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Crossing Lines

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When we were first dating, my wife and I experimented with sex somewhat. We ran through some positions and then she straddled me once, facing away and had me spread my legs. She slipped a finger into my anus and found my prostate. I knew exactly where my prostate was because I used to soap up a finger and finger fuck myself in the shower.

I didn’t say anything about it at the time because it was kind of a big thing. She never did it again and I didn’t ask her for it. She was kind of rough on me when she did it, though.

A couple of years after we married we kind of hit a flat spot in our marriage. We were both working and not taking a lot of time for each other. There were times when we both probably thought “Oh, it’s you again” when the door opened. Sex had become routine between us.

Then one Saturday morning, I slipped into the shower with her and soaped her back. I slid my hand down her back and between her buns. She turned quickly and said “Don’t do that!” I asked why not, she had done it to me and reached for her again. She got in back of me and slid her hand between my buns, found my anus and slipped her finger in, not too gently. I yelped and she asked “How do you like that?” I told her I would like it better if she were just gentler. She started sliding her fingers in and out quickly. I told her to slow down and take her time. She was getting horny because her breath was becoming ragged. She pushed me up against the wall of the shower with her body so that my side was against the wall and she was straddling the other leg. She pulled my head down to her (I’m a few inches taller than her) and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Her fingers were still in my ass and she was rubbing her mound against my leg. I started to turn so that I faced her but she held me there and basically masturbated against my leg while finger fucking me. She came, but when she did, I had gotten rock hard. She grabbed my cock with her other hand and turned me so I faced the wall. She told me to put my hands on the wall. She started jerking me off and finger fucking me. I spread my legs and went with it. I was being taken and I liked it. I liked having my legs spread and someone wanting to take my ass, my cock and whatever other part of me that the wanted. My wife started saying “Give me your ass, give me your ass” and I got up on my toes and shot off from her jacking me. My whole body convulsed as I came.

We both knew some kind of line had been crossed but we didn’t know what to do next. We cuddled under the warm water and then dried off. We went to bed naked and lay there with legs and arms intwined, giggling and laughing about it. It was like there was someplace we both wanted to go, but we each didn’t want to be the one to make the first move. I started making puns using the word ass, like “Ass-suming we both like this”, and that broke the ice. She said that she sometimes wanted to be dominant, but that she didn’t know how to say it. I almost always took the lead in our sex play, and if she wasn’t in the mood, she either had to play along or get warmed up when she wasn’t in the mood to get warmed up. She said that she wanted my ass sometimes, wanted me to feel what it was like to get fucked. She liked getting fucked, but it was such a delicious feeling that she wanted me to experience it also. I told her that I had played with my anus and knew where things were, I liked the idea of getting fucked but that it ran counter to so many other things, like monogamy. She said that we could play with each other and see what happened next.

What happened next is that she went crazy with it. I liked her crazy, but I was a little surprized by how quickly it happened. She had a strapon in no time and fucked me with it. The next Saturday, I mowed the lawn and took a shower. When I came downstairs, the mailman had delivered a package and there she sat, naked in the chair with a strapon strapped on, lubed and ready to fuck me. I had pulled on a robe before coming down because I didn’t know if she wanted to go out that night. In no time at all, she had me bent over the couch and was getting ready to slide her meat home. I was feeling a little used but she lubed me up and told me to relax, that I would enjoy it. She rested the tip against my anus and applied some pressure. It wasn’t lined up just right and I reached back and got it in the right place. I pushed back against her and the head popped in. Yow! She told me to freeze and she rubbed my back and legs. After a bit, she told me to push back some more. I did and the pain eased up. She rocked ever so slowly, in time with me, and I could feel it sliding in and out. I was getting fucked.

That first fuck was a little rough. I wanted it so badly that I put up with her fucking me that way. I wanted her to get off and after I loosened up a bit, she started really plowing me. I think that she didn’t realize the effort required to do a good fucking and got a little burned out. That first fuck wasn’t a keeper. We disengaged and went to the shower to clean up.

We were both a little let down because we wanted stars to go off and it didn’t. My ass was sore and we went out to dinner. After dinner, we went home and I ate her pussy good. I fucked her and then she straddled my face and had me lick out her pussy. I had never tasted cum before and it was a new thing. She started trying to fuck my face with her pussy and then got the strapon out. She put it on and straddled my face again. I was getting turned on and she started talking dirty to me, about how she was going to take me. She went down on me and then ran her tongue across my ass. I was on my back with my legs open as wide as I could make them, wanting her to fuck me good. She put a pillow under my ass and started to put lube in my ass. She lubed her strapon and knelt before me. She positioned the dildo at my ass and started to push it home. I moved it a little to the right place and then bore down on it. It slid in easily. I was a little sore from the afternoon fucking but this was great. I wanted this.

I was on my back with my legs up and she started fucking me good. She was working out and started saying things like “I’m in your ass. I’ve got your ass. Your ass is mine. I am fucking your ass” and I was in heaven. I wanted to cum, I wanted her to cum. She started speeding up, really fucking me and she reached down and grabbed my cock. “I got your cock and your ass, and I’m fucking your ass” she said over and over. She started jacking me and I had a my arms over my head because it felt better that way, giving my ass up to her. She started coming and she squeezed my cock a little more and the banging of the dildo against my prostate got me off big time.

We had crossed another line. I had come out and said to her that I liked getting fucked in the ass. I liked giving up my ass to her. This was added to our play for a while. Sometime, she went out strapped and we played in semi-public places. One time, she made me go down on her in a parking garage. That was wild.

Then, one morning after a good night of sex, we were lazing in bed and she asked me if I ever wanted to try men. I told her that I had fantasized about it, but never done anything. She said that if I wanted to, she would be okay with it. I didn’t know what to say. This was a big thing to do. I loved her and was happy with her, and didn’t want to try to find someone else if our marriage blew up. I told her as much and she said that she had thought about it back when our sex life was flat and she really liked me, liked doing things with me, but that she wanted more in her life. She liked the fact that we had opened up a little bit, and she was okay with me trying a man if I wanted to. I said that I would think about it.

It kind of hung over our heads for the day and that night I told her that I would like to talk about it again. After a night of talking, this is what it came down to: when our sex life was flat, she had thought about having an affair. She and Bruce, a coworker, had been having working lunches and sometimes they worked at our place after dinner. She was alone at his place after dinner one night when they were working on a report and she wondered if he was going to make a pass at her. He said that it was a little tricky, but that he was gay. I always wondered about him. Very polite, but sort of asexual. He said that I was his type and that made it hard to go to our house. She said that she was glad that nothing had happened between them and would I like to take Bruce up on it? This was pretty dicey emotional territory. While out travelling, I had many opportunities to screw around, came close a couple of times, but never did. So, it wasn’t hard for me to see her position. I got a little excited, because Bruce was a hot looking guy. I asked her if he was still interested and what to do next. She said she would handle it.

She had Bruce over for dinner and we talked about things. I cleared the table and made myself busy in the kitchen while they talked. After a few minutes, they came into the kitchen, all smiles and said that they would help me with the dishes. There were lots of knowing looks around the kitchen and when the dishes were done, we went into the living room by the fire place with a bottle of wine. We were sort of sprawled on the carpet and my wife started nuzzling and kissing me. I went with it and I felt Bruce come up next to us. He put his arms around me and I almost came! I liked the feel of his arms. He was a little bigger than me, but he spooned up against my back and started kissing my neck. One of his hands found its way under my sweater and I wanted to be naked with him and let him have whatever he wanted. I turned away from my wife and toward him and he started kissing me. His hand went down to my cock and I pushed my ass back against him. I wanted to be had, bad!

We broke the kissing and we all laughed. I rolled onto my back and Bruce was on his side against me, his hand on my cock. I told my wife that I wanted to suck his cock. She said to go for it. He was hard and I undid his belt and pants and the head of it popped out. It looked good. A nice big fat cock head. My first cock. I pulled his pants down and he kicked them off. I took the head in my mouth and started kissing it. I licked up one side and down the other. I wanted to take it all in. My wife and Bruce started kissing and I concentrated on his cock. I slid a hand under his balls and rested the tip of my middle finger against his anus. My first asshole! I wanted to rim him but decided to leave that for another time. I took as much of him as I could get into my mouth and worked the rest with my hand. His precum was sliming off and I licked it all up. This was my first blow job and it was totally different from the dildo blow jobs. I liked this cock. Just when I was about to give up, the tip of my middle finger slipped into his ass and he groaned. I tapped on his anus lightly and he put one had on my head and fucked my mouth. He came and I caught it. Cum is interesting stuff. I licked it all up.

We sort of collapsed in a pile and my wife asked me how I liked cocksucking. I said I liked it. Bruce seemed to like my efforts. He said that it was my turn now and rolled me onto my back and got between my legs. My wife straddled my face and said that it was her turn now. She fucked my face with her pussy and Bruce went down on me. He did more than play with my ass though. He lubed up a finger and fucked my ass with it. His finger on my prostate made me cum in a hurry. It felt good with him between my legs. I wanted to just lay there with my legs open and let him fuck me.

Just after I came, my wife came on my face and we took a break for a bit. We snuggled under a blanket in front of the fire. I was in the middle. My wife had my cock, I had Bruce’s. It was all good. After we had drunk some wine, my wife said that she wanted to see me get laid. She knew I would like a real cock up my ass and wanted to see it happen. I had been thinking the same thing, but Bruce seemed a little big for my ass. He was bigger than me, both length and girth. I had two mental pictures: one of me giving it up to him and liking it, and the other was the head of that big cock disappearing up my little ass.

Bruce took matters into his own hand, as it were and slid his hand down to my ass. I spread my legs for him and I knew I was going to do it. He put on a condom and lubed me some more (I was pretty wet from when he had gone down on me) and got on top of me. I like the weight of his body pushing me down. I lifted my legs and put them around him. I reached down and put him into position against my ass. After being fucked so many times by my wife, I knew what to do. She got down next to my face and said that a man was going to fuck me, that I was going to have a cock in my ass, a cock was going to fuck me, things like that. I was getting pretty horny and he just slid right in. A real fat cock was in my ass and, while it was tight, it was heaven. I liked this! I wanted all of him in and I pulled against his ass with my heels. He responded by pulling out and then pushing in again. My wife was in my face, asking me how if felt to give up my ass to a man and a real flesh and blood cock, a cock that was fucking my ass, a cock that was going to fuck my ass until it was done, a cock that was going to cum in my ass, etc. I didn’t need her encouragement. I wanted this. I wanted this cock to turn me inside out and fuck all of me. She was saying these things because she wanted to be the one fucking me. Bruce was starting to lay it on, fucking me good. I liked the feel of his cock, sort of hard, sort of soft, warm, alive. When he hit bottom, I could feel his pubic hair against the skin of my stretched out anus. Just thinking about it now makes me want to get fucked again.

We fucked like that for a while and then my wife got in back of Bruce and lubed up his ass and started playing with him. He was liking it, he was damn near delirious. After about 15 minutes of fucking, I knew I would regret this tomorrow and he came. He grabbed my hips and pushed in hard and deep. His cock was rock hard and I could feel him spasm. He had been stroking my cock and the banging against my prostate and just the sexiness of it made me cum like I had never cum before.

After Bruce pulled out, he licked the cum off my belly and we cuddled in bed for a while. Bruce said that he thought he should go, that we probably wanted some alone time. We saw him out, us in robes by the door, lots of deep kisses. We went back upstairs and my wife said that she hadn’t been fucked yet and I did the honors. My ass was sore and when I squeezed it while fucking her, I could remember what it was like with a cock in it. After I came, I passed out on her and that is how we slept for a while.

We had a few more dinners with Bruce. He liked my wife, but wasn’t into sex with women. I fucked him a few times, but he liked fucking me and I liked fucking my wife. We went on a long weekend with Bruce and another woman one time and my wife got to try out woman sex, but that is another story. Bruce moved to San Francisco after about a year and moved in with his true love. I haven’t had man sex in awhile and my wife and I haven’t talked about it lately. I miss it sometimes. Maybe it will happen again.

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