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Truth or Dare?

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My first truly erotic encounter set a high standard for all that followed. I was eighteen years old, fresh-faced and pretty, if a little naive. I was ready to experience new things and break out of high school awkwardness. This was partly the reason why I quickly made my peace with having to share a bedroom with a stranger assigned by the college.

Although I had signed up for a private room, they had been oversubscribed, and on my first day of college, I found myself being sent to shared accommodation.

My parents had allowed me to convince them to stay at home rather than accompany me on my first day at college, so when I arrived, I was alone, large suitcase and several smaller bags in tow. By the time I reached the college, it was late evening, around 7pm, because I had taken a wrong turn on the freeway and generally got lost – I guess it was my own fault for forgetting the sat-nav.

Unlocking the door of my new bedroom, I saw that my new roommate was already inside, and I shuffled in to meet her. What grabbed my attention first was her incredible dark eyes, large, alluring and mysterious. Yet while I tried not to stare, I couldn’t help but admire her physique, which was everything that mine never would be. She was taller than me, with a beautifully toned stomach, long curvy legs and voluptuous breasts. We appeared to be complete opposites, her dark hair and olive skin striking an amazing contrast with my own pale skin and blonde hair. While she had a figure that was made for modelling swimsuits, I was thin and angular, with small, firm breasts.

“Hey there,” the girl said warmly, stepping forwards to embrace me. I caught a strong whiff of expensive perfume, and gave a sudden involuntary intake of breath as her chest pressed into mine. Apparently, she noticed nothing, and pulled back, revealing a set of perfectly white, even teeth in a dazzling smile. “You must be Jessica. I’m Charlotte, your new roommate! Here, let me help you…”

Charlotte took my bags from me, helpfully conveying them over to my side of the bedroom, dumping them on my bed. Her movements were graceful as a gymnast, and she was certainly strong, barely feeling the weight of the bags I had struggled to carry. I wheeled my suitcase across the carpeted floor and sat down on my bed among the bags.

As I got my breath back from carrying my heavy luggage up the stairs, I watched Charlotte unpacking her own things, listening to her friendly chatter and volunteering information of my own. Her clothes were wonderful: black lace corsets, leather jackets, tight jeans and high heeled boots; a far cry from the pastel pink blouse and light denim shorts that I was wearing. I remember thinking that Charlotte was just too good to be true, like a character from a movie.

“So, do you have any plans for this evening?” Charlotte asked as I finally finished unpacking my stuff. “I know there’s a few parties going on, but don’t you think it would be fun to get to know each other?” Amazed that someone like Charlotte would want to spend time with me, I nodded enthusiastically. I wanted to know as much as possible about Charlotte, she was attractive and funny, and I’d be spending the next year living with her, after all.

“Great,” Charlotte said, seeming genuinely pleased that I had agreed. “I just want to go take a shower, then we can sit around in our PJs and talk all night! There’s a bottle of wine in my closet, go help yourself.” As I stammered a thank you, I watched Charlotte leave the room, pulling her shirt up over her head as she reached the door to the bathroom. I got a quick glimpse of her bare back before the door clicked shut behind her, and it felt strange, knowing that there was just a thin wall separating us. One of the upsides to shared accommodation was that the rooms all came with private bathrooms.

Trying not to think of the naked Charlotte, just meters away from me, I closed the blinds across the windows, and changed into my pajamas. I was a little embarrassed of my sleepwear, a faded old shirt from my old cheerleading squad, slightly small for me now, and a pair of patterned shorts. I was sure that Charlotte slept in something elegant like a silk kimono, and my suspicions were confirmed when Charlotte emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later, the ends of her dark curls slightly wet. Her body was barely concealed in a revealing black lace negligee, her pointed nipples slightly erect.

“Cute PJs,” Charlotte winked, and took the glass of wine I had poured for her. “How about a game of truth or dare to loosen us up a bit?” She sat cross-legged on the floor, patting the expanse of carpet in front of her as an invitation to sit down. The thin material which clothed her fell between her legs, obscuring what lay between them from my curious eyes. Giggling, I sat down, mirroring her position with my own.

“Truth or dare?” Charlotte asked me, taking a sip of wine and leaning forward.

Biting my lip, I made my hesitant reply: “Truth.”

“Okay, but I should warn you, Jess,” Charlotte said teasingly. “By the end of the night, I’ll know all your secrets. You can’t keep anything from me.”

Taking a long drink of wine, locking my blue eyes on her dark ones, I nodded. “Bring it on.”


By the time Charlotte and I had shared the bottle of wine between us, it was true – Charlotte knew all of my secrets, but I had barely touched on hers. While I was reluctant to choose ‘Dare’, and ended up revealing every single little thing about myself, Charlotte had been reluctant to tell me anything. Instead, she had been subjected to at least a dozen dares, each more embarrassing than the last, until on the last turn, she had been forced to run down the corridor naked. Well, I didn’t force her, but I had already found out that Charlotte took the game seriously, and we were both a little too intoxicated to think rationally.

Her last dare had excited me more than I expected, watching her breasts and firm butt cheeks bounce up and down as she sprinted all the way down to the boys rooms at the end, giving a room full of gaming boys an eyeful of her nakedness. Behind my hysterical laughter, I was aroused. More aroused than I could even admit to myself.

But I finally caved into doing a dare, after Charlotte pointed out that she knew everything worth knowing about me, so I had no truths left to tell. She had interrogated me about every single sexual experience in my past, which amounted to a drunken fumble at prom and a disappointing tryst with a hot senior at a party.

“I dare you…” Charlotte said quietly, any hint of drunkenness melted away. “I dare you to make out with me.”

Shocked into soberness, there was no sound from my lips but my soft ragged breathing for a long moment. I could tell she was already regretting saying it, I noticed the quick flicker of doubt behind her eyes. Perhaps she had gone too far. Before she could retract the dare, I reached out, placing my hands either side of her face, and met her lips with my own.

We kissed gently at first, Charlotte’s teeth brushing the fullness of my bottom lip as I licked into her mouth, wrapping my arms around her neck. After a moment or two, Charlotte became impatient, and therefore, more aggressive, and bit my lip erotically, pulling me onto her lap and grinding her hips up against me. It was the most exciting experience of my life so far, and I hardly knew what to do with myself. I settled for allowing her lips to guide mine, twining our tongues together, and enjoying even the slightest caress of her hands upon my body.

I let a low, animalistic moan escape my lips as she moved her mouth to tease my sensitive neck, tangling my fingers in her hair to hold her as close as possible. I allowed myself to be parted from her for a few seconds, as she pulled my shirt up over my head, so she could touch my breasts.

Every touch on my skin drove me wild, and a soft tweak on my nipples made my back arch, pulling Charlotte back up for another kiss. Her experienced fingers worked my nipples as we kissed deeply. I was only vaguely aware that Charlotte’s luscious body and my own were separate. Her attentions had set every nerve in my body alight, and I felt myself yearning to touch her, be with her. The point at which our bodies met seemed natural, and I never wanted to be parted from her. My past experiences had been with boys, but Charlotte was a woman, and she made me feel like a woman too, rather than the shy girl I had been this morning.

Charlotte’s fingers alternated between sharp pinches and hard massages, and my erect nipples enjoyed both immensely. I didn’t worry about the difference in size between my chest and hers, as she seemed enthusiastic enough about playing with my firm little pair, and I was way beyond thinking of anything but my own selfish pleasure.

I tore my lips away from Charlotte’s as my pleasure reached its peak, a level I had never known before, and I voiced my delight with a loud cry. The sensation went as quickly as it had come, and I was frustrated to feel the rapid movements of Charlotte’s deft fingers cease.

“Don’t look so disappointed, Jessica…” Charlotte said in a low voice, thick with desire, as my breathing levelled. “It gets better than that…” With a thrill somewhere deep in my stomach, I allowed Charlotte to move me from her lap, and lay on my back on the carpet, propped up on my elbows. It was the moment I had been waiting for, I knew it.

Charlotte pulled her negligee off, discarding it on the floor with a graceful flick of her wrist. Her exposed body made me aware of a heat down in my groin, and a thick wetness between my legs. Charlotte’s breasts amazed me, perfectly round, larger than any I’d seen before, even on the internet porn I’d watched secretly in my bedroom at home. Her nipples were solid, and framed by huge dark circles which excited me even further.

My eyes were then drawn irresistibly to the area between her legs. Charlotte was shaved, and the temptation to reach forward and part her lower lips, to see what was inside, was overwhelming. But somehow, I managed to stay still, and held my breath as Charlotte pulled my shorts off.

Although I wasn’t shaved, there was barely any hair there at all, just a soft blonde dusting of curls, and Charlotte seemed to like it, running her fingers through it softly. I swallowed as Charlotte pulled away, hoping that she knew what she was doing, because my arousal was becoming painful. There was a constant, hot little stab in my crotch that was steadily driving me mad. I wanted to beg for her touch there, but I knew what she had planned would be much more satisfying.

My roommate quickly ran to her bedside table, taking something large and long from the drawer. I gasped as I realized what it was: a vibrator, and not a small one. I almost purred with anticipation as Charlotte sat back down in front of my, waiting for her to enter me with the toy. What happened instead, was much more exciting.

Apparently, Charlotte was just as aroused as I was, because when she spread her legs, her privates were dripping with her hot juices. They glistened pink and tempting in the soft lighting, and I wanted to reach out and touch her slit. I had looked at my own parts in a mirror, and thought they were exotically beautiful, but Charlotte’s were better. Her long fingers, which had only just been caressing my breasts, pushed the moist pink folds apart, exposing a set of inner lips as perfect as two pink rose petals. The hard little nub at the top was pinkest of all, and pulsed slightly with arousal.

Setting the sex toy to a soft vibration, Charlotte inserted it into herself, moaning as the smooth plastic stretched her wide. I could tell that she was much too horny to prolong the affair, and my eyes became fixed to the rhythmic pumping of the vibrator in and out of her wetness. A long, lithe finger reached down to caress her clit, and Charlotte bucked under her own touch.

By this time, I was whining with suppressed sexual tension, and felt my breasts heaving with my deep breaths. Charlotte’s breasts were moving at the same pace as her masturbation, bouncing up on her chest as she pushed the toy deep within herself. She was obviously well practiced in self-pleasure, and I shuddered as I imagined what she would do to me next.

Charlotte’s enthralling eyes had slid shut, and she concentrated on nothing but the pleasure which I could tell was growing inside her. Her facial muscles had relaxed, and she was beautiful like this. Wanton, free and liberated. Before long, her climax came upon her, and she collapsed, panting on the floor. Her guttural moans had sent me wild, and the expression of sheer ecstasy which crossed her features sent me further.

I crawled forward, and eased the sex toy out from her hole, which was tensing and relaxing as her pleasure ebbed away, her fingers now still. Charlotte looked up blearily as I removed the source of her orgasm, and her lips curved into a smile. Curious, I lifted the toy up to my face, having turned off the vibrating motion. As I waited for Charlotte to get her breath back, I tried to distract myself from my own neglected sex, and began licking Charlotte’s juices from the vibrator.

It was divine. Charlotte’s sticky cum tasted sweeter than the boy’s cum I had tasted at prom. It was a sultry taste, slightly bitter, but I could have sucked on that vibrator for hours. I was already addicted.

An insistent hand between my breasts stopped me, and I let Charlotte tug the toy from my hands. Slowly, I lay back on the floor, and closed my eyes to concentrate fully on the pleasure Charlotte was sure to inflict upon my hungry body. Her hands, still a little wet from her own pleasure, roved up the insides of my thighs, pushing my legs as far apart as they could go.

My position now was one of complete powerlessness. I had surrendered myself into Charlotte’s possession. My feet were planted flat on the carpet, my legs opened wide, with Charlotte between. My privates yearned for her, pulsing and dripping with warm juices.

“It’s your turn now…” Charlotte said in a dusky whisper, tracing her fingers lightly over my outer lips, which were soft with downy hair. Agonisingly slowly, Charlotte stroked every inch of my inner thighs, up and down my slit, around and around the hot flesh of my sex, but neglecting one crucial area. The clitoris. She drove me even closer to the brink of insanity, and I writhed as one possessed, yearning for her to rub me there, and finish me quickly.

Finally, she consented to my breathless pleas for release, and touched my clit briefly, pinching it between thumb and forefinger. Immediately, my hips bucked up, and I gave a suppressed little cry as she took her fingers away. She again commenced the thorough examination of my pussy, massaging the area with alternately hard and gentle circling fingers. I had begun to become bored and frustrated with her slow pace, until I felt the vibrator pushed into my slit. I moaned again, feeling the girth of the toy stretch me wide. The sensational was both enjoyable and painful, but the latter only increased the former.

Charlotte, aware of my eagerness, set it straight up to the highest level of vibration, which made my body shake with lust. As the tip of the toy hit my g-spot, I almost screamed, my hands darting down to push it further. Charlotte’s hands batted mine away, and I raised myself on my elbows again, to see what was happening. I felt my pussy twitch, and met Charlotte’s eyes as she leaned down slowly.

I knew what was coming, and tried to prepare, but the feeling of her tongue on my clit was overwhelming. Stars popped in my vision, the combination of the pressure of the vibration against my g-spot and Charlotte’s hard sucks at my clit were more than I could have hoped for.

I knew now that sex with anyone else would be disappointing forever, after the heaven to which Charlotte had sent me. My body ached as I approached climax, grinding my hips into Charlotte’s face, her hair tickling my stomach and thighs. I yelped in delight as she drove a finger into my asshole, twisting it deep inside me. This third thrill brought an orgasm crashing around me, and the burning of my loins was unbearable. Charlotte did not let me pull away.

Every nerve ending in my body felt as if it were exploding, sending quake after quake through me. Charlotte’s tongue continued to caress my sensitive nub, over stimulated and painful now. The vibrator inside me continued its relentless rhythm against the walls of my pussy, which had widened to accommodate it. The finger in my ass continued to twist, Charlotte’s fingernail scraping slightly.

While I voiced my pleasure loudly and clearly, I writhed again as another climax rippled through my senses. Something down below released, and I was aware of a hot gush of liquid escaping from my pussy. Charlotte pulled her head from between my legs, licking her lips and panting as much as I was. I felt the vibrator slide out from my dripping privates, and the finger from my ass. Still riding my orgasm, I groaned with every exhale, and fell back onto the carpet, weak and sated.

As Charlotte brought her face back up to mine, I saw my own cum sparkling on her face. I felt a little embarrassed that my juices had squirted onto her face, but the satisfaction I experienced from licking it off cancelled any embarrassment. Charlotte held me in her arms, cushioning my young, girlish frame against her womanly figure. I wrapped my leg around her hip, and we lay in the afterglow of our sex for some time. My wetness was pressed against her stomach, and I knew she could feel the pulsing of the last of my cum pumping out from my slit onto her body.

I reached up to play with her hair, as she whispered soft compliments to me, her long fingers gently stroking my back.

“You can’t keep anything from me,” Charlotte murmured, and her arms curled possessively around my body. “You’re mine, now.”

I kissed her deeply, the tastes of our juices mingling in our mouths. Really, I thought as I prepared for another erotic coupling, that wouldn’t be so bad at all.

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