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Peggy Has Four For Dessert

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My wife Kay and I were going away for a long weekend with our friends Don and Sandy. We were staying at a hotel I had been to many times on business. I got a terrific deal ,so figured both couples should upgrade and live it up for the weekend. When Kay and I got to our room, or I should say rooms, as it was a four room suite, I noticed a great view of the gardens, and from our balcony you could see over to the golf course past the other wing of the hotel.

Don and Sandy had the adjoining suite and theirs, while not as big as ours, was certainly very nice.

When Sandy saw our suite she said “Well I know where the party is going to be”

Sandy is a blond with a womanly figure, certainly not skinny, but she is very sexy and very, very flirtatious. I had often talked in my love making sessions with Kay about Don and Sandy, and we thought when Sandy started flirting, if she only knew…..

Sandy had often confided in Kay, and me, for that matter, that she wished Don would be a bit more adventurous, and had suggested that maybe he should take a lover. Kay said she would help, and Sandy said simply “Oh, yeah, then I get big boy here, that would only be fair”. At the time we all laughed and nothing more was said, except Sandy later snuggled up to me, fitted her body into mine, and said, “Now that was an interesting idea of Kay’s don’t you think? Hmmm, sounds very interesting“.

Don is a slender man, a poet‘s build Kay said, fairly quiet, and a neat dresser. Kay found him to be very attractive, and once when she was sucking my cock, she looked up at me with a sexy look on her face and said, “Do you think Don would like it if I did this?” She then licked my cock up one side and down the other, and then completely swallowed me. I told her he would love it, he would love to cum in her mouth and then lick her pussy until she screamed in ecstasy. She went completely wild and sucked my cock so hard and deep I thought every drop of cum in my body would come out, and that’s exactly what it felt like.

Now back at the hotel as I stood there watching Sandy and Don, my cock started to get hard, and I thought, once again,….if only they knew, but since this had been going on for about two years, I knew it would never go past the flirting, some intimate hugs and kisses, and in our case fantasy fucks, but that was cool.

After they left Kay was standing at the window watching something. She looked so good with one of my favorite light summer dresses on. Kay is in her fifties, but still a beautiful woman. All the young guys at our sporting club are always telling me how great looking my wife is, and they give her lots of attention, which she of course eats up.

“What are you looking’ at hon’” I said as I came up behind her and pressed into her. I realized that my cock was still swollen from my thoughts about our friends, and vaguely wondered if they had noticed anything while they were in our room.

“I’m looking at a most delightful creature who is getting undressed and touching herself as she does it” said Kay.

I noticed that Kay was idly stroking the front of her silk pants with one hand while she caressed her breast with the other. I put my arms around her and she pressed back against the ever hardening cock that was now straining to get out. Why is it that you always get so damn horny on holidays? Then I saw what she was looking at and my cock stiffened more. “Creature” was certainly the right description, this lady moved like a cat. It looked like she was moving to some music, she was moving so gracefully. I could not take my eyes off her. I felt Kay’s hand move behind her and encircle my cock, I undid her zip, and she shook off her pants, so that she stood there in her panties, and then I slowly started to play with her in time to this beautiful vision’s motion. I could feel my groin swelling, and the gorgeous wetness and scent that emanated from Kay. We stood there, partly clothed and made love while we watched our “creature” move around in her room.

I felt Kay’s hand close tightly around me. “Oh, My God, she starting to finger herself, I’m going to cum”. She thrashed about, and I held her tight to me until those delicious tremors subsided, and then she moved back into my body, her hand still caressing my straining manhood.

I couldn’t believe it, Kay had cum in a very short time, she usually lasts forever and then cums for ages. She kept fingering herself, and touching her tits and soon she was off and running again. I couldn’t see too much, because Kay was in front of me, but when I could see our “creature” she made my peepee twitch even more than it was. Kay said to me “I wish I was there with her, she is so sexy, I’d love to run my hands all over her body while she fucked herself.” She then turned to me and said “I want to suck you now! Right here, and I want you to watch and tell me what she does.” As I watched our vision, I saw her put four fingers into her pussy all the time keeping her sensual rhythm, and as I thought that she came, I did too. How weird to cum in time with someone about 50 or 60 yards away! Kay was so turned on by my words that she swallowed all of me, so that not a drop hit the floor. I felt different afterward, as usually I am quite sated, but I felt that nervousness you feel before making love to someone for the first time. It was extremely pleasant but unsettling. Kay must have felt the same, because she said that Don better watch out, and Sandy for that matter, as she felt very, very horny.

Before we knew it, it was time to go down for dinner with Don and Sandy. We actually hooked up right outside our room and Sandy put her arm through mine and said to Kay, while gesturing towards Don ” You take him down, honey, he’s not too good for me for a while. Get him going Kay, and get him back to me when he’s ready for whatever.” The elevator was crowded, and I could see that Don blushed as he was pressed up against Kay. I knew his cock was already hard, and I felt my cock stir too. Kay started to get that dreamy look she gets when she wants a sexy body, and as Kay leaned into Don, I knew that Kay had him ready for “whatever” right now. He had revived very quickly.

The head waiter brought me out of my reverie, and we were shown to a lovely table partially open to the gardens. Dinner was great, but there was this sexual tension in the air, and when the talk got round to sex it was the crotch stirring style. Sandy was telling me what she would do to me if she had three wishes, and we were on a desert island.

All Kay said was “I want to be there too, what about you Don?

” Think I’d let you three fuck your brains out without me, no way!”

“I’ll take that as a yes then”, said Sandy, “ooh, I’ve got some very naughty thoughts.”

“One of these days someone’s going to take you up on one of these, you know that Sandy?”, said Don, and I couldn’t help but notice he smiled at Kay as he said it. One of these days, huh? Well I sure hoped I was there.

“She’s here “, exclaimed Sandy.

“Oh, my God, she’s even sexier close up”, said Don

I looked up and saw our creature, and she was only one table over from us. So Don and Sandy had seen her too. That explained why Don had needed some help. Obviously our mystery lady had spawned more than one set of orgasms with her display. Kay was just staring at her with her mouth open. Our fantasy lady seemed oblivious to the world around her, but when she turned and saw us looking at her, her smile was so warm and friendly I felt a little guilty about my thoughts earlier. We were almost finished dinner, but as a conversation started between her table and ours, we decided not to break the spell with this lovely lady, and lingered for quite a while over our teas and coffees. Before we left we had found her name was Peggy. She was a drug rep. for a large firm and a soccer mom. She had some business to finish up on the Saturday, and then was staying through till the Sunday for some R and R. She was very friendly, and we arranged to have dinner with her on her last night.

The four of us adjoined to our suite, and had a few more wines. The conversation turned to sex, as it usually does with us, but this time that tension from before was still in the air. Don and Sandy talked about seeing Peggy, and the conversation soon centered around this very sexy lady.

“I saw her naked and we fucked one another while we watched”, said Sandy, “I told Don I’d like to watch him fuck her.”

“Oh, my God, that is so sexy Sandy,” exclaimed Kay, “ I sucked Ted, but if there had been 6 guys there, I think I could have sucked them all!”

There was none of the usual banter that followed such a sexy remark, and we just looked at one another with glazed looks. For myself, I could have fucked all three of them, well maybe not Don, and since I didn’t think he would appreciate those kinds of thoughts I gently reminded people that we shouldn’t blow it all on the first night. As we said our goodnights, there was something in the air. We had enjoyed the odd passionate kiss, but tonight seemed different. As we went to the door , Sandy slipped into my arms and passionately kissed me, her tongue dancing around inside my mouth. I could feel her sucking my sex into her willing body. I looked over at Don and Kay, and Kay was kissing him just as passionately, and she had her hands pulling his crotch into hers. He in turn was rubbing his hand up the side of her neck, which is an incredible turn on for her.

I then felt Sandy’s hand slide around the front of my slacks and caress my rock hard cock. “Oh God, I’d love to have this in my mouth some day,” she said, and then pulled me down to kiss her again.

“You turn me on so much, Kay and I make love to you guys all the time”, I blurted out,” You’re our fantasy couple.”

I thought I’d said too much, but she just moaned, rubbed my cock more and murmured, ”That’s wonderful”.

We were at our door, and the noise of elevator doors opening and the sound of people broke the spell, so we reluctantly separated and said our final goodnights.

When we went inside Kay looked at me with a flushed face and said, “ I touched his cock, darling, I couldn’t help it, I was so turned on from kissing him that I just had to.”

To allay any fears and hear more, which was already exciting me, I told her that Sandy had rubbed my cock too and told me she wanted to suck it. Kay got that dreamy look and just said ,“Fuck me.”

As we fucked and sucked one another, she told me she could hardly keep herself from just throwing Don down on the floor and fucking him, she just didn’t care. She wanted him to cum all over her face, and then lick his cock until it got hard again. She was so horny. For my part, I came twice within the time we were making love and was ready for round three. Not bad for an old guy.

“I wonder if Peggy knows what she’s responsible for”, said Kay as she rubbed her wet fingers in and around her beautiful pussy. “I wonder if she knows what I’d like to do to her?”

I had heard Kay talk vaguely about making love to a lady, and on occasion in heavy lovemaking she had said a few things, but I had never heard her talk so explicitly, but I knew one thing, I was looking forward to tomorrow. Lovely Peggy, God knows what she would think if she knew about the goings on.

“Peggy might be shocked, you had better be careful“, I said,” we don’t want to ruin a brand new friendship.“

All she said as she rolled over to sleep was “Women know about women darling, something you guys are still working out……….”

The next morning Don and I had planned to go golfing around 11:30 am, while the girls had shopping on their minds. I was a little embarrassed about our goodnight scene, more for Don than me, as he tended to be less physical than me, and also was fairly shy. However, he seemed his old self, and somewhat relieved I headed for the golf course. After a decent shot off the first tee, Don threw his arm around my shoulder, and commented on what a great shot I had made. He then told me what a special guy he thought I was and how he felt he could do anything with Kay and I. His meaning was obvious, and we shared probably the most enjoyable round of golf we had ever played together. We were so relaxed it was unbelievable.

After the round we had a quick beer with the fellow and his wife that we played with in the assigned foursome, and ambled off by ourselves.

“Sandy told me what you said about us being in your fantasies Ted, and I have to tell you it was such a turn on. I”ve always thought that Kay was so cool, and I must admit that the thought of being with you guys had crossed my mind but, you know…..”

“Yeah”, I said, “it’s a lot easier to dream about it than do it, but I really like both you guys, so I guess I think Sandy is ok too.”

Don gave me a shot and said “Yeah right, you’ve hardly ever noticed her, have you?”

We continued in our comfort zone as we headed back to the hotel, and I wondered what the ladies had been talking about.

When I got back to our room, Sandy was still there, and she immediately came over and gave me a sensual hug saying “Hi, gorgeous“, pushing into me while Kay looked on in amusement.

“What were you two on about”, I said, “up to no good I should imagine.”

Sandy gave me a little smile and said, “No, we were just talking about dessert, and I know exactly what I want.” With that she said that she had better go get ready, and with a quick bye she was gone.

“So what did you guys talk about?” asked Kay. “Did the subject of the four of us come up?”

“Well sort of, in fact I was quite surprised at how at ease Don was. He was more cool talking about how sexy he thought you were than his golf handicap.”

“ Would you really like to fuck them, darling?’ asked Kay, as she put her arm around my neck and kissed my cheek, “because I would.”

I just looked at her and smiled. “Let’s get ready for dinner, we can’t keep Peggy waiting, after all, she started all this.”

When we got down to dinner Don and Sandy and Peggy were already there. Sandy immediately grabbed my hand and said, “You’re sitting by me lover.”

Don, more relaxed than I had ever seen him grabbed Kay and Peggy and said “Guess I’m stuck with these two then.”

We all laughed and the maitre de took us to a large booth which easily accommodated the five of us. The two wives sat on the outside while Peggy sat in the middle between Don and I.

Dinner was a blur. Peggy was entrancing, and every time she touched me I felt my groin leap. Sandy meanwhile was stroking, nibbling, and whispering how sexy Kay and Don looked together. I also had noticed how they were looking at each other, and also how Kay and Peggy seemed to be sharing intimacies with their eyes.

When it came time for dessert Peggy said “Sandy tells me we’re all having dessert in your room, Ted.”

I didn’t think she knew exactly what Sandy had in mind, but I just said, “Sure let’s go!”

As we headed toward the elevator, I noticed that Don had his arms around Peggy and Kay, but I kind of lost interest in the elevator when Sandy put her arms around me and whispered “I think you and I are going to fuck tonight.”

When we got to our suite Kay put on some music, turned the lights down and said “Who wants to dance?”

Don said, “I will in a sec, but first I gotta’ use the powder room.”

Sandy said “ I want to cuddle with Ted.”

Peggy looked at Kay, and Kay simply nodded and glided into Peggy’s arms.

Sandy and I, as turned on as we were with each other, simply sat and stared. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen, and they weren’t doing anything except dance.

As we watched Don came out and said “Oh, my God,” and just stood there. “Do you two have any idea how good you look?” He asked.

As he said that Peggy gave Kay a sensual kiss on the neck which ended up being a full blown kiss. It was incredible.

Sandy put her hand on my cock, and said “Oh fuck.”

Peggy pulled away from Kay and said, “You guys watched me last night, I would love it if I could watch you guys tonight.”

“But..” stammered Don. Embarrassed we looked around at each other. We had been busted big time.

“Oh come on”, said Peggy, “If you could see me. I could see you, and I know you guys want each other. I just want to watch.”

“We’ve never done this, you know.” I said.

“Well,” said Peggy, “Could I tell you what I’d like to see for starters?”

We all seemed to agree at the same time, and Peggy continued, “ I’d like to see Kay dance with Don like she danced with me, and see what develops, and Sandy I’d like you just to continue doing what you were doing with Ted. Now is that so hard?’

Sandy giggled and put her hand back on the front of my pants. My cock had lost its hardness, but Sandy just whispered, “I can’t wait to see Kay take Don’s cock in her mouth, I have dreamed of that almost as much as I have dreamed of you and I.”

My cock got immediately hard as Kay started dancing with Don and before the song was over she had put her hand down to snuggle his cock. As Don responded I saw Kay moan, and drop to her knees and zip down his fly. She reached in and his cock sprung out. I was amazed that he seemed unconcerned about his audience, and I realized the sexual power that my beautiful Kay had. She held his cock, and looked at it for the longest time, all the time wetting her fingers with saliva and caressing the length of his shaft.

This got everyone going, and while Kay kneeled there fully clothed, with Don the same, except for his cock being decidedly naked, Sandy and I started shedding our clothing, kissing and touching one another as we went. Peggy put her hand under her skirt, and as Kay lent forward to take the object of her desire into her mouth both women gave a gasp. Kay took his cock and swallowed it. Peggy pulled up her skirt to reveal that she wore a nicely trimmed pussy underneath and nothing else, and plunged her fingers into her beautifully trimmed sex.

Sandy was pumping my cock with one hand and fingering herself with the other.

“Kiss me!” was all she said and soon I was lost in her mouth. My hand traveled down to join hers, and together we finger fucked this pussy which I had dreamed about for two years.

We stayed like that for a while until Sandy asked me if we could watch. We looked over at Kay and Don and they had managed to get a few more clothes off, while Peggy looked so delicious as she slowly slid one finger up and down her slit while her other hand caressed her breast which was now visible through her unbuttoned shirt.

Kay looked around at Peggy, and said “I want to look at you Peggy, I want to see your beautiful cunt, and I want you to watch while I make love to this beautiful cock. Please come over and watch me.”

Peggy was sitting on the easy chair opposite Sandy and I, and instead she just waved Kay over toward her and the chair. Kay kept sucking on Don and removing her clothing while Don slowly took off his shirt and fondled Kay’s hair and breasts. When they were undressed Kay took Don by the cock, stood up, and pulled him over to Peggy,

“Come on Don, let’s take this beautiful piece of equipment over to Peggyland.”

Peggy laughed and dropped her skirt, and whipped off her shirt. I was in awe. She had great legs, but it wasn’t so much that she had a wonderful body, it was just that I realized the term “creature” was so apt. She was a sexual animal, and the center of the universe, we all stopped what we were doing to watch her, but she simply said, “I love watching you suck him Kay, I am going to get real close, and maybe you’ll give me a little taste of him once in a while, and then maybe I can help you put his cock in your pussy.”

They got so close that they were giving one another little feathery kisses, and Kay would take Don’s cock and place it gently into Peggy’s mouth, and then bend down and smother Peggy’s breasts with lick, occasionally taking her nipples between her teeth. This seemed to send Peggy wild and she would hungrily slurp Don’s rigid bone, and eat Kay’s mouth whenever she stopped working on her breasts.

Sandy told me she wanted me to be inside of her so she could watch and enjoy the feel of me as well. I brought my cock to her pussy lips and rubbed up and down her slit, before plunging into her. It felt like my whole body was in a place of joy, another planet. Our eyes were locked on each other, as we rode each other’s sex. We then would rest and turn to watch the sexual show opposite. It was fantastic. Watching was almost as good as fucking!

We could hear every whisper from the three lovers and I thought I would cum on the spot when Kay said to Peggy “Would you put his cock in my pussy please, and then would you kiss us both where his cock goes in. I want to taste you and I and Don on your lips.”

Peggy moved like a dream. Everything seemed to be in slow motion.

She took Don’s cock in her mouth and lathered it up, the slowly bent down and ran her tongue along the length of Kay’s slit. She then turned to us and said “Watch as I slide this big large cock into this pretty, sexy pussy.” She bent over filled her mouth with saliva before engulfing Don’s cock, and then slowly inserted it into Kay all the while cupping his balls and telling them both how sexy it looked.

Sandy asked me to fuck her and roughly pulled me into her tighter. She started to buck, but as sexy as she was, and although I was in seventh heaven I could not take my eyes off Peggy and Kay. They didn’t just fuck Don they adored him,

and they adored each other. After Don started to fuck Kay, Peggy slid her fingers in her pussy as far as they would go and did it within an inch or two of Kay’s mouth. Peggy and Kay never let their gaze leave each other, and when Peggy removed her hand from her pussy, Kay hungrily reached up and licked the nectar off Peggy’s fingers. They then kissed passionately. Peggy then moved down to where Don and Kay were joined and slurped Don’s cock and Kay’s pussy until they exploded.

I looked lovingly at Kay and then Peggy. Kay whispered something to Peggy and she smiled and moved over towards me.

I was so close to coming, not only was I fucking Sandy , but the whole scene was a dream come true, with extras! As Peggy got close she leaned down and held her mouth about an inch from mine, while her hand drifted down across my chest, and gave me a start as she cradled my balls, and gently squeezed them. She then gave Sandy the same treatment, pinching her nipples slightly which made her buck even harder, and caressed us both where my cock and Sandy’s pussy were joined. As she teased Sandy’s clit she leaned over to me and said there are some other things I want you to do for me. Will you do that?”

“Oh, yes,” I groaned.

“I want you both to taste Don and Kay and I, would you like that?’

“Yes!!” we both groaned.

Like a cat she moved back to Don and Kay. She slipped Don’s cock out which at that moment looked close to beautiful, and looking at us ran her mouth all over it taking Don’s juices into her mouth. She then put three fingers into Kay and then into her mouth adding that to the mixture, and then once again she came over close to us and once again inches from our mouths. Sandy and I were kissing one another as we fucked with more passion than I imagined was possible. Peggy then put one leg up and inserted her fingers into what truly is the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. That was too much for me and I could feel my load start to build. When she put her fingers in my mouth I exploded. She did the same to Sandy and she followed me, her nails ripping into my back as her juices and mine mixed and our mouths crushed into each other.

“Tonight”, said Peggy, “you will taste everything at the source. You have been each others fantasies, and you four are my fantasy, I just didn’t know what you would look like.“

We all seemed to come out of our sexual trance at the same time, and of course it was Sandy who had the smart crack, saying if she had known it was this good she would have started something ages ago. We all laughed, and as I said “Who’s for a shower”, we sprinted for the bathroom pushing each other out of the way. “There’s two bathrooms”, I said, but I knew that the second bathroom would remain empty.

“Girls first”, said Peggy, and Don and I graciously bowed as the three stepped into the large shower. It was Peggy in charge as she directed the girls to soap and wash each other. “Soap Kay’s pussy, Sandy,. Doesn’t it feel wonderful?’

Sandy just nodded, as her hands and fingers played with Kay, Kay put her arms around Sandy and drew her into a passionate kiss.

“Suck me Sandy’, whispered Kay, and Sandy just slithered down in the shower and started to tongue her friend. Peggy stroked them both and smiled at Don and I. Our cocks started to grow again as we watched our beautiful wives pleasure each other. I looked at Don and he looked back at me and just said “far out!”

After more than several minutes, which passed so quickly, Peggy said “Boys turn”.

The girls stepped out, wrapped themselves in towels as Peggy waved us in.

“Soap one another up boys, and if you can keep your cocks hard the girls said I can fuck you both.” She then started to erotically describe what she would do to each of us. I was surprised that despite Don and I soaping one another’s cocks we stayed as hard as rocks. Peggy had us in another place. We both rubbed each other, and I could see by Don’s face that he was getting pleasure, as I was.

We adjourned to the bed room and the lovemaking started all over again. All three girls were sucking Don and I while kissing and nibbling one another. It was incredible. Then Kay directed for a while having Don and I suck and lick each of their pussies while the other two would cheer us on. I couldn’t believe my cock was so hard, but it got harder when Peggy started to put on a show. She started an erotic dance unlike anything you will ever see in a club. Don and I were sitting on the bed while the other two girls were cuddled on the recliner. Peggy then danced over to Don and I and whispered “Would you like to fuck me?” We nodded like schoolboys. She danced in front of us, her pussy moving like a living thing. I felt like my cock was going to burst. “I’m going to fuck you both at once,” she said, “first one then the other, then back, would you like that?”

Again we nodded. She moved toward me, and pushed Don to the side as she slithered onto the bed. She kissed me and started to stroke my cock. She then lay down and asked Don to make sure she was wet. She then asked him to lick her to make sure. Then she looked at Don and said, “ Bring me Ted’s cock and put it in me.” He was entranced and he grabbed my cock as I moved toward Peggy. “Look at my pussy Ted, it can’t wait to have that beautiful cock in it. He’s doing it for me, do you like it?”

I couldn’t believe that I thought about it for a second and simply said “Yes, yes I do” It in fact did feel good as Don helped my cock and spread Peggy’s pussy lips as I plunged into her. It was almost disappointing when he let go. I glanced over at Kay and she mouthed “I love you” and I saw that Sandy was frantically fingering herself. Then I went to heaven. Peggy was kissing me, nibbling me, and whispering things to me I had never heard a woman say before. I would have done anything she asked, and what she asked me to do was wet Don’s cock with my mouth and put it in her.

I didn’t have to think, and as Don heard what she said, and knew he was going to fuck her, he didn’t think either. He thrust his cock at me and didn’t take his eyes off Peggy. I looked up and saw Peggy watching me with lust in her eyes, and that was all I needed. I took Don’s cock in my mouth as I looked at her. Her lust increased as I sucked more, and then I was part of it. I don’t know how long I had Don in my mouth, when Peggy said “Put it in my cunt Darling” I almost came. I gently licked her pussy, wet my hand and wrapped it around Don as I guided him into her. Don didn’t fuck her, her ravaged her. The harder he thrust the more she got turned on. Kay and Sandy came over to the bed and started sucking on Peggy’s tits, and she went wild. They pinched her took her nipples in their teeth and teased her. Don and Peggy had their mouths wide open in desire and when they came they exploded. It took minutes for them to come back down, and it was then that I realized my cock was still hard. Kay and Sandy had been sixty-nining one another while they watched the lovers and they too, had cum somewhere in the proceedings. I began to jerk my cock as I lay among my friends and then felt the gentle lips of my wife . As I watched she was joined by Sandy and Peggy. Don laughed and said “If it was before this“, as he motioned to his flaccid member, “I’d probably be there too, but not now buddy!”

I lay back and enjoyed the most loving and pleasurable cocksucking that I had ever had. As I started to feel myself cum I heard Peggy say “Please, may I?”

Sandy and Kay stroked my balls and touched my nipples as I felt waves of cum pulse through me, and into Peggy, who watched my eyes as she sucked and took all of me.

As we put robes on, shared drinks and laughs, it wasn’t as though we had been wanton lovers, but old friends. Kay gave a toast to Peggy and thanked her for the wonderful experience. “It wouldn’t have happened without you Peggy”.

Peggy then toasted us and thanked us for making a lifetime fantasy come true.

“You don’t know how I’ve dreamed of something like this. I’ve been a drug rep for 8 years and a soccer mom for 10, and I always hoped for a special and sexual adventure, but never sought it out. Great things come to those who wait, I guess. Now I have one more thing to ask.”

“Anything”, we chorused.

“Before we went out tonight, I was kinda’ hoping something would happen, so I phoned home, and told everyone I was going to stay over one more day. Do you think I could bunk in here?”

We all just grinned.

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