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Criminal Passion

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After many years I finally got that well deserved promotion. I had made some very simple plans of taking my lovely woman along for the celebration. I had already made reservations to the most expensive and classy restaurant in town. We made ourselves ready and were on our way out the door. Suddenly we both stopped as we looked longingly at one another. The restaurant, being high-class, required formal attire of their guests.

So I was dressed to the tee in my classic tuxedo with regal purple cumber bun and matching bow tie. Being well trimmed and clean-shaven I must admit I looked sharp. And what lay before my eyes was like looking upon the pearly gates of Heaven. Dressed in her beautiful black evening dress that hung off one shoulder while the other was draped in the same regal color, across her figure like that of a beauty queen. The amethyst earrings added even more sparkle to her smile. Her long hair and deep red lips did nothing to conceal the fiery passion within her. As we looked upon each other we embraced for a long passionate kiss. Forcing ourselves to break from one another we walked out the door in a hurry to make it in time for our reservation.

We made it in with a few minutes to spare and were promptly seated by our gracious host. As our red wine was served we made our order, then we simply waited. There was very little talk as we just stared in each other’s eyes and sipped the wine. As I looked at her sitting next to me at our table I suddenly tensed up and a shiver went up my spine. She had slipped her hand under the table and caressed my thigh as her hand made its way up to my crotch. She saw the touch of surprise in my eyes and only smiled. I was concerned that someone might figure out what was going on. My cock was stirred as hand traveled up my thigh, and now as she cupped and played with my balls through my pants, with steadying hardness my cock showed appreciation for the attention. As she continued to knead my balls and stroke my shaft through the material I became so hard the confines of my pants had become painful.

The sudden ting of metal broke me from my trance quickly. I looked around, still with the fear of being caught. I was put at ease to find out that it was just that a fork had fallen from our table. Before I could say a word she offered to get it and was quickly under the table. I was starting to feel more at ease cause I was expecting our food soon. Then just as quickly some deft fingers grabbed at my cock and released it out the open fly of my pants. So I did not move as I sit exposed under the table. I could feel one hand grab the shaft as I felt her hot breath across the base of my cock. With her tongue she ran it very slowly up my shaft, I twitched. As she reached the top she circled the head. Then for a second there was nothing. Until heat and wetness covered me like a glove, then I realized in one motion she had taken my entire length in her mouth. I bucked involuntarily at the mouth that now surrounded my manhood. She sucked in tighter as she brought her lips up my shaft and held her lips pursed around the head. As she held me still in her mouth she again flickered her tongue in circles around the head. I was afraid I would burst.

“Is everything ok?” the waiter asked.

Recovering quickly I said, “yes, all is fine.”

And as my lady appeared from under the table she quickly explained she had only dropped her fork. The waiter took it without hesitation and was off to get her another. As I took the time to catch my breath I somehow realized that I had not been put back together. She knew this and as soon as the waiter was gone her hand was again wrapped around my cock. With a firm grip she began stroking slowly. And without loosing a beat she leaned over and whispered in my ear,

“I’m going to keep you hard ALL nigh.t”

I was at a loss for words; all I could do was raise an eyebrow as I began to grasp what I was in for. We both suddenly looked up as our waiter appeared with our orders. I quickly took plates with both hands and sat them down. She accepted her plate from the waiter with her free hand while her other hand kept a steady rhythm on my cock under the table. As we ate our dinner she continued to work, making sure to not put me over the edge, but at the same time keep my member rigid at attention. As she ate she would from time to time grip firmly and stroke her hand up and down the shaft a time or two. I couldn’t take it much longer so I thought, surely two could play this game. I dropped a hand down and slowly guided it up her thigh, taking the dress along with me. I brought my hand to her inner thigh and as my fingers ran across her panties I could feel her wetness.

As I hooked a finger I pulled her panties to one side, leaving her bare lips naked to my touch. I caressed her outer lips a bit then let my middle finger travel up her slit till it ran across her clit. As the sensation overtook her body she turned and looked at me with eyes of passion.

I started stoking her, slowly at first, but steadily I moved my hand faster over her little button. Soon, she had relaxed her hold on my rod, but I stayed rock solid as we sat looking at each other. As her fiery eyes burned right through me she bit her lower lip holding back the sounds of passion. I was lost in the moment, filled with desire, then she leaned over and whispered in my ear,

“Put your fingers inside me.”

I slowly slid my middle finger in her as it was surrounded by warmth and flowing juices. After a few soft strokes I inserted another finger, and shortly after yet another. I picked up my rhythm as my three fingers probed. My hand was getting wet quickly so I was expecting her to shutter with her first orgasm of the evening. Just as I was beginning to wonder how she would hold back she again whispered in my ear,

“Remove those fingers now or you will be finishing what I started on your own tonight”.

With a bit of shock and great reluctance I did what she asked. As I reached for the cloth napkin to wipe my hand the loose hold she had on my cock instantly became a vice grip. I froze as I heard her say,

“stop…now bring your hand to your nose and take a deep breath.”.

Slowly, knowing exactly what she was after, I brought my hand directly under my nose. As I did so her grip on my cock all but disappeared. I inhaled deeply and was overwhelmed by her arousing scent. My cock jumped and throbbed at the familiar smell. Pressure on my cock had built so much that I could not help it as my cum started leaking all over the head and down the shaft as it coated her delicate fingers. Bringing her hand from beneath the table I could clearly see her hand was coated, glistening wet with my cum. As she looked right into my eyes, she brought the hand to her mouth and slowly licked my juices clean off. She then took each finger in turn in her mouth, inserting the entire length before her lips wrapped tightly around the digit. Seductively she slowly removed each, starting with her pinky, licking them clean as they left her pursed lips. As she cleaned the last, her index finger, she opened her mouth again.

I could see her tongue curled up the underneath side as she licked up to, then circled around her fingertip. Then one smack of her lips as she wrapped them tightly around the tip and removed the last digit completely.

I was entranced as she leaned over and said, “seems you can’t take much more of this fun” as she smiled.

Then I heard those blessed words I’d waited for all night, “alright honey, time to go.”

As if only a thought, she was back together as if nothing had happened, things were a little more difficult for me. With our dinner only half-eaten, I called the waiter over for the check. He seemed puzzled, but did what I asked. We each took another drink of our wine, paid our bill and were up from our table in a flash. I took her hand and assumed lead as we dashed for the car. With a bit of trouble I fastened my safety belt and we were on the road. I felt like a racehorse on the home stretch ready to win the big prize. My cock was still throbbing.

She looked to me and said, “seems you’re having a bit of trouble, don’t worry I’ll take care of it.”

I had my hands busy with driving and had time to say nothing before my member was again pulled free from the pants that concealed it. But this time, with care, she brought my balls out into the open as well. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why. She held my stiff cock in one hand as she lowered her head. She went straight for those balls she was so gracious to free. She licked and sucked on them gently. As the pleasure hit me my foot weighed heavier on the gas. She just continued to work. A sudden flash got my attention. I looked in the rear view mirror to see behind me a set of flashing blue lights, one of the boys-in-blue. Quickly I pulled the car over, the siren didn’t even sound. As the car pulled in behind me I tried to get her attention.

In a hushed voice I said, “please stop… no more… not now.”

The only reaction she gave was something between a moan and a laugh. Suddenly a flash of white light passed in through the window, already half-down. My girl froze in mid-stroke as she heard,

“May I see your license and registration, sir.”

Sitting up quickly in the passenger seat she tried to act innocent. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to put me back together. I handed my license through the window. But as the cop lowered her head to the window I was in full view. Yes a female cop. I turned a flush red and was so struck I didn’t even think to cover up. Her eyes lit up as she looked at me. Then with a passing look at the beautiful lady next to me she said,

“Well now, I see we have a problem here. Under the circumstances I think you need an escort to be sure you make it home safely.”

As the cop headed back to her car I put myself together again. She pulled out ahead of me letting her lights flash and a siren blast here and there. Taking the lead, she set the pace. So I followed her cruising a comfortable 70mph down the highway. A passing thought caught my mind, how does she know where we live? Then I realized she had not returned my license.

As we came to my home the cop pulled to the front yard while I passed her to park in the driveway. Just as I was about to get out of the car the cop again was at my window. My front lawn, having better lighting then what I could get from the street lamps gave me a better view of this woman who was authorized to use lethal force. Just as it is part of the business, the full-dress navy blue uniform did well to keep much of her under cover. Her hair was pulled underneath her hat, and raven lockes that hung over the ears, but did not touch her shoulder. As she leaned over putting her arms crossed, over the driver door I noticed a softer red that painted her nails matched the color of her lips. I judged from her face that she didn’t seem she could be more then twenty-four.

Pretty young I thought, she must be new on the force. And as I looked into her dark green eyes she said,

“You two be more careful and have a good night.”

I could only say, “of course officer, thank you.”

The officer stood up and we made our way out of the car. As I closed the door behind me I could not help it, my eyes traveled from the ground where she stood in her high-polished black boots and slowly up over the whole body.

She was not lacking in size anywhere, though her build was an athletic one. She surely keeps in shape simply as a necessity of the job. As I again looked in the eyes of that 5’6″ frame she smiled. She then took her hat off and let her hair fall free, shaking her head, letting her lockes drape over her shoulders and half-way down her back. She put her free hand on her hip and cocked her hand in the other as if aiming it at me.

She said, “I’ll let you off only with a warning this time,” with an attempt at authority in her voice.

She turned to walk away. Slowly as she swayed those hips I couldn’t help but look at her ass. As I heard her speak again, I looked up. She could tell where my eyes had been. Still with her ass to me she had turned her head over her shoulder and said,

“If I catch you two again I’ll have to use the cuffs. You’ll be brought in for reckless driving and exposure, though personally I would not call it indecent.”

With those words her eyes abruptly shifted to a new point. And though I was no longer fully erect it also had not recovered from earlier in the evening. My cock jumped, knowing the full attention of those eyes was on it. She gave a knowing smile, then turned and walked to her car and drove off. Still entranced, watching the patrol car leaving down my half-lit street, when I felt to arms wrap around me from behind. One hand went straight up my chest until it firmly cradled my neck in its grasp, the other hand darted below my belt hooking under my balls and gripping tightly around my cock. Unable to move as I felt the hot breath on my neck I could only shift my eyes toward my lady as she whispered in my ear.

Softly she said, “don’t you want to finish what I started?”

The instant she let up on her hold of me I quickly turned to her with eyes wide, fumbled for the keys, then pulling her behind with one hand I took the lead. Once inside we franticly began removing our clothes. She did with ease what sure was an endeavor for me. She simply pulled her dress off the one shoulder and it dropped in a puddle at her feet.

Working so hard to get myself free of my clothing, it was not until my jacket and shirt were completely undone and I looked up after removing my shoes that I noticed. There she stood before me dressed in a beautiful piece of lingerie, two pieces, a black top with spaghetti straps over the shoulder that draped loosely over her ample breasts. And a sexy pair of panties outlined in black lace. Then I realized, were she not clearly wet between her legs, the purple coloring of those panties would have matched that of her dress. Also, being so wet, her panties did nothing to hide the beautiful lips behind them. In fact, they clung so tightly to her those lips were clearly outlined for my viewing pleasure.

I could wait no longer. I was once again throbbing hard as I held her close and we locked in a wet passionate kiss. As our tongues began to dance our hands started to wander. As both her hands were lightly stroking my chest one of my hands was caressing her thigh while the other slipped right under her flimsy top, cupping her breast. After holding her there, breast in hand with the nipple between two fingers, I grasped her nipple with my thumb and a finger and stroked and pulled bringing her to new heights with such sensitivity. She could not help but respond to my touch. With our lips still locked together she let out a muffled moan in pleasure. With that response I brought my other hand up from her thigh and drove it directly under the waistband of her now soaked panties. A few long strokes across those lips and her hips began to gyrate. But when I slipped two fingers inside her with just a few probing strokes, she could take no more. As I removed my juice covered fingers and began tasting her sweet essence, she dropped to her knees. Before I knew it my belt was undone and in one move my pants and underwear were around my ankles. She went right for it, taking my entire length in her mouth. As I savored her juices she simply rolled her tongue underneath my shaft as it remained in her mouth. As my juices leaked out again she just pursed her lips tightly and sucked me hard as she pulled her head back my rod, releasing me with a “pop” sound from her lips. Thinking that she once again had gained control, she stood and ran toward the stairs, clearly with the intent of continuing her plans in our bedroom. But my animal instinct had taken over control and I was not about to wait or cage the animal within me.

As she made her way up the stairs I grabbed an ankle. As she struggled she slowly fell up the steps on her hands and knees. Once in this position I brought myself up to her quickly. Holding her with one hand I took my other and pulled her panties down. As the panties wrapped around her knees movement were even more restricted. I Held her in place with my right hand firmly over her shoulder. I watched as her lips parted slowly, inviting my cock as I entered her. Once inside her I started with purpose. I met her body each time with quick, smacking thrusts, before long she was bucking back, meeting each thrust. With both hands I reached for her breasts. I cupped each one holding her nipples firmly between two fingers. She brought her body up to mine and was now only on her knees. She turned her head toward my fingers and we kissed passionately as we made love.

We continued kissing as I took her in both arms and carried her up the steps to our bedroom. Once inside, I lay her across the bed and I suck and lick at her breasts a bit making sure the nipples stay hard and wet. As I kiss her softly between her breasts I again enter her. She moans to me softly. My hips thrust toward her as our bodies press against one another. I feel her soft breasts against my chest. Our breath is heavy as we kiss each other with heated passion. As our lips part I lower my head and take one long lick up her neck and under the chin. I seized the moment as she arched her head back. I was back up with her legs raised over my shoulders before she opened her eyes. Wrapping my arms around each leg, my hands gripped her inner thighs. I had waited all night for this pleasure, the game of slow teasing long gone, and pumping fast and furious we were on the home stretch.

Pounding her hard and fast the bed quaked in rhythm to our bodies. And I watched as her beautiful breasts were tossed about her chest as if performing some erotic dance. Her body writhing in joy and ecstasy, her moans were quickly approaching screams.

“Oooohhh God!!,…. Oooohhh God!!” she moans loudly.

she continues, “…that feels sooo….,” then stops.

“Oh my, I’m ready baby! I’m going to come!!” she screams.

Knowing this only brought me over the top. Pumping in her only a few more times before I pull out of her. Aiming my shaft toward her face she leans forward taking my cock in her mouth. I shoot deep inside her mouth time and time again. And as she tries to swallow it all I reach down with one hand and squeeze her clit between a finger and thumb. Moaning loudly, she hums her pleasure over my shaft. I watch as just a bit of my juices spill out the side of her lips.

Then without warning she started screaming, “I’m coming…I’m coming… YES…YES….YES!!”

She gyrated as orgasms, one after another, ran throughout her body. As I still had her clit in my fingers I feel her pleasure as my hand becomes covered in her juices. Then as her body settles down into the bliss of her climax she looks at me again with eyes of passion. Looking straight into my eyes, she takes one finger and lifts my juices of the side of her lip and sucks it deep into her mouth.

“I love to taste you, baby,” she says to me in her soft, sensuous voice.

Giving her a bit of a wicked smile I again lowered my head between her legs. With my tongue I give her some long slow licks lapping up the juices over her juicy pink lips.

Then I bury my tongue deep inside wanting to taste every drop of her. She moans again to the pleasure she receives. I lift my head up with my chin just inches from her pussy as she looks down at me. With my face covered in her juices I smile looking into her eyes and say,

“So do I babe, so do I,” as I lick my lips.

Satisfied we both lay close to one another, on our sides, spooning one another. We fall asleep, my arms wrapped around her, our bodies entwined and my cock again deep inside her.

A familiar sensation slowly stirs me awake as I feel my growing hardness engulfed in warmth and wetness. With effort I try and open my eyes, to look in my lady’s eyes and admire her lips so sensually wrapped firmly over my hardness. My heart began to race and my breathing increased, as I realized with my eyes fully open, I was still in complete darkness. Instinctually I jerked my left wrist trying to get at what denied my view, but something held me back. I could only hear a metal clanging, like loose change in a pocket or a set of keys as I pulled, the grip was firm I couldn’t move it. I tried with my other wrist, the same familiar clanging sound and again I was restrained.

With this I felt a release of my stiffness with a popping sound and a low gentle voice spoke, As a pair of soft hands caressed my thigh upward to my chest she says,

“I see I’ve stirred the gentle bear, just stay calm, relax and enjoy it my love.”

With that she caressed her fingers down the right side of my face as her lips pressed to mine for a tender kiss. As I felt her warm breath on my body she spoke again,

“I’ll be right back my love, I have to get something.”

With that I felt her weight lift off my naked body, a few footsteps and a clicking as she turned the doorknob. I listened for it, but never heard the lock catch the door shut. After a few seconds I figured I was out of her view, I still had no idea as I was completely blinded. It occurred to me to try and move my legs. Not knowing what to expect I tried them both, first the left, then the right. Again, I heard that same familiar clang of metal. Then I knew, my limbs were completely useless and I was blinded. I was helpless to whatever my lover had in store for me. That thought gave me a touch of fear, but at the same time I found it very arousing.

My shaft began to throb so hard at the thought as I felt a gentle breeze blow in almost caressing it. Then I felt fingertips gently sliding up my leg, over my thigh, then teasingly cupping my balls before sliding up my shaft.

Two fingers circled in the tiny patch of hair under my navel, then dipped into my navel, just for a moment. I bit my lower lip feeling such pleasure as the fingers traveled upward to my chest, over my chin, then completing their travels tracing my lips.

Finally I feel weight upon the bed, from one side and it spreads to the other, as I feel myself being straddled. Sitting upon my stomach, I longed for her to inch back upon my hardness and engulf every inch of me, but there would be none of that. She must have leaned forward as I felt her hardened nipple touching my lips, begging to be let in, to feel my tongue against it. Able to move naught but my head, I eagerly took her nipple in my lips, held it there a bit, then danced my tongue around and over her sensitive budding nipple. Momentarily I was disappointed as I felt her pull away and my lips lost hold that sweet nipple. I felt her body slide up my chest, feeling her wetness against my bare skin. I grunted as I felt the weight of her legs confining my arms even more so. There was a moment’s thought as to why she’d do such a thing, my movements were already well restrained.

I inhaled deeply, trying to catch my breath, and found the scent of her womanhood filling my lungs. I knew she was so close, I wanted to taste her. I darted my tongue out and my prayers were answered as my taste buds were covered in her juices. My head nodded up and down as I slid my tongue over the length of her lips. I heard her moan softly. Tasting her wetness I wanted more, as I probed with my tongue until it I found her opening and forced my tongue deep inside her. So aroused by her taste I hungered for her juices, I wanted more. I slid my tongue out over her lips as it rode over her love button like a speed bump. With my lips I locked on to it and suck firmly into my mouth. She squeezes her thighs to my ears making me almost deaf as grinds herself over my face with her clit firmly held in my mouth. Soon her gyrations are so strong I lose hold, but she was right in stride as she rode my tongue. She made sure to feel my tongue over her button every chance she had. Getting caught up in the moment it was so intense, I longed to feel her climax in my tongue.

Amidst all this I’m not even sure how I noticed, the touch of a hand sliding it’s fingers through fine hair as a hand glided upward to my thigh. Traveling still further I felt fingernails tracing fine lines through my balls. As the fingers slid up my shaft they turned and encircled my cock in a light grip. We were not alone. I felt a rush of pleasure and curiosity. Who was this other woman to join our little adventure, I wanted so much to see, but I was still powerless to do anything.

{End Part 1}

Hearing my lover, I knew she was nearing an intense climax. Then just as my lover began writhing in orgasm, I felt my hardness enveloped in warmth and wetness along the entire length of my shaft. As a tightening formed at the base of my cock and this warmth surrounded me, I knew, I had just been deep-throated!!

The feeling, the mystery of it all, a feeling so intense like my first time. Just who was this yet unknown stranger who at my most vulnerable moment, made me aware in an instant just how complete her control was?

As my lover rocked back and forth across my face I lapped up what juices I could as my face became sticky from her flow and every breath I took was filled with her scent. All the while my mystery guest started sliding her lips and tongue slowly up and down my full length. With a moment’s thought I realized of the women I had been intimate with, only my lover herself knew how to please me better orally. But my lover was right her with me, a part of this whole thing. A maelstrom of pleasure and emotion filled my body like never before!!

But these ladies were far from finished with me. I was met with both pleasure and disappointment as my lover pulled herself from me, lifting her body weight and sweet lips out of reach. Then I felt my mystery lover using her lips and tongue in magnificent ways focusing on the very sensitive head of my cock. Her lips wrapped so tightly they squeezed the base of the head as she moved up, only to mold again to the form of my head on every downward stroke. All the while without missing a step, her tongue would circle my head and abruptly dart across the top, across the hole, teasing me to a frenzy.

I enjoyed this pleasure so much I almost forgot there were three people in the room, almost. Just then I felt a hand gripping the base of my hardness, two fingers and a thumb surrounded my shaft as the two other fingers lightly stroked near the top of my sack. I felt my cock again enveloped in warmth and wetness as mystery lover again swallowed my length, her lips meeting with the fingers which surrounded my cock below. Increasing the pressure she slowly moved up my shaft again, releasing the head her lips made a clear *popping* sound. Then I felt the warmth of breath caressing my shaft and wetness around the head as she began to lick. Wait, there it is again, not one, but both ladies were dancing their tongues all over my cock. At times when they both worked the head I could hear it very clearly, a little moaning, muffled breath and sounds that were unmistakable, they were kissing!!

So enjoying the pleasure I was suddenly disappointed as I noticed the lack of touch around my hardness, both ladies had pulled away from me, but I could still hear them kissing. From the sounds I could tell they were both approaching me at one side of the bed. Then I felt a weight upon me, much heavier then before. In mere moments I inhaled the sweet scent of my lover, at the same time I felt weight at my hips and a delicate hand gripping the base of my cock. I gasped as I was greeted with a feeling so strange yet quite familiar. Wetness touching the head of my cock, then feeling covered in that wetness as the full length of my cock was swimming in it. My mystery lover had impaled herself on my hardness. As suddenly as I realized I was now having sex with a woman I may not even know, I felt a hand grip my head and direct me up as my lover pulled me into her wetness. I knew what she wanted and was more then willing to oblige her.

As my lover sat upon my face I began to taste her yet again. There was something about her taste, it was euphoric, I couldn’t get enough. I could feel my mystery lover beginning to drip her wetness down my sack as she started to writhe in pleasure, her breathing and moans steadily grew heavier. Then as she sat her full weight upon me I felt my full hardness driving into her. I was in so deep the sensation I felt was as if my sack was begging to be sucked in by the very same lips that were filled completely with my cock.

As I felt my lover running her fingers through my hair she began to pull at the knot in my blindfold. Was this it, was she actually going to let me see? I was still tied up and no way to move, but the suspense of just who this mystery lover was that was riding my cock like bull rider with a firm grip on the horn and legs tucked firmly into the ride, it was overwhelming, I had to see her! I could still feel my lover on top of me so as my eyes began to refocus to the light I looked up between my lover’s breasts and saw her looking down on me.

She smiles at me and says, “I think it’s about time I give you some air.”

Lifting up her weight on one side as she spread her legs and she pulled herself off of me. I turned my head sideways looking to her for a moment, then turned my head forward again looking down my body to what awaited down at the other end of me.

A rush like none other traveled through me, my eyes wide, my heart began to race and a tingling feeling traveled down my back, through my legs then back up hitting my balls making my shaft throb so hard I thought I would faint. She feels me throbbing deep inside her and says,

“Well, I believe I have his attention now,” as she smiles.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was her! It was the same female cop that had pulled me over and seen me in all my glory! My eyes fell from her gaze down to her firm breasts. They were not small, nor would I call them large, it appeared they would fit in my hands very nicely. A bit of disappointment hit me as I realized I was still tied up, there was no way I was going to be using my hands right now. Then as I looked more I noticed a small tattoo above her right breast. It appeared to be a small badge, a police shield, and written across it in fancy lettering I could read the word “Sexy”.

My eyes traveled further down taking notice of her firm stomach. Also, as I remembered she appeared athletic in her uniform, but I could see everything so clearly now. Of course everything looked firm, but she was not lacking either, I noticed the curves of her body, but never once did I see the impressions of her rib cage. She looked great! Then I felt the intensity as I knew what next my eyes would see as they traveled from her navel down lower. I felt like I was in some dream, could this be happening to me?

As my eyes journeyed down past her navel they focused on a small strip of fine dark hair. As I followed the trail down it was as if this fine little strip of dark hair was pointing, directing me to the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen since my lover and I made love the first time. The fine patch of hair came to a point and just below it was the tender sex of this fine woman. She leaned back a bit as she saw my eyes taking in everything about her and now focused on where we were joined. My eyes admired the form of her lips as they parted to each side ever slightly, not wanting to let go of the firm grip they had on my manhood. And still further down, her engorged clit, aroused and bright pink, glistening wet with her juices. For just a moment I wanted to touch my tongue to her clit and taste her juices. That desire changed as I followed the form of her labia wrapped so fittingly around my hardness. Noting the eroticism behind such carnal pleasures. Here was this attractive and athletic woman I barely knew deriving the most personal of pleasures through my body.

She smiled as if knowing my thoughts and began a motion with her legs slowly lifting herself off my cock only to drive down again, impaling herself again and again with my length. I was entranced, as the head parted her lips each time and she would take me deep into her recesses letting me fill her completely. She smiled at me as she began a circular motion with her hips bringing new heightened sensations to this manhood of mine that was now her play thing, to tease and please in so many ways.

My dream-like trance is broken as my love comes into my sight, standing beside our bed facing this other woman as she continued to ride. My love turned facing me again, watching the expressions of pleasure that filled my face, then turning again to this woman she leaned in toward her, pulling the woman to her as they begin to kiss passionately before my eyes. As they kiss I watch as my love’s hand drifts down the woman’s body, over her breasts, down her taunt stomach, past her navel as her fingers began to dance lightly through that fine strip of dark hair.

As if she did it intentionally my mystery woman started working up and down again impaled with my hardness. And with each lift up my lover’s hand would fall grazing the length of my shaft. Feeling the pressure build up in me my lover knew I was ready, and she knew just how to send me over the edge. She slid her self around behind the lady cop pressing her hand firm to her tummy. I saw her lean in as she whispered something to her. My love then wrapped her other arm around and sliding both hands up to her chest she cupped her firm breasts as she squeezed her nipples between her fingers. And as my love leaned in kissing her neck, the lady cop changed her rhythm completely. In one instance I felt her lift off of me. I felt like she was getting off of me just when I was so close. I was completely out of her. Then just as I gathered this in my mind, she lowered herself again and the sensation of welcome penetration rose in me. Then I felt it again, she pulled off and then impaled herself again, she started doing this over and over again, each time was faster then and feeling deeper then the first. Then I knew what my lover had said to her, but it was too late, I was going to shoot and there was no way to stop it! In a rushed breath I spoke,

“I’m gonna…”, I said as she drove down on my cock once again, the pleasure over took me and I could not finish my words.

Then as if taking her cue when she lifted off me this time, she came off the bed to her feet in one fluid motion and dove at my cock with her wanton mouth. As she tasted her own juices she slammed her face down taking my cock fully as the head hit the back of her throat. She did this over and over, god I couldn’t believe it she was literally fucking me with her mouth! The pleasure was so intense I couldn’t even form words. My body tense and my breath held tight, I could take no more. As her lips met my sack at the base of my cock so too did the head touch her throat. As I launched my seed deep into her throat she didn’t let up, pounding my cock with her throat. Shooting four times in her mouth she didn’t lose a drop. My load was spent, as my cock throbbed in her mouth, she wanted more. With my cock still held deep in her throat she pressed her tongue along the length of my vein and with great force she began to suck. The feeling so strange and unimaginable, she was milking my cock for every drop of my seed. My attention was diverted as my lover came toward me. I looked into her eyes wondering what she might have in store for me next. She only smiled as she reached with her delicate hands and began to untie me. First the near wrist, then leaning over my body as I watched her breasts waver above me, but out of reach, she untied my far wrist. I was now free to move my upper body but unable to leave the bed as I was still tied by my ankles.

She looked back at me smiling as she walked again to the end of the bed getting down on her knees next to the lady cop and joining her efforts. A bit reluctantly the lady cop released my cock but then returned to it as if her and my lover were somehow on the same wave link. One cupped and stroked my balls gently in hand while the other gripped firmly at its base. One at either side of my still hardened cock let their tongues dance along the shaft and over the head. The view of these two ladies pleasing me together so sent an erotic shock through my body. Feeling me throbbing in their grasps both ladies smiled as their tongues never missed a beat on my wanton cock. I felt the head tighten with desire, not wanting it to end. Just then my lover gave the tip of my cock a tender kiss and both ladies quickly stood up. They both noticed the stunned look on my face, and I couldn’t believe it as I watch each reach to a side of the bed and untie my ankles. I couldn’t believe it, they got me hard again and it’s over just like that?

{End Part 2}

The lady cop spoke first, turning to my lover she says, “thank you for such a pleasant welcome.” Then turning to me she says, “Oh I came to return your license, seems I forgot to return them.” As she grabbed her underclothes she said, “you’ll find it in the left pants pocket of my uniform”

I couldn’t believe it, this woman had just taken a part of me that until then I’d only shared with my lover, and now she seemed to be dismissing it all, as if it say, this was the end, it’s over, now have a nice day.

The desire flowing over inside me, I wanted more. I pulled myself to the end of the bed and stepped off to stand before the lady cop. As she sat down to put her on her socks my cock dangled inches from her face still throbbing hard pointing straight for her mouth. She looked up and only smiled at me. I turned and found her uniform draped over one side of a chair. Reaching into her pocket I found my license and also something hard and cold. I recognized that I had found her pair of handcuffs. I quickly looked back to find the lady distracted from my view with her head down slipping on her first sock. I gripped at both my license and the cuffs pulling them free all at once. To my joy I found they were unlocked. Placing my license out on the countertop I turned again, as I hid the cuffs from view I took one last look at the cop, then my lover. My lover smiled back, knowing I was up to something.

As my lady cop worked to slide on her second sock, pulling her foot up to her she reached out with her arm. In one fluid motion I hooked the cuff to her wrist, grabbed both of them and tossed her back on the bed. As she fell back her arms raised high to the head of the bed. Instinctively my lover grabbed her wrist and attached the free cuff behind the headboard around the cop’s other wrist. The cop reacted turning her body to see what was happening to her. As she did, I held onto both her ankles and turned her completely around so she was on her stomach.

The lady cop turned to my lover with a quizzical look and as she came closer and started to speak,

“What are you…mmmm,” as her words became muffled with my love’s lips pressed against hers.

Soon they were kissing passionately. I took this time using both hands to part the cheeks of her sweet tight ass with my fingers. Spreading her glistening lips open to my joyous view as well as her puckered pink asshole. It looked so tight and forbidden, yet so inviting. Slowly I slid my middle finger down her lips feeling the wetness beneath my touch. Then I applied some pressure bending my finger into her lips, watching as they slowly parted welcoming the penetration. As my finger found it’s way in I heard a muffled moan. She was still quite wet as her lips surrounded me and coated my finger completely in her juices. Sliding it in and out a few times I longed for her taste. I pulled out and heard a moan of disappointment. I brought my slick finger up to my lips and parted them as I welcomed my entire finger into my mouth sucking it, savoring the taste as a child would a candy sucker. Getting my first taste of my dear lady cop I knew I wanted more.

I leaned down spreading the cheeks of her ass with my thumbs diving in face first between those cheeks, letting my tongue out I ran it up and down her slit. As my tongue found her opening I let it slip in and was rewarded as it dived right into a pool of her sweet juices. I probed her insides wanting more. Then I pulled back just for a moment. Turning around with my back to my lady cop’s firm ass, I slid down and leaned back over the edge of the bed. Those supple legs and the sweet lips between them, I slid my head between them like I was playing limbo. I reached up with both hands grabbing her ass squeezing the cheeks in my hands, as I forced her weight down on my waiting mouth. I tasted her again and was surrounded in her sweet scent. As I let my tongue work on her again I heard moans of pleasure from her. I knew my love was no longer kissing her, but where did she go. I couldn’t see much of anything else from where I was, but wasn’t about to stop enjoying the taste of this forbidden fruit.

I took my sweet time enjoying the taste and feel of her labia running over my tongue as it traveled up and down her slit. I teased her, dipping my tongue in her opening then pulling it back out with a deliberate slide over her budding clit. As her juices continued to flow I became more aggressive. I locked onto her clit sucking it in my mouth. As I held it between my lips I flicked the tip of my tongue across her maidenhead repeatedly. I felt the intensity rise in her as her moans were no longer hushed. She was enjoying every moment of pleasure and didn’t care who knew it.

Wasn’t long before her hips were grinding her lips down riding my face as her legs tightened around my head. Soon I was deafened to any sound and blinded by the pleasure of her taste, this was my entire world, and nothing else existed. As I felt the intensity in her grow I knew I wanted only one thing in that moment. I wanted to feel her to explode. I refused to let up on her clit as she wiggled her hips uncontrollably. All of a sudden I felt her legs trembling as her knees clenched to my head like earmuffs. I thought I might pass out, but just then it happened. She exploded as her cum flooded my mouth, coating my tongue, glazing my nose and my chin.

As I slide from beneath the lady and catch my breath, I turn looking around to find my lover beneath our lady cop teasing her breast with her tongue, and as she sucked on them I could see they had been made quite hard. I snapped my fingers to get her attention, as she paused to look up at me I motioned her to move.

She knew exactly what I wanted. My love slid her body down underneath our lady cop coming into a 69 position, her head lay right where mine was but a few minutes ago.

As I gripped my still hard cock in one hand I looked down on my love. She returned a smile looking into my eyes from between our lady cop’s sensuous legs. As I watched my love turn her eyes to focus on those delicate lips above her I moved in closer letting the head of my cock rub the cop’s ass. Slowly I take my finger and thumb parting the cheeks of her ass with one hand giving me a clear view of both her openings. Then I pull myself forward guiding my cock in my hand to her opening. I watch as my head slowly enters, I enjoy the full view of penetration. I watch the head disappear inside her then my shaft slowly sinks in filling her completely as she takes me inch by inch.

Once inside her I placed both hands on her ass and begin a rhythm rocking back and forth. As I take her from behind I let my thumb from one hand fall between here cheeks massaging her tight pucker. I could feel she was enjoying it. So I wet my middle finger in my mouth and lathered her hole generously. I felt her cheeks tighten up and she tried pulling forward as if to pull away from me when I tried to get my finger into her ass. I looked down and saw my love working feverishly on our lady’s clit. I could tell it was pleasing to her as the muscles inside her tightened around my cock expressing her pleasure.

With the feeling over-taking me I turned up my tempo as I slammed into her from behind. Watching her little tight ass shake just slightly as my hips met the cheeks of her ass. Just then I felt my love’s tongue, she was purposefully gliding her tongue down her lady love’s slit while at the same time running the length of my shaft as my cock slid in and out of this new treasure. As the pleasure so strong ran through me I begin to repeatedly smack her ass as I ram my hardness inside her. Soon both cheeks are a bright pink and she is screaming in pleasure, sweat laced across her brow.

As she neared what I knew would be a very intense climax, I used both hands to spread the cheeks of her ass getting a clear view of her openings once again. One filled with my cock, the other so tightly shut one would wonder if it had ever been opened. This thought filled my mind and then I knew I had to have it. My plan went almost perfectly, she calls out

“Ohhh God I’m going to cum!!”

Then as the first wave of climax overcomes her she screams out. Seizing the moment I pulled out of her, putting weight down on her ass as my cock slides up her crack, I slam my hips forward and into her. She screams out again, a mix of pleasure and pain. As she comes back down off her climax I hold still for just a moment. My dear lady cop looks back at me over her shoulder.

As she takes but a moment to admire the look of sweat over my chest, I enjoy her look, the way her hair falls about her body.

She then yells to me, “you’re in the ass!”

I look down between her legs as I was admiring some work. Erotic electricity filled me with what I saw. With one hard thrust I had entered her ass, but only the head of my cock was completely inside her. A smile crossed my face as I looked back up at her. I replied, “yes I believe I did”, and with that I gave a firm smack across her ass. She screamed again as she turned to face forward again.

That is when I felt it. When I smacked her ass my lady contracted her ass muscles involuntarily. My shaft entered just slightly, but it was enough for me to notice. Thinking quickly, I laid a smack across the other cheek of her ass, but this time I thrust into her as I did. She squealed this time and bit her lip as I felt my shaft slide a full inch into her ass. I smacked her ass a few more times, I feel the head go through that first muscle inside her, and she is so tight. Soon there is but an inch of me left, but I want her to take it all! My lover watches this whole scene intently and up close having not moved from her sixty-nine position. I tell my dear lady to relax, and releasing a deep breath she does for just a moment. I thrust one last time sending my cock deep inside her ass. She gasps, more in shock then pain as I feel her tighten up again. But now inside the hard part was over.

As she relaxed again I slowly pulled back, then back in, working to open her up and gain a rhythm. Soon her pain turned to pleasure and she wanted more. To quiet her screams she dived between my love’s legs driving her tongue deep inside her. My love was soon matching the moans of our dear lady, our lady would moan in pleasure as my hardness filled her ass again and again, and my love would feel those moans across the vibrations ran over her clit. With my hands now at her hips I pulled the lady back onto my shaft feeling it throb inside her tight ass with each thrust. I feel the pressure building up inside me, and I know the ladies are close to reaching their own pleasure. The lady’s moans are now intense as she bears down on my love’s clit. My love is now screaming in pleasure nearing her peak. Lost in the music of the moment I listen to the smack of naked flesh as my balls smack the lady’s lips as I enter to the hilt. The smack again as my hips meet her bare ass. This and the sounds of the ladies’ pleasure brought me to where I was ready to explode.

Suddenly I hear my love beneath me scream out as she is overpowered in the pleasure of orgasm. Instinctively my thrusts became quicker and shorter. My cock swelled inside her ass feeling nearly twice the size. Our lady cop pulls her mouth away from my love’s sweet lips only to screams out,

“Oh God No!” she cries.

With that I lost it, “Oh baby yeah, ahhhh”,

I shot for the first time in her ass. But I didn’t stop, I kept cumming, with each thrust deep inside her I shot another load. Something about the way my cock felt inside of her or the fact I was shooting in her ass sent the lady reeling. Her whole body shakes as she nears climax, she explodes with a thunderous scream.

“OOOOOHHHHH YES YES ohhhhh uhhhhh ooooohhhh yessss baby!”

I watch as my lover buries her face in the lady’s sex. She was lapping up the juices wanting every drop. Soon her face is obscenely glazed in our dear lady’s cream. My lover looks up into my eyes as a smile fills her face.

My cock never leaves her ass as we all let our bodies go, falling onto each other enjoying the moments after as we each catch our breath. As our bodies relaxed so did my cock, and though it took some time, my now soft cock easily slid out of my sweet lady cop’s ass.

We all get up out of bed and take our fun to the showers. All three of us in the shower at once, our wet bodies rubbing up against one as our hands soap another. The steam rises filling the room hearing giggles from the ladies as they teased me, and each other, I knew then this had been a great experience for all.

Getting out of the shower we dried each other off. We didn’t bother with any clothes, but returned to the bedroom. The ladies put me in he middle as they each chose a side. I put an arm around them both as each hand cupped a lady’s breast. They turned and smiled at me as they seemed to read each other’s mind. I soon found delicate hands resting at my inner thighs. I turn to the lady cop, as she smiles her eyes glisten. I press my lips to hers for one last tender kiss. Then I turn to my lover, I can feel her heartbeat as a contented smile forms over her face. She takes the initiative before I can act and presses her lips to mine. A kiss so tender, so soft, yet filled with passion. As our lips part I can form only these words..

“Thank you My Love.”

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