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Turning Point

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Let me take a moment to thank al those who have written to me, sent pictures and e-mails. I want to thank ladies and the few married couples first. I think it is wonderful that mature couples can read my stories and get a warm glow that last thru out the day.

I have made friends with a lady near my age that is also a widow. We have much in common and are going to meet shortly to exchange experiences of your lives.

Her freedom from the ethical ties started when she was much younger than what I did. So after we have spent a few days together maybe my dear readers we will have a few new stories as told to me by: Again thanks to all that e-mail me….

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It was one of those mornings that just start out right. I woke to see the warm spring sun streaming in my bedroom windows. Normally I roll over, pull the covers over my head an take another hour to wake up. I am retired you know. So I can pretty much do as I please.

I had made a list of things to do around the house. This is the house in town before I moved to the country. My lot is near the middle of the block. The lot next to me on the south side has been vacant for twenty years. The house on the north side is a beautiful old three story that had been renovated and is in better condition than my house. It was just sold after being on the market for almost a year. The family trust that was doing the selling put a price on it and held to it. I was glad to see this beautiful old house was once again going to be lived in. A house needs to have souls and laugher to keep it alive too. Kind of like the life’s blood that trickles through my old ass.

I got out of bed and took my sixty two year old body to the shower. I like to wake up with a stream of hot prickly water pin pointing my skin. It kind of gives me a good feeling. I live alone most of the time. I do have a house guest from time to time. My sometimes lover stops by when he gets horny, I have a lady friend that gets in trouble all the time and she needs a place to hide once in a while. Some times she jump in my bed and sometimes not. We are not lesbians, but feel as if the joy of sex can be had by all. Or is that Bi…

I like to walk around the house naked with my poor old floppy forty double DD’s swinging free. Some times they feel too heavy to be free bout today was not one of those days. I took my coffee out on the back porch to stand where I could see the movers carry in a thousand boxes from the moving truck on the street. They could not see me but I like to look at men at work with there shirt all sweaty and clinging to there hard bodies. Okay, old ladies can dream just like old men. There were four younger men and old older guy that seemed to be the boss. He was thick through the shoulders, a little bit of a pot belly but he was a handsome devil. I wondered if he was local or from where ever my new neighbors came from. I have maybe thirty feet of lawn between my drive way and the hedge row that separates the properties. My lot is twice the size of the one next door as my house sits on a double lot.

I watched this older guy talk to the men, point and give instruction where to place the boxes and furniture. He moved with a light grace of foot. I wondered if he was a good dancer. I had not gone dancing in a long time.

The last time I went out dancing I got in trouble and ended up with a very sore; well never mind what was sore but I will say I had a hard time sitting for a few days. Yes, Yes, yes I know it was stupid of me but those two guys were so nice and after a few drinks my good sense if I ever had it went out the motel door and never did come back. One was near my age, married from out of town and the second was a young guy in training. After that night I believe those guys were closer and had a great deal to talk about on the return trip to where ever they were from. I hope the married guy took some new ideas for his love life home with him to enjoy with his wife. When you have been married over twenty yeas like he had sometimes ones’ love life need a shot of fresh blood or new ideas… Oh yes; as I remember the younger guy was engaged to the older guy’s daughter. It might be hard to explain what they learned that night if either mother/wife or daughter found out what they were doing to one another. Well, yes me too over and over and over again… LOL it was fun night.

I was just wondering if any of those younger men were related to the older guy. God, darn there I go again thinking with my pussy and not my head. Do you think that men are the only ones that think with their sexual organs? When I feel my nipples get hard, my pussy squeals and my head goes numb I just have to follow my horny little feeling where ever they lead me.

As I stood there my pussy, my freshly washed Polish pussy was quivering like a scared rabbit. God you would think I never got fucked.

That is when I went side slipped on my terry cloth robe with nothing else to impede my desires as I walked out and across my drive way. OH, yes I had inserted my little silver balls just for fun and besides I liked the way they feel when I walk with them in place.

Picking a place to stand on my side of the hedge row was not too hard I stood behind the lowest hedge so the older guy could get a good look at my old body. What the fuck if you go fishing you need to use the best bate. My sizeable tits were my best bate.

He saw me coming across the grass and with a smile on his aged face he walked toward me.

He said “Hi; how are you this fine Irish morning? I hope we did not wake you or are not making too much noise?” He asked.

I gave him my best (I want to fuck) smile and said “No; not at all. I have been up for awhile. I was just wondering where you came from and who my new neighbors might be.”

His wide bright eyes roamed from hedge top to my face and back down to the swelling in my robe. I could see I had guessed right he was a tit man. “We drove over from New Port City. Had to come around by way of Wallenberry because the old bridge is being replace down by Bay City. No Mrs.” He looked at me waiting for me to finish his statement.

So I said “Raven, Wilda Raven. I’m the nosey old widow lady next door.” I said laughing.

He drew back his shoulders and said “A very pretty one at that.” I would say.

I smiled and even managed a blush and thanked him for the compliment.

“Can I offer you something” I said smiling. Then added to “Drink; of course your men too.”

“My, my; it is too early to start drinking for any one else but for an Irish man its never too early” He said laughing. “But no thanks my dear Wilda. We need to get as much of the truck unloaded today as we can. I got another job day after tomorrow back in New Port City.”

I smiled and asked “Then you’ll be staying in town over night? I’m sorry what did you say your name is?”

He leaned close and said “O’ Shay, Thomas O’ Shay”

We seemed to talking along the same line. So I said “Well Mr. Thomas if you need any thing a poor old widow lady could give you. All you need is ask. Come over any time I’ll be home all day.”

I brought my coffee cup up to my trembling lips and let a few drops of coffee drip on my robe right between my tits. I said “Oh, shit.” And as I brushed the few drops off the neck line of my robe my robe gapped open so the tops of my breasts were visible. “How silly of me.” I laughed and walked back toward my house swinging my hips just to let him know he could have a piece of this ass if he wanted it.

Just as I walked up on the porch I turned back and said “My bedroom is right up there pointing at the second floor window. Wave if you need anything.”

I’m so bad I can hardly stand my self… But Oh, God isn’t it fun.

A few minutes later I was standing at my window drapes fully open stark naked. He was not looking. But I saw a young man across the drive in the third floor window looking as me smiling and waving. He had both hands on the window frame. He was shaking his hips so his cock was swinging back and forth. It looked like he was waving. I smiled and waved back. Then I shook my shoulders making my big old saggy tits bouncing and swinging back and forth. I think we were talking in some kind of strange sign language. What ever it was this young man was getting the message because his cock was growing.

His name was Andy and he was the first to make it up to my bedroom. Andy came over and up to my bedroom without stopping to talk to the boss Thomas. Somewhere between my back door and my bedroom young youthful Andy lost his pants.

Andy found me on the bed legs spread, lifted to the heavens in a thankful gesture and praise the Lord for horny young men. Andy was quick, to the point with no foreplay and delivered a stream of molten lava deep in the old fuck hole. But not matter how quick he was he made me reach for the sky as I let out the old (I did to) scream in thanks for his attentions.

Andy was nearly as quick to leave as he was to climb my fat old ass. You would think this would have left me feeling used and tossed out. But not this old bird. Hell I found it refreshing and some what exciting that Andy who was maybe twenty found me sexy enough to want to fuck at all. His exuberance was kind of erotic and left me on the bed aroused still and ready for a next time which was going to cum, or it that come sooner than I thought.

I was still lying there feeling the rhythm and bouncing of the bed letting it all sink in when I heard foot falls on my stairs. The warm sperm was still running out of my well fucked pussy when Albert entered my room. Unlike Andy Albert introduced himself as he stood at the side of the bed unbuckling his belt. Albert was a slim, short man that looked sinewy and very strong. As his smiled down at me I offered a hand. He took my hand and I pulled him closer to the bed. He pants dropped an there was a smaller, less thick cock but one that was so hard I don’t think I could have bent it with a crow bar. It was already dripping with lubricant as I took his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head held it in his powerful hands and started fucking my mouth with youthful vigor.

God why did I waste more than half my life on one man. If I had only known there were boys like this just waiting to fuck in my youth I could have fucked an army. Albert was wearing a narrow band of gold on his finger but at this moment I was use he was not thinking about his wife. I really didn’t give a fuck if he was married or not. I had plans for this small less intrusive cock and it was not to suck him off.

I moved back, got up on all fours and spread my ass cheeks with both hands as my head was buried in the pillow. Albert gave out a kind of wild animal cry and quickly grabbed my hips and found my ass with his rigid member. Albert was an experienced ass fucker. He touched my as with the head of his cock and very slowly applied pressure as I relaxed and let the tip of his cock slide past my outer ring. I knew he wanted to push on in but Albert was so gentle and slowly pushed a few times and then pulled back to allow my ass to stretch to his size. Then he got it well in only to draw back nearly all the way out feeling my muscles tight around his cock and then welcomed him back in.

I let him know it was ready for him I cried “fuck me, fuck my ass.” And we were off to the races. Albert was good, he was very very good. He had me screaming loader than before and I felt my cunt squeeze as if it were full of hot cock. I climaxed and felt the wetness run down my legs and this time is was all mine as Albert flood my bowels and shook the whole world, my world his world and the house nearly came off the foundation. Damn, damn, damn again I was pissed because I wasted my youth. Why did I have to wait until I was in my fifties to find out fucking for fun was so God damn much fucking FUN?

Albert took a minute to leave via my bathroom to wash his cock and say “You’re wonderful.” I felt like the mother I had never been. I waited and after fifteen minutes and there were no more foot falls on my stairs I got up and took a shower plus to do the cleaning out of every orifice and get ready to start my day. Maybe Thomas wanted to wait until later.

My mind must have been up my ass because I remember I had an appointment in just a few minutes across town.

Pulling my hair back to hold it in place with a clamp comb. I dashed out the door while the garage door was still going up. The Jaguar roared to life and I went screeching out the driveway.

After my appointment I went to the Stark hotel for lunch. My friend Karen was there with a friend and wanted me to join them but I declined. I knew she would soon be I a room with this guy and much as I would have liked to join them as I had before. I just wanted to relax, have lunch and go home to wait for the sun to go down. I ordered coffee and a sandwich. It came a few minutes later with a cool looking drink set along side it with my coffee next to that.

I look up and there at the bar was an older man with gray sidewalls and dressed in a simple T-shirt and jeans. Not the usual business crowd for this time of day. He smiled and I nodded back with a smile. It was really not an invitation to join me but he came over any way. He did ask if he could join me. I again only nodded to the other side of the booth. We exchanged names and he introduced him self as a retired military who had just moved back to town after losing his wife. I don’t know if that was to make me feel sorry for him or if that information was just general conversation. He did seem nice and we talked. I quickly let him know I was a widow and have moved here some fifteen years ago with my husband. I had no children and lived alone. This man had a way of getting information out of a person with out have trying. But he was also forth coming and said he had been looking for a place via a real estate agent long before he decided to move back to his home town. I asked him if he had found a place he said yes over on Maple drive. I laughed and shook my head laughing so hard tears came to my eyes.

He looked at me just sitting there smiling like the gentle man he is until I got my act together and told him there was a moving van parked at the house next to mine when I left the house this morning. He got this wonderful smile that reached from ear to ear and so did I.

My little pea brain was working over time as I thought, he looked in great shape and I bet he cold still deliver the goods even at his age. Which I gusset was near mine of maybe more.

I knew this was the start of something even if he did not know it yet. I would fill him in later. After the movers left. I did not want my new friend to know I had met the movers. Well two of them any way.

I was tickled to death when said he had to go back to New Port City this afternoon but would be at the house late tomorrow afternoon after the movers left. I may get to meet the old Irish boss yet and maybe the third mover as well. Hell what not fuck them all my old pussy was always willing to met and greet a stranger. That is what it’s for: right?

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