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Truck Stop

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At first glance, you probably wouldn’t guess me for the type that I really am. I look no different than any other college student. Eighteen years old, medium long blonde hair, nice smile, honest eyes, decently built. I spent most of my time like all my other friends. I go to lectures, I do my homework, I party, I go out with friends. Nothing really special…

Except for one part, that I don’t think is usually on the menu for normal guys like me. I keep this part of my life secret, for very good reasons. In this story, I’m going to tell you all about it, my describing one of those Wednesdays.

It’s always the same day, the same time. I get back from school at about 3 pm on Wednesdays. I throw my backpack in the corner and head out almost immediately – I sometimes take a bite of something and drink so I have the proper energy. At 3:12, there is a bus leaving from a bus stop outside of my house. It’s not a line that is used very often, so I need to catch it, otherwise I would lose a precious half hour. I ride it to the penultimate station, which ends at the woods, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But I happen to know that if you cross the short strip of trees, you end up next to a highway. And if you walk for about two minutes from there, you will see a gas station.

This gas station has been here for a while, and although it’s old and poorly maintained, it’s used very frequently, as it’s location is very convenient. It’s not all kinds of folks that use this stop, you won’t see a family going to a vacation stopping here. This particular stop attracts a very special variety of people, but I’ll get to that.

I walk to it and head straight for the back. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the front – I discovered this place once when I got lost while jogging needing to piss and have been doing my “tradition” since then. If you go behind the building, you will see doors to the toilets. They are not locked or payed – giving away money to go take a leak here would be ridiculous, as the toilets are poor just from their appearance. But I love how unkempt they are – at least there are no cameras or pesky cleaning ladies that would bother me.

You open the door and you will notice a row of stalls on your left, four of them. You will probably also notice the rank smell and old equipment, but you will get used to that quickly. Doors to the stalls have all been found by sprayers, so there’s plenty of wisdom there if you want to look. But I pay them no mind and head for the very last one. This one is very special.

I go in and lock the door behind me. At this point, my heart is usually beating pretty fast from excitement and my hands are shaking. I look to the right – at the wall, which connects the stall next to me with mine – and see a hole cut into the stall. You are all probably accommodated with this kind of hole, but for the more innocent ones – it’s round, it’s about 8 inches in diameter and it’s located exactly where an adult male’s crotch usually is. It’s a gloryhole, and it’s here for me to provide a release for the lonely truck drivers that drive by this stop.

You might ask why would I do this, or at least why would I do this for free. The answer is simple – I just love it. Nothing turns me on more than servicing the anonymous men in these stalls, and I need no money or service back for me to enjoy it (I still call them my “customers” though, for lack of a better word). The proud kings of roads that come here deserve some release too, don’t you agree? I mean somebody has to do the job, and it’s not easy to sit behind the wheel alone all day. Since I started doing this, I’ve gotten such a big adrenaline rush each time, that I just can’t stop. Of course it’s risky – I don’t know any of the men I’m servicing, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. But I’m a horny guy, and this is what I’ve grown to enjoy.

I usually sit on the toilet and pull out my phone to entertain myself before the first guy. When I get into it, I’m able to kneel there and wait for hours, but before the first one, the adrenaline is usually not so high. I get into position every time I hear the main door open. Of course not nearly everybody is interested in being sucked off by me, and a lot of those who are don’t know about this option in the third stall. But I think that the reputation of this stop is really high, as the ratio of the men who are interested is relatively big. I usually don’t have to wait for long, but I need to be patient and calm anyway.

The first guy that enters the stall comes in about twenty minutes. At this point, I have to be careful. Maybe he’s really there just to take care of other business, and doesn’t need a horny college student to stare at him while he does. I am always careful not to look until they give me a signal – either they stick their crotch close enough for the hole or they tap fingers on the edge of it. That is the green light for me. This particular guy steps over to the hole and starts playing with his fly – a clear way of saying that he needs some help.

I’m always interested to see how my guys look like, but it’s a little rude to stick your eye through the hole and stare. That’s why I pull out a small mirror from my pocket each time, and adjust it to the right angle before the hole, just for a second. This one looks pretty tall, has a shaved, ginger head and a mustache. Nice eyes. A typical built for a trucker – broad shoulders and a belly. My mouth is watering from just looking at him.

I never get to learn the men’s names, so, just for the fun of it, I give them my own. It helps me keeping track if I get to have regulars, I love when they come back. But I don’t think I’ve seen this guy here before, so let’s call him “Buck”. Yes, that’s a fitting name for this stud.

My knees are shaking on the dirty floor in impatience as Buck is working his massive belt buckle. I watch as his thick, hairy fingers are undoing it in a hurry, and then revealing his buttoned fly. I let him open all the buttons for me and finally let out his bulge. Buck looks like a good customer. The wet spot on his gray briefs suggests, that he’s been seeking a release for a while. He reaches into the briefs and pulls out my assignment. I always have to hold back from sighing at this point, I absolutely love seeing a guy’s junk for the first time. Buck’s is thick, decently long, cut and curves a little to the right. It’s semi hard at this point. At its root, it’s covered in a thick bush of ginger hair. His balls look full and look hairy and delicious as well. A perfect specimen.

Buck steps forward and pushes his cock through the hole. That is where I come in – finally. I’ve been developing my technique for a pretty long time and I usually do it the same way. First, I want to get to know the guy and his smell. Truckers are not famous for their hygiene, and this area of their bodies is always beautifully intense. My lips press on Buck’s balls and I take a good, long smell. Buck hasn’t showered for a while, and his specific taste hits me immediately. I take out my tongue and slowly circle it around his balls to get the taste into my mouth. The first sigh from him confirms that he loves it. Most guys love it when you play with their balls, and are able to shoot much stronger if you give them the proper attention. Which I’m always happy to do.

I open my mouth and start making out with his balls, with my teeth pulling on the hair and my lips sliding over the sweaty skin. I take them all in and suck on them gratefully for a while, with my tongue playfully teasing them inside. When I’m sure they’re sucked off properly, my mouth moves to the thighs, specifically the area between the balls and the rest of the body. That’s where I get the strongest taste too. I jokingly like to think that I’m not only servicing these truckers, I’m also giving them an often long needed bath. My tongue eagerly slides in and cleans the best parts of Buck’s body. At this point, he is pressing hard on the stall wall, which I take as a good signal. He likes it but he’s also impatient. I can tell by his cock throbbing and leaking precum in my hair. It will get his fair share of attention later, when I’m sure there is no more of Buck’s goodness down here.

When I’m done with polishing Buck’s taint with my tongue, I finally get to the main course. His cock has sprung up to life at this point, and it’s practically begging for attention. Very well, it deserves attention, so I will provide it. I open my mouth and take in his tip. At first, I’m not sucking at all, I’m just teasing the guy and add the suction later. My taste buds appreciate the taste of Buck’s pre. My tongue laps it up while my lips progress deeper and deeper. I’m coating the length of Buck’s rod with my saliva until my nose stops at his pubes. I inhale deeply and start pulling out. I’m always slow at first, it drives the guys crazy. My gag reflex is almost non-existent at this point, so Buck gets to enjoy the tightness of my throat. As I’m pulling out, I hear him let out a moan. It’s hard to say which one of us is enjoying this more.

From there, I start sucking and swallowing Buck’s pre and sweat. I try not to speed up too fast and hold myself back, there is no need to rush things. My mouth tightens around Buck’s erection and my head starts rhythmically bobbing back and forth. My restless fingers start massaging his balls, pulling on them and teasing them. My other hand slides into my pants. I always get so hard so fast when I’m doing this… I swear I could blow my load in the first couple of minutes. But where would be the fun in that?

Buck grabs the edge of the stall and starts thrusting into my mouth. His breathing is fast and my nose tells me he’s starting to get sweaty (or sweatier). He starts fucking my mouth, giving me his pre, bringing himself to the edge. I prefer it when I get to choose the tempo, but what the hell, who am I to deny release for these guys? My mouth slides over the absolutely drenched cock with ease and I’m sucking hard and eagerly. I soon get to taste Buck’s cum, and that drives my mind crazy. My tongue, lips and mouth are working for it, practically begging for this stud to give me his load. That’s what I came for, and that’s what I will get.

Buck whimpers a bit and gives a long, powerful thrust. I pull back a little, because I can tell that he’s cumming, and want to feel his cum in my mouth before I send it down my throat. Sure enough, my lips feel the familiar twitch in his cock and my mouth starts to get full of his rich, trucker semen. God, Buck, you taste great. I slowly start sending this precious liquid down my throat as he shoots another and another jet of goodness in my waiting mouth. I’m delirious, and eagerly lap up everything there is. My stomach gets a powerful dose of nectar, and I know with each shot that I will never have enough of this stuff. When he finally stops cumming, he gives me the freedom to lick and suck his cock clean. I would hate to leave any leftovers. Buck pulls out his cock a few seconds later, squeaky clean, semi hard and properly satisfied.

I can hear him breathing this out in the next stall as he starts putting away his weapon. “Thanks” he mumbles, and even though it might not seem like enough, my back tingles from the fact that he said something. Most of the guys are silent and quick to head out. I lick my lips and let out a grateful chuckle as I watch him close his fly and leave the stall. This man is ready for the road again, thanks to me.

Buck leaves the stall but I stay. You didn’t think I would stay here for just one session, did you? No, one is nearly not enough to satisfy me anymore. Although my heart’s still racing and my cock’s still throbbing, I need more. I don’t leave my position until the next customer walks in, about twenty minutes later.

The door to the stall opens and closes, and even though I don’t stare into the guy’s face, I can tell that I have a very special guest with me now. As I implied earlier, this stop is located next to a highway, so it’s never ordinary guys stopping here, it’s mostly truckers. However, there is another sort of people, who use this stop a lot. Bikers.

The guy before me is a biker. I can tell by the leather pants in the view of the hole. And sure enough – he came here for my services! He’s already tapping on the edge of the hole. Must be my lucky day!

I love sucking off bikers for various reasons. Mostly it’s because their leather suits drive me absolutely crazy. And not just with their appearance – leather suits aren’t exactly breathable, so they usually taste amazing. I’m going to enjoy this next customer of mine, I just know it.

But before I do that, I pull out the mirror from my pocket. I want to see the face that I bring to orgasm in a couple minutes. The guy looks very husky. He has an orange bandana on his head, a pair of aviator sunglasses and a decent gray beard. He’s probably in his 50’s. His leather jacket is black and covered in various marks and signs – it seems that this guy is member of a gang of some sort. My heart jumps. This guy will be a delight to serve. Since it’s an unfamiliar face, he deserves a name as well – and since he’s a biker, it should be a biker nickname. Let’s call him Drifter.

I don’t waste any time and get into position. Drifter’s bulge is already at the hole. There is a massive zipper right in the middle of it that is just waiting to be undone. I reach for it and slowly pull it down, opening the leather treasure chest that is Drifter’s crotch. He’s wearing orange boxer briefs – matching his bandana – with a clear tent in them. Drifter needs a release. But before he gets it, I need to get my own fix.

Practically panting, I bury my face into the biker’s clothed crotch. The smell doesn’t disappoint. This guy has probably been sitting in his gear for a while. I close my eyes and bathe my face in this musky paradise, teasing his cock by rubbing my face all over it. I bring out my tongue and tickle his tip through his underwear. The answer is an impatient grunt. His cock throbs right under my lips. After a couple more seconds of enjoying this moment, I decide to stop teasing this guy. My teeth grab the cloth of his underwear and pull it down, letting his throbbing beast have some air – for now.

The guy has a pair of full looking balls and an exceptional cock – almost 8 inches with a beautiful, thick tip with a drop of precum already at the end of it. He doesn’t shave – men on the road rarely do, and I have zero problem with that. His manhood smells even better without the pesky underwear covering it, so I get right into work before I drown in my own saliva.

I give this guy’s balls and crotch area a little more time than I gave to Buck. My tongue eagerly slides between his thighs and washes the rank area. Drifter’s taste makes my head spin. I want to ask him how long he’s been on the road, when was his last shower and when was the last time he jacked off. But that could come off as a little rude, so I hold back. There isn’t much space for a conversation if you’re sucking a cock at a gloryhole anyway.

The sheer fact that he’s a biker sends my body to astronomical measures of pleasure. You see, there’s this fantasy I’ve had for a while, about being found by a biker gang, and being used by each and every one of them. I would suck the leader at first, as he’s the alpha man, and make my way through the whole gang ending with the new guys, that have to come last. I would get to compare their cocks and tastes one after another and at the end, I would be full of their spunk. I’m still waiting to fulfill this fantasy, and can’t help but hope each time I get to service a biker. Maybe it will be Drifter who comes back sometime and brings his friend. Time will tell.

For now, this guy is my only man. After giving a generous amount of attention to everything that isn’t his cock, I open my mouth and start kissing his rod, sucking on the skin. He grunts a little louder now and thrusts into the hole. Wow, you really need that release, don’t you, big guy? Well, okay… I guess I’ve had my fun for long enough anyway.

My lips are wide open when I take his tip in and start sucking. I swallow his pre without question and start working for more. Drifter is a big leaker, and I get to taste a lot of him before I even bring him to orgasm. My lips give him the best they can, tightly wrapped around his cock, giving him the best blowjob you could get at a filthy truck stop like this. The harder I try, the bigger is the chance that I will see this stud again. My hands cup his balls and I wonder how much has this man prepared for me. I’m determined to find out.

Drifter starts grunting faster and louder and he probably won’t be able to last very long. His cock is sending me a fresh batch of pre with each thrust, and I am always sure not to waste anything. My lips taste salty from this rod and my face is covered from his sweat. Or is it still Buck’s sweat? Probably a delicious mixture of both. The thrusts are deeper and deeper before, finally, Drifter cums. He growls “FUCK” as he starts filling my waiting mouth. I lap up everything that this man has in store for me, all that delicious biker goodness. With my lips just at his tip, I suck off every drop of his load and swallow. My tongue polishes his mushroom head clean and then lets go.

Drifter is still panting, when he’s putting away his junk and zipping up. He doesn’t say anything, but when you bring a man to such a powerful orgasm, you know he’s satisfied. He is quick to leave and leaves me in the stall only with the memory of his taste and smell. Thanks for your contribution, Drifter! I’ll be happy to see you again!

My shirt starts feeling stuffy and sweaty, so I decide to get rid of it. It’s always like this – I start losing various parts of clothing in the process when I service the guys and play with my own body as well. Each cock makes me hornier and after some limit, I just cannot hold back anymore and shoot my load as well. But we are well before that limit at this point.

It takes a while before the next guy comes. I pull out my phone and edge myself on some porn I have stored in it before he does. After about thirty minutes, the door opens again. My eyes get drawn to the hole and I pull out my mirror. The man on the other side has a ponytail, a stubble and he’s wearing old, baggy clothes. I realize that I recognize this guy! He has definitely been here before once or twice, I think I named him Luke. I always get so excited when I recognize a regular… You know you must be good, if people keep coming back to you!

Luke doesn’t waste time and pulls his cock out. I remember this guy – big moaner with a longer, thinner cock. He steps over to the hole and I thank him for his loyalty immediately. The panting starts when my tongue is only cleaning his thighs. His cock is pulsing and sending rich doses of precum right on my face – he is definitely not faking being aroused. I give him the proper cleanup and start sucking on his manhood. The “oh yeah” and “don’t stop” is practically non-stopping. The excitement of this guy makes me horny too – I start playing with my nipples with my hand and slide into my already sticky underwear with the other. My mouth does an exceptional job as always.

As I’m doing this, I can see a sound of the door opening once again. The Luke seems to notice as well and stops, leaving his throbbing, warm dick in my eager mouth. I hear somebody stepping over to the door and stopping there – somebody is waiting. That itself is so hot I almost come in my pants at that second. Somebody else is waiting to be serviced while I’m already servicing somebody! There is literally a line standing for me! Has my birthday come early?

My mouth goes back to work as I realize this, urging my current customer to calm down. I’m not doing to skimp on Luke just because somebody is waiting, especially when he’s a regular. My tongue washes over his sensitive tip and my lips massage him intensely. I hope that he’s not feeling weird for being replaced with somebody else in a couple of second… But, apparently, he’s not. His moans come back in a few moments and his cock feels harder than ever. I enjoy servicing this stud while another, still nameless, is waiting and listening. Is the word about me already spreading out? I’ve noticed a slight influx in customers lately, but thought that it’s just a coincidence. These exciting thoughts stimulate my body and help me give Luke the absolute best I can do. The guy soon loses all restraints and goes very verbal, not minding the guy at the opposite side of the door. “I’m gonna shoot my load,” I hear him say in a deep voice, before I sense a twitch in his cock. My eyes close and I prepare my mouth for the load.

Luke doesn’t disappoint and soon I feel a generous load splatting against my tonsils. My tongue takes in the taste of the third guy today and my throat swallows everything obediently. Luke is going crazy while cumming, and won’t leave my mouth until the very last shot. My lips make sure to suck up everything and I give his dick a playful little kiss at the end. The idea that I won’t even get a break before another dick makes me irrationally happy. Luke spends a little time enjoying the afterglow and then slides his hand through the hole to pat my face in a grateful gesture. I guess now when the lust is over, he’s not feeling like being too verbal about his thanks before the guy outside. I hear the door opening and I snicker, as I imagine the most awkward look exchange ever… But perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe it isn’t awkward. Maybe they just wink at each other, not being ashamed about a good experience. It’s trucker after all. Things are much more direct between such manly characters. Finding a good place to get their rocks off should be as nonchalant as finding a place to eat.

They practically pass the door to each other before the new guy comes in. The mirror from my pocket tells me that I don’t know this one yet. He’s looking fit – very fit. His broad chest tightens his flannel shirt and exposes his scruffy forearms. His face is scruffy too, and looks very manly and handsome. He has nice, blue eyes and sports a playful smirk on his face. His name shall be Mike.

“Looks like it’s my turn now,” exclaims Mike, before he unzips. I am practically glued to the wall expecting his manhood, waiting to mix his taste with Luke’s, still fresh in my mouth. He whips out his dick (I notice it’s trimmed at the base) and goes for his sloppy seconds. My tongue informs me that this guy is very clean and takes care of himself – I even get a slight taste of cologne. His crotch is still a little musky though, which I’m glad to get rid of in an instant. His dick is hard and ready for action, he has probably been stroking all the time I’ve been servicing Luke. My tongue cleans his balls and scrotum as usual before going for his cock. Mike is actively thrusting in my mouth, taking advantage of my throat and sending me his share of precum. He tastes great, although his cock is a little shorter than Luke’s, he seems much more confident and skilled with it. He fucks my mouth expertly, trying various changes of tempo, making a room for me to breathe… I imagine that he must not disappoint in bed.

I usually prefer to get the work done by myself, but if somebody wants to take charge, fine by me. It’s a good refreshment and lets you rest in a strange way. Mike mounts my throat and slaps his balls against my chin and I’m loving it. I’m letting this trucker make love to my mouth as he pleases. That’s what I’m here for anyway, right?

He speeds up and I expect him to breed my mouth any second. Then, however, he pulls out. I’m confused at first, afraid that he got scared and will go away, but see that he has something else planned. He pulls back a bit and starts masturbating in a frenzy. I realize that I should get closer and open my mouth wide.

With a sigh of a rich relief, his piss slit opens up and I see ropes of cum flying out of it. The first, more powerful ones hit my head and face, and most of the rest ends up in my mouth and on my chin. Some of the truckers like to finish this way, and I don’t mind, because it’s so fucking hot to be coated by somebody’s jizz. As long as I get to taste a fair portion of it, I will only be happy.

Mike has a lot to offer and when he’s done, my face is drenched in his cum. He hands me his cock so I can suck the rest and then pulls out. He kneels down and I can see his handsome face admiring his masterpiece. He chuckles, apparently happy with the result and stands back up. His hand reaches into the pocket of his jeans – apparently, degrading me by splattering his cock batter all over me wasn’t humiliating enough, so he throws a fistful of pocket change through the hole. The coins land on the ground and force me to bend over to get them. It’s not like I need the money, but the fact that I just blew him, got his face painted by him and he’s making me work to get the lousy change anyway seems to work for both of our filthy minds. He leaves before I pick up all the coins. I hope he becomes a regular… Wouldn’t mind being humiliated again by this handsome bastard.

His cum is dripping down my face as I pick up the last coin. I have no intention of cleaning my face until I leave this place. As I get back on my knees, I realize that I am naked. Somewhere in the middle of servicing those last two dudes, I got so aroused that I lost the rest of my clothes in a masturbating frenzy. I now sit completely naked, with a hard cock, face and throat full of cum counting the change I got for a blowjob – which is barely enough for the bus back home, by the way. God, I love Wednesdays.

The cum on my face has only started drying when the door opened again. My body is all warmed up at this point, I’m ready for anybody. I can suck a dick without thinking now. I’m exceptionally horny even though I rubbed one out right before coming here. My face stupidly goes right for the hole without waiting for the signal, but luckily this guy came for a blowjob too.

This guy is huge. He has a chest broader than Mike and a small belly, and he must be almost 7 feet tall! I quickly realize that the stall walls in this bathroom don’t completely reach the ceiling, so I look up and – damn, I can see his face looking at me over the wall! He’s bald and he has a cold, horny look in his eyes. I gulp at the sight of this intimidating man… I realize that even if I didn’t want it, I probably have no choice but to service him at this point.

I can feel something shuffling and soon something appears in the hole – but it’s not a cock. It’s his boot – a very heavy-duty, leather boot lands in it, almost tearing it. I look at it and then slowly back to the face hovering over me. “Lick it,” his commandeering voice confirms my thoughts. I have never had a request like this… But you know what they say. The customer is always right.

I lean down and my tongue touches the fine material of his boots. I humbly slide my tongue over the quality leather and my saliva makes it shine. I can feel a metallic taste on my tongue and see that the tip of the boot is reinforced with iron – this guy must do some heavy business when he’s not behind the wheel.

My mouth soon transforms the instincts and experiences I have from cleaning cocks and applies them to the boot. I do a very good job and when the boot disappears back in the stall, it’s good as new. The guy doesn’t wait for anything and gives me the other one to work on. Bending down to clean this hunk’s shoes while he is looking at me goes into my head and sends me into whole new levels of lust. It’s not cocksucking, but it’s something equally demeaning in a new, refreshing way. The stud deserves a good name for showing me this new way – I’ll call him Bruce.

“Good”, Bruce says when I’m done with his lefty and I see him pushing his foot even further into my hole. “Now take it off.”

I realize what is the direction we are taking and I have no problems with it. My fingers open the shoestrings quickly and carefully help him out of his work equipment. As I’m taking the shoe off, I realize how heavy it feels in my hand. I couldn’t imagine wearing this all day… Especially behind the wheel. I manage to take it off and the guy’s impressingly big foot slides out.

“Inhale,” is Bruce’s next command and honestly, I would have done that without the explicit command anyway. I get off at the manly smell of everyone that comes into these stalls, but this is something I have never tried before. I’d be an idiot to pass on this opportunity.

My nose enters the shoe and Bruce’s intense smell enters my nostrils. I nearly pass out from the sweaty musk. I feel like I can distinctly smell every mile this man has walked in these shoes. I can tell every minute which his feet have spent in these leather boots. It’s nothing short of amazing. My tongue creeps in to try and steal some of the flavor as well.

“Enough,” Bruce says. “My feet now.”

His commands are quick and direct. His authority comes from a different place than Mike’s. Mike used his physical superiority to control me, but this guy only needs his voice. He has the kind of eyes that you just don’t tell “no” to.

I look at the hole and see his foot sliding to my side, still in his black sock. My mouth doesn’t even hesitate. Putting the boot carefully on the floor, I lean down and suck on his clothed toes. Oh god, the smell is much stronger here. I press myself on the stall divide, pushing my dick on the sprayed drywall. I’m rubbing my nose and lips over his sole, moaning softly in the process. Bruce doesn’t seem to be ticklish at all. He’s leaning his foot so I get proper access to every part of it and seems to be happy with my work.

“Get that sock off,” he exclaims after a while, after I practically drenched his sock with my saliva. I bite my teeth on the cloth and peel it off. His foot looks clean enough, though his toenails could use some work. I don’t hesitate and get my tongue out. The guy grunts as I teach my tongue to clean a whole different body part. It slides between the toes, polishes the sole and gets this guy’s foot completely clean.

After a while, the guy changes feet and lets me enjoy his other one as well. My nose is full of his smell and my cock is throbbing like crazy. We haven’t even got to his cock yet and already my horniness is peaking. It might help that this is the fifth guy today though. Either way, I feel like blasting my load over this drywall any second. It takes a lot of willpower not to do that while I clean the other foot as well.

With his feet clean and my mouth panting, he decides to give me something else. I see his crotch nearing the hole. The guy opens his mouth to say something but before he can, I’m already at the hole, pushing my face on his khaki pants. He backs off firmly though. I kneel there surprised, as I see him opening his fly himself and letting his pants fall on the floor. Bruce has incredibly muscled calves and thighs – they look like they could crash a nut. He’s sporting a prominent bulge in his brand, tight, white boxers. I see his hands grabbing them and pulling them down as well, unleashing his monster cock. His eight inch uncut bastard, veinier than most guys, bounces off his underwear and a little drop of pre falls on the ground. He must have really liked my footjob.

I see him approaching the hole with his underwear in his hands. He’s handing them to me through the hole. I’m taking it and looking up at him, unsure.

“Inhale,” his steel eyes command. Fuck… This man is a demon. I close my eyes as I bring the precious, extra large underwear and take in his smell. Oh yes, THAT’s where it is. With a single smell, I can practically feel Bruce entering my body, invading my bloodstream and taking over my cock. I bury my face in the crotch area of them and breathe in and out. The very essence of Bruce is here, just for me. My cock is painfully hard and begging for a release, which must have caught Bruce’s attention.

“Jack it,” says the burly trucker. My hand wraps around my cock as if it wasn’t even guided by me, but rather by him. My dick is almost painful to touch from how long I’ve been edging. It won’t take me long to cum, especially with this guy’s underwear in the other hand.

He stares me down while I kneel and shamefully smell his sweat and pre while beating my own meat. It turns me on insanely, smelling him like this is like having him all over me. It’s like being surrounded by his copies and being used from every side. Every other sensation is blocked by his powerful aroma – the throbbing in my cock, the sweat dripping down my back, the pain from my knees from kneeling bare on the cold and hard floor. I can feel that I’m reaching the point of no return. My body trembles. My vision blacks out. I cum.

Unspecified moans escape my mouth while I start splattering my watery, powerful stream of cum before me. My hand is still furiously masturbating, sending my load everywhere. My head is spinning and I can feel every muscle in my body tensing and relaxing at the same time. When I hear his voice, it feels like I’m underwater, before the world clears up again.

“Now clean up your mess.”

I look at him and then below me. His boots were right under me while I was ejaculating, and are now covered in a rich layer of my cum. Even though my excitement wore down significantly after my orgasm – I usually save my climax for last, after servicing the last guy – I still feel tingling in my spine when I pick up the boot. My overworked tongue was quick to get rid of my own mess and to bring the man’s boots to a shiny, pristine condition once again. When I looked up, with my own cum glistening on my lip, I saw that he has put his cock through the whole. A big, veiny piece of cock is staring right back at me, and his foreskin is showing just enough of the creamy goodness underneath.

I needed no other command after that.

My mouth started cleaning this stud like it’s life depended on it. In his taint, his taste was far richer than from his underwear. My grateful cock was lapping all that sweat straight from its source while his balls rested on my face. It was beautiful. I gave that man a tongue bath of his life. No stone was left unturned and his taste was numbing all my senses. He was grunting when I left his balls clean and shiny and got to his cock.

I don’t get a big share of uncut guys, but I’m always grateful for them. The foreskin is fun to play with, and the guys are usually much more sensitive under it. I start shining his powerful rod with my lips, paying extra attention to that extra skin – pulling on it, chewing on it, rolling it back. He is thrusting slowly to get further into my mouth and soon dives into my throat. The stud begins to fuck my face slowly while still looking into my eyes. I’m practically hypnotized as I stare back, taking more and more of his cock in my throat, trying to satisfy my everlasting thirst.

His beast leaks a lot in my mouth. He is salty, bitter, and very specific. I don’t really care about the actual taste, rather the fact that I get to taste it and compare. How many men have already shared their wonderful aroma with me? I couldn’t count. And I know that I’ll never get enough. But all other man go aside when I’m having a cock in my mouth – for that moment, he is the only guy for me, and he is my primary target that needs a release. Which I’m always happy to provide.

His grunting gets a little faster and his thrusts inform me that Bruce is about to release. I tighten my lips on his naked tip and suck hard. The stud stops for a while, and then I feel a twitch in his perfect dick. An avalanche of seed starts flowing my mouth to its fullest. I’m challenged by drinking this man’s cum and I try to get as much as I can into my stomach, feasting on this powerful drink. He thrusts once more to help it get into my throat, making me gag a bit on his cock for the last time. Then, he slides out, his dick still hard and properly sucked and cleaned.

The face disappears behind the wall. In a daze, I return his socks, underwear and boots. I hear him getting dressed on the other side and soon, I’m left in the dirty bathroom again. My breathing is heavy and my naked body feels hot. I look down and see my cock standing at attention again. Bruce really got into me and sucking his dick made me horny once more. I grab it and, still in my cocksucking position, blast another load within seconds, coating the wall before me. My body feels used, worn out and satisfied. Finally. I let myself rest on the dirty floor for a bit longer, covered in my sweat and juices, mouth still full of so many tastes. My brain starts working after a couple of minutes. I need to get dressed and get out.

It’s dark already when I close the door of the bathroom behind me. I inhale a batch of fresh air for a change and look at the stars above me. I have only been there for a couple hours, but it feels like days. Wonderful, kinky, glorious days. I step to the nearby vending machine – my favorite source of refreshment after these sweaty Wednesdays – and grab a can of soda. I drink it while I walk back home, stretching the muscles in my feet and switching my brain to normal mode again. What a successful day.

I start thinking about my regular duties. I have a deadline for that paper the day after tomorrow… And I promised my friend I would help her with that math homework. Slowly, with each step, I become your normal college student again, going home to unwind after a difficult day. My life is fairly normal and full of the normal joys and sorrows of an ordinary guy. That is, until the next Wednesday.

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