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Footfuckers – Barefoot Roxy

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He couldn’t keep his eyes on the road, or his mind on his sales pitch. The sexy blonde was driving barefoot, and all Gavin could think about was how his cum would look on those toes of hers.

“Wow, it handles like a dream,” the girl said, smiling. The bright sun reflected back from the polished chrome of the gas pedal, the dazzling light gleaming from between her toes.

“Hmm..?!” Gavin replied, lost in a sexual reverie while he stared at her painted toenails. “Uh?.. Oh, yes. Yes, the.. er.. Mark II Turbo edition is.. er.. very hot..!”

It had been a boring and uneventful Wednesday until the girl had breezed into the showroom, and Gav hadn’t noticed her at first. He was up to his eyes in sales and insurance paperwork, and a backlog of enquiries which his boss had kindly offloaded onto him. The outside temperature was steadily rising, and up until that point he was pretty sure there was no hope of having any fun before the end of his shift. At least not until he saw the blonde bending over the passenger door of the convertible in the showroom.

He had swallowed hard, taking in the sight of her long, toned, smooth legs and perfect ankles. Her blonde hair fell over her face as she leant inside the car; the tight black mini-skirt she wore barely reaching the tops of her thighs, and, in a base, primal consideration of sheer lust, Gav suddenly imagined it riding up to her hips as she leant over the car, her bare ass and pussy exposed. His eyes slowly moved down those legs to inspect what she wore on her feet.

The girl was wearing a pair of transparent stilettos which showcased every tiny, flawless detail of her bare feet. He had never seen footwear like this outside of connoisseur foot fetish porno! What were they made of, he asked himself. Glass? Plastic? Who the fuck knows! Who the fuck CARES, he thought, as he watched her lean further still into the convertible, lifting one foot off the ground. He felt his dick grow hard and he unconsciously began to stroke himself through his pants. He could see the sole of her right foot pressed hard against the see-through stiletto; the fine, sweet wrinkles smoothed and stretched against the material. Her toes were painted the hottest, most neon shade of pink he had ever seen, and all he wanted to think about was how wide those beautiful toes of hers could spread around his tongue while he sucked them, exploring and probing every nook of her toe cleavage until, in utter rapture, he spurted stream after stream of hot, sticky sperm onto those sweet fucking toes!

“Excuse me,” she had said, smiling as she approached his desk. By now his cock was straining painfully at the fly of his pants. He smiled up at her, attempting to disguise the lust in his eyes. “I’d love to test drive that car!”

The girl introduced herself as Roxy, flashing perfect teeth at Gav as she shook his hand, sitting opposite him at his desk. She was beautiful, and had a very familiar look about her. Gav couldn’t help but think he knew her from somewhere, although he dismissed this idea momentarily, reasoning with himself that he had perhaps seen her looking at the car on a previous occasion.

And now here they were in this fast open-top sports car, the girl at the wheel, approaching the edge of town. At the showroom, she had slipped her shoes off her bare feet before getting into the driver’s side, making Gav’s heart thud and his stiffening dick tingle.

“You don’t mind if I drive barefoot, do you?” she asked, slipping off the crazy transparent heels. “It’s just that I’ve got so much more control than with these shoes on.”

Gav didn’t remember his response, or even if he offered one. His mouth was dry and his dick pulsed lustily at the sight of Roxy’s bare feet, which just begged to be smelled, sucked, licked, fucked and adorned with cum.

As she took the next bend, he glanced down again at her beautiful naked toes on the pedals. His cock ached, and he yearned to stroke himself while he studied every detail of her feet. He started to wonder if she had ever wrapped those feet of hers around a hard dick, expertly jacking every last spurt of hot, sticky spunk with those beautiful toes. Did she bring them to her mouth afterwards, he thought to himself, licking off the cum as it ran between her toes and down her silky bare soles.

“God, I love this car,” she said, turning to Gavin. “I’m pretty sure it’s the one.”

“Wow, really?” he replied, quickly making eye contact with a laugh and a smile. “Well, we’ll have to see about giving you the best deal that we can!”

Roxy flashed another sexy white smile through those red lips. Gav smiled back, and again there was that feeling of having seen her before today.

“So, er..” Gavin began, his eyes quickly checking the landscape before eagerly returning to her bare feet on the pedals, “what is it that you do, Roxy?”

She hesitated for a moment.

“Well,” she began, “I’m an actress.”

“Really?” Gavin replied, impressed as well as aroused. “Wow! What sort of stuff?”

Roxy laughed, the breeze blowing her blonde hair across her face and back again. “Oh, just a few movies.”

“Movies? Anything I would have seen?” he replied.

She glanced over at him. “Well, actually… They’re, uh.. adult movies.”

He swallowed again. “Um.. Adult movies?”

She looked at him.

“I’m a porno actress.”

Suddenly the feeling of recognition made sense, and Gavin quickly placed her. He remembered it being about a month or so ago when he bought a porn DVD online. The title was ‘Footfuckers Vol 3. The cover touted it as ‘four hours of non-stop footjob, toe-sucking, foot worship cum delight’. He recalled how accurate he found this description to be, jerking off no less than five times during the first hour.

During that hour, Roxy had appeared several times, however Gavin distinctly remembered her outdoor scene as ‘Lexo’, the barefoot orgy queen. It started off with her being fucked poolside by three guys at the same time; two in her mouth and one in her ass, while a fourth was lustily fucking her bare feet. He recalled having to quickly stop jerking himself off, as he almost shot a load prematurely when he saw that her toenails were painted a sexy electric purple. The guy on the receiving end of the footjob also had to pause regularly, bringing her sweet toes up to his mouth, deeply and devotedly sucking each of them in turn while she greedily sucked the two massive circumcised cocks, her spit glistening on each guy’s shaft as the other guy, spreadeagled on a sunlounger, pounded her asshole from underneath.

“Oh, no way!” Gavin exclaimed. “You’re… You’re Lexo?”

She laughed, surprised.

“My god, you’ve SEEN Footfuckers 3?”

“Seen it?” Gav replied, laughing nervously, “it’s the hottest porno in my collection! I can’t believe you were in it and here I am sitting next to you!”

“Hah, oh my god!” she laughed, giggling into her hand in a sort of faux embarrassment fashion that only a sexy blonde who gets her feet fucked on camera for a living can pull off convincingly.

Her next question blew his mind.

“So, did you masturbate to my scenes?”

Gavin looked down at her toes. His cock spasmed, straining for release.

“I came so hard,” he said. “The scene where you were giving that guy… what’s that actor called?”

“Max,” she replied, “Max DeLong”

“Right! Max DeLong.. The scene where you were jerking that guy off with your bare feet…”

“Ah, yes,” Roxy began, “the one where he’s in the tub, I get in, take his cock between my feet…”

“Oh god, yes! That’s the one,” Gav replied, excitedly replaying the scene in his head. In this scene, she had slowly foot-fucked this guy in the tub, sensually soaping his hard cock with her soles and toes, occasionally allowing him to suck and lick her bare feet. She drove this guy so crazy that he spectacularly emptied his balls all over the tops of her feet, coating her toes with his sperm. ‘Lexo’ just smiled as she slowly rubbed her feet together for the camera; the guy’s jizz glooping back onto his abdomen and chest.

“Oh, so you’re into feet, huh?” Roxy said, pulling the car over into a country lane with trees overhead. “Well, so am I. I LOVE feet! Guys feet, girls feet.. Feet are so sexy!”

“You know, if I’m being honest,” Gav began, “I’ve not been able to take my eyes off your feet since you walked into the showroom.”

Roxy laughed. “You think I hadn’t noticed, mister foot-porn?”

She slowed the car to a halt down the secluded lane about a half-mile from the main road they had just left. The tall trees overhead provided a cool canopy from the bright mid-afternoon sun.

“You know,” Roxy began, turning in the driver’s seat to face him. “Having a cute guy suck my toes makes me cum even harder than if he was grinding his tongue against my clit.”

He watched as she began stroking the calf muscle of her left leg with the toes of her right foot.

“I bet your toes taste incredible,” Gavin replied, now fully stroking himself through his pants.

“They do,” she replied. “All the guys seem to think so, and I’ve had them in my mouth plenty of times too, on and off camera!”

She watched Gav’s hand as he masturbated, her tongue probing her bottom lip as he slowly moved his thumb and forefinger back and forth over the bulge of his swollen cockhead. His eyes were fixed on her beautiful bare feet.

“Show it to me,” she said.

Gavin unzipped his pants and slowly guided his erect prick through his open fly. She grinned, biting her lip.

“Mmm,” she purred, “Yummy! Now show me how you like to stroke yourself to my scenes.”

She watched as he slowly worked up and down the length of his hard cock, all the while his eyes never leaving her naked toes. He imagined that his hand was one of those perfect wrinkled soles, stroking and wanking and rubbing him until he came intensely, his cum shooting halfway up her leg so that it landed on her thigh, trickling down to adorn her fine heel and ankle.

“Oh, I could watch you playing with yourself all day,” she said.

She slowly lifted her right leg free from the footwell, agilely placing her bare foot on Gavin’s thigh, slowly moving closer and closer towards his erect cock.

“May I..?” she asked, and he withdrew his hand.

Such close proximity to her delicious toes was truly thrilling. Gavin noted she had incredibly sexy little wrinkles just around the first knuckle of her big toe. Her silky heel glided effortlessly along his thigh while he contemplated sucking hard on her fantastic little pinkie toe, provoking her to orgasm over and over again while he flicked his tongue mercilessly against it.

Now her toes were gently pressed against the base of his hard dick, and Gav watched as they glided along its length, right to the tip. She slid her big toe against his cock slit, collecting a sticky transparent drop of his pre-cum, before she brought her toes back, grabbing her naked heel with her hands and bringing her toes to her mouth. Gavin watched in awe as she slowly licked his pre-cum from her toe.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, “you make my toes taste even better!”

From the way Roxy was now sitting, Gav could clearly see that she was sans panties. She was completely shaved and her delectable porn cunt looked as if it was already soaking wet.

Gavin leant across and buried his face in her pussy, making her groan with pleasure. She was sopping wet, and he firmly began licking her sweet clit up and down and around in firm, circular momentum, slipping his tongue inside her cunt, teasing that clit while she shrieked her approval.

She placed her bare feet on his back and grabbed his head, pulling his face harder between her legs as he tongue-fucked her right there inside the car. He began to wonder how many other mouths had performed this same act on her over the years. How many bareback cocks had plunged their way into this gorgeous pussy, making this foot fetish hottie scream and howl and shout for her adoring, masturbating fanbase.

She started to cum, and Gavin sucked her clit hard into his mouth. She had one hand on the windshield while her right foot was up on the dash as she orgasmed theatrically. She gushed beautifully, Gavin tasting her wonderful cunt juices, feeling her climax peak, then ease, his tongue still gently flicking at that drenched clit.

“Oh fuck!,” she gasped, panting. “That was fucking incredible, baby!”

“You taste so good,” Gavin replied, his face glistening with Roxy’s cum. “I want to taste those toes.”

He leaned back in his seat. Roxy lifted her right foot from the dashboard; a beautifully condensated bare footprint lingering on the upholstery for a moment, much to Gav’s delight. She brought her toes to his lips, fanning and spreading them under his nose while he rejoiced in the sweet, sexy aroma from between her toes. She slowly lifted her left foot and, shifting around a little in her seat, began stroking Gavin’s almost painfully hard dick with her soft wrinkled sole.

He brought his hands up to her bare foot, firmly caressing her delectable ankle while he sniffed and relished each nook of her toes. She sighed, arching her back. He slowly ran the tip of his nose from her middle toe, gently down the sole of her foot to her heel, where he pressed his cheek closely to her silky-smooth skin, his lips automatically falling open to kiss and taste every contour. She teased and stroked his erect prick with her left foot, spreading her painted toes wide, slipping them around his cockhead and wanking him up and down his shaft, making him groan and sigh with delight.

Gavin drew her sweet pinkie toe into his mouth, still sensuously kneading her perfect bare sole with both hands. She gasped, her clit spasming. He tilted his head to the left, sucking her little toe as deeply into his mouth as it would go, fellating it, cherishing the intoxicating flavour of her foot sweat. She flexed her toes, brushing them against his face, making eye contact, her right hand now busily occupied as she masturbated. He enveloped her second and middle toes with his eager mouth, sucking hard on them, slipping his wet tongue between them with steady, thrilling momentum. Unable to further resist the temptation to do so, he then stretched his mouth wide to accomodate all five of her glorious toes. How many male mouths had greedily sucked these toes of hers, he wondered to himself, thrusting his hard cock against her bare foot. How many tongues had probed and worshipped and licked and sucked on these fucking sexy little pink-painted toes until their owners had climaxed intensely from savouring their heady flavour.

She groaned deeply. Roxy could feel her second orgasm building, however she knew that this was more of a result of Gavin sucking her toes than from her fingers in her pussy. She felt his tongue mercilessly flicking against her little toe while he held her bare foot in his hand, and closed her eyes as her second orgasm sent spasms of electric joy throughout her sopping cunt.

His strong hands firmy around that gorgeous bare foot, Gavin removed her toes from his mouth.

“I want to feel your feet around my cock,” he said, bringing her foot to his crotch, watching as she smeared his hard prick with his own saliva.

“Mmm,” she purred, “you ready to splatter my toes with your hot cum?”

Roxy gripped his dick between the smooth, high arches of her bare feet. They felt so incredibly fine and warm against his shaft, her glorious toes nuzzling and teasing and massaging his prick. Gav watched, open-mouthed and panting, as these beautiful bare pornstar feet began to caress and stroke the entire length of his penis, back and forth, back and forth; her toes making fists around the tip of his cock, then opening beautifully, gliding down the entire length of his dick to his balls.

“Your feet feel so fucking good against my cock,” Gav sighed, watching as she expertly footfucked him.

“I can’t wait to watch you cumming on my feet,” she replied, “I want you to cover my fucking toes with your hot sperm.”

“I’m gonna cum all over your toes, baby, ” he gasped, suddenly realising that his hands were now tight around her perfect ankles and his hips were bucking back and forth involuntarily as he fucked those delicious bare feet of hers.

Unable and unwilling to delay and further, Gav realised he was about to cum. He put his hands around the balls of her bare feet and, pulling her sweet toes up around his swollen cockhead, he began to orgasm.

His first thick rope of sperm fountained high into the air from the tip of his dick, coating Roxy’s painted toes as it landed. She watched as shot after creamy shot of his jizz landed on her feet, and she continued to wank every last drop from his aching balls as he groaned his absolute delight.

“Fuck YES!!.. Urrrgh!!” he groaned, watching as his semen rained down onto the hot pink of her toenails and around those fine, small wrinkles on her big toes.

“Oh, that’s it baby,” she sighed, wiggling her toes and enjoying his hot, sticky cum as it trickled between each of her beautiful toes, which now slipped all over his erect cock, lubricated by so much semen. “Mmm, cover my fucking feet with your sperm!”

He continued to thrust himself against her bare feet, now dripping with his jizz. It was everywhere; splashed up the front of her legs, on his pants, all over his hands, and was now dripping onto the black leather passenger seat of the Mark II Turbo, leaving thick, white puddles on the fabric.

“Let’s see if we can’t clean up some of that cum,” she said, bringing her right foot to her lips. She opened her mouth and hungrily sucked a pool of Gavin’s semen from the tips of her sexy toes, her tongue licking his spunk from each of her painted toenails. He watched as she closed her mouth and swallowed.

“Mmm,” she purred, “help me out?” and raised her glistening left foot.

Gav lifted her bare foot to his mouth and proceeded to suck her toes once again, this time licking rivulets of his own sticky sperm from between them, greedily stretching his mouth wide to accomodate all five of those lovely toes at once.

“You suck my toes so well,” she said, “Mmm, how do they taste now with your cum between them?”

“So fucking good,” he replied, his tongue repeatedly and intentionally darting between her fourth and pinkie toes, making her sigh once more.

Roxy reached behind the driver’s seat and retrieved her see-through stilettos. Gavin watched, his cock still exposed and throbbing, as she leant across to him, holding one of the shoes.

“Keep sucking my toes, baby,” she said, taking his spunky cock in her right hand.

She slowly started wanking him while his tongue continued to probe between her toes, his mouth tightly clamped around her bare foot. His hard-on had returned fairly easily from watching her licking his sperm from her beautiful bare feet, not to mention from her insanely sexy pink toes still in his mouth. She continued to masturbate him harder and faster, holding one of those transparent stilettos under his prick.

“Cum hard for me,” she sighed, jerking and stroking his hard cock. “Shoot more of that cum into my shoe for me to enjoy against my bare foot!”

With that, Gavin climaxed with an almost painful intensity. Roxy was holding his dick deep inside the stiletto, and his second sperm load splashed onto the sole of her shoe as she milked and massaged his throbbing cock with an expert touch. This load was thicker and stickier than his first excited gush which had coated her toes, ankles, heels and soles. He watched as his cum trickled down to the toe section of her shoe while she collected the last few drops of his sperm against the side.

He released her toes from his mouth to take a much-needed breath. He sat, breathing heavily and sweating, his dark grey pants blotched with saliva and cum.

“The best foot lotion money CAN’T buy,” she said, grinning sexily at him.

She raised her right foot and slowly slipped on the shoe. Gavin watched as her bare foot squished the white baubles of his spunk tightly between her skin and the material of the stiletto.

Even though his cock ached, he thought to himself, he knew that he would be thinking of this moment as he masturbated furiously after work, her DVD playing as he climaxed for the third time.

The end.

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