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Travel Nightmare

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Day 1.

My wife Pam is very pretty and has a nice figure. She is also quite timid and will avoid confrontation at almost any cost. I worried that would eventually get her into trouble, and while I was partly right about that, it turned out to be something totally unexpected that was the dominant factor. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

For our 10th wedding anniversary we decided to take a Caribbean cruise. It was one of those packages where you fly down to San Juan and then cruise around the islands for a week on a big luxury cruise ship for six days. And everything went smoothly until we went through customs at the airport in San Juan. The customs officials cleared me but told my wife that she would need to step aside for a more detailed look at her luggage.

When I inquired they first brusquely told me to mind my own business. After I informed them that I was her husband they said that the drug sniffing dog had shown interest in her luggage. I told them it was a mistake, but they insisted that they had to check. I don’t know why they think that anybody would want to smuggle drugs from the mainland INTO Puerto Rico.

The customs official, a large man in his 40’s or 50’s, led my wife to a curtained off area where another official, a younger man, was waiting with her luggage. This was in a roped off area so I couldn’t follow them, but they didn’t pull a curtain across the entry, so I could see what they were doing. Both men carefully went through all of her clothes, taking a long time with her swimwear and underwear I thought; too long really. They also inspected all her cosmetics and other other personal care products. When they were finished they called another young man to take her luggage away. They said it was all clear and could be loaded onto the bus with the rest.

I thought we were finished at that point, but I was wrong. Next they brought in the dog and had it sniff Pam. I heard the older official tell my wife, “The dog smells something. We need to have you remove your clothes for inspection.”

Pam’s look changed from annoyed to worried. She asked for a female official but was informed that none were currently available. She then asked when one would be available and the older man said, “In three or four hours.”

My wife looked at me. She knew as well as I did that the cruise ship departed in two hours. I was angry that we would now miss our cruise. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to catch up with it at St. Thomas or not. I was frowning thinking of the extra cost to charter another boat or small plane. I think Pam must have mistakenly thought that I was mad at her. It’s the only reason I could think of for her next action. She sighed and said, “OK, let’s get this over with.”

I couldn’t believe that she was going to strip for these two strange men. The older man pulled a curtain over the entryway where I was standing and watching. It didn’t close all the way however, and left a three or four inch gap. I could clearly see Pam starting to unbutton her blouse and I tried to position myself so that I blocked the gap in the curtains. I couldn’t completely block the view though, because I was about ten feet back behind the rope.

My wife removed her blouse and blushing, handed it to the older man who briefly looked at it before giving it to the younger man. As Pam was removing her shorts I noticed that there were other smaller gaps in the curtains at the corners. I didn’t know if my wife had seen the gaps, but others had and a small crowd of gawkers were gathering around me trying to get a peek inside.

Pam was now standing there in her bra and cotton panties. She hesitated which caused the older man to tell her they didn’t have all day. She seemed to come to a decision and reached around her back to unhook her bra. Then she slid it off her arms and handed it to the official. As far as I know this is the first time another man, except for her doctor, has seen my wife’s bare breasts. They are a nice C-cup with very little sag and perky nipples that point slightly upward. I think they are incredibly sexy and judging by the smiles on the customs officials faces, I think they agreed.

Next came the cotton undies. She just pushed them down her smooth legs and stepped out of them. When she bent over to pick them up her tits dangled enticingly. Before we left she had gotten her first really daring bikini. A lot of pubic hair showed though, so I convinced her to get a Brazilian wax. I had no idea at that time that she would be showing off her bare pussy to some strange men at the airport. In fact, along with the customs officials inside the curtained area, at least a dozen other men and a couple of women could easily see my wife’s naked body as well.

While Pam stood there nude, the older man snipped off a thread from the inside of her blouse and put it into a small vial of clear liquid. He shook it and the liquid turned pink. He said, “Your clothes are showing traces of cocaine. We need to do a cavity search.”

At first my wife objected, but he told her that was the only way she was going to be allowed to leave. Otherwise he would have to arrest her! As I’ve said, my wife is quite timid and she quickly backed down and agreed to this new invasion of her privacy. He then pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke to someone briefly. A few minutes later a couple of armed guards stepped up and took positions on either side of me.

At first I thought it was to escort her to a more private location, but it quickly became obvious that they were there to restrain me if necessary. I say this because when the older man stepped up and ordered my wife to put her hands behind her head, I realized that he intended to perform the cavity search right there and I stepped forward to object. The guards put their hands up and informed me that if I interfered I could be arrested and detained. I backed off, but I was getting very angry.

The older man then circled around my wife. Reaching around her he started squeezing her tits. Pam objected to the fondling, pointing out correctly that her breasts were not “cavities”. The customs official responded that they may be “fake” and he had to make sure. I noticed he took his time and even pulled on her nipples. No doubt making sure that they reacted like the real thing. They of course responded by getting hard. Then I noticed that was not the only thing getting hard. I was getting an erection watching these men abuse my wife in this way. What was wrong with me?

When the older man was finished with Pam’s breasts he had the younger man take his turn. He was just as thorough. Then the older man pulled a latex glove on one hand and lubed up his fingers. He told my wife to move her feet further apart until her legs were well spread. Then he told her to stand still as he inserted first one, then two digits into her pussy. Once he had them in as far as possible, he made an act of feeling around inside her. I also noticed that he was palming her hairless labia and even rubbed her clit with his thumb at one point, making her jump slightly. Eventually he removed his fingers and let his younger partner have a turn.

When they were finished playing with her pussy, the customs officials had Pam bend over and they probed her ass as well. By now there was such a crowd trying to see the show they were putting on with my wife that the guards had to tell people to “move on”. They made sure they got a good eyeful though. By the time they were finished with their “cavity search” my cock was throbbing and I was kind of ashamed of it.

When Pam asked for her clothes back the older official said, “We have sent them to the lab for analysis. We have requested suitable replacement clothes for you.”

She had to stand there naked for the next five minutes while we waited for the replacement clothes. They didn’t even offer her a robe. Obviously this entire strip and cavity search was a ruse just to give them a chance to get my wife naked and play with her body. When the replacement clothes finally arrived they were hardly “suitable”. They consisted of a cheap peasant blouse and a short (above the knee) skirt. No bra or underwear. I could see that Pam wanted to object, but I think she just wanted to get out of there, so she slipped the skirt and blouse on quickly without saying a another word.

Finally Pam’s purse and passport were returned to her and we hurried outside. Unfortunately the charter bus to the cruise ship had already left so we had to wait for a public bus. Since our luggage was on the charter bus, my wife was not able to change into something less revealing. It was obvious from the bounce of her breasts under the thin blouse that she was bra-less. And she would have to be careful how she sat down in that skirt if she didn’t want to flash her bald pussy. It turned out that sitting would not be a problem; the bus was so crowded that we were forced to stand.

At the next stop people rushed off and on the bus, separating me from my wife. When it moved again it was even more crowded. I craned my neck around and spotted Pam, surrounded by people. It looked like they were pressed up against her as the bus jolted down the busy street. The next stop came up quickly and more people surged on and off the bus. I tried to get back to my wife, but was unsuccessful in the sea of people. I managed to spot her again. She was nearer the door and still surrounded by people pressed up against her. Only this time it appeared to be just young men in her immediate vicinity.

I could really only see her from the shoulders up. As the bus swayed down the street Pam’s head suddenly snapped up, her eyes open wide in surprise. This turned into a kind of panicked look so I tried to press though the bodies between us to get to her. I made some progress and was now able to get a better picture of what was going on. Through the moving bodies I got glimpses of Pam’s torso and I didn’t like what I saw. It appeared that the young man in front and in back of her had their hands up her skirt. I also saw a hand in her blouse clearly fondling her breast. I think the hand belonged to yet another young man, but he was mostly hidden on the other side of my wife.

As I pushed closer I could see she was biting her lip. This is something my wife does when she is trying to suppress her sexual arousal. Were these young men, groping her on a public bus, turning her on? My Pam? They all had shit-eating grins plastered to their faces. Just then the bus stopped again and I watched in horror as the three men got off the bus and swept my wife along with them. I tried to get to the door before the bus starting moving again, but I didn’t make it in time. I was almost frantic by the time it stopped again and I literally flew out the door.

I got my bearings and ran down the street in the direction the bus had come. When I got near the spot where my wife had been pulled off the bus I looked around but didn’t see her. With panic rising in the back of my throat I asked a couple of vendors if they had seen her. One nodded his head and pointed to a nearby alley. I dashed to the narrow alley and peered in. It was dark and foul smelling, but about halfway down I could see a small group of people. I quickly made my way towards them. When I got within about twenty feet my eyes had adjusted to the gloom enough to resolve the scene before me.

My wife Pam was being held by two of the young men up against the wall face first. Her blouse was up around her neck and each man had a hold of a breast. The third was standing behind Pam. He had his pants down around his ankles and was using one hand to hold her skirt up while he used the other one to guide his cock into her pussy. For a second I was mesmerized by the sight. I had never seen anybody else fucking my wife before and it was very erotic in a strange way.

Then I came to my senses and remembered what was going on and where we were. I sprinted forward to put a stop to the rape, but when I got close one of the men holding my wife lashed out with a vicious back kick to my stomach. This knocked the wind out of me and sent me to the ground. Someone put their shoe on my throat and told me to stay down in badly accented English. The next thing I know the three men run away and the police are arresting me and my wife. I tried to explain that we were the victims, but they ignored my pleas and took us to the police station anyway.

Pam and I were separated. I had to wait for several hours in a cell before they came and took me to a room for questioning. Somehow I had lost my wallet in the shuffle, but Pam still had her purse with our passports in it, so I could prove who I was. At first they accused me of trying to prostitute my wife to the three men in the alley. They could not understand why she was dressed that way otherwise. Nor could they understand why we were in a dirty ally in “that part of town” unless I was her “John” and she was a hooker. I explained the bogus strip search at the airport and the crowded public bus, but they didn’t seem to believe me. I was returned to my cell for another hour.

Eventually they returned and took me to a room where I was reunited with my wife. She looked very out of sorts so I asked her if she was OK. She said, “I was just humiliated at the airport in front of dozens of people, molested on a public bus, and raped in an alley. What do you think?”

I told her I was sorry and stayed silent for a while. Then she explained, “They put me in a cell with a couple of street tough prostitutes. They thought I was trying to poach on their territories so they got nasty.”

I looked for bruising to see if she was beat up, but I didn’t see any. So I asked, “What did they do?”

Pam snapped, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

I remained silent for a minute, but I had to know. “Did they hurt you?”

She said, “They made me lick their dirty pussies. OK, happy now?”

I was stunned. “They made you?” I stammered.

“Yes. One held my arm behind my back and pushed my face between the legs of the other one. When she was satisfied they switched places. They said if I stayed in town I’d have to do that daily.”

We sat in silence for another few minutes before a policeman entered the room. He introduced himself as Sargent Rodrigiz and apologized for making us wait. He said that they checked our “story” out with the airport and the local vendors near the alley and verified we were telling the truth. He apologized again for our treatment but said that prostitutes coming from the mainland were a big problem in his city. He then offered to call us a cab, but I told him I had no money or credit cards since I lost my wallet. He advised that I cancel my credit cards right away since my wallet was almost certainly in the hands of criminals by now.

It was only now that I had time to think about what were were going to do next. The cruise ship had already sailed by now. We had no money or credit cards with which to rent a hotel room for the night and I had no idea how we were going to catch up to the ship. In other words, we were up shit creek without a paddle. When I explained our difficulties with the Sargent he graciously offered to put us up at his place for the night. He also told us that his brother had a boat that could take us to St. Thomas in the morning so that we could catch up with our cruise. I said, “Thank you for your generous offer, but you know I don’t have any money.”

He said cheerfully, “Don’t worry about that, we’ll work something out. I get off in an hour. In the meantime you can wait here and I’ll have some food sent in.”

I thanked him again for his generosity and he left. A few minutes later another officer brought in some sandwiches and coffee. Neither was very good, but we were both quite hungry by that time so we didn’t care. Beggars can’t be choosers, as they say.

True to his word the Sargent returned in an hour in civilian clothes and led us to his little car. I sat in front and Pam squeezed in back making her skirt bunch up and briefly exposing her pussy. She quickly pulled it down, but I think the Sargent got an eyeful anyway. It was twilight and some of the streets we traversed were not well lit, but Sargent Rodrigiz obviously knew his way around because he drove at frighting speeds considering the conditions. I was glad when we finally arrived at his house. It was modest sized, but it looked like a nice neighborhood. I imagine that’s the most he could afford on his policeman’s salary.

He let us in and cooked some sort of local dish for us. While we were waiting another man arrived. He was larger (fatter) than the Sargent, but the family resemblance was obvious. Sargent Rodrigiz explained that he lived with his brother who scratched out a living chartering out his boat to tourists. We then told our sad story to the Sargent’s brother.

Dinner was a little too spicy for me, but it washed down easily with the local beer. Pam complimented him on his cooking and even accepted a beer herself, which is unusual. But then, it had been an unusual day. After dinner the Sargent’s brother agreed to take us to St. Thomas in the morning on his boat. I told him that I could pay him after I got back to the cruise ship and got my traveler’s checks replaced. That’s when he said, “That won’t do. I need payment in advance.”

“But you know I don’t have any money,” I said.

“I know. But I would be willing to exchange a night with your fine wife for a ride to St. Thomas on my boat.”

“Now just a minute, ” I shouted, “My wife is not for sale.”

The Sargent went nuts. “How dare you shout at my brother in my house after I vouched for you at the station and took you into my house when you had nowhere to go. I even cooked for you! Who do you think you are that you can just spit on our hospitality like that? I should just throw you into the street and let the gangs have your wife. They will not be as nice as the young men this afternoon, I can tell you that.”

Pam shook her head no and said, “Please don’t do that. My husband didn’t mean to offend you. We just have different customs where we’re from. I agree to your terms.”

I was shocked and said, “Pam?”

My wife just looked at me with pleading eyes. She wanted me to go along with this, but how could I?

The Sargent said, “No, no. He obviously intends to continue to insult me.”

Pam looked at me and said, “Tell him you are sorry.”

While I was considering what to do, Sargent Rodrigiz replied, “Don’t bother. I won’t believe him anyway.”

I began to see that our situation was precarious. Then my wife asked, “How about if I sleep with you too? Just to show we really are grateful for your help?”

The Sargent seemed to consider that for a moment and then turned to me. “Is this what you want? For your wife to sleep with me and my brother?”

I saw no way out and Pam appeared to have made up her mind already, so I just nodded yes. The Sargent and his brother got a triumphant look on their faces and I felt like I had “sucker” written across my forehead. I guess they didn’t want to waste any time because I was given a pillow and a blanket and shown the couch. My wife and the two Rodrigiz brothers retired to a bedroom in the back of the small house.

As I laid on the uncomfortable couch I was initially upset with my wife. Then as I thought more about it I realized that we didn’t really have any other options. Sargent Rodrigiz had taken advantage of our situation and maneuvered us into a corner. What he was doing was illegal, of course, but there’s no way I could get charges to stick to him. I didn’t want to stick around to press the matter in court in any event.

My thoughts were now interrupted by the sounds of laughter from the bedroom. The walls must not be very thick. A few minutes later a steady thump, thump, thump against the wall began. I listened carefully and could discern moaning; both male and female. This went on for some time. I tried to ignore my raging hard on, but the first time I heard my wife cry out in apparent orgasm I started stroking myself through my jeans. The second time Pam cried out I pulled my dick out of my pants and started seriously stroking it. I shot my load onto my stomach less than a minute later as I imagined the men fucking my wife over and over. A couple of minutes later the thumping rate suddenly increased. From the sound of it he was really giving it to her. Shortly after that I heard a man bellow something unintelligible and then the thumping stopped.

For a few minutes it was silent. Then the thumping started again. I guessed that the second brother was now taking his turn with my wife. More moaning and other sounds of sex followed. After a while the thumping rate increased. It also got louder. He must have been really pounding the shit out of her. I just hoped that she wasn’t getting injured. This went on longer than I thought possible. You would think he would get tired, but the thumping rate increased even more. Suddenly it stopped and all I could hear was a low moan. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female.

After that it remained quiet and I guess I drifted off to sleep. It had been a very long and tiring day. I was woken up in the middle of the night by more thumping and moaning. They were at it again. How many times were they going to fuck my wife? Over the next hour or so the noises would stop intermittently and start up again. I think maybe they were trading places or switching positions. Eventually it quieted down again allowing me to fall back asleep.

Day 2.

When I finally woke up again the sun was just starting to stream in through an east facing window. I could hear the shower going and the sounds of my wife getting fucked. Hadn’t they had enough last night? Finally the two Rodrigiz brothers came out and the police Sargent started cooking eggs and some kind of sausage in a big skillet. Pam came out a few minutes later wearing that damn peasant blouse and short skirt. Her hair was wet and combed neatly. Considering the amount of sex she’d had over the last ten hours or so, she looked pretty good.

As we ate breakfast the two brothers chatted away as if we were all the best of friends. Pam seemed content to go along with the act and not make waves. I was surly, but then what can you expect? For the most part they ignored me anyway.

After breakfast the elder brother drove us down to the marina in his beat up old Datson pickup truck. Are there any of these trucks around still that don’t have the fenders so rusted out they literally flap in the breeze? Once we got there Rodrigiz was all business and soon we were heading out into the beautiful blue Caribbean waters. His boat was old, but well maintained. He informed us that it would take a couple of hours to reach St. Thomas, and that we should relax. I questioned if we would get there in time to board our cruise ship, but he assured me that we would get there well before it left.

Seeing there was nothing else to do I tried to just relax and enjoy the sun and the occasional spray of cool water. Pam actually fell asleep in the chaise lounge she had claimed as “hers”. I supposed that she had even less sleep than I had the night before, so I left her alone. I admired the glimpses of her breasts I got as the wind played with the cheap blouse. I guessed that “Captain Rodrigiz” (as he liked to be called on the boat) could see the same thing from his vantage point in the wheel house, but I didn’t care at that point. He had seem them plenty the previous night.

A few hours later I spotted an island directly ahead. For the first time in 24 hours I started to think we were finally going to get to our cruise ship. As we got closer I spotted what looked like a marina with lots of boats in it. But the nearer we got the less it looked like it was big enough to dock something as large as a cruise ship. In fact it became apparent after a few more minutes that what I thought was a marina was actually a small natural bay. There were dozens of boats of all sizes anchored in it.

When we got closer I realized that some sort of party was underway. The boats were full of young people drinking and listening to music. Many of the girls were topless or naked. There were scenes of sex everywhere ranging from oral to all out fucking. Frankly it blew my mind. I’d never seen anything like it before. Rodrigiz eased the boat up next to a large houseboat and a couple of young men caught the lines I threw them and tied us alongside. When he came down from the wheel house I asked the Captain what we were doing there; we had a cruise ship to catch after all.

“This particular celebration only happens once a year and I didn’t want to miss it. We’ll get you to your ship, I promise. Relax and enjoy the sights.”

The two men from the houseboat climbed aboard and greeted Rodrigiz warmly. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I didn’t like the way they kept looking over at Pam. When their discussion was over Captain Rodrigiz walked over to where Pam and I were waiting.

“I owe these guys a favor, and I figure you two still owe me for bringing you along today.” He told us.

“What was last night for?” I asked.

“Not enough.”

“What exactly do you want?” I demanded.

“I just want your wife to go with these guys and party on their houseboat with them.”

“No way. I can see what’s going on. I know what they want.”

“No, they both promised they wouldn’t touch her,” he insisted.

“Like I believe that.”

“Well I do. And from where I stand, you don’t have a choice. I’m not going anywhere until my friends are satisfied.”

Pam and I discussed it briefly, but unfortunately Rodrigiz was right. We didn’t know anybody else here. Our only hope of catching up with our cruise ship was going along with his demands. But we agreed if the men tried anything that it was all over and I would go bring her back. So we told him that although we didn’t like it, Pam agreed to “party” with his friends.

My wife went over to the houseboat with the Captain’s two young friends. There were already four other girls on the boat with them. One of them was completely naked, the other three were topless and were only wearing tiny bikini bottoms. At first my wife just had a couple of drinks with the two men and four girls. Then I noticed that one of the girls was paying an inordinate amount of attention to Pam; leaning over her, touching her arm, etc. Not long after that it appeared that they were all trying to convince Pam to do something. One of the other girls even cupped her own tits and shook them. The girl that had been paying so much attention to Pam came up behind her and briefly pulled Pam’s top up exposing her tits.

They all hooted and encouraged her to remove it completely, but Pam shook her head no. They were not discouraged that easily and the next time the girl lifted Pam’s top, my wife let her take it completely off. The men were as good as their word. They had not touched Pam; they let their gal pals do it for them. I was concerned, but not enough to call it off yet. After all, most of the people I’d seen at this “party” were mostly or completely naked too, so Pam didn’t really stand out. In fact she actually stood out more when she was fully dressed.

I was so engrossed in watching the action down on the houseboat that I didn’t notice Rodrigiz walk up behind me. For a big man he could move pretty quietly. When he snapped the handcuff on my right wrist I spun around to face him.

“Hey, what the hell?” I shouted as I yanked at the cuffs only to find I was secured to the railing.

“I’m going over to the houseboat for a while and I don’t want you going anywhere,” he answered.

“Let me go,” I insisted.

“See you later,” he laughed and transferred over to the houseboat.

The two young men disappeared with Rodrigiz into the interior of the boat leaving the five women on the rear deck.

Pam was on her third drink when a boat full of young men slowly approached and started yelling comments at the women. Apparently in response two of the girls shared a hot kiss. This encouraged the men, of course, and they started demanding more. Then the naked blond leaned over and started sucking on the tits of the girl next to her. The men liked that, and I couldn’t blame them. I was hard myself watching the lesbian action.

But they really started hooting when the girl that had been giving all the attention to Pam walked up behind her and started playing with Pam’s tits. Pam surprised me by leaning her head back. The girl took advantage laid a lip lock on my wife that I had to admit was scorching hot. The men were calling for more and it wasn’t long before the girl led Pam over to the very back of the deck, closer to the young men in the boat. The girl had Pam lay down on her back while she removed her own bikini bottoms. The other girls joined them and held Pam down as the girl squatted over Pam’s head and lowered her pussy onto my wife’s face.

Pam must have refused at first but eventually given in and started licking the girl’s pussy because after a few moments she started squirming in pleasure and grinding her pussy into Pam’s face. The naked blond moved over and pulled Pam’s skirt off, exposing her naked pussy. Then she spread Pam’s legs and dove in. The other two girls didn’t have to hold Pam down anymore and began sucking on her tits instead. My wife was in a full on girl-on-girl public exhibition and I all I could do was watch. I’m not sure I would have stopped it even if I could have though.

The young men on the power boat were cheering them on. The girl sitting on Pam’s face threw her head back and started shaking and bucking in orgasm. When she was finished coming she stepped off on unsteady legs. I could see her slick pussy juice glistening on my wife’s face. The other two girls quickly began licking it off. Moments later I recognized the early signs; I knew Pam’s climax was almost upon her. She closed her eyes and scrunched up her face. Then her legs began shaking. A few seconds later her orgasm washed over her as the assembled audience clapped and cheered.

As my wife lay there recovering I noticed several of the young men had their cocks out and were stroking them. There seemed to be a shouted conversation between them and the girls on the houseboat. It seemed that some sort of negotiation was in progress, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Eventually they came to an agreement and two men from the smaller boat hopped over to the houseboat. I had a bad feeling about this development and gave an experimental tug on the railing to gauge how strong it was. There wasn’t much give. I doubted I could pry it free.

I was right to be concerned. The girls flipped Pam over onto her hands and knees and the two men positioned themselves at either end. The young man in front of her dropped his shorts first and pushed his hard cock into her face. She tried to turn her head, but he grabbed her hair and kept her looking forward. Having no choice my beautiful wife opened her mouth and he pushed his cock in. By this time the other man had dropped his shorts and was lining up his cock with her pussy. From where I was standing he looked pretty well endowed and I wondered if Pam could take him. I yanked on the handcuffs in frustration but only managed to hurt my wrist. He slowly pushed into her and even with a cock in her mouth I could see Pam gasp.

One part of me wanted to pull the railing off, jump down there, and beat those two guys to death with it. But another part of me wanted to pull my cock out and stroke myself off. I couldn’t do the former and I resisted the latter, but just barely. My mind reeled and my blood boiled. Although I had heard my wife having sex with the Rodrigiz brothers less than 24 hours ago, this time I was watching it — along with an unknown number of other people. I couldn’t sort out what I was thinking and feeling. I was in utter internal turmoil. So I did the only thing I could. I stood there and watched my wife getting fucked by one man while giving a blowjob to another.

Suddenly the man fucking her pulled out and shot his load all over her back. I figured it would over soon, but I was wrong. After a brief rest he returned to his boat and a different guy hopped over to the houseboat. The new guy immediately dropped his pants and started fucking Pam. That’s when I realized that all six or seven of them were planning on taking a shot at my wife, two at a time. Apparently that was the deal they negotiated with the other girls. What was even worse was the fact that the sex show they were putting on was attracting even more attention. A couple more power boats were slowly making their way in our direction as well as another large houseboat.

I grabbed the railing with both hands and pulled on it as hard as I could. It didn’t budge a millimeter. Fuck, what the hell was this thing made of? I yanked back and forth on it a few times as hard as I could and eventually made it wiggle a bit. Shit! I should have kept weight lifting after school. Too much time on my ass at a desk job and not enough in the gym!

I looked up just in time to see my wife getting her face painted by the guy in front of her. Predictably when he returned to his boat another one of his friends replaced him. At this point I think Pam was consigned to what was happening because she didn’t resist at all. She just opened her mouth and accepted his cock. The other boats were very close now and I noticed that several guys had cameras with big zoom lenses. Damn it, just to add insult to injury now I had to worry about pictures and video of my wife getting gang banged showing up on the fucking Internet.

The man fucking Pam’s pussy was really pounding her and it looked like she was coming. When he popped and shot his load all over her back, the guy in her mouth moved around and started fucking her pussy. It looked like she was moaning until the next guy showed up and put his cock in her mouth. Those two came at almost the same time to the cheers of an uncomfortably large crowd.

When the last two young men climbed up onto the houseboat they had a different plan. One of them laid down on the deck and had Pam climb on top of him. He looked huge from where I was standing, but after a couple of tries my wife was fully impaled on his cock. Then the last guy started smearing the cum that was running down her butt crack into her ass hole. When he was satisfied he stepped behind her and pushed his cock up against her puckered ass. Now Pam is no stranger to ass fucking; we do it occasionally, but as far as I knew she had never been penetrated in both holes at the same time before.

Even over the noise of the crowd I could hear Pam’s voice. She was shouting “Oh god” and “Oh fuck” over and over as the men slammed their dicks into her holes. I was mesmerized until I noticed that the girls on the houseboat talking to the men on some of the other boats that had gathered to watch the show. Were they arranging for even more men to fuck my wife? There must have been at least another 15 or 20 men there. There’s no way she could take that many! I redoubled my efforts to break the railing I was handcuffed to.

Suddenly a couple of men jumped onto the houseboat and grabbed at one of the girls. That was like the opening of the floodgates and within seconds men and women were streaming onto the deck of the big houseboat; enough so that it caused it to rock alarmingly. The young people didn’t seem to care and soon a wild orgy was taking place in front of my eyes. There were people fucking and sucking in every combination and in every open spot on the boat. Captain Rodrigiz and his two friends even came out and joined in the debauchery.

I was so stunned trying to take it all in that I actually lost track of Pam! I searched frantically for her but couldn’t locate her in the sea of naked bodies. My concern for my wife’s safety and the feeling that I had failed in my duty to protect her overwhelmed my mind. I thrashed at the railing that was keeping me from going to rescue Pam. And amid that violence I felt it budge just a little bit on one end. I moved over and pulled on it as hard as I could and although it was a little loose I couldn’t break it free. In desperation I kicked it. And again. And again. Finally the cast fitting holding the railing in place broke with a loud “ping”. I easily pulled the piece of stainless steel tubing out of the the other fitting and bolted for the ladder leading down to the houseboat.

I scrambled around writhing bodies on the rear deck, but I didn’t see my wife. I dashed to the foredeck but she wasn’t there either so I went inside. At first I didn’t recognize her and walked right past. On a second scan of the interior I saw her. She was on top of a man, fucking him with short powerful strokes. Yes, my wife was doing the fucking and looked quite aggressive as well. The reason I didn’t recognize her at first is because she was busy sucking the tits of a girl that was sitting on the man’s face.

I just stopped and watched them, the anger and worry draining out of me like a balloon deflating. What wasn’t deflating was my cock. It was getting very hard. I didn’t know what to do. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seem my wife do, but it wasn’t with me. Just then I heard Captain Rodrigiz’s voice behind me.

“How did you get over here?” He demanded.

I spun around and showed him the piece of railing I was still holding.

“You damaged my boat, you son of a bitch!” He bellowed. And then he swung at me.

He really wound up so I saw it coming. I was holding the railing at it’s midpoint so when I brought my arm up to block his punch the steel tubing was trailing down my forearm. His fist hit that instead of my arm. I hadn’t planned it that way, but it worked out well for me. The crunch of his bones and the “ting” of the tubing almost sounded comical together. I knew I had to neutralize him fast, so I just brought the steel tube down on his head. Hard. He went down like a sack of shit.

It’s at times like those that you notice odd little things that you ordinarily wouldn’t. Like the smell of the room: booze, sweat, and sex. But the total shocked silence is the thing that stands out most in my mind. That is until the door crashed open and Rodrigiz’s two young friends, the boat owners I supposed, burst in the room. One of them grabbed the steel tube out of my hand while the other one checked on Rodrigiz.

“He’s alive,” he announced, “but you better get out of here before he wakes up or he’ll kill you.”

“Where?” I asked. Rodrigiz was our ride. We didn’t know anybody else.

“Anywhere but here.”

As I turned around Pam was just getting to her feet. We would have to talk about all this later, I decided. Right now we had to move quickly. I told Pam to find her clothes while I went back to get her purse on Rodrigiz’s boat. Our passports were in that purse and we would be needing them.

When I returned to the houseboat with her purse, Pam was wearing a thin white t-top with the words “Girls Gone Wild” emblazoned on the front, and a small green thong bikini bottom.

“Where’s the blouse and skirt you were wearing?”

“I couldn’t find them. This is the best we could do.”


“Oh sorry,” Pam said and pointed to the young man and girl she had just been having sex with, “this is Marie and Sammy. They have offered to let us go with them.”

I heard Rodrigiz groaning so I didn’t ask any questions and just nodded my head. We had to climb across another boat to get to theirs, a 25 foot speed boat, but as soon as we were there Sammy fired up the motor and got us out of there. As we headed out across the bay I wondered where we were heading now and if we were ever going to get to our Cruise Ship. Some vacation this was turning out to be.

Pam was sitting on the other side of the small boat. I looked over at her and she seemed pensive; lost in her own thoughts. She really seemed to be enjoying the wild sex back there on the houseboat. It seemed so out of character for my conservative wife. Just what the hell was going on with her? I shook my head. I had to focus on getting us back to the Cruise Ship. We could talk about all this other shit later.

“Where are you going?” I inquired of Sammy.

“We have a house, not far from here,” he answered in heavily accented English.

“We need to get to our Cruise Ship before it leaves. Can you take us there?”

“No. That is on the other side of the island. Too far. Your ship leave soon.”


“But don’t worry. You can use phone at our house to get charter or something.”

I would have to report our credit cards stolen and get new ones issued first, but a charter might just work. “Thanks,” I told him.

Sammy followed the coast for a while and then pulled up to a nearly hidden dock in a small cove. He led us up a well worn path to a nice little house. More like a cabin really, but with all the comforts of home including a phone. I called the credit card company and managed to get new card numbers after only a couple of hours. Trust me, that’s fast by normal standards. After that I called around and the best I could do was to charter a boat to take us to the Cruise Ship’s next stop, St. Martin. But Sammy didn’t have the gas to take us to the other side of the island and the charter could not pick us up until the next day. So we would have to stay overnight with our new friends.

Marie borrowed Pam a regular t-shirt and some shorts, which was damn nice of her. When I asked him about the boat and cabin Sammy admitted that it was his family’s and that he had to do a few favors to get it for the week. They appeared to be quite a ease with their sexuality, kissing and fondling each other right in front of Pam and I. For our part Pam and I avoided talking about what happened on the houseboat. Marie and Sammy seemed to sense our discomfort and didn’t push us on the subject, thankfully.

We were sitting around after supper talking when Captain Rodrigiz burst through the door followed by three large black men. Sammy and I jumped to our feet, but they quickly overpowered us.

“Surprised to see me, eh?” He spat in my face while I was being held by his frends. “Well you are going to pay for what you did to me you American bastard.”

Then he punched me in the stomach leaving me gasping for air. Sammy tried to come to my defense but he too was punched for his trouble.

“Just leave them alone,” I pleaded with Rodrigiz, “your problem is with me.”

“Shut up!” He shouted, “they helped you and tried to hide you, so they will get what they deserve.”

Sammy and I were tied down with duct tape to one of the sturdy kitchen chairs. We were also gagged. Then Rodrigiz addressed Pam and Marie.

“We are going to be here together for several days and you have a choice here girls. I’m either going to avenge myself by giving your men daily beatings, or by making you my sex slaves and making them watch. If you choose the beatings just be warned that it will be extremely painful and they won’t be the same when we are done — if they survive. On the other hand if you agree to be my slaves you must agree to do whatever I tell you without complaint or hesitation. You must also agree to answer all my questions truthfully. So what will it be?”

What kind of choice was that? The two women looked at each other. They obviously knew there really was no choice and that the farce of making them choose was a power game. So they did what I knew they would, but was wishing they didn’t.

“OK, I’ll be your slave,” Pam said in a scared voice.

Rodrigiz smiled evilly and looked at Marie. “What about you?”

“Yes, I agree,” she answered quietly.

“One other detail,” Rodrigiz added, “if you refuse or hesitate to do what I tell you, or if you lie to me your man will be punished. And each time the punishment will be more painful than the time before. So if you want to protect your men, get it into your heads that from now on you belong to me. And that means from now on you will only speak when spoken to and will address me as ‘Sir’. Understood?”

“Yes.” Marie answered.

Rodrigiz pointed to Sammy and one of his goons punched him in the face.

Marie realized her mistake and said, “Yes SIR!”

Pam echoed her response. Rodrigiz pointed to her and said, “You are no longer Pam. Now you are now ‘Slut’.”

Then he pointed to Marie, “And you are now ‘Cunt’. You will respond to your new name and nothing else.”

He walked over to where Sammy and I were sitting. “You shouldn’t have fucked with me, because now I’m going to fuck your women. Actually to be more accurate, my black friends here are going to be fucking your wife,” he said pointing to me, “and I’m going to keep Cunt to myself. And do you know why? Because my friends have the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen and when they are finished with Slut she will be ruined for anybody else. And the best part is, you both will have to watch as we defile your women over and over.”

I was furious and would have killed him right there if I had the means. But I was helpless to intervene.

“One more thing,” Rodrigiz announced, “Sluts and cunts don’t deserve to wear clothes, so get them off now.”

The women were slow to respond, but just a glance in our direction by our captor was enough to get them moving. In a few seconds they were both naked. Next he had one of the black men sit down in a chair and ordered Pam to take off his pants and start sucking his cock.

“This is ‘Scratch’. Get him nice and hard so he can fuck you.”

Rodrigiz was not kidding about his size. His cock was easily the biggest that my wife had ever taken on. In the mean time Rodrigiz had Marie give him a blowjob as well. After a few minutes Pam was ordered to lean over the kitchen table just a few feet from where I was sitting. Then Scratch came up behind her and made a show of slowly pushing his huge cock into her from behind. Pam whimpered at the intrusion. He must have really been stretching her out.

Rodrigiz laughed at her discomfort saying, “Is he a little bigger than you’re used to Slut? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Oh, and did I mention that he’s the smallest of the three?”

Scratch pulled out slowly, his dark cock glistening with Pam’s juices. Then he slowly pushed it back in. After repeating the slow strokes a couple more times he started pounding her in earnest. I wanted to look my wife in the eye, to try to give her some strength, but her head was turned the other way. He groaned and announced to the room that her pussy was tight and wet and that he was going to “nut” soon. Sure enough within a few minutes he grunted and held his cock inside Pam as he came.

When he pulled out and walked away Pam remained on the table, face down. From where I was sitting I could see his cum leaking out of her pussy. The next man was introduced as ‘Leroy’, which was apparently a reference to the Jim Croce song ‘Bad Bad Leroy Brown’. He stood right in front of me and dropped his pants. His cock didn’t look any longer than Scratch’s, but I think it was thicker.

He said, “Come over here and suck my cock in front of your husband, slut.”

My wife got off the table and did as she was told. I could see she was having trouble accommodating his size. By opening her mouth as far as she could Pam was just able to admit the head. Her lips were stretched tight and should could only take about half his length; every time she tried to deep throat him she just gagged. It was just too thick. Once he was ready Leroy had Pam lay down on the table face up and hold her legs open for him.

As he stood by the table looking down at her he said, “Beg for it.”

“He said beg for it, you stupid bitch!” Rodrigiz shouted from across the room as Marie sat in his lap and bounced on his cock. “Now beg him to fuck you with that huge black cock.”

“Please fuck me,” she said.

“You don’t sound too convinced. Maybe I should break your husband’s face,” the big black man threatened.

“I need your big cock, please fuck me now. I need to feel it inside me,” she pleaded more convincingly this time.

“OK slut, but just remember you asked for it.”

This time I could see the pain on her face as he fed his huge cock into her pussy. He didn’t give her any time to adjust to his greater girth and started pounding her pussy hard. Pam was obviously in great discomfort at first, but as the fucking went on that pained look on her face disappeared. I was glad for that, but when I started seeing signs of pleasure I became angry. How could she possibly enjoy this rape? What was wrong with her? But then I was hardly in a position to judge her since I’d had a raging hard on since Scratch started fucking her.

As the relentless fucking continued Pam got more and more excited. Her nipples hardened and I could hear her little moans of pleasure between the sound of their bodies slapping together. When I saw her close her eyes and scrunch her face I knew she was going to cum.

“The fucking slut is coming!” Leroy yelled and increased his speed.

He was slamming into her so savagely now that he was moving the heavy table with each powerful thrust. It wasn’t long before he bellowed and added his seed deep inside my wife’s cunt. When he pulled out Pam’s pussy gaped open for a little while before slowly closing up. Before that happened though Rodrigiz called her over to him. He as still sitting on the chair where he was before, but Marie was now sitting on the floor at his feet. He must have cum sometime while Pam was getting fucked by Leroy because his cock was soft.

Rodrigiz had a quiet conversation with Pam, but I couldn’t hear what he said. Actually it was more like a monolog since Pam spoke only a few words and nodded. Then Rodrigiz announced that Pam had something to tell me. She walked over to me and stopped.

Looking me in the eye she said, “I’m sorry honey, but your little dick won’t satisfy me anymore. From now on I’ll need big black cocks to make me happy. You’ll have to settle for my mouth because my cunt and ass will be too stretched out for you to feel anything. Black men are better lovers anyway.”

I could see from the tears running down her cheeks that these were Rodrigiz’s words and that it hurt it very much to say them to me.

“I really mean it,” she told me as she had been ordered, “and now I’ll prove it.”

Pam walked over to the third black man and pulled down his pants. His dick was only partially hard and yet it was as big as mine was fully erect. I’m guessing that it was nine inches long and even bigger around than Leroy’s. Pam fell to her knees and started sucking on it as best she could. Once he was hard though she couldn’t get more than the head into her mouth. I was afraid for her poor pussy.

Then she said, “I’ve just got to fuck this hot cock. Please, I need it inside of me.”

While the man took off his clothes and laid on the floor Rodrigiz informed us that he was called ‘S.D.’

“That means ‘Super Duty’ and I think you can see why he’s called that.”

Pam sat down on his cock and tried to get him inside of her, but she could only get the head to go in. So she lifted herself up and then dropped down again. That time she got about half of him inside. She tried again, but couldn’t get anymore. SD told her to try again, but when she pushed down he put his hands on her shoulders and thrust upward at the same time. Pam screamed as his huge cock completely disappeared into my wife’s pussy. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

Pam squirmed and begged him to take it out, but he held her in place saying that she’d get used to in soon. After about 30 seconds she stopped her struggles, but was breathing heavily quickly in short breaths. Kind of like women do when they are giving birth. That’s when SD let go of her and demanded that she start fucking him. As she bounced up and down on that monster cock he pinched and pulled on her nipples. Fortunately for Pam he didn’t last long. As soon as he was done coming Rodrigiz had her roll off him and onto her back. Then he ordered her to put her legs together and pull them up to her chest as he put a pillow under her butt. I didn’t understand what he was up to.

“So are you on birth control, slut?” He asked Pam.


“I don’t see a patch, so I’m guessing you are on the pill?”


“And when was the last time you took one?”


“I wonder how many you can miss before it stops working,” he mused.

Pam’s eyes went wide and she looked scared.

“Just to make sure I’ll have you do this every time my boys are finished fucking you. After a few days of their potent sperm swimming around inside your womb I’m sure you’ll have one of their babies growing inside you. Not the kind of souvenir you were planning on bring home, I’m sure, but at least it will be lasting.”

My wife started crying and I became so angry that I almost passed out. Rodrigiz seemed to enjoy our reactions.

“Keep a watch on her,” he told his black friends, “I’m going to do a little exploring with little Cunt here.”

They left the room, but I didn’t see where they went. As far as I knew the only other rooms in the cabin were the bathroom and the bedroom. How much exploring could he do? He returned about ten minutes later saying, “Look what I found,” as he held out his discoveries. In his hands were a double-ended dildo and a bullet shaped white plastic vibrator.

“How about some entertainment boys?”

He ordered Marie to lay on the floor with her bottom up next to Pam’s. Then he inserted one end of the double dildo into Pam and the other into Marie. Then he told the women to fuck themselves with it and to make it a good show or he would “fuck up” their men. So while Pam and Marie took turns thrusting the dildo in and out of each other, Rodrigiz and his friends raided the kitchen.

After they were done eating they had the women stop playing with the dildo and ordered Marie to fuck Pam with the vibrator. They passed a whiskey bottle around that they had found while they watched. As Marie stroked the vibrator in and out of my wife’s pussy the men made nasty comments, calling them horny bitches and filthy whores.

“Make her cum, Cunt,” Rodrigiz ordered.

Marie started alternating the vibrator between Pam’s clit and her pussy. After a few more minutes Pam moaned as she shook with yet another orgasm. I don’t think I’d ever seen her have so many in one day. The men said that proved she was a true whore. I knew what they were doing, of course. They were trying to break down her sense of self worth to make her more compliant and submissive. My wife was strong mentally, but I didn’t know how much of that she could really take.

Rodrigiz spoke to his friends now. “If you boys want another shot at the Slut, go ahead. I’m just going to play with little Cunt here.”

The three black men descended on my wife all at once. Over the next two or three hours (I lost track of time) they fucked her in every position and in every hole. Yes, they even stuck their huge black cocks in her tight ass. She screamed out from the pain the first couple of times, but then got used to it apparently. Most of the time there were two of them going at her at the same time, but at the end it was all three. She was taking SD in her pussy, Scratch in her ass, and Leroy in her mouth. By that time they were just using her as a fuck toy. She looked like a rag doll; if they hadn’t been holding her up she would have collapsed.

And that’s exactly what she did when they were finished with her. She lay on the floor with cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. There was more cum on her face and in her hair as well. She didn’t look like my wife anymore.

Rodrigiz came over to me and looked me right in the eye as he said, “Now she looks like the cheap whore that I knew she really was. Take a good look. Your loving wife is gone.”

I rejected what he said about my loving wife being gone. I had to. But he was right about one thing. Laying there like that she did look like a cheap whore. Mentally I beat myself up again for allowing her to get into this situation. I decided right then and there that before this was done either Rodrigiz or I would have to die. There was no middle ground anymore.

The bastard laughed as he walked away taking Marie with him into the bedroom. Scratch picked up Pam and took her to the futon with him. SD took the sofa and Leroy settled for the reclining easy chair. Sammy and I were left gagged and bound to the hard kitchen chairs. Even though I was sitting up and uncomfortable I managed to sleep a little during the night. I woke up several times from cramping muscles and at least once from the sound of Scratch fucking Pam.

Day 3.

I was sitting on the deck of the Cruise Ship by the big pool enjoying a cold beer. Pam was beside me in a tiny bikini looking oh so hot. The sun was bright, but not too hot; there was a nice breeze coming in off the ocean. I didn’t have a care in the world. But something was wrong, there was something I needed to do, but I couldn’t remember what it was. The skies darkened and when I looked down at my wife I can see that she’s being fucked by a big black man. He’s thrusting into her powerfully and she’s crying out in pleasure. I try to stop them but I can’t talk or move. Then I notice an entire crowd of big black men cheering them on and waiting for their turn. NO!

I jerked my head up, suddenly awake. As my mind cleared and my eyes focused I realized I was still in Sammy and Marie’s cabin. I looked around. Only Sammy and I were awake yet. He looked terrible. I suspected that I didn’t look any better. The sun was just starting to steam in through the windows on one side of the cabin, so it must still be early. My bladder was full — painfully so, but there was nothing I could do about it. I was damned if I would humiliate myself by soiling my pants, so I would just have to hold on.

An hour later Rodrigiz stumbled out of the bedroom with Marie. She looked pretty bad too with dried cum on her face and in her hair.

“OK, everyone up.” He bellowed.

The three black men and my wife all slowly got to their feet. Leroy grumbled about being sore and saying he got the couch next time. Scratch called him a baby, but Rodrigiz told them both to shut up before either one got too hot. Now they all took turns using the one bathroom to relieve themselves, and only when they were all done did Rodrigiz order SD to cut Sammy lose and take him to the bathroom.

The first time he tried to stand up after his bonds were cut away he fell back into the chair. No doubt his muscles didn’t want to move after being cramped for so long. SD scowled and hauled him up by his shirt. Sammy stumbled after the big black man in the direction of the bathroom. He literally threw Sammy in and slammed the door, telling him that he had one minute to piss. A minute later as promised he pulled him out, poor Sammy still trying to refasten his pants.

After they taped Sammy to the chair again I was released. I thought I could stand and walk on my own, but I didn’t want them to know that, so I let SD manhandle me like he did Sammy. Fortunately I was able to empty my bladder quickly which gave me a few seconds to search the bathroom for something I could use to help us out of our situation. There were no obvious weapons, but I did down some Ibuprofen for the pain I was feeling. Then SD burst in and I pretended that I was just finishing snapping my pants and let him drag me out.

Like Sammy I was bound securely to the chair once again. Rodrigiz looked over the two women and declared they were “skanky” and needed a shower. So he ordered them both into the bathroom and told them to wash each other. They complied with his order and headed for the bathroom. He followed them of course with the other three not far behind.

They all could not fit in the the small room, so SD and Leroy had to stand outside and peer in through the open door. This allowed me to hear the water running and some voices, but I couldn’t make most of it out except for things like “Oh Fuck!” and “Look at that!”

It sounded like the women were doing more than washing in there. After about 15 or 20 minutes the water was turned off. A short time later they all returned to the kitchen area. Pam and Marie were still naked, but their hair was wet and they were clean.

“You two missed a great show. I sure gave them the right names,” Rodrigiz boasted. “Shit, they were all over each other like a bum on a baloney sandwich. And they hardly needed any encouragement from me!”

I looked at my wife, but I couldn’t read her expression. Then Rodrigiz told the women to make them some breakfast.

“We will need our energy if we are going to give you two whores a proper fucking this morning.”

As the women cooked the men talked about how hot the “shower action” had made them. They also marveled at how well the two women “cleaned up” and how they now looked like “normal bitches” now. I couldn’t see what Pam and Marie were making because my back was to them, however it smelled great. I wasn’t sure I’d be getting any though, so I tried to prepare myself for that eventuality.

When the food was done the men sat at the table and had the women serve them while Sammy and I just watched. They grabbed their butts and boobs as the women catered to them, making it more difficult. When they were done they let the women eat as well. There wasn’t much left after that, but Rodrigiz removed our gags so that we could eat what little there was.

I had to work my jaw open and closed a few times before it started working right. Then Pam fed me a piece of dry toast and a little bit of scrambled eggs. That was washed down with a half a glass of orange juice. Sammy received a similar ration. Then our gags were replaced.

After the women removed the dishes from the table and cleaned everything up, the three black men drew lots to see who got to fuck Pam first – “while she was still clean.”

Leroy won and laid her down on the futon. Next he did something surprising: he got between her legs and started eating her pussy. He must have been pretty good too, because after only a few minutes she was thrashing and coming on his tongue. Satisfied, his face gleaming with her juices, Leroy dropped his pants and mounted her.

Because my cock was rearranged when I went to the bathroom, my erection was now causing a serious tent in my pants. Rodrigiz saw this and had Maria unzip me and pull it out.

“Hey, Leroy man. Bring that bitch over here. I want her to see something.”

Leroy stood up with my wife still impaled on his substantial cock and walked over to where I was sitting like he was carrying a baby. Pam wrapped her legs around him, probably just for stability, but it looked like she was trying to keep his cock inside her.

“Look at that Slut. Your worthless husband gets off watching you getting fucked by a real man,” Rodrigiz claimed triumphantly.

Pam’s eyes got wide in surprise for a moment and then was replaced by a look I didn’t quite understand.

“Fuck that bitch Leroy, and show him how a real man satisfies a cock craving slut.”

Leroy started lifting her up and down as he stood there in front of us. I had never seen anyone fuck standing up like that before. I imagined it took a lot of upper body strength, which Leroy had in abundance. Pam grunted every time he dropped her down onto his rampant cock. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t.

“Suck him off Cunt, while his wife watches. And do a good job or I’ll break your man’s face.”

As Marie knelt in front of me, Rodrigiz told Pam, “Watch how quickly he cums.”

Marie attacked my cock with vigor. She was very good and I had not cum in the last 24 hours, so I knew I wouldn’t last long. Sure enough, less than a minute later I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it all down without a problem.

“Ha ha! I told you. I always thought he was the type that wanted his wife to be a dirty slut. He wants to see real men use you like the whore you are. And this proves it.”

I shook my head no, but Rodrigiz was standing between us. Then he moved aside and I could see him holding a large knife near the back of Pam’s neck.

“Isn’t that true hubby?” He asked me.

Pam couldn’t see the knife, but I knew what the score was. If I didn’t respond the way he wanted me to he was going to hurt my wife. I knew she would be hurt either way, but the emotional pain would heal. So I nodded my head yes. I felt flushed from shame and anger. I was afraid Pam would misread this, but I couldn’t help that.

“You want to see her thoroughly fucked by these three men; used and abused until she can’t move. Isn’t that right?”

I nodded again.

“And you want her to let go and enjoy it, don’t you? To accept that from now on she is just a slut, a plaything for men. Isn’t that so?”

I nodded a third time, knowing that I was playing right into this evil man’s plans for my poor wife. But what could I do? I couldn’t take the risk that he’d seriously hurt her physically.

“You heard the man. Have fun,” he told Leroy.

He carried Pam back to the futon and started seriously pounding her. I don’t know if Pam believed the things that Rodrigiz had forced me to agree to, but her demeanor had changed. She was more vocal now. Instead of just grunting and moaning my wife started saying talking.

“Oh yeah. Oh fuck that feels good. Yes, yes, oh god you’re so big.”

Then just before she came she cried, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder with that black cock!”

After that she just squealed and made incoherent noises for a minute or so. I hoped it was just an act, but I still felt heartbroken. Rodrigiz looked at me triumphantly, obviously believing that he had broken Pam. I didn’t think he had, but doubts swirled in my mind.

Leroy continued to fuck my wife on the futon. The only sound in the room was the slapping of their two bodies together. The knock on the door sounded like a gunshot. Rodrigiz motioned for Leroy to stop his assault on my wife’s pussy and told us all to be quiet or people would die. Then he went to the door and opened it just enough to talk to whoever was on the other side.

“Yes?” He said.

“I’m from Capital Charter and I’m here to pickup the Johnsons,” an older male voice answered.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nobody here by that name.”

“Are you sure? They were quite explicit with their directions. I’m think I have the right place.”

“Sorry buddy, but like I said, they ain’t here.”

Rodrigiz closed the door on him and then watched out the kitchen window for a minute or so. Probably making sure he really left. Then he turned to me.

“Did you hire him to pick you up and take you to your damn Cruise Ship?”

I nodded yes.

“Fuck! Why didn’t you tell me?”

He had to be kidding. I had been gagged since he arrived. I tried to talk through the gag in an effort to communicate this. He got it, but he didn’t like it and I barely saw his backhand before it struck me in the side of the head. The world exploded into stars and pain.

The next thing I remember was the sound of a far away whistle getting closer. Then I was awake again. I was lying on the floor, still strapped to the chair. My head felt like it had been run over by a car and my ears were ringing. Pam was crying and saying something.

“Please don’t hurt him again. I forgot about the charter. I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t hurt him again!” She pleaded.

“Is there anything else you’ve forgotten to tell me, Slut?” An angry Rodrigiz asked.

“No, nothing.”

“There better not be or next time I’ll cripple him. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, I understand.”


They left me there laying on my side, but in a way I didn’t mind. Having the weight off my ass for a little while felt good. Leroy resumed fucking Pam while Rodrigiz ordered Marie to give him a blowjob. Eventually he had SD right me so that I could watch Pam “enjoy her black cock” better.

For the next couple of hours the three black men had their way with my wife. They even spanked her until her ass was beet red while Rodrigiz made her beg for more. Then he found some clothes pins and clipped them on her nipples. Pam screamed at first, so I know it hurt, but again she was forced to tell them that she liked it. When Rodrigiz asked her how she could possible like being treated like that she told them what they wanted to hear.

“Because I’m a horny fucking slut that can’t get enough black cock. I’ll do whatever you want as long as they keep fucking me with their big black cocks,” my wife answered.

It was hard to believe it was my wife saying that, but I knew it was just an act to protect me. As time went on they were getting more cruel and rough with her. I was becoming worried that they would injure her. Rodrigiz was looking around the house and came up with a black marker pen. He used it to write “SLUT” across her chest and “FUCK TOY” on her belly. The other three thought that was fun so they wrote “WHORE” just above her pussy and “SPANK ME” on her ass.

SD, that randy bastard, was fucking Pam for the third time that morning as Pam urged him on when there was another loud knock on the door. SD stopped moving with his cock fully inside my wife’s body. Rodrigiz once again cautioned that everybody was to stay quiet or people would die. Then he answered the door.

“I told you, they…” He stopped in mid sentence. “Um, what can I do for you officer?”

“Can we come in?” An authoritative voice asked.

“What’s this all about?” Rodrigiz demanded. He had chutzpah, that’s for sure.

“We have a report of some suspicious activity around here and we want to make sure everybody is safe.”

“Well, I haven’t seen anything. If I do I’ll let you know.”

“Are you here by yourself?” The policeman asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Is this your place?”

“No, I’m borrowing it from a friend. Look, I was cooking lunch and I’d like to get back to it before it burns.” Rodrigiz improvised.

“Is it OK if we came in and looked around?” The policeman pressed.

“No, I’d rather you didn’t, unless you have a warrant.”

“No, we were just trying to make sure everything was all right.”

“Thanks for the concern, but I’m fine really.” Rodrigiz replied.

“OK then, thanks for your time.”

As Rodrigiz closed the door I felt the first hope in days sinking fast. Just as he turned around the door flew open with a stupendous crash, splinters from the frame flying in all directions. Rodrigiz was thrown to the floor and four policemen stormed into the room with weapons drawn. One jumped on Rodrigiz and held him down. Scratch, Leroy and SD all stood up and put their hands up.

The police let the women put some clothes on as they cut Sammy and I free from our chairs. It took an hour or so to tell them about our ordeal. I think the fact that we all told the same story convinced them. Eventually we were all taken to the police station by boat (there were no roads leading to the cabin) where we made our official reports. That’s were we learned that the captain from Capital Charter was ex coastguard and had convinced the police that something very wrong was going on at the cabin. He may have saved our lives, in fact.

The police forced us to go to the hospital and the doctors insisted that we stay the night, so that’s where we spent the third night of our Caribbean vacation.

Day 4.

By the time we were discharged from the hospital our six day cruise was just about over, so we finally just gave up on it. We thanked Capital Charter for their help and they offered to take us back to San Juan since we had already paid the deposit on the charter. That seemed like a good idea to us.

We still had a couple of days before our flight back to the mainland and the cruise lines felt so bad about what happened when I called to inquire about getting our luggage back that they paid for us to stay at the best suite in nicest hotel in the city. We bought a few new clothes to wear, had dinner and then retired early to the big jacuzzi in our suite.

“That was the weirdest three days of my life,” I commented as I rubbed Pam’s foot.

“Mine too,” My wife replied.

“You almost convinced me that you were enjoying all that forced sex.”

“You almost convinced me that you liked watching me having sex with all those other people. Especially in the cabin yesterday morning, but then I realized that Marie must have made you hard so that Rodrigiz could play his mind games.”

I looked at the words written on her body, faded but still legible. I considered my next words carefully before voicing them. “I have something to confess.”

She stopped idly playing with one of the water jets. “What?”

“Marie didn’t do anything. It was you that made me hard.”

Pam looked at me in surprise, but not shock like I was expecting. “Really?”


“You really did get excited watching me get gang fucked by those men?”

“Yes,” I admitted, “and I’m ashamed of it, but I thought you should know.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment. I wasn’t sure if our marriage would last through it or not.

“You shouldn’t feel ashamed,” she finally said.

“Why not?”

“Because I have something to confess too. I wasn’t acting.”

“When?” I asked breathlessly.

“What do you mean when? When it looked like I was enjoying it. I wasn’t acting,” Pam admitted.


“Yes. In fact, most of the time when it looked like I wasn’t enjoying it I was acting.”

“You’re kidding! Even when they were spanking you?” I asked.

“Hmmm, that felt good at first, but they went too far, so my tears there were real enough. But just about everything else from the exposure at customs on the first day to the gang bang yesterday, I enjoyed.”

I was gobsmacked. I didn’t even know how to respond, so my dick did it for me.

“I tried to hide it from you, and even from myself. But in the middle of the night while Scratch was fucking me I finally realized that they were right. I’m a sex loving slut. There’s no denying it and no avoiding it. I’ll always honor our marriage vows and won’t go fucking around behind your back, but there’s no changing what I am.”

“I guess I’m OK with that, just as long as you weren’t serious about only wanting big black cock from now on,” I replied.

“No, no, that was just Rodrigiz playing his mind games. I love all cocks of all sizes, especially yours. Which I see is excited about all this.”

Whereby my beautiful sexy slut of a wife stood up, straddled me and fucked my brains out. And I can assure you that her pussy was still plenty tight. No worries about that. No worries about anything.

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