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While Wet From The Shower

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I threw the last forkful of wood-shavings and old straw onto the bonfire and flicked a droplet of sweat from my eyebrow before turning to my long time friend.

“Thea. Whatever gave you the notion that a day in the middle of August when there isn’t a cloud in the sky would be a good time to clean out your old chicken shed?”

Thea (Dorothea to her mother) smiled ruefully and leaned her rake on the shed door. “It seemed like a good idea at the time?”

“Sitting on the lawn with a nice cool white wine and lemonade seems a better one.”

“But not half as satisfying. I’ve been meaning to do it ever since we moved in. Now Barry can start turning it into a studio.”

“So, for the sake of your amateur daubs, I’ve had to get dried chicken shit in my hair, get covered in muck and dust, and ruin a perfectly good top?”

“Lucy, in answer to your list of complaints, I’ll wash your tee-shirt myself and lend you one of mine for tonight, and the shower works just fine so you can decontaminate yourself as soon as we put the tools away. Now quit whinging!”

Thea and I are not the same size, she is shorter and proportionately just a little slimmer. But where we really differ is in the chest department. I’m blessed with full breasts – too heavy in my mind although Phil likes them – and Thea is almost flat-chested. It’s been a standing joke between us that I got her share as well as my own, so how I would fit into one of her tops was a mystery. But we’d worry about that when the time came.

“And to top it off I expect you’ll want a hand preparing dinner?”

“No, that was all prepared this morning. It just wants cooking.”

“Which slave did you get to help you with that?”

Thea took a playful swipe at my backside and set off for the house.

“Come on, let’s get cleaned up. We’ve no dinner to cook so we’ll still get time for that wine if we don’t stand here gabbing.”

Stripping in front of Thea is no problem, we’d met at college some ten or twelve years ago and over the years we’d seen each other naked many times.

“How about you soap my back and I’ll do yours, so long as you don’t mind?”

It sounded fine to me; I didn’t mind someone touching my back, though my front might be another matter. Thea adjusted the shower and we stood together under the warm cascade, smiling quietly at each other as the water flushed away the loose dirt from our bodies.

“That feels better.” She said, squeezing shower gel into her hand before passing it to me.

As I filled my own palm with gel I watched Thea begin to soap herself up, noticing that her little breasts were so firm that they didn’t seem to move at all even when she lifted her arms to soap her armpits. If only I could keep my over generous bosom but have it as firm as that. Then I noticed that she was watching me looking at her.

“It’s alright for you.” She told me. “At least you’ve got a good figure. I have to keep walking when I’m in a timber-yard, because if I stood still they’d sell me as a board.”

“Sorry Thea, I was staring, wasn’t I?”

“No problem. At least you don’t look and laugh like most women would.”

“Hey.” I told her, trying to sound open-minded. “If men or women were all made to the same plan, wouldn’t life be boring?”

She smiled cheerfully and ran soapy hands over her breasts, watching me do the same to mine. There isn’t a lot of room in Thea’s shower and it was strange but pleasantly intimate to be showering in such close proximity to another woman. We found ourselves looking directly into each other’s eyes as we worked our way down and half smiling in conspiratorial pleasure.

“This is a nice way to finish off a hard days work.” She remarked suddenly as she lathered her stomach, suds running into her bush.

I just smiled silently and nodded, relaxing under the warm water and my own soapy massage. But then she reached down between her legs to wash her pussy and I noticed her eyes close just for a moment in pleasure at her own touch, and I realised she was feeling randy.

“Hot weather having an effect is it?” I asked her, smiling innocently.

She looked at me curiously, then blushed as she realised what I meant.

“Always does, doesn’t it get to you sometimes?”

“Regularly.” I told her, abruptly feeling that today no exception. “Though I’ve no idea why. Maybe it’s because we all wear fewer clothes.”

“Maybe. Whatever it is perhaps the menfolk will oblige us when they finally get home?” Our respective husbands were out fishing for the day and not expected back until evening.

“What! Both together?” I deliberately misconstrued her remark and feigned bewildered surprise.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe. I can’t see those two going for same room sex even if we would.” She answered as if she’d taken me seriously and now I was genuinely bewildered.

“You never know your luck.” I told her, still teasing.

“One day.” She sighed, and I looked at her in amazement, understanding suddenly that she really was serious. I wondered briefly what had started that off for her, but then pushed the thought to one side before we talked ourselves into trouble, but it had sort of set the tone for the day.

We let it go at that, standing facing each other and stooping slightly with our hands between our legs supposedly washing ourselves but taking far too long over that one little bit.

“There isn’t room in here for us both to bend down, so how about we do each other’s legs as well as our backs?” Thea asked eventually, breathing just that little bit heavier.

“Yes, fine.” I could see what she meant; we’d probably bang our heads together if we both tried to reach our legs.

Thea squeezed more shower gel into her palms and then half crouched, half squatted in front of me, looking strangely defenceless with the shower water cascading over her head and shoulders. She soaped up my calves, then my knees and worked her way up my thighs, just once brushing the side of her hand against my pubic hair as she reached the top of my leg. It was only a very brief touch, but I was incredibly conscious of it. She gave no sign of noticing and I didn’t say anything, but afterwards it was as if I could still feel that tantalizing touch.

“Turn around.”

I did as I was asked, presenting my back to her and folding my arms away on top of my head. She began at my feet and worked her way up to the back of my thighs, stopping at the top of my legs to begin again at my shoulders. It is a lovely sensuous feeling to have someone’s soapy hands massaging your back and I was feeling really warm and relaxed by the time she reached the base of my spine, so much so that it didn’t even occur to me how intimate it was to have someone rubbing soap all over my naked bottom. I just enjoyed the sensation, only really becoming aware when her fingers delved between my cheeks into my crack, and then only to notice how nice it felt.

Thea unhooked the shower head and rinsed me off, making me feel good as she looked me over at the same time. The water felt so relaxing, sluicing over my skin and directed by someone else’s hand for a change and I didn’t care that she was looking at me. It was nice to be so uninhibited with somebody, normally I only feel that free with my partner and I’d never felt so easy in the presence of another woman.

“My turn.” She announced, handing me the shower gel.

It wasn’t until I squatted in front of her and noticed her pussy was literally inches from my face that I became aware that just like Thea I was more than slightly turned on, although whether that was from the mention of exhibitionistic sex, or from our showering together, or just the hot weather, I wasn’t sure. However, as she planted her feet a little way apart for me to begin, I did notice, somewhat irrelevantly, that she had neat inner lips, like tiny little wings around her clitoris, and I surprised myself by wondering what they would be like to touch.

Thea has lovely long slim legs tapering to very trim ankles, and the feel of them under my hands was marvellous. There was no superfluous flesh on her at all, but she wasn’t over muscular either, just nice and firm and toned. I took my time running my hands up and down, taking pleasure in my task, especially when it came to her gorgeous thighs.

I did each thigh separately, running a palm up both the inside and outside at the same time so that I could do it a little firmer without pushing at her, and just like Thea, I continued up until the side of my hand just touched her pubic hair. Unlike Thea I did it on each leg and more than once, getting a surreptitious buzz from being as bold as I dare. Even so, I wasn’t trying to touch her any sexual sense, it was just pushing at the conventional boundaries of a bit.

“Okay, now you turn around.”

Thea took up a very different position to the one I’d adopted, standing almost like a suspect waiting to be frisked, leaning on her hands placed against the wall with her legs a couple of feet apart. I must have looked puzzled, because she grinned at my expression.

“If I stand upright, you’ll push me over.” She joked.

“Ha – bloody – ha!” I told her, grinning myself in acknowledgement of my comparative stature.

Now I washed the backs of her legs much as I had the front, encircling each one in wet soapy hands and watching my fingers slide over her skin. I’d done most of her legs from the front, and so it took only a minute or so before I reached the tops of her legs and began to work on her bottom, only to realise that I would be able to do it better standing up.

I left her bottom for the moment and went to work soaping her back, beginning by lathering her from shoulders to waist in long sweeping movements, feeling her beautifully smooth wet skin slide under my hands. She felt soft and silky, completely unlike the hirsute hide that Phil boasted. It made a very pleasant change to wash a feminine back.

Her back done, I squeezed more gel into my palms and started once again on her bottom, standing almost directly behind her and placing one hand on each of her cheeks. That didn’t work too well, so I moved to one side, holding her hip with one hand to steady myself and massaged her behind with the other. That worked fine, and felt nice too, because her bottom was firm and smooth, the flesh moving under my touch but without any sign of flabbiness.

It felt so nice that I spent more time there than was strictly necessary and only moved on when I got worried that Thea might notice and get the wrong idea. Still holding on to her hip I let my hand slide sideways into her crack, slipping easily between her cheeks on the coating of suds that had fund their way there. That felt nice and I felt Thea adjust her stance to give me more room, so she obviously didn’t mind either. My hand automatically turned over so that my fingers could explore her properly and I suddenly found myself with the tip of my forefinger sliding back and forth over her anus as I rubbed her.

It was one of those excruciatingly embarrassing moments during which you panic, try to rectify a mistake and only succeed in making matters worse. I jumped in alarm, and my hand, which was moving forward at the time, slid onward, thrusting my two longest fingers straight into Thea’s vagina. She let out a gasp of surprise and I yanked my hand away yelping as if I’d been stung.

“Oh Thea, I’m so sorry, I didn’t intend to do that.” I babbled. “So sorry, Thea, it was accidental, I don’t know how that happened.”

“It’s alright.” She said, turning round to face me and breaking into a huge grin at my crimson face. “It doesn’t matter.”

“But what must you think? Please don’t think I did it on purpose. I’m truly sorry.”

“I’ve said, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t mind.”

I still babbled apologies.

“Thea. Please forgive me. I wasn’t trying to take advantage, honestly, I’m so, so sorry.”

“For God’s sake, Lucy, don’t worry about it, I’m not. If I hadn’t been feeling randy it wouldn’t have been so easy, so blame me.”

“But Thea, I know I shouldn’t have done that. I’m really sorry and it was an accident.”

Thea was smiling at my embarrassment by this time. “I know you didn’t do it on purpose, and I’m not bothered about it. Now for crying out loud forget it and rinse me off.”

Still feeling foolish I took the shower head, adjusted the water and sluiced the suds from her body, starting at the top and working my way down. I must admit that when I got to her middle I felt a bit hesitant about directing the flow onto her pussy, but she didn’t seem worried and in fact had parted her legs ready. I just washed her down and said nothing; the humiliation of accidentally touching her was still at the forefront of my mind. When I’d done and she was clean of soap I turned to turn off the shower, but she stopped me, taking the shower and readjusting the water.

“Just a minute Lucy, you’ve got some soap in your bush.”

I looked down, but couldn’t see any soap.

“Open your legs a bit; it’s just around your pussy lips.”

I did as I was told quite innocently, believing all that she said until she turned the shower onto my pussy and I immediately jumped back to be trapped by the shower wall. It was lovely and warm, but she’d turned the pressure up so that it was like little needles playing over my labia and clitoris. It felt fantastic.

“Now I get my own back.” She giggled. “Now stand still and let me do it, `cos if you try and stop me I’ll tell the men what you did.”

She was joking – I think – or at least she wasn’t meaning it nastily, but I was already embarrassed and I didn’t like the thought of Barry or Phil knowing I’d fingered Thea, no matter how accidental it had been. I stood still, opening my legs a bit further, glad in a way, I suppose, of the excuse to let her continue.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever done that, played a power shower over yourself, but take my word for it, the sensations are exquisite. It is so nice, so stimulating, that it verges on being painful. Several times as she did it I had to stop my hands from covering myself up and getting a little relief from that wonderful feeling. Before long I could feel myself climbing towards an orgasm.

“For Gods sake Thea, stop it. I can’t stand it; it’s so fucking good it hurts.”

She laughed and concentrated the water onto my clit and the entrance to my vagina. I was squirming with the intense sensation of it and at times it was so strong that I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out at the exquisite torment. A few seconds later my orgasm overwhelmed me and I leaned against the wall as wave after wave of pure ecstasy surged through me.

“You bastard.” I told her through the rolling power of my climax, making her giggle once more.

“Well, now you know. Touch me again and I’ll make you cum again. It’s only fair isn’t it?”

My orgasm began to decline and I shook my head, smiling inside at her revenge. “You’re still a bastard, but a nice bastard.” I gasped.

Thea turned off the water, still laughing at the sight of me leaning on the wall, head hanging, fighting for breath, legs trembling and chest heaving, my body still quivering from the last pulses of orgasm.

“You bastard.” I told her again, unable to prevent a wry grin from tugging at my mouth. “You complete bastard.”

“Seemed fair to me.” She told me, grabbing for a towel and trying to look innocent. “You touch me and I touch you.”

“But I did apologise.” I protested. “And it really was an accident.”

“I know it was, but you got so flustered and embarrassed that I couldn’t resist teasing you.”

“That’s why you’re a bastard.”

She was busy coiling a second towel around her head, while I was still naked and leaning against the back wall of the shower stall, water still running off me.

“I must admit though.” She had that mischievous twinkle in her eye again. “I didn’t expect you to cum that easily. Feeling randy are we?”

I was beginning to get my breath back now, so I squeezed the water from my hair and stepped out of the shower to wag a mocking finger in her face.

“You can talk.” I told her. “You must have been fucking horny for my fingers to have slid in that easily.”

“I’ve already admitted that I was, and for that matter I still am.” She giggled again. “But I didn’t expect you to try and help me out. Why didn’t you tell me you’d turned gay?”

We’re both straight, so it’s a good job I know her warped sense of humour.

It didn’t take us long to dry off and very soon we were both relaxing in a couple of Thea’s big armchairs and sipping on the wine that we’d been promising ourselves. She had found me a top that I could get into, a loose baggy green affair that made me look like my granny, but at least it fitted.

“Do you know?” She remarked suddenly. “You’re the first woman I’ve ever seen having an orgasm, apart from myself that is.”

“Shut up Thea. You’re embarrassing me.” She was the first woman ever to see me cum, and I felt very red faced about it.

“No, you shouldn’t be embarrassed.” She assured me. “It looked pretty damn good to me.”

“How else should I feel? I touched you where I shouldn’t and then orgasmed in front of you.”

“What would you have done if I’d have returned the favour instead of just turning the spray on you?” She asked me abruptly.

“You mean, if you’d have touched me?” Her question had caught me unawares.

“Yes. If I’d done to you what you did to me?” Although the words sounded reproachful, there was a strange mixture of lust and curiosity in her tone of voice.

“You mean, on purpose?”

It was a silly question, but I didn’t really quite know how to handle this conversation. I could see that Thea was very turned on, and that was generating a strange and unexpected excitement in me, so much so that I was beginning to lubricate again.

“Yes. Would you have stopped me?”

I could see now where this might lead us, but I was curious enough to let things go on a bit longer.

“I don’t know.” I thought about it for a moment. “Possibly not.”

“Only possibly?”

“Well, alright, probably not.” The way I felt right then that was closer to the real truth.

“How would you feel if we’d touched each other?”

This was getting a bit heavy for me, but the trouble was I was feeling as randy as hell and this sort of talk was only making me hotter. I tried to stop it escalating any further.

“But we didn’t.”

“Shame.” Said Thea quietly.

“Yes, shame.” I echoed before I’d realised what I’d said.

We sat gazing at each other, stunned into silence by our own admissions, knowing that we couldn’t leave it there but not daring to take things any further. It was Thea who eventually broke out of the embarrassing cul-de-sac that we’d talked ourselves into.

“Stand up and kiss me.” She demanded softly. It was as if she’d come to a sudden decision.

Now I looked confused. “What?”

“Kiss me, and let’s see how we feel then. Because if we don’t do something we’re going to wonder about this forever.”

She was right of course.

I stood up and went towards her, and she stood to greet me. It’s a romantic novel cliché‚ to say we melted into each others arms, but we did. It was as if our bodies wanted to meet, each wanting to accommodate the other so that we fitted together perfectly in a tight embrace.

Even so, the kiss was a bit tentative at first from both sides, our lips just softly brushing together. But then we gained in confidence, knowing that there was no real reluctance from either one, and we came together fully, lips and tongues meeting passionately. We clung together like that for several minutes, exploring each other’s mouths and luxuriating in the feel of two bodies pressed close. The fact that nothing, except a kiss or two, was going to happen, made all my inbuilt misgiving about being in the arms of a woman disappear. This was just a try out, I told myself.

“Wow!” Thea exclaimed when we finally retreated to arms length. “That was definitely worth waiting for.”

“What?” I asked her, stunned again by her remark. “What was worth waiting for?”

“That kiss was.” She told me.

I stood shocked into silence, wanting an explanation but not daring to ask.

“I’ve wanted to kiss a woman for years, just to see what it was like.” She went on without prompting. “And I always hoped it might be you.”

I must admit I was very surprised at that, because she had never showed the slightest interest in me sexually, but in a strange way I was quite pleased. And, when I put her gender from my mind, I’d enjoyed it too.

“In fact.” Thea added slowly. “I’ve never told you, but I have wondered once or twice what it would be like to go to bed with you.”

I was very aware that it couldn’t have been easy for Thea to say what she just had. It meant we’d taken a step that couldn’t be reversed, and I didn’t want her to suddenly pull away in embarrassment and for that to damage our friendship. She needed to be reassured that her hidden desires wouldn’t harm our bond. In any case, I was finding it surprisingly pleasurable to be fancied by my best friend.

“Then we’d better kiss again.” I told her. “Just to prove to you that I can enjoy kissing a woman too.” I moved forward and our mouths merged together again.

All the time we were kissing our hands were caressing each others backs, but I suddenly became aware that one of Thea’s hands had worked its way under my top and was stroking my bare skin. Not only that, but it was resting on the side of my body and getting dangerously close to my breasts. The realization brought me up with a jolt, and just for a moment I stopped kissing her and drew back. But then I smiled and kissed her again, no longer caring what she was up to.

Thea took this as tacit permission to continue, which I suppose it was, and openly pulled my top up above my bra, and I felt both of her lovely cool soft hands roaming around the skin of my back and belly. I moaned a little, I couldn’t help it, it felt so nice.

Moments later she had unhooked my bra and pushed it out of the way, her hands cupping and moulding my naked breasts. We stopped kissing and stood slightly away from each other to give room, with my hands on her shoulders and hers on my breasts. She looked at me and smiled, cocking her head slightly to one side in an unspoken question. I closed my eyes for a moment to soak in the sensations of her fingers playing with my nipples and smiled back, and when I opened them again she was gazing very tenderly at me. I melted at that moment and then I knew that I actively wanted her to make love to me.

Now my hands slid from her shoulders and began unbuttoning the front of her blouse, tugging it out from her skirt so that I could pull it away from her breasts. She was wearing a tiny quarter cup white bra that only just covered her nipples and, as I pushed her blouse from her shoulders, Thea reached back and unclipped it, allowing it to fall to the floor with her blouse and leaving her naked to the waist. Moments later my top and bra had joined Thea’s things on the floor and we stood gazing at each other.

Thea’s small breasts are tipped with little pink nipples and pale aureole. They’re very different to mine. Mine verge on being `heavy’ and have quite large dark nipples. I wondered momentarily if she liked her nipples pulling, but I dismissed the thought and wondered instead if I’d enjoy kissing them.

I think, maybe, given a little longer, I might have persuaded myself to try, but Thea’s arms went around me again and we went back into a clinch. Holding Thea was lovely, but so very different from embracing a man. For one thing I was immediately conscious of soft breasts with hard little nipples pressed against my own breasts, and she was so much smaller, softer and smoother than any man. The contrast was rather nice; for all that I’m basically straight.

Thea’s hands were still wandering up and down my back, and mine were doing the same to her, both really just luxuriating in the feel of smooth soft skin. But then Thea ran her hands down onto my bottom to cup my cheeks and pull our bodies tight together, something comparatively easy for her to do being so much shorter than me. I didn’t mind her touch, after all her hands were on the outside of my slacks and, in any case, the sensation of her hands on my bottom was very pleasant. Once again we began to kiss deeply and any misgivings I might have gathered vanished as her tongue entered my mouth.

My hands were still holding resting on her bare back, but Thea’s now began to wander once more, with one returning to caress my back while the other roamed around my bottom touching first one cheek and then the other. I murmured my pleasure into her mouth, especially when it pushed lightly between them.

I didn’t notice at the time, but I was letting myself be seduced. With her hard little nipples brushing mine, her soft breasts cushioned against me and her hands roving around my body, I’ll readily admit that I was getting very turned on and I never noticed that everything we did took us closer to `that’ moment.

Eventually she shifted her weight to put a little space between us and brought her hand from my back to gently squeeze my breast and even then I just let her continue. It wasn’t until her other hand wandered from my bottom around to my front and started to cup my pussy through my slacks that I realised what was going to happen. It was time to take the bull by the horns and let my newly discovered wish come true.

“Take me upstairs.” I whispered to her.

She didn’t answer. Instead she took my hand and led me to her bedroom, almost pulling me up the stairs in her eagerness to get us there. We were just about to take that final step and I think she was scared that one or the other of us might chicken out. She needn’t have worried about me; now that the decision was made I was as eager as she was.

“Shall we undress?” She asked, even though we were already halfway there.

I nodded a silent answer, suddenly feeling the weight of what we were about to do. Life and our friendship could never be the same, and I was abruptly aware also that I was about to cheat on my husband with my best friend. Mentally I hesitated and almost ran, but physically I wanted this far too much to back out now.

I undid my slacks with trembling fingers, my heart beating like a trip hammer and my breath coming in short little gasps. I was feeling horny, scared, excited, worried, and happy all at once. I pushed my slacks down and sat on the bed to pull them over my feet, looking up to watch Thea undress as I did so. She showed none of my nerves, slipping out of her skirt and looking at me with that same tender smile she had melted me with before.

It helped, but it didn’t take away all my anxiety. After all, when we started I had expected it was just going to be a simple kiss at most, but now I knew we were going the whole way.

We were both now dressed only in our knickers, which in Thea’s case were the briefest of white bikini briefs and looked stunning on her petite frame. She did look beautiful, with her long slender legs and little perky breasts she was everything a man might desire, but I’m not a man and I was still finding what I was about to do hard to handle.

“Come here, sweetheart.”

She held out her hands to me, and I obediently rose from the bed and went into her arms. She had taken charge and I’m glad she did, it relieved me of an awful lot of responsibility

The kiss was a gentle meeting of mouths. Yes, our lips parted and her tongue entered my mouth, but it was so tender, so understanding and so warm that a lot of my fears disappeared and some of the excitement and pleasure of downstairs returned. The second kiss was much more passionate and came equally from both of us. She hugged me for a few more moments then held me at arms length.

“You can stop shivering now; everything will be ok, just wait and see.” She smiled that smile again.

“Ready?” She asked me with her thumbs tucked under the waistband of her briefs.

“Yes, I’m ready.”

We both slid our knickers off together, tossing them to one side and gazing at each other’s bodies.

Once more taking the lead, she reached out to me again and drew me to her, enfolding me in her arms and just holding me close. Fear and pleasure were mixed for me, I wanted it, but I feared it. So there we stayed, body against body, skin on skin, until I had adjusted to my feelings and tilted my head to kiss her of my own accord. This kiss had definite sexual overtones from both of us, our tongues explored each others mouths, each fencing with the other, darting in and retreating, licking and tasting, drawing little pleasure noises from both of us.

That first entirely passionate, meaningful kiss lasted until we both ran out of breath, and during that kiss we held each other as tight together as we could, our nipples hard against each others breasts, our bellies and legs touching, pleasantly conscious of our nakedness.

When we broke for breath we relaxed a little and instead of our hands just clutching us together, we let them begin to roam, caressing each other’s body and taking pleasure once more from the feel of soft smooth feminine skin. The uncertainty was gone, there was no danger now of either of us backing out. We had led each other down a road of our own choice and now we were going to enjoy reaching our destination.

We kissed again, but more softly, more gently and far, far more intensely. Even though I was still a bag of nerves I could feel my arousal deepen, my nipples began to harden and my pussy came alive once more. It was my turn to take command for the moment and I manoeuvred us around until the back of my knees came up against the bottom of the bed, and then I simply fell backwards, landing on the bed and pulling Thea down with me.

“That’s one way of telling me.” She giggled, as we shuffled ourselves further onto the bed and sorted ourselves to lie side by side with Thea on my right.

“I like to make things clear.” I replied, smiling back. But it was only bravado that had propelled my action.

We came together again, knowing that we were confirming that we were to become lovers by the act of kissing naked on a bed. Then we paused and rested on our sides, one bent arm supporting our heads while we looked at each other silently. Thea’s free hand came out and stroked my cheek, trailing her fingertips over my lips and down onto my neck. Again she did it, but this time her journey included my neck and up to my ear. The sensation of her soft hand on my face sent tingles through me and brought goose bumps to my skin. I was torn between the genuine excitement I felt at her touch and the screaming in my head that kept reminding me that Thea was a woman.

“I’m petrified, Thea.” I confided to her. “Make it work for me.”

How I expected her to make it work I don’t know. We were both first time lesbians, if there is such a phrase, but I think I looked to her because she had at least fantasized of being with me.

“I will.” She looked at me with genuine fondness, as if instinctively reading my mind. “Just relax. You don’t even have to touch me if you’d rather not.”

With that she pushed me gently but firmly onto my back, leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips, her tongue staying firmly in her mouth. She is the sort of friend every woman should have.

She raised herself onto one elbow, looking down at me, her free hand once again stroking my neck. I lay looking back into her eyes with one hand resting on my thigh and the other resting lightly behind her back, softly stroking the area between her shoulder blades. Then, still holding my gaze as a sort of reassurance, she allowed her hand to drift gradually down until it rested on my breast.

Even though I saw it coming, as soon as her hand touched my breast I couldn’t repress a quick shudder and my hand instinctively stopped moving across her back. Seeing my reaction Thea immediately moved her hand away, resting it on my shoulder.

“No Thea, don’t stop, I want you to touch me, really.”

Most of me did want to feel her touch, but there was just this hard core of reluctance in my brain. Thea seemed uncertain if she should continue, not wanting to offend or repel me, so I raised my other hand from where it still rested on my leg and used it to put her hand back on my breast, pressing her firmly onto my flesh.

“Can you feel my nipple, Thea?”


“If you can feel how hard it is you know I do want it to happen, because it wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t. It’s just new to me, that’s all.” I’m not sure which of us I was trying to convince.

She smiled, her hand resting gently on my breast, her face telling me of her need but saying she was still not sure of my consent.

“It’s new to me too, sweetheart.” She reminded me.

I wriggled a little to get myself absolutely flat on my back, placed my hands on the bed away from my body, and opened my legs a little in an unmistakable signal that I was surrendering to her attentions.

“Play with me, Thea. Just do nice things to me.”

She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips, then straightened up and watched my face closely as her hand began to move across my breasts, stroking and caressing. She moved it in a kind of figure of eight, circling each breast before skating over the top and catching the nipple with her finger as she passed. It was very erotic and quite stimulating, and my nipples became hard little bullets from their treatment.

Thea kept up that up with just variations of pressure, speed and scope, sometimes slowly and very, very softly creeping over the mounds of my breasts, sometimes moving in wide sweeping caresses around most of my upper body and then sometimes, just sometimes, pausing at my nipples to give them a little pull or tweak.

Ten minutes of that and I was beginning to truly feel very hot and horny, my anxieties and reservations about being with a woman were rapidly receding and I was getting to be as relaxed as I had been earlier when we had first kissed. My sudden receptiveness must have got through to Thea, probably through the little noises I’d begun making, because instead of peering anxiously at my face, she was now gazing down at my body, watching her fingers trace patterns over my breasts and seeing my nipples grow as her thumb and forefinger did their work.

After a while her hand stopped moving and settled on my left breast, and rested her arm lightly across me. She concentrated on that one breast, moulding it, kneading it stroking it, flicking and plucking my nipple, bringing little grunts and whimpers from me as my arousal grew. The sensations were electric, at times her touch was so soft I could scarcely feel her fingertips skating over my breast, then she would dig in and squeeze almost painfully, before perhaps pinching my nipple between finger and thumb. Then, I guess when she judged that it was time to move to the next level, she bent and took my other nipple into her mouth, suckling on it, licking it, nibbling it between her lips and even nipping at it with her teeth.

Thea was an instinctively expert lover, of that there could be no doubt, and she brought all her skills to bear on me. Now she had me willing her on, wanting her to do more intimate things to me, wanting to do intimate things to her, wanting, and expecting, us both to orgasm at least once. I could no longer lie still, I had to squirm with pleasure under her attentions, to wrap one arm around her and hold her close while using the other to clamp her hand to my breast. I heard myself moaning, felt my legs open of their own accord in sweet anticipation, and felt the cool air that signalled the wetness of my pussy. I was on my way to heaven.

Eventually, when she knew I was just beginning to climb that long orgasmic slope, she transferred her mouth to my other breast, leaving her hand free now to slide slowly down my body until it cupped my mons. I felt it settle there, just above my pussy and I let out a long sigh of happiness and anticipation. She heard my sigh and smiled, mischievously lifting her face from my breast and wriggling back up to kiss my mouth once more. I hoped this wasn’t a sign of her backing off, much as I liked her kisses I wanted everything else she could give me.

I wasn’t disappointed; as soon as her tongue began to probe between my lips once again her hand crept over my pubes and dived between my legs, her fingers coming to rest against my waiting pussy. This time my sigh wasn’t of anticipation, but of pure pleasure, for she immediately began burrowing into my cleft. Feeling Thea’s tongue moving in my mouth while her fingers were exploring my slit was just an amazing new experience. The little signs of an approaching orgasm that had appeared when she nibbled at my nipples came on in full force, making my pussy open to Thea’s probing fingers and my clit stand proud and erect like a miniature cock.

“You really are wet and wanting, aren’t you?” It was a rhetorical question and I didn’t answer.

She was running her two of her fingertips up and down my cleft, dividing them to trace my labia on the way down, but combining them on the way up, hooking them slightly into my vagina and then catching and rubbing my clit as they passed. It was fantastic, the momentary frustration of the near penetration followed by a surge of sensation at my clit were rapidly bringing me closer to cumming. I wrapped my arms tightly around Thea and held her to me, gasping and pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. Then she changed tactic, and instead of moving up and down the length of my pussy she concentrated on my clit, hooking two fingers a little then making quick little scratching movements over the tip of my clit with them, one after the other in rapid succession. I felt my orgasm explode inside me and I clung onto her as it threatened to overwhelm me.

All the time my body was convulsing under the waves of intense pleasure that rolled over me, my head kept reminding me that this was lesbian sex, it was a woman doing this to me, it was a woman whose mouth was on mine, and that I shouldn’t be enjoying it so much. Then I remembered that she had wanted me and kept that urge to herself in order to preserve our friendship. That was how much she had valued our friendship. Somehow that made everything so worthwhile and made my orgasm so much more powerful. I was glad I was with a woman, and glad that the woman was Thea.

By the time my orgasm was over I was lying with my chest heaving and my heart hammering, completely spent for the moment at least. Thea looked at me, gave me a little peck on the lips then went back to my breasts, gently kissing and sucking my nipples, at the same time as stroking my pussy just enough to keep me interested until my body recovered.

“I think it’s time I explored a bit, don’t you?” She asked when my breathing returned to near normal and when I’d smiled my gratitude to her. Without waiting for a reply she ran her fingertips back and forth all the way from my clit to my anus before hovering just at the entrance to my tunnel.

“Shall I see what I can find in here?”

Her voice was cracking with arousal and nervousness, coming in thick, tight little gasps as two of her fingers slipped unhindered into my depths. My back arched and I groaned as I felt them slide in, trying hard to nod agreement at the same time as her lips returned to my breasts.

She began very slowly to push in and out of my pussy, positioning her hand so that her thumb collided with my clit at each stroke, and all the while covering my breast and nipple with little nips of her teeth, tiny little bites that hurt but didn’t hurt, all at the same time. I groaned and moaned in harmony with her thrusts, moving my hips in an effort to push her fingers deeper into my very wet tunnel.

I could have stood that treatment for hours, but she had more on her mind and she shuffled lower to begin licking my stomach with the tip of her tongue, bringing with it the first signs of another orgasm.

Her tongue wasn’t so much licking as in lapping but more as in tracing random patterns over my skin with the wet tip; it was a sensation that was very, very erotic, especially combined with her fingers playing just inside my pussy. Then she blew gently across my dampened skin, the coolness bringing instant goose bumps to my abdomen and moans of pleasure to my lips. I was still gently thrusting with my hips, wanting her to bury her fingers inside me as deeply as possible, but she rode with me, seemingly intent on teasing me, making me wetter and wetter, my hole dripping with the juices that I could now feel were running down my crack and across my arsehole.

As I thought about things afterwards I came to the conclusion that Thea had intended working her way south until her mouth met my pussy, but for some reason she either got sidetracked or simply changed her mind, because after a few minutes of hot kissing and cool blowing, she allowed her fingers to go deep inside me once again. But this time it wasn’t to finger fuck me, it was to collect some of my juices on her fingers — fingers that she pulled from my tunnel to show me them glistening in the sunlight that dappled her bed.

“Do you taste as nice as you look?” She asked, cocking her head to one side.

It must have been a rhetorical question, for she immediately continued.

“Let’s find out,” she said and put them into her mouth, sucking my wetness from her fingers. A surge of adrenalin coursed through me and I groaned at the sight of her licking up my juices.

“Yes, you do.” She told me, putting her fingers back into my pussy and scooping more of my fluids onto them. This time she offered her fingers to me and I eagerly licked them clean again.

“Don’t you think so?” She asked me.

I nodded quickly, trying to stop my hips from jerking and thrusting in the hope that she would notice and return her fingers to where I felt they belonged. She ignored my silent plea and reached down between her own legs, smiling sexily to herself as she did. I moment later she was showing me her fingers, this time coated in her own juices, which she offered to my mouth.

“Tell me if you like my taste.”

She pushed her fingers into my mouth almost before I had the chance to open it, but I wanted to anyway. My brain was yelling at me to remember that this was another woman’s pussy juice that I tasted, but all that did was make it even more exciting, and I greedily licked her fingers. She tasted wonderful.

“Good girl.” She said. “Was that nice?” I nodded happily.

Now she ran her fingers down my abdomen, across my tightly trimmed bush and back to my pussy, searching for and finding my swollen clit. Then she turned her head to fix me with her eyes and started flicking the tip of my clit with her fingers, picking up speed until she had me arching my back with the intensity of the sensations. I wasn’t going to stand that for long, and within minutes my orgasm engulfed me and I was jerking my hips and crying out with the pleasure of another woman induced climax. All the time I was aware of her eyes fastened on mine, drinking in my excitement, her arousal feeding on my pleasure, getting hotter within her as I soared higher.

As I came down from my climax and lay back on the bed, I became aware of Thea’s breathing becoming ragged and her eyes glazing with lust. The sight of me orgasming on the taste of her pussy had affected her deeply and her own need was now becoming urgent. She wriggled up the bed to lie next to me again breathing heavily and trembling with desire. I realised guiltily that I had been on the receiving end of all the fun and I resolved to return the favour, but she was to beat me to it.

When my heartbeat had calmed down and my breathing returned to something near normal, I smiled my thanks up at her and reached up a hand to stroke the side of her face. I had intended this as a prelude to touching her breasts as she had mine, and then to playing with her and bringing her to orgasm. But as soon as my fingers touched her skin she moaned softly and leaned down to kiss me passionately once more. The kiss was delicious and my arms automatically entwined themselves around her neck and pulled her closer, bringing our breasts and upper bodies into close contact again, a contact that became even closer when, with a little wriggle, Thea rolled fully on top of me. We were now pressed against each other from head to toe, her stomach against mine, her thighs resting on mine, and even our toes touching, it was amazing.

Still kissing me deeply and with her tongue between my lips, Thea shuffled her position slightly, threading one leg between my thighs, so that her thigh lay against my pussy and her own pussy rested on my leg. Then she began to rock gently back and forth, softly rubbing our bodies together and pressing her leg against my pussy. The feeling was gorgeous and I raised my thigh a little so that her pussy was rubbing more firmly against it. She smiled and closed her eyes, pressing herself back just a little against my leg and rubbing just a little harder.

Gradually, with her eyes still fast shut, Thea changed her movement from back and forth rocking to full blooded thrusting with her hips, pushing herself harder against my leg, making it slippery with her juices, as she rubbed her pussy harder and faster against my thigh. Her face took on a look of total concentration, her jaws clamped shut and her eyes screwed tight, as her movements became more and more intense and she pressed against my leg so hard that I had difficulty in holding it still for her.

She was now more crouching than lying on top of me, having brought her knees further up to gain better leverage, and she now pushed her arms under mine to hook onto my shoulders from below and held me even tighter. Still with her eyes closed she rubbed her pussy hard on my thigh, clearly close to cumming and totally lost to the world. From her lips came a tiny keening noise, interspersed with almost inaudible little `oh’s’, the sound and the words getting steadily louder and more urgent as she came closer to climaxing.

Then suddenly she was there, she yelled incoherently in my ear and pushed herself hard against me, not rubbing now but just squirming from side to side to keep the contact total and using her grip on my shoulders for leverage. I held my leg muscles rigid, trying to maintain the contact, and even curled my toes into the bed sheet to stop my leg slipping away under the pressure. But then, just as I was sure I couldn’t hold still for her any longer, the pressure suddenly slackened and she collapsed on top of me, panting and gasping for air, her climax spent. I allowed my aching leg to slide flat onto the bed and we lay together, Thea recovering from cumming and me just being pleased with myself for getting her there.

“I needed that!” Thea’s statement was a little breathless, but said so matter of factly that I couldn’t help but smile.

“And what are you laughing at?” She was smiling herself.

“That really was stating the obvious!” I answered.

“You reckon so, huh?” She raised herself onto her elbows to look down at me. “Well, here something else that’s obvious. You need to do a bit more of the work.”

She said it with a smile on her face and wasn’t being serious, but it was true anyway. However, before I had time to make an offer, she clambered off and swung around, straddling me facing the other way, shuffling herself towards the classic sixty-nine position.

“Does fifty-fifty sound fair?”

Her voice came to me over her back as she crouched down over me, pulling my legs back to gain access to my pussy and presenting me with hers all at the same time.

Up to this point I hadn’t actively touched her at all, or any other woman for that matter, and I hadn’t even seen her pussy close up, so I held her bottom away from me for a minute or so to allow myself to simply look at her. I think she was probably doing the same thing with mine, because I could feel her cool breath on my wetness, but that was all.

Thea had a trim pussy, if you know what I mean. Her clit and her labia were both swollen with her arousal, but they were not over large and nothing hung or sagged. Her clit just peered out from its hood, looking every bit the little soldier that it often gets described as, and her outer lips followed a neat arc from top to bottom. Even the entrance to her tunnel seemed tidy, almost perfectly oval and open just enough to be inviting without looking loose. The whole of her cleft shone and glistened with her juices and exuded the most erotic musky scent, fresh and alluring. To top it off (from my angle anyway) she had the tightest little pink rosebud anus you will ever see. I was ready to kiss a woman’s pussy for the very first time.

Slowly my hands allowed her to descend on me, adjusting my position a little as she came so that I could extend my tongue and make a first tentative contact with her clitoris. She groaned softly and seconds later her lips kissed my clit. She was holding my legs right back by tucking them under her arms so that my pussy and my arse must have been easily available, and that knowledge was wonderful.

My only knowledge of performing oral sex on a woman came from knowing what I liked Phil to do to me, so I let Thea take the lead at first, simply doing to her what she was doing to me, but with my own interpretation. So it was that I fastened my mouth over her clitoris, flicking it with my tongue just as she was doing to me, and tasting her juices at source, so to speak. She tasted every bit as nice as her wet fingers had promised.

Thea’s mouth on my clit was at first very soft and gentle, as if she were scared to be too passionate in case it didn’t work out, but by now I felt so horny that I had stopped caring about gender. All I wanted was for her to lick and suck me with all the enthusiasm that Phil usually showed, and so, to encourage her, I began to take the lead myself, sucking her clit hard and then pushing my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. Even so it was a little while before she really went to work on me, but when she did it made all the waiting worthwhile.

Then her tongue danced around my clit, teasing, flicking, and licking, while her lips nibbled away at my labia whenever they had the chance. Every now and then she would stop playing with my clit to push her tongue deep inside me, licking my juices from my vagina and spreading them around my cleft. She even once let her tongue stray down until she was softly licking my arsehole, though it must be said that I’m not sure that she meant to do that. Meant or not, it was another wonderful experience.

I tried my hardest to keep track of her actions and replay them on her pussy, but I was so aroused and so much enjoying her attentions that I several times lost track entirely, just lying there with my tongue pressed motionless against her pussy as I soaked up the pleasure of her tongue on my clit. When I did manage to work on her as she was dong on me I was rewarded with tiny whimpers of pleasure that grew steadily louder and more pronounced as I got better. Not that I was silent, I know that I was making moaning noises triggered by the sensations that coursed through my being, and I didn’t care. Soon I knew that I was getting close to cumming, and I realised also that Thea wasn’t very far away either, so I tried even harder to match her lick for lick.

All this time I was, of course, lying on my back, gazing up at the wonderfully firm little bottom that pretty much filled my view, not that I was complaining. I was also looking at a beautifully aroused pussy, wet and slick with juices that were spread all around, even as far as her lovely puckered little anus, shiny now with wetness from her pussy. I loved that view and for a few moments I held her away with the palms of my hands, just to absorb the sight of her exquisite body.

Then I slowly let her descend again so that my tongue touched her clit, trying to burrow under her hood to lick its tiny shaft. Thea moaned with pleasure. For several minutes I circled her clit with my tongue, noticing with supreme delight that she stopped teasing my clit and just crouched above me as she felt an orgasm begin to build. I badly wanted to make her cum with my mouth and I redoubled my efforts, pushing my tongue out to enter her tunnel, covering my teeth with my lips to nibble and tease her and then gripping her clit to pull it out as far as I could. This seemed to have the best effect and so, having pulled and gently released her clit several times to the accompaniment of groans of pleasure, I seized her clit between my uncovered teeth and pulled on it hard, extending it away from her body and holding it there, increasing the pull until finally it slipped from my mouth and snapped back to its normal size.

The effect on Thea was immediate, she went into the most tremendous orgasm, crying out loudly as she came and jerking her hips so that her pussy was rubbed back and forth over my face. This caught me by surprise, but her wetness felt so good spread over my mouth, my nose and my chin that I simply held out my tongue to let her own movements do the licking.

I was had been hovering on the brink of cumming for ages and Thea’s climax threatened to topple me over. In actual fact I think I would have cum anyway even if Thea hadn’t then accidentally triggered me by biting my clit as she shook and juddered in orgasm. That accidental bite hurt, in fact it hurt that tender part of me quite a lot, but the sudden pain also had the effect of setting off my own climax. A yell came to my lips, only to be smothered by Thea’s pussy as we both came together, and any audience would now have been treated to the erotic vision of two women bucking and moving together, mouths and tongues frantically trying to maintain contact with heaving pussies, and arms and legs thrashing as we tried desperately to cling to each others bodies.

I don’t think either of us had ever had such a mind blowing climax, or lost control to anywhere near that degree. All I can say is that when it was all over there were two, panting, gasping, trembling, sweat-covered women lying in an untidy heap on the bed, both with smiles reminiscent of the Cheshire cat.

“Wow!” I exclaimed after a few minutes, unable to find any better comment.

“Definitely.” Thea responded, and we fell into reflective silence again.

“Was that a once only?” She asked me after a few more minutes.

“Yes.” I told her, watching her face fall like a stone.

“Once only today. But then there’s always tomorrow.” I went on, grinning.

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