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Thursday Night. I head home from work after another long day at the office. Fortunately, the trains are on time; I’m tired and hungry. I could use a hot meal and a shower, but, it’s Thursday.

I walk up to my apartment door and unlock it. I know what’s waiting for me. It’s Thursday night. It’s her night. I enter my apartment and she’s there waiting for me. She’s as beautiful as ever and as naked as the day God graced us with her presence on Earth.

I put my bag down and walk toward her. I notice the hungry look in her eyes. “Hi baby,” I say to her, “happy to see me?” She wraps her arms around my neck and plants the softest kiss on my lips. Soft lips, but with a firm pressure that warned me not to pull away. We stand there lip to lip, breathing each other’s breath. I trace her silhouette with my finger tips. My beautiful angel; I tickle the back of her neck and trace her spine down to the small of her back where I subconsciously draw circles as I circle her tongue with mine. As our kiss ends and she pulls back, I catch a brief whiff of her heavenly scent. I smile and grab her ass, “I guess that’s a yes.” I step back and trace her soft lips with my finger. Then I slide my fingers down, down to the valley of her heavenly breasts. How I would live there if I could. However, my fingers are just visiting. I continue to trace her body down to her soft velvety lips. I can feel her moisture even on the outside of her lips already. She’s VERY happy to see me. I guess she knew it was Thursday too. As I touched the softest place on my angel, on Earth, I wanted nothing more than to throw her down right there. Those lips, those breasts, her sweet pussy… everything I wanted to do to them raced through my mind. But not tonight, it’s Thursday. It’s her night.

“Follow me,” I tell her and I walk to the bedroom. I kick off my shoes and take off my socks and throw them in the corner. I go over to her drawer. I open it up. I pull out a pair of soft fuzzy handcuffs.

“Come here.” She comes over by the bed.

“Face the window.” She does.

“Hands behind your back,” I cuff her. Then I push her face down on the bed. I don’t have to push her hard. Once I started to push, she instinctively knew what I wanted her to do. She bends herself to my will with a passion. It’s Thursday.

I step back and admire her body… at her sexy ass just staring up at me. Her sweet lips are peaking out from underneath her. Her scent is filling the room; it could drive me to madness. My cock starts to rise up. I want to take her right there. I can already feel her lips rubbing against my balls as I rotate my cock inside her perfect pink walls. Another night…

“Get up and turn around.” She listens. I sit down on the bed.

“Undress me, and be quick about it.” She tries. It’s always difficult unbuttoning a shirt when your hands are cuffed behind your back. She’s learned though and found her own way. The first couple of times she had tried to use her mouth. After a tremendous effort and drooling all over me, she finally was able to bite off and swallow a button. I had to punish her for that one. Not only had she disobeyed me, but she ruined my shirt. I let that pretty ass of hers know my displeasure, she came three times. I suppose that was fair since she couldn’t sit down straight for three days either. No, she knows better now. She’s a quick learner, my angel.

She sits down on my lap, and uses her cuffed fingers to feel for the buttons. As she shifts and shimmies to undo the buttons, her pussy grinds and rubs all over the head of my cock, bulging in my pants. God I want her. I hate Thursdays. They never end. She manages to unbutton my shirt. It only took her 2 minutes. I’m impressed. I hand her fingers my sleeve, and she struggles to pull it off my arm. She tries to stand up and swing over, but the sleeve’s length impedes her and she falls down.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you incompetent? Can’t you even undress your man? Or are you just trying to displease me?” Face down, she shakes her head no.

“Then don’t just sit there, get up and undress me.” She rises back to her feet and grabs my sleeve with her teeth. Keeping it taut, she walks in short arc around the corner of the bed. My arm slips out. The next one will be easier. She walks around to the other side of the bed. I’m mesmerized. I want to just lean forward and kiss her stomach, her breasts; I want to taste the source of that sweet scent.

She grabs my other sleeve and walks backwards freeing my other arm. I bend forwards, my chest on my knees. I can feel my cock poking me in the ribs. She bends over me and grabs my undershirt in her teeth and shimmies backwards working it off my back. She gets it up over my shoulders. I sit up a little and let the shirt slide up to my neck. I put my arms forward and my right hand accidentally brushes her soft tit. I instinctively grab it and press it hard in my hand. There are no words to describe how it feels. It’s heaven. I rub her nipple between my thumb and pointer as I massage her breast. She stands there and a small moan escapes her lips.

“Did I tell you to stop?” I reluctantly let go of her breast and she resumes removing my shirt. Thank god. Halfway done.

“Good girl.” She turns around with a smile on her face. It’s been her fastest time yet and she knows it. She looks down at my pants and frowns. I look down. My $200 pants are covered in her sweet fluids.

“LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE! YOU NAUGHTY, DISOBEDIENT, INCOMPETENT LITTLE SLUT! Clean it up… NOW!” She immediately drops to her knees and starts licking my cock. Even through my pants it’s driving me insane. I can feel the heat of her mouth and the forceful movements of her tongue as she tries to scoop the viscous fluid from my pants. I want to whip my cock out and just stuff it in her pretty mouth. I remember how it feels, how good it would feel again. Not now. Not tonight. 5 Minutes of torture. I’ll get her back though I promise to myself.

She shimmies back on her knees. I look down. My pants looks more wet now than anything else. She did a pretty thorough job it seemed. In the back of my head I was impressed. She still would have to be punished though. “Look at it. You better PRAY that they aren’t permanently stained. Now take them off.” She shimmies back over to me and bites my belt. She pulls it through the loop and tongues it this way and that to free it from the clasp. More torture as she buries her face in my crotch trying to undo my belt, then as she VERY CAREFULLY grabs the zipper in her teeth and tugs it down. Meanwhile, I can feel her soft tits rubbing my legs. All I want right then is to grab them and wrap them around my aching cock until I explode all over her neck and face.

Finally, she unclasps my pants. She backs up, grabs my pant leg, and tugs hard trying to shimmy my pants down. I’m frustrated. It makes me feel a little better watching her struggle, so I leave my weight on my pants. She falls down once as the pants slip out of her teeth. She rolls around on the floor and grabs the leg again and tugs.

“Hurry up. You’re taking too long.” She pulls hard and I rise off the bed a little.. The pressure releases and she flops backwards on her ass. Her tits bounce. I feel better. She gives me a wry look suspecting I did that on purpose. I keep a straight stern face.

“Don’t just sit on your ass. Worthless. Finish the job!” She gets up and shimmies over and removes the other leg. She stays on her knees and awaits my next order.

I want to command her to lick my balls and suck my cock. I see her staring at it, twitching in the air.

“You want it?” She nods her head.

“Too bad. Only good girls get treats. You took too long. And you may have ruined my pants. You need to be punished… Stand up.” She rises. Come here. She comes over and stands beside my legs. Bend over. She bends down. My cock pokes her in the ribs.

“First, you took too long to get my shirt off.” I spank her lightly, five times on each cheek. Every time I come down on her gorgeous ass, she slides forward, rubbing my cock with her stomach. When she slides back, her tits rub my leg.

“Next for your incompetence in removing my pants. You fell down twice. Incompetence will not be tolerated.” I spank her ten times on each cheek. Each stroke harder than the next. I alternate between the two cheeks. Each smack, she slides a little more, rubbing my cock and her tits against me. Her ass gets warm from the blood flowing to it, and her breathing gets harder. By the time I’m done, I can feel the heat against my hand.

I softly rub her ass with my palm. It’s a work of art. I slide my fingers down to her crack. She’s sopping wet. I slide my hand underneath her to the front of her mound, where I can feel a little pool of fluid built up on the outside of her lips. There will be cum on the carpet beneath her. I slide my fingers easily inside her and massage her clit, then trace her slit back up to her sweet hole. Her whole pussy is filled with cum. God I want to just crawl inside it. I trace my fingers back up over asshole and tease it. She moans.

“Quiet!” I smack her ass hard. She moans again.

“I said QUIET and smack her harder. The slap echoes across the room.” She whimpers.

“You’re being a VERY bad girl tonight. Ruining my pants, disobeying me… You need to be taught a lesson.” When I say that I feel her flinch, she rocks forward like I already spanked her, and her ass clenches tight.

“No, you’d like that too much. I have a better punishment.”

“Stand up.” She stands up. I immediately miss her soft skin against my aching cock.

“Sit down on the bed.” I go to her drawer and remove a vibrator. It has a bulge on the head like a real cock. I slip it under her, resting the head against her clit.

“I have some things to do. If you want to disobey like a little child, then you will be punished like one. You have to sit there until I release you. You are not allowed to talk or move. No MOVING AT ALL. You’re allowed to breathe, that’s it. If you make a sound or you even so much as sway a little, there will be no treats for you. GOT IT?” She nods.

“Good.” I turn the vibrator on low and stand up. I watch her for 30 seconds. The only noise is the buzz of the vibrator. She stares me in the eye. She’s too confident. We’ll see.

I use this opportunity to give my aching cock a break. God I hate Thursdays. I go to the kitchen and dig up some cold cuts. I make myself a sandwich and come back. It’s been five minutes. I expected to catch her moving against the vibrator when I entered. But she was sitting there in the same pose. I sit down and start to eat my sandwich. I’m watching her. I wondered if she was even feeling the vibrator at all, but I noticed the discoloration of the sheet beneath her. She’s definitely feeling it. She’s just being obstinate. I make a note not to play poker with her. I finish my sandwich.

“Is my angel being a good girl now?” She nods her head and smiles, knowing she hasn’t flinched. I walk right up to her, my cock in her face. She doesn’t move or anything. I just let her breathe on it, and it starts to fill back up again. As it rises it hits her chin and rubs across her lips. I stand back. She’s staring at it. She still hasn’t moved an inch. The sheets are getting very wet; I can see the spot growing. She wants her prize tonight.

“Is this what you want?” I hold my cock before her, barely but not touching her lips. She nods, careful not to touch it. A little bit of fluid bubbles at the tip when I squeeze it. “Open wide.” She does. I very gently rub the head of my cock along the inside of her lips. I trace it all the way around. I then rub the head of my cock against her tongue, wiping off the fluid.

“Keep it open.” I then carefully slide my cock out without touching anything. I can see my little bubble on her tongue.

“You can close your mouth.” She does, and swallows.

“You want more?” She nods.

“Too bad. I told you not to move, but you’ve been nodding your head. I didn’t give you permission to. You weren’t supposed to move at all. You must be punished more.”

I can see a frustrated look on her face now. I remember how frustrated I was when she was undoing my pants, and when she was dripping wet after I spanked her. Oh, the both of us will be tortured tonight darling, not just me. I will have my sweet revenge.

“I am going to shower. You will not move a muscle or say a word. I will come out and check on you. If you break this rule… there will be no more Thursday nights.” She gave me a look. She didn’t like THAT ultimatum.

“Good, then you better behave.” She assumed a rigid unmoving position to demonstrate that she would.

“You did it before. I shall be quick. You can stand another five or ten minutes can’t you?” She didn’t even blink.

“Good girl.” So obstinate. But, I’m not done.

I go over and turn the dial up on the vibrator. Her eyes go wide and panicked and she looks at me. She doesn’t want to lose Thursdays. I lean over and whisper in her ear.

“You better be a VERY, VERY good girl… I’ll be back in ten minutes. And don’t think I won’t check up on you to catch you. You know I can be a bastard like that.” She didn’t move. She just looked like she was trying to focus. I go to take my shower. Thank God. My cock was killing me. The shower barely helped me relax. I tried to calm down, but my adrenaline and hormones were on overdrive. I wanted her so bad. It was like a white light in my brain, and everything else was washed out by it. All I knew was that I needed her now. BREATHE. Damnit. I hate Thursdays. I wash my hair, and then I decide to check on her.

I go back to the bedroom. She’s in the same pose. She hasn’t moved at all. I can tell. The sheets beneath her are soaked. I’m sure she’s come, maybe more than once, maybe just one long time and she still is. She isn’t grinding or swaying or anything. The only sound is her heavy breathing and the loud buzz. Her face is all contorted. Her eyes are sealed tightly closed. She must be going mad. But she’s not moving. Not moving for me. Not for us. Not for Thursdays. I’m jealous of the vibrator beneath her. I admire her will. She’s an angel. She has to be. She can’t be human.

I go back to the shower and finish washing up. I come back to the bedroom. My cock never got a moment of relief. I guess that’s fair. She’s still there, on the bed. Her shoulders have sagged. Her head’s low, her legs and every muscle is tight. But her body hasn’t moved an inch. The sheets are a puddle. I walk over and turn it off. She doesn’t move; she just sits there breathing.

“Good girl.” I uncuff her.

“You may move and speak.” I caress her hair. The second I touch her, she starts to twitch and convulse. Her whole body spasms. She lets out a long moan, and grabs her tits, pinches her nipples, her clit, touches her whole body. I watch her unwind, sitting there writhing on the bed. She’s cumming. She falls on her back and I can see her pussy twitching.

Softly, she lets out, “Oh fuck…” She lays there and breathes. I give her time. She still twitches randomly. A few moments go by, and her head lifts up.

“You fucking bastard.” She sits up. I stand there watching her. She’s beautiful. She leaps out of the bed before I can move and seizes me. She has me tight by my cock, squeezing it till it hurts. I wonder if she’ll kill me. She plants the hottest, roughest, sweetest kiss on my lips, and falls back wards on the bed pulling me down on top of her.

“I was the best fucking girl ever, now give me my prize you bastard…” She lifts her hips up and I easily slide my steel hard cock in her soaking wet pussy. I revel as I finally get to be where I wanted all day. It’s heaven. My angel lays beneath me, wildly bucking in motion with me, the sheets clenched in her tight fists for leverage. We fuck like crazy. I alternate, biting her nipples. I feel her pussy twitching violently around my cock. She’s cumming already, or maybe I should say she’s still cumming from the vibrator. I wonder how long she’s been going for. Her pussy’s so tight that it almost hurts my cock. It’s a good thing that she’s so wet.

“Bite my nipple hard,” she barks, and I damn near chew them like steak.

“Fuck me. Cum inside me baby. I want to feel you,” she moans. I explode. I don’t know how I lasted that long, but I can’t deny the sexy angel beneath me. I clamp down hard on her nipple and she moans loudly as my cock jumps hard in her pussy. It throbs violently in response to her constricting muscles. Shot after shot I pump into her.

“Oh fuck, baby, you’re so tight,” I moan.

“God your cock feels so good filling me, fill me up baby,” she responds.

I keep shooting, smaller and smaller amounts, but I keep firing as she writhes beneath me and milks me for every drop. Finally, exhausted I collapse on top of her. I lay there breathing with her, still inside her. Our fluids run down our legs. I slide my arm under her neck and gently kiss her lips. I feel her beneath me. We moan a snuggly comfortable type of moan.

She talks softly to me, “You bastard. Never do that again.”

“You loved it,” I respond.

“Well, don’t do it for a really long time ok?”

“Alright,” I smile. God she’s beautiful.

“You fucker,” she says, “I’m going to get you back for this.”

“Oh shit,” I think in my head. Fuck. Tomorrow’s Friday. I hate Fridays. She’s going to be the death of me. I roll over and pull her against me and kiss her. Then we drift off to sleep.

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