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Farmhand with a One Track Mind

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The Chapman farm in the sleepy town of Clinton in upstate New York was a modest operation back in the late 60’s, but while the family members did most of the work during the year, come harvest time they needed to hire some outside help.

There were a number of such workers who made a circuit of the area farms each summer, usually going back to the same places each year if they had been reliable and did good work.

Errol McNeil was one of those workers, but unlike many of the transient staff he only did this work because he wanted to. He had a healthy pension from his 25 years with the Police Department in NYC but he grew up on a farm and enjoyed the work it entailed, so he found himself spending the summers in upstate NYC and returning to his home in Brooklyn when the harvests were done.

At 61 Errol was older than most of the other men, but his 5’10” body was as fit as many of them and his work ethic was unquestioned so he was in demand. He worked for the Chapman family for several years, and the summer of 1969 was one of the last of them, but it was much different than the others had been.


Errol McNeil took off his cap and wiped the sweat off of his brow, and when he glanced over near the barn he wasn’t surprised to see the youngest daughter of Ben Chapman looking at him while pretending to be pulling weeds from a little flower garden the kid had planted.

There had been three girls when he started working at this farm but the older two were grown and gone, leaving only the baby of the clan remaining, only baby wasn’t exactly the right term because the young one was really growing up.

Karyn was her name, and Errol had remembered her name because she had told him one summer in no uncertain terms that she spelled Karyn with a Y. She was a little flirt even back then but she was just a girl then so Errol had ignored and laughed it off.

Now though, the way the girl filled out those jeans made him pay attention when she flirted. Karyn wasn’t beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact was the least attractive of the Chapman sisters in the ways most men judge such things.

Karyn wasn’t heavy but had a pear-shaped body, with her hips and butt larger than her breasts, but that was fine by Errol who enjoyed the view when the girl would bend over and her plump bottom would fill that denim.

The girl had short blonde hair but the color it came out of a bottle, as Errol’s keen powers of observation had learned, with her actual hair color a medium brown. Her complexion had cleared up a little as she grew older, Errol noted, and she had a cute smile as well.

“Keep your mind on your business,” Errol mumbled to himself as she saw the girl approach him out of the corner of his eye.

“Hi Mr. McNeil,” Karyn said as she came up beside him. “Did you see how cool my flowers are looking?”

“Sure did darling,” Errol said as he straightened up and looked over at the little garden the girl was pointing to along with taking the opportunity to peek at the modest swells in her red and white checkered blouse.

“It’s looking fine,” Errol added as his eyes strayed over to where the sleeves of her old blouse had been torn off, revealing not only a farmer’s tan that went up to the girl’s bicep but also the spray of dark brown hair that grew unshorn in her armpit.

Errol forced his gaze away when the girl noticed where he was looking and lowered the arm she had been pointing with, blushing noticeably when the ex-cop added, “Everything’s growing nice around here.”

“Didn’t mean to embarrass you darling,” Errol said in an effort to fill the awkward silence, and to put her at ease he added, “I really enjoyed the view.”

Errol had noticed before that Karyn didn’t shave her armpits, but it wasn’t unusual because there were plenty of hippie girls down in the city who let their underarm hair grow. Karyn didn’t seem like a hippie, and chances were that there weren’t any in this back woods area yet anyway, but Errol didn’t mind because he liked his women a little on the wild side.

Besides, those bushy armpits were another sign that the girl was a woman now, and seeing how much hair the teen had under her arms, Errol’s mind began to wonder whether that meant she had a nice big bush between her legs.

“What grade you going in come fall darling?” Errol asked, hoping to put the girl at ease, and when Karyn smiled and held up her hand to show him her school ring she announced that she was done.

“Graduated in June,” Karyn said proudly.

“Graduated?” Errol said in surprise, and as the girl nodded and bit her lower lip he continued. How old are you?”

“18. Been 18 since May,” Karyn announced as she put her thumbs in the belt loops of her jeans and rocked from side to side.

“Well I’ll be!” Errol exclaimed in genuine shock. “I remember when I first started working here that you were just a little squirt and now look at you! All grown up and a woman, and so pretty too.”

“Am not,” Karyn said as she pawed the ground with her sneaker.

“Sure you are. I bet the boys are all lined up for you.”

“Me? I wish,” Karyn said. “Had a boyfriend but he…”

“He screwed up, at least that’s the way I see it,” Errol said as he started to go back to work. “Pretty woman like you? You latch onto them and never let go.”

“Got to go help Mom,” Karyn said as she prepared to go towards the house. “We’re glad you came back up here to work. My folks really like you.”

“I like them too,” Errol replied. “They’re good people.”

“I’m glad you came back too,” Karyn said shyly, and before she ran up the hill she added with a giggle. “I really like you – a lot.”

“Oh dear,” Errol said to himself as he watched Karyn’s plump butt bounce away. “I’m flirting just as much as she is. Trouble…”


There’s no fool like a old fool, Errol thought to himself as he left the cheap motel he was staying at and headed for the spot he had agreed to meet Karyn around sundown. The shower he had taken after a hard day in the fields had invigorated him somewhat, but his body still ached and reminded him that he was 61 not 16.

Meeting a teenage girl like Karyn was risky business for a man who survived his job by taking few such chances. There was nothing illegal about meeting a girl down under a bridge and drinking some beer because she was 18 and was even buying the beer herself. When Karyn had suggested this little social event Errol had insisted on her buying the brew so he could be sure she was really 18 like she said.

The worrisome part of this was the fact that Karyn was lily white and Errol was as black as the ace of spades, and while things had changed somewhat by 1969 this kind of thing didn’t go over well in some places and this area was as backwoods as it gets.

As Errol approached the bridge and climbed down the embankment he saw the girl’s bike somewhat hidden in the brush and there under the bridge was Karyn looking like she had taken a shower too. She had changed clothes, but Errol had liked the top with the cut-off sleeves she had worn when flirting with him before, so seeing her with a regular plain white short sleeved blouse was a little disappointing.

“Hi,” Karyn chirped as she met Errol on the little bank of the creek, and to his surprise when he got up to her the girl stopped and hesitated a bit before leaning upwards and kissing him.

“Oh!” Errol said when he recovered from the shock.

“Sorry,” Karyn apologized. “Always wanted to kiss you. Your lips are so full and soft looking that I always wondered what it would be like.”

“How was it?”

“Good. Real good. Did you like it?”

“Well sure, but if I was prepared for it I could have done a better job,” Errol said. “Can we try it again?”

“Sure,” Karyn replied, but this time when he leaned up and kissed Errol his hands slipped around and grabbed her fleshy butt through the jeans, and his lips didn’t just peck but kissed the girl.

This time it was Karyn who was setback but she soon recovered and returned the affection, even briefly dueling with his tongue before they separated.

“Wow!” Karyn said, and Errol noticed that her nipples were sticking out against the fabric of the blouse.

“That was better – boy you went to town,” Errol said as he saw the quart of Utica Club beer that was open and the two that were resting in the shallow water.

“Figured you were thirsty after working all day,” Karen said as she bent over and picked up the open quart of beer and handed it to Errol. “Nice shirt. You took a shower.”

“Had to,” Errol said. “Couldn’t go on a date all sweaty like I was.”

“A date?” Karyn giggled and then nodded. “I guess this is a date. I didn’t mind you the way you were. Sweaty guys are sexy.”

“Are we sharing?” Errol said as he handed the bottle back to Karyn.

“Sure,” she said and then took a healthy swig before adding. “I don’t think we’ll catch anything from each other.

“You took a shower too I see,” Errol noted. “I kinda liked the other one blouse though.”

“You did? I thought you were kidding around before. Sometimes people make fun of me and I don’t pick up on it right away.”

“No ma’am. Everything I said to you was the truth. That other blouse wasn’t in very good shape but it was interesting in other ways,” Errol remarked as he followed the girl over to a ledge on the bridges foundation.

“Really?” Karyn said as she bit her lip, and then pulled the blouse out from under her jeans shorts and unbuttoned it.

“Oh my,” Errol sighed when Karyn pulled the shirt off her shoulders which were surprisingly broad for a little girl, and as she set it aside she shrugged those farmer girl shoulders and allowed herself to be inspected. “Oh my indeed.”

“It’s my Daddy’s,” Karyn explained as Errol looked at the white t-shirt, a wife beater that the girl had bunched up in the back to make it snug in front.

“Bet your Daddy don’t look anywhere as good as you do in it,” Errol proclaimed as he looked at Karyn’s breasts through the cotton, unsupported by a bra.

The girl’s breasts weren’t very large – in fact they were even smaller than Errol would have guessed – but the apple-sized orbs looked sexy to him and the size of her nipples really got his attention.

“Not very big,” Karyn said apologetically as if she was reading the old black man’s mind. “I think my sisters got all the big boobs genes.”

“They look mighty fine to me honey,” Errol replied. “Seeing you grow up over the years – hell – you’re looking really fine to these tired eyes.”

“I’m glad to see you didn’t go and shave,” Errol added, nodding towards the hairs that were poking out of the folds of Karyn’s lowered arms.

“I was going to.” Karyn explained as she raised her arms briefly and glanced at the thick tuft of dark brown hair that filled her armpit before lowering it again. “But you kept looking at my pits before so I decided to take a chance. Ain’t nobody around here to look at how hairy I am – except Mom who nags me about it. That’s probably why I don’t shave my pits, because I know it ticks her off.”

“Nothing as much fun like getting under your folks nerves as I recall in my youth,” Errol said as they sat on the ledge and drank.

“She says I’ll never find a boy looking like this,” Karyn declared. “Heck, I don’t want no boys. I like men and while I haven’t met many of them the two I did didn’t mind my hairy armpits at all.”

“Grows back so fast anyway,” Karyn lamented as she raised her arm again – the one next to Errol – so he could see. “Even see a girl with armpits as hairy as mine? I’m like a man.”

“Oh I’ve seen a couple that were close,” Errol said as the fresh floral scent of soap tickled his nostrils, smiling at the way Karyn was teasing him, and as his eyes went to the swells of her breasts he added, “But you don’t have to worry about being mistaken for a man, believe me.”

Karyn’s upraised arm went casually around Errol’s shoulder, much like a timid boy would do to a girl in the balcony of a movie house, and she leaned a little bit next to him as they passed the bottle.

“You know, I’ll bet you’ve got a lot of hair between your legs too,” Errol suggested, and Karyn’s eyes popped open wide.

“How do you know? Do you peek in my bedroom window?” Karyn blurted out in shock.

“No honey. Heck, I don’t even know which window yours is,” Errol said to the crimson faced girl. “It was just a guess and if it’s true it isn’t anything to be ashamed of, least not in my eyes.”

“At school changing for gym,” Karyn responded. “When I would look over at the other girls and then at me I would think – good grief what is this? They all had these little triangles – except for Sophia Tubbs who was as bad as me.”

“As good as you I think you mean,” Errol corrected.

“I was going to dye it one time,” Karyn confessed. “When I colored my hair I was going to make it blonde down there too. That and my armpits. I even tried one armpit but it didn’t come out right so I chickened out.”

“If I have only one life to life let me live it as a blonde,” Errol said in mimicking the commercial. “I think you would be sexy in any way. Curtains don’t have to match the rug. So I’m figuring that I was right about you being a furry thing.”

“Look at this,” Karyn said as she got off the ledge and unbuttoned her shorts, and after zipping them down a little she took them and her panties and eased them down a little. “See?”

“Oh my,” Errol sighed as he looked at the row of dark hairs that started just below Karyn’s navel and quickly fanned out wide to the edge of the undies. “You sure do seem to have a hairy pussy there honey.”

“Soft too,” Errol said as he reached over and played with the curls before Karyn tugged her jeans up a little and sat back down. “Boy, what I would give to be 18 right about now.”

“Age don’t matter does it? My Dad is 8 years older than Mom.”

“I’m 61 honey,” Errol said as he patted Karyn’s thigh with his palm. “Back home I got socks older than you.”

“The two men I’ve been with – they were old too,” Karyn admitted. “Father Bryce was almost 60.”

“A priest?”

“Yeah, I used to help down at the thrift store and one time after it closed up he had me bring something down to the basement,” Karyn said. “Next thing I knew he was putting his dick in me.”

“He forced you?”

“No, I kinda was curious and having an older man think I was sexy was exciting,” Karyn related. “It wasn’t very good because he would just put it in and 20 seconds later he was spurting his goo onto my belly. He said it was because I was too sexy that he couldn’t hold it back.”

“Guess he had a point,” Errol admitted. “You still see him?”

“No, they transferred him away.”

“And there was another man?” Errol asked, and when Karyn hesitated he admitted, “I like naughty stories.”

“You probably think I’m a pig.”

“No honey, not at all.”

“Down at the Agway they had a tractor sale and so I pedaled my bike down there.”

“You looking for farm equipment for your Daddy?”

“No, the radio station said they were giving out free hot dogs and soda,” Karyn explained. “Actually I was wearing that same blouse I had on today, but it was in better shape then. It wasn’t very crowded because it was near the end of the thing. I think I ended up getting the last hot dog.”

“Lucky lady.”

“So I’m walking around pretending I’m looking at stuff and the John Deere factory representative starts trying to sell of a back hoe. I tell him that I don’t have enough to buy anything but maybe my Daddy would, and I was just hanging around hoping they would put more hot dogs on the grill.”

“I don’t think he really thought you would buy anything.”

“No, he said that he was just killing time and he thought talking to a pretty girl was a good way to do it,” Karyn said. “I knew he was bullshitting me but I liked the attention. “He said that he liked the way I ate my hot dog. He said it was sensuous and he could tell I’d done it before.”


“I hadn’t. Not really. I mean I had sucked on Father Bryce’s dick oodles of time but that was it. Funny thing was Father’s Bryce’s dick was about the same size as the hot dog. It was the only man’s one I had even seen so it looked big to me,” Karyn said as she put her hand over the black man’s. “Bet your dick is bigger than a hot dog, isn’t it Errol?”

“Could be. Depends on the wiener.”

“Anyway he starts sweet talking me. Gives me his card – Wallace Brown from Buffalo – I still have it. He tells me how sexy I am even though I knew I wasn’t sexy back then either – oh yeah – he notices my armpit hair just like you did.

“Hard to miss in that shirt.”

“He says he never made love to anybody who had more hair under their arms that he did but he would like to experience it,” Karyn detailed. “He tells me that he wishes I was older because he would love to have sex with a hippie girl before he died. I told him I was no hippie and then he asks me how old I am.”

“And you said?”


“Were you?” Errol asked, and after his question got unheard or ignored he asked, “So what happened?”

“I sneaked out of the house when it got dark and he picked me up in his car – a brand new red Chevy Camaro convertible – and I would have loved to have just driven around all night, but instead he takes me down to the Blue Bell Motel,” Karyn explained. “You stay there right?”


“Eight hours later I’m crawling back into my bedroom window.”

“How was it?”

“Probably not supposed to admit it but it was fun,” Karyn said. “A lot better than Father Bryce for sure because Mr. Wallace Brown from Buffalo lasted a whole lot longer than 20 seconds and we were in that room for almost 7 hours and he was – what’s the word? – insatiable? I was walking funny for a couple of days after too because Mr. Brown didn’t have no hot dog if you know what I mean.”

“You like the bigger men?” Errol said as his hand moved off of Karyn’s and onto her thigh, the light down feathering his palm as he lightly rubbed.

“Only had dealt with two of them so I don’t know much about it. I do know I love being liked and having men tell me I’m sexy even though I know I’m not,” Karyn said and she cut Errol off when he tried to interject a comment. “I know I’m not real pretty and don’t have a good body. My boobs are too small and my butt is too big and I’m hairy as a bear, but…”

“Honey, I don’t know the girl you’re describing,” Errol responded. “You’re your own worse critic. There’s enough people in the world ready to put you or me down. Don’t do their work for them. You’re a very attractive girl. End of story.”

“I don’t know if I should have told you those things about me,” Karyn said. “I’m not really a slut, or at least I don’t think I am. There isn’t anything else to tell outside of them two guys. Necked with Paul Comstock behind the school once but that’s it.”

“I love hearing you talk honey. There’s nothing wrong with anything you did. Not sure if I can say the same things about the men,” Errol commented. “But you seemed to have survived okay. I suspect as 18 year old girls go you’ve got less to tell about than most.”

“I guess,” Karyn said as she rested her head on the older man’s shoulder. “I bet you’ve been with a lot of women.”

“I’ve been blessed with my fair share.”

“Probably all pretty ones.”

“Every one of them was beautiful,” Errol explained as he put his arm around Karyn’s shoulder. “I don’t know if other people thought they were or not but I didn’t care. What I cared about was that they liked me and wanted to be with me. The other stuff – they way they looked and the way they were built – it’s all nice but it’s superficial.”

“My bedroom is the last window on the left when you’re in the back. Bottom floor,” Karyn explained. “Lots of times I used to peek out the blinds at you working. Especially if it was hot and you would take your shirt off. The way your skin glistened with sweat and your muscles bulged…”

“Wish I knew I was being watched,” Errol opined. “I would have gotten in better shape.”

“I used to sit there with my hand down between my legs and playing with myself, wondering what it would be like to run my hands over your body,” Karyn continued. “I always thought that it would look cool with my white hands rubbing your black body.”

“The contrast,” Errol sighed as the image went through his mind.

“Have you been with white girls before?” Karyn asked.


“Lots of them?”


“My sisters used to talk about you guys that worked up here. Back then we had more help and I used to like to listen those two before they would chase me out of the room,” Karyn said. “My oldest sister Elizabeth. Do you remember her?”

“I think so but I could never remember which was which,” Errol confessed.

“I heard her tell my other sister Emma about how one of the guys coaxed her behind the barn and took his dick out,” Karyn detailed. “He wanted to screw her or have her suck his dick but she wouldn’t, but she did jerk him off.”

“You know I remember some of the guys talking about that a few years back,” Errol recalled. “I figured they were just bullshitting.”

“No, Elizabeth did it, or so she said. She said she was scared because of how big his dick was. Emma said that she heard that all black guys have big ones,” Karyn explained. “Not that she would know because she’s the biggest prude in the world. Married three years now and she might still be a virgin.”

“You’re a trip,” Errol chuckled.


“It’s an interesting story,” Errol said. “Not one to tell stories out of school but your sister – the older one that gave the kid and hand job? The word was that she did a lot more with some of the guys than jerk them off.”

“Really? Did you…”

“No honey. I think she favored the young bucks anyway.”

“So is that true, Errol?”

“About your older sister? I don’t know. Could have been just guys talking trash like they do about fishing.”

“No, I mean the other. About black guys having big ones.”

“Oh,” Errol sighed. “Karyn, I don’t know what to tell you. I never spent much time looking to tell the truth, but when I was in the service I used to see plenty of brothers in the showers. Some were big, some were little and some were in between. I think because the big guys usually wave them around more that the reputation spreads. If there’s a difference it’s not that much.”

“When I used to look at you from the window I would imagine what you looked like naked.”

“I bet that was a lot better than the real me was,” Errol joked.

“Do you? Have a big dick I mean?”

“Does it matter?”

“No, I’m just curious,” Karyn said as she turned and faced the old man. “Just like you wondering whether I had a lot of hair between my legs.”

“I never did get a real answer about that,” Errol reminded Karyn, who then stood up and dropped her shorts for real this time, and after she looked around to make sure nobody was wandering around down there to watch her, put her hands on the elastic of her hand-me-down white panties.

“Hold it a second honey,” Errol said before the undies came down. “Let me enjoy this for a second.”

The old black man took a deep breath as he looked at the way Karyn’s bush pushed out the cotton and sprouted out a little from the leg openings, the dark brown curls made darker by the contrast of her pale skin around it.

“Oh honey that’s so sweet,” Errol said before nodding to Karyn that she could slide them down, and as the full dense jungle was revealed he let out a low whistle and said, “You are a hairy one aren’t you?”

“Too hairy?” Karyn asked and Errol shook his head because even though he couldn’t see the teen’s pussy through the bush he was aware enough of anatomy to know where it was.

“So come on. What about your dick Errol?” Karyn said as she fluffed up her pubic hair by raking her fingers through it. “Is it big?”

“It’s okay,” Errol said. “Never had any complaints.”

“Can I see it?” Karyn asked, her voice cracking. “I showed you mine.”


“Um – if you want you can take me down to the Blue Bell.”

“I – I don’t think that’s a good idea,’ Errol said.

“I thought you said I was sexy.”

“You are honey.”

“All this talk have me really excited. Will you take me down there some night?”

“Maybe. We’ll see.”

“Can I suck your dick?” Karyn said, continuing when Errol tried to speak. “I won’t tell anybody and I think I can do it good. Please? Stand up for me.”

Errol slowly stood upright and watched Karyn kneel in front of him and undo his belt, the dark brown roots of her blonde hair clearly visible as he looked down, and the old man felt the cooler air hit his legs as his trousers hit the ground the teen wasted now time in pulling down his boxers.

“Gee Errol,” Karyn chirped as she reached up and grabbed the black tube that hung between the old man’s legs, giving it a pull and smiling as it stretched out. “Yours is even bigger than the tractor salesman’s.”

“You keep doing that honey and it’ll get even bigger,” Errol said while Karyn lifted this cock and peeked inside the foreskin before dipping her tongue into the shroud, and then he moaned as the girl took the bulb into her mouth.

“Oh yes honey,” Errol gasped as the farmer’s daughter’s lips slid down the shaft quite a way before pulling back. “You sure do know how to suck a man’s cock.”

Up and down Karyn’s lips went as Errol’s manhood thickened and lengthened as it became erect, and after she leaned back from the black man more than half of his nearly 9″ tool was shiny with Karyn’s saliva.

“Want you to fuck me Errol – please,” Karyn almost begged as she got up. “I’m so horny – wet too. Not down at the Blu Bell. I can’t wait – let’s do it here.”

Karyn took Errol’s hand and led him over to a grassy part as a car went over the bridge almost right above them, and the teen pulled the wife beater over her head revealing breasts that were no more than handfuls as she fell onto her back.

Errol stood above the girl for a second while Karyn’s eyes followed the black pole swaying in front of him, and then he went to his knees while pulling off his shirt.

“No – fuck me,” Karyn sobbed as Errol bowed his head and buried his face in the teen’s soggy bush, lapping her pungent pussy while she tried to pull him up by clawing at his shoulders until he gave up and knelt between her legs.

“You got it baby,” Errol declared as he brought the head of his cock into the furry fold, and as he leaned into the girl she let out a howl that made him glad there were no houses around.

It was brief but satisfying for both of them as Karyn’s pussy stretched out to accommodate his size, and then it was just the two of them grunting and their flesh slapping together as the old man’s body forgot it ached and he humped the teen hard and fast.

Karyn came – her orgasm causing her pussy to contract savagely around the thick organ impaling her – and after she stopped convulsing Errol straightened up just in time and pulled his cock out.

“AW!” the old man groaned as Errol’s fist stroked his stiff black shank while the thick ropes of his cum sprayed all over Karyn’s bush, and he kept milking himself until he went limp and was spent. “Damn.”

“Glad one of us was thinking,” Karyn admitted as she looked at the seed that covered her.

“Not foolproof – not nearly,” Errol said as he eased down next to Karyn. “I’m an old man but who knows? Maybe I’m not firing blanks.”

“You didn’t seem that old to me,” Karyn declared. “That was super good.”

They watched the dusk disappear together, and soon Karyn had started playing around a little with the old man, and soon the touching and kissing began to heat up.

“Thought you said you were too old to get hard again,” Karyn giggled as she looked down at the long black prong her fist was moving up and down on.

“Honey I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Errol said. “I mean I want to but I think I should use protection.”

“I ain’t afraid,” Karyn said.

“I am though, and you should be.”

“There’s something else we could do – you wouldn’t have to worry about me getting pregnant,” Karen suggested, and as she rolled onto her knees and turned away from the old man and spread her legs she showed him what she was talking about.

“Darling that looks nice alright,” Errol said as he looked at the teen’s full buttocks and her anus which was surrounded by brown curls. “Problem is we don’t have any lubricant.”

“Father Bryce didn’t use anything,” Karen recalled but then looked at the old man’s erect manhood and added, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Maybe next time,” Errol said.

“Hey! We could go up to the farm!”

“I can’t be crawling into your bedroom honey.”

“No, we could do it in the barn,” Karyn suggested. “I think we got stuff in there we can use.”

“That’s crazy honey,” Errol said, and he was saying the same thing to himself as they made their way up in the moonlight to the farm’s barn.

“What if your Daddy sees the candlelight and comes out here?” Errol asked as the teen dropped her shorts and panties behind the bales of hay where a little stump of a candle flickered dangerously.

“He won’t,” Karyn said confidently as she look over on a dusty shelf and grabbed an old bottle of Cornhuskers Lotion and handed it to the old man who popped it open while she bent over the bales of hay. “This is going to be great.”

“I don’t know,” Errol mumbled while spreading the goo over his cock, but by the time he had finished greasing his pole and started to lube Karyn’s anus with his slick finger his cock was telling him that he sure as hell did know.

“Ooh! Feels good,” Karyn giggled as the bony finger probed her ass, and then Errol was telling her to stay quiet while he pried her fleshy buttocks apart and pressed the bulbous knob of his cock into the ring of her tiny orifice.

Karyn let out a muffled squeal that could have been mistaken for a pig’s as the old man’s stiff cock pushed into the teen’s anus, and that squeal got more tortured as he pushed more of his massive black manhood into her rectum, but she kept leaning back into his cock in response as it impaled her.

“Oh yeah!” Errol muttered as he grabbed Karyn by her fleshy hips and began thrusting more and more of him into her steaming orifice while he snorted like a bull rhythmically, and the old fellow lasted much longer this time.

The ending was better too for Errol as well because this time as he felt his orgasm near he was able to relax, enjoying both the feeling of cumming as well as Karyn’s sigh as his warm sap soothed her ravaged bowels.

“Ooh that was really good too!” Karyn exclaimed in a stage whisper, explaining that she had gotten herself off too in the process, and Errol quickly killed the candle before it was detected or they set the barn on fire.

“Can’t see nothing but our smiles,” Karyn opined after she got up from the bales of hay and brushed herself off before facing the workman and whispered. “What did you like better – my pussy or my ass?”

“Ssh!” Errol said as he heard footsteps outside the barn, and the two of them dove behind the hay just before the creaky door opened, with Errol covering Karyn’s mouth and practically laying on top of her.

There was a lantern next to the door, and Errol knew that if it got lit up they would probably get seen, but apparently whoever it was didn’t want to be seen either.

“Damn,” said the voice from over near the shelf, a voice they both recognized as Karyn’s father. “It was just there last week.”

A indecipherable mumble followed, and then Mr. Chapman’s voice returned, saying, “Well, there’s no way in hell I can take it without that. I’ll get more tomorrow night.”

Karyn’s father and a shadowy figure left the barn, and after they were gone Errol got up from Karyn who was confused and gasping for air.

“Sorry, had to keep you quiet,” Errol said, and then he realized that Karyn hadn’t seen anything or heard much – certainly not as much as he had.

“What was that all about?” Karyn asked. “What was Daddy looking for?”

“The lotion,” Errol explained. “Best not put it back.”

“What did Daddy want with that? Who was that with him? Was it Mom?” Karyn asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Errol lied.

“Was he coming out her to fuck Mom in the ass?” Karyn giggled. “That’s weird though. Why didn’t they do it in their bedroom?”

“Maybe afraid of you hearing them,” Errol suggested.

“Was that really Mom with him?”

“Couldn’t tell,” Errol lied again. “Who else could it be?”

“Maybe Mrs. Porter down the road – Mom always suspected her of liking my Daddy more than a neighbor should,” Karyn deduced.

“Could be,” Errol agreed in hoping to end the conversation. “Either way, we can’t be going back in here any more.”

“Then we can go down to the Blu Bell to your room tomorrow?” Karyn whispered happily, and when the old man nodded she jumped into his arms. “Cool.”

“I got to get there now and get some sleep. Long day tomorrow,” Errol remarked before adding, “Long night too I suspect.”

“My Daddy has a lover? Never would have figured him for a girlfriend,” Karyn said before they crept out. “Maybe I’ll peek in on them tomorrow night.”

“You wouldn’t want him doing that to you,” Errol suggested and Karyn shrugged and nodded. “Lots of stuff goes on behind closed doors – that’s why we close them.”

“Guess so,” Karyn admitted.

“See you tomorrow child,” Errol whispered before heading down the road, wondering which one of his co-workers had been going into the barn with his boss.

“Be funny if one of the other brothers was servicing his wife as well,” Errol mused while wondering exactly how much work was going to be done at the Chapman Farm that summer.

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