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Manager’s Surprise

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My wife and I manage an apartment building and one of our tenants helped open up our eyes to another world. Normally, we wouldn’t socialize with any of the tenants but in this case, it was unavoidable. We had gone into a suite to check a problem and found the tenant at home. He must have just awaken because he was little groggy and not dressed.

He had a towel wrapped around him, tied at his waist. We told him why we were there and I noticed my wife looking strangely at him but continued into the suite, the tenant leading the way. I noticed the towel had bunched up and was riding into the crack in his ass as I followed him but I didn’t think too much about it until he stopped and I walked into him, my hand hitting his ass as I nearly bowled him over. The firmness of his ass pushed against my hand as it brushed across him and I felt my face getting red immediately.

“I’m sorry Bob,” I quickly said, not moving.

After straightening up, he turned to face us just as my wife stepped beside me. My eyes were immediately drawn downward to the opening in his towel. I caught a brief glimpse of his cock head as he grabbed the slipping towel and tried to pull it up around his waist again. I looked up and his face was turning red also and before he could say anything, the towel slipped out of his hands and landed on the floor at his feet. I heard a slight gasp from my wife standing beside me and I turned to look at her. Her eyes were glued to the bare body in front of us, especially, the rising cock between Bob’s legs.

He didn’t try to hide himself from us as his firmness increased and I heard a small moan come from my wife. As his cock was now sticking straight out in front of him, I noticed a hand reach out and touch him, making him close his eyes and sigh. I looked at my wife and she had a hold of Bob’s cock, rubbing it, running her hand up and down his length, circling his head and splitting his slit open with her fingers. He groaned again then opened his eyes and looked down at the hand wrapped around him.

Looking up at me, he didn’t say anything but in his eyes, I saw him asking if this was as far as it was going to go. To answer him, I reached down and wrapped my hand around my wife’s and rubbed him along with her, never taking my eyes off his. He smiled slightly and then closed his eyes again, a small groan coming from his lips as we continued manipulating him. I quickly looked over at my wife. She was concentrating on what she was doing and I could see the lust written all over her face. Her hand slipped off Bob, leaving me full access to his hard cock. As I continued running my hands up and down his length, I heard the slight rustling of clothes behind me.

I turned my head and my wife was just taking her panties off. She looked up and the look in her eyes told me that this was going to be quite the afternoon. I watched her approach Bob and move behind him, pressing her breasts against his back, wrapping her arms around him and grabbing his hard cock. His eyes opened and he was looking right at me, the look on his face was one of surprise and pleasure as my wife took over rubbing his cock while a stepped back and started to shed my clothes too. Bob watched me and when I dropped my shorts, kicking them away, he groaned slightly as my cock was rising to its full hardness.

As I stepped closer to Bob, my wife grabbed both our cocks and started rubbing them together. I stepped closer and leaned towards Bob. His mouth was waiting as I pressed my open lips against his, thrusting my tongue into his mouth, exploring it sensually. I felt his tongue against mine and I pressed myself a little harder against him, feeling him do the same. I felt my wife’s hand on my cheeks as she caressed them, pulling them apart and running her fingers up and down my crack, probing at my ass hole. That made me even hotter and I wanted more of Bob and it seemed that he was feeling the same as our tongues explored each other, our hands running up and down our sides, feeling the softness and firmness of each other. I had never kissed a man before, at least, not in a sexual manner, and I found it very erotic.

I was enjoying the feeling of him pressed against me as I reached around and held his cheeks in my hands, exploring his crack and pushing slightly against his hole. He groaned into my mouth as he felt me push against his opening and seemed to push back against my finger, wanting me to enter him. I went with the feeling and soon found myself with my finger buried deep inside him, slowly thrusting in and out of his hole. He groaned every time I thrust into him and pushed against my thrusts, wanting my finger in as far as it could get.

I felt his hand on my ass and his finger probing my hole while I continued finger fucking him. My cheeks were being spread as he probed a little harder and suddenly, his finger was inside me, making me jump a little at its intrusion. He started to match my thrusts with his finger as we continued exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues and groaning into each other. I could feel my cock straining against him like I had never felt before. His was rubbing against mine as we continued fucking each other until I knew I had to have him.

I wanted to fuck him so I broke away from his mouth and moved behind him, bending over and spreading his cheeks as far apart as I could. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out, lightly touching his hole, making him groan loudly. I started to run my tongue up and down his crack, licking and sucking him, probing with my tip against his hole.

Between his spread legs, I could see my wife with her mouth full of his cock, sucking and licking up and down his length, gently taking his balls, one at a time, into her mouth and smothering them with saliva. I went back to his hole and pressed my tongue harder against it. He reached around and held his cheeks apart for me, bending a little to give me more access to him. I would push against his hole a little then lick around it, trying to soften it up then push against him again.

Suddenly, I felt his hole, open to me and my tongue was inside him. I instantly tasted the tangy flavor of his ass as my tongue was surrounded with the hotness of his insides. The initial shock of entering him and the taste gave way to pure lust and I thrust my tongue as far into him as I could while he pushed back against me. My nose was mashed between his cheeks as I thrust in and out of him, savoring every taste and feeling. Bob was moaning loudly as my wife continued sucking his cock while I tongue fucked him.

Suddenly, I sensed some movement and my tongue popped out of his ass. Standing up, I watched my wife lead Bob over towards the couch, her hand wrapped around his hard cock. She lay down, spreading her legs far apart and pulled him down on top of her, helping him find her opening. He thrust into her quickly and started pumping in and out of her, fucking her with long and steady thrusts. I moved over to them, positioning myself behind Bob and watched his ass move up and down as he fucked my wife. I leaned down and watched her cunt muscles grab his thrusting cock every time he moved fully into her. She was talking to him in a low, husky voice as he pumped her cunt faster.

“Deeper. Get deeper. That’s it. Fuck me harder,” I heard her say as Bob pushed her legs up in the air further, thrusting now, up and down, in and out of her. I watched him thrust a few more times then moved behind him and spread his cheeks apart. I leaned forward and wet his crack with my tongue, pushing against his hole as he continued fucking my wife. I felt him push back again my tongue and after a few more probes with my tongue, I moved up, pointed my hard cock at his hole and thrust my hips forward. Immediately, his ass opened up to me and my cock was in a world of heat and tightness that I had never felt before. I heard him groan loudly when I entered him but he was still pushing back against me. My cock slid slowly up his canal until I felt my balls against his cheeks. He stopped fucking my wife and we held our positions for a few moments before he started thrusting in and out of her again. When he thrust into her, my cock slid back out of his ass until just my head was inside him. Then he would withdraw from her cunt and my cock would slide fully back up into him, my balls slapping against his cheeks.

I let him do all the work for a few minutes then we got into a smooth rhythm, Bob thrusting in and out of my wife’s cunt as I thrust in and out of his ass hole. I could hear my wife groaning louder as Bob was while I held onto his hips and pumped in and out of him as fast and as hard as I could. Soon the room was filled with shrieks, loud groans and the slapping sound of skin on skin as the three of us pounded each other.

I felt Bob stiffen slightly and I knew he was coming as my wife let out a piercing scream while Bob came inside her cunt, sending waves of hot sticky come deep into her. Instead of slumping forward over her, he held his position as I continued fucking him. I knew I was close to coming but I wanted to enjoy the feeling of his ass wrapped around my hard cock for a little longer so I slowed my thrusts a little while my wife wiggled out from under Bob.

Suddenly, Bob asked me to stop. I thrust once more and held myself deep inside him, waiting for him to tell me to start again. Instead he looked over his shoulder and said, “Pull out of me and let me roll over. I want to face you.”

I reluctantly, did as he asked as he rolled over onto his back, raising his legs up in the air, spreading them far apart.

“Ok. Put that cock back inside me,” he commanded.

I moved between his legs and soon found myself hilt deep inside his ass again. Before I could start fucking him again, he lay back while my wife straddled his head, lowering her well-fucked cunt right down on top of his face. I saw his tongue whip out and enter her and I heard her gasp then moan as he started to tongue fuck her. At the same time, I started to pump in and out of his ass again which made he groan into her soaked cunt. My balls, again, started to slap against his inner thighs as I thrust in and out until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt the familiar twinge from my balls and I exploded inside him, sending wave after wave of hot come, deep up into his canal.

I grunted loudly when I came and he groaned into the wet cunt smothering his mouth while my wife let out a small shriek. I held myself inside him until my cock stopped spurting come then slowly withdrew and watched Bob finish eating my wife’s cunt until she came fully again and slumped down over him, her cunt shiny and very, very wet. We all rested, not moving for what seemed like a long time until I stood up and moved so my wife could get off the couch and Bob could sit up. We looked at each other stunned, not believing what had just happened.

My wife and I slowly got dressed as Bob watched us. With my wife standing beside me, I looked at Bob then down as his spent cock before glancing over at my wife. She still had that look on her face and I was sure that she would have continued had we had the time but I sensed we would be visiting Bob more often in the future. As we rode down in the elevator, I looked over at my wife. She smiled at me and I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” I asked, putting my arm around her and pulling her closer to me.

“That was amazing,” she said. “Hearing you fuck him while he fucked me was so sexy, I’ve never felt so hot in my life.”

“I know what you mean,” I answered. “His ass was so tight around me, I wanted to stay inside him as long as I could.”

“Well, maybe next time, you’ll feel his cock in your ass too,” she said, a big grin on her face.

I leaned down and kissed her hot lips.

“Maybe I will. Knowing how it felt to be inside him just might make me want to have his cock buried deep inside my ass. We’ll have to see.”

Our chance came a few days later yet sooner than I expected. I got on the elevator and found Bob with his arms full of parcels. I looked at him and smiled, not really knowing what to say. We waited until the doors were closed before saying anything.

“We really enjoyed the other day,” I said, turning towards him.

He smiled.

“I enjoyed it more than you will ever know,” he said.

This time I returned his smile and couldn’t help but ask.

“When do you think you’d like to try it again?” I asked, searching his smiling face for an answer.

“Whenever you want. My door is always open. You’re welcome anytime,” he answered.

“Let me talk to my wife and we’ll let you know, ok?”

“Great, but make it soon ok.”

Bidding Bob farewell, I stepped off the elevator, my heart racing as I headed down to our suite. I found my wife in the kitchen and told her about meeting Bob on the elevator and what we had talked about. She immediately, got that look on her face as she smiled at me.

“He’s home now isn’t he?” she asked. “Why don’t we go up there now?”

I hesitated, not only from the shock of her forwardness but from the thought of letting Bob fuck me. I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for it just yet.

“Well, we could if you want. I’m sure he would be happy to see us.”

“Why don’t you give him a call and see if he’s free right now then we can go up and see him,” she said, indicating that she was ready to take the two of us on again.

I called Bob and soon found myself on the elevator again with my wife, heading up to Bob’s suite. We stepped off the elevator and Bob was waiting for us, his door open, a big smile on his face.

“Hi there. Come on in,” he said, ushering us into his suite. “Make yourselves comfortable.”

I followed my wife into the suite and sat down. She stood in the middle of the room and waited for Bob to sit down too then she started to slowly take her clothes off while Bob sat and watched her. She stripped completely and then turned around and bent over, exposing her wet cunt to us along with her ass hole. She spread her cheeks apart and dipped a finger into her cunt, teasing us until we stood up and started to strip too. It didn’t take long to get our clothes off. We joined my wife in the middle of the room, each of us exploring the person next to us.

I ran my hand over Bob’s ass and my wife’s as our mouths met in a three-way kiss. I felt her hands and Bob’s caressing my cheeks and I heard her groan softly into our mouths. We continued for a few minutes then separated enough so my wife could lye down on the carpet between us, Bob on one side of her, me on the other. Bob and I matched each other’s movement and worked over my wife body with our tongues and hands. We both sucked on her breasts, circling her nipples which were hard and sticking straight out from her chest before moving down her body, meeting at her wet cunt.

While Bob worked on her clit, I stuck my tongue inside her hole and sucked her juices out of her. She was writhing and moaning as we continued every once in a while, changing positions but all the time keeping my wife in a high state of erotic pleasure. Her moans turned to groans then to small shrieks. It was hard to keep contact with her clit, she was writhing around so much but I managed to press harder against her and she screamed out in climax as Bob sucked on her hole.

After she came, I moved down to her hole while Bob lifted her legs up and started licking and sucking her ass hole. She groaned again at his touch and soon was writhing on the floor in pleasure as Bob and I worked our tongues over her excited body. As I stuck a finger inside her cunt, Bob pressed a finger into her ass and we started pumping her two holes at the same time with the same steady motion, making her cry out over and over again.

I wanted to fuck her so I nudged Bob and he moved so she could roll over on top of me. I guided my hard cock up into her wet cunt as she cried out again while Bob started mounting her ass, pointing his hard cock at her ass hole.

“I’ve never had two cocks in me at the same time,” she panted as Bob pushed harder against her.

I watched her face as she concentrated on what Bob was doing, then her eyes popped wide open as Bob entered her. She gasped as Bob’s head started filling her canal and she grimaced a little from the pressure as Bob kept pushing until he was completely inside her ass hole. He stopped and waited for her to get used to his being inside her while I started pumping up and down, filling her cunt with my hardness, hearing her wetness sloshing around my cock. After a few minutes, Bob started moving and my wife cried out.

“Yes, fuck my ass. I want your hot come deep inside me. Of fuck, that feels so good.”

Bob matched my thrusts and we pounded in and out of her holes, filling her insides with hard cock and wanting to fill her with our juices. Suddenly, my wife asked us to stop. We immediately did, thinking that we were hurting her but she had other thoughts on her mind. With our cocks still inside her, she looked down at me.

“Remember what we talked about last time?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied weakly.

“Well, I think you should let Bob do it.”

I looked up at her but didn’t say anything. She was in control now and I would have done anything she wanted so I let her lead the way. She turned her head and looked at Bob.

“Pull out of me,” she said and waited for him as he did. Then she got off me, my cock popping out of her. She turned to Bob.

“I want you to fuck him,” she said. “Last time he fucked you, now I think you should do the same to him.”

He looked at her then down at me.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded, spreading my legs further apart, exposing my hole to him. I didn’t say a word as he got between my legs and pointed his hard, wet cock at my hole. I felt his head against me then suddenly inside me. The pain was instant and engulfed my whole body. I closed my eyes as Bob pushed further into me, the pain subsiding a little. Finally, I felt his balls against my ass and I opened my eyes. The pressure I was feeling was overwhelming but the pain had now almost completely disappeared.

“You ok?” he asked, looking down at me.

I nodded. My wife came over and looked down at me.

“Lie back,” she said.

I did as I was told and my wife straddled my head, her knees next to my ears, her soaking wet cunt inches above my face. I felt Bob start to move when my wife pushed her cunt right down on top of me. I stuck my tongue out and entered her hot wetness, lapping at her clit the best I could as Bob started pumping in and out of my ass. It’s hard to explain the feeling I was having as Bob fucked me. It was a heady feeling. Having a hard cock slide in and out of me while my wife rubbed her clit across my tongue is something that I never would have thought would feel so good yet at the same time, so hot.

Bob wasn’t being gentle now. He was pounding in and out of me as fast and as hard as he could, his balls making a loud slapping sound every time he thrust fully up into me. I could feel his head rubbing the walls of my canal every time it went up and down my chute and it feel so right. I groaned into my wife’s wetness as she screamed out, coming in a rush, her juices splashing across my tongue and down my throat as Bob kept fucking me.

My wife got off me and let Bob raise my legs higher as he continued pounding my ass until I felt his cock twitch deep inside me then a hot rush a liquid, warming my ass as he came.

He grunted loudly and held himself against me, emptying his balls into me then slowly withdrew. As his cock slid out of me, my wife quickly took his shrinking cock in her mouth and cleaned him off, licking up and down his length, sucking our juices off it. As I lowered my legs into a more comfortable position, I felt come running down my legs. My wife finished Bob then moved over and licked the come off my legs, circling my sore hole and sucking as much of the come out of me as she could. Finally, she sat up and grinned at me.

“You ok, honey?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m great.”

“How does it feel to have a hard cock inside you?”

“Great,” was all I could say, as I could still feel Bob’s cock sliding in and out of me and I wanted to savor the feeling.

Finally, I felt good enough to get up and I stood looking down at the two of them as they kissed and caressed each other. I could see Bob’s cock starting to rise again and I moved aside, letting him fuck my wife to another loud climax. We have a weekly session with Bob doing whatever we feel to each other.

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