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Kristina’s Punishment

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Eighteen-year-old Kristina entered the Dean’s office. The busty blonde was wearing her school uniform which consisted of a white blouse, which was currently unbuttoned enough to show her ample cleavage, a short skirt and her white knee-high socks with black shoes.

“Miss Mitchell, please come in and have a seat.” said Dean Whitmore.

Kristina shut the door and sat in the chair in front of his desk.

“Do you know why I called you here today.” He asked.

“No sir.” She said meekly.

“I think you do.” He said.

Kristina nervously licked her lips and shifted in her chair.

Whitmore leaned back in his chair as he took in the sight of her and his gaze lingered on the swell of ample breasts.

“Young lady…” he began, “I’ve been getting reports about your bad behavior all day as well as your uniform which does not meet school standards. Talking back to your professors is not acceptable.” he said scowling. “You’re skirt is too short and your breasts are spilling out.”

Kristina looked scared. She knew she shouldn’t have tried the alterations to her uniform, but she wanted the boys to think she was sexy and Mrs. McCann shouldn’t have said those things about her being a slut. She wasn’t a slut; she was still innocent, but hoped her outfit would attract the attention of the boy she liked.”

“Young lady, Kristina…” he said leaning forward, “You will have to be punished.” He got up from his chair and sat on the sofa across the room. “And I’m going to punish you right now.”

Kristina’s eyes went wide as she swallowed a lump in her throat. She was scared and didn’t know what her punishment would consist of.

“Come here.” Whitmore said.

She was too scared to move. She had never been in trouble before. What was he going to do to her?

Whitmore was enjoying Kristina’s fear. She was so sweet and innocent that he was going to enjoy tarnishing her and taking her innocence. “If you don’t come to me now, you are not going to like it when I come over there to get you.” he said sternly. He was clearly enjoying this.

Kristina slowly got out of her chair, afraid of what Principle Whitmore was going to do to her. She couldn’t imagine what punishment he had in mind. She slowly walked over to him. He watched her long legs as she walked to him.

He grabbed her wrist when she stood in front of him and he pulled her over his lap, “Come here!” he said.

“Oh…” she said surprised. “Mr. Whitmore…” she started to say.

“Be quiet Missy!” he said as he pulled her skirt up past her perfect, round ass and smacked it hard with the palm of his right hand.

“Ah,” She said almost jumping off his lap. “Mr. Whitmore?” She said as she tried to pull away, but he held on tight and slapped her ass again.

“You will take your punishment and stop talking. Is that clear?” He said smacking her ass again. She was terrified now and he was loving it. “I said, is that clear?”

“Ye..yes.” She said quietly. “Please Mr. Whitmore….don’t hurt me.”

Whitmore pulled her panties down and removed them. “You are being punished for being a dirty slut. You will be treated any way I wish.” He smacked her naked ass again and this time she moaned.

Now he was getting somewhere. He smacked her harder this time and her moan was even louder. This girl was going to be fun. He knew she was going to enjoy this. He smacked her again and ran his hand between her legs and felt her wet pussy. He rubbed his fingers across her slit and tweaked her clit. A deep moan escaped her and her legs parted just a bit. Yes, this was definitely going to be fun.

“You are a very dirty girl Kristina. I’ve barely begun to punish you and you are already very wet. Let’s see how wet I can make you.” He said as he pushed two fingers into her wet cunt. She moaned and tossed her head back. He pushed his fingers in and out of her as she continued to moan. She was enjoying this. She was a very bad girl and he was going to enjoy punishing her.

He tweaked her clit with another finger as he continued to fuck her with his fingers. She was so wet now that her juices were dripping down onto his pants. He was so aroused by this that his cock had grown large and was straining against his pants.

Kristina kept moaning as Mr. Whitmore fingered her pussy and clit. She was still scared, but it felt so good that she didn’t know what to do. So she continued to lay there and moan. His fingers sliding in and out of her innermost private part. She couldn’t believe she was enjoying this. Mr. Whitmore was so old. He was at least 35 maybe older, but his fingers felt so good inside her. He smacked her ass hard with his other hand and she moaned again as she was surprised. He smacked her ass and finger fucked her at the same time. Pressure began to build up inside her pussy and it felt so good. She had never experienced this before and didn’t know what was going on, but it felt good. The pressure built and built and just when she thought she couldn’t handle the pressure anymore it broke and a wave of pleasure spilled out from her pussy and clit and spread to every place in her body. She shuddered and moaned so loudly she thought the secretary might hear.

Whitmore was smiling as Kristina shuddered and came for the very first time. She was almost ready to be used. When she stopped shuddering he removed his fingers from her pussy and smelled them. “You’re scent is intoxicating dear. I can’t wait to taste you.” And then he smacked her ass several more times, ‘causing her to jump again and moan some more.

He sat her up in his lap and looked longingly into her beautiful blue eyes. There was lust in them and he knew then that he could do whatever he wanted with her and she would like it. Oh, yes, she was going to be a dirty, little slut. His dirty, little slut. He unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and stared at her large, perfect breasts in her black bra. He cupped both of her breasts and she gasped.

“You like me touching you. Don’t you?” he said to her.


He removed her bra and took a pert nipple into his mouth. “Oh….” He put his arms around her and sucked on one nipple and then the other. He bit down just enough to cause her to moan just a little louder. He could feel her wetness soaking his pants underneath her.

“Because you are such a dirty little slut you have made me very excited. As part of your punishment you must take care of me.” He said placing her on the floor in front of him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his very hard cock.

Kristina didn’t know what to think. She was having trouble thinking. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t believe she was feeling this way with what Mr. Whitmore was doing to her. She was so horny now that she didn’t care that what he was doing to her was wrong. It felt too good to be wrong. When she saw him pull his large, hard cock from his pants she thought she was going to faint. It was huge!

“Suck my cock slut!” He said to her as he grabbed her behind the head and guided her mouth to his cock. She opened her mouth and took him inside her. He began moving her head back and forth as she sucked his cock like a Popsicle. “Ahh…” he said as she sucked on him. She gagged a couple of times and continued. Once she got the hang of it he let go and she continued to suck him on her own. In and out. In and out.

Sucking Mr. Whitmore’s cock wasn’t as scary as she thought and as she got the hang of it she started licking him like a lollipop and using her hands the way she saw in that dirty movie that she and her girlfriends watched when her parents were away. That made Mr. Whitmore moan with pleasure and look at her with a wicked gleam in his eyes. He really liked the way she was sucking his cock and she knew she wanted to please him. She kept sucking just like the women in the movie and cupped his balls. She swirled her tongue around and sucked in and out. After a few moments she felt his balls tighten and then a salty and sweet liquid shot into her mouth. He grabbed her head and held it to his cock, forcing her to swallow his cum.

“Did you like sucking my cock and swallowing my cum you dirty little slut?” He asked.

Kristina looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes and said, “Yes sir.”

“Wonderful. I’m going to make you feel really good now, because you’ve been a very good slut so far.” He moved over and pulled her back onto the sofa and laid her down. He pulled apart her legs and sniffed her cunt. The scent was intoxicating. He couldn’t believe he would soon be plunging his cock into her tight, little, virgin pussy. He almost couldn’t hold himself back, but there was one thing he wanted to do first. He licked her clit and she moaned. Oh yes, she was going to like this.

He licked her clit and up and down her slit. He slid his tongue inside her pussy and she moaned in pleasure. He licked her clit and slid two fingers into her and began finger fucking her like before. He kept licking her clit while finger fucking her and she clawed at the edge of the sofa and moaned like the dirty slut she was. It didn’t take long, but her second orgasm rocketed through her body like dynamite as her body creamed woman juices all over his face. She cried out loudly and he was worried that somebody might hear her as he realized he did not lock the door.

When she stopped shaking Mr. Whitmore moved between her legs and up her body. He was very warm and had an evil, lustful gleam in his eyes which frightened her. But she now wanted him so badly. Maybe she really was a dirty slut. Coming to school in a short skirt and showing cleavage had gotten her punished this way. She was starting to think that maybe she would come to school dressed like a slut everyday. Mr. Whitmore looked into her eyes and then he kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth and making her taste her own juices. She kissed him back moaning into his mouth as his large cock entered her virgin pussy.

He went slow at first as he entered and broke her cherry. She moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. She made a few pained noises and then resumed moaning as he stroked his cock in and out of her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he fucked her. Her pussy was so wet and tight that he knew he couldn’t hold out for long, despite having already cum in her mouth. Kristina was one hot, dirty, little slut. He enjoyed sliding his hard cock in and out of her wet pussy and he realized that he was going to have to fuck her regularly after this. He would have to make up reasons to punish her. He pumped in and out as she moaned and bucked back. She really was getting the hang of being a dirty slut.

He grabbed her breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth as he fucked her. She was really enjoying this. She was moaning so loudly and he could tell that she was getting ready to cum again. He picked up his pace and fucked her harder and deeper and just as she began to cum again he thrust his cock into her wet pussy one last time and shot his cum deep inside of her. He collapsed on top of her when he was done.

“Mr. Whitmore?” She said.


“I’m a dirty, little slut and need to be punished.”

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