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Trek in the Woods

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It was a warm sunny Sunday afternoon, I was sat at home on my own, bored, nothing on TV.

I decided now would be a good time to cruise around the local park to see if I could find myself a horny stud.

I got into my car and took the short 10 minute journey to the parking lot at the park.

I parked beside a 4×4 and inside was a good looking man, he had shaved hair, a thick mustache, from where I was sat all I could see was that he was quite a big gay and was wearing a pale blue muscle vest top.

I sat in my car for 5 minutes, I glanced over to his 4×4 and saw him looking at me, I smiled and nodded, he nodded back to me returning my smile.

I decided I would see if he would react to me, so I turned the engine off and picking up my bottle of ice cold water and a small tube of lube, I exited the car.

I was wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts, a black vest top and a pair of black animal trainers, and my Oakley sunglasses. I’m quite a well built guy, I have a goatee, shaved hair, a hairy chest, some tattoo’s, bright blue eyes and I must say I have been told I’m ruggedly handsome.

I started to walk past the front of his 4×4, as I walked past I looked into the windscreen and saw his eyes following me, I smiled and continued to walk slowly towards the park entrance some 100 yards away.

After I’d gone about 20 yards past his 4×4, I glanced back at him, and gestured him to follow me with my head.

I’d gone about another 10 yards when I heard a car door shut, I grinned to myself. I looked over my shoulder, sure enough the man had exited his 4×4 and was coming around the front of it.

I was just entering the park and went around to my left towards the woods.

I checked to make sure he was still following me, sure enough he was about 20 yards behind me now, walking slightly quicker than my exaggerated slow pace.

I was now by the trail that ran through the woods, I was getting excited now, my mouth was drying up, my cock was beginning to twitch, my heart was starting to sound louder and louder, I was really horny.

I had caught a few good glimpses of my pursuer, he was around 5′ 10″, slightly smaller than my 6′, he was quite muscular, he wore a pair of white football shorts, his pale blue muscle vest, and white trainers.

Within a few minutes he was along side me, I looked into his eyes, smiled and said hello, he returned my smile with a hello.

We talked for a short while about the weather, I introduced myself as Steve, he told me his name was Billy.

Once we had gone quite a way along the trail, I decided to take a detour off the trail and into the woods themselves, I told him I was going this way and he was welcome to join me if he’d like.

He said why not, it would make a change from the normal trail.

We had walked a good 2 or 300 yards off from the trail, when we came across a small clearing surrounded by trees, and thick bushes.

At one end of the clearing was a fallen tree, quite a big old tree, I walked over to it, sat down and took a drink of my water.

When I had finished having my drink, I asked him if he would like a drink?

Yes, sure, that would be nice, I stretched out my arm offering him the water, he took it and drank heartedly.

He returned me the bottle and said thanks.

I decided it was time to stop with the games and to cut to the chase.

He was stood a few feet in front of me, I looked at him and said, now my thirst has been quenched I could really do with a big fat juicy hard cock to suck.

A large grin wrapped itself around his face, I thought you would never ask. With that he dropped his shorts to reveal a nice big fat uncut cock.

He stepped into me and from where I was sat I had the perfect advantage point.

I leaned forward slightly and put my hand at the base of his already hardening cock and moved my mouth towards it, I flicked my tongue out and licked the entrance of his pee hole.

A groan escaped his lips, as my tongue licked around the head of his cock as I slowly wanked him with my hand.

I started licking the length of his now hard and really big thick cock leaving trails of saliva over this new meat, I licked him all the way back up to the fat bulbous head of his cock, opened my mouth and started to suck his cock.

His hands where on my head and he was looking down at my face.

” That’s it, suck all of my cock with your hot wet mouth.”

We were so both horny now that an army of soldiers could have marched past us and we wouldn’t have stopped.

I greedily sucked on his cock, I wanted it so much I wanted him to cum into my mouth, I wanted to swallow his cum and feel his hot liquid run over my taste buds and down my throat into my stomach.

He was really starting to fuck my face now, and I was relishing every inch that he could get into me, I started to play with his balls, they were shaved and felt really hot, more and more of his cock I took into my mouth and throat.

Suck it, yeahhhhhhh, take me all the way into your throat.

With that I started to swallow more of him, I felt his hand grab the back of my head and he thrust onto my mouth, I relaxed and opened up to more of him and took all of this monster into me.

I was really moaning deep in my throat, and I could hear him groaning.

He was fucking me deeper and faster now, I could feel his balls tightening, his head was tilted back now and his face was a stream of emotions.

I could tell he was close to cumming and really couldn’t wait any longer for him to empty his load into me.


With that he gave me a couple of quick deep thrusts, and I felt his balls tighten and his cock twitched and then a warm hot liquid exploded into me, He let out a loud groan, then another and another as wave after wave of his hot spunk flowed into me.

I just kept sucking his cock until he had gone limp inside of my mouth, only then did I let him pull his cock from me.

Wow he said, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had.

I smiled at him and said, you have one of the nicest big cocks I’ve ever had the pleasure of sucking.

I reached for the bottled water and took a drink, I offered him the bottle and he took a long drink also.

My own cock all this time had been aching to burst free from my cargo shorts, and was really pushing against the fabric holding it back.

He looked at me and said, I think it’s time I returned the favour.

That would be nice, I replied.

I undid the button on my shorts and let them fall to the floor, revealing my own 8″ cock which is really quite thick and also uncut.

Before he could start to suck me off I stripped all my clothes off and told him to do the same, then I lay on the grass of the clearing on my back.

He was now kneeling over my legs, his hand started to wank me off slowly and firmly, then he was upon my cock, his lips brushing against it, his tongue teasing me, then his mouth was open and he was swallowing me, his tongue licking at my veins, up and down in and out his head bobbed on my cock.

My mind was swimming, I so wanted this guy to fuck me but for now I was more than happy for him to suck my big hard hot cock.

He repositioned himself so he was side onto me, I lifted my legs up and placed 1 of them over his back the other went to the fallen tree, his mouth was now swallowing nearly all of my cock, my groans were drowning out the back ground noises from the wildlife in the woods.

I looked up at him and said, there’s a small tube of lube in the pocket of my shorts, feel free to help yourself.

He reached over and picked up my shorts and pulled the tube from my pocket all the while still sucking me off.

I felt the cool liquid of the lube squirt on to the entrance of my arse which on it’s own sent a nice shiver through my body, then I felt his hand slide between my arse cheeks, his hand was now gripping the base of my cock and he was wanking me while sucking on the top half of my cock, then I felt his finger slowly slide into me, I bucked up into his mouth raising my hips to him, his finger was now moving in circles in and out of my hot wet arse, then I felt a second finger slide into me, and I started to grind my arse against his fingers,.


His finger fucking got harder and faster, his mouth was really doing a job on my cock I could feel myself ready to cum into him.

The slurping and sucking sounds coming from him were really driving me into a horned up frenzy of sexual lust.

FUCKKKKK I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG, I yelled, and exploded my hot cum deep into his mouth, I could feel him engulfing enough of my cock to make sure he didn’t waste any of the juice splashing into his mouth and throat.

After I had stopped cumming into him, he lifted up his head licking his lips and sat up on his knees with a wry big grin etched on his face.

I lay there totally spent and breathing heavily, trying to gather my senses.

That was just bloody brilliant, I said to him.

Looking into my eyes, he said now look what you’ve done to me, as he sat there his cock totally erect again.

MMMMMMMMMM, now I’m sure you can find some way of using that big cock of yours to relieve it.

With that he lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my arse cheeks.

Don’t keep teasing me, I told him, I want your cock buried deep inside me.

I felt the tip of his big cock push against me arse hole, then it was in, I felt the sensations race through my body, the knowing that he was going to fuck me good and hard.

I relaxed and let him slip his length into me, I gripped the grass I was lying on to show my appreciation at this stud who was doing a right good number on me.

His cock was deep in me now, and the look on his face was a look of sheer delight and determination, in and out his cock pounded, my arse was more than open to him, it wanted as much of him as it could physically manage, more he thrust into me, sweat forming on the both of us, my body arcing and lurching onto his big thick hot cock, gripping it and releasing it, his balls slamming against my arse cheeks, more and more we pushed and shoved against each other, the rhythm getting faster and harder, the looks of pleasure and pain swapping between the 2 of us, the final outcome was certain we were both going to be sexually satisfied and fulfilled like no other time before, we were one even though we were 2 separate entity’s.

The moans and the groans got faster and louder, then I felt that moment when I knew that before long I would be cumming again, and I felt a desperation grow in his own fucking knowing that he to was close to cumming.

With that he let out a guttural moan and a GOD YOUUR’EEEEE SO FUCKING HOT TAKE MY CUM YOU FUCKING HOT STUD.

His body tensed as he thrust deep into me releasing stream after stream of cum into my arse, at that moment my own cock burst into life shooting cum all over my belly.

He stayed in me lying on top of me till his cock softened, then he pulled it out of me and I could feel the cum starting to run out of me, we both lay there for a few moments gathering our breathe and our senses.

We drank the last of the water, I picked up the lube and put it back in my pocket.

We both headed back to our cars.

I turned and thanked Billy for a wonderful afternoon.

It was my pleasure Steve, he replied.

Lets do it again Billy, and I gave him my mobile number which he duly put into his phone.

We got into our cars and headed in our separate ways.

But we both knew, this wouldn’t be the last time we saw each other.

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