls and softly stroked them. She then ran her finger along his perineum. Ginger took Justin’s cock from her mouth and blew on the head of it. Justin felt her breath cool the saliva on his cock and he clenched his butt in pleasure. Justin’s large cock bulged in her firm grip and felt even larger than normal. Ginger worked her hand back and forth letting it glide smoothly around his cock then she looked up at Justin and smiled. She knew the effect she was having on him and she seemed to enjoy every moment of his torment.

Justin moaned again as her tongue snaked forward and tickled the tip of his cock. Her tongue found the pee hole and she licked the pre-cum as it oozed out of his slit. She worked her tongue in circles around the tip of Justin’s cock and took his length deep into her mouth again. Justin watched as almost the full length of his cock vanished into her mouth. Ginger then swirled her tongue around the shaft of his cock that was buried in her mouth. Justin closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure as her head worked back and forth more quickly clasping his shaft with both hands as her head vigorously bobbed up and down.

Ginger’s pace was relentless and Justin held her head gently as he felt his orgasm building in his testicles. This was definitely the best blow job Justin ever had in his life, bar none. Ginger allowed his cock to plop out of her mouth again and a thin trail of saliva stretched from his cock to her lips. Ginger smiled again and caught the saliva in her hand as her eyes fixed on Justin’s cock. Her hand wrapped tightly around it again and she proceeded to jerk him off me at a steady pace occasionally licking the head of his cock and nibbling it with her teeth. Justin threw his head back, closed his eyes and groaned out loud. Ginger jerked him off as fast as she could as her hand almost became a blur as it moved up and down his shaft. There was a distinct look of lust in Ginger’s eyes as she stared at Justin’s cock

“I want you to cum for me. Are you close?” she asked in a raspy voice.

Justin just nodded yes since he was very close. Ginger then took him back in her mouth and ran her tongue around his shaft again. Then her head bobbed up and down again as she pursed her lips and hallowed her cheeks. That did it for Justin.

“Ginger, I’m going to cum,” Justin warned and then he grunted as he shot in her mouth.

Ginger heard Justin’s warning and she started sucking harder and squeezing his cock with her hand. Justin’s eyes closed tight as he ejaculated in her mouth. He felt his cock pulsate as rope after rope of semen shot into her mouth. As the intense sensations passed from Justin’s body he relaxed a little and looked down to watch Ginger suck every drop from his cock. She was now kissing it, licking up and down the shaft as if she were making love to it. Justin’s cock softened in her mouth and she took it in her hand as she licked the final remnants of his ejaculation from the slit. Once she was satisfied that she had emptied his cock she ran her tongue around her lips and swallowed one final time. Ginger let out a big sigh and then flopped down on the bed along side him. After a few minutes rest, Justin was ready to fuck Ginger’s ass.

Justin did not let Ginger rest very long as he moved her to all fours. He had her put her head down on the bed and arch her back so that her killer ass was even more pronounced. Justin leaned over and licked Ginger’s pussy from behind driving her wild. Then he had the urge to tongue her beautiful ass so he swiped his tongue from her pussy up and over her bung hole and back to her pussy. She gasped out loud when Justin’s tongue touched her asshole. Justin really got into it and grasped both of her curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that he could get his tongue in deeper. Justin probed her pink aperture with his tongue as he inserted three fingers in her pussy. She started whimpering, gasping and directing the action.

“Oh my God, only Sharon has ever done that. Do it again. Lick my asshole; stick your tongue in there. Eat my pussy, tongue my ass, rim me, oh yessssss,” she cried out.

Justin was surprised by Ginger’s admission of sex with Sharon. He placed his mouth on her and tongue swabbed her pussy and ass. Justin repeated this several more times until Ginger seemed to go into convulsions. She collapsed on the bed and Justin stroked her aroused tits as she recovered from the intensity of another orgasm. Justin decided it was time for him to try to fuck her in the ass. He began playing with her ass and Ginger cooed in response.

“Sharon told me that you went after her ass. She only takes small things in her bottom. She’s never been fucked in the ass. You have to grease that big boy up if you want to do me,” she said as she reached in her nightstand and retrieved a tube of lubricant.

Ginger pushed back to all fours and allowed Justin to lubricate her anus. He put fingers in my ass and pussy at the same time. “I love the feel of your fingers in my ass and pussy together!” Ginger exclaimed.

If there was one thing Justin liked besides fucking a beautiful ass it was preparing an asshole for a good reaming. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole Justin couldn’t wait any longer and he had to get his cock in her beautiful ass. Justin removed his fingers and lined up the head of his cock at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly. Justin’s cock head strained to enter and she let out a little groan as the pressure from his iron hard dick forced her little ring to open like a flower and suddenly the large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her ass. Ginger let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate his ample girth.

“Oh you are going to make me love this,” she gasped and shivered as Justin filled her fully and withdrew his penis slightly.

Justin felt her ass tighten around him and he continued to slowly stroke in and out of her tight ass until every inch was tightly packed up her ass. Ginger really began to moan and her whole body shook in anticipation of what she knew was coming. Justin began to slowly fuck her but soon picked up the pace as he penetrated her with long hard strokes that used the entire length of his thick cock. Ginger was going wild as she loved the feel of his cock as it pulled out and then came crashing back in as his big heavy balls bounced off her pussy. Ginger was thrashing around uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. Justin continued to hammer her ass with long strokes then suddenly he felt that familiar tension in his balls and he knew he was close. Justin began to piston his raging cock harder into her searing ass in search of his release.

“Give it to me, give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass,” she begged.

Justin felt powerful and dominant with his impressive dick stuffed up the beautiful ass of a woman who that night could not get enough of him. Ginger lay submissively before Justin on all fours as he towered above her like some untamed animal with a strong sexual hold on her. He took firm hold of her hips and slammed once more full force into Ginger’s ass. Justin did that three or four more times and then he let out a loud groan as he emptied his seed deep into her bowels. Justin couldn’t believe how much cum he produced as his dick continued to hammer into Ginger’s ass.

When Justin was finished he pulled out of her ass as Ginger collapsed on the bed utterly spent. He slumped down next to her quivering body. Justin looked over at Ginger and he noticed his seed oozing from her asshole. It resembled a natural spring as the semen just seemed to bubble up as she tried to relax her quivering anal muscles. Justin couldn’t resist the urge to finger Ginger’s asshole. He reached over and fingered her ass pushing the semen back into her hole then he removed his finger and watched as Ginger squeezed some spunk back out of her ass. Justin fingered her again and made a little game of pushing his seed back in and watching Ginger push it back out. They then both laughed at their silliness and turned toward each other in bed and kissed. Justin stayed the night.


Justin continued to date both Ginger and Sharon as both women were cool with it. Then one Friday evening Justin was invited over when both Ginger and Sharon were home. They both had Friday and Saturday off so they decided to party on Friday night. Justin would have never imagined the night he was in for with the two beauties.

He arrived about 7:00 PM wearing shorts and a polo shirt. Ginger and Sharon were both wearing tight shorts and tube tops. Their protruding nipples were very obvious in the tube tops. Ginger served everyone wine and then they went into the living room. Ginger told Justin to sit in the chair across form the sofa and the two women sat on the sofa. After a few minutes Ginger and Sharon put their wine glasses down and moved close to each other. Justin watched in disbelief as Ginger and Sharon embraced and kissed.

“Have you ever seen two women make love before?” Ginger asked in a sultry tone.

“Not in person,” Justin replied somewhat nervously.

“Well watch and enjoy,” Ginger told him.

Justin took a sip of his wine and ogled the two beauties as they began to make love. The girls kissed and moved their hands under the each other’s tub top. They caressed each other’s breasts and rolled the nipples between their thumbs and forefingers. Ginger then removed Sharon’s tube top and Sharon removed Ginger’s. They continued to kiss and fondle each other’s breasts and every so often they would look at Justin and smile. Justin had an erection and he rubbed it through his shorts.

Ginger next dropped to her knees and slowly pulled down Sharon’s shorts and panties. She positioned the naked Sharon on the sofa with her legs open and Ginger lapped at Sharon’s enticing pussy. Sharon moaned with delight but it wasn’t long before they switched positions and Sharon removed the rest of Ginger’s clothes. Sharon moved between Ginger’s legs and licked at her pretty blonde pussy. Justin was anxious to take off his clothes and join them but he wanted to see what would happen next.

Minutes later Ginger and Sharon moved into a 69 position with Ginger on the top. Justin nearly creamed his drawers as he watched the most erotic scene he had ever seen with two women. Finally he couldn’t take anymore and he stripped naked. His impressive cock stood straight out as he approached the two girls. Ginger saw him and she motioned with her hand toward her. Justin moved over and Ginger took his cock right into her mouth. She sucked him a few times and then she put his cock in Sharon’s pussy.

Justin began fucking Sharon and Ginger rubbed his balls, Ginger would take his cock out of Sharon’s cunt, suck on it briefly and put it back in. This went on for several minutes before Ginger told Sharon to ride Justin’s cock. Justin got on his back on the floor and Sharon straddled him lowering her pussy onto his rigid shaft. Justin reached up and fondled Sharon’s tits as she rode him. Ginger retrieved some lube and began to finger Sharon’s anus.

Ginger next produced a set of pink anal beads and showed them to Sharon and Justin, “These are for your tight ass,” Ginger announced.

Sharon moaned in anticipation. Ginger pushed one bead after the other into Sharon’s ass until all five were in place. The string with a small tab dangled from Sharon’s ass as she continued to ride Justin’s cock. Ginger ran her hands all over Sharon’s shapely buttocks and Sharon groaned softly. Ginger told Sharon to get off of Justin and for them to move into the missionary position.

Justin reentered Sharon’s cunt and began to fuck her rapidly. Ginger produced another set of anal beads and held them in front of Justin’s face. “Pink for girls and blue for boys,” she giggled and then asked, “Have you ever had anything in your ass?”

Justin nodded no but he recalled the time he was in France. A pretty French woman had taken his handkerchief and tied several knots in it. Then she coated it with Vaseline and pushed each knot into his asshole. She told Justin to tell her when he was about to cum and when he did she pulled the handkerchief slowly allowing the knots to pop out one by one. Justin recalled the erotic sensation and how it intensified his ejaculation. He came in buckets spewing large ropes of semen across the woman’s body. It seemed as if he would cum forever and it was his most satisfying orgasm ever. Now Justin assumed that the anal beads would serve the same purpose.

One by one Ginger pushed all five of the small blue anal beads into Justin’s ass. Just like Sharon, Justin had string with a small tab dangling from his anus. Justin was surprised when Ginger told him to get off Sharon as he was sure that he would fuck her until they both came. Ginger then moved into a 69 position with Sharon and the two of them went to work on each other’s pussy. Justin noticed that Ginger anus was slick with lube and he took that as an invitation to fuck Ginger in the ass.

Justin moved behind Ginger and eased his cock into her greased rectum. Ginger cooed as the big dick went into her and Justin was sure that he would cum at any moment. Ginger licked and rubbed Sharon’s pussy and Sharon did the same to Ginger. Sharon also rubbed Justin’s testicles and he groaned aloud. Sharon was the first to orgasm and when she did she went wild. Ginger sensed she was close and pulled the beads slowly out of Sharon’s ass. Sharon bucked and thrust her hips as each bead popped out of her ass.

Sharon screamed as a massive orgasm ripped through her body and she collapsed on the floor. Sharon recovered enough to rub Ginger’s pussy as Ginger sought her release but Justin was next to cum. Justin pulled his cock out of Ginger’s ass and stroked it. Sharon saw this and she pulled the beads out of Justin’s ass one at a time and as each bead cleared his sphincter, he shot a stream of semen onto Ginger’s back. The first stream shot passed Ginger and landed near Sharon. Subsequent streams hit Ginger in the neck and landed on her back and buttocks. Justin then leaned over Ginger with his hand on the floor and he rested his cock just below her ass.

Sharon returned to rubbing Ginger’s pussy and then Ginger lost it. She cried out in ecstasy and her body flattened out on top of Sharon. Justin moved forward with Ginger and he flipped out when Sharon took his cock in her mouth. He had never been with anyone except Ginger who took a cock from an ass to her mouth. Justin figured that Ginger’s ass was squeaky clean before the sex began and that Sharon knew that. Still it was an incredibly erotic act. They remained still briefly before separating and rolling over on their backs on the floor. They lay next to each other and stroked one another as they recovered from the incredible sex.

Sharon and Ginger then turned around with their heads towards Justin’s cock. They kissed his shaft and his balls coaching him back to hardness. Sharon had his cock in her mouth while Ginger sucked on his testicles and scraped her fingers along his perineum. Justin stroked their curvy bottoms and diddled their aroused clits as they got him ready for another round. Justin couldn’t imagine the girls coming up with anything that could top what they had just done.

For the rest of the night Ginger and Sharon continued to surprise Justin with their creativity and kinky behavior. Ginger wanted two cocks in her at the same time so Sharon fucked Ginger’s pussy with a strap-on while Justin fucked Ginger in the ass again. Ginger told Justin to cum in her ass that time as she loved to feel a cock shooting in her rectum. Later Sharon was on all fours sucking Justin’s cock with Ginger fucking her from behind with the strap-on.

At one point they finally went in the bedroom and the three of them got in the king size bed. Justin was able to stay hard and pleasure the girls with his cock, tongue and fingers for hours but he did not cum a fourth time. It was near midnight when the sexual marathon came to an end and Justin dozed off thinking about how he would fuck their brains out in the morning with his piss hard-on. Both of the girls had flights on Sunday but Saturday would be a day of more incredible sex.

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