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In the Fitting Room

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Kelly double-checked that she her keys, purse, and her cloth bag before heading into the mall. She was a student at the local university and it being a pretty progressive school most of the students were fairly environmentally conscious, but having grown up in the country and spent much of her free time as a child out playing in the fields and woods by her house Kelly had more of an appreciation for the environment and hated when she had to use plastic bags while shopping.

Not that she shopped much; she really didn’t care for shopping like many girls but today she was on a mission. She and her roommate had been invited to a party by one of the guys that lived in their dorm and she wanted to find a sexy new outfit for the party.

Kelly wasn’t the typical easy college girl, and while she had made out with and once gave a blowjob to guys at parties she had only had sex with her ex-boyfriend and was generally pretty conservative when it came to sex. She was, however, something of a feminist and found that showing off her body to be empowering.

And she did have a body to show off. At nineteen she had the body of the distance runner she had been in high school; she was 5’11 and had gloriously long, thin legs that ran to a trim, toned upper body topped with small, high, perfectly shaped breasts.

So she strode purposefully through the mall intending to get her shopping done quickly and be on her way home. Entering her favorite store and politely declining the help of the salesperson she sorted through a rack of skirts without finding anything she particularly liked and moved on to look at a few dresses. She picked out two of these, one being a tight fitting black dress held up be a strap over one shoulder end ending high enough that she hoped it would barely cover her butt and show off her legs perfectly.

Taking her selections Kelly headed to the fitting rooms only to find them all full on the women’s side of the store. Mildly irritated at having to spend more time in the mall she decided to check the men’s side and see if she could get in a room over there. As she walked across the store she noticed a man looking at shirts near the entrance to the fitting rooms. She couldn’t help discreetly checking him out as she walked towards him; he was at least a few inches taller than Kelly, and while thin she could tell from the way he moved that he was someone used to working with his body and had the muscle tone to go with it.

As Kelly got closer to him he noticed her and looked in her direction and immediately she looked at the floor while wishing she wasn’t too shy to make eye contact. She continued looking anywhere but at him as she walked into the fitting rooms. To her relief the first one was open so she pulled the door open and stepped in.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her back pushing her forward. While a little squeak of surprise she struggled to regain her balance then whirled around to find herself looking up at the man she had been admiring. Before she had time to think he pulled the door shut and with one arm spun her around to hold her in place against his body and covered her mouth with the other.

By this point Kelly was shaking in fear as she heard him say in her ear “It’s obvious that nobody other than a real slut would wear dresses like you have on your arm there, so I’m just going to give you the audience you obviously want while you try them on.” He paused and looked at her face for a moment before continuing “Now go ahead and try them on for me like the good little bitch you are.”

Despite her fear she actually felt a little thrill at having him talk to her like that, followed immediately by a feeling of horror that she couldn’t actually feel any sort of sexual response at being so thoroughly degraded.

As he let her go and moved back slightly Kelly considered screaming and calling for help but realized that she would likely not be heard over the music playing in the store and that it would probably only make her captor upset. With this thought she froze, at a loss for what to do. She didn’t want to upset the man, but she just couldn’t take her clothes off in front of him either.

“C’mon slut, you have to take your clothes off before you can try those one. Get going” he said, seeing her hesitation.

Reluctantly, but again with the little jolt of arousal, she hooked the dresses on the hanger and sat down on the bench to slip her shoes off. Standing back up she kept her eyes lowered as she started to undo her belt. As she worked her pants off her hips she found herself using the mirror to discreetly study the man behind her. She was struck by how casually her was leaning against the wall and how relaxed he seemed as if he were utterly confident of his control of the situation; his control of her. He seemed to be no more than a few years older than her, and in fact in any other situation she thought she would have found him extremely attractive.

Straightening up and tossing her pants onto the bench she was relieved that she had worn some of her more conservative panties that day so she wouldn’t show off any more than she had to. After only a slight hesitation her shirt joined the pants and she stood in front of the mirror in only her bra and panties. Had she been alone she would have taken her bra off too as the dresses weren’t meant to be worn with a bra with straps but just the thought was enough to make her face heat in embarrassment.

Noticing her color the man spoke up again “Whats wrong, a little whore like you should be used to taking her clothes off in front of men, especially one with as nice a body as you have. Go on, dress up for me.”

Again, his harsh words and the confident tone of command in his voice sent a rush of warmth through her body. To hide her confusion at the way her body was betraying her she picked up the first dress and slipped it up her body. This one went to mid-thigh, covering way too much of her legs for her liking and while it did cling to her body nicely her thin frame and small breasts didn’t fill it out as she wanted. Plus her bra straps made the strapless top of the dress look a little ridiculous.

With a laugh the man took a step up behind her and she jumped as she felt his hands grasping her bra strap. “Don’t be stupid, this dress isn’t designed for a bra like this” and with a practiced twist he unsnapped her bra and pulled it down her arms. With a little squeal she quickly replaced the top of the dress over herself while he chuckled.

Stepping back he looked at her again and asked. “Well, that’s much better don’t you think? Hmm, but I think it would look even better if we got rid of these too.” And with that he crouched down, slipped his hands under her dress and slid her panties to the floor.

Through all this Kelly just stood wide eyed and watched this man strip her underwear off in the mirror with a stunned expression while feeling that current of arousal competing with her horror at what was happening.

Standing back up the man ogled her up and down, grabbed her shoulders to turn her around and again eyed her up and down. Turning her back to the mirror again he said “Much better without all that don’t you think? Plus a little slut like you doesn’t need anyway right?”

Mutely Kelly looked in the mirror and found that she couldn’t help but agree that the dress did look better without the bra especially but she still wasn’t satisfied with it. Seeing the look on her face the man chuckled behind her. “Still not slutty enough is it, a tramp like you would want to show more skin wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“Well, try on the other, maybe it’ll be whoreish enough for your liking.”

Kelly picked up the other dress before it occurred to her that she would be completely naked in front of this man is she took the first dress off. After a moment’s hesitation she set the second dress down and reached for her panties. Suddenly she found that he was beside her and had taken her wrist in his hand. With a surprisingly gentle grip he held her hand in place while taking the panties from her hand. “I don’t think that dress will look good with these on either” he said, gathering up both her bra and panties and tossing them into the far corner.

Despite herself Kelly could still feel where he had touched her and felt a thrill run through her, centered between her legs. “Oh my god what’s happening to me?” she thought.

“Ok now, none of this fake shyness you slut, you know you love showing off you body. Plus you have to get that dress off to try the other one on.” He said, as if she didn’t understand that herself.

Not seeing any other option, and while she hated to admit it, a little bit of excitement, she slid the first dress to the floor and stepped out of it.

Before she had time to reach for the second dress she felt his hands reach around her body and cup her breasts. “You really have beautiful tits.” He said as he squeezed her breasts. “I bet you love to have them played with don’t you?” he asked as he ran his palms over the nipples. Saying nothing Kelly watched in the mirror as he fondled her. His touch was having an effect on her, sending jolts of pleasure through her, however much she tried to resist. Suddenly he pinched both of her nipples causing her to let out what was unmistakably a moan.

Rolling her nipples between his fingers he said “Oh I think you’re enjoying yourself aren’t you, you little whore.” As he continuing rubbing and pinching her nipples Kelly closed her eyes and felt a shudder that was a mixture of pleasure and horror at what was happening run through her whole body.

Kelly felt his hands leave her body and opened her eyes as he stepped back. “Oh now don’t look so disappointed.” He said with a chuckle. Looking at herself in the mirror she realized that she did look disappointed. With a flustered look she snatched up the second dress and stuffed it over her head. Straightening the dress on her hips looked in the mirror. Turning to the side she could see that the dress hugged her hips and ended within an inch of the bottom of her butt cheeks. “It’s perfect” she thought to herself.

“Ah so it looks like you like this one huh? I guess it does leave you barely decent, which is perfect for a slut you like you isn’t it.” Moving until he stood directly behind her he leaned forward to whisper in her ear “You know what’s missing? What a slight like you needs in a dress like that?” Keeping her eyes on herself in the mirror Kelly gave a slight shake of her head.

“Oh I think you know.” He whispered. Taking her hand he guided it behind her and whispered “Sluts like you need cock.” And with that he placed her hand on his own cock, which Kelly could tell was partially hard through the material of his pants. “Fortunately, I have one of those for you.” He said and turned her around.

“Now be a good little slut on see how that dress looks when you’re on your knees with a cock in your mouth.” he said while pushing lightly but firmly on her shoulder. At this point Kelly start to pant slightly with a mixture of a little bit of fear but mostly a lot of desire. He was right, she did want his cock.

Dropping to her knees she unbuttoned his jeans, reached in, and pulled out his now hardening cock. Tentatively she started to stroke it with her hands as it continued to harden.

“That’s a good little whore, now suck my dick.” He said

Hesitantly Kelly brought her mouth to his cock and ran her tongue up the underside from the base to the head. She hadn’t really given that many blowjobs but it had been something that she enjoyed before and now she found herself getting into it again. More boldly now she took the head in her mouth and ran her tongue around the tip before starting to bob up and down.

“Oh god that’s good” he said with a groan “but you can take more than that down can’t you, you slut?”

Finding herself getting more and more turned on she tried to do what he wanted and took his cock in until it the back of her throat and she gagged a bit. As she continue to suck his cock as deeply as possible she felt herself getting more and more turned on until she couldn’t help herself and reached down with one hand to push up the dress so she could finger herself.

The man immediately noticed and chuckled “You really are a little whore aren’t you”

Kelly didn’t pause in sucking his cock and her only response was to reach up with the hand that wasn’t on her clit to cup his balls. His moaning encouraged her to continue so she lightly traced one finger back and forth on the underside of his sac.

Her hand rubbing herself was starting to have an effect and she starting moaning around his cock. Suddenly she felt his hand on the back of her head forcing his cock farther into her throat. Gagging she tried to resist but he continued to thrust his cock into her throat. Finally she relaxed and felt her throat open and his cock slide down her throat. With a moan she realized she was deep throating him, something she had never been able to do before.

His breathing started to become more ragged and he said “I’m gonna come soon slut, make sure you swallow it all you whore.”

This sent her hand into overdrive on her clit and as he tensed up she felt her own orgasm building. He let out a groan and she felt him start to come. The first burst went straight down her throat and the rest threatened to fill up her mouth until she was able to swallow it all. This pushed her over the edge and she took her mouth off his cock, let of a loud moan, and felt a shuddering orgasm rip through her.

When she came back to her senses a second later she found the man buttoning his pants back up while looking down at her. He reached down, gently caressed the side of her face and said “I think that’s the dress for you.”

With that he turned, opened the door to the fitting room, and walked out.

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