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Option ‘A’ or option ‘B’?

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I don’t know why, but every so often I get this overwhelming urge to cum inside my Wife/Mistress and for her to sit on my face and make me lick her beautiful pussy clean. The thing is, like anything, the more I don’t get what I want, the more I want it, until it becomes almost an obsession.

Once a month my Wife becomes my Mistress for an hour, but in that scenario she decides where and when I get to cum and it’s very rarely inside her. In between sessions I sometimes try to subtly remind her of my desires, but the thing is a big part of it is the fact that she’s making me do it, so me directly asking for it kind of ruins it. In the past I have tried to ask her while we’re actually having sex, but mostly it just won’t come out of my mouth. I’ve sometimes looked at her pussy after we’ve had sex and seen my cum staring to ooze out of her and wanted to bury my face between her legs, but I always hesitate and besides it just wouldn’t be the same.

On the occasions my Wife/Mistress has obliged me I have absolutely loved the feeling of her well fucked pussy sitting over my face, dripping cum into my mouth as I plunge my tongue as deep inside her as I can. The only bit I don’t like is when she gets off and I wonder how long it will be until I get to enjoy that feeling again.

I don’t blame my Wife, I’m sure she would oblige me more often if I asked her to, but as I said, that kind of spoils it. The thing is… for whatever reason, I don’t think she spends as much time thinking about this kind of thing as I do. It’s a (slight) mismatch of kinkiness I guess, added to the usual general crap of life and all it’s many distractions. Things that are perhaps not so important can easily be forgotten. I utterly adore her though, but sometimes it’s a little frustrating.

This last week the urge has become very strong, intense even, and the other day I tried another subtle reminder. She apologised for forgetting again and told me that maybe our upcoming session would sate my hunger for cum filled pussy. Being as we were within a few days of that session I was not allowed to cum anyway, so I could only wait and hope.

– – –

Towards the end of the session, Mistress was bringing me close to orgasm yet again, and then stopping to let me cool down. She had already allowed me to lick her beautiful ass and push my tongue inside her tight hole, and now she looked down at me where I lay, spread eagled on my back and tied to all four bedposts, with a deliciously evil glint in her eye.

“So slave, why don’t you tell your Mistress exactly what you would like me to do to you now?”

“It’s not for me to decide Mistress.” I hissed as her long fingernails dug into my engorged shaft.

Mistress chuckled to herself, she was pleased with how well I handled myself in session. She pumped my cock, bringing me closer and closer to the point of no return.

“Well….truth is slave, you don’t need to tell me. I know what you really want.” With her free hand she squeezed her left breast and then slid her hand between her legs and used her fingers to push her pussy lips apart, giving me a nice view of the pink, wet flesh. “Truth is, we both know, don’t we?”

I groaned appreciatively and Mistress began to pump my cock harder. She got up on her knees and swung herself over me and then rubbed the tip of my straining cock against her sodden cunt lips.

“Are you ready to cum now slave?” She asked.

“If it pleases you Mistress.” I said through gritted teeth, though the truth was that her permission would soon be a formality.

Mistress pumped my cock a few more times, counting down from ten to one. We both knew that I was obliged to cum before she reached one otherwise I would be in serious trouble. When she reached seven she quickly slipped my cock inside her and she rode me as hard as she could down to one. I bucked on the bed, emptying my balls inside her in great streams, hoping desperately that she would ‘force’ me to lick her pussy clean before she released me.

Instead, when I was finished, she pulled herself up off my spent cock and stood astride my torso. Already my spunk was visible on her pussy lips and as she spoke to me it started to drip onto my chest. She pushed her fingers either side of her pink lips and squeezed them together, encouraging more of the cum to fall out onto my chest.

“Look at that slave, isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That’s what you’ve been craving isn’t it slave, a cum filled pussy for you to lick?”

I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Yes Mistress.”

“What would you do to be allowed to lick my pussy now slave?”

“Anything Mistress.”

“Really slave, that’s a very dangerous word to use. That’s the sort of promise that could find you getting a big, hard cock down your throat.”

“I’m sorry Mistress. What would you wish me to do?”

Mistress had her middle finger in her pussy now and the remainder of my juice had all but dripped onto my chest.

“Well slave. Seeing as you can’t control your urges, and you always want me to sit on your face after you’ve emptied your balls inside me…”

“Not always…..Mistress!” I blurted out.

She reached down and took my empty balls in a firm grip.

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking. You will be punished for that later….and don’t lie to me either slave. I can see it in your eyes. All the time you’re fucking me you’re wondering, hoping that I’ll sit on your face and let you clean me up. It’s written all over your face.”

My cheeks flushed, she let go off my balls and straightened up. She looks so amazing like that, standing over me.

“Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, seeing as you can’t control your urges, and you always want me to sit on your face after you’ve emptied your balls inside me, I have decided that it is time for you to make a decision.”

I gulped, quite loudly, which caused her to smirk a little.

“Either you choose option A or option B.”

I looked up at her, confusion writ large across my face.

“But don’t worry slave, I don’t expect you to chose blind. So here it is. If you chose option ‘A’ then right now you get to clean my pussy with your tongue. I know that most of your cum is now on your chest, but maybe if you beg really well I might rub my pussy in it first. After that you will not ask me to let you do this again. I might very occasionally oblige you if it pleases me to do so, but asking or hinting will only delay this very rare occurrence. And I do mean very rare. Maybe once or twice a year.”

Mistress paused a moment to let this information sink in, her fingers rubbing her clit as she studied my face as I took in the implications of option ‘A’. She was clearly enjoying this.

“On the other hand, there’s option ‘B’…”

Another pause as her finger slid inside her soaking wet pussy for a second, then back to her clit, a glistening sheen of our combined juices on her finger and lips.

“If you chose option ‘B’ then every time you cum you will eat it. If I jerk you off and you come on me you will lick it off, if you come on yourself I will feed it to you with my fingers and then you will lick my fingers clean. If you cum inside me you will lick me clean, not always the same way, sometimes with you on your back sometimes with me on mine, sometimes another way…who knows. And if one day I should relent and allow you to fuck my tight virgin ass, I shall expect you to lick that clean too.”

Mistress’ finger was still steadily rubbing her clit.

“Think carefully slave. This is not a game. This is your future reality. I am not talking about our little sessions, they will continue as normal. I am talking about every day, every time you cum. And this will be at my discretion. I may chose to end this arrangement at any time, but I promise you this slave, it won’t be within the first six months, and I may chose to continue it indefinitely. Think about that slave, every ounce of spunk that shoots out of your cock going down your throat, for six months, a year, five or ten years…maybe forever.”

I must have looked quite pale at this point, but Mistress was revelling in my torment and she was close to cumming.

“I will count to ten slave and then I expect a decision. Do you want to be a cumwhore for your Mistress or do you want a life of almost permanent frustration?”

Mistress was gasping now as her own orgasm approached.

“1 – gasp – 2 – 3 – 4 – gasp – 5…”

I watched her frigging her clit wildly and realised I would do anything for her.

“…6 – gasp – 7 – 8 – 9 – gasp – 10, make your choice slave!”

“……..Option B, Mistress.”

My Wife threw her head back as she came hard, her fingers moving quickly, stopping and then more gently and delicately as she massaged her clit through her orgasm. Finally she slumped forward, her breathing fast and deep. Slowly she recovered and lifted her head to look into my eyes.

“I’m very proud of you slave.”

As she spoke, her arm reached out to my chest and she scooped up my cum with her fingers before pushing them into my mouth.

“Better get used to it my little cumslut.”

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David wrote

Very temptingly written! More please.