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She’d been hiking and it was a hot day. She was fairly deep in the bush but she had a satellite phone, so she was still in contact with the outer world if required.

She had actually run into some signs of civilisation over the past half hour, spotting a few fences and there had even been a couple of signs posted. Coming down the track off a particularly steep hill Suzanne was quite pleased to see the river. She could cool off there.

The path followed the course of the river for a while, not too close to it but near enough that the happy wandered could duck down to it for a bit of fishing if they wanted to. Or swimming, thought Suzanne.

Even better, Suzanne found, was a billabong that had been formed where the river went around a bend. The resulting pool looked cool and inviting. It was also posted, Suzanne found, with a No Swimming notice.

Local governments took too much on themselves in Suzanne’s opinion. What the hell did it matter if someone went swimming in a pool in an isolated area? It’s not as though she was going to poison the water by having a quick swim.

It was hot, Suzanne was hot and sticky, the water looked cool and inviting and the local council could go to the devil as far as she was concerned. She stripped off and slid into the water.

It was as cool as it looked, clear as crystal, and deep enough to swim in. Suzanne swam, chasing the odd fish and enjoying herself.

Until the voice rang out.

“Oi. Get out of the water. No swimming here. Didn’t you read the signs.”

Twisting around, Suzanne saw a big burly man standing on the bank next to her clothes.

“I’m not hurting anything,” she said defensively. “What’s wrong with a swim.”

“It’s dangerous. You’d better hop out now,” came the reply. “Why the hell do you think we’d post a pool way out in the middle of nowhere? For fun?”

“Well I’ll come out when I’m ready and I won’t be ready while you’re standing next to my clothes,” snapped Suzanne. “And if it’s so dangerous, why doesn’t the sign say so?”

“It does, if you read it properly,” came the drawled response. “Maybe you just didn’t understand what it said. Tell me, what part of Danger, Crocodiles, did you fail to understand?”

Suzanne swallowed a scream. Swine, she thought. It doesn’t say that.

“It doesn’t say anything at all about crocodiles,” she protested. “It just says no swimming.”

“That’s what that part says,” came the reply, with the man indicating the sign Suzanne had glanced at. “The crocodile bit is on this sign,” and he indicated a smaller sign halfway down the post.

Suzanne was now feeling slightly nervous. She’d seen the lower sign and had assumed that it was just more council threats. She hadn’t bothered to actually look at it. She looked around at the clear water. Crocodiles, my arse, she thought. He just wants me out so he can perve at me.

“Ah, Miss, if you’re thinking I’m having you on you should look over there,” said her visitor, indicating the far bank.

Turning her back to him, Suzanne rose high enough above the water to check the other bank. Nothing that she could see. Then there was a slight movement and what she thought had been a small tree branch shifted position. Suddenly her focus sharpened, and her startled eyes suddenly spotted half a dozen small crocodiles.

She almost giggled. Scared of those? He had to be kidding. Sinking back down into the water she turned to face the intruder.

“You don’t really think those little things are going to be a bother do you?” she scoffed.

“Look again,” came the dry reply, “and this time, open your eyes.”

An irritated Suzanne turned away and stood up again. Still six small crocodiles sunning themselves. She stared harder. What the hell was he talking about? She was turning her head to ask that question and she spotted it out of the corner of her eye. Her head snapped back around.

“Oh my fucking god,” she whispered, backing away, her eyes never leaving the fallen tree she’d seen and dismissed. The damn thing had to be at least twenty feet long and she’d ignored it.

Suzanne had backed fully out of the water and would have kept going but she bumped into the man standing next to her clothes. She pointed at the crocodile, her hand visibly trembling.

“How can people let that thing run around out here?” she asked. “It’s a monster.”

“That thing, as you call him, has been here for a good eighty years, and may still be around for another twenty or thirty. Why should we bother him? He doesn’t bother us as long as we keep out of his way and we do post signs. Some people even read them.

Now while it’s very interesting to observe you like this I’m reluctant to do anything about it this close to the old man over there, so why don’t we head on down the track a bit and then I’ll be prepared to respond to your charms.”

With a gasp, Suzanne realised she’d been so busy watching the crocodile it hadn’t even registered that she was standing there naked, talking to a stranger. Now it did and she grabbed for her clothes.

“You could at least be a gentleman and turn around while I get dressed,” she snapped.

“Could, but I won’t,” came the reply. “I like the scenery. I intend to get better acquainted with it later but, like I said, not with the old man nearby.”

Finally dressed, Suzanne turned towards the track, intending to keep on her way. Parked there was a battered old four-wheel drive, pointing the way she was going.

“I’m Jack, by the way,” she was told. “Hop in and I’ll drop you off in town, if you call our place a town.”

“Thank you. I’m Suzanne. I think I’d sooner walk.”

“Oh stop panicking, sweetheart. If I wanted to rape you I had a perfectly good chance right them while you were naked and I didn’t even touch one of those lovely boobs of yours. You’ll be perfectly safe and I’d feel a lot happier if you weren’t walking through someone’s hunting ground.”

This last was said with a jerk of the head towards the pond and its owner.

The thought of the old man lying by the pool was enough to have Suzanne scrambling into the vehicle. With that thing wandering around she decided that she’d be a lot happier not to be walking.

Jack started the engine and they drove on down the track.

“How far ahead is the rest of your party?” he asked after a few minutes.

“Ah, there is no-one else,” Suzanne explained. “I’m hiking by myself.

“That explains it,” said Jack.

Suzanne looked at him suspiciously.

“Explains what,” she asked.

“I was wondering how you could be silly enough to go swimming with a crocodile,” Jack said, smirking. “I now see that you suffer from congenital idiocy.”

Suzanne glared at him and said nothing.

A few minutes later Jack spoke again.

“If you look on the back seat you should spot a blanket. You might like to grab it.”

Suzanne blinked. A blanket? In this heat? Was he kidding?

“Why,” she asked, “would I want a blanket in this weather?”

“It’ll be softer on your back than the ground,” Jack told her.

Suzanne looked at him, then frowned as she worked out the insinuation.

“I won’t need it,” she returned calmly. “I think you’d better pull over now and let me out. I’ll walk from here.”

Jack looked amused.

“OK,” he said. “There’s a layover up ahead. I’ll pull in there, but you’ll find the ground rough. We’ll take the blanket.”

“This is not funny, Jack,” said Suzanne. “You seem to be insinuating that I’m going to have sex with you and I don’t appreciate it.”

“Odd. I’m usually clearer than that. Let me put it this way. I am going to have sex with you and I’ll do my damnedest to make sure you do appreciate it.”

At that point the layover appeared and Jack pulled into it. Suzanne was looking at Jack, an uncomfortable squirming in her stomach.

“Are you saying,” she asked carefully, “that you’re going to rape me?”

“No such thing,” returned Jack. “Think of it as more along the lines of a determined seduction.”

In a fight or flight situation Suzanne’s instincts turned to flight. She grabbed for her bag and the car door at the same time, intending to vanish into the bush with great haste.

Jack on the other hand reached for his car door and Suzanne’s waist at the same time, and he was a lot faster than her. He descended from the vehicle, bringing a squealing Suzanne with him.

“Do I take it that your formal protests mean that you’re not going to take your clothes off voluntarily?” Jack asked, and nodded to himself at the language he got in reply.

Holding Suzanne under one arm, Jack calmly and efficiently stripped off her shorts and panties. Twisting her around, Suzanne found herself divested of her top and bra.

Suzanne was quietly appalled. All her struggles had been no more than a few ineffective wriggles as far as Jack had been concerned. Jack wasn’t bulky because he was fat, she realised. He was bulky with muscle.

“What are you doing?” Suzanne yelped as Jack strolled around to the far side of the car, still holding her tucked under one arm.

“Getting the blanket,” explained Jack. “Look at that gravel. You do not want to have me entertain you on that stuff.”

“I don’t want you to entertain me at all,” pointed out Suzanne, not really expecting that to make any difference to Jack.

She squirmed in his hold, watching as he extracted the blanket and casually flicked it open so that it settled on the ground. How often had he practised that move, she wondered?

Jack was still holding Suzanne tucked under his arm while he stripped off his own trousers. Suzanne gasped in shock when he did so. As far as she was concerned she was now seeing her second monster of the day, and this one looked even more threatening than the first. The first one would only have eaten her, but that thing. . .

Suzanne found herself being laid on the blanket. She was promptly furious with herself for finding she appreciated the fact that he’d put down the blanket for her.

Finally finding herself free, Suzanne promptly kicked out at Jack, only to see Jack laugh and catch her flying legs. Pushing them apart he moved between them and down over her, his erection now lightly pressing against her.

Suzanne’s hands snapped down to cover her mound, only to see them casually pulled away while Jack pressed forward a little. Suzanne squealed as she felt the invasion begin, his cock easily pushing its way past her lips.

Jack paused at that point, his cock just barely inside Suzanne. Two large hands reached up and took hold of Suzanne’s breasts. She started to struggle against him, and then stopped as a horrible fact dawned upon her.

Any wriggling she did was just going to force her up against his cock, effectively driving herself onto it. If she didn’t wriggle, however, he could assume that she was consenting and would drive down into her. All she could do was abuse him, and all the abuse in the world wasn’t going to stop that monster from invading her.

Jack took his time. Slowly but surely he descended. Suzanne felt herself stretching, felt heat and excitement gathering deep inside her, while moisture rose along her passage, providing lubrication and inviting Jack deeper.

Jack took his time accepting the invitation, but accept it he did. Suzanne squealed several times as he drove in. Not from pain or fear but from a combination of anger and excitement. She hated what was happening, but her body had other ideas. It opened, sending out its siren call, drawing Jack deeper.

Finally Jack ceased movement, fully sheathed in Suzanne’s warm passage. Suzanne couldn’t really believe it. She hadn’t thought that she’d be able to take all of Jack, and wasn’t really sure how it had been managed.

Now Jack was pulling back, slowly teasing her flesh as she felt him drag against her. Supremely aware of cock inside her, filling her, drawing her attention to itself, Suzanne still tried to find a way out of her predicament. As Jack pulled back she waited until he was nearly out and then made her move.

A simple twist and he’d pop free and have to start again, she thought viciously, and as Jack paused at the top of his withdrawal she acted. And then screamed with a combination of shock and fury as she found her body had its own plans. What was supposed to be a twist free became a hard push, her hips rising as she lifted to meet Jack.

Seething, but knowing she had no real choice, Suzanne gave herself over to attending to Jack’s needs. If she had to, she had to, but there was no rule saying she couldn’t enjoy it. She started pushing forcefully up to meet Jack.

Jack was still taking his time, slowly working Suzanne’s body into a state of burning arousal. Excitement and fire were igniting inside her, being fanned into flame by Jack’s insistent thrusting, his massive member raising havoc with her nerves.

Suzanne found herself restlessly squirming under Jack as he drove into her, long slow strokes that seem to penetrate every inch of her. Her body was turning into a fire of burning need and Suzanne was doing her best to stoke the flames.

Everything was happening too slowly for Suzanne’s peace of mind. Jack just kept going on and on at the same relentless pace. She wanted more. She needed more. She could hear herself babbling as she argued with Jack, demanding he do a better job. And Jack was just smiling and dragging it out for an eternity.

The change when it came took Suzanne by surprise. A large hand closed around one ankle and lifted her leg high, rolling her over onto her stomach without disengaging. Hands on her hips lifted her onto her knees, Jack still driving into her. Then his hands closed around her breasts again.

“OK,” came a rumbling voice. “Playtime is over. Let’s get to work.”

Suzanne screamed as she felt Jack thundering into her. No more long slow strokes. Now there was a battering ram attacking her. What she had thought was excitement and fire she now found to have been mild interest and a spark.

Jack was now building on that mild interest, turning it into real excitement. His battering ram was hot and hostile, forcing the spark to ignite and burn. Suzanne was now screaming with excitement and need as Jack relentlessly took his pleasure from her, while driving her to a pitch unknown.

Suzanne screamed and convulsed as her climax washed over her, shuddering with delight. She wanted to lie down and just savour the feeling but couldn’t. Jack had not so much as slowed down.

Suzanne groaned as she felt Jack’s cock continue its plundering of her body. The sudden explosion had let the fire die down but Jack was stirring it relentlessly back to life.

Suzanne’s bottom was bobbing up and down, trying to meet Jack’s efforts, and she could feel the excitement rising within her again. She was gasping and squealing as Jack hammered home, seeming to be coming into her even harder and faster than ever.

Then he was flooding her, lava splashing inside her, burning her, the hot liquid adding to her internal heat and sending her spiralling out of control again as another orgasm ripped through her.

This time when Suzanne surface she found she was seated next to Jack as he drove down the track. She was still naked, she idly noted.

Oh, god, she was in a car and naked. Anyone who they passed might see her. She looked around for her clothes, scrambling into the back seat to put them on.

“Where are we going,” she asked. “I wanted you to let me out, remember?”

“I remember,” said Jack, “but I thought I’d better give you a lift until you were safely past the next couple of holdings. You can’t trust some of the guys who live there. They’d be all over you as soon as they saw you. Much safer to stay with me for a while. You know you can trust me.”

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