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Hitchhiking Preggo

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I was halfway home when I saw her standing on the street with her thumb out. The closer I got, the slower I drove. She was tall, about five feet seven, with medium length black hair falling loosely about her shoulders. Her eyes were deep black. She was wearing a short skirt, a cutoff white t-shirt, and barefoot. Barefoot and pregnant, I thought.

She was very, very pregnant, indeed. Her navel was exposed between the waistband of her skirt and the hem of her t-shirt. Her stomach was huge, with a foot of skin showing between the t-shirt and skirt. She had one tiny hand folded protectively against her, as if helping to hold her stomach up. I like pregnant women. Women who are expecting are the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world. Women at their most womanly—and she was as pregnant as any woman I’d ever seen. She stood there watching me drive toward her, one foot curled on top of the other, hips and shoulders cocked back to balance her enormous protruding belly.

I only looked at her stomach for a moment, though, before forgetting it entirely. Her tits were incredible. She wore no bra, and her teats swung loosely beneath her t-shirt as she moved towards my car. They were the size and shape of footballs, long, fat, and pointed. Her fist-sized aureole were clearly visible through the threadbare cotton—big dark puffs with long, baby-bottle nipples. The hem of the t-shirt dangled barely two inches below those fat faucets of hers, and almost a foot from the slope of her big belly.

I pictured what I would see if I was lying on the ground looking up under that t-shirt; two enormous globes, brown, full and bare to the nipples, resting on her swollen middle.

By the time I stopped beside her, my dick was harder than steel. She looked in the window, and said,

“Hi, mister—can I have a ride?” Her voice was sweet and childlike.

“Sure,” I said, trying to sound cool and calm. “Hop in.”

She did just that, and I almost came in my pants. Her tits flopped and waggled wildly as she yanked open the door and hopped in, landing on the seat hard enough to bounce twice.

She held her belly with both hands, and her huge jugs bounced upward high enough to give me a split second glimpse of their swollen lower curves. She turned and shyly smiled at me, while her tits were still bouncing, and wobbling.

I realized then why her dark nipples were so clearly visible. The t-shirt material at the tips of her tits were wet; it clung to her big knobs as if painted on, plastered stickily to her fat nips, clinging tight enough to let me examine the swollen veins that raced to her tight nipples, which stuck out from those big puffs like vienna sausages.

My mouth was literally watering. Her teats were so full, she was leaking milk. I realized I was staring, and quickly turned my gaze downward. It didn’t help. Her long legs were perfect, with big meaty thighs, and curvy calves, and she had the prettiest little bare feet I’d ever seen. She was wearing a slim gold ankle bracelet, something I’ve always found to be unbearably sexy, and she wore no toenail polish, which I also like. She wiggled her toes, as if she knew I was staring at her bare feet.

“My name’s Pamela—what’s yours?”

I was lost in those brown eyes, as soon as I looked at her.

“Uhh… Ralph,” I stuttered. My mouth was dry.

Did I mention her face? Plump, baby cheeks, and sweetly vulnerable, dimple on her chin, with big fat sensuous looking lips, and tiny turned up nose. She smiled.

“Thanks for stopping,” she said.

“How far do you want to go?” I asked. It was a question with obvious double meaning.

“As far as you’re going, Ralph,” She answered, with a sensuous smile.

“I really haven’t decided where I’m headed. I don’t suppose you know a place where I could stay for a day or two?”

I grinned. “I think that could be arranged.”

I glanced at her huge wet tipped tits. She looked down at her chest and gasped.

“Ooohh—I’ve soaked my shirt with milk!”

“It’s all right.”

“Oohh—but it’s so gross!”

“It’s ok—honest. Don’t worry about it,” I insisted.

“I think it’s kinda sexy to tell you the truth. Sexy and intimate.”

She slid over into my arms and hugged me hard. I felt her wet tits splat against me as she struggled to maneuver her big belly out of the way to hug me closer.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to hear a man say that,” she whispered into my chest. “I… well—I like giving milk. It makes me feel so very much female—also, very sexual.”

I put the car into gear, and drove down the road with Pamela by my side, the warm sweet smell of her milk surrounding us. Her big bare belly was so tempting that I couldn’t help stroking her taut brown skin gently, moving my hand in a circle round and round her outthrust navel.

She murmured with pleasure and pulled the hem of her t-shirt back just a bit to expose more of herself to my moving hand, and even stuck out her belly a little further for me.

“I like that,” she said, softly.

A drop of milk from her right teat dribbled onto the back of my hand as I petted her distended belly. I left it there. Pamela snuggled onto my shoulder and I petted her big pregnant belly all the way to the house. When we pulled up into the yard, she sat up with a start.

“Ohh, it’s so lovely!” she said.

She opened the door and was out of the car in seconds. My dog ran up to her, barking, and she squatted to pet him, and play with his ears.

I felt weak standing behind her watching. Her tits were so enormous, I could see both of them. She had to squat with her thighs splayed wide to make room for her belly, and her plump deep split ass cheeks seemed about to burst from under her skirt. The sides of her huge milkers peeked out from beneath the hem of her t-shirt as she bent forward, her breast flesh sliding out to either side beneath her arms.

She stood by putting her hands on the ground, and straightening her legs before standing upright. For a few seconds, she was standing with her legs straight, bent over at the waist, with her palms flat on the grass. Her huge belly hung down beneath her widespread legs and her huge dangling milkers swung loose and bare beyond it. Her two-inch teats almost touched the grass, jiggling wildy at the tips of her big blue-veined aureoles as she struggled to straighten up.

We went into the house, and she proceeded to make herself at home, hanging out with me in the kitchen as I prepared a light snack for us. I continued to sneak quick peeks at her enormously large breasts. Finally, she caught me looking, and shyly turned away from my gaze. I stopped making the sandwiches, and moved to her, folding my arms about her from behind.

“Pamela, I don’t want you to think that I brought you here to take advantage of you.” I said.

“If you don’t feel comfortable here, I can take you anywhere you want to go.”

“Oh, no, it’s not that,” she said, sincerely.

“I really like being here—it’s just that, well I’m already attracted to you, and I don’t want you to think I’m being coy with you.”

As she talked, her ass snuggled against my pelvis, as if trying to tell me what she really needed to feel. I returned the pressure, and my eight-inch cock jumped straight out, rock hard and ready for love. Pam grabbed my arms, and held herself closely against me, allowing me to grind my cock hard against her asscheeks. The only thing that kept me from impaling myself into her was my pants and her cutoff jeans.

“Don’t, not yet.” she hissed.

“Let that be dessert—I’ve got something for you to satisfy us for right now.”

With that, she pulled away from me and went to her knees, bringing her mouth in line with my bone hard dick. Pam unzipped my pants and pulled out my meat, gazing at it with obvious lust and desire.

She pulled it into her mouth and began to attack it with the need of a woman who has not been satisfied in some time, and is afraid to let this big one get away. Pam licked and sucked my cock, then licked underneath it to my balls and beyond. As I moaned with lust and thrust my dick hard into her mouth, Pam reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks into her, obviously dedicated to taking all of me down her throat. Finally, I couldn’t hold out any longer, and the seeds of my cum erupted in Pamela’s mouth and swam down her throat. Pamela took all of it, and finally pulled away, licking with her tongue at the little bit of cum that had initially escaped her ravenous mouth.

“That was great, Ralph!” she exclaimed.

“But, I hope you kept some for later. I just love dessert, especially if it’s as great as what I’ve just eaten.”

“We’ll see,” I said, wondering what additional treats I was in for with this beautiful young woman. I was about to find out.

Pamela later snuggled up against my side as we watched TV.

“I’m really attracted to you Ralph,” she said softly during a commercial.

“Do you really like pregnant women?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said sincerely. She smiled and leaned her soft cheek against my shoulder as I stroked her belly.

“Then I’m going to tell you my most secret fantasy, something I’ve never ever told to anyone else.”

“I grew up on a dairy farm, and I spent a lot of time around cows. They were always treated so special because of the product they provided. The barns where they stayed were immaculate and fresh looking. The food they got was the best, and the care they received was constant and loving. What I loved most about them was the fact that they were such nurturing animals, giving their milk continuously. I guess I was a little jealous of them.”

“Now that I’m pregnant, I kind of feel like a cow myself. These big, heavy tits of mine are filled with milk, and the way they sway and wobble when I walk reminds me of a cow’s udders. My nipples are constantly leaking with milk and sometimes I have to squeeze streams of the warm fluid into a glass to ease the pressure. I love the way it tastes. Having my udders so full of milk makes me incredibly horny, and I masturbate more now than ever. I squeeze a puddle of milk into my palm and rub it into my hot pussy. Then I slowly slide my fingers along my crack, inserting the tip of my middle finger in my hole and wiggle it around. Then I move my middle finger up to my clit and use it to circle my love button until I have an orgasm.”

“My favorite fantasy while I’m masturbating is that I’m back on the farm, and I’m led out to the milking barn with the rest of the cows. I have my own stall where I kneel down and the dairy hand attaches milking tubes to each of my swollen nipples. He turns on the automatic milking machine and the tubes start sucking the milk from my full tits. I moan in helpless ecstasy as the machine pulls the milk from my nipples. The dairy hand moves behind me to lift my skirt over my ass and expose my bare cheeks.”

“As the sucking on my nipples becomes more and more intense, he runs his hands over my ass, and slowly pokes a finger in my asshole, slowing pushing it in and out while he lowers his head and runs his wet tongue all over my ass-cheeks. I desperately want him to slide his long cock in my asshole, but he’s determined to tease me first.”

“He stands in front of my face with his hard cock in his hand. he turns the milking machine on high and then shoves his cock in my mouth. As the machine hums loudly, draining my tits, he shoots his sticky load into my mouth. I swallow it eagerly, then he moves behind me again with his cock still hard, and slides it into my asshole. As he fucks my desperately tight anus with long, slow strokes, he makes me moo like a cow and shoots his second load deep in my ass just as my cunt erupts in a tremendous orgasm.”

After the movie was over Pamela asked if she could have a bath.

“Sure,” I said. “Help yourself–I’ll see if I can find you something to wear afterward.”

“This is really embarrassing,” she said, her face red.

“But I’m so big, I’m going to need your help getting into the tub. Do you mind?”

“Sure,” I said, trying not to sound too eager. What was I getting into? Whatever it was, I knew it was going to be fun.

I started the hot water running into the tub. Pam shucked out of her clothes without looking at me, her face burning. I feasted my eyes on the sight of her bare belly, great curving expanses of honey skin, and dark, pink nipples with prominent veins—and her teats, her unbelievably long titty tips, fat sausage shaped milk-givers that I longed to suck on. They stuck out in two different directions, pointed down and slightly forward. I looked at Pamela’s hands; her nipples were almost as big as her thumbs.

She bent to pull down her panties, and her tits swung almost to the floor, flopping and dangling, loose and heavy; when she straightened up, I saw her hairy pussy. Her mound was densely covered with brown curly hair, plump, soft and vulnerable beneath her overhanging belly.

The cleft of her pussy looked so tender and pretty, I reached forward and stroked the hairy skin of her mound with my fingertips. Then I looked at her face.

She smiled softly and spread her tiny bare feet a little further apart on the floor. All she was wearing was her ankle bracelet. As she bent forward, I knelt down behind her, and sucked the lips of her clitoris deeply into my mouth. She sighed with obvious delight.

I took her into my arms and kissed her neck, holding this beautiful naked woman as close as I could, I stroked her fat bare buttocks, grabbing and squeezing her meaty ass, and sliding my fingers up and down the crack. I stroked her bare back, and slid my hands around to cup her tits.

Her tits were so huge, I couldn’t have held one in my hand. Her fat aureoles almost filled one hand. I lifted and stroked her breasts, then held them both together to make a foot-and-a-half of cleavage.

Pam nuzzled my cock, then stepped gracefully into the tub, one small hand resting on her belly in that same gesture she used on the road.

She turned to face me, naked and radiant.

“Wash me,” she said with a shy smile.

What followed was indescribable. I soaped her all over, discarding the towel after only a few strokes, and used my bare hands. It was incredibly sensuous. Bathing her, pregnant and naked; soaping her swollen brown belly and fondling her slick soapy tits, feeling her huge milkers slip and flop heavily in my hands, feeling her slippery, rubbery nipples in my soapy palms. I had her squat in the tub as I soaped her quivering hairy crotch.

I thoroughly explored between her legs with my hands, and soaped her intimate, split-open ass-crack, her tiny, spasming asshole, her plump mound, and surprisingly fat pussylips with my slick insinuating fingers. I soaped her up inside her pussy, twisting two fingers between her fat lips as she gasped and bit her lips in unrestrained pleasure.

“Ooh, yeah, soap me good up there,” she whispered tensely.

I found the taut knob of her clit at the top of her pussy, and started soaping it rapidly, running my thumb around and around her swollen cum button.

“This little bump is really dirty,” I said into her ear as she clung to me and gasped. “I’d better wash it real good.”

“Ooh, yeah, oh, yeah, wash it real good…

“Real good, real good, really good! Re-ally g-g-o-od!!”

I couldn’t see what I was doing since I had to reach under her stomach to work, but I could feel her hot clit growing fatter between my fingers. I slipped a finger or two up into her slick pussy hole from time to time as I milked and popped her slippery clit expertly.

She was shivering and jerking, when she said, “Lean back a little.”

I moved back, watching. She leaned over the side of the tub, lifted her tits into her little hands, one at a time, then let them each flop over the side of the tub. She reached down to her own crotch with both hands, and rested her weight against the side of the tub.

Her tits were dangling free, swinging from the overhang of the tub. They swung down more than a foot, her long, fat teats pointing at the floor.

“Milk me, baby,” she said. “Milk me like a fucking cow. Yank on my nipples until I give milk.”

Both of her hands were still out of sight, but I knew she was holding her cunt open with one hand, and teasing her clit with the other.

My dick was sticking out bare, as swollen as her tits. It throbbed visibly, and clear pre-cum fluid was leaking copiously from the tip. I jacked off for a few moments as I watched her adjust her big, dangling tits over the edge of the tub.

I couldn’t believe how far they hung down. She smiled at me, her huge brown eyes half closed and smoky, and shook her shoulders. Those enormous, dangling jugs danced and waggled for my pleasure. Her tits were so incredibly huge and heavy, I couldn’t believe it.

I let go of my dick and hefted them in my palms, sliding my fingers over the long, rubbery teats. They kind of vibrated as I fanned my fingers over them and made them pop back and forth. Pamela bit her lips and hissed as I tweaked her nipples. Her aureoles were dark and swollen with the blue veins throbbing visibly under the delicate skin. Her oversized titty tips looked bigger than vienna sausages now, two inches long and thicker than my thumbs. As I stared, a thick creamy drop of milk appeared at the tip of each one.

“Come on ‘daddy,’ milk me. Milk me off.”

Pam looked intently into my eyes, as if gauging my reaction to her calling me ‘daddy.’

“Can I call you ‘daddy?'” she asked. “I’ve felt the urge to, since we got here this afternoon, and I really wanna feel like that, while I’m here.”

“I wanna feel like you’re my daddy, and you made this baby in my stomach, too. I feel so much like a little nasty girl, so very erotic when I think that I’m carrying daddy’s baby. I know we’re only playing, but can you be my ‘daddy’ for now?”

How could I resist her request, in her little girl way, wanting ‘daddy’ to be her lover?

“Of course, baby,” I said. “‘Daddy’ will be everything you want him to be, tonight.”

“Then, milk me, ‘daddy.’ milk my wet titties. Later on, you can fuck my little pussy, and feel the baby with your cockhead.”

She shook her shoulders again, and closed her eyes, and her tits waggled temptingly. Drops of milk flew. She was ready!

I started at the top of each tit, circling my hands around her huge breasts and pulling down on the whole thing. She moaned and urged me on as I grabbed her tits up high and pressed downward, over and over, kneading her huge jugs toward her distended nipples, I squeezed and pulled on her tit meat, trying to work her milk down into those huge knobs.

As I worked her tits, they grew more and more distended, more and more swollen; they looked like they were about to burst with the pressure of her hot tit milk. Milk was drooling lightly from her nipples, two thin lines of white fluid leaking from long teats, spraying continuously into the carpet.

She was shuddering, her hands working at her crotch as I worked her milk further and further down, and her tits took on more of a pear shape as I pulled with both hands at her heavy milkers. She was whimpering, her lips clinched closed, with her eyes shut tight, masturbating furiously as her huge, engorged tits swung free over the already milk puddled floor.

“Please, ‘daddy'” she gasped, “Please.”

I put my hands over her huge aureoles, letting her long, fat nipples protrude between my fingers. She was breathing rapidly, gasping in anticipation.

“Come on, come on,” she whispered. “Jack me off, ‘daddy.'” She was desperate to have her milk squirted out.

I squeezed her sensitive titty tip in my fists. I wadded up her distended nipples in my hands as if milking a cow, then twisted back and forth on the ends of her milk swollen tits. She screamed a long, undulating howl, and She started cumming.

She leaned back in the tub, trying to pull her tits from my grasp, but I held on. They stuck out straight, stiff with milk. Her big belly was pumping as she gasped for air. Her pelvis tilted forward and her hands moved even more rapidly at her crotch.

She screamed, “now!”

I quickly took her long teats in my fingers and started stripping the milk from them. I pulled down and out, over and over, sliding my thumbs down her long, fat faucets. She spasmed, snapping her mouth shut.

“I’m cuh-cumming!” she gasped and grunted, her pretty face distorted as she shuttered in a powerful orgasm.

She shot her milk, squirting it out like her two tits were two giant cow teats… squirt, squirrt, squirt-t-t!!

Two streams of white milk juice shot out, thick as pencil leads, squirting hard enough to splash against my shoulders.

I pulled and milked, stripping milk from her fat teats, making them squirt over and over. I yanked and pulled and squeezed, aiming the thick jets of milk at my open mouth, drinking her warm tit milk as she stared at me slit eyed and tugged at her bare clit crazily.

I milked Pam for more than fifteen minutes, and she seemed to be orgasming the entire time. I shot two wads without touching my dick, just watching her cum and squirt.

That wasn’t enough, though. She stepped out of the tub, and said, “I want to play!”

“I’m glad you like my tits, ‘daddy,’ I like them, myself; they make me feel real sexy. ‘Daddy, my tits are still so full they hurt. I have to pump the milk out now. Would you—um, would you like to watch?”

“Wow, yeah baby! I feel like I’m dreaming!!”

“It’s no dream, ‘daddy.’ You’ll see in a minute.”

She stood up, breasts swaying heavily, and the milk spurted from her hard nipples, soaking the gown that I had found for her. She grinned at me and pulled the fabric tight across them. the wet cloth was nearly transparent, and her wide, dark aureole were clearly visible, capped with those huge, swollen nipples.

“Wow, Pamela!”

She giggled. Just like a little girl.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

As soon as she was out of the room, I gripped my aching cock and tried to shift it to a more comfortable position. I had cum in my pants when that milk spurted!

In a moment she was back with a breast pump and some milk bottles she got from the kitchen. She put the bottles down on the table and sat back down.

“Are you ready?” she asked, mischievously.

“Yes!!” Pamela laughed at my eagerness. Then she stared right at my face as she pulled back her robe to expose those incredible tits in all their glory. She lifted them in her hands and held them up to me.

I licked my lips. I was desperate to get my mouth on those fabulous milky jugs.

“Pamela, you’re incredible!!”

She gave me a sexy smile.

“Watch me, ‘daddy.’ See how much milk I have!”

She didn’t bother with the milk pump; She just held the neck of a bottle over her nipple and squeezed. Milk jetted from her purplish, finger-thick nub. She kept massaging her fat breast and the milk kept gushing. In no time the bottle was half-full.

“You really do like to watch this, don’t you ‘daddy?'” she said with a teasing smile.

She didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that out. The drool running off my chin was evidence enough for anyone. I looked her in the eye.

“Yes, I really do, baby—I’ve never seen such beautiful tits in all my life. And the sight of them shooting so much milk has me extremely turned on!!”

To make my point, I grabbed my stiff cock through my pants, and waved it at her for emphasis.

“You’re sweet, ‘daddy,'” she said. “It feels so good to have a man show me how much he appreciates me for a change.”

She switched the bottle to the other breast, which had been dripping steadily in sympathy with the one She had been milking. Puddles of warm milk filled the creases of her stomach and ran down the inside of her thigh. As she filled the bottle, every now and then she would look up at me with a sly smile, the tip of her pink tongue caught between her teeth.

“I’d like to show you just how much I appreciate you, Pamela!” I said, laying it on the line.

Pam’s lips were parted and She was breathing more heavily. She was getting turned on. She set the bottle on the table and grinned at me. She lifted both of her incredible udders and gave them a firm squeeze. The milk sprayed out, arching over the table and splattering onto my chest and arm, and a few drops fell on my hand. I lifted my hand and slowly licked up the sweet drops of milk as Pam stared hotly into my eyes.

I was out of my mind with lust! It was going to happen! I was going to get my hands and my mouth on those hot tits. I felt—shaky!

“‘Daddy,’ are you—are you, thirsty?”

Pam’s enormous, swollen breasts were only inches from my face. She was holding them up in her arms. Milk was dripping from her turgid nipples. With a moan, I leaned forward, and licked each of them slowly, savoring the sweetness of her mothers milk.

“Oh, yes, ‘daddy,’ suck me—suck my tits!” She moaned with pleasure as I began to suck in earnest, her fat nipple filling my mouth and jetting a torrent of hot, sweet milk directly down my throat. I kneaded her breasts as I suckled, and the milk began coming so fast it backed up and ran out of the corners of my mouth, dribbling down my chin onto my thighs and crotch. I could feel the warm wetness on my cock, which jerked and throbbed in my pants. Pamela was making a sound in the back of her throat like ten cats purring at the same time.

“Drink me! ooh! Suck it all out!” she cried, as I switched breasts. The unoccupied one kept drizzling a fine stream of hot milk down my neck as I sucked. I was bathing in mothers milk. I slurped and gulped, squeezing her tits and smacking my lips. Pam was gripping my head tightly, groaning and cramming her tit further down my throat. Both of us were out of control with lust!

I couldn’t bear it any longer—I had to fuck her! Never taking my mouth from her flowing fountain, I lifted her in my arms and carried her to a couch in the room. I set her on her feet just long enough to strip off her gown, then pushed her back on the couch and frantically ripped my own clothes off.

In minutes I was on my back and Pam was straddling my rigid cock, holding it in her hot little hands and rubbing its head along her slippery pussy slit.

“Do you want me, ‘daddy?’ Do you want to fuck this nasty girl with your hard cock?”

“Ooh!, baby!” I moaned, “This is no time for teasing! I’m gong to explode if I don’t get inside you!!”

Pam giggled, “I’d bet you’ll explode if you do, too!!”

Then she was slowly sliding her wet, hot, clasping cunt down the length of my cock. Her eyes were half-closed and her lips parted as she prolonged the agonizingly exquisite insertion. Finally, she was completely impaled on my cock, and her wet pussy was grinding against my crotch. Milk still sprayed from both breasts, drenching my face and chest.

I couldn’t stand anymore. I grabbed Pamela’s hips and began ramming her down as I bucked my hips up, slamming my cock into her hard and furious. Pamela was as wild to fuck as I was—she rode me like a bronco buster, rocking and crying out. She leaned forward and grabbed the arm of the couch to steady herself, then grabbed her right tit and began frantically squeezing. Milk geysered out, splattering my face and chest even more. I opened my mouth and guzzled as she pumped me full of her milked nectar.

Suddenly, we were both cumming at once, gasping and clawing at each other, babbling each others names and screaming how good it was. The convulsions of climax left us breathless and trembling.

“Oohh, ‘daddy,’ ‘daddy,’ ‘daddy!!'”

“Yeah, baby, I know—it was the best I’ve ever had. Nobody ever made me so hot before!!”

Pamela kissed me long and deep. Then, she lifted her face and gave me a slow sensual smile.

“You probably aren’t thirsty now, but I could use a little drink,” She said, sliding down my body and gripping my now softened cock in her hand. Her tongue came out and slowly licked up the side of it and across the top, cleaning off the creamy coating of cum and pussy juice.

“Yummy, ‘daddy…'” she said, “but I know what will make it even better.”

She raised herself up and aimed her swaying jugs at my cock.

“Fire!!” she said, and let go with a volley of hot milk that splashed over my cock and ran down my balls. I groaned.

Then she was sliding her hot, sucking mouth down on my stiffening cock.

After an endless dreamlike time, we dragged ourselves to bed, where I was sure, more erotic adventures awaited.

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