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True Mastery

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This story was from a dark corner of my mind that DreamWeaverAz helped me write. I am not that good at reacting as a Dominant would. This is a story warning the wanna-bes out there. A true Master goes beyond the kink.

“Three fingers, teasing softly, not entering but lingering, the middle finger pushing lightly wanting to enter, mmm how wet you are.”

I moan softly hearing His voice. My heart racing as my Master speaks in my ear. I can’t believe i am sitting here on this desolate road allowing Him to take me. My breathing becomes heavier as He continues talking to me walking through what His hands are doing to this body… His body.

“Mmm Master please…” my voice is hard to find when He gets me this way it doesn’t help how scared and vulnerable this new situation has made me. I can feel His hand between my legs, His other hand at my collar tugging me closer to Him as he torments and teases this body, driving me to the edge only to stop before pushing me closer, making me wait, to beg, to beg to release…

“Good girl. Do you like that?”

“Yes Master…. please, please may i have more, please Master.” the desperation slowly rising in my voice. I was so afraid of being caught on this road, my pants down to my ankles, my shirt up and over my breasts, my bra pulled under each breast revealing them making them higher, the streetlight in the distance causing a small glimmer on the nipple clamps He had me wearing. My heart has never beaten so fast. So public, but so private. To be found like this with my hands between my legs… oh my….

“The middle finger spreading you open, exploring but not yet entering. Teasing you the wetness growing… Mmmm” His voice soothing, my mind and body losing to Him so deeply my hands do as He says, my mind not processing that the hands touching me are my own. My body begins to slowly push against my hands, yet they never enter. My breathing growing heavier as i slip deeper into His control.

“Pushing past the wet lips slowly taking what is Mine..” my middle finger slowly pushing through i moan out craving more.

“Master….” breathing heavy into the phone, my mind searching for elusive words. My slide into my complete submission is suddenly changing as my tone turns urgent..

“Master… a cop i have to go. Will call right back.” i click the phone shut and pull the headset off tossing them both to the passenger seat. My hands moving quickly as i straighten out my clothes, the red and blue lights making me dizzy as i pull my pants up to my waist but not quite fast enough so i pulled my shirt over my open zippered pants just as the cop knocked on my window.

“Is there a problem Miss?” The officer asks. I see his eyes trace down to my collar and back up to my eyes. His badge shining in his own headlights. I barely make out the last name… Karey.

“Um, no… no Officer Karey… i was on the phone so i pulled over.” I was hoping he wouldn’t smell the sweet scent of my arousal, my heart pumping even more wildly hoping i was not caught.

“Can you please step out of the vehicle?” He smirks softly and lets his eyes linger once again at my collar.

“Um, did i do anything wrong?” With a quick movement he yanks open my door and reaches in grabbing me by my collar and drags me out of my car, my pants falling to my ankles revealing that i had no panties on.

“Now girl i know what you are. You’re a little slut, look at you, no panties. What were you doing?” He twirls me around quickly and pushes me towards the back of my car not really giving me a chance to explain.

“No please don’t! Please! I was talking with my… my… my Master… please!” tears begin flooding down my cheeks as the fear of what might happen rips through my very being.

“You fucking slut!” He pushes hard over the trunk the breath being taken from me as my stomach slams against it. I am sobbing now as i hear his pants unzip.

“Oh please no… please Sir… no!!!” the tears spilling down my cheeks as he grabs both my wrist behind me and handcuffs them together. I am so scared now and my Master was an hour away. Would He come and find me? He knew where i was, but would He know to help me?

“I know what you are… and you will know your place you little bitch…”

“Please noooooooooo!!!!” He turns me around to face him, my hands cuffed behind my back.

“Shut up you little cunt! Another word from you and you will receive a punishment above all else.” He raised his hand and struck me hard across my cheek… my knees buckled as i whimpered and began to silently cry, afraid that he would hurt me more. He turned me around and bent me over my trunk. He takes out his cock and slowly rubs it between my wetness…

“Your already soaking wet… what a good little cunt you are…” He then thrust deep inside me, i bite down hard on my lip trying not to scream…

“Master please….” my heart reaching out to my Master looking to Him to escape this cops brutal assault on me. Seeking my Masters warm arms embracing me caressing me saving me from this… this creature. between the violent thrusts of the cops raging cock i slip back into the painful reality hearing my cell phone. i knew at that moment it was my Master, my savior, and my peace…

“Pl ease Sir… please, let me answer that… its my Master.” My tears glistening in the glow of his headlights as i look back pleading with all that i was. He raises his hand and he lands hard on my cheek, my face slamming into the hood. I see stars from his power.

“Shut up bitch… when I’m done.” His thrust going deeper and harder inside me. i can taste the blood on my lip, my anger drying my tears, my body helpless to defend itself. I take this cop, this man of no respect. It goes on forever in my head. His relentless poundings, my stomach pressed harder into the trunk, my lip swelling, the hint of blood fueling my own taste for his blood, to hurt him, to make him feel as bad as i felt.

His hand would land down hard on my ass, pain searing into my already wounded mind. my mind escaping his blows as i went to where my Masters arms were holding me tight, protecting me. It was almost as if i was watching this man brutally take some other girl. but i was that girl and that pain was in that body. Blow after blow would land on my body as he fucked my harder and harder. I scream out thinking i had escaped his assault with some dignity when he pulls out of me without cumming. my body is weak and limp leaning against the trunk. my heart almost breaks when i feel his swollen cock pressing against the tight entrance of my ass.

“Please!!!! Not there!!!! my Master… please…..” that was the one entrance that my Master kept for Him and only on the days He wanted to push me deeper into His control. With only my juices coating his cock he rams it in hard, my eyes closing tightly as i feel my body seemingly ripping in half. Among the star ridden pain i scream but it sounds like someone else, a scene i am watching from the side. Tears streaming down my cheeks as the cop violently taking my ass.

The cop pumping harder and faster knowing he must be close to cumming and hopefully he will be done with me. Then with a loud groan he pulls out and his hot cum splashes over my ass. my body crumbles to the ground. my strength gone, my mind hot with anger, my heart breaking thinking i had let my Master down this body, his body defiled by this.. this.. asshole.

A soft almost primal growl comes from the deep recesses of my throat as the cop undoes the cuffs, his voice now back to normal as if nothing happened, and worse of all like we knew each other.

“Thanks babe, hope to catch you here again and maybe then I can show you a real Master.” with that he does up his pants and returns to his car and pulls away.

I lay on the ground my body slowly revealing a deep bruise across my stomach from his assault on me, my face now feeling stiff as i truly feel the hits he inflicted. i can’t seem to move, my body trembling as the tears begin to spew forth. My phone rings again but i just can’t move. i am so ashamed of what just happened. I close my eyes as the floodgates open. The guilt and pain, tears splashing on the rough ground. I had laid there for i don’t know how long. my body and mind tattered. I begin to try and coax myself to get up, he might return, my Masters probably worried.

I almost scream out in panic when i see headlights coming down the road… i crawl to the ditch trying to hide in the shadows hoping they didn’t see me and would keep going. my mind screaming, my body not listening as it should. i roll off into the ditch, the rocks scraping my body. I curl up in a ball when i see the lights stop. oh no please… no more. please keep going, please no.

“kajira” i hear His voice. My Master. was i imagining things or was it truly Him? I hear a car door open and footfalls on the side of the road. I am still too scared to call out. Maybe i imagined it was He and it was actually the cop.

“Kajira answer Me!” my heart leapt. i heard the command and concern in His voice but i was so ashamed i couldn’t move.

“Master…” my voice weak and soft as i forced myself to answer. I saw His strong form standing above me holding my pants in His hand inspecting them. I could almost see His thoughts as He wondered why they were in the road. Then His eyes fell to me i swear i could almost hear His heart break. I was curled up in a ball hiding in the shadows wanting to fade into the dark to keep my Master from the pain He was now feeling.

He walks down to me and i start crying. my heartbreaks from the shame and guilt i felt, looking as i did, being used as i was. i couldn’t do anything but cry.

“My sweet beauty, are you ok?” His voice was coaxing as if He was talking to a lost child, His strong arms lifting me carrying me up to the light. When He had gotten me to the top I felt His body tense. His anger apparent at the damage that was done.

“I’m…i’m so sorry Master.. please…” i began to sob out into his chest.

“No my sweet beauty, I am sorry, this will not happen again.” His voice was soft and soothing, as He pulled me tighter into his chest. “This will not happen again.” As He repeated it again it sounded like a promise wrapped dangerously in a threat.

Come to find out He was not to far away when all this happened, he was going to surprise me. But this wanna-be Dominant with a badge changed things.

“Where are your keys little one?” i had to stop for a minute, my mind still hazed His soothing voice bringing me slowly back to focus.

“In the car Master.” He opened the passenger side of His car and gently laid me on the front seat. I whined softly not wanting Him to leave me.

“Ssshhh… we will tend to your car later, i am going to lock it up and i will take you home.” He gently closes the door and disappears to my car. I lay there in His front seat still curled up in a tight ball. I know what i am but i had never been treated so badly. my body and my heart ached, the tears once again started to flow.

He slipped back into his car and pulled my head to His thigh. I rested my sore cheek there as my tears wet His pant leg. He closed the door gently and placed His hand in my hair grasping it tenderly but tightly assuring me i was now safe.

I could feel His anger the whole way to His house. My body stiff and worn from the unexpected beating I slipped in and out of consciousness. Then i felt the car come to a stop. He released my hair as i whimpered softly not wanting to be free of His grasp. He closes His door and comes around for me. Scooping me up ever so lovingly in His arms He takes me into His house.

He makes His way to the door me in His arms, and ever so gently He opens the door to His house. The warmth of Him is so much in His home, it washes over me as slip unconscious safe in His arms. Knowing i was now truly safe with my Master my body took over as i completely shut down.

My mind slipped to warm dreams and soft caresses. Master. my loving Master. His hands slowly exploring my body. Lovingly tenderly exploring the wounds. my moans soft. moans of relief. moans of pain. moans of disbelief.

I awake with a startle and find myself in His bed, my wounds bandaged and my body clean. I wondered if He had bathed me. my heart wanted to explode with the love that He had bestowed upon me. I look around slowly trying to sit up and His strong hand is on my chest pressing me back down.

“Don’t move, relax your safe now.” He was on the bed beside me and i slowly became aware of other voices in the room.

“Can you recall any of what happened to you? Maybe a name and a description? Can you handle this right now?” I turned on my side nuzzling next to His body, i could feel the soft sheets across my bare skin. Bare skin??? oh no, and there are others here? do they know what i am? does my nakedness offend them? i blush softly and tug the sheets up to try and cover.

“Relax my beauty they are here to help.” i relax my grip on the sheets.

“Master the guy was Officer Karey…” i softly described what i saw of him and recounted everything that had happened. as soon as i had finished describing the officer i felt Master tense and the room became heavy. They knew this person… oh no.

“It will be taken care of Dream. This We promise. Later We will finalize the details.” The man speaking turned to me, his hand gently caressing my bruised cheek. “It will most definitely be taken care of.” The man and what appeared to be two others stood and left me to my Master. I sat there stunned wondering how i could have slept through people in the room. i was such a light sleeper. What plans had i missed?

He leaned down kissing my forehead ever so gently. Then moving my long auburn locks out of my face caressed down my cheek, His hand dropping to my collar giving it a small tug before i once again slipped off to sleep. Once again safe in my Masters arms.

I awoke the following day and my Master was not beside me. i nearly panicked. i had so much to do and i slept in. right as i was about to bolt out of bed i see His form standing in the doorway. i was about to slide out of His bed and kneel. He must have seen that look, His voice strong but commanding as i flinched and remained still.

“Stop. Relax. Today is a special day. I have a gift especially for you.” my heart raced hearing that… and i was suddenly afraid when i felt the cool trace of His anger lacing His words. was that anger with me?

“you need this little one. I am not only your Master, as I am also your Protector. Rest. you will need it for tonight.” He stepped back from the doorway and reached for something, i blushed when i saw Him pull a small cart with two covered trays on it. i squirmed nervously in His bed.

His walk was slow and deliberate across the room. He sat on the edge of His bed, His bright hazel eyes staring down into mine. i look down at the sheets barely covering me feeling slightly ashamed at the attention. i should be serving Him, tending Him, showing him how much i love Him.

He cups my cheek gently pulling my eyes up to His. my blush crimson as it spreads down my chest. He smiles ever so warmly to me, my heart melting under His gaze, i fight the urge to throw myself to my place at His feet.

Uncovering the first tray from the cart i see breakfast. i giggle softly most of my fear melting.

“Eat. you will need your strength. do not uncover the second tray. above all stay on My bed. I will be back in a few minutes.”

“yes Master.” uncertainty was in my voice but i would never defy my Master. He kissed my forehead before standing back up and heading out His bedroom door.

i sat quietly on His bed and ate the prepared breakfast. small bite after another i finished the meal. carefully replacing my used bowl and utensils.. i carefully cover the dish, staring at the second tray. my hands trembling as i am within inches of the unknown, i resist and lay back on His bed, covering my naked body in His sheets. i can’t help but to smile as i look around. too bad better circumstances hadn’t brought me to His bed. yet who am i to complain, i nestled down deeper in His sheets and sighed a sigh of contentment.

i didn’t know i had fallen asleep again until i felt His eyes on me. i sat straight up, once again my mind stopping my body from slipping to the floor. the sheet fell to my waist exposing my voluptuous chest to Him. As many times as He has seen me naked i still blush.

He entered and once again sat beside me. i looked over to the cart and one tray was gone. When had He come in here? my body was still stiff and i was confined to His bed. i wanted to move and stretch but most of all i wanted to be pleasing to Him and couldn’t understand how i can do that being battered and restricted to bed.

He uncovered the remaining tray revealing bandages, a large bowl, i could now see the washcloth and towels under the cart. i squirm a little as He pulls the sheet completely from me. my nipples harden in the exposure. i look down not seeing anything, my eyes blurring, not focusing.

i hear Him moving, the cloth unfolding and dipping into the bowl of water. He squeezes it out, i hear the water raining back into the bowl. His weight shifts as He turns back to me.

“Lay back kajira.” His mere voice takes complete control of my body as it does everything automatically.

The warm washcloth finds it’s way to each of my cuts and many bruises. the warmth of not only the cloth but also my Master love and care for me flows through me soothing me. i purr ever so softly under His care. His strong hands gliding all over my body, the drops of water being squeezed free as time after time he applies the cloth to my tender skin. Master takes a large folded towel and partially unfolds it.

“Roll over. Hips up my beauty,” i blush as my body responds to Him. feeling very vulnerable my ass in the air, the shame once again floods me as images of the prior night invade my vision. He feels my tension as He places the towel under me and pushes down on my ass.

“Relax. Breathe my beauty. take it slow.” i exhale not knowing i had been holding my breath. The cloth being dunked once again in the warm water, he tends the few remaining bruises. completely ignoring my ass as His strong hands brush along my skin. i can feel electricity humming through my body.

“Arch.” i gulp as i arch my back raising my ass up towards Him. i was so nervous about Him touching me. He dips the cloth again except this time He wrings the cloth out over my ass. The warm water flowing down my crease and over my ravaged anus. i tremble as the water tickles me. He does this a few more times, my mind racing with each new twist. Finally He takes the cloth down the crease of my ass, brushing it across my anus and down my inner thighs.

i bury my head into the mattress fighting the tears that once again try to surface. my body trembling fiercely. right when i feel i can’t take it any more He picks me up cradling me in His arms, my tears spilling, and my entire body shuddering under my sobs.

“Let it out my beauty, even your tears are Mine. Give them to me.” i sobbed heavily into his chest. my emotional release stronger than any release i had ever had. He laid me back on the bed once i was calm. once again weak from being exhausted.

The rest of the day Master tended to me. each meal containing two trays. each time He tenderly touched me, His presence alone healing my shattered mind. By the time the evening came i was feeling a lot better and more than willing to return to His feet and His service, but He wouldn’t have it. He knew how mentally drained i was. i didn’t want to give into my weakened body.


“the Council and I will deal with this worthless player My kajira. But not you, you will rest, your duties suspended for the day. tonight Master and His beauty are going out.”

“…wake now My beauty, I have left you some things to wear for the evening.” His voice gentle, His hand stirring her from her sleep as she shifts her eyes opening seeing her loving Master towering over her.

His hand pointing to the foot of the bed where a soft black corset has been laid out, fringed with green that matches her eyes. A green and royal blue silk ribbon laid out to tie her hair back with laying beside the corset, and a generously soft black skirt under them all and a pair of heels, not high for tonight, but enough to show off her lovely legs as well, set at the foot of the bed.

“Dress quickly kajira, Master has plans for you tonight.” He glances quickly over His shoulder seeing His kajira is feeling stronger but how her hands tremble in anticipation causing her to lightly fumble her clothes. He smiles to Himself as He tends to other urgent needs. turning He moves to the doorway before pausing again, looking over His shoulder, His head lowered with a gleam of darkness…

” Master is going to the study kajira, finish and wait for Me in the living room, I wont be long but I must fetch a few things for the night.” His steps moving silently into the shadowy hallway and off to His study as she prepares herself.

Knowing she is sore and weak, He had made certain she was nurtured and rested, His treasure deserved nothing less. He then found suitable clothing, something to show of her beauty just enough and yet not be too tight on the wounds the worthless rodent had inflicted upon His beauty. His hands trembling with anger and rage as they pull a small satchel out of the closet and put in a length of very course rope His eyes roaming the study, knowing what it is they seek and yet My eyes still clouded with anger that they cant locate it. It’s been so long since it had been used , He had sworn never to use it again…but tonight….He had use of it.


With a soft blush i slip off the bed as He exits. looking over the beautiful clothes He had picked especially for me, my fingers gently trace along the soft cool material. lingering and enjoying them for a moment longer. I trembled picking them up trying to control my body. the chaos of the day still having a small toll on me. picking up the top i nearly drop it. catching it quickly i hold it tightly to my chest and force myself to breath. i can hear His voice in my head calming me “Breath kajira, breath”

slipping the corset around my body and cinching it gently. making sure the pressure was not too tight. Master would be upset if He knew i was walking around in pain. picking the skirt up i carefully stepped into it, feeling it caressing my skin. a small shiver runs through me. i can’t keep lingering. He has plans. Then with effortless motion i step into the smaller heels. smiling knowing He is being more than generous with me tonight.

Picking up the silver jeweled hairbrush that laid on the nightstand i took the ribbon and headed to the bathroom. brushing through my long auburn locks i begin to intertwine my hair into a long french braid. Master wanted my hair back and i was hoping this would please Him. With the ribbon tied securely in my hair i look down at the brush and pull any loose hairs from it and toss the loose hairs in the garbage. Then playfully sticking my tongue out to my reflection i return the hairbrush to the bedroom nightstand.

i am quick at making Masters bed, i would not want Him to come back and find i had left it a mess. so i quickly tuck the blankets as neatly as i can and then head out of the room. looking back at His bed i wink and then flick the light off closing the door gently behind me. i make may way through His house slowly, and enter His living room. I melt down to my knees and kneel beside His chair. Sighing contently i await His return.


an exasperated breath slips from My lips as I finally see it, hanging from the corner of My painting of the mountains, its leather length nearly hidden, My hand grasps the crop and stuffs it into the satchel, a last addition of a black blue candle and lighter following it into the bag before closing it and striding out into the living room.

His eyes finding her right where she belongs, suddenly the darkness in His eyes drains away for the time and is replaced by the joy and love He am filled with for and by her. His hand lifts out to her…

“come My radiant beauty, tonight W/we are going to the club. you deserve tonight and I intend for you to have the time of your life kajira Mine” blushing softly she takes His hand… His hand taking hers and guiding her into His arm, the strength supporting her as T/they slip out the door and into the warmed car. the satchel tossed to the back seat, knowing her eyes have seen it and are curious.

“don’t fret about the bag kajira, your duty for now is only to enjoy being Mine and to enjoy the night I have planned for U/us” His will steering the car out through the wooded drive, a hand grasping her braid as He rests her head down to My thigh again.

“Rest for a bit longer My beauty, its going to take nearly an hour to get to the club” switching on some music as He drives and strokes the beauty and softness that is His, the anger in His body deepening as the hand gripping the steering wheel strains to wrench and strangle the fool….the road humming away under them as the car glides down the road.

Pulling up in front of the club, the doorman opens the door for her as He gets out and moves around to join her, pausing at the doorway and setting the satchel down, His hand reaching into the pocket of His jacket and withdrawing leash. her eyes sparkling at the sight of it as it’s clipped into the ring of her steel collar and her tender flesh beneath the collar stroked for a moment.

The doorman hands Him a note as the satchel is grasped again and He leads her into the club. His eyes brilliant with the pride and love for her as all eyes turn to T/their entrance. The note crumpled in His hand as He smiles to the room occupants and then turns leading her proudly around the side of the room and down a hallway to an oaken door. The soft carpet padding T/their steps as He keeps a slow enough pace that its not obvious to A/any but those few that know what she has been through. As the approach the doorway He turns to her and speaks softly.

“Tower kajira, here at the door and wait for My return.”

Her body melting to her knees, her thighs pressed together gingerly as her back rises straight and proud, her chin lifted with the pride of who and what she is as her hands come to upon her thighs, the palms down to her skirt and flesh. The door clicks shut behind Him and she hears the tone of greetings being exchanged and then her body chills quickly, a tone she has not heard, His voice, raised, harshly. Surely it wasn’t her Masters voice, but she knows it was.


shining with pride of belonging to Him i kneel. my heart racing wondering what is going on. the chambers is a forbidden place to us little ones. we only go in there when beckoned and from the whispers of others it’s rarely a good thing. and now here my Master was in this dangerous room.

i flinch hearing his raised and strained voice. i have never heard his tone go so…. so… scary is all i can think of. He had always been firm with me but He was kind. i wanted to try and listen, to get some hint of what was going on but then again i was afraid to focus, what kind of hell is going on in there. i heard other voices but never heard a single word. i stayed where i was left listening to the faint distant music as they talked, trying to calm myself.


Minutes pass as the muffled voices continue whatever discussion they are having then silence. Moments seem like long agonizing minutes then she jumps as the door opens suddenly and her Master is standing there over her again. Her eyes remaining lowered and yet seeing enough of His face to see the dark, smoldering smile upon His lips, a smile of dark vengeance. Her body shivers for a moment in fear but knows its not aimed at her and slowly she relaxes.

His hand reaching to her leash again as He tugs her gently back up.

“come My beauty.”

He leads her to T/their booth proudly, her leash swaying as gently as her supple hips do until He rests into the softness of the seat. her body instinctively kneeling beside her Master, her body still aching from the assault…and then…His voice stops her short…

“no kajira!” blushing and flinching as if she was hit,she looked up to Him for guidance.

“tonight My beauty, you sit WITH Master…not serve Him.” His body slips around more in the seat and pulls her up and into the seats softness beside Him. His smile broad as His hand settles her in next to Him and drinks are ordered for Him and one for her.

“One drink tonight My beauty…to sooth the ache but not numb your mind…I want you fully aware of the events tonight.” His hands shaking suddenly and then regaining control as He looks across the floor, His eyes meeting those of Another council member and knowing nods exchange.

T/they sit for a time listening to the music and sipping the drinks and then one of her favorite songs comes on, her body instinctively moving to the rhythm of it even as she sits, He nudges her out of the seat.

“Come now kajira, don’t waste time on curiosity…onto the dance floor with Me…now.”

Leading her body onto the dance floor, her radiant beauty captivating the eyes of A/all as she flows to the music, her love of it…and of her Master so very apparent as she dances for and with her Master, her memories of the recent events fading in her joy of being His at this very moment.

His arms swaying her gently to the rhythm again and again , her leash lightly bouncing to her body as her glow returns and her happiness deep again as her memory of the event fades quickly. He sees that familiar look in her eyes. her withdrawal from the environment around her as she loses herself in the rhythm of the music. Her body moving not only to please Him but erasing all the chaos, her world only Him and the music.

the song comes to an end. He turns her, pulling her to His side, retrieving her from her escape. His voice rings strong and suddenly to her ears….

“Tower kajira…quickly” her body suddenly and quickly melting to her knees as her eyes and body turn to face the room. she gasps softly, her body trembling uncontrollably trying to keep herself calm, her mind screaming for her to run, or at least hide herself behind her Master… she grabs His hand tightly knowing she could get into so much trouble for not positioning herself correctly, but she needed His strength.

His hand grasping hers as the sleen is forced forward onto his knees, a strong council member on either side pushing him down before T/them.

“breath, kajira IT wont hurt you anymore…will you, you sleen!!” her Masters voice echoes to her numb ears and then to the wanna-be. His hand releasing her leash as the satchel is handed to Him and it is set down at His feet.

Quietly it is opened as the hate and scorn of the sleens eyes glare back, finding the even colder glare of her Masters eyes meeting the glare. The sleens eyes lower unable to withstand the glare but flitting to the open satchel as does her eyes. His hand reaches down into the bag and then suddenly striking out across the sleens face, giving it face the very same blow he had given her, drawing blood from his lips as her Master grins and laughs

“do you like it sleen? A mere wanna-be, pretending to be something it could never be. Breaking the code of Dominants respect for what belongs to Another. You are going to learn a few things tonight sleen….”

His voice softly falling to her ears then…”retrieve My rope from the satchel My beauty and give it to Me”

Watching with the dark glint in His eyes, her soft green eyes teared but not crying as she searches her Masters for strength and to try to understand what is happening before her. Handing Him the requested rope as she sees a sight she had never witnessed before, Master, terrifyingly angry, darkness unlike Him as she has seen but known was deep in Him, then her mind flashes back to the pond, the image in it and what she had seen, her body trembling with the recollection of the anger in Him she had seen through its eyes and then the sudden deep understanding of His intent now, the depth of His love for her and the depth of rage and contempt for him. Wonderment in her mind as she struggled to understand how was her Master able to maintain the composure after what had occurred and All these Others present.

Her cheeks blush crimson as her trembling hands slowly retrieve His rope, tears on the verge of escaping, her breathing shallow as His hand gently takes the rope from her hands His fingers drawing across her trembling flesh, His eyes turning to hers again for a moment and showing the glimmer of light in them that is her and then suddenly striking the foolish sleen across his chest with the bundled ropes. The cry of pain as sudden as the unexpected strike, the force strong enough that the shirt buttons are ripped off and bounce across the dance floor. Masters body moving behind him quickly, taking his hair in sharply in His hand as He leans over and breathes down upon him…

“you claim to be one of U/us… ” His arm gesturing to the clubs patrons .

“… yet you dare to cross a line so dear and significant to the ways W/we practice! you dare to take what is not yours and claim to be Dominant?!?” Her Masters hand shoving the sleens head back down as the ropes strike across the back of his shoulders with a resounding slap.

“you are no Dominant…you..sleen… certainly are No Dominant. you are nothing but a worthless player….but tonight….you will become what you deserve …tonight…YOU WILL BECOME PART OF THIS LIFESTYLE as the worthless slave you truly are!”

His eyes filled with anger, His hands trembling the rage inside barely controlled and then slowly regaining His composure and smiling softly to her…

“this one wishes to be OF O/our ways kajira….I am going to allow him this, since his strength is so obvious, his will soooo strong….” the sarcasm in His voice rings to her ears.

her eyes confused and pained for a moment until she sees His hands take the sleens arms and bind them behind his back, cinching them up firmly as he struggles in the grasp of the other two Council members. The rope is looped around his neck once and back down to his wrists so that his own struggles pull against his throat, choking him just enough so that he ceases struggling. the ropes pulled to his ankles and harshly bind them before his knees are pulled to his chest and then around to the rope wrapped around once more and then tied off to his wrists, balling him up. The bindings tested to ensure they are tight and secure before the body is pushed to the floor so his ass is raised and head pressed to the floor beyond his control.

His hand reaching again into the satchel as her eyes flit from the bound body of her attacker and back to the form of her Master stands darkly over the foolish sleen. Still she wonders how He maintains Himself and yet she feels the deep-set anger in Him. Then her eyes see it…His hand pulling the crop from the satchel….a cutting swish through the air sends a shivering cringe into her body….Master said He would never use a crop on her.

The leather end of the crop is drawn across her cheek softly then under her chin, lifting her eyes as they try to fall to the floor.

“Look at Master kajira.” she takes a deep breath before reluctantly meeting His eyes. His eyes soft again for the moment as His voice sooths her.

“Never again will this one bother you. you blame yourself but it is not your fault and Master……Master is going to fix it! T/those of U/us that are true to the ways will always rise to take care of what must be done. As I stand for Them…tonight…they Stand for Me. you are Mine…and I will always stand for you My beauty.”

The crop slipping off her tender flesh and then swiftly striking across the bound sleens ass, the sting coaxing the yelp from his mouth yet again. Again and again the crop strikes across his back and ass. Each time the force ripping his clothing revealing the ensuing welts and cuts from her Masters ire.

“you wish to be of the Lifestyle, and so you shall be off the Lifestyle. you will beg for Me to stop, you will beg and perhaps….I will be more understanding than you were with her….and then…worthless sleen, you will be OF the lifestyle …as the worthless slave you are!!”

Again and again the crop strikes. Again and again his yelps echo in the room as she flinches at the sound of each strike…but her heart flowing more freely, her pain and anguish released with the tears of her emotional release. Master defending her…righting the wrong as only a Master can that truly loves and cares for His girl can. the clothes in tatters as his voice whimpers and grovels in tears….

“what is that you say?” His voice strong and angry. His hand to His ear mocking him, listening for the begging…yet the sleen struggles not to give in completely.

A nod from her Masters head and the two council members roughly rip the remnants of the tattered clothes from the sullen body before them revealing the true damage to his skin. The crop strokes across his face slowly but pressing it forcefully into his cheek and then it is raised suddenly as if to strike…

and then it happens…..a miserably pleading cry…

“nooooooooooooo” the sobs muffling the plea…. “no moooore…..I beg of you…are you happy now?”

His laugh hard and harsh….”you beg of Me? is that anyway for a slave to speak…is He happy now???” The crop strikes his shoulders again and the scream of agony fierce as the strike…

“you can beg better than that slave….cant you!” The crop raises, higher and the whimper comes again

“all right….all right…please..I beg…” sobbing in tears “I beg for you to stop……maa….” the word trailing off unended.

“what was that slave? I didn’t hear you? THEY didn’t hear you!!” Again the crop raises and the yelp resounds off the walls with out it even striking

“nooo…. MASTERRRR!!” he wails.

“ahhh so the worthless slave does know his place. So are you Dominant..or are you a worthless slave that needs to be shown his true worth and place?” her Masters voice strikes harshly into the quivering body, its tone harsher than anything she has ever heard before and her mind reels both in pride that He does this for her but also knowing she never wants to be the recipient of such a tone.

“Strip the sleen! Convert him now to the status of worthless slave that He truly is!” The two Council members at his sides reach down and with but a few cruel pulls of the tattered clothing, they rip the remnants from his body so that He lays naked, bound only the ropes and welts left covering him. his now small body curled in pain and agony as he shivers at the Masters feet.

“understand the pain you inflicted on Mine…and know that I am far from done with you… but I will show mercy…because I am better than you… I am Dominant…” throwing the crop down in front of him as he shifts to grovel at His feet, the tear streaked face pressed to the floor and then His boot as His hand settles into her soft auburn hair…

“what do you think My beauty…mercy? or no?” her body trembling with pride again and hatred for the one groveling at her Masters feet….

“As You deem appropriate Master. i only wish for You to be pleased.” He nods quietly and smiling down to her He releases her hair and reaches into the satchel. Removing another short strand of rope and swiftly forming a loop in it.”

“Hold the worthless slaves thighs apart!” His voice strikes out loudly.

The attending council members force the sleens legs further apart as He forces the rope in from behind, between the forcefully parted thighs and looping the rope over the shriveled little cock. Snugging the rope down under his balls tighter and tighter until the cock and balls swell under the pressure. The rope pulled up to his bound wrists tightly so the pressure is maintained on his cock and balls and the whimpers grow more.

“merrrrrcy Master….mercy” he whines and cries.

“Did you show mercy to Mine when she begged for it sleen? NO! I am anything but done with you!” His voice growls down. Then, removing the blue candle from His satchel and turning the bottom of it to his lips, bloodied from the strike earlier and with a harsh voice…

“suck it slave, suck it as you would a cock…NOW!” his body flinching at the tone but his lips cove the candle bottom and suckling it, licking at it rapidly and sloppily not really wanting to but knowing if he doesn’t he will be beaten more. As quickly as it started the candle is pulled from his lips, slick with his saliva, her Masters hand pulls his battered body to his knees, his head resting to the floor as the slick end of the candle is pressed to the ring of his ass.

“noooooooooo!!!!” he begs and whines as the candles slickness is pressed more and more into him.

“yes slave! you are to be taken, just as you took her….in a way you will remember for a very long time!” the candle slowly pressed in until several inches are in and then a rubber band is rolled down it to keep it from going any further.

“do you feel like a man now? No? … are no are nothing but a worthless slave..nothing more!” His body turning to her and smiling wickedly pleased…”has Master told you…that blue is for healing? now, heal with Master and light the blue candle this worthless sleen of a slave offers for your healing My beauty”

the lighter placed in her trembling hand. The sobs long and drawn out, his place recognized as the candle wick glows and flickers , his raised ass the candle holder of healing for his crime against the ways of O/our world…and against Him…and all the more so…against her….Masters beautiful kajira.

“now worthless slave! IF you are lucky…Somebody here will claim you and train you properly as you should be, a worthless slave, and you had best hope its done before this candle burns all the way down…or….well….you understand…”

A final nod from her Masters head and the two standing council members produce a steel band collar and quickly secure it around the sleens throat, the seal welded shut quickly with a small hand held blow torch as the slave sobs endlessly.

“He is Y/yours to do with as you wish” He says to the remaining patrons of the club and then turns, His hand reaching to her, lifting her up and taking her leash in hand again as He strides a few paces towards the door, her body proudly flowing behind Him, glancing back at her attacker now put in his place, his punishment far from over but her mind sated as the love of her Master heals her and consumes her once again.

In His grasp and love she is led back to the car, to be driven home under Masters care, knowing all the more how much she belongs fully and deeply to Him, for His love has shown her healing and gentleness and yet how much He will do for her….for His kajira…His treasure.

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