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Tick Tock Shock

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Stanley Montrieth III rushed into my office, “Oh my God, I did it. I actually did it. I shagged all these beauties in a pool on my own desert island!”

His curly, ginger hair was more unruly than usual and his face was flushed with excitement and exhilaration.

I knew, he’d been working on something exciting and it looked like he was ready to tell me at long last.

We’d been friends forever. Stanley was … well Stanley, an eccentric, mad scientist type. He had more money than was wise, and, was able to indulge some of his outlandish but brilliant ideas.

I couldn’t help but grin at his enthusiasm, even though, I had no idea what he was spouting on about.

“Ok. Explain.” I put my pen down, grinning back at him. Sex always grabbed my attention!

Stanley began his excited chatter and told me about his special wrist watch, “…and it has amazing dials, and, it transports you in time to other worlds, other dimensions, and, to places where your own erotic fantasies can come to life, to indulge and be indulged.”

He showed me this watch and fiddled with a few dials and slapped it on my wrist and suddenly, he was gone, his voice a distant echo!

I seemed to be floating and rushing somewhere fast. I heard whisperings of what sounded like, “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock” whooshing in my ears.

I could breathe and feel but things were rushing passed my eyes too quickly to make any sense and there were amazing colours of blue and white and red and yellow and pink and green and, then there was blackness …

I felt as if I had been in a deep sleep for a while. I opened my eyes and found I was kneeling on a wooden floor against a large, luxurious four poster bed.

My wrists were bound tight in front of me, anchored to a post by the headrest. I tested the bindings but was unable to undo them. The rope was fairly long and I sat on the bed taking in my surroundings, trying to make sense of it all.

It seemed to be a luxurious cabin, oak paneled with small leaded arch windows, an oak desk with a lamp, a log book of some kind, open, with an ink pot and quill. There was a wooden carved chair by the desk & another matching one that has a long black felt coat thrown on to it. It had shiny gold buttons and striped gold and black epaulettes on the shoulders.

I looked down at myself, my dress had changed too. I was now in a black short lacy negligee of sheer, light material with spaghetti straps on the shoulder, the front dipped down in a slight v, covering the matching little panties I was wearing. It certainly didn’t seem to leave much to the imagination!

I stood and tested the rope and was able to stretch its length a little. I moved out from the bed and peaked out of one of the nearby arch windows. The view was beautiful and hinted of a different world, a different time.

The sky was orange and yellow as the sun was setting, with the biggest moon reflecting over still calm waters and a smaller baby moon in front of it.

In the distance I saw lands and islands but they were just too far away to make out what they were.

It appeared the ship, if indeed a ship I was on, was anchored and stationary, possibly in a harbour or basin of some sort.

“Where is this place?” I wondered and looked at my bound wrists, “and what had I gotten myself into?”

A thought suddenly sprung to mind, “Had I quantum leaped here through time and space somehow?”

I moved back and lay on the bed trying to make sense of it all and eventually my eyes started to droop.

I must have fallen asleep again, for next, I was suddenly aware of being lifted and my arms being stretched out before me.

I opened my eyes to find I was knelt in the middle of the bed. The rope that bound both my wrists together had stretched my arms up at a 45 degree angle in front of a large mirror. Behind me was the most stunning and handsome man I had ever seen.

He was dark haired and tanned with an air of authority. His chest was naked and toned, with trained, hard muscles and a sprinkling of hair. He was wearing black tight trousers with a silver buckle and boots. “A handsome pirate, maybe,” were my first thoughts.

He gripped my hair and pulled my head back, meeting my eyes in the mirror. I saw fire and lust and a rawness that caught my breath before he tied a gag to my mouth, preventing me from voicing my burning questions.

My heart was racing and I watched him like a hawk trying to gauge what he had in mind and the mood he was in.

He spoke into my ear, his voice deep and soft. He nuzzled me, teased my senses, playing on the unknown quantity of my situation. His gentle breath was purposefully sensuous. It worked. My body responded and he knew it.

My breasts became swollen and my nipples pebbled into points. A warm flush invaded my sex causing my panties to dampen as my juices seeped into the material. My breath quickened and my heart raced.

“You seem to be an unexpected guest on my ship. Luckily my crew saw your potential for their Captain and bought you here for me. I have work to do first but, I can admire you from my desk”

He stared at me in the mirror locking on to my eyes and then he moved his hands to my breasts, cupping and kneading them.

“I can see you like that,” he whispered, and moved one hand between my kneeling legs spreading my thighs apart. He brushed at my panties before sliding a finger inside, testing my excitement and finger fucked gently. I groaned as my body ignited and gushed with appreciation.

He removed his finger, took it to his nostrils, breathed in deeply of my scent before licking and tasting his finger, smiling.

He looked at me bound there and looked pleased at how I displayed on the bed.

Then, he looked again, taking a moment to ponder and moved his hands to my neckline at the front and tugged down hard, ripping my negligee so it hung in tatters by my shoulder and waist. My breasts spilled out to his gaze.

“Better,” he murmured as he moved to his desk to work.

I pulled on the wrist rope but I was bound fast.

I thought of the Captain’s words, “…his crew found me…”

It must have been in my blackness after all those colours, and they must have bought me here and bound my wrists.

I looked at the Captain, through the mirror, working at his desk, busily writing in his log book. He had a stubborn curl in the middle of his forehead that seemed to refuse to be trained back. He was very handsome, with his rugged, chiselled features and green knowledgeable eyes.

Every now and then, he looked at me, lifting his finger with my scent on, to his nose, breathed in deeply, and tasted a little with his tongue. The flicking, licking action mesmerised me, teased my mind to erotic thoughts.

He finished what he was doing and leaned back in his chair eyeing me slowly, drinking in my slim, toned frame, my rounded breasts, free and loose to his gaze, my slim waist and womanly hips. My secrets barely covered by my sheer, see through attire, torn to my waist.

I blushed a little at his intense inspection and for the obvious excitement that built in the pit of my stomach. I wanted this man, I found him attractive and he knew it.

He smiled and moved to the bed, kneeling behind me. He forced my knees and feet further apart so his groin was against my bottom. My senses were on high alert. His hands began to explore my body. He kneaded my waist, my stomach, and he kissed my neck to my ear.

“Watch me,” he demanded, “Watch me enjoy you in the mirror”

His breath and tongue teased me, igniting my needs as a woman. He stroked my arms suggestively in front of me. He trailed his fingers from my bound, uplifted wrists, down to my shoulders, then down my sides to my outer thighs.

He slowly inched upwards, teasing and assessing my reaction. My body was on fire, a warm glow of sexual attraction flushed my skin. His actions caused the negligee to tease and graze sexily against my skin.

He cupped my breasts and a groan escaped my lips behind the gag. He pulled me into him tight, my back against his chest. His chest hairs brushed my soft skin and he kneaded and fondled more, slightly harder, slightly more urgent.

He enjoyed the reaction he was causing. Then his body bent forward a little and he placed his hands at my knees on the bed and began to drag them up my inner thighs, until he fanned either side my pussy, causing my negligee to rise with him. The material teased my sensitive skin again and revealed more of my body to his gaze.

His outer thumbs reached the crease of my thighs and he rested there a moment before massaging a little. The movements caused my panties to move tantalizingly over my inflamed womanhood. I ached and throbbed now for his attention.

I groaned in need and want. My eyes begged him for more in the mirror. He continued to kiss, nibble and lick my neck, my shoulders and my ears. He was driving me wild and feeding that need, a strong powerful need that intensified with each and every kiss and with each, and every fondle.

My panties were wet, soaked with feminine desire.

He produced some scissors and cut one side of the thin lacy string of the panties on my hip, causing it to fall and hang on the opposite leg. My red trimmed tuft revealed, my intimate lips were wet and oozed my interest in him. I was swollen, aching and throbbing with want.

He cut the remaining string and used the panties to wipe the juices from my pussy. I moaned and gyrated my hips at his touch. He indulged me for a moment and let me grind into his hand and my panties. My juices flowed freely, generously covering all of his hand and wetting my panties.

Using the same coated hand, he untied my gag, only to rub his thumb along my lips. I could smell and taste my arousal on him. He caressed and fondled the outside of my mouth with his thumb. He watched intently. He used his glazed thumb to slowly spread the juices , like lipstick, across my lips. He slid it inside my mouth, then out again and back in and on my tongue. It was the most sensual thing and I found myself holding my breath.

Then he kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth and tasting me there, and I remembered to breathe again in little pants.

As he pulled away from the kiss, he slowly pushed my panties into my mouth so half were inside, resting on my tongue, the other half hanging on my lower lip and chin.

He moved away to put the scissors on his desk, and then inspected his work, walking around the bed.

He saw a sexually aroused female tied kneeling to his bed; arms out stretched in her binding; her breasts and hardened nipples hanging free; slightly reddened by his kneading and squeezing; her negligee hanging torn from her trim waist; nude from the waist down; her naked pussy, wet and hot from his expert teasing and her sodden panties hanging from her mouth. He smiled, pleased with the image before him.

He moved to the bed and took some pillows. He positioned them, just in front of my knees. Then he tunneled between them, his head, face up. His hair teased my inner thighs as he passed through, slowly, purposefully building my sexual tension. His journey ended next to my pussy.

His head rested on the pillows to ensure his comfort. He lay on his back looking up at me intimately and his breath teased my heated core.

He grabbed and kneaded my butt cheeks and then pulled my ass and my pussy towards his lips and tongue. He nuzzled and breathed in deeply, taking in my womanly scent of arousal.

He stilled and blew a little, to heighten my anticipation of what he was about to do. His breath rippled across my sex, ruffling and parting my short pubic curls.

I groaned and flooded with raw desire, lusting after him, as surely was, his very intention.

Then he licked me, and fed off me. He sucked in my labia, exploring my furrows with his tongue, kissing me in the most intimate of ways.

I gave myself to him, groaning, losing my control, and greedily wanting him.

I watched him in the mirror as he lapped me, turning me on even more, hardly recognizing the wanton creature that reflected back. The erotic sight of him between my legs was a powerful aphrodisiac.

He explored every crevice and every crease. He tasted, licked, sucked and softly nibbled at my sex. I circled my hips and ground into his face. He growled in satisfaction as my body openly responded to him.

I pushed harder as I felt his tongue on me, tasting my pleasure. His hands moved to open my lips to look inside me and he licked at the pink inner flesh. Then, he pressed his face into my vagina and began to tongue fuck. The feel of his hot tongue inside drove me to distraction and I began to whimper and grind my teeth on the panties in my mouth.

His thumb teased and circled my clitoris and I felt my orgasm building. His lips moved to my swollen bud and he flicked and circled it with his tongue.

He inserted two fingers into my pussy and fucked me slowly at first, then faster.

His other hand, fingers coated in my juices, teased my bottom and he probed, then penetrated into that special place.

He finger fucked my pussy, my bottom and sucked and licked my clitoris as I continued to watch him in the mirror, mesmerised. The sight of him there, between my legs was breath taking and exciting. The sensations on my body drove me crazy, building that primitive lust.

It was all too much to resist. My breath quickened, my body tensed and my release was sudden and powerful.

I shuddered throughout my body, groaned loudly, muffled by my panties still in my mouth.

I shook and trembled as wave after wave of ultimate pleasure enveloped me. My juices flooded and he drank the essence from my heated and sensitive core. He demanded, wanted, every last drop of my excitement.

My body jerked and spasmed over him, lost in the moment of ultimate pleasure. It drained me of strength, filled me with the wonder and glow of it all. And then eventually it subsided and I was left trembling and breathing deeply.

He kissed me there one last time, still feeling my tremors, and he moved from underneath me.

He lowered my arms, still bound and out stretched, on to the bed. My face lay sideways on the soft sheet, my bottom was in the air, presented to him.

He walked round behind me and massaged my bottom cheeks. He spread them to view my secrets. I felt him drizzle a little oil as he played with my inner valley and pussy. He pushed his fingers into both channels, filling me, feeling my walls, preparing me for his needs.

He moved to my head, and unbuckled his belt as I watched. He pushed his trousers down, releasing his impressive erection. It was big, hard and as beautiful as him.

He lifted my head by the hair. I rose up, eager to taste him and he pulled the panties out of my mouth slowly.

He placed my panties in to his own mouth and prodded them in place with his finger. He tasted me on them and my scent wafted up to his nostrils.

Then, he pushed his cock in my mouth and began fucking my head slowly.

We both groaned in pleasure as my tongue licked and tasted his hardness and the seeping precum on his crown.

He stilled my head and then ground and rolled round my mouth, exploring me with his shaft.

My tongue traced the ridges of his crown and I caved in my cheeks as I sucked on him. He fucked a little more, his fingers still gripping my hair, before pulling my head away, and lowering me back to the bed as before.

He moved behind me and I felt, his ardour as he pushed into my pussy in one thrust. He gripped my hips and guided the rhythm to his liking. This was his turn now, for his pleasure and not mine. He drove hard, fast and furious.

My tight walls spread along his shaft as he pushed to my cervix, making me gasp and moan in ecstasy at his possession.

He pushed in. He pulled out, and faster he fucked, growling and animalistic in his actions.

My panties still hung from his mouth, and then, just as suddenly, he stopped, breathing hard as he fought for control.

He reveled in the feel of my pussy on him, tightly fitting him, like a glove.

He withdrew, and then began again, this time claiming my bottom.

He pushed in and stretched me till his full length was buried in my body. He enjoyed the moment and then, let the raw need take him.

He fucked hard and fast again, his fingers gripped my hips, biting in to my flesh as his rhythm became more frantic.

He reached over me, gripped my hair with one hand, pulling me up to gain a deeper depth. The other gripped my shoulder and pulled me back. He fucked harder. Primal lust filled his mind and body.

My body rejoiced and was wanton at his claiming of me. Then as he started to reach his peak, he bent over me and palmed my breasts, groping and squeezing me.

My panties fell from his mouth and rested on my shoulder.

His teeth found my neck and clamped down, biting and marking me in his animal rawness.

My panties shifted and fell from my shoulder to the bed. In my excited state, the pain of the bite was dulled at my neck. I felt him stiffen in his release.

His seed rushed my anal channel. The breath from his nostrils was exhilarating and empowering on my neck. He growled and shuddered and trembled as his powerful orgasm rocked his body.

He eventually released my neck still growling, his marking and claiming complete.

We stilled in the moment and enjoyed the wild raw moments that had passed between us. We enjoyed the satisfied afterglow that surrounded and clouded us.

Our harsh breathing and racing hearts started to slow down and return to normal. Our bodies hummed and calmed after such fulfillment.

He withdrew from me and moved to his desk, picking something up before returning to me.

He untied my wrists and placed the dialed watch on me.

He turned some dials and whispered in my ear, “Come back to me soon”

And then I was in the tunnel of colours and the whooshing “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock”… sound.

In next to no time, or so it seemed, Stanley was stood in front of me grinning. My clothes were back to normal and I was sat at my desk as before..

“Well,” He asked, “Did you meet him? He came to find me you know, at the pool, he told me to get you for him.”

I look at him confused, “What?” I leaned forward, placing my arms on the desk top.

My eyes were suddenly diverted by the red bind marks on my wrists and then as my gaze returned to Stanley, they passed over a mirrored photo frame on my desk, and I saw the bite mark on my neck.

“The Captain, He’s been looking for you!”…


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