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The Pleasure of Giving

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Such a simple and well known phrase. But how can anyone derive pleasure by giving something? – it defies all logic. The excitement of receiving something new, indulging in the joy of a gift, a compliment or whatever it may be that has been received. That’s surely got to be where the real pleasure lies. Not by sitting back and watching someone else enjoy that experience, thinking all the while that it’s really you that wanted to receive something. It just makes no sense.

Sure it’s a nice feeling to see someone enjoying such a moment, but honestly, deep down you’re not pleased for yourself. You’re jealous. Hidden only by a mask of false excitement. It’s definitely not a pleasure.

But what really is pleasure, does anyone really know what pleasure is. Many dictionaries describe pleasure as, gratification, delight, satisfaction, or even agreeable sensations. Pleasure is something that cannot be measured, cannot be captured. It could almost be described as a state of mind, an emotional brick in the wall of happiness. How do we know this? We know that happiness is a frail state of mind made up of many small, but possibly more significant pieces. Pleasure is but one of those. One of the most powerful of all when it is tapped into in its raw state. Nothing can beat the feeling of pure pleasure – that I dare you to argue.

So how can giving something to someone provide this intense feeling, this raw emotion? Think about it for a minute, what could you possibly give to someone that could create pleasure for someone, expose them to this small, powerful little emotion so that it returns to you?

This is my story on how I once managed to achieve this unlikely feat…


“What’s on the box tonight?” Jacqui yelled from the kitchen as she was finally dishing up their dinner.

“Dunno, I’ll have a look in a sec” Steve yelled back having just sat down on the couch exhausted after what had seemed a long day.

It was around 8.15pm, unusually late to be sitting down for the evening to have dinner, but sometimes that’s just how it panned out when they were both working parents. Afternoons blurred into evenings, evenings blurred into nights, and before you knew it, it was time to put the cat out again.

As Jacqui sat down handing Steve his dinner they both scanned the on screen guide to see that nothing greatly excited either of them, but they settled on yet another reality program. The kind that you can watch for 5 minutes and know exactly what was happening, had happened and was going to happen.

Sitting silently both staring into the screen, not talking nor really watching what was unfolding in front of them, they both aimlessly ate their dinner – a 15 minute Thai chicken fettuccine that Jacqui had become a master at. A seemingly routine occurrence on a seemingly routine night. But tonight was going to be anything but routine.

“Pass your plate” Steve said as he rose from his seat on his way to the kitchen. They had recently moved into a new property and this one didn’t have a dishwasher – the modern day maid as Steve called it. Knowing that Jacqui had cooked, Steve knew he had to clean. Not a favourite job, but nevertheless one that had to be done.

As he took Jacqui’s plate he accidentally brushed her fingers on the underside of the plate, not expecting this it gave him a small but exciting twitch, which led to a cheeky little smirk.

“What was that look for?” Jacqui teased, “you looking for trouble aye?”

“No reason, and depends on what you call trouble!” he responded still smiling within himself as he headed to the kitchen to start the clean up.

Soon after the sink was full of bubbles, Steve’s sleeves rolled up and the dishes underway. It’s the kind of thing that once he had started it was fine but him getting started was usually the problem! But not tonight, for some strange reason it just felt right for him and within minutes he was in his own little world up to his forearms in dishes and water.

Absentmindedly washing the day away with the dishes Steve didn’t realise that Jacqui had walked in behind him.

“Trouble is what you want it to be!” Jacqui started to say but only managing to give Steve a huge fright causing him to drop a plate back into the sink, splashing water and bubbles over the two of them!

“Then trouble is what you’ll get sneaking up on people like that!” he replied as he swung around and started chasing her back into the lounge where he caught her on the couch and started to tickle her all over, with diminishing resistance. Having felt satisfied that he had successfully extracted his revenge, Steve started to rise to return to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

“Where to you think you are going?” Jacqui pouted, grabbing him and pulling him back down on top of her.

“I have dishes to attend to he replied”

“Forget those, how ’bout you attend to me first?” she said grabbing his hand and placing it on her breast and holding it there, while she pulled him in closer and gently but quickly nipped his ear lobe with her teeth.

Pulling back slightly and looking into her eyes, he saw that spark that had been missing for a while, that spark that makes him forget everything else in this world exists except the strength that exists between them. The spark that meant that nothing else matters. The spark that meant forget the dishes!

“And just how do you propose that I attend to you?” he asked in a leading way. Without answering she turned her hips and flipped them both on to the floor, Steve on his back and Jacqui straddled across his chest, arms pinned underneath him.

“Well first you could tease me a little, then you could touch me a little, and then tease me a little more, then you could touch me again, and again, and to make it even more exciting you then take me. How does that sound for starters?”

“Sounds great, in fact better than great. But there’s only one small problem, and that’s that I am pinned to the ground, which is making it very hard for me to do any of that! So I guess you are going to have to get off, that’s if you want to?”

“Oh I’ll get off alright, when I’m good and ready” Jacqui replied as she started to pull her top over her head, exposing one of her old and almost completely worn out bra’s and the soft, delicate and somewhat enticing flesh it contained.

“Isn’t it time you got rid of that thing?” Steve said

“Ohh you little devil” Jacqui replied, knowing full well that he meant gone not just off. But to play along she reached around behind her back and unclasped the tiring garment, and seductively slid it forward with her arms, being sure to keep herself covered. As she finally sprang free from the restraints of modern conformist clothing she flicked it off and over Steve’s face leaving him more or less blindfolded to his bare-chested beauty. “Is that better?” she asked slyly.

“Yes” Steve replied, “but I thought I was the one that was going to do all the teasing, not you?” he added flicking his head to the side and freeing his view of what was now begging for his touch

“Well isn’t it more fun when we both can play though?” Jacqui teased as she slowly moved a finger from her navel up between her breasts and back down again as if wiping away a gentle splash of water.

Sick of being pinned, and starting to feel his arms and hands go numb, Steve mustered up some strength and lifted her enough so that he could free himself, knocking Jacqui over so that they were lying half on top of each other. Gently he leaned into her to kiss her and instead softly bit her top lip. This caught Jacqui by surprise but secretly she knew it was his way of telling her that he was ready to play the game too.

“How bout we take this to the bedroom and see where it leads?” Jacqui asked as she started to rise to her feet in expectation that he would just follow.

“What’s wrong with here? The kids are in bed, and I don’t think the cats will mind do you”

“Nothing wrong with here at all, except I think you’ll appreciate the comfort of the bed if you want me to do what I have in mind to do. So come-come it’ll be worthwhile” and she walked away flicking the lights off on her way out.

Within minutes Steve had followed her into the bedroom, leaving the dishes as they were. Jacqui had lit a solitary candle and opened a window to help the light dance around the room a little. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and signalled for him to move in front of her, which he did without hesitation.


“Are you ready for one of the best experiences of your life?” She asked in a husky but naughty voice.

“A little scared but yes”

“Excellent, then from now on you do as I say and I’ll make sure that this is a night you’ll never forget. Now firstly you’ll need to remove your shirt and trousers and hop into bed”

Although a little unsure of what was to lie ahead of him, Steve was also very intrigued. But at no time did he doubt that this was going to be interesting. He had complete trust in Jacqui and knew that she would operate within their comfort levels without pushing the boundaries that they had subconsciously set. So without hesitation he eased out of his clothes as instructed, leaving his boxers on slipped into his side of the bed. Steve to did the same, slipping out of her remaining clothes and into bed. The only difference she was totally naked.

The cool sheets and the combination of unknowing excitement had given Steve a strange sensation as he eased into bed, and it wasn’t long before the sexual excitement building in all the right places.

Jacqui by this stage was exuding total confidence but inside was trembling as she put her plan into action. She had been thinking of this for months and tonight she finally felt ready to explore her inner self in a way she would never imagined had she not had the confidence in Steve.

“I want you to stroke my body from top to bottom, but you are not to touch my nipples, nor my vagina. Try not break eye contact with me and do not stop to linger anywhere with your fingers”

Slowly Steve eased himself up and started to pull the covers back so he could expose her flesh and not have to wrestle with blankets getting in the way.

“STOP” Jacqui instructed, “The blankets stay on, this is about touch and touch only”

Steve lowered himself back down onto the bed and decided that he’d take a measured approach, working his way from the top of Jacqui’s head down as far as he could reach. So he gently stroked her hair, stopping to twirl her hair just behind her ear. He felt her stretch her neck up ever so slightly and he took this as his cue to drag his fingers down behind her ear and down her neck.

He could see in her eyes that this was an area that she was very protective of, but she held his gaze for a split second before closing her eyes to concentrate on his touch.

Jacqui’s neck was one of the most sensitive parts of her body, she often flinched and pulled away whenever she was touched there, but not this time, this time she managed to control her urge to pull away and let Steve ease his hand around the base of he neck, through to the nape. He could feel her slightly tense up as he did this, but knew that this was something that she was prepared for. Moving from her neck across to her shoulders and upper arms he started to feel and electricity through his hands in the way Jacqui was responding. With easy careful and deliberate movements her body seemed to lift to his touch. Like a magnet pulling a pin across a page.

By now he could feel that Jacqui was getting highly stimulated by his touch. Slowly he moved across her soft breast and started moving towards the nipple before a gentle ‘uh-ah’ seemed to come from nowhere. Realising the this was a no go zone Steve stopped just at the touch of the aureole, which was raised and inviting, and without brushing the nipple managed to complete a full slow circle around the aureole which caused Jacqui to arch up wanting for more.

Moving slowly down past the ribcage and across her navel Jacqui’s breathing starting to get deeper and heavier. He knew that she was completely switched on to his touch. Slowly he swirled his finger around her belly button, flicking the hanging jewels from her piercing several times and with each Jacqui twitched as if it hurt, but he could see that it didn’t by the expression on her face.

Carefully he moved past her tummy button and started down towards her pubic mound, but there was something different tonight – it was totally smooth. Normally it was well groomed leaving just enough hair for him to tease and tickle, but now it was gone. All that was left was silky smooth skin that he kneaded with his fingers. All of a sudden a desire burned across his mind; ‘how far has she gone, it is completely shaven, how can I find out?’ So defying his instructions he moved his fingers deeper down to feel the smooth and hot sensations that he was longing to touch, but was met with a sharp slap across the back of his hand.

“I said no touching, down there. There’ll be time for that soon enough, be patient”

So here she was lying completely naked beneath his touch, nipples erect and longing to be touched and teased – but he wasn’t allowed. Her pussy completely shaven, something he had never expected but wanted so much to feel – but he wasn’t allowed. He knew she wanted him to, and he certainly wanted too – but her rules wouldn’t allow it.

This was exciting him also and the bulge that was straining his boxers was desperate to break free. As he reached down to adjust himself to a more comfortable position, Jacqui suddenly grabbed his hand to stop him. But instead of stopping him, she guided him to do it – letting him know that she was in control of what happened not him.


Within seconds she had pulled him free from his constraining boxers and started to repay the compliment of his touch. Soon they were both on their sides staring into each other’s eyes and stroking each other all over like teenagers. The only difference is that neither of them could touch each other intimately, which just added to the intense feeling that was building within both of them.

She would tickle his navel and play with the hair that grew from his pubic area to his tummy button, and he would be stroking and scratching her back, both of them writhing under each other’s touch.

Jacqui then turned her back to Steve and reached around behind her pulling Steve into her, and then with a gentle roll back towards him, found herself half on top of him, both of them facing the ceiling. Their bodies were both hot and ready for more.

“I want you to do something for me, I want you to just listen to what I say and then follow along. Can you do that?” Jacqui asked in nothing more than a heavy breath.

“Sure, anything you want” Steve responded.

“Great, then I want to talk you through one of my fantasies and have you act it out with me, is that OK?”


“It all starts with me lying tight up against you exactly like this, but you grab me with your left hand around my neck as if you are going to choke me” Just as she says that she takes his left hand and places it on her neck. “OK?”

“Ah-ha. Are you OK?”

“Yes. Then with your other hand you start to touch me, grabbing at me as if you haven’t felt a woman’s body in 10 years” And with that she reaches down and pulls his other hand onto her, so he can touch her.

“Go on, don’t be shy” she encourages him.

Steve starts to grab at her nakedness, pulling her tighter to him, almost in a bear hug, his right hand grabbing at her body, rubbing her from her thighs up and over her pelvis to her stomach and up to her breast. His mind still focussed on his desire to play with her nipple and silky womanhood, but unsure if he was allowed.

She took his hand and guided it straight to her breast, covering her whole breast and started to help him massage it. He could feel her nipple in the palm of his hand and started to roll his whole hand around in circles, feeling it roll with him. Forwards then backwards he could finally play with the delicate mound that he had been aching for.

Jacqui let his hand go, but he hard hardly noticed, he was consumed by the pleasure he was getting by being allowed access to this perfect little knoll of pleasure. He continued to knead it, squeeze it, imagining if he had it in his mouth and was pushing it around with his tongue. What he hadn’t realised is that while he was consumed in the pleasure of her nipple, Jacqui had become so hot that she had been touching her silky womanhood and was moaning gently under her breath.

But it soon became very apparent as she slipped a finger out from under the covers and into his mouth, where he could taste her sweet flavour. He now knew that the restraints had been lifted and the silky smooth skin of Jacqui’s womanhood was now there for the taking. Without hesitation he pulled his hand flat and tight to her body and pushed his way down to her vulva and started massaging in a circular motion.

“Tighter” she moaned “My neck, Tighter; make me feel like your prisoner.”

So Steve squeezed his fingers around her neck, feeling her give in more to his power as she started to wriggle herself so she was completely on top of him. His hardness burrowed in the crack of her ass as her legs spread out across each side of his.

His hand continued to press firmly against her womanhood, pressing her body harder and harder against his, and at the same time her ass grinding against his cock. The harder he pressed the more he got back. The more he gave the more he received.

Sliding his hand down passed her now very hot pussy and to the top of her leg, he grabbed at her inner thigh and scratched at the skin causing her to moan. As his hand rose he slipped a finger across the area he had wanted to touch from the minute he learnt of it new found nakedness to discover it was beautifully wet and soft to the touch, just as he had been imagining. Wanting more he continued to feel the delicate skin beneath his fingers as they slid across the top and then reaching right down towards her ass and back up again, passing and flicking over her now aching clit. With each touch Jacqui trembled and jolted, rocking back and forth on his engorged cock, sending sensations throughout Steve’s body.


Feeling his cock between the cheeks of her ass was driving Jacqui wild, she knew she wanted more of it. She was ready.

Jacqui reached down between her legs and freed Steve’s throbbing cock from underneath her, and it instantly snapped hard up against her wetness. She slid slightly further down so she could feel his length against her whole womanhood. The base of his penis still tight between the cheeks of her ass, with the shaft now hard up against her pussy and the tip of his head teasing her clit. She was in heaven. All the sensations she was feeling were driving her wild. She had completely succumbed to the feeling of pleasure that she now felt. His hands continued to work her body, spreading her wetness and using it to tease the rest of her body.

She started to slowly lift her buttocks up and down, rubbing herself all over his shaft making him just as wet as she was. Taking his hand she placed it on the tip of his penis and started to circle his finger around it. By doing this he was flicking past her clit each time he circled. It wasn’t long before she felt the heat building deep inside her as she started to tremble in what was the start of an orgasm. It was too early; this is not what she had in mind. But it was also too late as the first wave built up and crashed down against her as she let out at stifled moan while biting down on a lip trying to fight the inevitable waves of passion that were overtaking her. As a second and third wave pushed through her body she started to regain some control and slowed Steve’s movements to allow her to catch her breath.

But she didn’t stop there and soon again she found herself sliding up and down on his shaft. His shaft that was now very wet with the fruits of her orgasm. Slowly and carefully she lifted her ass off him, sliding the head of his cock gently down to the entry of her pussy where, like a key in a lock he slipped into place. As she lowered herself down she could feel him sliding deeper and deeper inside her until she was again lying flat on top of him. Now he was deep inside her, they were both still just feeling the sensations of being joined, her engulfing him; he deep inside her. She placed her hand on his and pulled it back up to her vulva, where she applied pressure ever so slightly, but this caused her to press back by lifting up to her hand. She eased off and settled back down, it was only the slightest of movements but it was also one of the most intense feelings of the night.

Again she pressed his hand into her as she lifted up, releasing and settling down again. She did this several times as she started to feel herself building up to a deeper sensation. Then after several minutes of this she took his hand from her neck and slipped it under her ass cheek, and did the same with the other hand. Slowly she lifted herself up using his hands as a guide until his cock flicked out of her and snapped back against her clit. This nearly sent her through the roof as she had not expected anything like that. Lowering herself back down she took a moment to control her breathing before starting to lift up again. This time she was going to do it, this time she wanted to feel him inside her in a way she had only fantasised about. It was time to test the limits.

She continued to lift until his cock was at the tip of her pussy ready to dive back inside the warm wet cavern that it had come to know so well, but this time she kept lifting until the tip of his penis started to slip back underneath her. But just as it started to slide underneath her she started lowering herself again until she could feel the tip of his cock poised at the entry to her ass. Slowly she started to lower herself some more and as she did she felt her outer muscles slowly subside to allow this pleasure that she was about to expose herself too.

“Whoa, hold on a sec” Steve whispered in her ear. “Is this what you really want?”

“Why, don’t you?” she somehow managed to reply as she continued to apply her weight to the tip of his penis, causing her to open ever so slowly.

“I’ve dreamed about this for years, but never thought that’d it’d be a reality. But only if you’re comfortable.”

“Then shut up and let’s do this” she replied as she felt more of him slowly open her up and enter her.

Knowing that she was getting weaker in the legs, she started to use Steve’s hands to guide her slowly down. Each little bit more she could feel as the tip of his cock slowly entered its way into her ass. As the head finally slid in she could feel the small flick as the glans flared out inside her. She continued to move slowly down on top of him until she had taken him all the way in. There they lay again completely still, this time though she had been penetrated like never before.

It was a strange feeling, it was kind of painful but at the same time full of excitement and pleasure. Indescribable really, but something that she wanted to last little longer.

Taking his hands she started to masturbate with them and soon he took control. Circling and teasing her clit. Slowly she began to grind against his body feeling his cock inside her moving ever so slightly, kind of teasing her but most definitely pleasing her. Slowly she gave in to the pleasure that she was feeling and stretching her arms up over her head and gently arching her back as she continued to be played with and grind against his cock now buried deep in her ass.

She had done it; she had let him take her in a way that she never imagined that she would ever allow and now she was enjoying every minute of it. Her eyes closed, mouth open, back arched as she grabbed his head pulling herself down onto him even further as he continued to give her the pleasure that she so desired.

“Put a finger in me” she begged “I want you to fill me up”

Without hesitation he pressed a finger down into her pussy, and with that she could feel herself start to tremble, and she knew that this time was going to be more than anything she had felt before. Her grinding started to increase speed as she worked his finger in and out, feeling his hand rubbing across her clit as he did it. Grabbing his other hand she put it across her mouth as if she was captured again. One hand tight across her mouth; the other pressing down on her clit as he fingered her pussy; her ass grinding harder and harder with his cock deep inside her. She started to loose control as the first wave approached. Grabbing and squeezing at her own nipples started sending further thrusts of pleasured pain through her already tortured body as the wave continued to build and in an instant it crashed down upon her, her whole body jolting as she nearly sat upright trying to push herself deeper onto his cock then collapsing back down on top of him as the next wave approached so quickly she arched her back so hard that his finger nearly slipped out of her until she slammed herself back down on top of him as she surrendered to the powerful force of her second orgasm as it continued to control her body.

Wave upon wave continued to crash over her until what felt like an eternity passed and she fell limp on top of him. Totally exhausted and completely satisfied at the same time. What she hadn’t realised though, was that while she was in the heat of her orgasm Steve too had managed to deliver his own shots of pleasure deep inside her ass and was slowly losing the power of his erection. This started to tickle Jacqui in a way that she had never been tickled before and caused her to jump off Steve leaving him to slowly recover from what had been a truly remarkable night.

“See I told you this was going to be a night to remember” Jacqui said with a smile

“Yes, yes you certainly did, and yes, yes it certainly was” he replied still a little dazed at what had just happened. “I’m gonna have a have a shower if that’s OK, got a little sticky tonight” he added with a wink and a smile!

“You want some company?” Jacqui replied with that naughty look still in her eye.

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