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Setting New Boundaries

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Chapter 1

“There comes a time when one must test the boundaries of a relationship, any relationship.”

Cheryl had read this in a magazine on her way to work earlier and it continued to bounce around in her mind. Nathan and her had been together for a number of months now and she thought that there was a good chance that it could last a while. There was only one area where they seemed to be having, well more like a lack of: in the bedroom.

Nathan seemed to be holding back a part of him while they were having sex. She couldn’t figure it out for the life of her. So she decided to stop at one of the adult stores three blocks from where she worked. Cheryl decided that tonight was the time to test the boundaries of her relationship with Nathan.

As Cheryl left work she remembered that she wanted to stop at the adult store. She had never been inside one before and thought that perhaps something new would be the thing to bring out the animal in Nathan. When Cheryl walked in the sight of so many dildos and vibrators on the wall shocked her. There were all colors and sizes of them. Beside that there were cuffs and whips. On the back wall there were movies depicting guys ramming their cocks down some woman’s throat or up her ass. Some of them showed girls licking other girls cunts or fucking them with a strap-on dildo. Cheryl found herself getting a little bit aroused by all of this stuff. She decided to talk to the girl working behind the counter, perhaps she could suggest something for Nathan and her to try.

The young woman at the counter tried not to stare at the woman coming towards her, she couldn’t believe her eyes. This lovely creature was tall, wispy and easily wore a 44 DD. She floated up to the counter, her hair like that of angel wings, flowing yet seeming to caress and the cutest little dimple when she smiled. As Cheryl came abreast of Lucky she tried to cover her desire.

Cheryl tried to be nonchalant about being in the store but there was the tiniest quiver in her voice as she asked, “Would you be able to help me? This is my first time in a store like this.”

Lucky couldn’t believe her luck today. She smiled at Cheryl and stated “My name is Lucky and I think I can help you with anything you would like.”

Cheryl decided to be honest about what she wanted to do. “I am looking for a way to expand on my sex life with…”

“Ahhh, I see,” Lucky said. “ First things first we need to take some time with this, I need to know you so that I can better assess what you need.”

Cheryl tried to tell her “I need to do this for tonight so that I can try to fix things with my boyfriend, we…”

Lucky cut her off, “ We can start right now, just let me go lock the front door and turn the sign.”

Lucky quickly turned to the door and locked it before Cheryl could change her mind. How lucky could a girl get to have a naïve drop dead gorgeous woman walk in and ask to be shown how to spice up her sex life. Lucky turned back towards Cheryl and offered her a drink in the back apartment.

Cheryl followed Lucky back into the narrow hallway leading to Lucky’s living quarters. The back room was divided into stock room and a small kitchen. Across the hall was another door with a lock on it. Yet another doorway lead to what appeared to be a bedroom. They both sat down on the chairs at the table and Lucky grabbed a bottle of red wine. Cheryl drank hers down quickly as she felt rather nervous. She reached for the bottle and poured herself another glass, intending to sip this one. Lucky sipped her wine slowly just looking over the rim at Cheryl, finally Lucky placed her glass down and said “Clothes, we need to outfit you with some sexy clothes. How do you feel about your body, sweetie?”

Cheryl knew that she was good looking but didn’t think herself that hot. “I like to dress comfortable,” she whispered starting to feel a little woozy from the wine. “Nathan says that I should were sexier clothes, but I don’t find them all that comfortable.” she giggled.

Lucky grabbed Cheryl’s hand and pulled her up into the bedroom. “Strip” she said, “We will find you something that IS comfortable.”

Cheryl glanced around nervously asking, “Where can I change?”

Lucky giggled, “We are all big girls now, surely you can change right here.”

Cheryl giggled again and started to undo her blouse. She was starting to feel the effects of the wine and thought ‘What the hell, I am here to try to change things for the better with Nathan. So what if I am changing in front of another woman.’

Lucky was over at the closet pulling out different clothes and grabbing other items from her drawers and placing them on the bed. As Cheryl pulled off her blouse Lucky let out a gasp, she had the most beautiful tits she had ever seen. Cheryl wasn’t wearing a bra and yet those gorgeous tits stood out like they had a permanent bra on. Lucky continued to watch as Cheryl slid her jeans down over her slender ass and long legs. Cheryl had on the tiniest pair of white cotton panties. As she stood up Lucky stole a glimpse towards the vee of Cheryl’s crotch and saw no shadow of hair there. ‘So,’ she thought to herself, ‘She is not so unknowing as to still have hair there.’

Cheryl glanced up to find Lucky staring at her and quickly dropped her hands from her panties. “ Oh no, please finish taking off your clothes. Your body is so beautiful, you should definitely show it off more.”

Lucky hoped that these words would give the girl enough confidence to finish removing her clothing. Cheryl blushed at the thought of receiving a compliment from a woman. She couldn’t get her panties off fast enough. All of a sudden Lucky dashed off back to the kitchen only to return with the bottle of wine and the glasses. She poured them each another glass and they sat down on the bed to talk some more.

Lucky asked, “Does Nathan like to lick your pussy?”

Cheryl giggled and pouted “No, but he likes to make me go down on him.”

“Make you go down on him, how?” Lucky asked not believing her luck again, this one had already had a taste of the rough and seemed to enjoy it.
Lucky had been having a hard time as of late finding couples she could be with that enjoyed the same thing as her.

“Nathan grabs me by the back of the head and pulls me to his lap by my hair. Then,” she paused for a sip of wine. “He pulls me up to give me a wet kiss and shoves my head to his cock. He will reach around to grab at my ass. He squeezes it and pulls on it. It really makes me hot when he does that. Sometimes I think I would like for him to spank me a little. Does that sound weird to you?”

Lucky quickly had a drink of her wine to give herself a minute to calm. Cheryls’ speech had made her hot. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to be punished for your actions.” She took another sip of wine; “As a matter of fact I can show you a number of things you can get him to use on you.”

Cheryl looked at Lucky and said, “Like what how?”

Lucky told her “Get up and come stand in front of me”. Lucky moved closer to the edge of the bed with her legs open for Cheryl to stand in between them. Cheryl edged her way between Lucky’s legs, realizing that her naked tits were hanging in this woman’s face. She felt a little wetness between her legs and thought, ‘I am getting turned on by this woman.’

Lucky reached up and around Cheryl’s hips to grab her ass. “Yes, what a beautiful ass,” Lucky sighed as she brought her face to lean against Cheryl’s tight abdomen. Lucky continued to knead and pull on Cheryl’s ass as Cheryl started to sway against her, Lucky suddenly pulled her hand back and slapped Cheryl’s ass. Cheryl felt herself cum at the same time as she screamed. She couldn’t believe it but that had felt so incredible.

Lucky placed the quivering young woman on the bed and laid her back as she gently spread her legs. Cheryl was still quivering when she felt a warm wet tongue sliding down over her clit. She glanced up to see Lucky with her head down between her legs and thought, ‘Oh my god, another woman is licking my cunt and it feels soo good.’ As she felt another climax coming she reached down with both hands and grabbed Lucky’s hair and pulled her face further into her sopping wet cunt.

Lucky had four fingers in her own pussy and was thinking about how she was going to enjoy making this woman eat her pussy. As Cheryl came all over Lucky’s face, Lucky reached up and bit gently on her clit, sending Cheryl for yet another orgasm. While Cheryl slowly came down from her sexual euphoria Lucky decided to play with those beautiful tits.

Cheryl was breathless from the multiple orgasms given to her by another woman. She thought she should be ashamed but was not, actually she was hoping to perhaps try a little of that cunt licking herself. As she breathed in she could smell her cunt juice on Lucky’s face and pulled herself up to kiss Lucky. As she did so she let her hands wander to Lucky’s breasts still covered by the thin material of her shirt. They filled Cheryl’s hands and felt so firm, they reminded Cheryl of how it felt to hold her own tits out to Nathan.

‘Oh Nathan’ thought Cheryl, ‘How will I ever tell you about this new side of me.’ For she was convinced that she would have to have a female lover full time now. She had just had the best orgasm of her life.

Lucky slowly slid her shirt off to show Cheryl what she was holding on to. Cheryl bent her head to nuzzle on Lucky’s left tit; she touched the nipple ever so softly with the tip of her tongue. With her other hand she grabbed onto the other tit and squeezed. Lucky gasped at the sudden pressure but this was a desirable position for her because she liked it far rougher normally.

As Cheryl’s mouth swallowed more of the tit, she pulled harder on the other one. Lucky reached down, grabbed onto Cheryl’s ass and started to slap it. Each time that Lucky spanked, Cheryl would bite onto Lucky’s nipple. As each slap got harder, Cheryl bit harder and found that she was almost twisting the nipple off Lucky’s right tit. She switched tits and reached down under Lucky’s skirt to find that she had no underwear on and was very wet. Cheryl thought about how Nathan would shove his fingers into her cunt to get her wet and decided to try it on Lucky. As she shoved two fingers into Lucky’s twat, Cheryl felt a finger at her asshole. She tried to relax but the one time that she had tried anal before it had hurt too much. Lucky decided to leave that hole alone for now but vowed that someone was going to fuck this woman up her ass before the night was over. Not only would they fuck her tight little ass, but also she would beg them to!

Instead Lucky place her hand on the back of Cheryl’s head and gently pressed downward all the while continuing to pull and press on Cheryl’s ass. This forced Cheryl to her knees in front of Lucky and the aroma that was rising up was so sweet that Cheryl quickly pushed her nose into the hot cunt in front of her. Lucky leaned back on her hands opening her legs wider to allow Cheryl more access to her snatch. Cheryl still had two fingers in Lucky’s cunt, was shoving them into her, and then pulled them out to lick the sweet smelling juice off of them. Lucky glanced up to see this and was renewed with lust once again. She quickly pulled Cheryl up onto the bed and rolled onto her.

Pressing down on Cheryl’s lovely tits, Lucky could feel how hard Cheryl’s heart was beating. She hoped that Cheryl could feel hers too. Lucky reached between them to pinch Cheryl’s hard pink nipples and thrust her tongue into Cheryl’s mouth at the same time.

Cheryl barely had time to breathe when she felt the pinch on her sensitive nipples before she was being French-kissed by a woman. She responded with her body, letting her body guide her through this new experience. Perhaps this would kindle the fire with Nathan. If not she would just have to be done with him though because this woman seemed to know just how to turn on all her buttons.

Cheryl desperately wanted to taste more of Lucky’s shaved cunt, so she reached down and shoved two fingers in her cunt again. Pushing them around and around until they were nice and sloppy, then pulling them out. She raised them up to her swollen lips, as she flicked her tongue out, Lucky did the same. They shared Lucky’s juices together, coming together again for a breathless kiss.

Lucky rolled off of Cheryl long enough to grab a black leather strip that ended with a thick piece on the end. It looked like a riding crop only shorter and fatter. She flicked one nipple and then the other, both were now standing up at attention once again. Trailing the whip ever so slowly down Cheryl’s ribs to her navel and then gave her clit a flick, sending thrills coursing through Cheryl’s body.

Cheryl had never been whipped before but found this teasing to be very erotic. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to be whipped but found that the thought made her wetter than before.

“Roll over, so that I may spank your ass with this whip.” Lucky announced, “Let’s see just how hard you like to be spanked, we wouldn’t want Nathan to be to gentle, now would we.”

Cheryl rolled over becoming a little bit nervous now, her new friend seemed to be setting a new boundary. As she waited for the first touch of the whip, she thought about asking Lucky to join her and Nathan that night. She figured that she if she was going to test the boundaries she might as well go all out in testing their relationship.

Lucky decided to be gentle with her for now, she was positive that Cheryl was hers and therefore there would be ample time to show her the pleasures of pain.

She laid the whip gently on her ass and then caressed the white cheeks with her hand. Then she raised her hand up, brought it down hard and fast on Cheryl’s firm globe. Cheryl’s whole body arched with the shock but she emitted no sound. Lucky quickly picked up the whip and brought it down first fast and then paused and caressed where the whip had left its mark. She continued to do this until she could hear Cheryl panting away into the bedspread. Lucky dropped the whip and rolled Cheryl back over and dove her face into Cheryl’s sopping wet cunt. This sent Cheryl over the edge, climaxing in waves, soaking Lucky’s face and neck in the process.

Once again Lucky had to wait for Cheryl to rouse herself from her sexually induced trance. While she waited she selected a big black cock from her assembly of toys, and decided to grab the little anal vibrator as well. Sitting there watching Cheryl drip cum all over the bed Lucky decided to play with herself. She shoved that big black cock into her twat and the vibrator up her ass.

Lucky thought ‘Perhaps that is the way to get Cheryl to loosen up that tight ass’, she reached over and grabbed another one, this one a little smaller than the 4 inch one up her own ass. She lubed it up with her lovers own cunt juice, and then started the vibrations, knowing that this would help to loosen up the anal ring. Pressing it lightly against Cheryl’s asshole, she reached around to tweak Cheryl’s hard little clit. Her asshole opened up and swallowed that little vibrator, taking it all into that virgin little hole of hers.

Cheryl rose up from her stupor only to be knocked back with another mind shattering orgasm. She could not figure out how this woman could know so much about pleasing another woman. But, oh how she wanted to learn!

Cheryl happened to glance sideways at the clock and realized that she had been there for 3 hours. Nathan was going to wonder where she was. Boy did she have a big surprise for him. Cheryl turned to look at Lucky and slowly asked “Would you like to come and meet Nathan with me? I think I should let him now how things will be from now on.”

Lucky quickly got up to embrace Cheryl, she reached to pull the vibrator from Cheryl’s ass but Cheryl shook her head indicating that she wished for it to stay in there. As the two of them got dressed to go meet Nathan, Lucky reflected that perhaps she really was aptly named that day.

Chapter 2

Just before they rushed out the door Lucky dashed back into the bedroom to grab a few accessories for the night. She threw everything into a blue duffel bag, turned to shut off the lights and noticed the black whip still on the bed. ‘Can’t forget THAT little toy or Cheryl will be disappointed.’

They hurried down the street back towards the bus stop. On the ride to Nathan’s house Cheryl and Lucky devised a plan to show Nathan just what turned Cheryl’s crank. Cheryl was to go in first and let Nathan know that they had company for dinner. She would then head for the bathroom knowing full well that Nathan would be in his study working on what ever new case his boss had assigned him. Nathan was an associate in a small law firm and never seemed to have time for anything lately.

Lucky waited on the lawn until she saw a light come on in the upstairs hallway, this was the signal that Cheryl was going to get changed into her new outfit. She crossed the lawn and went to the front door, as she let herself in Nathan came down the hallway intending to go up and talk to Cheryl about why she was so late. Nathan stopped dead in his tracks when he saw this gorgeous brunette coming through his front door. He had vaguely heard Cheryl say that they had company for dinner but he didn’t know this friend of hers. Nathan’s cock started to twitch in his pants as he looked up and down the length of this woman. She had legs that didn’t seem to stop until they reached her tiny waist. Her tits were about the size of grapefruit, from the way that they were swinging he could tell she didn’t have on a bra.

He quickly jumped into the role of host. “May I invite you to the living room for a drink while we wait for Cheryl to come down?”

Lucky smiled at him, “Sure, a glass of white wine would be nice, thank you.”

As Lucky turned to enter the living room Nathan stared at her ass. No panties either he noticed, as did his cock as it surged under his now restrictive jeans. He quickly crossed to stand behind the wet bar.

Nathan busied himself opening a bottle of wine and tried to get his erection to calm. Lucky lowered herself onto the couch and surreptitiously sized up Nathan. She gathered that he worked out because he appeared to carry a six-pack under that sweater and his jeans sure fit snug. As Nathan brought her drink she studied his facial features. He had a strong, firm chin line, serious smoky blue eyes that watched her as intently as she was watching him. Jet-black hair out lined this chiseled face stopping just short of his muscular neck. His hands were rough and calloused indicating that at some point in his life he had worked hard physically.

Sitting next to her on the couch he could feel the sexuality emanating from her. He hoped that he would be able to behave himself until Cheryl and he could be alone. Perhaps tonight would be the night to show her what he really liked in the bedroom. He could fuck Cheryl while imagining the ways he would like to make this bitch next to him suck his cock while he beat her.

“You must be Nathan.” Lucky said bringing him back to the present.

“I must be.” Nathan answered his voice husky with lust. “I’m afraid I don’t know your name though.”

“Nathan this is Lucky.” Cheryl cheerily said as she came floating into the room.

Nathan’s eyes bulged when he saw what Cheryl was wearing. He noticed that she had shaved her pubic hair off revealing her pink lips. This could be seen peeking out from under the sheer black teddy she wore. Her breasts were just barely contained by the thin material; he could see her nipples jutting out, threatening to break through. She turned and strutted towards the wet bar giving us a nice look at her swaying ass.

Nathan stuttered, “Why are you dressed like that?”

“But I thought you wanted me to dress more sexily.” She innocently replied.

“I never said anything about dressing like a whore or about it being done in front of company.” Nathan was getting upset with the way that Cheryl was behaving.

“She should dress how she feels; sexy.”

Nathan turned to look at Lucky; he could see the glitter in her eye, as she openly looked his girlfriend over. He wondered if perhaps he could use this situation to his advantage, having always wanted to have a threesome but having never been able to find anyone willing.

Cheryl sashayed over to the couch and plopped herself down in between Nathan and Lucky, causing both Lucky’s and her tits to bounce all over. Nathan placed his hand on Cheryl’s knee and reached over to kiss her, shoving his tongue into her mouth. He slowly slid his hand further up her leg intending to plunge a finger into her newly shaven cunt. On his way up though he encountered another hand, this one grabbed his hand and placed it on Lucky’s now naked tit.

He pulled back to look at Cheryl and see if this was what she wanted. Cheryl’s hand was pulling on Lucky’s other tit. She looked Nathan straight in the eye and huskily stated “This is my new girlfriend, you can accept this or leave now. Things are going to change around here in regards to the sex in this house.” She turned to kiss Lucky straight on the mouth opening her mouth to accept Lucky’s tongue.

Nathan paused a moment to wonder just how long these two had been doing this behind his back. As though she had read his mind, “I met her this afternoon at the adult store she owns. I went in intending to find something that would bring you out, so that we could really enjoy sex. This is what I found.”

All the while that Cheryl was speaking Lucky had stood up to finish taking off her dress. He was now gazing on two beautiful women standing naked or almost in front of him. The choice was his. He could join them or he could be a stupid ass and walk away from what could become a very convenient relationship.

Chapter 3

While Nathan pondered, the girls decided to give him a little show. Cheryl really hoped that Nathan would stay at least for a little while. Lucky figured either way was good for her.

Lucky grabbed a hold of Cheryl’s tits, pulling her to her. She squeezed and pinched the nipples while gazing into the other woman’s eyes. Cheryl pressed her body against Lucky’s hands, almost leaning into them.

This raised the back of the teddy giving Nathan another look at her ass. Lucky pulled the teddy up and off of Cheryl. She then reached around and started to caress Cheryl’s ass. Nathan pulled his already engorged cock from his jeans with some degree of difficulty. Just as Lucky saw the head pop into view she hauled back and slapped Cheryl’s ass, eliciting a sharp gasp from Nathan and a low moan from Cheryl. Nathan watched as the red handprint appeared on Cheryl’s snow-white ass. He reached out to caress the mark wishing that he had placed it there. Cheryl had never expressed a desire to be spanked and he had wanted to many times but just wasn’t sure how she would take it. Now he knew though and thought that tonight was turning out to be full of surprises.

Lucky started spanking the other ass cheek turning it a nice shade of pink. She knew that Nathan was hooked. He would be joining them. Cheryl was close to cumming and Nathan was busily yanking on his 7-inch cock. Lucky slammed her hand down on Cheryl’s ass. Cheryl’s legs gave out during this orgasm. Nathan’s cock started spurting; Lucky quickly sat Cheryl down on the couch and sunk to her knees in front of Nathan. She started slurping up his cum as it shot out the top of his cock. As he slowed down she started to lick the tip of it causing him to gasp each time she made contact.

Cheryl crawled off the couch and grabbed a hold of Lucky’s ass pulling it into the air so she could crawl under to lick from her hard clit all the way to her puckered little asshole. When Nathan saw this he reached out to grab a hold of Lucky’s head and slammed his cock into her mouth. Seeing his girlfriend eat another woman’s pussy was beyond his dreams. He started thrusting deeper into her mouth, longer strokes, shoving deep into her throat.
“Lick that bitch, yeah. Suck my big hard cock you dirty whore!”

He started to slam harder and deeper into Lucky’s throat, incredibly she was matching his thrusts. Soon she began to quiver and he knew that she was cumming down Cheryl’s throat. The thought of this made him thrust faster until he pulled Lucky’s mouth to his balls and shot his hot load of spunk deep into her belly. He quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth and barked “Come here Cheryl, I want you to lick my cock hard again.”

She crawled out from under Lucky her face still wet with cunt juice. He grabbed her hair, pulled her up for a kiss and then slammed her head down on his cock. Lucky went over to the blue duffel bag lying behind the couch and withdrew the black whip. She walked back over and stood behind Cheryl’s ass, looked over at Nathan and brought the whip down on Cheryl’s ass. Nathan had to hold her head down when she felt the sting of the whip. He nodded to Lucky for her to continue. She started to whip each ass cheek lightly and then would snap it down quickly. Cheryl’s ass was starting to show ridges where the whip had come down.

Lucky reached down with two fingers and dipped them into Cheryl’s twat, pulling them back out to show Nathan just how wet his girlfriend was from being whipped. Nathan pulled Cheryl’s head off his cock; he wanted to be sure that she was ok with this. Cheryl nodded and turned to look at Lucky. Lucky reared her hand back and brought the whip down whistling as it came down on the full width of Cheryl’s ass. Cheryl lurched forward into Nathan’s lap grabbing at his cock again with her mouth. Nathan pulled her back off and jumped off the couch, he wanted a turn to whip her.

“Get down and 69 each other, ladies.” Nathan walked over to the duffel bag to see what other toys they had brought with them. He pulled out two more whips. One had some other tails coming off of the end, the other was just a thinner version of the one Lucky had used on Cheryl. There were also some rather large dildos. He wondered when he might use those.

The girls were busy lapping at each other’s pussies and trying to make the other cum again. Lucky had a finger deep in Cheryl’s ass and was chewing on her clit. While Cheryl had 3 fingers up Lucky’s cunt and furiously licking at her clit. Nathan walked over and rained down a succession of blows with the multiple whip. This made the girls dive in harder. He continued to whip them, each time bringing it down harder.

“Oh, yeah eat that pussy while I whip you. You dirty little sluts.” He panted as he pulled on his cock. Suddenly he stopped and shot his load all over Lucky’s ass. Cheryl reached up to lick some of it off as it slid down towards her face. The girls came quickly after that.

Nathan decided that he wanted to fuck Lucky. He grabbed a hold of her and bent her over the side of the couch; he was through being nice. Pinching her ass cheeks he pulled them apart, shoving his cock-head towards her pink lips. She was dripping wet and he slid in so easily. Reaching around to pull on her tits, he looked over at Cheryl sitting there beside them and playing with herself.

“Why don’t you go grab one of the strap-on dildos from the duffel bag. Come and fuck her mouth while I fuck her cunt.”

Cheryl quickly got up and grabbed a black 6-inch dildo from the bag. She figured out how to put it on, it felt weird to have something hanging from her but it pulled on her clitty every time she moved. Cheryl positioned herself in front of Lucky’s face, pulled her head up from the cushion. Lucky was very close to an orgasm from being pounded by Nathan. Nathan slowed down when he saw that Cheryl was ready to fuck Lucky’s face.

As Cheryl placed the head of the fake cock on Lucky’s lips, Nathan slammed into her driving the cock straight down Lucky’s throat. Cheryl pulled back trying to give Lucky a chance to breathe but the sensation was so much that she slammed the cock back in. Nathan was trying to slow down and watch his girlfriend fuck this woman’s mouth but the show was getting to be too much.

“Cheryl, get back here and fuck her cunt. I want to watch you fuck her hard and spank her ass while you do it.”

She gladly obeyed. After a while Nathan decided that it was time for Cheryl to get fucked. He walked over, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor crawling on top of her. Undoing the fake cock he threw it at Lucky indicating for her to put it on. She shook her head and held up her finger. Lucky got up and went to get the 10-inch dildo that was in the bag.

Nathan pulled Cheryl up on top of him. He pulled on her hips and rubbed her hot wet slit on his cock until it was nice and wet too. Lucky crawled in behind and spread some lube on to Cheryl’s ass. Nathan shoved his cock into Cheryl’s cunt and held her there. Lucky started to spank her while rubbing the cock-head against Cheryl’s pink little rosebud, slipping in just a little more each time she pushed on it.

Nathan started moving his hips ever so slowly in tight little circles. He could feel the tension easing out of her whenever the dildo would push into her tight ass. All of a sudden Lucky stopped. She stopped pushing and spanking. Cheryl looked around at her questioning, “Why did you stop?”

Lucky replied “I want to hear you ask for it.”

Cheryl bit her lip she wasn’t sure she was ready for this. She shook her head yes but that wasn’t good enough.

“Ask me to fuck your asshole.” Lucky demanded.

Nathan gave a short jab from below. “Yeah bitch, beg her for it.”

Cheryl looked at Nathan. She couldn’t believe it. He was enjoying this, knowing that if she begged she would be totally humiliated. Nathan was enjoying hurting her and watching her with another woman. She quickly turned to look back at Lucky.

“Please fuck my ass and spank me.” She said sounding still very uncertain but that was all that Lucky wanted.
Lucky started slapping her ass again getting harder each time. Nathan started thrusting in time with the slaps. Lucky placed the cock-head at the hole to Cheryl’s ass and shoved, plunging it in all the way to the hilt. Quickly Nathan and Lucky got a rhythm going, until Cheryl was screaming continually through her orgasms.

Nathan struggled to get his words out, “Get off, I’m going to cum. I want to shoot it all over your faces.”
Lucky pulled Cheryl off but kept fucking her, slamming into her harder and harder, until she climaxed and lay quivering on top of Cheryl’s quivering body. Nathan stood in front of them and stroked his cock faster and faster until he shot his load all over their faces. He then bent down and shoved their mouths together. They easily embraced each other and started to clean his cum off each other.

After awhile the three of them decided to check out the bedroom to see what else could be in store for them.

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