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It Started in the Office

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Sandra sat at her desk and read the email over again. “My dear Sandra, I had such a good time with you last night that I wanted to send you a little thank you note. Your company was wonderful, and well, after, well, I have to say that I have never been with such a kinky, and generous woman before. You are truly amazing……. Leanne.”

“Now that is an interesting call back,” Sandra’s boss Amanda suddenly said as she leaned over Sandra’s shoulder to hand her a cup of coffee.

Sandra blushed, and hard. Though she had never made it any secret that she was a lesbian, she had never revealed any of her kinky nature, and she felt embarrassed and completely exposed to her boss. “This is not a good start to my day,” she thought and hung her head.

Amanda noticed her shame and quickly bent down and held her gently. “It’s ok. Nothing to be ashamed of my dear. Please forgive me for embarrassing you like that. I have my own story, and if you want to go out for a quiet drink with me after work today, I’ll tell you about it. Ok?”

“Alright Amanda, thank you,” Sandra said, with a smile returning to her face, and a sense of wonder that her boss was more than she appeared.

The day dragged despite the fact that it was Friday. Sandra wasn’t sure if it was because she was eager to learn more of her boss, who, by the way, had been the subject of many fantasies, or if she dreaded it. Amanda was very pretty and had a presence that could never be ignored. Sandra had always found her attention focused on her boss, no matter how many people were in a room. Not that they often had meetings. It was a very small business. Her boss ran it, and she assisted. Except when they needed tech help from the IT firm they used, or marketing advice, it was just the two of them. Which was most of the time. Which may be why Sandra fantasised about her boss so much. In a work situation that was so private, she had all kinds of fun imagining what fun they could get up to if things were different.

And so the day dragged on. But eventually, as all things must, the day came to an end. Amanda came out of her office with a sweater over one arm and indicated that Sandra should join her. “We’re done for the day my dear, and I for one, am looking forward to a drink.”

“Me too Amanda, the day has just dragged and dragged on,” and she laughed.

“Oh really? Did you have something on your mind?” Amanda said with a straight face and then winked.

Sandra laughed, and decided to be completely honest. “Yes as a matter of fact I did have something on my mind. I have never thought you were the least bit into what I am. But the fact that we are going out for a drink after you read that email this morning…. Well, it sure was fun to speculate.”

Amanda laughed. “Touché,” She laughed.

They arrived at Amanda’s car and she walked around and opened the door for Sandra and Sandra could see her boss’ eyes on her legs as she got in. Sandra blushed and felt that Amanda was being gallant. Then Amanda closed the door behind her and was soon seated in the driver’s seat. “So, care to share your speculations my dear?” Amanda asked as she pulled the car onto the street.

“Well, I don’t know if it would really be appropriate Amanda. It’s not like we are intimate or anything, and to be honest, some of my speculations were rather uhm, racy.”

Amanda laughed gently. “That is quite alright my dear. We are not at work, and now that I have been warned, anything I get that I don’t approve of, is my own problem and not yours. Fair enough?”

“Fair enough Amanda, then I will what is the British expression? Jump head first into the breach?” Sandra laughed and Amanda joined in.

“Well, being lesbian, I have often found myself wondering what you would be like to love. And being a submissive, I have often wondered if the sense of presence you always seem to carry with you, no matter how many others are around us, would carry over into a D/s kind of relationship.”

“And today’s speculations?”

“Well as should be fairly obvious Amanda, my curiosity has been running wild. I got the shock of my life when you saw that email from Leanne this morning, and then another right on it’s heels that you were not only accepting of that kind of love, but that you might partake of it in some manner yourself.”

“Oooo good and safe answer my dear,” Amanda laughed.

“Sorry Amanda, I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this and don’t want to offend.”

“Of course my dear girl. I completely understand,” Amanda replied as she pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant/pub. “One moment my dear,” She said, and got out and went around the car to open Sandra’s door. “Very gallant Amanda, thank you.”

“My pleasure my dear girl, and it is only proper.”

Sandra’s curiosity bloomed. This was typical behaviour of a Dominant used to the niceties of control and protocol. Sandra had never quite gotten that far into the lifestyle as to be collared to such a one, but she had met a few.

“Here’s the rule my dear girl,” Amanda said as they walked together into the restaurant. “I am buying, I will order, and you will eat and drink whatever I order for you.”

Sandra’s tummy fluttered and her pussy tingled and she blushed and replied, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Ooo, that makes me feel old,” Amanda laughed.

“I apologise, that was not my intent.”

“I know my dear. I am not offended, but I would really rather an honourific that doesn’t make me feel old,” and she laughed again.

“What honourific would you prefer?” Sandra asked.

“Do you think I’m too old for a ‘Miss’ my dear?”

“No Miss. Twenty-six isn’t old. Would you like just Miss, or Miss Amanda?”

“Well, I like a little bit of formality from submissives that aren’t mine my dear, so Miss Amanda please. At least when there is no one else to hear.”

“As you wish Miss Amanda.”

“You’re such a good girl.”

Sandra blushed.

Sandra quickly stepped ahead to open the door and Amanda nodded and smiled to her as she stepped through. Sandra quickly followed and found herself in a quiet little place, with a muted atmosphere of warm colours and quiet music. The walls seemed to be padded with some kind of soft material, and she figured that conversations would be hard to overhear. A perfect place for a tryst.

“You have excellent taste in atmospheres Miss Amanda,” Sandra said quietly as her boss led her to a sheltered booth in the corner.

The booth had high backs to the seats and the table was covered in a long deep red cloth that reached almost all the way to the floor.

“Thank you, this place also has great food,” she smiled.

Sandra remained standing until Amanda was properly seated on her side of the table, and then she demurely sat.

“You have excellent manners my dear,” Amanda complimented her as the waitress came over.

“Thank you,” Sandra replied without title or honourific as the waitress was almost to their table.

“Welcome to our quiet corner of the world ladies. My name is Diane, and I will be your server,” she said as she started to hand them a pair of menues. “Can I get either of you a drink while you decide on something to eat?”

“Yes please,” Amanda said. “My friend will have a long island iced tea, and I will have a vodka and orange, with a splash of grenadine please.”

“Coming right up ladies.”

Sandra blushed when Amanda ordered for her, but Amanda only smiled and picked up a menu. Sandra didn’t bother even opening the menu. She knew she wouldn’t be making the decision anyway.

A few short minutes later Diane returned with their drinks. “Long island ice tea, and vodka and orange with grenadine,” she said setting them down in front of them. “Will you not be eating Ma’am?” She asked Sandra when she saw she wasn’t looking at the menu.

Amanda smiled but said nothing and let Sandra handle the question on her own.

“Oh no, Diane, it’s not that. Amanda will be ordering for me, so I am just going to let myself be surprised by whatever she chooses.” She blushed as she spoke, but she felt that she sounded more confident than she felt.

Diane looked at her with a puzzled expression but said nothing. Instead she turned to Amanda and asked, “Would you like more time to decide what the two of you are having?”

“No, Diane thank you. I already know. I have been here a few times and I am familiar with your menu.”

“Ah, I see,” Diane replied, thinking she knew the reason Amanda would be ordering for Sandra.

“We will share an order of the stuffed mushroom entrée please Diane. Sandra will have the French onion soup, with the small chef salad for a starter, and I will have a small caeser salad and

a club sandwich with extra mayo.”

“Will you be wanting anything else?” Diane asked.

“No Diane, not today. We are eating light so we won’t be too full to finish our date later on.”

Sandra blushed at Diane’s warm smile. “I completely understand. It shouldn’t be long ladies.” And then she left.

Sandra looked at Amanda and smiled shyly. “So this is a date, Miss Amanda?”

“Well, I was prepared for it not to be my dear, but by the time we got here I decided it was a date.” Amanda replied. “You are not happy with that?”

“Oh no Miss Amanda, I am very happy with that. Especially with all that I’ve learned about you in the last twenty minutes.” Sandra giggled and took a sip of her drink.

“First my dear, I must apologise,” Amanda said. “Despite the fact that you were open about being lesbian, I did not entrust you with any of the same openness.”

“It’s ok Miss Amanda…” Sandra started but Amanda interrupted her.

“Quiet when I’m talking,” Amanda said with a stern look.

“Yes Miss Amanda,” Sandra replied a little bit subdued by the rebuke.

“I had concerns, not about you, but about my life, my business, my reputation etc. And maybe those concerns were valid for the first few months I knew you. But my lack of forthrightness, at least insofar as my sexual preference, has not only delayed this little meeting of ours, but it has treated you as if you were a stranger who wasn’t worthy of knowing me. And for that I am sorry my dear.”

Sandra waited for a moment to make sure Amanda was done before she replied, “I completely understand Miss Amanda, and though you are right, it is a hard world. People are intolerant, unforgiving, judgemental, and the truth about people like us could ruin a person if the circumstances were unfavourable. So though you are right, I do understand and I don’t feel slighted. But if you require my forgiveness, then you have it Miss Amanda.”

“Thank you my dear,” Amanda said. “So tell me about your experience as a submissive Sandra.”

“Well to tell you the truth Miss Amanda, I am not as experienced as I’d like to be. Sure I’ve played all the games, being ordered around, being the sex toy, being tied up, and spanked, and even flogged, but the real emotional submission and service deal has always eluded me.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, because in some ways I’m not really a fan of ‘the way things should be’, especially considering that the biggest thing I’ve ever learned about this lifestyle is that everyone lives it differently.”

“What do you mean by ‘the way things should be’ my dear?”

“Well, you know, how everyone expects everyone else to behave, despite what I said previously. Rules that are fundamentally not applicable to many lifestyle people’s lives.”

“Yes, I know what you mean my dear. I am mostly an outsider. Honestly, I do believe there are more outsiders in the lifestyle, than insiders, as it were. And for much the same reasons you have stated. But if given a chance with someone who felt somewhat as you do, and you thought that emotional connection might happen, would you take the chance and truly submit?”

“Is that an offer Miss Amanda?” Sandra asked, and her muscles tensed and she held very still as she waited for a reply.

“Is that a request?” Amanda retorted with a thin smile on her lips.

Sandra burst out laughing and Amanda laughed with her.

Amanda’s laugh was like the sound of a warm cleansing rain, and the tension she felt dissipated.

“It could very well develop into one my dear. If of course you wouldn’t mind working for your owner, or being owned by your boss. Assuming things developed that far.”

“Well, if they didn’t develop that far Miss Amanda, and we ended up parting ways emotionally speaking, how would we deal with our working situation.”

“Well my girl. You know how it goes. I can’t say how it would go for sure or how we would feel if we traveled down that road a ways and then parted company. I would like for us to be able to return to our former working relationship. But depending on how hurt one, or the other of us is, it could be a problem. I could simply write you an awesome letter of recommendation and hand it to you before we even make a go of this in case things go sour. As poor of a resolution that would be, it would leave you with something in case you felt, or I felt, we could no longer work together.”

“Well, that is honest, and that is fair as can be said, considering that no one can read the future,” Sandra said and smiled.

“So,” Amanda pushed the conversation back to the more positive direction it had been going. “Would you take the chance, if it were presented?”

“Yes Miss Amanda, I would. I will tell you that I have lusted after you, and thought of a thousand scenarios while daydreaming on nights I had no date, or during the slow times at work.”

“A thousand hmmm?” Amanda said raising an eyebrow and smiling.

“Yes Miss Amanda,” Sandra blushed.

Diane showed up with the salads just as Sandra’s face turned red and she stumbled over her tongue as she mumbled her thanks, though Amanda was perfectly comfortable thanking Diane for the food. “And can we have another round please? Except coffee for me as I’m driving,” Amanda added and Diane nodded and left.

“My dear girl, are you game for a little bit of date fun?” Amanda asked.

“What do you mean Miss Amanda?”

“Well, I won’t humiliate you, or force you to expose yourself my dear, but I would like to play a little game.”

“May I ask what the game is before deciding Miss Amanda?”

“No, you may not. You either play or don’t play.”

Sandra inhaled deeply, and looked at Amanda who had a evilly playful smile on her face.

“Ok Miss Amanda, I’ll play.”

“Good girl.

Sandra blushed.

Just then Diane returned with their drinks and gave them a look but accepted their thanks and went off about her duties.

“She must think something’s up Miss Amanda, every time she comes over here I’m blushing.”

Amanda laughed. “Probably. She’s a smart girl.”

Sandra blushed again.

“We really ought to do something about that skin condition you have my dear,” Amanda laughed.

“Are you wearing pantyhose or stockings my dear?”

“Pantyhose Miss Amanda.”

“Too bad. It would have been more fun the other way,” Amanda smiled evilly.

“Ok. Here’s the game we’re going to play. Take off your left shoe and put your foot up on my lap.”

A moment later Amanda felt Sandra’s nylon clad foot in her lap.

“Good girl.”

Sandra blushed.

Suddenly Sandra felt Amanda’s own nylon clad foot in her lap. “Spread your legs to allow me access.” She ordered.

Sandra blushed again but did as she was told and she soon felt Amanda’s foot gently pressing against her sex.

“Hmmm,” She whimpered in a high pitched short whine.

“You don’t want to go making noises like that sweetie,” Amanda cautioned with a gentle laugh. “You’ll embarrass yourself at best, and get us thrown out at worst.”

“Yes Miss Amanda,” Sandra replied quietly.

“Good girl.”

Sandra blushed again.

“Now, do you like getting shit faced drunk my girl?”

“No Miss Amanda.”

“I didn’t think so. Here’s the rule. I am going to have Dianne come to us four times. I am going to play with you, with pleasure and pain,” Amanda demonstrated the pain part by pinching Sandra’s toes between her fingers. Hard. “And if you give up the game by making noise while she is present. We will order another drink. And we are not leaving, until your last drink is finished.”

Sandra blushed and swallowed hard. “Yes Miss Amanada.”

They ate for a bit, in silence as Amanda occasionally teased Sandra with her toes pressing against her sex, or by pinching the toes she held in her lap.

The salads weren’t big so they were finished shortly and Sandra had to reign her voice in as Diane brought the other dishes and Amanda’s toes pressed harder and more insistantly against her now wet vagina. Sandra did blush furiously of course, and though Diane again looked puzzled, she said nothing and was about to leave when Amanda asked, “May we have a dessert menu please Diane?”

“Of course, I’ll be right back,” Diane smiled.

“Good girl.”

Sandra blushed again and gave a little moan as Amanda’s nylon clad toes pushed into her opening, pushing her panties and pantyhose into her ever so slightly. “But that’s only the first. You have three more to go.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

Diane returned shortly with a single dessert menu. Sandra had to stifle a gasp as Amanda pinched her little toe. “I figured you’d only need one,” Diane smiled as she handed the menu to Amanda without even giving Sandra a second glance.

“Thank you Diane, that was entirely appropriate. I am making all the decisions for my girl here tonight.”

Sandra blushed hard, and Amanda’s toes pressed and wiggled against her wet pussy and she stifled her voice. “I rather thought so,” Diane replied with a smile, and turned away.

“That’s two girl, you’re doing well,” Amanda congratulated her.

Amanda and her girl ate quietly, but with many smiles and looks as Amanda’s toes continued unrelenting and became soaked in Sandra’s juices. It wasn’t long before Diane returned to see if everything was to their satisfaction. “And how is the food ladies?” She asked.

Sandra gave precedence of answering to Amanda, who said, “It’s wonderful as usual Diane, thank you.”

Diane turned and looked at Sandra, who almost moaned out the words, “Thank you Diane, it’s great.” While Amanda’s toes worked harder at making her trip up.

“Anything else I can get you ladies?” Diane asked.

Sandra smiled between clenched teeth and shook her head, but Amanda, appeared thoughtful for a moment, but finally said, “Yes Diane, I think we’ll have one order of strawberry cheesecake, with two forks.”

“Mmmm, our cheesecake is great ladies, you’ll love it,” Diane smiled and turned away.

“That’s three my girl,” Amanda said. “You’re doing great. One more to go.”

“Yes Miss Amanda, but it isn’t easy,” her voice caught in her throat a bit on the word easy, and the second part sounded high pitched almost like a whimper. Sandra looked down but couldn’t see what Amanda’s toes were doing under her skirt.

Diane returned shortly with the small dessert plate and two small forks and set it in front of Amanda. “Anything else ladies?” She asked with a smile. Amanda pinched Sandra’s toes while she answered, “No Diane, thank you, the service is excellent as always. But could you point Sandra here in the direction of the Ladies room?”

Diane looked over at Sandra, who was making every effort to be silent as Amanda continued the painful pinching of her toes and her massage of her pussy.

Diane bent down to where Sandra could turn and see where she was looking. “The Ladies room is just down there, and you go left through that short hall, and in the middle of that entry way is a hallway on your right. The Ladies room is the one on the left.” And then Diane began to straighten.

“Thank you,” Sandra managed said in a high voice that was almost a quiet shreik as Amanda held the pressure on her toe.

After she had gone, Amanda looked at Sandra and said, “Well my dear, you succeeded at my little game and you will get a reward later. But, would you like to earn another reward?”

“Yes please Miss Amanda,” Sandra said, her voice husky with her arousal.

“Alright. Here’s the deal. Since you accepted the task, if you fail to do it, I take you home, and we’re done until I choose otherwise. If you do as I ask, I will bring you home with me, and we will spend the night together so that I can make sure you are properly rewarded for being such a good girl. Understand?”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

“Ok, When I tell you, you will quickly crawl under the table. I will feed you your half of the cheesecake while you are there.”

Sandra blushed and her mind tried to find some way to refuse, but she wanted to spend the night with Amnada.

“That is why I asked Diane to show you where the ladies room is my girl. I will time it so no one see’s you, and anyone who cares, will think you are in the ladies room. When we have finished our dessert, I will again time it properly, and you will return to your seat as if nothing happened and no one will have noticed. And I promise you my girl, if someone does notice, I will take full responsibility for it.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

“Good girl. Put your foot back on the floor, and make sure both your shoes are off and make sure they are far enough away from the edge of the table so they won’t be seen.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.” Sandra replied breathing heavy with the thought of what she was about to do.

“Grab your purse in your hands and hold it in your lap and make sure to take it with you. When you are under the table, I will feed you little pieces of cheesecake and you will only use your mouth. If I catch you using your fingers or anything else to eat with, you will be punished. Understood my dear?”

Sandra blushed and looked down, but she was smiling when she said, “Yes Miss Amanda.”

“Good girl,” Amanda smiled.

Sandra smiled.

She fidgeted and kept looking around the room to see who was looking when, and she appeared worried. Amanda said, “Look down in your lap. It is my decision when you go, so you don’t need to be looking around. This is as much an test of trust as it is fun, so you let me worry about watching. Understood?”

“Yes Miss Amanda,” Sandra agreed and her gaze turned to her lap.

“When I want you to return to your seat, I will snap my fingers three times. A single snap, is just to get your attention as to where I am putting the cheesecake. Understand?”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

“Now, when I say, you will calmly, and carefully, get under the table and onto your knees.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

“Good girl,” Amanda smiled.

Sandra fidgeted with her purse. Her breathing became faster. She was suddenly very conscious of hour wet her pussy was and she could feel her juices and the dampness of her panties. She trembled. In private it was one thing. But the risk was frightening. The risk was also a huge turn on. Her heart beat quickly, and she trembled as she waited for what seemed to be an interminable time. Suddenly Amanda said, “Now, go my girl.”

Sandra blushed deep crimson but moved. She lifted the table cloth, and ducked under the table and knelt there near the back wall, at Amanda’s feet. She breathed easier when she heard no outcry.

Amanda’s hand appeared and her fingers snapped once and she patted her nylon clad knee. Sandra inched closer carefully until she could lay her head against Amanda’s knee. Amanda’s hand caressed her hair and her neck, and then pushed her head back so Sandra was in an upright kneeling position again. Then the hand disappeared.

A moment later it appeared and Amanda’s small, delicate hand was facing palm up with a very small piece of cheesecake in it. Sandra thought to herself suddenly that this could take a very long while. Then she shrugged and leaned forward and her lips touched Amanda’s hand as she took the piece in her mouth and savoured it for a moment. The experience was arousing, and her juices were flowing, but it was cheesecake.

When she pulled back as she chewed Amanda’s hand petted her hair again. She felt so right. Despite the potentially embarrassing circumstance, this, that is, being at Amanda’s feet, kneeling, felt like home.

The hand left, and returned with another very small piece. “She’s really milking this one,” Sandra thought to herself and smiled as she leaned forward and ate it from Amanda’s hand. The hand petted her again, and the cheesecake kept coming.

Suddenly Sandra heard Diane’s voice. “Is everything ok?”

“Yes, everything is fine. She just had to take care of something.”

“Well apparently she’s going to miss out on her half of the cheesecake.”

“No, don’t worry, I’ll make sure she get’s her share, even if I have to order another.”

Sandra heard Diane’s clear laughter, and then all was quiet again.

The next time the hand came down, it placed the small piece of cheesecake on Amanda’s nylon clad knee and then pulled back. Sandra smiled and her juices kept running. She leaned in, and lipped it off of Amanda’s knee.

The fingers on the hand snapped, and Sandra leaned closer. The hand petted her hair and caressed her cheek. Then it disappeared again. Again, the hand returned and the dessert was placed on Amanda’s knee, but this time it was higher up, closer to Amanda’s secret place. She received another petting after she took it.

Another, higher up. This one was right on the edge of Amanda’s skirt, which had ridden up. Or been pulled up, Sandra suspected.

Then the hand came down holding a napkin and pulled the skirt right up and exposed Amanda’s panties and Amanda’s knees spread wide. The hand placed the napkin on the seat directly between her legs, and a little bit under her pussy. Then the hand disappeared and returned and set the very small piece of cheesecake on the napkin near the edge of the seat between Amanda’s legs.

Sandra moved so she was kneeling between Amanda’s legs and took the piece off of her Lady’s seat with her lips. The hand petted her as she savoured the taste, and the experience. There was a feeling rising up inside her from the depths. She wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but it felt wonderful.

The hand disappeared again and placed another tiny piece on the napkin, but closer to her center. Sandra leaned forward to take it, but paused when she heard Diane’s voice again. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes everything is fine Diane, thank you,” Sandra heard Amanda say. While Amanda spoke, her hand moved and pointed vaguely in the direction of the cheesecake. Daring to trust her boss and friend, Sandra started toward it as she heard Amanda continue. “But I would like you to bring another piece of cheesecake. Please pack it for us to take with us when my girl get’s back.”

“Of course, I’ll be back in a few,” was Diane’s reply.

Sandra could smell Amanda’s arousal as she took the piece of cheesecake. It only served to increase the flow of her juices and speed up her heartbeat. That unknown feeling was getting stronger. There was a sense of peace attached to it.

The hand petted her and her heart sighed.

The legs spread a bit wider, and the next piece was deposited directly in front of Amanda’s panty clad center. For the first time, Sandra noticed that Amanda was wearing black satin panties that might have come from an upscale popular lingerie chain, or perhaps they were designer. At the top of what she was able to see of them, there was the beginning of a see through panel that revealed nothing but pure alabaster skin. Her heart thumped and skipped a beat as she thought about how close she was to her boss’ little piece of heaven.

The hand was impatient. It snapped it’s fingers and pointed. Sandra blushed and quickly leaned forward, and her nose rubbed against Amanda’s panties and she had to twist her head to get at the morsel. Amanda’s scent was heavenly and once she had managed to get the cheesecake she moved away very slowly, and her eyes remained focused on the black panty clad lips that showed through.

The hand petted her again, and a finger traced her jawline and found it’s way to her lips where it dragged slowly across them from side to side. Sandra parted her lips in the hopes that the finger would do more. Her hope was rewarded. The finger dragged back across and pushed into her. She suckled on it, and nibbled it, and the finger began slowly moving in and out as it became wet with her saliva. Then suddenly it pulled out and the hand disappeared.

The hand returned with another tiny piece of their dessert. It placed the morsel in the same place as last time, just barely in front of her center. Sandra leaned in happily, savouring the chance to touch Amanda there, even if it was only with her cheek or nose through her underwear.

She twisted her head to the side a bit and took her piece of dessert in her lips and was about to move back but a hand touched the back of her head and a gentle pressure encouraged her to remain where she was.

She felt something pressing against her through Amanda’s panties. Maybe Amanda’s other hand was inside them. A few moments later the hand came out and Sandra felt the hand pull the panties to one side and she could feel Amanda’s pussy against her cheek. Her heart skipped a beat and her pussy spasmed and she whimpered. She felt a hand come between her cheek and Amanda’s skin and the scent became very strong. The hand at the back of her head grabbed some of her hair and pulled her back a little. She could now see Amanda’s other hand was on her pussy, with a finger deep within. The finger came out and moved toward Sandra’s mouth. She opened her lips and tried to move forward to taste her but the hand that held her hair pulled against her and she knew she was not allowed so she remained still.

The finger touched her lips, which remained, hopefully open. The finger rested against her lips, frustrating her with it’s lack of penetration and it’s immobility. Then suddenly it pushed into her, and she tasted Amanda. Musky, astringent, and strong, it was like a little taste of pure lust. Sandra whimpered as she sucked on the finger in her mouth trying desperately to get every bit of taste from it.

Then the finger pulled out her mouth and the hand disappeared. The hand returned with another tiny piece of her dessert and placed it underneath Amanda’s sex, far enough back that Sandra knew she would have a hard time getting to it. She smiled and leaned in. She twisted her head to the side, and her nose came up against the junction of Amanda’s leg and her vagina. She extended her tongue, but couldn’t reach it. She twisted her head the other way, and found the same trouble. She pulled back and looked at her dessert and Amanda’s vagina, and tried to puzzle a way to get at it.

The hand became impatient again and snapped it’s fingers and pointed. Sandra leaned in again and this time, buried her nose deep in Amanda’s vagina. As her nose was buried in Amanda’s opening, and as Amanda’s juices ran down the side of her face, she managed to get her tongue close enough to just catch the morsel and bring it into her mouth. The hand petted her and she felt proud.

Suddenly she heard Amanda’s voice say quietly to her, “Alright girl, back into your seat. Now.”

Sandra moved quickly and carefully and was soon sitting back in her seat with her purse in her lap.

“You’re such a good girl,” Amanda praised her.

Sandra, still in the headspace under the table, blushed and replied, “Thank you Miss Amanda.”

Sandra went to wipe her face with a napkin but Amanda frowned and shook her head. She put the napkin back and sat there in a bit of a daze. Powerful feelings coursed through her. She had found something amazing. She had found something fulfilling and arousing, and it made her feel very good about herself.

Diane chose that moment to return and she smiled at Sandra as she handed Amanda the bill and the take out dessert. “You have just a little pussy juice on your nose my dear,” she whispered to Sandra who blushed furiously and looked down into her lap feeling embarrassed.

Diane reached out to touch her shoulder, but stopped short and let her hand hover within a few inches of her. She said kindly and softly, “It’s ok. Don’t worry.”

Diane spoke louder, “I thank you ladies for coming today, I hope you enjoyed the meal and the service. And most especially I hope you enjoyed your desserts.”

Amanda replied, “The service I received was most excellent Diane, the meal was wonderful, and dessert was purely Divine. You also did your job wonderfully. Thank you so much.”

Sandra blushed as she thought that Amanda might be referring to the service she had done for Amanda rather than Diane’s serving ability.

“Please come again any time ladies,” and Diane left.

“Alright, let’s go my dear,” Amanda said, and stood. Sandra stood to follow and again opened and held the door for her. Amanda once again, opened the car door for her and closed it behind her, and as she waited for Amanda to get in, she saw the restaurants sign that said “Bits and Bites”.

“Did you not pay Miss Amanda?” Sandra asked when she was

“They have my credit card on file my girl. Don’t worry. For the service they provide, they make sure they get their pound of flesh.”

Amanda started the car, and pulled out of the parking lot. Sandra sat quietly, in a bit of a daze. Soon they were back at the offices parking lot. “You are quiet Sandra. Is everything ok?”

Sandra turned her head toward Amanda and saw the concern on her face and she smiled. “Yes Miss Amanda, everything is wonderful. I am just overwhelmed by feelings that I always suspected I could feel, but never did.”

“What do you mean?”

“I always suspected that it could be that way with a Domme. I mean the fulfilment and joy I have felt today in doing what you asked Miss Amanda. I am falling for you Miss Amanda, and if today was any hint of the power of the feelings that live within me, then I will be happy to do so.” Sandra blushed looked hard at the purse in her lap.

“I understand my dear. True submission, and Dominance for that matter, bring very powerful feelings. If this is the first time you’ve ever truly felt it, then I am not surprised you are quiet. We’ll have another glass of wine at my place and talk a bit. Then we can split the other piece of cheesecake,” Amanda grinned at her and Sandra blushed.

“We’ll just stop at work to get your car sweetheart.”

“Yes Miss Amanada.”

Sandra drove an older model Lexus and a couple of minutes later she was following Amanda’s car down the street. It wasn’t long before she was pulling into a driveway in front of a modest but modern looking home. It was a split-level brick home, unlike the white (clapboard) houses that permeated the neighborhood.

She parked and met Amanda at the front door. Amanda unlocked the painted red door and motioned Sandra to precede her. The inside was comfortable looking. The furniture was broken in, but still looked almost new. The hardwood floor reflected the light from the windows with few blemishes revealed by the light. There was a large throw rug between the sofa and the entertainment wall mounted wide screen television. To one side of the tv was an entertainment system bookended by stereo speakers.

Amanda walked past her and turned to her. “Alright, strip.”

Sandra blushed as she slipped out of her shoes but had to ask, “May I ask why Miss Amanda?”

“It’s a rule in my house. Unless there are vanilla people about, or it is my desire, subs are not allowed to wear clothing in my house.”

“Yes Miss,” Sandra blushed again and unbuttoned her blouse and dropped her skirt to the floor. When she was completely naked, and her clothes lay in a pile on the floor Amanda pointed to a woven basket sitting on a chair next to the entrance. “You can put your clothes in there my dear.”

Sandra did.

“Now let me give you the tour,” Amanda smiled and motioned for her to follow.

She led Sandra all through the house. The kitchen was a little small but had all the modern appliances. The dining room was large enough to host a dozen people for dinner. There was a bath on the top semi level with a large tub and double sink in the counter with a large mirror on the wall. The Mistress bedroom as Amanda called it, was large, comfortable looking, and very feminine with maroon colours and antique wooden furniture and a large walk in closet. Down stairs to the half basement, was the beginnings of a dungeon play space. A couple of pieces of well made play furniture and a few toys like floggers and chains hung from the one wall that seemed properly finished. Sandra’s pussy twitched when she saw it and her imagination began thinking fun thoughts.

There was also a second half bath downstairs with facilities, counter sink and mirror, and a shower, but no tub. There was also a small spare bedroom slash office in the last bit of the half basement, with a bed and desktop computer and a dresser and small closet. At one end of the room was an entrance to a crawl space where Amanda told her the heating air conditioning unit was and other uninteresting things.

Then Amanda led her back to the living room where Amanda took a seat on the couch and pointed to the floor in front of her. “I want to see what may end up being mine. Stand there with your legs spread, and slowly turn around.”

Sandra blushed, but did as she was told. She stood for a moment, naked, with her legs spread about 8 inches apart with her hands at her sides. Slowly she turned around so that Amanda could see every part of her.

When she finished her 360 degree turn she returned to her original position, with her legs spread and arms at her sides.

“Spread your legs wider,” Amanda ordered.

Sandra spread them until they were about a foot and a half apart.

“Very good.”

Amanda looked intently at her, appraising her body, and stance, and carriage, and after long moments finally said, “Almost perfect my dear.”

Sandra blushed, and asked, “What is it that is missing to be perfect Miss Amanda?”

“Well, I am not a fan of body hair my girl. So that little patch on your pubic area and pussy, has to go if you are to be mine.”

“Yes Miss Amanda,” Sandra blushed. “I don’t have a razor with me Miss Amanda.”

Amanda smiled, “If you are so willing to simply obey that wish, without even being officially mine my girl, then I am sure I can find a razor for you.”

Sandra blushed but smiled. “I wish to please you Miss Amanda.”

“You’re such a good girl. Alright, follow me,” and Amanda led her to the bathroom. She looked through her toiletry items for a few moments and handed Sandra a new disposable razor and some skin lotion. “Use lotion instead of soap my dear, your pussy will thank me later. I’ll be in the living room awaiting the new view,” and she smiled.

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

Sandra found that Amanda was right and her pussy reacted better to being shaved with lotion rather than with soap or shaving gel. In minutes she returned and stood at attention before Amanda.

“Much better my dear. Perfect. I find you beautiful and obedient, and charming. And I’ve cared about you for a long while. This could be the best thing that ever happened to us my girl.”

“Yes Miss Amanda,” Sandra replied, and then frowned, “Or it could be an utter disaster.”

“You are right my dear, but I promise that I will do my best to see that it does not turn out so, if you will do the same.”

“I promise Miss Amanda.”

“Alright my dear, inspection over. You pass wonderfully. If you would like you can go get us each a glass of wine.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

Sandra walked naked into the kitchen and looked around till she found glasses and the wine and poured them each a glass. She returned and handed one to Amanda. Then she stood there, not knowing quite where to sit or what to do. “You may sit on the floor there my dear,” Amanda pointed to the throw rug between the sofa and the entertainment center. Sandra sat cross-legged on the throw rug in front of Amanda and blushed when Amanda eyed her bare pussy. She waited for Amanda to drink first.

`We will have to teach you at least a basic service protocol my dear, but that`s for later. Here`s to something wonderful.” Amanda raised her glass and Sandra did the same and then drank just after Amanda took a sip.

They didn’t notice the time until 2:30am. Amanda’s eyes widened and she smiled down at Sandra. “It looks like we’ve been getting along fabulously my dear.”

“Yes Miss Amanda, it has gotten much later than it felt.”

“Indeed. That is always a positive sign.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

“Follow me please.” Amanda ordered.

Sandra stood and followed a step or two behind.

She was led into the downstairs office/bedroom area. Amanda pointed at the carpeted floor beside the desk chair and said, “Kneel, and remain quiet while I work.”

Sandra knelt beside the chair and remained quiet while Amanda typed. Sandra began to get wet wondering what Amanda was typing. All sorts of naughty or kinky scenario’s presented themselves to her mind. But Amanda said nothing and did not give her permission to speak. Her knees began to get sore after a time. And some time later they began to fall asleep, starting at her feet, and slowly, as the long minutes passed, working up to her knees, and then up her thighs. She fidgeted nervously trying to find relief from the pain of the pins and needles, but remained silent. She was determined to do as she was asked.

Finally the printer began printing something and Amanda turned toward her. “At ease my dear. You may sit however you wish when I tell you that.”

“Thank you Miss Amanda,” Sandra said gratefully.

“I have come up with a plan as to how this will work between us. As this is all new to you in a lot of ways, and as this is a new relationship, I have made the plan to reflect that. We will be able to end this, at many points in the beginning if either of us feel it isn’t going to be what we need.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

“You will sleep here tonight in this bed. Before going to bed, you will read the terms and how things will go. If in the morning you feel you want it, we will begin.”

“Yes Miss Amanda.”

“Assuming you want it, and assuming I too, still want it in the morning, I will collar you. You will wear that collar for a week. At the end of that week we will reassess. And if we decide to part, we part. If we decide to continue, I will put another collar around your neck. Which will last for two weeks. Then a month: two months: four months: and lastly, eight months. At the end of the eight months, we will decide whether or not to make it a permanent bonding, and if we do, I will collar you for life. Does that sound like an appropriately cautious way to approach things my dear?”

“Very much so Miss Amanda,” Sandra smiled.

“Alright my dear. Go do any necessaries and then return for bedtime tuck in.”

Sandra smiled, “Yes Miss Amanda.” Then she ran to the nearest bathroom and did her necessaries. Since she didn’t have her toothbrush she decided she would have to go without for the night.

When she returned Amanda handed her a page to read.

The Rules.

1. I am Mistress, or Mistress Amanda at all times in private, or in D/s public. And in the vanilla world I am Miss Rogers.

2. You will obey all orders.

3. Dress code. Private and public and D/s public. Which are all to be defined by Mistress. No panties, except your granny panties when on your moon time, and only demi bra’s or no bra, and only stockings, not pantyhose in public. In private, or in D/s public, no clothing whatsoever, except your granny panties during your moon times and when I specifically wish you to dress. At any time you will dress in what I wish to see you in when I express such a desire. Other than these rules, dress as you wish.

4. You may not pleasure yourself, unless I order it, or permit it, and you may not ever have an orgasm unless I permit it or order it.

5. Furniture use is according to Mistress’ rules and desires.

6. Disobedience, either intentional, or accidental, will be punished by any means Mistress wishes. Mistress is the one to determine whether discipline is warranted.

7. Limits and safe words. You may have them. Yellow and Red for your safe words. The meanings will be discussed if there is a need.

This will be your our first test for the first week. As time goes on, I will add more rules and discipline for failures will become more severe.

This agreement will begin from the moment you wear my collar and will be renewed via the time schedule we discussed.

I, _______________Hereafter known as Mistress Amanda, or “Owner”, Or “Mistress” or “Domme,”, agree to these terms, on this date ___________________ .

I, ________________ hereafter known as “the sub,” or by any name Mistress chooses, agree to these terms on this date______________

Sandra read the document through. Her pussy twitched and her stomach did flip flops and there was a deeply seated need and feeling rising within her. When she had read it twice she looked up at Amanda who shook her head. “Don’t say anything my dear. Sleep on it. I know we didn’t drink much, but one shouldn’t make such a decision while in the feeling of the moment. If you desire this, your first task will be to wake me with your tongue on my pussy. If I wake up without your tongue, I will not mention this again. And neither will you. This is our one chance.”

“Yes Miss Amanda,” Sandra agreed.

“Alright my dear girl, crawl into bed and I’ll tuck you in,” Amanda said pulling back the soft covers of the bed revealing satin sheets.

Sandra crawled up and slid under the sensual sheets and Amanda covered her and kissed her on the forehead. “Sweet dreams my dear.”

“Sweet dreams Miss Amanda.”

Despite Sandra’s arousal that dampened the sheets and her excitement at the prospect of having the subject of many of her fantasies become her Domme, she fell asleep quickly.

She woke to a beeping sound. She groggily looked around trying to figure out where she was. It took a few moments, but the satin beneath her naked skin reminded her. She smiled and got out of bed in search of the sound. It was coming from the desktop computer.

She wiggled the mouse and the screen came alive and she saw a little note. “It’s decision time.”

She clicked the ‘ok’ button and the noise ceased. The clock said, 10am. Miss Amanda must have decided to let them both sleep some. She smiled and moistened her lips and looked at the page with the terms, conditions, and rules of her submission, if she were to sign it. She read it carefully once again. And she knew her decision.

Amanda moaned in her sleep. Her head tossed from side to side slowly and moans escaped her lips. Her hands reached down toward her pussy and felt an obstruction. She tried to feel her way past it, but it was big. She woke.

She looked down and saw Sandra between her legs, and suddenly the dream evaporated in favour of reality. Sandra was hers. She smiled.

“Good morning my girl,” Amanda said.

Sandra pulled her head up just long enough to smile and say, “Good morning Mistress,” and then she returned to her duties.

Sandra had been with several women in casual, and repeated casual relationships. She knew how to please a woman. Amanda grabbed her by the hair on either side of her head with both hands, and held two fistfuls of it. She moaned and her eyes looked down on Sandra with a hard, unfocused look, and her hands tightened and released, on Sandra’s hair. The closer she got, the faster the rhythm of her grip became. Suddenly her thighs squeezed Sandra’s head and her own hands between them and her hands squeezed their fistfuls of hair hard enough that Sandra yelped and whimpered. But she didn’t stop.

Amanda’s grip was like iron, but Sandra’s tongue kept up it’s actions. Amanda suddenly released the trip her thighs had on her, and forcefully pulled Sandra’s head away by her hair. She pulled Sandra toward her and Sandra had to quickly crawl over top of her until Amanda had her lips locked on hers. Sandra whimpered her arousal as Amanda’s tongue forced itself between her lips and invaded her mouth, tasting her own juices in Sandra’s mouth.

Then she pulled Sandra’s head back and smiled at her. “Good morning.”

“Good morning Mistress…. Again,” Sandra smiled impishly.

Amanda pointed at the floor beside the bed and gave her a ‘look’. Sandra was confused for a moment but gave a curt nod when she understood. She quickly climbed off the bed and knelt in the spot Amanda had indicated.

“Good girl,” Amanda praised her.

Sandra smiled.

“I want you to fetch the contract girl. You may not stand,” Amanda ordered.

Sandra crawled out of the room. Negotiating the stairs on all fours was slow going, but she managed to get down both half flights to the spare bedroom. She grabbed the contract in her hands and then wondered how she was going to carry it back as she needed her hands for crawling. She dried her lips and folded the page, and carefully took it in her lips at a spot where there were no words in case she drooled, and headed back sill on all fours.

Amanda smiled when she saw Sandra crawl back into the bedroom with the contract between her lips Sandra came up to the bed and held the contract in her mouth for her Mistress to take. Amanda produced a hard back book and a pen. She took the page and signed her name and dated it. She handed it to Sandra, who quivered as she did the same. Amanda then took it from her and put it in her nightstand drawer.

“That’s my girl. You’re such a good girl.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Go make some coffee for us sweetheat, and then you can join me on the bed to drink it.”

“I thought subs weren’t allowed on the furniture Mistress?”

“Do you want to never have anything comfortable to sit on girl? Cause I can arrange that for smartasses.”

“Sorry Mistress.”

“The rule is for visiting subs my girl. I do not expect my sub to not ever use furniture. It’s not like you’re a slave. So the furniture rule will only apply after 6pm. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you.” Then Sandra went to make coffee.

She soon returned and handed Amanda hers, and lay back against the headboard beside her Mistress with their legs touching and they sat quietly for a few minutes.

After a bit Amanda put her coffee on the nightstand and began playing with Sandra’s sex. She teased the outside of it, tracing gentle circles. When she noticed Sandra was already very wet she plunged a finger deep inside her. Sandra moaned and she put both hands around her coffee cup to keep from spilling it. Amanda finger fucked her slowly for a bit and then added a second finger. Sandra hands began to shake so she put her coffee on the nightstand on the other side of the bed.

Sandra’s whole body started trembling as Amanda added a third finger and she reached down to cover Amanda’s hand with hers. Amanda slapped her hands with her free one and Sandra jerked her hands back and held them at her sides.

Soon her trembling was accompanied by whimpers and moans, which didn’t’ take long to progress into full throated cries. She whispered, “I’m so close Mistress, may I please cum?”

“No,” Amanda replied.

“Will you please stop then Mistress, cause I’m about to and I can’t stop myself.”

“Oh? And you know you’d be punished, right?”

“I know Mistress, that’s why I’m asking you to please stop.”

“Five more seconds my girl and I will be happy to stop.”

Sandra gritted her teeth and squeezed her hands into fists and silently counted down to zero from five, twice, and suddenly Amanda stopped.

“Good girl,” Amanda said and petted her hair. “You may thank me now my dear.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Sandra said trying not to let her frustration show.

“That’s not much of a thank you considering I just saved you a punishement.”

“I’m sorry Mistress, thank you, thank you.”

“A proper thank you, when thanking a Mistress, involves some proper foot kissing to show one’s true appreciation.”

“Sorry Mistress,” Sandra said, and quickly knelt with her ass by the pillows and her head down by Amanda’s feet. She began kissing and nibbling and licking Amanda’s feet and toes while Amanda made small sounds that indicated her pleasure. After a couple of minutes Amanda spoke, “Alright my girl, your appreciation is noted. You are welcome. Now come drink your coffee.”

Sandra was disappointed that she didn’t get to orgasm, and she was leaking juices, but she knew it wasn’t all about her now. And, she admitted to herself, it was really hot to be tortured in that way.

She was almost finished her coffee when Amanda started again. She was still revved up from before so she quickly put her coffee down. This time Amanda used one finger of her other hand to caress her clitoris while slowly fucking her with two fingers. By the time Amanda added a third she was back to a trembling and whimpering mess. She repeatedly moved her hands towards Amanda’s but stopped short each time. Finally she stuffed them under her ass and let her cries of arousal out.

After a few minutes she asked, “Mistress may I please cum?”


She laughed but bit her lip, not sure whether to be frustrated or even more aroused. “May I humbly beg you to please stop then Mistress? I don’t want to disappoint you and I won’t be able to keep from cumming for long.”

“Five seconds. Hold it. Or else.”

Again she counted from five to zero in her mind and then did it again before Amanda stopped. She let out a sigh of relief and frustration. She remembered her lesson and knelt and began kissing and nibbling Amanda’s feet and toes. Amanda petted her sides and lightly caressed her back and ass as she kissed and nibbled. After a few minutes Amanda said, “You are welcome my girl. Finish your coffee.”

“I guess I should be able to this time Mistress as there isn’t much left,” and she giggled.

Amanda laughed. “I guess you are a bit of a natural brat aren’t you?”

“I don’t mean any offence Mistress, but seen from a certain point of view this is funny. Frustrating, and arousing, but funny.”

“Alright my girl, if we can’t laugh, then we might as well throw it in. Right?”

“Right Mistress.”

“Good girl,” Amanda said softly and petted Sandra’s hair as they finished their coffee.

Sandra finished hers first, and Amanda pulled her in close to nestle her head on Amanda’s shoulder. She held Sandra in one arm as she sipped the remainder.

They had a second cup in bed, which Sandra fetched for them, and then Amanda told her it was time to shower. “You go first sweetie, towels are in the bathroom closet.

“Yes Mistress.”

When Sandra got out she came into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel on her head. “You look cute like that my girl,” Amanda laughed. “Kind of genie chic.”

Sandra laughed.

“My turn for a shower. While I’m gone I want you on your knees on the bed masturbating.”

“Yes Mistress. Am I allowed to cum?”

“No. If you get to the point where you’re ready, you will stop and cool down for twenty seconds, then start again.”

“Yes Mistress,” Sandra said.

Sandra brought herself to the edge of orgasm three times before Amanda came out with her own towel around her head, and another wrapped around her upper body. “Keep going my dear while I dress.”

“Yes Missssstresssss,” Sandra moaned.

Sandra brought herself to the edge again, while Amanda seemed to have difficulty making her mind up about which underwear she would wear. She brought herself to another while her Mistress selected stockings. And another while she was dressing in long skirt and low cut blouse with flowing sleeves.

Amanda sat on the edge of the bed and watched her bring herself to the edge one more time and smiled at her moans and whimpers, and at her blatant look of frustration.

“Alright my girl, let’s get something to eat. Go get your clothes on from yesterday. We’ll stop at fast food place on the way to your place for some breakfast sausages and coffee.”

Sandra whimpered when she found out she wouldn’t be cumming, but agreed. “Yes Mistress.”

She stood in the living room in front of the door and grabbed her clothing out of the basket. She pulled on her skirt and blouse and put on her shoes. She held her panties, bra, and stockings in her hand and asked, “What should I do with these Mistress?”

“Bring them my girl. You can find a plastic bag in the kitchen.”

Sandra fetched a plastic bag and stuck her underthings in it and they went to Amanda’s car. Amanda opened the door for her and shut it behind her and then took her own seat.

Sandra set the bag and her purse on the floor and fastened her belt. Amanda did the same, and then they drove off.

And here ends Part 1. I am not sure how long this story will be. But Part 2 has been begun. It could be longer than my usual.

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