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True Love Found

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Jeff and I had been hanging out for about six months. We didn’t live together but we might as well have. We spent a lot of time together when we were able. I am a photographer and I frequently am on the road doing shoots. Jeff is an engineer and has to travel once or twice a month. When we found ourselves at home, we usually were together.

We never planned it that way. Jeff and I are both bi and we always enjoyed dating women. We never double dated or anything like that. In fact, Jeff and I didn’t even know each other until we met six months ago. I was doing a photo shoot on a street and Jeff happened to walk by. Jeff is tall, thin, and European-looking. As he walked by the shoot, I couldn’t help but notice him. I asked if he’d mind being in a few of my shots and he agreed. He wasn’t the subject of the shots but he worked out very well being in the background. He was always a bit out of focus and with his European style he really made the shots come together. We exchanged contact info so that I could show him the proofs. I don’t usually share my work with my extras but I was very attracted to him and I wondered what it would be like to be with him.

A couple of days later I called him and had him come by the studio. We hit it off really well and he enjoyed my work very much. We discovered that we had a lot in common. Neither of us were really dating anyone at the time so when he asked me to go out for some drinks the following night I had no reason to decline his offer. He left my studio and I found myself totally engrossed thinking about him. I had not been with a guy in a long while and the thought of stirring up that part of my sexuality once again was quite stimulating. As the evening wore on and my mind kept leaping back to Jeff, I finally had to masturbate and fantasize about him. I fell asleep wondering how our meeting would go the next day.

As I got ready to meet Jeff, I wasn’t sure how to dress or manicure myself. I am shaved and I have no body hair to speak of. I had no idea if Jeff were straight, bi, or gay; I had not been able to pick up any vibes from him. I showered, made sure my groin was smooth, and settled on a pair of jeans and a button down shirt. We were just going to a bar nearby and it wasn’t fancy at all so I didn’t think I was dressing inappropriately.

Jeff and I arrived within minutes of each other. We secured a high-top table and ordered some drinks. I like gin and tonic and Jeff ordered Beam and Coke. The chemistry we had experienced three days before carried over naturally into our conversation. We talked about traveling, college, our interests, and our goals. I learned, for example, that Jeff is not from Europe but he adopted the style because it fit his body type. We talked about relationships with the opposite sex and we noted that none had been successful or satisfying in several years. Jeff had a great sense of humor and one time he made me laugh so hard that I flopped my arms in the air. When my hands came down, one of them brushed across Jeff’s thigh. I was startled but Jeff didn’t react other than to let out a sly smile. My mind raced. “Gosh, did he think I was coming on to him?” “Did he feel uncomfortable and was that smile simply a polite way to direct the moment elsewhere?” I had no idea.

Jeff leaned towards me and said, “Ryan, I have to tell you something. I like girls but I also like guys.” My heart skipped a beat. “I haven’t dated a guy in a while but I want to tell you that I find you attractive.”

“Jeff, I need to come clean, too. What you just said about me is something that I could have said about you.” He put his hand on my thigh. I continued, “Since you left my studio the other day I haven’t thought of anything but you.”

“Same here,” Jeff replied.

“My place is close, do you want to leave?”

“I sure do,” Jeff replied.

We paid the bill and off we went. I opened the door and let Jeff in first. He went in, turned, and as the door closed behind me, he put his hands on my shoulders.

“Whatever happens from this point forward, I want you to tell me if you feel at all uncomfortable.”

“Of course,” I said softly.

With that, Jeff pulled me to him and kissed me on my lips. While this scene had not been part of my masturbatory fantasy the other night, I felt very comfortable with how things were proceeding. I opened my lips and his tongue shot into my mouth. With that, a huge burst of heat and passion enveloped my body. I put my arms around Jeff and kissed him back. Our hands worked all over each other’s back and little moans emanated from our throats. After what seemed to be seconds, but were actually many minutes, we broke our embrace and I led Jeff to the bedroom. We picked up where we had left off and the only thing I knew was that I was really enjoying myself. From Jeff’s moans and the rhythm of his mid-section I knew he was enjoying himself, too.

The next morning I awoke and felt Jeff sleeping next to me. “We had sex last night!” I thought to myself. I didn’t have a hangover and I was keenly aware of some sensations in my body that I had not felt before. My cock was soft but it felt strangely satisfied. The smell of Jeff’s cologne lifted off my chest and swirled around my nostrils. The hairs on my upper thighs were sticky with dried cum. As I revisited the last night in my memory, my cock began to stir.

Jeff turned toward me and said, “Good morning you.” His smile was inviting and reassuring.

“Good morning to you,” I answered. “How did you sleep?”

“After the amount of energy we burned up last night, I slept like a baby.”

Thus began a relationship with a man named Jeff that has continued for the last six months. Jeff and I became close but we never expressed any intimate feelings towards each other. We were bi and we were just enjoying what had developed and there was no discussion of a Ryan-and-Jeff future. There didn’t need to be. Both of us were successful in our careers and we enjoyed spending time together as our schedules allowed. All of that changed one day, though, when Jeff had just returned from a trip.

I met Jeff at his house and we had our usual, very satisfying session of sex. The next morning I got up before him and went into his huge bathroom and got ready for the day. We had no plans but I knew we would be going out. After shaving, I went into the kitchen to make some oatmeal. Jeff got up, showered, and shaved. I waited after I heard the water shut off and figured I’d bring Jeff a glass of orange juice. I walked into the bathroom and Jeff had his back to the doorway and he was looking out the window at the mountains in the distance. Jeff was naked and so was I. I stood there for several seconds, absorbing the view I had of his back, butt, and legs.

I walked up behind Jeff and put the OJ on the counter. I stood behind him and touched my chest to his back. My left hand reached around his left side and I put my palm on his chest. As I did that Jeff put his right foot up onto the edge of the bathtub, leaving me with access to his scrotum and anus. My cock began to fill with blood and I reached between Jeff’s legs with my right hand and ever so lightly I ran my fingers over his scrotum. Jeff’s cock jumped and immediately began to stiffen. Jeff has a marvelous penis. It is 9 inches long and quite thick. He is also clean shaven. When erect, his cock stands parallel to his stomach. My cock, at 7 inches, is smaller than Jeff’s and, when hard, stands perpendicular to my body. My cock rose and rested against the globes of Jeff’s butt. Sensing that Jeff was fully erect, I kneeled behind him and put my hands on the front of his thighs. With his foot still on the edge of the tub, I had a singular view of Jeff’s sack and lower portion of his butt. I was intoxicated by the sight. I stuck my tongue out and touched the tip to Jeff’s scrotum; he moaned. I maneuvered my face so that I had complete access to his sack from underneath. I hungrily licked Jeff’s scrotum and he gyrated his hips in response. I moved my hands from his thighs to his cheeks and spread them. His hairless, pink, sweet hole stared at me. I ran my tongue up and down his hole, stopping only to insert a finger or three into him. He bent forward at his hips as I inserted my fingers and rubbed them against his prostate.

Jeff usually leaked large amounts of pre-cum and this occasion was no different. As I worked his sack and hole, pre-cum ran down the shaft of his penis and down his sack, into my wanting mouth. I love cum in all its forms so I was in ecstasy. Jeff finally had enough. He put his foot back onto the floor, turned around and pulled me up to him. His large, erect cock rubbed against my abdomen and my cock nestled itself somehow in Jeff’s groin. He kissed me passionately and I willingly returned his affection.

“Come with me, lover,” Jeff said.

“Lover?” I thought. He had never used that term before. Did I hear him correctly? Should I pretend like he didn’t use that word?

Jeff took my hand and led me to the bed. I stepped in front of him and I sat on the edge of the bed, not releasing his hand. With his right hand in my left I pulled him to me, his cock standing at full attention. I released his hand, moved my hands to his wonderful globes, and pulled his cock to my face. I opened my mouth all the way and slowly began taking his nine inches into my hungry mouth. As I swallowed his penis, I made sure that my tongue pressed against the underside of his cock. On the upstroke I pulled off his cock and ran my tongue up and down his shaft. Precum dripped from his tip and I lapped it obediently.

Jeff put his hands on my shoulders and ever so gently pressed against them. I knew that he wanted me to lay back on the bed. I slid up and lay my head on the pillows. I looked back and admired Jeff standing at the end of the bed, his gorgeous cock pointing to the ceiling, and a look of lust and passion on his face. I opened my lips slightly and he climbed onto the bed. Putting his hands on either side of my shoulders and his knees just below my butt, he laid down on top of me. As he was getting into position I bent my knees so that he would have space for his hips. As he was settling our eyes locked. At that moment I felt a rush of warmth, passion, need, and satisfaction course through my veins. I instinctively raised my heels and put them on Jeff’s lower back as he was moving in. He lowered his chest to mine, with my cock being pushed against my stomach.

With my heels locked around his waist, my hips automatically raised slightly. His cock and my hole were perfectly aligned and with one swift, smooth, tender motion his penis entered me. He wrapped his hands underneath me, holding me tight. We were in the missionary position and I was in ecstasy. Jeff looked into my eyes as he began to stroke in and out of me. I felt his cock slide almost all the way out of me and then its direction was seamlessly changed as he slid deep inside me. His cock was so large that I felt full. Even so, I squeezed his cock as he penetrated me, making a tight fit that much tighter.

I remembered 15 minutes ago when Jeff called me that word. It dawned on me at that moment: we were lovers. And we had been for six months. We played together, we spent time together, we even cried together when some unfortunate events happened. We had sex together. Yes, we were lovers. Completely. In every sense of the word. I looked at Jeff, moved my hands to his neck and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him with fervor, our tongues probing our mouths.

The room smelled of sex. It was slightly musty and it was warm. Jeff continued to stroke in and out of me and I continued to assist his motions with my heels. Jeff broke our kiss and I said, “I love you!” As I said this, a tear dripped out of my right eye and slid down my temple.

Jeff said, “I love you, too! I have so wanted to say that to you but I didn’t know how.”

Jeff stopped stroking. “I have felt this for a while but wasn’t sure. Until now. I love you and want to be like this with you forever,” I said.

“Being like this forever would probably hurt!” Jeff exclaimed.

With that I motioned with my heels for Jeff to start pumping me again. He started and this time he had a purpose. “I want you to cum in me like you’ve never cum before!”

Jeff buried his head into the pillow, his face next to mine. He started groaning. It was a low, guttural sound that came from deep within his throat. His strokes became long, regular, and purposeful. He never slid out of me but he came close. He knew his cock and he knew my hole. He knew exactly how far to withdraw so that his cock head stayed inside me but his shaft was completely out of me. In and out he plunged. My hands felt the sweat on his back as he was working towards his climax. My insides were his and he used them to full effect.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Jeff exclaimed, “I’m going to cum!”

“Oh yes!! Cum in me! Cum for me!” I yelled.

And with that he groaned mightily and screamed, “Oooohhh!”

He plunged in and stopped as I felt his cock expand inside me as his penis ejected its nectar. He slid back and thrust quickly in again. A few more spasms from his cock. At that moment my cock, having been squeezed between our stomachs, began to erupt. The fluid acted as a lubricant between us and it felt wonderful.

Jeff’s face was still buried in the pillow when he stopped cumming. He was breathing deeply and heavily and I knew that he was thoroughly satisfied. Having declared my love for him, I was thoroughly satisfied, too. Jeff raised his head to breathe fresh air and we kissed intensely. Jeff’s cock was not hard any more but it was still buried inside me. My cock was limp and it began to retreat.

I returned my feet to the bed, my knees still bent. Jeff raised his torso on his arms and pulled out of me.

“Bring your cock up here,” I ordered.

Jeff complied and straddled me, his knees just below my arm pits. I raised my head and took his cock into my mouth. It tasted wonderful. The melding of his juice and my natural lubricant was intoxicating. I cleaned his cock and balls completely, enjoying every wonderful lick.

Jeff knew when he was clean and he climbed off me. He laid next to me and I put my right arm underneath him, cuddling him close. His right hand found the cum on my stomach and he scooped up the remains and brought his hand to my waiting mouth. I love cum so tasting mine was the piece de resistance.

With that completed, I turned on my side to face Jeff. “I love every minute I spend with you,” I said. “I love making love to you.” I playfully added, “I especially LOVE your cock!!”

Jeff replied, “You know what I love?”

“What?” I asked.


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Bob wrote

Great story so sexy passionate and loving really a hot ending nothing like a man to know what you want.