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One Man & His Dog

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It just 11 o’clock Saturday morning, and we’re still in bed together. We’re alone in our house, spending another lazy weekend day relaxing. I’m still asleep but you’ve been awake for some time; you softly kiss my lips, knowing that it will wake me.

We were sleeping in – in each other’s arms – when you woke feeling horny; you’ve been lying next to me in the mood for some sexy fun for countless long minutes, before finally resorting to waking me.

I sleepily open my eyes, and as it dawns on me where I am, and why, I smile at you with, my cutest loveable smile. I kiss you back softly, and then as I relax resting my head back on the pillow, you start to whisper to me in a soft but sexy tone. You tell me about your mood, you tell me that today you want to play.

You whisper even more – your cheeks glowing red with embarrassment – you tell me that today you want to be my slut. No, more then want, you need to be my slut. You’re talking so quietly for no other reason then it’s too humiliating for you to say the words out loud, even to me, to admit that you want to be my sex slave.

I wrap my arms around you and pull you even closer to me, you move willingly and end up lying half on top of me – lying up against my side, our legs intermingled. I kiss your cheek and stroke you; you wonder what is going on in my mind. You wait as best you can for another couple of minutes, the suspense building, then you finally give in to impatience.

‘Hunny, are we not gonna do anything?’ You ask pleadingly.

I reply in my soft but firm tone.

‘I think you’re going to need training if you’re to be my slut, the first and most important thing is your Masters pleasure – and at the moment I am enjoying holding you in my arms while thinking of all the things I could do to you today.’

And I am having some very interesting thoughts of what to do with you.

It excites you to know that right now, mean, nasty, and humiliating thoughts about you are flowing through my mind. This alone starts to make you feel like the submissive slut like you crave to be – you know whatever I ask of you today, you will do, no matter how humiliating, naughty, or even nasty it may be.

I start to whisper my thoughts into your ear, ideas that I like, things that might, and probably will happen to you today.

I start by telling you the simple things. How I like to spank your ass, how I love to see it glow red; my hand stroking over the curve of your ass cheek as I tell you this, I squeeze it, making you wonder if I am going to spank you now.

I tell you about how I like to squeeze your nipples, squeeze them so hard you moan, and while I do I softly flick one with my other hand. I remind you of the times I’ve bitten down on them so hard that I’ve left marks for days. I love to hear your moans as the pain and pleasure combine. I know you love it too.

I whisper my other thoughts, of how I like to use your asshole for my own pleasure, and you feel my cock stiffen against your leg as I think of it; I always love seeing you act as my anal whore.

I remind you of how I like to completely humiliate you, because of how insanely horny you become with it. I like to see you act nasty, to have you drinking my piss and eating my cum, licking, sucking and eating what only a whore would touch with her mouth.

Your pussy, which was already moist when you first whispered to me about your mood, is being soaked in it’s own sweet juices. My thoughts of what I could do with you today are adding fuel to your horniness, making the fire in your pussy burn even hotter. It almost itches in anticipation of what could happen today; you need to get some satisfaction.

You rub your pussy gently against my thigh (which it is pressed against). You rub softly at first, starting as only a subconscious movement, but slowly you’re rubbing builds. You moan under your breath as your pussy makes my thigh slippery with juices; I can’t help but smile at seeing you like this – it is a very good way to wake up in the morning. I’ve not been awake half an hour and already you’re behaving like a horny slut.

To have some fun with you I order you to continue to rub, but I command you do it harder. I order you to hump up against my body, as hard and as fast as you can, but I tell you that you’re not allowed to do anything other then your slutty humping.

I tease you, turning you on more – you try desperately to find some satisfaction, some relief from your arousal. I passionately kiss your face, kissing, licking and sucking on your lips and cheeks. I rub, squeeze and play with your body, concentrating on your ass and nipples. I manage to get the combination of pleasure and mild pain just right, and as I twist and pinch your nipples you’re eyes tell me that you’re love every second of it.

I press my lips against yours and force yours apart, I probe deep in your mouth with my tongue; you start to pant from the pleasure and exertion.

I can feel you slowly building up to an orgasm – you’re panting harder. You’re hoping I am being kind, that I’m going to let you cum. You moan loudly as my hands continue to play with your body, squeezing and caressing it.

Then as I feel you’re just moments from your orgasm I stop you. I hold you still and order you to stop your humping. You let out a pathetic frustrated moan, and I grin at you.

I have you right where I want you. Ridiculously horny, and so close to orgasm you’d do any humiliating thing I asked, so I’d let you to cum. Now it is time for me to have some fun with my horny slut.

The first thing I do is to run my finger through your juicy pussy, making it as wet as I can. I bring my finger up, and as I wipe it on your face and lips I tell you that I have decided what I want to do for the day. You are going to spend the day being my bitch, my pet female slut dog.

I order you out of bed and have you get down on the floor, completely naked, like a dog on all fours. I have you spread your knees apart, and make you copy the position that dogs at shows stand in. Completely exposed. Perfect for your nakedness to be examined.

As you kneel there – horny, and knowing I can see every private part of your body, your nakedness fully exposed – I start dressing. I want for you to be the only exposed one, so you suffer the embarrassment of it, so you can’t hide anything from me.

Once I’m dressed and finished admiring my slut from afar, I decide it is time to properly inspect my pet. I look you all over, a very physical look using my hands to explore, and as I do I make sexual remarks.

I complement you, telling you how your hard nipples would look so pretty with some kind of decoration, a clip of some sort, or tassels, maybe even a piercing; I pinch them as I talk. I move onto your ass, playing with it, I squeeze your ass cheeks and tickle your hole. I let the tip of my finger in, and I inform you of how I wish I had one of those butt plugs that have a pony’s tail coming out, to make you look even more like my pet.

I work my way down between your cheeks, reaching to your pussy, which if anything seems even wetter then before. I admire your pussy, enjoying the view of it dripping with juices. I hear you sigh in a contented way while I caress between the lips, a mean thought brings a smile to my face.

‘Awww hun, you poor bitch, no wonder you’re so horny, you must be in heat! You really need some cock bad huh.’

I catch a glimpse of your cheeks blushing deep red as I play with you, because in a way, it’s true. I come over all kind as I not only tease your pussy, but also start letting my finger slip slightly in you. Your pussy and ass look delicious and I bend down and start tonguing your asshole, the teasing pleasure drives you mad, you can feel the orgasm you need coming a little closer as I move my tongue down to your pussy, and lap some of your juices out.

I hear your moans change, signalling that orgasm you need is close. I stop since I know that’s as much as you can take without cumming. I have a long day planned for you – so I don’t want you doing that, yet. I stand up, and as I do I notice the disappointed look on your face.

‘You want to cum, my slut?’ I ask,

‘Yes please Master’ you reply.

‘How much?’

‘I’d do anything Master!’

‘Okay my slut, then I have an idea that I think is fair, I promise to give you a good hard fucking tonight. If you act like the good bitch I know you can be, then I will fuck your pussy and give you so many amazing orgasms that you’ll collapse in sleep. If you’re a naughty slut dog though, I will fuck your tight little asshole and leave you without a single orgasm. I think that’s fair, don’t you?’

I see the despair in your eyes, but you reply positively anyway.

‘Yes Master, I will try to be a good bitch for you.’

Knowing how horny you are, I can believe it.

You feel something being wrapped around your neck, and you see that as we have been talking I have taken your pretty collar from the cupboard. It is a black leather collar, with your name “slut” written upon it in metal studs. It has a buckle for a chain leash to be attached, and I take that out of the cupboard too, and leash you.

After spending a few seconds finishing getting ready for the day I yank on your leash; my sudden movement surprises you, you don’t heel like a good slut dog should. I look at you disappointedly, and say ‘Oh, you mustn’t want to cum tonight after all. You need training again, I see.’ I retrieve the riding crop I sometimes use to discipline you out of the cupboard too.

I start leading you up and down the room – with you at my heel, crawling along on all fours behind me – I guide you with the crop. Each time I turn, I do so unexpectedly, and I give you a quick whip with the crop for being slow to react. You quickly shape up, soon you are heeling like a pet that’s spent her whole life in training, I praise you for it, telling you that you really are a good bitch, while patting you on the head.

I pull open the bedroom curtains; you’re naked, but on all fours you can’t be seen below the window line. Still though, you can’t help but feel exposed as I lead you out of the bedroom and into the rest of the house. You wonder if someone can see you like this, being led around, naked, on all fours, by a chain – and with a red bottom from the riding crop in my hand. You feel humiliated, luckily I happen to know this turns you on.

I lead you through the entire house, ending up in the kitchen, time for something to eat – I’m starved. I poor myself a bowl of cereal, but I took two bowls off the shelf, and as I carry them over to the breakfast bar you wonder what I am doing, down from your position knelt down on the floor.

I pour some milk onto my cereal, and then some in the other empty bowl, which I then place on the floor. I order you to lap it up. I sit there slowly eating my cereal as I watch you struggle to drink your milk, making a mess of your face as you try to lap it like an animal.

I can’t help but lean over and play with your pussy and ass, which are near me as you kneel prostrate on the floor. You try to concentrate on your lapping, since you know from previous games you will be punished if you don’t eat up, while I distract you running my hands over your ass, squeezing it, and letting my fingers sink between the cheeks, playing with your pussy and ass holes.

I spread pussy juices all the way along the crack, letting my fingers slide in both holes slightly as I run them along. My fingers become soaking wet while giving you enough pleasure to cause your juices to trickle down your leg. I reach for a biscuit from a jar nearby, picking it up in my wet hand, and after covering it in your sweet pussy juices I call your name to offer it to you.

‘Slut, I have a little treat for you’. You look up from your lapping, milk dripping from your chin, and I tell you to ‘Beg for your treat slut.’

You turn around, and sitting up like a dog you make a little barking sound, as I have trained you before. You open your mouth and I place the wet biscuit in, wiping the rest of the juices on your face, before patting you on your head to let you know to go back to lapping up your milk.

I do the same routine once more, covering my fingers in juices, then feeding you a wet biscuit, before you turn round to finish off your milk. You see me smiling at you the second time, and as you look into my eyes you see how I am watching your every move, and as you are finishing your milk off your cheeks yet again glow red with embarrassment. This is turning out to be a very humiliating day for you.

I can’t help but be turned on seeing you this way – I have decided you have to wait till tonight to see if you’ll cum today, but I have no intention of that for myself. I undo my fly and drop my pants. You watch as I play with my dick, I look back at you knelt on the floor. I gesture for you to come to me and I place a firm hand on your head – in your hair, and pull your mouth up to my cock.

‘Open up slut’ I order, and you open your mouth wide for me.

I push my cock into your mouth and you start to suck me. Gently at first I guide your mouth back and forth over my cock, it isn’t long till you can taste my pre-cum. I order you to make my cock soaking wet, to cover it in your spit and I begin to direct your mouth harder and faster along on my shaft. I begin to fuck your mouth in earnest, and start to moan. I care little for your comfort as I fuck your face roughly, you’re my sex slave, and this is how you fantasise of being treated. I shut my eyes, my hole concentration on the pleasure coming from my cock – you know it won’t be long before I fill your mouth with my hot cum.

I hold your hair tight in my hands, pulling it; you feel my cock go completely stiff in the moments before orgasm. I hold your head still, to make sure I cum deep in your mouth. You feel the first shots, and start to taste my bitter cum – more and more of my sticky juices shoot out. Once I’m spent I pull out and order you to swallow it all, to complete your breakfast.

After a moment of savouring the feeling I pick up the dishes. You’re a messy slut dog, your face covered in pussy juices, spit, milk, and my cum. I wipe it for you with a cloth then lead you from the kitchen into the living room.

‘Go get me the mornings mail and paper, slut’.

It takes you 3 trips to bring all the mail – I sit on the couch relaxing as I watch you walking back and forth fulfilling your task, until the last time, when you come back to see me reading the paper. You kneel by me, as I ignore you for the moment; you simply have to wait by me, feeling a little cold, and very exposed.

You’re kneeling in the middle of our living room, in full view of the window, and while when you were crawling you might have been out of sight, or at least mostly, you’re not now. You wait, trying to be patient as you hope no one looks in the window and sees you like this; you’re quiet, not wanting to break the role play and speak, you know better then that.

I eventually look up, and see you are watching me with a look that is begging for attention. I pat my lap, and you gleefully jump up just like a little lap dog, and lie on me curled up along side me. I play with you, tickling you softly, caressing your body and stroking you all over.

You feel comfortable for the first time since we started playing this morning, and as we lie together a long time passes. Pleasant thoughts are flowing through your mind as you enjoy the quiet time. Thoughts of how you love being mine, not just my slut, but that is a big part of you, and you marvel at how lucky you are to have someone who understands you so well. I’m very affectionate with you as we cuddle, giving you kisses and hugs every so often, almost constantly stroking you.

Eventually I decide it is time to get up and have my daily shower; I order you to get off me and you slowly and reluctantly climb down. I again leash you, and lead you to the bathroom with me, I have the riding crop still in my hand, but you behave perfectly and I only give you a couple of light taps with it, for fun.

I leave you sat on the bathroom rug as I go about my business. I turn the shower on, and ignoring your presence I strip naked, yet I make sure you get a good look at everything as I do. I tease you with my cock for a while, knowing you want it (with it being the key to your pleasure). I let it hit you and rub up against you as I reach over you for towels, and soap, and watch as you open your mouth hopefully, like you have been trained.

I take my time in the shower, leisurely cleaning myself, totally ignoring your presence (yet always giving you a good view of what I am up to). I play with myself as if you weren’t there. I spend an extra long time soaping up my cock and balls, and even wank myself in front of you for a while, leisurely enjoying my shower.

I eventually turn off the water and step out. While towelling myself dry I have you get into the bath, and I tell you it is time for you to be my toilet. This doesn’t fit perfectly with your slut dog humiliation, but it is something I have done to you often enough for you to accept it without question.

You kneel in the bath facing me, and bring your hands to my semi-stiff cock; you open your mouth wide and aim my cock at it.

I let my hot stream of piss go.

You catch as much as possible in your mouth, gulping it down, while more splashes all over your face and in your hair. My piss runs down your body – coating you.

I leave you sat there, tasting my pee – and smelling of it, while I wash my cock once more. I tell you that if you need to pee you better go now – animals don’t use toilets, and you know that if I was feeling mean later, I might make you pee outside in the back garden, like an animal. You don’t want to take the chance of being exposed out doors, so you sit in a puddle of my piss, adding yours to it.

I watch with a cruel smile on my face, one that makes you think the thoughts going through my head are about what a dirty disgusting slut you are, and it takes all of your will power to keep your hands from your pussy and masturbating because of it.

Once you have finished pissing and have sat there for long enough embarrassed, I order you to move onto all fours, and I lift the showerhead down to clean you. I turn it on and run the powerful jet of water over you a few times, washing away the coating of pee; then I begin to soap up you body. I take my time and lovingly shampoo your hair, using conditioner too. I wash your body carefully and thoroughly, spending a long time on each part. First I soap each part up, then rinse it thoroughly – while sensually caressing your soft wet skin all the time.

You wait patiently for the turn of most pleasurable spots to be washed.

My hands finally begin to wash your ass, stroking your ass cheeks; you are almost panting from the expectation of pleasure as my hands start to work back and forth between your cheeks. I slowly work my finger into your asshole, taking my time. I spend a long time here to tease you, because I know you desperately want my fingers on your pussy, which is the next place in line for a wash.

I spend ages playing with the hole, fingering it, lightly first, just the tip of my finger flicking over the rim of your ass, then moving onto thrusting it deep in you, then even managing to push two fingers into that tight little hole of yours.

I eventually move on though; after putting my fingers in your mouth – to make sure they’re clean after fingering your ass – I reach under you to your pussy, spending more time washing it then anywhere else.

You moan as my fingers rub against the top of your lips, and after a few moments of this it is driving you wild with desire. I watch as you move your hips with my hand, desperate for my fingers to sink between. I let them, and rub them around in your pussy; you give me the most satisfied moan you have done all day.

Your cleaning is all to short though, as I finish before you’re even close to cumming. I give you a final extra rinse, washing your body all over, the shower head running closely over it, and as I get to your ass and pussy you spread your legs as wide as possible. The hot hard stream of water aimed at your pussy for half a minute though, just teases you further, and as I order you out of the bath the frustration is obvious on your disappointed face.

You look completely frustrated as you climb out of the bath and sit on the towel I put down for you. I even feel a little guilty for teasing you so cruelly, and spend an extra long time lovingly drying you. I first towel dry you’re entire body with a soft new towel, then move onto your hair.

I sit on the side of the bath, and have you kneel between my legs, so I can blow dry your hair with a hairdryer that fits into the bathrooms electric shaver socket. After it’s dry I brush your hair and a nice idea pops into my head. I have you spread your knees apart, and lean backwards, to expose your pussy as much as possible. I reach over for my comb and use it on your neat patch of pubic hair, just another excuse to play with your pussy.

You close your eyes and tense up as you feel the comb scrape across your pussy lips, and as I comb you I use the excuse to slide some fingers around between your lips, caressing your clit. I linger, flicking your clit softly, my cock standing up hard and my mind wondering about what to do next.

I decide it’s time for some more sexual relief, my sexual relief, and have a good idea just how to get it. I put your collar and leash back on, and lead you back to our bedroom.

I have you get on the bed, on all fours, and putting my dressing gown on I leave you there, looking bemused. A couple of minutes later I return carrying a few items of food from the kitchen, and as I set them on the nightstand I begin to explain.

‘I think you must have heard stories of what I plan to do my slut, although usually it’s called bestiality. You see slut, I’ve heard about people using their pets for sexual pleasure. Some people fuck their animals, or let their animals fuck them, others though, use them in a completely different way. They use their animal’s mouths. Have you guessed my plan slut? I am going to use my favourite pet, that’s you, my slut dog, for oral pleasure. I hope you’re hungry.’

As I finish my speech I slip my dressing gown off, and lie on the bed. Your eyes go straight for my cock – it’s rigid, it normal is when we play, and it’s freshly decorated with a drop of pre-cum on the tip of its head. You lick your lips; you’re going to enjoy this bit of sexual fun too.

I reach over and pick up the can of squirty cream. I squirt some on both feet, and like the good pet you are, you crawl over on all fours, and lap it up off me.

I then have some fun squirting a little on each body part, slowly working up my legs, to my stomach, then to my nipples. I put the biggest squirt yet all the way along my cock, with extra on both my balls. I lie back in pleasure as your tongue caresses my genitals and you suck the cream off me. You do big long laps, licking me all the way up, starting from my balls; I sigh in pleasure with each lick.

Once I am licked clean you look up at me, up from my throbbing cock. I put a hand on your body and manoeuvre you round so your legs are straddling my head. If I look up I can see, right before my eyes, your hot attention seeking pussy, and your tight asshole. I contemplate which one I shall use later tonight as I reach for some more food.

I grab two tubs of thick mousse; one is thick creamy white chocolate, the other being the same in milk chocolate. I empty the white one onto my cock, and the brown one on my balls. I order you to lick the white off first, and spend a moment thinking about later tonight. I love the tight feel of your asshole around my cock, and the obscenely whorish moans you make when I fuck your ass hard – but then you are being a very good bitch, it would be mean not to reward you.

You decide to wrap your lips around my cock, because it is the easiest way of cleaning it. You get your lips as far down it as you can, almost taking my entire cock down your mouth, and suck on it, sucking all the mousse away. You suck so hard, and my sensitive cock feels amazing with your tongue and lips on it, I moan and pant from the pleasure you’re giving me.

I begin to play with your pussy, letting your dripping wet hole occupy my attention as I receive such amazing pleasure. When you finish off the white chocolate I tell you to eat up the milk one, and you begin to lick and suck my balls. You take them in your mouth and play with them, it feels so naughty and pleasurable at the same time – to have my balls sucked by my pet sex slave.

I put one hand on my cock and begin to wank it, hard, I moan loudly. I sink a couple of fingers in your pussy, and finger you, and I play with your clit with my thumb. You try your best to give me the most pleasure you can, because you know the more you give me now the kinder I will be to you later. You try to give me the best oral you’ve ever given, licking and sucking at me feverishly, while I wank my cock furiously.

You try to concentrate, trying not to let your pussy having something in it for the first time all day distract you – despite you having been desperate for exactly that all day.

I notice you’re problem, and do my best to make matters worse for you. I distract you. I finger you harder, my fingers gliding in and out of your pussy noisily because of the seemingly unquenchable supply of juices. I push a third finger in you, it goes in without a problem, and I carry on my relentless rough finger fucking; you moan, unable to do anything else.

We both feel our orgasms coming, but unfortunately for you I have control of us both, and only one of us is allowed to cum now. The idea of making you incredibly sexually frustrated starts pushing me closer and closer to my orgasm, and I slow down my rough finger fucking, making sure you get no relief.

I feel myself about to cum, very soon; I order you to suck on my cock head, so you can have the pleasure of eating my cum, again.

You wrap your lips around my cock, and wanting to please me you suck hard, again, and lick my cock head as hard and fast as you can.

I cum in your mouth, shooting my hot bitter cum in your mouth for the second time today, I moan constantly; finally I go silent and relax beneath you as the amazing orgasm I just had finishes.

I signal for you to turn around, and order you to open your mouth – I see it full of cum, in fact I look to have produce a ton of it, that was one amazing orgasm. I tell you that you now can swallow my load, and you gulp it all down in one go.

I command you to place yourself such that you are lying up against me, and as I lie on my back I have you placed with one leg over mine, and your body up against my side. I lie there basking in my post orgasmic glow, loving every relaxing minute of having you there next to me as my slut. For the moment I feel great, relaxed to my core I lie there, fulfilled and happy. Minute after minute passes with no change in my mood.

It’s not long until you start to move your hips – you do this a lot when I let you, grind your pussy against my body to create some pleasure for yourself. You even sometimes cum this way, humping yourself into ecstasy when I let you. I let you do it this time, because now you’re only doing it softly, you hope by meekly doing it I won’t stop you, you’re right. From experience I know for you to cum you need much, much, more, so I allow it, after all, you’re only teasing and frustrating yourself.

I enjoy hearing your breath comes in pants as you get hotter, and I enjoy the feel of your pussy sliding against my hip easily, your juices leak out and lubricate it. After what seems like an hour, but probably more like quarter of one, and you seemingly somehow having become even hornier, you start to moan. You’ve speeded up your humping to the point where I know you will eventually cum, if I let you.

An interesting thought crosses my mind, I order you to stop, and tell you to wait for me on the bed. I dress again then walk off.

I come back bringing a toy with me – it’s a big stuffed toy I once won as a prize in a raffle. It is a dog the size of a real, particularly large, Labrador, you wonder what I am up to. I place it upon the bed, and then I guide you so you are stood on all fours over it; it completely fills the space beneath you.

‘Well I have seen how you are acting like a bitch in heat, all this rubbing your wet cunt against me, and reacting to the slightest touch. So I have decided to take pity on you, I have got another dog for you to hump. So here is your chance to really get some pleasure, hump it to your hearts content my horny slut.’

I lie next to you on the bed, and watch as you unsure exactly what to do being to slowly rub your pussy against it.

‘That’s the idea slut, but if you want to cum, your goner have to do a lot better.’

I watch you, and you can feel my eyes on your body as you begin to fuck the toy dog in earnest. You feel the humiliation of the pathetic thing that you’re doing, yet you can’t help yourself, you need this orgasm.

You rub as hard as you can, your juices soaking into the toy; you abandon all pretence of pride, accepting that you’re a horny whore who will do anything for an orgasm.

You do you’re best, trying desperately to get near orgasm, and after a few minutes of watching you’re pitiful attempts I decide I have to get involved, I decide to play with your ass.

I start to squeeze and play, I have been enjoying the show, and with one hand I am playing with my cock, which I removed from my pants.

You are having trouble bringing yourself to orgasm, the toy is too soft, you hump and hump, yet you can’t get the pressure or friction you need. I knew you wouldn’t be able to, and I have a wicked smile on my face as I watch you try. I love tantalising you, allowing you to get near an orgasm, but then frustrating you, I find it sexy to tease you, and I know you enjoy it too, so I do it twice as cruelly.

I begin to squeeze your ass hard, you moan, enjoying my touch, I move on, starting to spank you softly. With each thrust of your hips I tap your ass lightly, making a nice noise, but hardly giving you any pain. I build up the force with each slap, and after a minute or so your ass is receiving a hard spanking.

The humping sex-tease, the humiliation, and the pain all combine to make your juices flow freely. Your pussy is drenching the toy, and yet again you’re moaning like a whore. I love it, and can’t take my eyes off you as you hump continuously. Every time my hand slaps down on your bright red ass cheeks your moans – which are already almost constant – go five pitches higher; the sounds of those with the rhythmic slaps on your ass are like music to my ears.

After what seems like an eternity of humping, I finally decide it’s time to stop, your ass cheeks don’t look like they could get any redder – and you almost have tears in your eyes from the frustration, I know you’re at your limit, and don’t push any further.

‘Time to stop slut, you humped that dog like a good whore should, but now I think it’s had enough.’

You look at me, eyes begging for relief, and I coo back at you, ‘Awww, poor little slut, you’ll get to fuck it again, and after seeing that I might even let you fuck a real one someday.’

You think over those disgusting thoughts, wondering if you ever could do it, and to your horror you find that thinking these thoughts are making you even hotter. Would you? Could you? You shudder in fear of the possibility of the disgusting things you could do one day, in your pursuit of ever increasing humiliation.

I grab your leash, and lead you to the living room. Our playtime has lasted for hours, it is by now late afternoon, a few hours more and it will be time for going to bed, not to sleep though, of course.

You have either several hours of wild passionate sex ahead of you, or having to endure a long, slow, ass fucking, with no release from your sexual frustration – either way you can’t wait, and you hope with all of your being that you get to cum. I on the other hand have (after my bestiality licking play earlier) just enough tolerance for my horniness to be able to wait, to watch and enjoy your frustration.

I take us to the couch, and make everything nice and cosy by closing the curtains and lighting the fire. I switch the TV on, so I can pass a cosy evening with my lap dog curled up on me, and pat my lap after sitting down, to signal you to lie on me. I cuddle you, and act completely innocent to your horniness as I pet and stroke you. You lie on me with sexual thoughts running through your head, unable to take your mind off them. Your pussy is becoming hard to ignore, as it almost feels like it’s constantly itching through you being so wound up, it needing sexual fulfilment.

I decide to make us an evening meal, and spend a few moments wondering what I could feed you. I decide on something quick and simple, something that you can eat without using your hands, but with little regard for mess. I choose a couple of microwave meals, lasagne for you. It’ll be interesting to watch you try and eat it, stood on all fours, naked, the plate on the ground.

I leave you in the living room for a moment and go to sort out the food, returning a few minutes later. You look at me happily as I walk back into the room carrying our meals, but as I put your lasagne down in the middle of the floor, the look on your face is a classic, you’d not thought about having to eat a proper meal like this apparently.

You’re hungry, and there is no question of stopping the role play, you’ve come to far for that, so you climb down from the sofa and crawl over to your meal.

It’s warm, but not too hot, and you start to eat it, you face becomes an instant mess – you quickly give up any attempt to eat in a civilised fashion, and get stuck in; I watch you while eating my meal, clearly amused at your trouble.

Once we’ve both finished I take our plates back to the kitchen, a minute later returning with a wet cloth for your face – you do look a complete mess. I wipe your face clean, return the cloth, and then finally go back to my place on the couch, patting my lap for you to come and join me again, you do.

That’s the last of the things to do between now and bed time, now there’s nothing else but a while watching TV; soon you’re frustrating ordeal will be over. Unfortunately you have no clue when that’ll be; you wait, hoping more with every passing minute that it’ll soon be bedtime.

I send you on errands now and again, such as getting my slippers, I don’t usually wear them – but I decide to do it as a hint that the time is fast approaching. You run off (on all fours) to get them, bringing them back one at a time in your mouth – you hope that the frustration is nearly over. I wait just a little longer, a couple of times stretching as if I am going to make a move, before cruelly settling back down. Finally I stand up, and tell you it’s time for bed.

You couldn’t look more excited, like a little puppy, and I have to remind you a couple of times to heel properly, with the riding crop I kept close at hand along the way to our bedroom.

I command you to jump up on the bed, and I position you facing away from me, your ass and pussy facing the edge of the bed – your spread legs hanging over the edge with just your knees on the bed. In other words, at the right height and completely exposed to either doggy style fucking, or an ass fucking, from someone standing right behind you – which is exactly where I’m standing.

I start to lovingly caress your body, exploring every inch of you nakedness, as if I had never seen it before. I stroke all along you, slowly working my way to your most sensitive places. I start talking to you as I do, as I squeeze and play with the different parts of your body I talk all about the day’s fun.

I tell you how you’ve been a bad girl, when you didn’t heel properly, or when you started rubbing your pussy against me without permission. I tell you how good you were in my little bestiality game. I tell you how you have pleased me by acting so slutty, and keeping up the dog act all day. I tell you how you looked like a dirty whore covered in my piss. How I thought you looked pathetic drinking milk from a bowl on the floor, or when you tried to eat your main meal. I tell you that you have pleased me eating my hot cum when I wanted, twice.

I tell you how you have acted like the world’s sluttiest pet, and as I do this carry on exploring your body. Squeezing your nipples so hard you. I do the same to your ass cheeks, holding them firmly, squeezing and pinching them. I even give your sore ass cheeks a little spanking, but only softly. I coat my finger in your pussy juices, then I sink it in your asshole, and finger it deep, telling you it would feel so nice on my cock in there (and worrying you). Then I finger your pussy with my other hand while I have you lick the ass finger clean.

I leave you knelt there for a minute, telling you to look forwards until you feel my cock in you, so you can’t see what I am doing. I strip naked, and after a short while you feel me come back. You feel my naked thighs against your legs, and as I resume my caressing you feel my hard cock occasionally rub against your thighs and ass. You get so horny you can’t believe it, juices are literally flowing out of your pussy and running down your leg.

The day has been so humiliating, and it has driven you wild, so frustrating, thinking about it now just makes you hornier and hornier. Thinking about whether or not your goner spend the night frustrated though, is the worst thing – that is what is now driving you mad, and you can’t wait to find out the answer.

I begin to talk softly ‘So you have done exactly what I wanted today, you have acted like a slut, you have made me a proud Master, and for that, you get this.’

You feel my hard cock rub against your pussy lips. You’re moaning already; the head sinks between, and I rub it back and forth all the way along, over the hole and back up again, rubbing it past your clit. You think you could cum already just from this exquisite pleasure, and the delight of knowing your suffering is finally reaching an end, then you feel me press against the hole. I push my cock all the way in, in one movement, and you almost feel like you are going to be pushed over the edge just from that.

I slowly rub my cock in and out, knowing you’re on the verge of cumming any time. Every second feels so good – it almost feels like your cumming constantly, because your pussy has become so sensitive with the day’s play. I hold onto your hips, and as I slide so incredibly slowly in and out of you, I feel your juices run out onto my balls.

You’re panting loudly; each thrust almost sends you into spasms despite the slowness. I work your pussy expertly – knowing just how much you can take from experience, and keep you on edge longer then you thought was possible. Then as I feel you’re nearly about to cum, I speed up, and start thrusting hard, my cock making an obscene squishing sound because you’re so wet.

You cum instantly, but I continue roughly fucking your pussy as hard as I can. My cock slamming in and out of you, pulling almost out before sinking to the deepest it’s ever been in you. You find it hard not to collapse on the bed because the orgasm is so hard and long, exhausting. After what seems like an eternity your orgasm stops, but I don’t.

I carry on fucking you as hard I can; you are so horny you start to cum again after seconds. You can’t believe it, multiple orgasms, the first time ever, and as you cum you think of all you humiliation today, and think it is all been worth it. Anything would be worth it for an orgasm like this.

We carry on, and after the longest single fuck you’ve ever had, and your third straight orgasm you collapse forward on the bed. I haven’t cum, and I get over the top of you, and whisper in your ear that we have a long night ahead of us. I intend to make up for each time today that you nearly came but I denied you, to make up for every tease, again and again. You roll over beneath me, and direct my rock hard cock into your pussy-hole. I start to pump it in and out of you again, sending you back into ecstasy…

The End

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