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Tropical Paradise

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John Fisher was sitting at one of the many outdoor bars that covered the beach area of Phuket, Thailand watching the hundreds of sailors walking around. He had just gotten off the ship with a four day pass of not having to be back at the ship until the morning it got underway. The sun had just gone down with an evening tropical breeze blowing off of the ocean cooling off the heat of the day.

All of the bars were jumping with activity and of course there were the usual bar girls that hustled the sailors for drinks and to pay their bar fines for the night.

He was 23, tall, muscular build, brown hair, and was a second class petty officer in the Navy and this was his third trip to Phuket. Here he was sitting drinking a cold beer but the fun that he had experienced the first couple of times in Phuket seemed to not matter anymore. When he had lost his fiancé two months before deploying his life seemed to have lost the fun and wildness he had always found before. He had been so in love with her that they had discussed getting married before he deployed then flying out to Phuket with some of the other Navy wives to enjoy a honeymoon in the tropical paradise.

He drained his beer and got up from the bar stool and headed off down the street to find a quiet bar to sit in and get drunk. This whole deployment was out of whack emotionally. He had requested to be left behind because of the tragic circumstances surrounding his fiancé’s death. She had been working late at the doctor’s office and when she came out to get in her car had become caught in a gang drive by shooting. She was hit in her heart and died instantly. The police had still not found the shooters or even why shooting had happened. His Captain had met with him personally after it had happened and conveyed his sincerest apologies and condolences but, John’s job on the ship was critical and they needed him for the deployment. John was given a week off and then it was back to preparing for deployment. When he came back he wasn’t the hard charging sailor that he had once been.

John realized as he was walking down the main drag that he had been so desperate to get off the ship and away from it that he had forgotten to pack a bag for his stay ashore. He shrugged his shoulders and decided that he could always pick up some cheesy shorts and tank tops to wear later. He took one of the many side streets that were a little quieter than the others. He saw a bar with the name “The Rainbow Bar” that was quiet and it had only a few customers in it. Most of the customers appeared to be European men. John shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fuck it! It’s quiet and there aren’t any Navy guys around.” He walked in and headed for a corner table.

A waiter came over and asked what he wanted to drink. “Sir, what may I get you?”

“Please get me a cold beer and keep them coming for the next hour.” John said with a sigh.

“Do you know what kind of bar this is?” the waiter asked. He knew that this American was a sailor and probably didn’t realize he had walked in to a gay bar.

John looked up with an irritated look. “Listen asshole, I don’t care what kind of bar this is! All I want to do is drink some beer without any other sailors around me and some bar girl hustling me for drinks asking me to take her to a hotel to fuck her!”

The waiter shrugged his shoulders and walked back to the bar to get John his beer.

John leaned back in his chair and let out a loud sigh. He looked around the bar and realized that there wasn’t a single woman in the bar but, he really liked the fact that there weren’t any other navy guys to bother him.

The waiter came back with a beer and left him alone to drink it. John took the beer and took a big swig of it and then leaned back. As far as he was concerned the Navy could do without him for the next four days and if he had his say he and the Navy would have parted ways a few months ago.

The owner of the bar came walking in and saw John sitting in the corner. This was strange seeing an American sailor in his bar because he knew that this bar was one of the out of bounds area for sailors. He walked over to the John and sat down and signaled the waiter to bring a drink for him as well as for John.

John look irritated at the man that had just sat down at the table. “What the fuck you want?”

“My name is Marc and I own the bar, however, I hope you do realize that this is a gay bar or what you American sailors like to say a “Fag” bar.” The man said as the waiter set the drinks on the table. “I think this is one of the bars your Navy has declared out of bounds for you guys.”

John finally admitted to himself that this was a gay bar but, from the moment he had come in the bar there was a feeling of being comfortable and a feeling of being at home. On top of it the music that was playing was helping him to relax. “Look, I just want to sit here and drink my beer quietly and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the fucking Navy. I promise I’ll sit in the corner here and not bother anyone.” John said in almost a pleading voice.

“Well, you sound rather desperate my young friend so, as long as your quiet I don’t mind you being here but, if your Shore patrol comes by I don’t want a scene.” Marc said standing up. “If you need anything let me know and I’ll see what I can do.” Marc grabbed his drink then stood up heading to the bar to check the stock of alcohol for the night.

John sat there finishing his beer and then started on the one that Marc had bought him. He watched as some of the men were sitting close to each other and holding hands. He at first felt uncomfortable but realized as time went by that it wasn’t as bad as the Navy said it was about gay bars in Phuket. John was enjoying his beer, the music, and relaxing when Marc came over an hour later with two beers and sat down.

“By the way I introduced myself but I didn’t catch your name.” Marc said sitting down and placing one of the beers in front of John.

“I’m sorry, my name is John Fisher.” John said holding out his hand. “I didn’t mean to bite your head off earlier it’s just that I’ve been under a lot of stress lately from an incident that happen a couple of months before the ship deployed. Today was the first time I’ve been off the ship in about a month and a half and I didn’t want to be around sailors at least for the next couple of days.”

Marc understood exactly what John was saying. “Yes I can relate to that. I’m originally from California but about five years ago I became caught up in some bullshit in college and it got so bad that I dropped out of college, came over here opened up “The Rainbow bar” and have been minding my own business since then.”

John look surprised at this tall muscular Californian runaway that looked like he belonged here. “Well Marc, I like this bar and could care less that this is a gay bar. The music is okay and the owner is alright as well.” John raised his beer and toasted to Marc.

“Can I ask you what your plans are while you’re here?” Marc asked after taking a swig of his beer.

John smiled, “Well I have the next four days off and I don’t need to be back onboard until the morning the ship gets underway. However, I was so determined to get off the boat that I forgot to pack a bag and I’ve still yet to find a hotel room to crash in.”

Marc thought for a moment and then said, “Look I have an idea. I have a place down near the beach that has its own private beach as well as a few other nice touches. It’s about a 30 minute ride from here and I have plenty of room. Why don’t you crash there and I can give you a tour of Phuket that is a lot nicer than the ones the locals give to tourists, plus I have this Thai chef that cooks like a five star chef.” Marc paused then said, “I can also guarantee that there won’t be another sailor within a mile of you.”

John thought for a few seconds and then said, “Okay sounds good to me, especially the part about a sailor not being within a mile of me.”

Marc stood up and said, “Okay then it’s settled.” Marc walked over to the bar and talk to the waiter that had waited on John earlier and then signaled for John to follow him out of the bar. Once they were standing outside Marc headed towards the main drag and then signaled for a taxi.

Once both men got in a taxi Marc spoke Thai and soon they were bolting in and out of traffic. In about ten minutes they were clearing the bright lights of Phuket and down a dark road.

Twenty minutes later the taxi turned down a dirt road that seemed to vanish into the jungle. John was getting a little nervous that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe this guy was taking him out into the jungle and killing him. However he relaxed when they arrived at a two a story house that was well lit in front.

Marc got out and paid the taxi driver and signaled for John to follow him in to the house. “Let me give you a tour of the place but, before I do that let me see if my live-in chef, Chappie, is in and she can whip us up something to eat and drink.” Marc walked in to the kitchen area and disappeared.

John looked around the living room area and saw a back patio area that was lit with tiki torches. There was also a hot tub sitting on the patio area and further back John could make out the beach. John walked out on to the patio and took a deep breath. It was so quiet and peaceful, no city sounds, no bright lights. John closed his eyes and let the rest of his senses take everything in. He could fell his entire body relaxing as the cool, tropical breeze blew over him.

Marc came out from the kitchen and saw John standing on the patio. He walked up behind John and placed his arm around John’s shoulder. “It’s pretty nice here, but nights like this when the moon is full and the breeze is just right it is heaven.”

John popped his eyes open at the sound of Marc’s voice and feeling Marc’s arm around his shoulder. He turned and said, “Marc this is so nice. This is perfect!”

“Yes it is. This is my piece of heaven that I came to after I dropped out of college. My former lover was from here and his father is a very rich man in these parts. His son, Dao, and I were going to come back here and open up a small inn for gay couples to come to but after Dao was killed in California the year before we graduated I came here to get away from the outside crazy world.” Marc said with a sigh.

“I wish that I had a place like this. It’s like we stepped out the insanity of the human rat race and into a perfect world where time has no meaning I know my…..” John stopped his sentence. The thought of his fiancé was bringing back everything that had happened before the shooting when he had been so happy.

Marc saw John’s face change and knew that he needed to talk to release what demons he had inside of him.

Just then a small, Thai woman came out carrying a tray with two beers on it. She was wearing a two piece, neon green bikini with a light green, see through wrap-around skirt around her waist. She smiled at John and said to Marc, “Here are your beers and I’m warming up some food for you to eat. I will bring that out shortly, then after that I will be going over to Jenny’s place.” The woman bowed slightly and walked back inside and into the kitchen.

“That was your live-in chef?” John looked surprised that such a beautiful woman worked for Marc who was gay.

Marc smiled at John and said, “Let’s sit down. Her name is Chadapa I call her Chappie for short. She came to work for me a couple of years ago. She is quite a story and don’t let her looks fool you. She is one of the many transvestites that are in Thailand but she is quite unique.” Marc handed John a beer then sat back with a sigh. “She showed up at my bar one day and had been beaten up by her pimp because she had not made as much money the night before. We got to talking and she told me that she loved to cook and I needed someone to cook at my house as well as buy food for my bar so, I bought her from her pimp and she has been living here ever since cooking and keeping the cooks at my bar honest.”

John looked surprised at what Marc had just told him. “You mean that she is a guy?”

Marc nodded his head. “She was quite the transvestite hooker. She has a working 8-inch cock on her that she showed me when she first started working here.”

John was in shock that it was a guy. “I just can’t believe it!”

Chadapa came out carrying a tray of food and placed it on the table. She saw that John was staring at her with a look of curiosity. “Marc did you tell him that I’m not really a woman, even though I have these nice lovely breasts.”

“Chappie, I told him but he just can’t believe it.” Marc said with a smile.

Chappie smiled at Marc and then looked at John. “Well, I guess I had better show you now so that way you’re not staring at me while you’re here.” Chappie stepped back and first took off her top releasing medium-sized breasts. Her nipples were already erect and she stepped closer to John saying, “Go ahead feel them.”

John slowly raised his hand and touched Chappie’s breasts softly.

“Oh you’re a shy one I wish that I could show you just how sexually fulfilling it would to share a bed with me for a night.” Chappie let John caress her breasts some more then stood up. “Well let me show you what a lot of my ex-customers liked on me.” Chappie stepped back taking off her wrap-around skirt letting it flutter lightly to the sand at her feet. She turned her back to John pulling her bikini bottom down her legs and then stepping out of them. “Like that ass?” Chappie said while reaching around and caressing her ass.

John was stunned as Chappie took of her clothes in front of him. He already had an erection that was straining to get out of his pants. Touching her breasts had been so much like touching a woman’s, then watched as she seductively removed her bikini bottoms.

Marc could see the erection that John had and was impressed with it. He had like John from the minute he had seen him in the bar and maybe things could get a little more interesting with the right prodding.

“Okay John, let me show you my real treasure.” Chappie turned around and showed her cock which was already half erect. She stepped up close to John and said, “Go ahead and touch it. You know you want to.”

John stared at Chappie’s cock and couldn’t move. He stared at the half erect, bald cock on this lovely looking woman and found himself not being turned off by it. He slowly reached out and touched the tip of Chappie’s cock, then pulled back his hand.

“Okay Chappie, that’s enough we don’t want to scare the young man, he is one of the sailors off that Navy ship anchored off the point and is going to be with us for the next few days. Thanks for bringing this snack out.” Marc said with a smile, knowing that John would be in his bed tonight.

Chappie turned around and bent over to pick up her bathing suit and made sure that John got an eyeful of her. If Marc seduced this guy, maybe she could get some of John’s cock. Marc had done that on several occasions with some of the male guest he picked up in his bar. Chappie headed back in the house to get dressed and see her transvestite friend, Jenny, for some hot sex and relief.

Both men watched Chappie walk back in the house and sat there for a few minutes not talking. Marc then broke the silence, “Where are my manners? Let’s enjoy this snack and beer and then afterwards you can enjoy a hot shower and a nice big comfortable bed to sleep in. Tomorrow we can go to a market nearby that isn’t frequented by tourists where Chappie and I can get you some comfortable clothes to wear while you’re here.” Marc stood up stretching and his erection was still showing as he did.

John for a few seconds stared at Marc’s erection that was poking an outline in his shorts and was shocked at how big it looked. John closed his eyes and then opened them again. He grabbed his beer and food trying not to stare at Marc’s huge cock not realizing that his erection was still at full mast as well and was clearly outlined in his own pants. “Sounds great Marc and this food is great!”

Marc could see that John still had an erection after Chappie’s little show. “I can see that you enjoy Chappie’s show and tell.” Marc said grinning. “Most guys react the same way you do especially when they see her cock.”

John just nodded his head. He had been surprised at his own reaction and that he had even touched Chappie’s cock. He never thought of being gay but for a few minutes he had crossed that line and secretly wished that Chappie hadn’t left. “She is rather unique Marc.”

Marc knew that John would cross the line and sleep with Chappie but, Marc felt something for this young sailor both emotional as well as sexual. He decided that it was time for John to see him totally naked. “Before I take you in how about a quick dip in the ocean then we can rinse off in the outside shower and sit in my hot tub for a little bit. It will definitely help you relax and get that Navy washed off you.”

John sat there eating some more of the snacks and then said, “I don’t have a swimsuit.”

Marc laughed, “One of the advantages of having your own private beach is that you can skinny dip anytime you want and not have a hundred people gawking at you. I’m heading down for a dip and if you want to come along you can. If you don’t I understand that you’re tired.” Marc pulled off his tank top and showed a muscular build with a washboard stomach that had an awesome six pack. Marc saw that John was looking at him and paused letting John take in his upper body. “I have a small gym here to keep myself in shape so I can take care of drunk and wild customers.” Marc then kicked off his flip flops and with a slow fluid motion unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to the ground revealing that he wasn’t wearing any underwear as well as a huge erect cock that popped out.

John was shocked when Marc took his shorts off revealing he had no underwear on. However, what caught his eye was the huge cock on Marc. It had to be 10 inches. He licked his lips and tried to moisten his mouth with spit. He felt his own cock bursting at the seams in his pants trying to burst out of them. Taking a drink of his beer he managed to talk, “Uh sure.”

Marc knew that John was becoming curious and with a little luck he might have this sexy sailor in his bed tonight. “Okay, I’m going down to the water. I’ll be waiting for you.” Marc then walked off towards the surf with a smile.

John sat there watching Marc head towards the water not believing the feelings he was having seeing Marc’s nude body. He had to admit that Marc had an awesome body and that cock of his. John had never even considered sex with a man but seeing Chappie and then touching her cock. Something inside of him like a locked door had been opened and feelings that he had never had before were coming out.

Marc was an awesome guy and it was so easy to talk to him. He hadn’t been able to talk to anyone like that since his fiancé. He stood up, took another drink of his beer and then removed his clothes. Standing naked the cool, tropical breeze felt good on his body. It added an erotic feeling to the air and the thought of being in the water with the Marc was arousing him. He took a deep breath and headed off towards the water with his heart beating rapidly walking as if he was in slow motion towards the surf as if in a dream.

Marc saw John get up and undress. He took a deep breath as he saw the young man’s body. “Not bad for an American sailor, with some more work in the gym John could have a hot body.” Marc mumbled feeling his own cock pulsating in the water. “Just take it easy Marc, John is going to come to you easily so don’t rush him.” Marc thought as he licked his lips as John walked in to the water.

John saw Marc sitting in the water ahead of him looking at him differently. The strange thing about it was that it was turning him on and felt the urge to hug Marc and then kiss him. It was becoming a romantic as well as an erotic site as the moonlight replaced the glow of the tiki torches.

John stopped a few feet from Marc and sat down in the warm tropical water. It felt so erotic swimming in the nude, feeling the warm water engulf his nude body. John felt a freedom he hadn’t felt before. Looking up he couldn’t believe all the stars he saw, “Wow, the only time I see this many stars is when the ship is at sea. Marc this is really great and I haven’t felt this relaxed in months.” John let the warm tropical waters wash away his troubles with each surge of the incoming tide.

Marc smiled at the young man and knew that the tropics were working their magic. It had been the same way the first time Dao had brought him here. “So John, why are you so mad at the Navy?”

John let out a loud sigh, “It’s a long story.”

“We have plenty of time.” Marc said leaning back and enjoying the water.

John took another deep sigh and then began talking about his fiancé and her death. He also talked about how the Navy had only given him a week off then it was back to getting the ship ready for deployment. He told of how he had requested to stay behind because he was not emotionally ready but the Navy denied it.

Marc felt sorry for this young man because he knew what it felt like to lose someone close. He realized that they had been in the water for a while and said, “Why don’t we go rinse off and sit in the hot tub for a few minutes. While were doing that I’ll break out some good wine that I keep for special occasions.” Marc stood up and by now he was only a foot away from John. Marc’s cock was at half mast and Marc made sure that John got a glimpse of it in the moonlight.

John felt his mouth open when he saw Marc stand up and his cock only half erect but it still looked huge. He felt a tingling in his stomach and his own cock becoming aroused. What was happening to him? It had been a few months since he had sex but, was he becoming gay? He watched as Marc waded ashore and over to the outdoor shower. Now that Marc was standing nude in the light of the tiki torches John saw a body that hot.

Marc knew that John had watched him all the way and he sensed that John was wanting to just more that look at his body. He hoped that John would not become frightened in the morning if they ended up in bed together because Marc was having feelings for this young sailor that he had not felt since Dao. He had liked John from the minute he had seen him in the bar and had hope that at least he would get a chance to massage John but hoping that it might go further than just a massage. Marc stood there for a few minutes rinsing off the saltwater then turned the shower off and signaled for John to come in and rinse off. He then walked inside of the house and pulled a chilled bottle of California white wine he rarely drank and kept for only special occasions. Walking back out to the hot tub he saw John was just getting in and it was evident his cock was excited.

John looked at the nude Marc and couldn’t get over how hot and sexy he looked. He sat down in the tub and took the wine glass from Marc. “You must work hard to keep in shape Marc. I’m impressed with the way you look.” John said taking a sip of his wine and trying to act normal. It was strange that he was becoming aroused with this man and was acting as if he was on a first date with a girl.

Marc slid into the hot tub and sat across from John. He set his glass on the ledge next to the hot tub and then said, “Well I have to keep in shape to keep in competition with the young Thai boys that work as masseurs. I work for one of the five star hotels on the beach and when they get a guest that wants a Caucasian to provide a special massage well I get the call. Lately it has been slow but the bar usually does pretty good. I do the massages in hopes that I might meet another lover but most of my clients are out-of-shape businessmen that all they want is a good blow job.”

“I’m impressed Marc. You could give me a massage anytime.” John said without thinking what he had just said.

Marc saw the opening and said, “How about I give you one of my massages tonight? It will only take a few minutes to get ready and from what you told me out in the water you need something to relax you.”

John took another drink and then said, “Sure, why not? I could use a good massage.”

“It’s settled then.” Marc stood up and already his manhood was coming to life. “Give me about ten minutes and then I’ll come and get you.” Marc stepped out of the hot tub and dried off his body once again letting John get a good view of his body then headed inside.

John didn’t know what had caused him to agree to Marc giving him a massage. It was apparent that Marc wanted more than just to give him a massage but, John felt that he wanted more than a massage. He had found someone that wanted to hold him and make him feel good. Ever since his fiancé’s death he hadn’t had that feeling. He always remembered how the outside world went away when he was in bed with her and they had made love. Now here he was about to let a man massage his body that looked like a Greek God.

John leaned back and realized that just a few hours ago he had been on the ship hating everyone and wanting to get off of it. Now he felt like he was in a different world where nothing matter and there was no Chief or Division Officer barking orders at him. Sighing he closed his eyes and enjoyed the peaceful relaxing feeling. He had a peaceful, serene feeling and the idea of Marc massaging him was becoming an erotic thought as well as arousing him.

Marc set up his massage table and placed a soft white sheet on it and then set out his special lotions he used. They were a secret mixture of oils that he got through Dao’s father that helped a customer to truly relax. There was also a trace of aphrodisiac in the oils that usually helped the customer to become aroused more easily. Of course, as a favor Marc usually handled some very high ranking Thai officials as special customers. Grabbing a towel so that he could dry John off he also turned on his stereo that held a stack of CDs that had very relaxing music on it. There was at least five hours of music available. He finished the touches in the room then grabbed a towel to dry off John then walked downstairs to the hot tub where he saw John relaxing in the hot tub. He walked out and tapped John on the shoulder. “Are you ready for a blissful and erotic massage?”

John opened his eyes and looked up at the nude Marc and saw that Marc’s cock was becoming aroused fully. “Yea I’m ready. I was just enjoying this tropical heaven.”

Marc helped John out and began drying him off before John could say anything. Marc slowed down drying as he reached John’s waist. He could see that John was nearly erect and it was a big cock that was sticking out. Using the towel he grabbed John’s cock and squeezed it gently to dry it off. He heard John let out a sigh.

John at first panicked when Marc grabbed his erect cock with the towel but as Marc softly dried it he enjoyed the way Marc was squeezing gently on it. He let out a sigh and knew that he was about to enter another tropical heaven. When he felt Marc let go and move down the rest of his body drying him off he felt disappointed.

Marc saw the disappointment in John’s eyes and knew that it wouldn’t take long on the massage table to loosen John up. He stood up and leaned forward and kissed John softly on the lips and then said, “Come with me up to my table where I will take you to paradise.” Marc took John’s hand and led him upstairs to the room where the table was set up.

John was confused but also felt an erotic thrill as he walked into the room where the massage table was set up. The quick kiss from Marc had caught him off guard but he found himself wanting another kiss.

Marc helped the now quiet John on to the massage table on to his stomach. Marc wanted to devour this young man but he controlled his urges so that John could enjoy it. Grabbing a bottle of his special oil that he had warmed up, he dribbled it down the back of John, stopping at the crevice of his ass.

John felt the warm liquid down his back and let out a soft sigh. This was already feeling good and it was just the beginning.

Marc started at John’s shoulders and began rubbing his shoulders with his firm hands then slowly working his way down the back of John. Mac let his nude body rub against John’s body with his hard manhood fully erect. When Marc reached the crevice of John’s ass he let his hands soften their massaging and gently caressed the tight, young ass of John. He saw John slowly spread his legs wider allowing Marc’s fingers to slide into the crevice of John’s ass. His fingers slowly circled John’s asshole slightly pressing on the opening then continued down and for a brief moment touching the base of John’s hard cock.

John felt his body relaxing as Marc’s firm hands worked their way down his back, working out the soreness and stiffness of sleeping on his 6 x 3 bunk on the ship for the last few months. When he felt Marc’s hands go from the firm rubbing to soft, gentle caresses on his ass he felt the last bit of worries leave his body. He realized that he had spread his legs wider and then let out a groan as Marc’s hands slid between his legs. He felt Marc’s fingers circle his asshole and slightly press at the opening. The feeling wasn’t like he had thought it would be. It felt erotic as Marc’s fingers played at the opening then when Marc’s fingers touched the base of is cock he let out a moan.

Marc slowly began working down John’s legs switching back to firm rubbing motions and working the knots out of them. His cock was fully erect now and knew that this young sailor was his for that taking but once again controlled himself. He wanted this experience to be special for John. Besides watching this firm, athletic body under his firm hands was arousing him. Marc stepped back and said, “Okay John, why don’t you turn over.”

John realized he had a full erection and for a moment hesitated but wanted to feel Marc’s firm hands on his body. He turned rolled over and his cock now released sprang up hard. John was embarrassed at his reaction to the massage.

Marc saw John’s cock spring up and that he appeared embarrassed. Marc stepped forward letting his own hard 10 inch cock be seen by John. “Don’t worry about the erection John I was turned on as much as you were.” Marc took some of the oil and dribbled it down the middle of John’s bare chest, stopping at the base of John’s hard cock. The warm oil ran down the sides of John’s balls adding to his already erotic feeling. John let out a soft sigh and was glad that he had met Marc.

Marc began rubbing the oil in over John’s chest, slowly working his way down towards his raging hard on. Marc could see pre-cum glistening on top of John’s cock. Marc felt John’s hands bumping against his cock but leaned over and whispered to John, “Enjoy the massage because this is only the beginning. You’ll have plenty of time to feel my cock later.”

John closed his eyes and licked his lips to moisten them. He had felt Marc’s huge cock bumping against his arms and he wanted to take the huge manhood in his hands to feel it. He restrained himself after Marc said later there would be time for him to feel Marc’s hard manhood.

Marc let his hands swirl around the base of John’s cock and then let them slid up and down slowly the hard shaft stopping long enough to give the head a gentle squeeze. He felt John tense as if he was ready to come. Marc slowly slid his hands back down the shaft and then moved on down John’s legs leaving John breathless and sweating.

Marc finished with John’s feet and then walked to John’s side and saw that John had a lustful look in his eyes. “We are done with the massage, let’s shower you off and then let’s go to my bed where I can really work you over.” Marc said helping John off the table and leading him to the bathroom and the shower. Marc turned the water on and adjusted it quickly then led John in to the shower where he rinsed off the oil and continued his caressing of John’s body.

John wanted to come so badly as Marc’s hands continued to play him like a violin. He also wanted to explore Marc’s body, especially his cock. Moaning as Marc moved behind him and began to caress his ass, feeling Marc’s fingers slide between the crack of his ass cheeks to circle his anus and slightly press against the opening. John found that he was pushing his ass back against Marc’s hands as Marc probed his virgin ass.

Marc decided it was time to let John come. He stepped up behind John pressing his body against John’s so the John could feel his hard manhood. Wrapping his arms around the front of John, Marc took some body oil and poured it over John’s hard cock, then began stroking in rhythm as he rubbed his own cock against John.

John let out a loud groan when he felt Marc’s hard cock press against him and then feeling the oil pour over his cock. John reached out with arms and put them on the shower wall for support as he felt Marc stroking his cock. “Oh God! Don’t stop Marc! I’m about ready to come!”

Marc whispered in John’s ear, “Come for me.” Marc then let one of his hands slip to John’s anus and slightly pressed a finger into the opening until it popped inside and felt John’s sphincter locked on to Marc’s finger.

John felt his cock ready to explode when he felt Marc’s finger slip inside of his ass. First he was shocked then a few seconds he it felt good. Suddenly John tensed and said, “I’m comminngggg!!!!”

Marc felt John’s cock tense and then felt it shoot his come on the shower wall and then felt the warm semen oozing over his fingers as he milked John’s cock. He slowly pulled his finger out of John’s ass and pulled him back under the water where He rinsed John off as well as himself. He got John out of the shower and began drying him off.

John felt spent after Marc had jacked him off. His legs felt like rubber but it had felt so good feeling Marc’s hands on his cock and Marc’s cock rubbing against him it had added to the erotic stimulation he was feeling. Marc had aroused him so much during the massage, more than any woman had ever done before. “That was incredible Marc!” John said finally managing to speak.

Marc finished toweling off John then dried himself off leaving his hard manhood still at full mast. He looked at John and said, “John, we have only just started. Wait till I get you in my bed.” Marc wrapped his arms around John and pulled him close, letting John feel his hard cock pressed against John’s cock that was becoming hard again. He then kissed John slowly on the lips, letting his tongue probe John’s lips and then slowly force its way into John’s mouth.

John was surprised when Marc grabbed him and began to kiss him but slowly he melted in to Marc’s arms and then opened his mouth to accept Marc’s tongue. He wrapped him arms around Marc and for a couple of minutes they stood there kissing with only the sounds of the music coming from Marc’s CD player. For John it was like he was in another world where everything was perfect.

They finally broke their kiss and both men were breathless. Marc took John’s hand and led him onto the bedroom and helped in to the bed. Marc climbed in after him and said, “Now John if I do something you’re not comfortable with please let me know. I want this to be a beautiful experience because right now I’m in love with you and I want to show how another man can make you feel.”

John looked at Marc as their nude bodies were touching each other. Marc’s tanned sculpted body against his was adding to his erotic fires. “Okay Marc, but right now I want you more than anything else. When I saw you undress out on the beach and then talking out in the water has made me have feelings for you. I haven’t felt this good since the death of my fiancé. For the next four days I want to be with you and enjoy each other.” John leaned forward and kissed Marc.

Marc was surprised by what John had just said. Only a few hours ago they had met in his bar and now here they were in his bed ready to make love. He never would have thought that this attractive sailor would have gone this far. “John, I promise that I’ll make the next four days heavenly for you. However, before we make plans let enjoy tonight.” Marc kissed John softly on his neck and then began working his way down John’s body to his already hardening cock.

John let out a sigh and leaned back on the pillows as he felt Marc move down his body planting soft kisses along the way. For a moment he closed his eyes and then felt Marc’s hands slowly grab his hard cock and stroking it softly. He opened his eyes and was mesmerized as Marc took the head of his cock into his warm mouth.

Marc saw John open his eyes and watch as he took the head of John’s cock in his mouth. He smiled and then concentrated on softly sucking the head of John’s cock letting his tongue circle around the rim of the head while his hands played with John’s balls.

John let out a loud moan, “Yes Marc that feels so good!”

Marc slowly moved down John’s cock taking all of it in his mouth and then back up slowly. He did this several times and could feel John’s reaction. He gently let John’s cock pop out of his mouth and reached over to the nightstand and retrieved a small bottle of oil. “Now John I want you to relax, I’m going to finger your ass and slowly start preparing it for my cock. If it hurts let me know and I’ll slow down but I think you will do fine. Now just lay back and enjoy.”

John was a little apprehensive but he trusted Marc at this point and did what Marc wanted him to do. He felt Marc kiss the head of his cock and letting his tongue swirl around the rim of the head. John let out a sigh and relaxed.

Marc saw that John was relaxed and began to take all of John’s cock in his mouth then slowly side up and down. At the top he would stop and let his tongue swirl around the head then take all of John’s cock in his mouth and at the same time Marc was massaging John’s balls with his hand.

Marc saw that John was relaxed and let John’s cock pop out of his mouth. Reaching over he opened the bottle of oil and put some on his fingers and then let some dribble down towards John’s asshole. Setting the bottle back on the nightstand he took John’s hard cock in his mouth then let his fingers slide slowly to John’s asshole.

John let out a gasp as the oil seeped down to his ass and was having second thoughts but when he felt Marc’s finger rim his ass he let out a moan and automatically opened his legs wider. The feeling of Marc’s warm mouth sucking on his cock and then the finger circling the outside of his anus caused his cock to get even harder. John then felt Marc’s finger pop into his ass. At first it hurt but as Marc slowly worked the finger in his ass, it was beginning to feel good.

Marc felt John tense at first as his finger entered his ass but as Marc worked it he felt John beginning to respond to the finger. After a few minutes Marc let John’s raging hard cock out of his mouth and told John to roll over and get up on his knees and hands like a dog.

John let out a disappointed moan as Marc took his mouth off of his cock. When Marc wanted him to roll over and get on his hands and knees like a dog he felt nervous. He also becoming turned on at the thought of Marc’s huge cock fucking his ass. He had never felt this way before but so far everything had been so good and Marc knew what he was doing. He was on his hands and knees when he felt the oil seep down the crack of his ass he couldn’t help but let out another moan and offer his ass to Marc.

Marc took two fingers and began working them into John’s ass and was surprised at how quickly John’s ass was adjusting to the size. In a few minutes he had worked three fingers into John’s ass. He was surprised at how John was taking the finger fucking in the ass. His cock was already hard and there was precum glistening on the head anticipating the tight virgin ass it was going to experience shortly. “John, are you ready for my cock now?”

John was in pure bliss as Marc’s fingers slid in and out of his ass. It had hurt some but the pain had gone away and in it s place it was replaced with the most erotic feeling he had ever experienced. When he heard Marc’s question he just sighed and pushed his ass towards Marc then heard his voice say, “Fuck me Marc.”

Marc pulled out a condom and slid it over his hard cock. He then poured some more oil on John’s ass and then moved the head of his cock to the opening of John’s ass. “Now tell me if it hurts to bad. I don’t want to cause you a lot of pain.” Marc said gently while his hands stroked and played with John’s ass. When he heard “Fuck me Marc” he knew that John was ready. Marc pushed the head of his cock into John’s ass. He felt resistance and told John to relax and let out like he was going to the bathroom. When John did that Marc’s head popped into John’s ass.

John felt Marc’s cock popped in to his ass and at first he wanted to scream but as his ass adjusted to the huge head he wanted more and tried pushing back but felt the head of the cock pull out.

Marc felt John wanted his huge cock all at once but he pulled back while caressing John’s ass. “Easy does John, let me work it slowly. It will feel so much better and I want to enjoy that tight ass but if you get too wild I’m going to come quickly and I don’t want to do that.” Marc put the head of the cock at the opening of John’s ass and said, “Okay now just let me feed it to you.”

John was going crazy! He wanted Marc’s cock in his ass badly. He had never experienced anything like this before.

Marc pushed the head of his cock back in to John’s ass and then slowly began inching in his huge cock. It was tight and it had been a while since he had such a tight ass. Within a few minutes Marc had his cock buried inside of John’s ass. He lay pressed against John letting him adjust to his cock. It was taking a lot of control not to come while John’s ass was locked securely around his cock.

John was gasping for air and Marc had pushed further in with his cock. The pain was there but it didn’t last long as his ass adjusted to the size of Marc. He realized that Marc had his cock all the way in him. He let out a loud moan saying, “Fuck me Marc! It feels so good!”

Marc was sweating but when he heard John wanting him to fuck him he lost control and slowly began pounding the now ex-virgin ass. He felt his cock getting ready to come and increased his thrusts.

John went crazy as Marc fucked his ass, “Oh god Marc I’m coming!” John then felt his cock shoot its load on to the sheets below him. He wanted to collapse but Marc was holding him by the hips and felt Marc’s cock getting ready to come.

Marc heard John come and that was enough to push him over the edge. He felt his come shoot out and he held John’s ass against his body as the feeling of his cock exploding began to subside.

Both men collapsed on the bed sweating and breathing hard and enjoying the moment with the only sounds being heard was the soft music and the ocean tides sweeping on to the beach outside.

Finally after a few minutes of laying there John whispered, “That was so hot Marc. I never thought having sex with another guy could be such a turn on. My ass is sore but you can fuck me anytime.”

“Well I have the next four days to do just that and I might even let Chappie join us.” Marc said with his arms wrapped around his new lover.

Both men fell asleep amid the quiet of the tropical night.

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