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Turn About’s Fair Play

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She had been excited about it for a week. They really weren’t sure how Thursday had gotten decreed “kink” night but it was a tradition now. For a couple of months now, her husband had been asking, well, begging for her ass. She was tentative and they had started slowly. A week ago, he had finally pressed his cock into her. He was not overly long but damn, he was wide. He had gotten it in, but not very deep or for very long. She was proud of herself. She would get better. Tonight though, it was her turn.

Turn about is fair play, she had told him. The idea came to her the next morning as she worked to find a comfortable way to sit in her desk chair. She didn’t really tell him, she had just gone online, ordered a small selection of progressively scarier plugs, and sent him the confirmation.

He had thought it was an excellent idea. He had commended her on being proactive. He would start with the small one in her ass, and just work slowly up to the larger one. She snickered to herself. They weren’t for her ass. Should she tell him? Oh, hell no! She went back online. The bondage site had a huge selection, each thing just slightly more frightening than the next. She added a harness to her cart. She liked the purple velvet trim. The gag was probably not necessary… His email came in. He couldn’t wait to get that big fat plug in her ass. She added the gag, upgraded shipping, and clicked on check-out.

Monday, the box arrived. She had tracked it and took off early to make sure she picked it up. Inside the cardboard box she unwrapped each cellophane bag and slipped the black rubbery toys out of their boxes. She studied the set of plugs. The first one was about the size of her longest finger, the swell three fourths of the way down, just a bit fatter than her knuckle. The second was half again bigger. She compared her hand. About two fingers, perhaps? She set them down on the table. The third filled her hand when she picked it up. He had texted her all the way home. He couldn’t wait to get it into her. An evil grin crept across her face.

She slipped the fat plug into the hole of the strap. She looked at the clock. Crap, she didn’t have enough time. She crammed the wrappings and empty boxes into the carton and dropped it off into the garage. She scurried up the stairs and into her bra drawer she dropped her booty. Hehe, “booty!”

Tuesday and Wednesday were impossibly long. The dirtier he flirted, the dirtier her thoughts became, the longer the afternoons at work took to drag along. Each morning she would dig into the lingerie drawer as she was getting ready and see the glistening brand new toys waiting to be broken in. Tuesday night, the children had added to her frustration. They had totally interrupted any chance of her getting off. Wednesday, finally they had gotten some quiet mommy daddy time. He had bent her over, her favorite. As he thrust that fat cock into her wet pussy all she could think of was Thursday night. Kink night. It would be her hands on his hips. His face buried in the pillow. The very thought had brought her orgasm rushing through her body. As he continued to pound her she pressed her ass back against him. Mmm, he was going to be her little fuck toy!

Thursday he had started the day with a very dirty text about what he was going to do to her. Her response: “Sorry Charley, tonight is my turn!” She teased him off and on the rest of the day. When he would ask what she had planned, her answers varied from “Maybe?” to “Not a bad idea.” Not once did she give any indication of what she had planned, and the plan just seemed to get better the longer she thought about it.

She beat him home. She had to leave early, she was too eager to spend that last hour of the day staring blankly at the computer screen. She picked up the kids, fed and watered them. He wandered home a bit early himself. She advised him to eat light. He had work to do. She didn’t know how it had any relevance at all what he ate, but it excited him and he complied. Oh, she liked having the power!

Cooperation came from all around. As she was bathing, he wrangled the children to bed managing to calm them down. He wandered into the bedroom as she was rubbing the lotion into her legs. He flirtingly asked how he could help. She thought for a moment and decided it was as good a time as any to start.

“You can help by doing exactly as you are told!” He grinned widely in response. She stood in front of the dresser handing him the lotion. She stood in mountain pose and instructed him to apply the lotion. She was specific, he was to warm it in his hands first, He started on her calves, rubbing the lotion in. She sent him on to her arms and hands, her shoulders. She saved the best parts. She moved him on to her back, finally letting him lotion her ass cheeks. She flexed them for him, knowing how he liked that.

He played along nicely. “Might I lotion your thighs, Mistress?” he asked, and she instructed him to his knees and allowed him. It felt good and tempted as she was to let him continue. To let him lick her pussy as he had asked, she resisted. Stick to the plan.

She sent him to the shower. It was misdirection and she knew it. She knew he would prepare to have his cock sucked. She might suck him off. If she accomplished all she had in mind first. It was best to be prepared. She instructed him to trim and shave his balls. “Your Mistress likes them clean shaven.” She said, slapping his ass as he slipped into the shower.

Occupied in the shower she dressed. She knew she was going to get what she wanted, she would give him some of his favorites as a reward. She slipped into the corset, doing her best to tie it. It was his favorite and she couldn’t blame him. She admired the way it tripped her belly, highlighted the shape of her hips and held the girls high and tight. Work what God gave you! She thought, admiring herself. She pulled on the stockings, clipping them to the corset. She pulled on the panties that tied on the sides, easy to remove. Finally, as she heard the water turn off, she pulled on the high heeled boots. She wouldn’t wear them to work, as so many women did today. She really only wore them to bed. It made them that much dirtier!

He was drying off and she watched. For forty he still had a good looking body. He was softer than he’d been at 20, for sure, but he didn’t carry a beer belly. His shoulders were still broad and muscular, his legs long and lean. His cock, well, she loved his cock. He was long enough without being monstrous. The word she used for it was “girth.” She loved the way he filled her. Mmm… it could make head a challenge from time to time but even now, If he tried hard enough, she really only needed him to fuck her. “Keep your game face on, girl!” She reminded herself. Nearly carried away already she turned to hang up his towel. His bare ass did the trick. Oh yes. That was HER ass tonight.

She instructed him to the bed. Grinning, he complied. She knew he liked being the sub! Onto his hands and knees she moved him. She walked around him, admiring, running her hands over his body. She pulled the pillows from the headboard and pressed them into a pile underneath him. He asked her what she had in mind and she slapped his bare ass. It was a bit loud and left a brief red mark! Okay, that was better than she thought it would be. “Only speak when spoken to!” And she slapped him again. Strutting in her high heels she started to understand the whole boot thing!

Step 1. Incapacitation. She had arranged her accoutrements ahead of time and now opened the drawer behind him. She pulled out the fuzzy cuffs. She had had him in them before, but not quite like this. She walked over in front of him and clipped them over each wrist. His grin was now a broad smile, his excitement obvious. Kneeling, with her breasts close to his face she reached under the bed. She was proud of her ingenuity. Secured to the support under the bed she pulled the hooked end of an old dog leash she had found in the garage, clipping it to the chain between his wrists he wouldn’t be moving now. “Oh, I like this position!” and walking behind him, she slapped his ass again. When he asked what that had been for, she slapped him again. “This talking better not get out of hand or I will have to do something about it!” She so wanted to do something about it.

Step 2. Anticipation. Back into the drawer, she pulled out her second piece of hardware. Small, thin, and pink, with a round egg shaped tip. She moved in front of him, just out of his reach. “Do you want a little show?” she teased, and he very nearly begged. She kneeled in front of him, her legs spread, licking her finger long and slow she slipped it between her legs.

“Oh yeah, work that pussy for me.” Hadn’t she mentioned he wasn’t to talk? His non-compliance was most convenient. She rubbed her lips, pressed her finger back and forth on her clit as she felt it swelling. She breathed deeply and he talked her on. “Oh yeah, work that clitty. Make it cum.” She felt herself getting wetter and ran her finger in and out of herself just enough to moisten her lips. In circles now she worked the small nub of flesh. Her thighs quivered just a little. “Yeah, baby! Make it cum for me!” As he egged her on she worked it harder, finally adding the small vibe. Pressing it to her clit she was only hearing certain words. “Cum, pussy, cum, clit, yeah, fuck it for me!” and she did. She pressed it into her catching that spot and the orgasm hit her. From the small of her back she felt it press forward until it exploded into her wet cunt. She groaned and held the vibe inside of her as it washed over her. “That’s a good girl, cumming hard for me.”

Step 3. Humiliation. “I seem to recall…” she paused, pulling the small vibe out of her. “That you were specifically told…” She held it to his mouth. “Not to speak, unless spoken to.” She pressed it between his lips. “Now make it clean.” Pressing the fake cock into his mouth, she nearly came again. I think you have earned 4!

Moving behind him she left the vibe in his mouth. The first slap across his ass was light and he moaned slightly. Slap! The second came harder, leaving a slight mark. He moaned more. Slap! She hit him again, hard enough she felt a slight twinge in her hand. He moaned more. He couldn’t have seen but she actually shrugged what the hell? SLAP! She had swung from her hip, “MUuung!” he moaned. Proud of herself she went back to the drawer.

Step 4. Intimidation. She stepped in front of him, the assortment of goodies in her hands. One by one she laid out several for him to see. The gag was laid out closest to his face. He leaned up on his elbows, the vibe dropping to the bed. “Oh my!” he said, not quite the same grin as before.

“Talking…. Tisk tisk.” She pressed it into his mouth, pulling the strap behind his ears. “Too tight?” she asked, when he moaned no, she pulled it tighter. Unable to speak, she laid out the next instruments of his impending doom. The finger sized plug first. His eyes widened. As the second one, slightly larger was set down in front of him he looked up at her. She was glad she left the other behind him.

Speaking in the same calm voice, not quite mocking but clearly getting her message across, in the same voice he had used, she soothed him. “Don’t worry baby, just relax. You are good little fuck toy” He moaned up at her. She picked the smallest plug from the sheet and walked behind him. He moaned gently when the cold lube hit his as. She purred relaxing words at his as she dabbed it in small circles around his ass. “That’s a good little fuck toy.” Then firmly, with her full hand, surprising herself even, she slapped his ass. “Now take it like a man, bitch!”

Step 5. Penetration. She reached beneath his legs. Her hand, wet with lube found his cock. He was hard. Waiting. She ran her fingers over him and cupping the head of his penis, edged the rip of the small black plug to his ass. He moaned as the cold lube slipped the tip easily inside of him. She stroked his cock. Distraction, she knew it helped when he had licked her clit the first time he has slipped a digit into her tight ass. He took it easily. She coached him. That’s right, relax and take it. She had intended to soft. The relax him, but the thrill was building inside of her. She felt her own excitement and it came out in words. “Yeah, baby. Take it like a good boy.” The plug finally hit its widest point and his ass took it, swallowing it to the wide hilt. She pressed it delicately. “you like it when I fuck that ass of yours?” He moaned in agreement.

She struggled to grasp the small plug and began to work it in and out of him. Talking the whole way, she pulled it out slightly and then pressed it in. “You like taking it, don’t you!” it slipped in her fingers. “Mmm, you have to tell mistress you like it!” OOPs! She had forgotten! He couldn’t. “Oh, that’s right! This is my little ass. You just take it!” Another minute. His moans grew louder. She wanted it deeper. It was time. She pulled the small plug from his ass. Reaching beneath him, she stroked his cock, still hard, viciously hard, me moaned and thrust his hips as if to fuck her hand.

“I think you’re ready to graduate!” laying the small plug aside she moved back in front of him. The medium one sat waiting. She teased his hair as she picked it up. “Just relax baby.”

His ass was slick; the first round had well lubed his tiny hole. She applied more to the tip of the larger plug and ran her finger over it. “Now just relax, baby.” She nudged it at his ass. He clenched closed at first and she rubbed his cheeks.

“Open up for me, baby. That’s right.” And she nudged it in as he moaned. “You like that? You are being such a good fuck toy!” She pressed deeper. He moaned deeper, he collapsed from his elbows and laid flat on his chest and face. “Yeah, you like being my little bitch, don’t you?” She worked it in further. Slowly she began to work it in and out of him. He curled his knees up closer raising his ass. He did like it. She pressed a little further. Still hard to grip she started to work his ass. She loved the power of it. All her life she has been the one being fucked. Tonight, he was the Fuckee! “Harder, baby?” she asked. He moaned and leaned his ass back to her.

Faster she moved it in and out of him. He moaned in time with her strokes. “Yes, baby!” she cheered him on. “Take it! Spread that ass for me.” She struggled to hold on as she pressed it deeper and harder into him. He was moaning. She reached between his legs and grabbed his cock. Holding it tight she fucked him harder, deeper. She slapped his ass, the plus pressed tight to his anus. “Yeah baby, come for me!” He growled into the gag, unable to speak, he tugged against the cuffs, pressing his ass to her. She could tell now.

His cock writhed in her tight grip. He was cumming but the plug pressed tight in his ass, pressing his P-spot held it inside of him. “Come on, baby, give me a load!” and he pressed his ass to her. His growls now turned to cries, muffled by the dark red rubber ball. She pulled the plug from his ass. He let out a long moan and his body collapsed on the pile of pillows. “Such a good little fuck toy, you are!” she reassured him. She ran her hand over his ass, she reached under and cupped his balls, stroked his cock. He was still moaning lightly. Walking back to his face she kneeled down in front of him. His arms were still stretched out in front of him and she ran her hands over them, up to his shoulders and his neck. With a slight tug she released the gag and he wriggled his head until the ball dropped. Although a little more clearly than before, he still only moaned.

“You like that, baby?”

“Mmmm,” and with a little nod, “yeah, um, yeah I did.”

“You were a good little fuck toy for mistress! Thank you!” and she stroked his hair.

“Mmmm.” Again, moans were the best he had, although a contented smile crept over his lips.

“Are you going to behave yourself if I let you go?” she teased. As he cooed back yes, she pressed the small switch and released the cuffs. “You just rest a second, catch your breath.”

He straightened his legs, stretched his arms. She slipped around behind him and watched as her stretched his jaw, she imagined it had to feel good to move it. She was a little curious about having the gag in. She supposed she would find out! Again, from the bed, she heard him moan.

“Are you done, baby?”

His eyes still closed. He grinned and teased back. “Is mistress done with me?”

Stepping in front of him, now sporting the harness she leaned down and whispered at him. “Not hardly…” He edged his head enough to look up at her, he saw only the monstrous plus strapped to the front of her, the long legs, the tight corset.

“oh, fuck…”

“Yeah?” she quizzed back. She knew she wanted it. It was what she had thought about all week. Looking down at the large black pseudo dick, she knew this is what she had been working up to. She also knew she would let him off. It was a lot. It was a lot in general, but to have just penetrated his virgin ass for the first time, she knew it was a big step. She wondered how he was taking it. She knew a man could feel threatened, could feel awkward about even the smallest amount of ass play. Her husband was a man’s man, but here he was, about to be fucked up the ass by his wife. Excited as she’d been all week, she was prepared to roll him over and ride him back to manhood.

She looked down at him and waited. He looked over at her again, at the giant dong between her legs. He looked up further, with widened eyes he responded. “Oh mistress. Fuck me with that fat dick!”

Step 6. Culmination. With his hands released, he assumed the position. Burying his head in a pillow, he reached his arms out, grabbing the mattress in front of him. Bending his knees, he pushed his ass up in the air for her. She moved around behind him. Turn about is fair play, she thought. She moved in closer. She thought about how it must feel to be a man, bending a woman over and taking her from behind. He pussy was dripping with the thought.

She pressed the head of the fattest plus to his ass. He leaned forward a little, then rocked back to her. Again, she lubed the plug. There would be no loosing her grip now; it was strapped to her hips. She pressed it to him and again he moaned. It was louder than before. Embarrassed he buried his face back into the pillow. She pushed further.

His ass resisted. The very head of this one was as fat as the first plug and she had to push harder. She took him by the hips. Fuck yeah, she though. Mother fucking yeah! She slapped his ass.

“You gonna take it for me?”

“Mm hmm” he agreed.

She pushed harder, he took a couple inches. There were at least 4 more! He moaned into the pillow and she pushed on. Rocking her hips, each thrust he took a little more. She imagined for the moment a tight pussy and pressing a fat cock into it. “Fuck yeah!” she actually said it this time and he moaned back at her. He pushed his hips back to her.

The were both rocking, and as they worked to find some sort of rhythm, the phallic plug was slowly finding its way deeper into his ass.

“Oh Fuck!” he exclaimed. Scarred, she pulled back “No, don’t stop! Fuck that ass!” He begged at her. She could swear she came right them. She grabbed his hips and pressed hard and fast. Three inches slid in. He buried another moan. She slapped his ass and pushed harder.

“Oh, Fuck yeah!” he moaned up at her and she took him. She pulled his ass. She pressed her hips. The movement was awkward at first, a new motion. But slowly she found the right muscled, she clenched her ass as she thrust forward. Images pressed into her mind. She thought about having a cock, she thought of the power, she took him deeper, pressing the rubber cock into him. It was tugging and pulling now. She felt it rub and press against her clit. He moaned again.

“Fuck me! He begged. “Yeah, fuck that ass hard.” And as he pressed faster and deeper she heard his ass slap against her hips and she was there. Her body tensed as she came but then the pulling of the straps against her clit stopped, so she pressed again. She rocked the plug into him and he pressed back to her. She was the one speechless now as the orgasm pulled at her thighs and pussy. He was pressing his ass back against her and she gripped him. Fucking him with every ounce of strength she could muster. She was sweating, she was fucking him, she was cumming. He legs were weak. She felt it in her abdomens. He was almost whimpering.

“Cum for me, baby!” She worked it faster, shorter strokes for speed.

“Oh please. Please make me cum!” he whimpered back at her. She pulled at her hips. She had no speed left, she had no strength left. He was leaning forward and moaning, the plug still pushed deep into him.

“I can make you cum!” She pulled back from him. The plug resisted at first and then with a push was released and she fell back onto the bed. With a tug she released it from her hips. “Roll over.”

Step 7. Conclusion. Rolled onto his back, his erection was monstrous. She did so love his cock. He clearly hadn’t cum. He had earned it. She leaned forward over him, her legs jelly, and took his cock into her mouth. She moaned as she pressed him as deep into her as she could and he moaned back.

“Oh, fuck yeah.” he cooed. She reached her fingers between her own legs and found her lips dripping. As her tongue ran circles around his head, her fingers ran in the same small circles inside her lips, dancing over her swollen clit. Fuck, she was cumming again. She moaned and felt his cock pulsing.

“Mm hmm.” She moaned into his cock. Pulling back just a moment. “come for me!” She took him back in her mouth, her tongue pressed to his head and shaft. It came slow at first but as it exploded she gripped at her pussy and felt herself cum again. He had had it stored and as it hit her throat her lips broke seal, there was too much. His hot cum burst from her lips and she fingered her wet pussy as she swallowed all she could. He had been a good little fuck toy. His load on her lips was his reward.

He groaned loudly as he came, his hands wrapped around her head as he pushed just a little deeper, giving her every bit she had. The moaned lightly as he pressed into her, fucking her face. Her orgasm finally subsiding she released his cock. Wiping the cum from the corners of her lips she wrapped herself around him. Resting her head on his chest she felt his heart racing. His breathing deep and steady.

“Mmmm, what a good little mistress you are, my love!” He praised her as he stroked her hair.


“Um, yeah. wasn’t it obvious! Good for you?”

“Oh yeah!” she replied. She grinned to herself. She was proud of herself. She wondered just how she would top it.

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