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To Serve Her

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Alicia had peeled open Robert’s soul and made a home for herself inside. Now he couldn’t live without her. It was pointless to try. But, still his male pride struggled for control. It was a difficult thing to reconcile himself to complete surrender to a woman. But, he had no choice. Alicia demanded it and Robert knew she would always get what she wanted.

The idea that she could and would control him so completely sent a shock of excitement through his body. It also filled him with an indescribable feeling of security.

He watched her intently as she crossed the room. She had made all the arrangements. From deciding the location, which was Toronto, to booking the hotel, everything had been done without much input from him. Robert knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if he had not shown up on this weekend of September 13, Alicia would simply have come to his town and punished him there. Severely. She had made it clear that she would have him. Period. And secretly he knew that being so passive was just one of his own small tests to be sure she COULD do it.

The truth was, Robert had dreamed of having a strong, beautiful, ebony goddess totally in control of him. But until this moment he had thought it was just a fantasy – relegated to the back of his mind for the occasional jackoff session. He had accepted that even if Alicia agreed to some of the activities, it would just be for special occasions and the majority of their love life would be vanilla. Now, looking at the terrible beauty of her eyes, he was held captive by the knowledge that before him stood the true queen who would punish him and make the demands that could transport him to true ecstasy and fulfill all of his hidden submissive desires. His body trembled, but his cock filled with blood and shivered with anticipation.

He knew he had displeased her. Some of it was accidental as he felt his way towards her slowly in the beginning of their relationship. But some of it was done deliberately in the hopes that Alicia would seize the opportunity to punish and train him. They hadn’t started off as a D/s thing. Instead they had connected instantly as two people with incredible chemistry and compatibility. To imagine that something like that could then blossom into the complete fruition of all his hottest fantasies truly blew Robert’s mind! But he had displeased her and quite simply for that he would pay.

He didn’t actually fear the physical pain. He knew he was loved and that underneath it all was the creed of safe, sane and consensual. So he would submit to the paddle, the crop, whatever instrument she chose to use. He imagined the exquisite pain and humiliation of being made to lie over her chocolate knees like a small boy while she reddened his bare white ass with her hairbrush. He craved to lie with his head in her lap and feel secure – like a little bad boy cradled in the all-powerful arms of his loving mommy.

Robert’s cock throbbed with the images he conjured in his mind. His blood flowed with excitement. He absolutely adored Alicia but did not really feel worthy of her. There were far more eagerly submissive white boys searching for beautiful, dominant black queens than there were ebony goddesses to go around. He knew she could have any man she wanted, but he would have a hell of a time trying to find someone to replace her. He was truly sorry for his infractions. And he would take his punishment like a man.

“Strip.” Alicia’s voice filled the stillness of the room as she suddenly spoke. Robert searched her face for some sign of softness, amusement, any evidence that she would go lightly with him. He found none. She had told him that she expected him to take his punishment without restraints. Part of his retribution was to submit to her willingly. Admitting with his humbleness before her that he was wrong.

Robert peeled his clothes off. Folding each piece as she had instructed him and placing the lot in a neat pile. Then he got naked on all fours and crawled over to her. Alicia wore an incredible outfit perfect for this kind of discipline. His eyes moved lovingly over the black leather of her thigh high boots. Her beautiful, juicy brown thighs spilled out of their tops in ripe abandon. She was like a warrior goddess standing over him in her sexy, crotchless black underwear. He understood that everything they did had to be for her pleasure and that in turn would feed his own. He was close enough to smell the heavenly aroma of her succulent pussy. He realized that her dominance was making her hot and that’s why the scent was so heavy in the air. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting her tangy cunt, but he knew better than to touch it without her permission. He was never to put his hands on her without her consent.

Robert had dreamed of this moment a thousand times, jerking his dick until it was almost raw. He had always had submissive desires. But the pressures of society kept him unhappily in line. And most women had in turn been pressured by the same rules of society to become utterly submissive to men and therefore could not really excite his full imagination. Now he knew he had found the right woman. The one who would dominate him completely and demand all of his love as her birthright. Before him stood Alicia, the ultimate goddess. Tall and chocolate with an ass so incredible his whole body stood at attention. She was absolutely beautiful beyond description. All of his dreams, hopes and wishes merged into the divine package before him. The idea that she had chosen him to serve her made his chest swell with pride.

Alicia left him crouched in the middle of the floor as she stepped over to the closet. He dared not look at her as she retrieved the instruments of his punishment. He could hear heavy things being hefted and his imagination ran wild!

Her feet reappeared in his line of vision. With a supplicating moan he leaned forward to kiss the toes of her exquisite boots. The fragrance of fine leather mixed with Truth perfume and the most delicious pussy on earth filled his senses. A divine chocolate pussy! He knew he would never desire vanilla or any other flavor again. He desperately wanted to orally worship her!

Alicia moved her foot from his lips impatiently. “That’s enough, Robert. Look at me sweetie.” He slowly raised his eyes to her face. Her presence overwhelmed him. Her exotically braided hair fanned out around her perfect body like a lion’s mane. Her beauty was so white hot it seared his entire being. His whole body leaned towards her like a flower seeks the sun. She stepped forward and grabbing a handful of his blond curls bent his head back slightly as she placed her dripping snatch right over his eager mouth. “Don’t you DARE lick it,” she commanded. He struggled to obey her as she slowly ground her creamy cunt into his face and he imagined the ecstasy of having her warm, sweet juices run down his hungry throat. Her delicious fragrance filled his senses making him almost incoherent with intense desire!

“Baby, why are you being punished? I need to know that you completely understand what you have done to displease me.” Her softly spoken words bit into him creating a mass of contrite misery in his heart. He was filled to bursting with absolute remorse as he began to tick off his sins, his mouth muffled by her luscious folds.

As Robert finished he looked up at Alicia, his beautiful blue eyes shiny with unshed tears, “Goddess, I adore you. I am sooo sorry!” He could see her love for him glowing in the amazingly deep brown of her eyes. That caused him even greater pangs of remorse as he admitted to himself that all she had ever tried to do was love him and strengthen their bond. He acknowledged in that moment that he deserved whatever punishment she would administer. She had the right to punish him as severely as she saw fit. He absolutely required it.

Alicia stepped back from his face. Robert couldn’t stop himself from licking out his tongue to taste her incredible juices that coated his mouth. “Stand up, face the wall and lean your head against it with your legs spread. Cover your balls with your hands.” He quietly assumed the position. Each fiber in his body now cried out for the exquisite pain of his punishment. He knew it would bring him her forgiveness and further cement their bond. He also realized it would calm his tortured soul and show him his place.

“Whack!!” His body jolted with the surprise of the powerful blow. It was decided then – she was going to give him a good hearty strapping that he wouldn’t soon forget. As each solid stroke caressed his red-hot ass, back and thighs he let himself go flowing into total acceptance. “Yes!!” His mind screamed silently with each blow. He craved the total surrender she was pushing him towards. This was heaven! Her delicious scent coating his face and her forgiveness falling with solid tangible weight on his body. His heart soared.

Alicia finished the whipping and left him leaning exhausted against the wall. Robert felt the blissful calm of absolute submission wash over him. He had been transported by the discipline and his cock was painfully hard.

Alicia now reclined on the bed. Her long leather encased legs stretched out endlessly in front of her succulent body. She had the dangerous curves of a true queen and she had one leg bent to show her beautiful fragrant twat. “Come here, sweetie.” Her silky voice was like music to Robert’s ears. He dropped down from the wall and scrambled over to the bed, kneeling obediently at her side.

Alicia turned over on her side to face towards him and lifted a hand to play in his blonde hair. Her chocolate fingers contrasted beautifully with his fair coloring as she held his head immobile. Robert stared worshipfully at her as she leaned forward and kissed him softly on his lips. “You know I love you, pet. And I just want you to be the best little sweetie you can be. So you must open yourself to me and give me your complete trust in all things.” He sighed with deep pleasure that she now seemed to be happy with him.

“Yes, Alicia,” Robert breathed. He slowly closed his eyes and continued softly, “I love you sooo much. Please let me serve you always. You are my goddess, my queen! Help me to become worthy of you.” Alicia pulled his head towards one succulent breast, exposing the pouty nipple to his eagerly nursing mouth. She stroked his head softly as she soothed him. “You are trying sweetie. I’m going to mold you into a very good little boy who knows exactly how to please me. When you do well I will reward you and when you make mistakes I will punish you as I did today. Do you understand me, Robby?” He nodded his head peacefully an expression of dreamy ecstasy showing on his handsome face. This feeling of love and acceptance and knowing his place in the world was exactly what he had always craved! How wonderful it was to be able to surrender to such capable hands and lay down the impossible burden of false male pride.

Alicia pulled him up onto the bed. This was his signal that he could now place his head in her lap! He moved his head lower as his arms wrapped around her waist. Everywhere he seemed to feel her soft, warm silky skin touching him, contrasting beautifully with the hard muscles of his body. He felt that he could just sink into her buttery softness and be utterly consumed! He slowly rubbed his face back and forth against her wonderful pussy. His soft pleasure-filled moans expressed his appreciation and wonder.

“Ooh, Alicia, please feed your little bad boy some of your sweet juice,” he implored. She answered him by gripping his head with both hands and slowly grinding her creamy, chocolate cunt against his little white face. He was in heaven as his mouth opened and he hungrily slurped and licked her delicious mound.

She guided his head to show him exactly how to best please her. “Yes, right there you wonderful, little cuntlicker, eat my box, sweetie.” He eagerly pleased her with long wet sucks of her engorged clit. He drew it into his mouth and began to communicate with her through the throbs of her clit. Each time it pulsed he answered with a gentle lick while she smiled into his eyes to let him know he was doing a wonderful job. He knew she loved it when he lost himself in pleasuring her. She especially loved hearing his greedy enthusiastic sounds as he devoured her.

Robert stuck two of his fingers into his mouth to wet them and then slowly slid their dripping length into her hot, gripping tunnel. Her pussy was so hot and tight! He lived for the moment when she would let him slide his tortured cock into its silky depths, but he knew that would never happen before marriage and even then only when she allowed it. Alicia moaned and thrust her luscious pussy closer to his talented mouth. “That’s right my little pussysucker, eat me! I’m going to give you a big reward – a mouthful of my delicious cream. Open wide, Robby, I’m cumming in your hot mouth!” And then her beautiful body contorted as her succulent cunt flooded his slurping mouth with the sweetest juices he had ever tasted. Mmmm!

Her orgasm seemed to go on and on as he licked her into absolute ecstasy. What a clever little tongue slut he was! Finally she slumped back against the pillows on the bed and he rested his head contentedly between her sweet, juicy thighs. He felt pleasure consume his body at the knowledge he had served her so well. He knew he had found the perfect woman for him and nothing could ever make him deny her anything.

Alicia pulled Robert up to lay beside her. She nestled into his arms enjoying the warmth and strength that she had harnessed for her use. Robert had the potential to be the perfect knight in shining armor. Well-trained and obedient to her every desire. He was strong, fierce and dominant with other men yet docile and sweet with women. Perfection.

Reaching around behind him, Alicia ran a possessive hand over one of his firm asscheeks. She felt that telltale throb of excitement in his penis that confirmed his desire to go a little further. He was such a little ass slut. She knew he was trembling inside hoping she would fuck him and maybe even let him cum this time.

Alicia got up from the bed and went back over to the closet. Robert was on fire as he imagined what she was doing behind the closet door. Oh yes! He was going to get what he deserved and he hoped she would do it hard and good! When she emerged from the closet wearing the huge black strap-on, he nearly went insane with desire. His cock swelled even bigger and leaked drops of excitement.

Alicia stepped over to the bed and gestured for Robert to assume a sitting position facing her. She stood over him with her huge spike pointing down towards his lap. “Sweetie, hold your cock up so we can see which is bigger and thicker.” Robert silently obeyed. He had a large penis, but it was a shrimp compared to the monster she wore and its pale shimmer was no match for the massive glossiness of her huge black cock. “Robby, I bet you wish you had a big black cock like mine don’t you? What do you think I should do with such a luscious hunk of meat? Hmmm?” As she spoke she slowly rubbed her huge dick against the head of his penis coating it with his liquid offering.

“I think I should find me a naughty little slut to suck it for me. Get on your knees you dirty little whore. Lather this superior piece of black cockmeat with your little white mouth.” Robert got down on his knees and began to worship her strap-on. Moans of ecstasy escaped his mouth as she grabbed a handful of his hair and began to almost brutally fuck his eager mouth. “Mmmm, looks like baby has found the perfect bottle to suck on.” Looking down into his eyes as she fed him her cock, she felt a surge of desire fueled by her dominance of him. What a turn on for them both!

“My my aren’t we a greedy little slut puppy? That’s enough you naughty little darling. Go bring me the lube.” Robert scurried on all fours to get the lubrication. He returned to hand it to Alicia and then got back on the bed on all fours. She wore a latex glove on her right hand and she immediately coated two fingers with lube. She slowly worked one finger into his quivering asshole stretching it out a bit before adding a second. As she worked she continued to talk to Robert. “I know you have seen plenty of pictures of big black cocks pounding little white pussies. You have probably beaten off to quite a few of them. Well tonight you get to be my little white pussy and I am going to fill you up with my hard black cock!” Alicia thrust her fingers into Robert’s willing ass as he struggled to push back onto her hand. Enjoying more of the glorious stimulation all the while moaning in pure pleasure.

She withdrew her fingers and tossed the glove onto the floor then began the task of thoroughly lubing the huge fuck stick that protruded obscenely from her luscious feminine curves. Alicia slowly guided the thick head of the fake cock into Robert’s eager asshole. He jumped a little and sighed as she pushed the head past his ass muscles. She began inching the thick shaft into him, nearly splitting him wide. It was a journey of both pleasure and pain, but his dripping dick revealed the fact that Robert loved every minute of the abuse.

Robert’s hand instinctively went to his shaft as Alicia began the enjoyable task of reaming his hot ass. “Don’t touch yourself, slut! I want you to come just from getting fucked. Isn’t that what you have expected of girls in the past? Let’s see if you can do it, you horny little white bitch.” Robby moaned as Alicia set a rhythm that excited and pleasured his quivering hole. He really loved it when she fucked him rough and this was no exception. It was delicious! As Alicia pounded into his pulsating asshole, Robert felt himself getting ready to shoot. But, he knew he needed permission to come. “Goddess, I’m sooo close, please may I come,” he moaned through clenched teeth.

“Not yet, slut! Take it, feel every inch of my beautiful black cock owning your sweet little white hole. Scream for me bitch, let the world know you are a slut who loves to be fucked in the ass!” Robert roared with pleasure and agreement as he affirmed that he did love the brutal pounding he was receiving in his violated orifice. Alicia knew she had him right on the edge of an explosive orgasm. He had not come in at least 5 days and his cock was on fire with the need to blow his sweet cream.

“OK, you dirty, little assfucked slut get ready to come for me. Grab your puny little dick and aim it at your mouth. I want you to blow a load of jizz all over your little naughty face!” The excitement in her voice inflamed him! She was just as turned on from fucking him as he was by having her do it. They were a perfect pair!

Suddenly he felt his hot ball juice surging forward as white hot ecstasy nearly blinded him with pleasure. He shot thick creamy ropes of seed into his open mouth and all over his face as he was transported to a heaven of purest sensation and satisfaction. In this instant he understood completely why she controlled his cock and denied him orgasms. It was so he could experience the life altering intensity of moments like these. He had never had such a powerful orgasm from vanilla sex where he was the dominant partner. God, he adored this brilliant and forceful woman! She owned him and he was very content.

As they came down from their sexual high, Alicia cradled him in her arms rocking him softly to sleep as she drifted there herself. They both wore satisfied smiles. True love is a beautiful thing.

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