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Rowan Ch. 01

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I woke up that morning not knowing what would unfold that day. It was just a standard day. Woke the kids up, fed them breakfast, drove them to school and then I got myself ready to meet an old friend for lunch.

A few weeks earlier I had received an email that completely caught me off guard. I could not believe it! It was from Rowan, my best friend from high school. We had been very close for several years, but as often is the case, we went to different Universities and just drifted apart. As it turns out, she had found my email address in our high school reunion registry and had emailed me right away. She asked me to meet with her again. With a few reservations, I agreed.

We had spent so much time together when we were young; playing music and talking for hours on end about life, poetry, and of course, who would be our first lovers. Although I was very outgoing and friendly, I tended to be a little too outspoken for boys my age and thought I would never find a guy that would not be intimidated by me. She on the other hand was quiet, but incredibly clever and funny. Her fear was that she would never find the courage to not only meet someone, but make love to them. I always reassured her that one day she would find her confidence and all her fears would disappear. I guess we were such good friends because we each had different strengths and we complimented one another. We really cared for and looked out for each other.

If the truth now be told, I had a serious friend crush on her. She was so beautiful. She had very petite features, long black hair, and delicious, full lips. She was smaller than me, but then I was quite tall with a figure that could only be described as curvaceous. I felt very chubby and awkward back then, but years later I grew to appreciate those womanly curves, as did my lovers. I found that men quite enjoyed my full breasts and delightfully round bottom. One of my lovers once described me as having a “Victorian figure” and even bought me a corset to wear for him, which I happily obliged.

I remember she had taken a long time to blossom and was very insecure about her body as well, but she didn’t need to be. I often fantasized about kissing her, touching her, tasting her; and on many occasions it was those thoughts I would turn to when I was pleasuring myself in bed at night. I wished that she would be my first lover and I just had to work up the courage to tell her. I was pretty sure that I was straight.

I really liked boys and I fantasized about fucking them all the time; but Rowan was special. I had always been attracted to funny, intelligent people. Even in University it was the men who challenged me intellectually that I usually wanted to fuck the most. She was a thinker, a philosopher, a poet. She was an old soul. I couldn’t help but desire her.

I remember on one occasion, we had both just turned 18, she had spent the night at my house. We had just come back from a high school semi-formal and we were both keyed up and giddy. We had met up with two guys from school, and before we went into the dance, they had offered us some pot. Although we were very nervous about trying it we decided to give it a go. It was fantastic. Both of us felt so relaxed and we laughed at everything. I even discovered that night, that not only did pot make me feel incredibly ramped up, it also took away most of my inhibitions.

We flirted with those two boys on the dance floor and teased them most of the evening until we were all pretty worked up. I remember during one slow dance I felt his erection pressing against me and it took every ounce of self-control I had to not rub myself up against him. It was new and strangely exciting.

The boys walked us home from the dance and we stopped in the park to chat for a bit. Rowan was unusually talkative and carried most of the conversation. I could not take my eyes off of her. She was so charming and charismatic that night. Her hair curled up just slightly around her face from the moisture, and her beautiful green eyes were dazzling. One of the boys suggested we play a game of truth or dare. My eyes met Rowan’s and we both giggled. We thought it would be fun to play. Rowan went first and asked the boy I was with if he wanted truth or dare. He picked dare so she asked him to kiss me for at least 20 seconds, and he had to use tongue. Although I was embarrassed, I was also very anxious to kiss him. He acted goofy for a few minutes and then Rowan said if he didn’t cowboy up, we were going home. He finally put his arms around me and brought his mouth to mine. His lips were soft and tentative and I could tell that this was probably his first kiss too. I felt a spontaneous jolt of heat between my legs. My mouth parted slightly and he gently eased his tongue in my mouth. I wanted more but I felt a sense of propriety that made me hold back. The kiss ended as quickly as it started.

He took his turn and picked Rowan. She picked dare and I think we both thought he would dare her to kiss her date. He didn’t. Instead he dared her to kiss me and we had to use tongues too. She looked up at me timidly and smiled. I pretended that he was a twisted pervert and we both giggled some more. Both boys taunted us and called us chickens. I said we would kiss if they would go next; they both said forget it, at the same time. This made us all laugh. Rowan suggested we just get it over with and I agreed.

She came over to me and put her hands on my face, gently pulling me near. I was breathless with anticipation. Her scent permeated the air, intoxicating me. I could barely contain my exhilaration. Her warm lips touched mine and I immediately felt a fresh gush of cream between my legs. I wanted to pull her close and massage my hands all over her lovely body. I wanted my lips to travel over every delicate inch of her skin. She parted her lips and my tongue teased hers. Her kiss made me so hot I was afraid I would not be able to hold back. She pulled away, smiling at me. Before she turned away, she tenderly ran her fingers down the side of my face and then tucked a curl of my auburn hair gently behind my ear. It was a very intimate gesture that told me we would be ok. The boys stood in front of us with their mouths open and we laughed at them. They agreed it was the hottest thing they had ever seen.

It was getting late so we asked the boys to walk us home, which they reluctantly did. They kissed us quickly good night and we went inside. We were both very animated when we got to my room and we talked excitedly about the events of the night. We liked those boys very much, but it was what was left unspoken that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I wanted to kiss her again. I wanted more than kisses. Suddenly I realized she had stopped talking and was looking at me. She told me then that she enjoyed kissing me. I told her that it was pretty amazing for me too. She sat on my bed and asked me to sit beside her. I did. She ran her fingers through my curls, her eyes never leaving mine. I felt my breath increase with anticipation. I was fearful and fearless, all at once. She leaned in and kissed my neck, leaving behind the warm moisture of her lips. This was a sensation I never forgot. It was as though she branded me, binding my soul to hers for all time.

She slowly unbuttoned my blouse, her eyes searching my face for signs of hesitation or doubt. I had none. I wanted her. My body responded instantly; the tiny hairs on my arms standing up, my goose bumps revealing my excitement. She stroked her hands gently up and down my arms and smiled at me. She slipped her hand into my open blouse and tenderly touched the mounds of my breasts, sliding her finger tips inside the cup of my bra. I leaned into her and kissed her, at first timidly but when she placed her other hand on the back of my hair, knitting her fingers through it, my confidence grew.

Our passionate kiss lasted for many minutes, our hands exploring one another’s bodies. Neither of us had been touched like that before, and we did not want it to end. We took turns shedding off our clothes, everything but our underwear. She looked so incredibly beautiful. Her long dark hair, loose around her shoulders, fanned her small girlish breasts and tiny pink nipples, that hardened under my gaze. Her long, lovely legs rose up to meet her white panties. I knelt in front of her, and gently hooked my fingers on each side of the delicate fabric of her panties and looked up into her face, for encouragement. She nodded and closed her eyes. I kissed her mound. The scent of her was intoxicating; a musky perfume that beckoned for a taste. Her panties showed traces of wetness and I ran my tongue over it, tasting her juices. This made her moan quietly and I felt her legs shake slightly.

I gently urged her back on my bed. She sat on the edge and opened her legs, welcoming me. I asked her lie back for me, and she smiled at me and did as I asked. With her back arched slightly, her pussy rose up and summoned me. I slipped her panties aside and ran my fingers along her folds, enjoying the smooth, warm wetness. I felt my own desire swell. She raised her hips slightly, encouraging me to explore further. I slipped a finger into her opening and I heard her inhale sharply, followed by a stifled moan. This sent a gush of wetness to further drench my panties. She too was soaking wet, but her pussy felt tight. She was undeniably a virgin.

I wanted to explore her further so I finally slipped her panties over her bottom and down her legs. She opened up to me again and I rubbed her with an open palm. This motion seemed to excite her as she began to push herself into my hand and rub her cunny up and down on it. I put more pressure against her and at the same time I gently massaged her clit between my fingers. She began to moan even more intensely and begged me not to stop. I tried to match her motions as to not distract her from her pleasure. She grabbed the bed spread in her fists and released a throaty moan that I was certain my parents would hear. I felt her clit stiffen up and a fresh gush of warm wetness soaked my hand. I slipped two of my fingers inside her and she instantly began to fuck them. I screwed them in and out of her while she writhed in pleasure. I did not think I would be able to control my own orgasm at this point. I felt my body responding to her whimpers and sighs.

When I was certain that she came again, I pulled myself up from between her legs and slid up on top of her body. Her skin was hot and damp, her face was flushed. I kissed her hard, my tongue probing deep into her mouth and she kissed me back with the same intensity. I could feel the heat from her pussy against mine, our breast touching. I did not know that I was capable of feeling such intense desire. My young body was alive with passion and I knew at that moment that I had crossed the threshold of innocence.

She kissed me until she recovered her strength and then she asked me to lie on my back. I slid off her and rolled over. She used her tongue to bathe my skin, starting at my ears and neck and then slowly to my breasts. She took my full nipples into her mouth and sucked them until they grew rigid. This sensation sent a new wave of pleasure through me. Her mouth then traveled down to the flat of my stomach and came to a rest on the edge of my soaking wet panties. She kissed around the edges and then slowly peeled them down over my ass and legs. I opened up for her and she promptly brought her mouth to my pussy. The warmth of her tongue flicking against my clit sent a shock wave through my body. Her tongue explored my moist folds and she eagerly lapped up my sweet nectar, at times darting her tongue in and out of my opening. I had cum many times before; orgasms I had given myself under my covers at night, but nothing could have prepared me for the current that ripped through my body as she gave me the most incredible sensations I had ever felt. Waves of pleasure rocked through me as I came, again and again. I let out one more, deep, satisfied moan when she finally pulled herself away from me.

She slid her body up to me and said she wanted to try one more thing, if I was game. I told her I definitely was. She spread my legs apart and straddled me with her own, so that our pussies connected. I could feel heat radiating from her cunt as she began to rub herself up against me, her honey wetness mingling with mine. She massaged me with herself in slow rhythmic motions, our hands locked together. As her rocking intensified, so did my pleasure. The sounds of her mounting excitement sent currents of heat through my loins. She was cumming again, bucking hard between my legs, and her lack of control, that total uninhibited passion, made me cum right along with her.

After we had dressed in our pajamas we cuddled up in my bed beside one another. She gently played with my hair and as we lay in a comfortable silence. If I had known then that we would have only had that one night together, I would have told her how much it meant to me. As is common with young women, we were too insecure, too inexperienced to understand the strain that night would have on our friendship, and more importantly, how to overcome it. We went on to find boyfriends, new lovers, although I always considered her to be the one I gave my virginity to. We never spoke of that night again.

When I saw her email, it all came back to me. I felt a myriad of emotions, some happy and some poignant, but despite everything, I was anxious to see her again.

So that morning after I fed the kids breakfast and drove them to school, I set out on my way to meet Rowan.

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