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You Can Have Me If You Want Me

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Standing in the doorway of my house, Suzi pulled my head down towards hers and whispered in my ear, “You can have me if you want me.” She gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and turned to walk down the sidewalk towards her husband and son, who were getting settled in the car. Brent was buckling the baby into his car seat, and as always, was too far away to have heard what his wife said to his father.

Suzi’s saunter as she went down the sidewalk had that little extra wiggle in it that girls always seem to know how to do. Brent didn’t see this either – it was just for me.

Now you might think that I would have been stunned by all of this, but the fact of the matter was that what Suzi was doing had been going on for some time. And while I wasn’t exactly shocked any more, I was a long way from being blasé about it. I felt a little twinge in my long neglected dick, and the usual “what if” thoughts ran through my head.

Suzi was a tiny young girl, whose size didn’t hamper her sex appeal at all. Her figure was just as curvaceous as it could be, just on a smaller scale. She had blond hair, which for some reason she usually kept hidden under a bandana. She had more energy and bounce than anyone I’d ever known. Perky, I guess you’d call her. She was always busy, always hurrying, and as cute as she could be. She had entered our lives just two years ago, and it already seemed like she had always been a member of our little family.

Brent had met her while he was a junior in college. Suzi had just graduated from high school, and was taking the mandatory tour of the college grounds prior to enrolling. Brent was doing duty as the tour guide, and as they say, it was love at first sight.

There was a whirlwind romance which culminated in an intimate wedding when she was only 19. Not even 8 months later, Brent Jr. was born. I remember thinking at the time that if she had been my fiancé, I wouldn’t have kept my hands off her either.

Suzi fit in to our bachelor lives seamlessly. Pretty soon she was even calling me “dad.” She had a quick wit, a lively smile, and she even loved football. She teased Brent relentlessly, and kind of kept him in line. She kept pushing him to better himself. He needed it, and I couldn’t have been happier that she was in his life to give it to him.

Brent and Suzi came over often to visit, bringing Junior with them. They had wangled one of the on campus apartments, but it wasn’t very big. I think that maybe they saw me as needing their company, someone who’d turn into one of those lonely old guys if they didn’t come over often. Besides, I was just rambling around alone in a big old house, and I’m sure that they enjoyed getting out of that cramped school housing.

Brent’s mother had died of cancer before Suzi entered our lives. Truth was, without Suzi and Brent, I might have turned into one of those lonely old guys. I still miss my wife terribly, and if I’d had time to dwell on it, I think that the loneliness might have consumed me. But between my job as foreman down at the plant and my kids frequent visits, I kept pretty busy. Too busy to succumb to a broken heart, and too busy to look for a new girl in my life. I had even pretty much convinced myself that I didn’t miss female companionship. Pretty much.

When Brent Jr. was born, we were all incredibly happy about it. He was another layer of glue in our little family. We all doted on him. But life goes on, and so did the kids’ schooling. Brent kept on studying for his MBA, and Suzi was a history major.

Brent and Suzi’s visits to me didn’t change a bit, they just started bringing the little bundle of joy along. Of course, that necessitated bringing all manner of ancillary stuff – diaper bags and toys, the big playpen and little jars of baby food.

A couple of months ago Suzi and Brent Jr. were over while Brent was in class. She sat there gently bouncing the baby on her shoulder. She was trying to coax him into dropping off to sleep. I don’t know how, but the subject somehow came around to my love life.

“So, Dad, when are you going to get remarried?” she asked with a giggle in her voice.

“Oh, I don’t know. I don’t seem to need a woman like I used to. Besides, I’ve got you guys to keep me company.”

“I wasn’t talking about company. I was talking about sex.” Her eyes sparkled as she threw this one out at me.


“You know, sex.” She was practically laughing now. “When a boy and a girl get naked and play with each other’s parts?”

“Yeah. I know sex,” I deadpanned. “Where do you think your husband came from, anyway?”

“Well, I just worry that you’re not getting any. I mean, don’t you miss it?”

“Thanks for your concern, but I’m getting a little old for that stuff.”

“Ha! Men never stop caring about that stuff. At least your son doesn’t.”

“My son is just a little younger than I am, and he has a pretty and willing wife at hand, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Thank you, but I still think you need to get laid,” she said, emphasis on the ‘you’.

“Thanks for sharing,” I said, still sounding sardonic. There was a pause in the conversation, as she mulled over my seeming indifference about my sex life. I figured that it wouldn’t do at all to let her know that I’d been starting to have libidinous thoughts again, and some of them even featured little Suzi.

She looked down at Brent, Jr., finally asleep, and gave him a kind of secret smile, like the two of them were going to share some big confidence. Looking at him, but talking to me, she said, “Well, you can have me if you want me.”


“I’m serious.” Suzi looked up at me. “You can have me. You’re a good looking guy. You need some sex. Besides, I’d be fun. Kind of kinky, you know?”

I thought, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’. Not that it wouldn’t be fun – this was one hot little girl. But there was no way I was going to sleep with my son’s wife. I went for a disinterested sarcasm in my answer. “Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll pass.”

Suzi stuck her bottom lip out in a pout, and I couldn’t tell if she was playacting or not. She did look quite fetching, and I remember thinking Brent was one lucky guy. She spoke slowly and deliberately. “Look, Brent won’t find out. I mean, I won’t tell him if you won’t. And it’s not like I throw myself at every guy I meet. I think just have a thing for the Carmichael men. I can arrange to come over sometime. And I know you think I’m cute enough, ‘cause I’ve seen you watching my ass.”

There wasn’t much point in denying that. Suzi may not have been tall, but she had a world class ass on top of a pair of short but well muscled legs. “Yes, you have a very nice ass. But that doesn’t mean that I want to screw my daughter-in-law.”

She paused, digesting my rejoinder. But Suzi wasn’t going to let go quite that easily. “Well, don’t forget. I mean it. You can have me if you want me.”

And that was how it began.

Suzi began a campaign of, I don’t know, availability? As the weeks went by she would brush up against me unnecessarily, letting her apple sized tits rub against my chest when she reached for the baby. Or she would stick her finger in her mouth while Brent wasn’t looking, and suck it while looking seductively at me. One time she was sitting on the floor cross legged playing with the baby, and she looked me in the eye, smiled, and reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. I’ll never forget that. And she somehow kept finding ways to be alone with me for just a moment, and she’d give me a quick but passionate kiss, right on the lips. All of this was accompanied by her repeated offer.

“You can have me if you want me,” she whispered behind Brent’s back while he was loading the DVD player.

“You can have me if you want me,” she whispered when she leaned close and handed me my drink.

“You can have me if you want me,” she whispered in my ear every time she said goodbye.

Now, I’m not made of stone, and I won’t say that her actions didn’t have an effect on me. Suzi was cute as a button, and the birth of Brent Jr. hadn’t affected her figure in any way that I could see. She was firm, and cute, and she had made it plain that I could have her. But I wasn’t about to start sleeping with my daughter-in-law, no matter how easy it would have been.

At least, that’s what I kept telling myself.

A couple of weeks ago we were all going to get together at my house to watch the football game. I had gotten some beer and was in the kitchen assembling some snacks when Suzi arrived at the back door.

“Hi!” she said, opening the door and letting herself in. “Are you ready for some football?”

“Just about. I’m making some guacamole for us big folks, and I have some baby carrots for the baby. I’m thinking they’re orange and that’s the right color snack for a game where the Broncos are playing, right?”

Suzi laughed and said, “I don’t think Junior’s really gonna care. Besides, using that logic, where does green guacamole come in?”

“Leave me alone. I’m granddad and we can have guacamole if I want to.” I looked up from my chopping. Suzi was leaning in the doorway wearing her usual red bandanna over her short blond hair. She had on a tight little nothing of a t-shirt that didn’t even come down to her waist, and her flat belly winked out at me through her clothes. Her blue bell bottom jeans made her look like a 60’s flower child, and she had on a pair of platform sandals with a cork bottom which added maybe three inches to her height. Suzi’s toenails were painted red to match her lipstick, and they peeked out enticingly from under the denim. She had always liked to wear jewelry, and she had on all manner of necklaces, rings, bracelets and even some toe rings. She made me wish that I was a college student again, so that I could run around chasing girls like her. Maybe I should find some time to go over to the school and ogle some young girls. My pipe dream stopped short when I noticed that Brent and the baby hadn’t followed her in. “Where’s the rest of your clan?” I asked suspiciously.

“They’re coming. Brent had to go to the hardware store to get a new seal or something for the dishwasher ‘cause it started leaking. He wanted to take Junior with him. ‘His first trip to the hardware store with his daddy,’ I think he said.” She giggled. “Did you make a big deal the first time you took Brent to the hardware store?”

“I don’t remember,” I said dryly.

Suzi stepped up close to me, and threw her arms around my neck. “Here’s your chance. You can have me if you want me.”

Suzi looked me in the eye and then pulled herself up and kissed me long and hard. I wanted to push her away, but I didn’t know where to put my hands. I didn’t want to touch that bare waist, and if I put my hands on her chest I’d just encounter those firm little tittys. While I was shocked into indecision, I found myself enjoying her kiss. It had been way too long, and I felt a forgotten hunger start to rise in me.

I finally broke the kiss and reached up and removed her arms from around my neck. “We can’t do this.” I tried to say this very firmly, but I’m afraid that it came out more like a plea.

“Yes we can.” Suzi put her arms around my neck again and pulled my lips towards her. There was even more passion in this kiss, and even less resistance on my part. This time when we broke, there was a little panting going on for both of us, and I felt a tiny bit dizzy.

Suzi looked up at me with a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her lips. “You want me. I can tell. You haven’t had a girl in years, and you’re way overdue to get laid. And I want you. So take me.”

At that point I was teetering on the cusp. I wanted her. But I couldn’t sleep with my daughter-in-law, could I? But I wanted her. I could feel my resolve weakening, and when Suzi kissed me again, I was a little surprised to find myself returning her kiss hungrily.

“Mmmmm. That’s better,” she said when we came up for air. Suzi took her hands from around my neck and started to unbuckle my pants as she kissed me again. Then she leaned back so that she could watch as she unfastened my jeans, unzipped them, and reached inside to fish out my rod. I was surprised at how big it looked in her tiny hand. It hadn’t been touched by a woman in years, and it responded greedily, becoming redder and drooling pre-cum as she stroked it with her palm.

Suzi took a step back and bent over at the waist. As her head came down, she put her lips on the end of my wet dick. “I think yours is bigger,” she whispered. Then she slowly opened her mouth and gradually slid my rod in. Deeper and deeper it went into her soft wet warmth, and I felt like I was in a moist velvet pussy as her tongue tickled my erect tool on its way in. Finally I was as deep in her as I could be, her lips touching my pubic hair and the head of my dick somewhere far back in her throat. My dick started to spasm involuntarily, and my hips started to buck against her, getting ready to fuck her face.

But Suzi slowly took her mouth from me, making yummy noises as she went. As she stood up to kiss me again, I put my hand between her legs. I rubbed her jeans and she wiggled appreciatively. “Mmmm, that’s nice,” she said. “But let me make it a little easier for you.”

Suzi unsnapped her pants and unzipped them, exposing a pair of cotton panties with little bunnies on them. She reached down and slowly pulled them away from her body. We both looked down into the darkness below where her slit was hiding, and then I put my hand on the muscles of her naked belly and slid it down.

Suzi moaned with pleasure as my hand reached its target. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and I realized that she must have shaved herself before coming over. It was so slick and squishy with her girl cum that I was amazed that she didn’t have a wet spot on the front of her jeans. As my hand slipped around her erect little nubbin and her swollen lips she closed her eyes and squirmed against my exploring fingers.

Suzi put one arm around my neck and pulled us together for another intense kiss as her hand stroked my dick and my hand slid around her sopping hole. When we broke for air, Suzi leaned back and said matter-of-factly, “Brent’s here.”

I immediately let go of her and turned to the window. Yep, Brent’s car was pulling into the driveway. Suzi had obviously seen it over my shoulder while we were necking. I was suddenly overcome with guilt at having been almost caught. I couldn’t believe what we’d been about to do. I hurriedly started to put my dick back in my pants, but Suzi stopped me by grabbing it and casually resuming her stroking.

“Oh, no you don’t. You’re not getting out of this that easily. I’ve been waiting for this for too long.”

“But Brent’s almost here! He’ll see us!”

Suzi let go of my dick and stepped towards the kitchen counter. “Here’s the deal,” she said. “I won’t tell Brent what we were just doing if you can shoot a full load of hot cum into my pussy before he gets here.” As she said this, she pushed her pants down around her knees and bent over at the waist, leaning on the counter.

“He’s here already!” I practically yelled.

“No he isn’t.” Suzi spread her legs as far as her pants would allow her to and looked over her shoulder at me. “He’s got to bring the baby and get out all of his stuff. It always takes him a couple of minutes. Now get over here and fuck me.”

Suzi was naked from her waist to her knees, and she was practically begging me to plunge myself into her. I looked down at her two inviting holes. Her ass was so tight and muscled that I had no trouble seeing her puckered little pink asshole, and underneath it her red pussy lips, literally dripping with cum. Her legs were not the skinny legs of a model, but a little thicker and firmer, and I imagined myself making love to them for hours.

Suzi reached back between her legs and put her hand on her pussy. She used two fingers to spread her pussy lips open, and I could see the recesses of her inviting pink box calling for my straining dick to impale itself deep inside. “Come on,” she said. “Take me.”

I didn’t know if she was kidding about telling Brent or not, but it was enough incentive to swing the scales in favor of her desires. I stepped over behind my daughter-in-law and placed my dick at the entrance of her womanhood. As I pushed myself slowly into her tight little cunt, I could feel Suzi’s fingers holding herself open, and she moaned as I grabbed her hips and inserted myself inside her.

Suzi was so slippery that I slid in easily in spite of the tightness of her young cunt. I started banging my rod into her, half driven by lust for her luscious body and half driven by the fear that Brent would catch us. Suzi moaned, and I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit and tugging on her pussy lips. She began to gasp, and after only a few more thrusts from me she started cumming. A low whimpering noise came from her lips as she held on to the counter, and the spasms of her orgasm shook us both as I pounded away.

That was enough to put me over. I hadn’t had a woman in years, and I’d never had one as hot as Suzi. I caught my breath and strained to shove every bit of my pink steel all inside her. We froze, and then the hot sperm began to jet from my dick deep into her. It felt like I shot quarts of cum into her, gushing and squirting my wetness into hers. She moaned with pleasure, wiggling her ass around my dick as I emptied my long neglected balls. She slowed as my spurtings became more infrequent, and we finally stopped moving, except for our gasping for air.

Afraid that Brent would come in before we could separate, I pulled myself from her dripping pussy with a wet plop, and stood back to put myself away and zip up. Suzi was still leaning over the kitchen counter in a post cum haze, her bare ass still calling to me. I saw her cum and mine start to slide down the inside of her thighs in a gooey mess. I dragged my eyes away and saw Brent almost at the back door, Junior in one hand and a playpen in the other.

I turned my back to the door to beg Suzi. “Come on!” I said. “You got what you wanted. He’s almost here.”

Suzi stood up straight, a slightly dazed look in her eye. She moved over to stand facing me, keeping me between the door and the sight of her struggling to pull up her pants.

“Are you ready for some football?” Brent said as he hurled open the door and came in. “You betcha,” I said over my shoulder as I stayed where I was to give Suzi some cover as she zipped up. The second she was done, I turned to welcome Brent.

“Here,” he said, handing me Junior and leaning the playpen against the counter. “Take this thing while I go get the diaper bag.” Brent went out the still open door, and I turned back to Suzi. She still looked a little flushed.

“That was close,” I said.

“Here, let me take him.” I gave her Junior. Suzi gave me that look that a truly well fucked woman usually seems to get, and gave me a big wet kiss. “There’s just one thing I need to know,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“If I want you, can I have you tomorrow?”

And she did.

When I came up with the idea for this story (based on a line from a Robert Heinlein novel!) I couldn’t decide exactly how to approach it. I struggled with a couple of different slants but I couldn’t’ make up my mind. Then I realized that I don’t have to – I’m the writer and I can do what I want to, right? So I wrote this story twice, with a different daughter, different characters, etc. If you liked this one, you might want to check out “You Can Take Me if You Want To,” sort of a sister piece. I also have several other stories published here on Literotica for your entertainment. Thanks for voting your opinion and sending feedback. Enjoy!

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