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Turning the Table

Category: Gay Male
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Disclaimer: This is all fiction, based on my own imagination. They have no relation to the real world. Any similarities of real people or places are purely coincidental. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Keegan Richards was one of the fastest swimmers at Montel College. He was not the largest of his team-mates nor was he the tallest at five foot six, but he didn’t mind.

He was doe-eyed with light brown ruffled hair and while he seemed shy from afar, he was very well-liked by pretty much everyone he encountered.

However, this lean and shy swimmer was also known amongst his peers as an enthusiastic bottom. That’s right; the guy was a gay bottom. He wasn’t even a closet-case. Nope, the man was out and about, known to most as having one of the hottest pieces of ass on campus. And seeing the guy in a Speedo definitely confirmed why that was completely true. He even competed against the woman in that category.

Keegan didn’t really consider himself a slut, just perhaps as an overly active spirit. The guy truly did have a lot of energy to spare even after his trainings. He’d even given some of his team-mates blowjobs without there ever being any negative consequences to it, only positive ones. After all, there were just some things that their girlfriends just wouldn’t do and Keegan was always happy to lend a helping hand, or mouth. So obviously you just couldn’t not like the guy; he was such a people-pleaser, in more ways than one. Then again, if you were a sadistically violent, hates-everybody, closet-case, quarterback like the notorious Jason Malloy, then a guy like Keegan would be his epicenter of rage, jealousy and even more rage.


Jason Malloy a guy with dark brown hair and brown eyes that were so dark they were often mistaken for being black. He was a big man, fit for his position as a quarterback and he was feared throughout the entire campus. He had a rumor for being violent with his girlfriends and had even gotten himself thrown in jail for it; if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was destined to lead his team to the championship he’d probably still be there. The Montel Crows football-team was the pride and joy of the academy. Even if the swim team had gained much more attention after Keegan started breaking records, the footballers were still prime members in the social hierarchy and a championship would definitely be well accepted by the administration.

One of the things that Jason despised the most about Keegan was the fact that he was out, a publicly known gay and was still accepted by society. Another thing Jason hated about him was the fact that even by the mere sight of Keegan, he would get hard every damn time. And every time this happened it only fueled Jason’s hatred and almost every time some random girl ended up as his victim to suffer for it. Usually he would seduce them then go rough on them after; by doing so they couldn’t claim rape since they’d been willing. Although sometimes he’d attacked and raped some poor female student, usually someone with light brown hair or dark-blond ones with those light brown doe-eyes, while he was wearing a ski-mask and a rubber.

As these things were escalating, there were certain rumors about the attacks leading up to something big. Like dinner before a show and in truth they were right. Jason Malloy had bad intentions, as always, and was gunning for his optimal prize; the ass of the luscious swimmer Keegan Richards.

Jason was literally getting sicker by the day fucking women. Jason was gay through and through and he fucking hated it. He would always fuck his woman from behind, so not to have to observe their obscene breasts and he often gagged them so not to have to listen to their whining, so he could pretend it was Keegan he’d mounted in peace. But it was never good enough, imagining Keegan would get him off, but it wouldn’t satisfy him. No, Jason needed the real thing.

He simply couldn’t take it anymore, he needed the Keegan he’d imagined to be real and he would have it one way or another. Not that Richards could put up much resistance against the six foot four giant that Jason was. Plus, he already had training in how to tackle somebody.


While Keegan didn’t consider himself a slut, he did have more than one well-equipped boyfriend to help him with his excess energy. After all, there was a reason why he was a categorized notorious bottom. Still, they all loved him and had no problem sharing this wonderful little creature with others.

It was about seven in the evening and Keegan was heading back to the dorms after a little get-together with Link. Or rather, a not-so-little get-together. Link, a blond, green-eyed, six foot two beauty, was captain of the soccer-team and one of Keegan’s personal favorites. If he were ever to have a real boyfriend it would be Link. He was smart, a natural born leader and a total hottie, with a grand dick to match. Even when Link came inside of him, he’d stay hard and keep on pounding till Keegan could barely stand. Then they’d nuzzle together for a little post-fuck nap.

It always sucked to have to return back to the dorm to study, but there was no way he could ever study in the presence of the vigorous soccer-hunk. Especially since his ass kept twitching whenever he was around him.

Keegan didn’t even notice the hooded guy following him, didn’t even realize he was there until the blow to the head sent him to the ground. He was barely conscious as he got dragged off by the ankles. Where they were headed he didn’t know, but he didn’t appreciate being hauled off like this. Whoever this guy was, he had definitely neither manners nor insights in how to woo a guy. That was the last thing that went through Keegan’s mind before things went black.


He’d done it, he’d finally done it. Keegan was in Jason’s possession and Jason was gonna make him his whether the bottom liked it or not. He easily lifted the unconscious Keegan up into his arms and headed off towards the bleachers for privacy.

Hidden under the bleachers, Jason didn’t waste any time and quickly began to undress his unconscious prey.

Jason watched him as Keegan only had a pair of silk blue boxers on, he was truly a marvelous creature, he was lean and beautiful and it pissed Jason off. He threw off his own shirt and began unbuckling his belt as Keegan started to come too. Jason froze as those beautiful doe-eyes opened and locked with his dark ones.


“Hey Jace; whatcha doing?” Keegan sat up feeling slightly woozy, but better now after his little nap. Hm, so Jason was the guy who’d slugged him down like a cave-man. How fitting for his personality.

How could he be so calm about this? Had the assault caused a head trauma or something? And why the hell did he call him Jace? They’d never even talked together before. Jason left his buckle be and headed off to stand in front of him, before commanding “Turn around and get on your hands and knees, NOW!”

Keegan checked out the guy trying to order him around and chuckled.

“What the fuck you laughing at faggot?” Jason threw back his foot and slammed it straight across Keegan’s face. The eyes that turned to look at him after that, made him feel rather uneasy and he actually found himself regretting what he’d just done. The kicking, not the kidnapping… after all, this was still his prey.

“Sorry Jace, but if you’re gonna fuck me, I’d very much like to see what you’re gonna feed me with. After all, I don’t bend over for just anything,” Keegan smiled despite having a split lip which he seemed to ignore. “Come on, won’t you be a good boy and take of your pants for me, pretty please.”

What the fuck was going on? Was that guy pouting? I’d just kicked him… his lip was bleeding. And those eyes… what was wrong with his eyes?

“Turn the FUCK around and get on your FUCKING hands a…” Jason’s orders were cut short as Keegan suddenly sprang up and slammed into Jason, throwing him to the ground and straddling him.

“Now now, Jace. I do believe I asked nicely, I even said please,” Keegan was holding him down, pulling his arms over his head and keeping them there with his left hand while attacking his pants with his right.

HOLY SHIT! Keegan was strong, despite being so much smaller than him and looking so fragile; Keegan had absolutely no problems pinning Jason down whatsoever. His pants were quickly discarded and thrown away and his boxer was nearly shredded by the nails of a surprisingly aggressive and dominant Keegan.

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing?!” Even if this wasn’t going the way he planned he couldn’t help being incredibly aroused by the turn of events and his cock was harder than it had ever been before, hard as rock or maybe even steel.

Just as Jason was expecting Keegan to do something crazy like starting to either ride him or jack him off, Keegan stopped completely with a frown and a not so approving look on his face.

“What? Why are you stopping?” The excitement of it all had really gotten to Jason, his voice rough with excitement, but he really didn’t like the look on Keegan’s face, it was somehow freighting to him.


Keegan was looking down at Jason’s rock hard cock. It was really hard and also a bit thick, but not really much to look at. It was only about four and a half inches and that was when the guy was really hard and everything. Hell, Link had to be twice his size, hell, maybe even more. This little game was so not going his way.

“That’s what you were going to give me. What you were going to take me with. Oh, Jason, that’s… just pathetic. I mean, have you even seen the guys I’m with? I chose them for a reason you know and this is what you give me?” his voice was cold and condescending; it was all but dripping acid onto the poor miniature that was Jason Malloy.

Jason was literally frozen solid… he knew he wasn’t the best equipped, but nobody had ever been so blunt about it before either. But that look on Keegan’s face was a little more than disgust and he realized something about his eyes. They were just like his, and that was not a good thing at all. His doe-eyes nearly as dark as his own. They were filled with not only the disgust, but actual loathing and he had a look that probably was similar to his, that time he’d attacked Lilly, his ex, and gotten himself thrown in jail. Then right before his very eyes, they changed. The repulsion slowly faded away and Keegan’s eyes were filled with something wicked that complimented the scary grin that spread across Keegan’s face. Somehow, Jason figured he’d messed up big time.


Keegan had been very disappointed and pissed as hell when he first got a look at Jason’s equipment. No wonder the guy had to rape people to get laid. At least on the positive side, whoever he’d raped in the past wouldn’t have felt much, hopefully minimizing the trauma of the event.

Keegan was plenty used to rough-housing it, thanks to William, his sparring partner and late-time treat from the dojo, where the two of them trained karate. William was pretty big, even taller than Jason, at least by a few inches and they had quite similar builds. Jason was perhaps a bit burlier, but Keegan didn’t really mind that, but William, unlike Jason was much bigger than him, not quite as big as Link, but close enough.

Anyways, thanks to their weekly wrestling fuck-matches, Keegan had no problems with holding down the outlaw quarterback, and he had to admit that he did receive some perverted joy out of it, by dominating a much larger male. Like a puppy conquering the alpha male of a wolf-pack and this did also give Keegan some ideas as how to proceed. After all, Jason’s little attack didn’t have to be a complete failure… well, at least not for Keegan.


Suddenly, as Jason was still frozen in his paralyzed state, Keegan managed to flip him over onto his stomach. That seemed to bring Jason back as well.

“Hey!? What the fuck do you think you’re doing??” Jason was pretty frantic now; this was not what he had in mind when he went into this shit. “Get off me, you damn fag!”

“Now now, watch your tongue or I just might have to bite it off,” the words were accentuated by the sharp twist of Jason’s left wrist, which was now pinned behind his back.

Still, it was the way Keegan said it that kept Jason’s mouth shut. It was the same determined and angered voice he’d used several times while beating up his current girlfriends. Jason hated to admit it, but he was truly scared now and his cock had completely softened as if it was cowering along with him. He did try to struggle though, but Keegan’s grip merely twitched and it felt like his entire hand was about to rip off.

Jason managed to look behind him to look as Keegan took off his silky, blue shorts and he immediately wished he hadn’t. The guy was completely erect and he had, as far as Jason was concerned, by far the largest piece of equipment he’d ever seen, it stood at almost nine inches and it was a fat one too. A thought about how the entire football team should be ashamed entered his mind, but it was quickly interrupted as in a matter of seconds his arm was free and suddenly his hips were caught instead.

Jason was about to fight back, finally having been given an opening to escape, but Keegan’s grip on his hips were tight as a vice and then he stopped fighting all together as he felt something slick wriggle against his secret spot, making him involuntarily moan out loud. Another wriggle and it pushed inside making Jason gasp and tense. His cock was immediately responsive as it rapidly began to fill and hardened again. He turned his head back only to see Keegan with his face buried in Jason’s rear. “Holy SHIT!”

Somehow, Keegan’s tongue managed to push in deeper making Jason squirm and grind his ass towards the source of that unnatural pleasure as he panted like the dog he was.


Keegan wasn’t the most experienced top, but being the size he was, he had topped both William and Link on a few occasions, but still considered himself a devoted bottom. However, he was the master of foreplay and had brought quite a few men on their knees, in several ways, just by the use of his tongue. He relished in the taste of his subdued alpha. Luckily for Keegan, the fact that Jason had a small dick didn’t interfere with him having a delectable ass.

Keegan was fairly certain that Jason wouldn’t take off right now, but he kept his vicious grip on Jason’s hips, hoping to brand them with tonight’s activities. Keegan was quite aware of the fact that he could be rather rough and dominant when he topped, compared to when he was a bottom, even if he was considered to be quite aggressive then too, but both William and Link seemed rather turned on by that. Then again, based on Jason’s reactions, Keegan had a pretty good feeling that Jason was a virgin, at least back there, but that wasn’t going to stop Keegan from going about his affairs in his own pace. Jason would most likely feel a great deal of pain in the beginning, but in the end, Keegan was certain he could get this inferior alpha to scream bliss.

Keegan reluctantly released Jason’s hips as one of his hands went around to stroke Jason hard cock, making him whimper, a sound that seemed somewhat out of place coming from the vicious and violent quarterback who’d spread so much fear amongst the other students. Keegan released his other hand as well, followed by pulling out his tongue which made Jason whimper in disappointment and slightly tremble only to cry out as Keegan shoved two of his fingers inside of him as far as he could.

Keegan could feel the tension running through Jason’s body and could have sworn he heard a sob. Usually he would be more considerate; even if he was the aggressor, but hey that’s what you get when you fuck with an A-list swimmer… you get screwed… literally.

Jason finally began to relax and seemed out of breathe, but Keegan figured he’d prepared him long enough; he was beginning to ache. He leaned over to Jason’s left ear, “Hey? You got any lube? It would help, but since you’re a virgin I will ride you without wearing a condom, but don’t worry. A guy like me always make sure to keep disease free.”


Lube? Shit… he should have brought some, but he didn’t think he’d need it. Oh god… this was not how things were supposed to go, but why was he so excited and scared at the same time. It was gonna hurt, but then again his cock was hurting a lot too, with Keegan’s hand gone back to his hip he still ached for release.

“Guess not,” Keegan said before he rammed his whole length into Jason in one violent thrust.

“SHIT!!!” Jason screamed. It felt like he was getting torn from the inside out. God it hurt, his ass clenched, but Keegan merely groaned in arousal. Slowly he adjusted and the pain lessened, but he was still pretty sore from the sudden intrusion. It was as if he could feel his organs re-positioning themselves to accommodate the pulsing rod that was Keegan.


“God you’re so tight, can I move now baby? Hm, can I move?” Keegan kissed him on the back of his ear, getting a small moan as a reward.

That initial thrust into Jason had been exquisite. His virgin ass was so incredibly tight that he never wanted to leave it. And as he began moving, it was even more wonderful and not even Jason could stifle his moan. And that definitely spurred Keegan on as he began to push in harder and faster into that now willing ass that seemed to suck him in each time he withdrew only to slam straight back into him. Jason was yelping and moaning each time Keegan drilled into him, completely lost in his euphoria.


Somehow the pain had disappeared and Jason had begun to meet Keegan’s thrusts, making Keegan go even deeper, if that was even possible. Keegan kept bumping into his prostrate on each push and Jason was moaning, probably like a little whore, but it felt too good to for him to be ashamed of that this very moment. Keegan seemed to get wilder by the second. After a few minutes Jason felt like he was being ridden by bull on speed. His knees were definitely gonna bruise and so were certain other parts of his body… like his ass. Yet that thick cock kept pushing in and out as Keegan rutted like a dog possessed.

Jason came without warning as he was pushed over the edge by Keegan who slammed his dick straight into Jason’s prostate. Jason’s ass clenched around Keegan’s cock as he cried out. “FUCK..! Ah…” Jason came so hard he thought he’d pass out, but he somehow managed to keep conscious.

Despite his ass trying to milk Keegan’s cock, he was still going although he felt somewhat harder as he continued to pound Jason’s ass. And to Jason’s amazement, his cock even began to fill again.


When Jason came, it had nearly been the end for Keegan… the way his ass had pulsed and sucked at his cock was pure murder, but Keegan knew he couldn’t hold on for much longer. His own cock was begging to soak that beautiful piece of ass. Keegan managed to thrust in swift strokes for another minute or so until he finally started shooting off, his groan as he slammed his release into that sweet ass sounded much more like an animalistic roar and he kept thrusting into Jason till he was completely drained before he collapsed on top off Jason’s broad back.

“God, that was so good. I’ll give you this Jason; you might not have a grand prize at the front, but you sure do have a first-class ass,” Keegan couldn’t help biting his earlobe, feeling Jason twitch. “You know… we really should do this again. I mean I’m usually a bottom, but I don’t mind mounting you every now and then and now I’ve even broken you in, so next time will be even better,” All he got in response was a soft moan and a small nod of Jason’s head.


Jason was struggling to stay awake, he’d already released once, but when Keegan had filled him with ropes of hot creamy filling, he’d released again and his entire stomach was stained with sticky and dried cum and also some grass that had gotten stuck in the mess. His mined was completely blown.

Keegan was still inside of him, twitching every now and then. Jason’s entire body felt like it was vibrating, not out of fear, but pure pleasure. What Keegan had said about doing it again had made Jason strangely happy, despite him being on the bottom. Then again the aggressive and powerful yet smaller man, who had really scared him, also made for a much more potent aphrodisiac. More thoughts than that didn’t come as Jason finally fell asleep almost at the same time as Keegan, who’d had the sense to cover them up with Jason’s jacket before falling asleep.


Six months later and Jason was a completely changed man. He’d officially come out and had initially quit the football team, but as soon as the team realized they totally sucked without him, they’d begged for him to return and he’d accepted. The on-campus rapes had stopped and people still kept their distance from Jason, just not as much as before. He was still not the friendliest or the most socialized person around.

After the incident with Keegan he’d met up with him a few more times and had even been introduced to Link and William, who had both had a go at him. But now Jason had settled with his new boyfriend, who actually turned out to be William. It had been love at first thrust and they also loved to wrestle each other… there were very great rewards for both of them. Winner got top, loser bottom, which actually turned out fine, ’cause even if Jason was a great deal smaller than William, he was just the perfect size to constantly focus on William’s prostrate. Although, even through this Jason stayed on the bottom as William rode him and ground himself on his perfect, but short dick. William never complained on the thickness.

It also seemed that Keegan had settled down with Link as well and there weren’t much sharing going on either these days, much to Keegan’s disgruntled followers; but they had to just make do with other forms for release. Turned out that when exclusive both Link and William were kinda possessive and it wasn’t like Keegan or Jason were about to complain about that. After all there were reasons to why Keegan and Jason were designated bottoms for the most parts… they really loved it when their men took charge. And they sure didn’t disappoint.



This was my first gay male story I’ve written and I hope you liked it. Please rate it and make comments. (No need to comment on writing errors)

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