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Trysted Mind

Category: Gay Male
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It was a brisk Thursday in January and, despite the breezy cold, the sun was shining. The contrast of the glimmering, melting snow against the radiant sunshine was a paradox of reality that I seemed to grapple with in my own daily life. I paused getting ready and my mind began racing, torturing my ability to focus. I snapped out of my lingering gaze and finished buttoning my trench coat.

I subconsciously smiled as I grabbed the car keys, my heart fluttered at the feeling of the brisk wind, and my face was gently warmed by the glaring sun. I bit my lip as I ignited the white sports coupe and excitedly raced into the streets. The roaring engine shook my lingering thoughts and suddenly I was left with one drilling, exciting thought. I was on my way to have an affair.

Aaron lived in a trendy apartment building downtown, not far from my picturesque home in the suburbs. The drive was just long enough to give me second thoughts, every single time. God, that first time; I was so nerve-stricken I had to stop the car twice before I was sure of meeting up. Even this time, I fought back the thoughts of shame and fear that afflicted me.

What kind of person cheats on their husband? What possessed me to desire the feel of another man so badly? It never mattered how many times I asked myself those questions. By the time my thoughts had escalated that far, I was already at the apartment building, and my dick was already semi-hard.

Quickly, I jumped out of the car and headed for the entrance. I sent a quick text to Aaron to let him know I was here. I hated standing on the sidewalk where anyone could see me. The area was very gay-friendly and I knew several acquaintances, gay men, who lived in the building. I couldn’t imagine what excuse I would come up with to explain being there. They would see right through my lie. In reality, it only took 30 seconds for the door to unlock, but it felt like an eternity. I constantly glanced over my shoulder, expecting to see anyone I recognized or, God forbid, my husband.

With the door unlocked, I rushed inside and shook the cold off me. Taking the elevator to the fourth floor was constantly tempting, but I always chose the stairs because they were hardly ever used. Quickly, I paced down the quiet hallway until I neared the door to Aaron’s apartment. As I approached, I slowed my pace but couldn’t keep my heart from racing. I fixed my windswept, blonde hair and quietly rapped on the wooden door.

The lock slowly turned and I was greeted by the most gorgeous half-naked man I have ever known. His slight six pack and pronounced pecs immediately grabbed my eyes, and my mouth watered. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside, wrapping me in his arms with a tender, yet powerful hold. He was several inches taller than me, and my cheeks were pressed against his shaved chest. I could hear his heart pulsing as he warmly moaned.

He released his grasp on my slender body and I immediately went for a kiss. His full, plump lips met with mine and we both smiled slightly. He went in for a powerful kiss before whispering “Hey, sexy. I’ve missed you.”

I moaned quietly as he tore off my scarf to kiss my neck. “I’ve missed you more,” I whispered back, and slid out of my trench coat. Aaron stepped back and admired my barely clothed body underneath.

“Wow,” he sizzled, “I was expecting to see much more than a black thong and those tall boots under that coat.” I pressed my lean body against his stockier chest and felt his cock rise up inside of his plaid lounge wear. He rolled his eyes back in enjoyment as I began to grind my cock against his.

He gently pushed up from our position against the wall and picked me up around his waist. I kissed him and tousled his choppy, brunette hair as he carried us out of the entryway and into his bedroom. His strength amazed me. At only 120 pounds, it wasn’t as though I was much to handle, but his ability to toss me around with ease thrilled me. He tossed me on my back onto his billowing sheets and straddled my waist. I caught myself staring into his ocean blue eyes longer than usual. He broke our gaze to passionately kiss me with his wet lips, our rock hard cocks grinding against one another.

His hands explored my body as if he had never felt me before. I began to touch him back but he grabbed my arms and pinned them down, making me yelp and squirm a little beneath his powerful body. He slowly kissed his way down my chest, past my abs, and down to my tight thong. My cock was hard and wet, and I could feel that it was beginning to poke its way out of the tiny underwear. Aaron gently kissed my swollen member through the fabric and began to slide his tongue against the exposed head, which was sticky with hot precum.

I panted and moaned as he carefully wrapped those luscious lips around the head of my dick and slid the underwear off my legs. Slowly he enveloped my whole cock in his mouth, groaning as it touched the back of his throat. Moving it in and out of his mouth, I felt my cock pulse as if I were already near-orgasm. I leaned up and pulled his face away from my groin for a kiss. His mouth tasted like sex, and I swear that alone nearly pushed me over the edge. My dick throbbing, I quickly pushed Aaron onto his back and sat on top of his trapped piece.

His eyes begged me to take it out and suck it. He didn’t have to say a word. I let my hands glide down his heavenly body until they were met with his dark happy trail and his cute, designer underwear. My hand rubbed on his dick through the cloth and I could feel that it was wet from precum. Aaron couldn’t take the torture any longer and began to pull down his underwear, exposing his 8″ dick and dark, bushy hairs. My lips sweltered as I brought his wet manhood to my mouth.

I lapped the precum with my tongue before sliding the large head and full shaft down my throat. Aaron’s hips began to thrust as he enjoyed jostling his hot meat in and out of my mouth. My tongue enveloped him and my lips tightly sucked as I caressed his balls with one hand and explored his rock hard body with the other. He met his hand with mine and squeezed it as I began sucking harder, stroking his stiff cock in time with his thrusts. I felt his back muscles stiffen as he shot a hot burst of precum onto my tongue. “Unf,” he yelped, “I’m so goddamn close. I wanna fuck you.”

My tight, hairless hole was begging for attention at this point. I began stroking my dick as Aaron pushed me down onto my back and wedged his way between my legs. His mouth was watering as he pulled me up by the hips to meet his tongue with my hole. His hot breath and wet laps of spit tickled me to my core, almost making me giggle. But there was no laughing; Aaron’s focus on my hole was so intense.

His wet tongue began pushing its way inside of me, making me squirm and moan loudly. He groaned and moaned through his tonguing, then smacked my ass and brought it down to his stiff cock. I felt the warm, gooey mess of precum push, unrelenting, against my tight hole. “Fuck,” he moaned, “You have the tightest ass. I fuckin’ love it.”

Forcefully, I felt the large head pop into me, and we both groaned with intense pleasure. He panted as he drove that solid rod deep into me, and I felt his furry bush tickle against my smooth taint. I couldn’t lie, his large dick hurt my little hole as my body slowly accepted it. His thrusts were long and enduring; he knew not to push it until I was ready. Gradually, he could feel my tight hole expanding to the width of his cock and he began to pick up speed. With my legs over his shoulder, he leaned in to kiss me and held this position, thrusting his amazing dick deeper and deeper inside me.

I writhed underneath him as the swollen head pushed against my g-spot. God, he knew how to drive that thing inside me. My head spinning in ecstasy, I shouted and grabbed his pillow, panting with every lust-filled thrust. He kissed me sloppily and I loved the mess of it. He made sexy little yelps as he fought the impending urge to explode inside me. “I’m getting so close” he said, jostling his dick with impressive speed. I tightened my ass muscles to really torture his throbbing dick.

“Oh god” he sweltered, his dick growing larger as he neared orgasm. “I’m gonna fucking cum” he moaned in my ear, leaning into me and dominating my body with his forceful manhood. His brow scrunched up and his speed intensified as he shouted; his cock pulsed powerfully and burst inside me, flooding my ass with shot after shot of his seed. I could feel his cock throb against the walls of my hole as it finished unloading.

He pulled out his sticky rod and slapped it against my hole. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” he teased. Slowly, his cum began to dribble out of me, so he rammed his cock back inside, making me gasp in ecstasy. He fucked me again until I could feel the urge to cum.

“Oh my god,” I begged, “I’m gonna cum so hard.” Aaron pulled out and took my hand away from my pulsating dick. He wrapped his lips around the tip and swallowed my stiff, 6″ piece down his throat. My body began to shake and I wimpered helplessly as his velvety tongue and lips drove me to the edge. My cock pulsed and shot rope after rope of cum into Aaron’s mouth. I panted and moaned so loudly; the pleasure was incredible and my body was in awe.

His hands soothed my squirming body as my orgasm faded. Aaron came up to my lips and let my hot, sticky cum glide into my mouth. At first I was shocked; I had never swapped cum before. I tasted my hot jizz on my tongue as Aaron pressed his mouth against mine, swabbing my juice between our hot, excited tongues. The cum dribbled out of our mouths and all over our bodies, but we didn’t care. Aaron forced his tongue deep into my mouth and I took that as a sign to swallow my load. He pulled back and I bit his wet, lower lip. He smiled and gave my semi-hard cock a little squeeze before flopping onto his back. “You amaze me” I whispered, as he pulled my body into his arms, cuddling into the sun-drenched afternoon.

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