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Prep School

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“Mrs. Jameson?” the voice on the telephone asked.

“Yes” Kellie Jameson answered.

“This is Ms. Milton at the Colhaven Prep School” the voice responded “Our headmaster would like to see you regarding your children. Could you come in tomorrow around 5pm.”

“I” Kellie stuttered “I suppose so. Is there a problem?”

“Mr. Lace will have to explain it to you when you get here” she replied “I’ll schedule you for 5pm sharp then. Goodbye.”

The phone clicked off before Kelly had a chance to say anything. She thought quickly and then remembered Mr. Lace from the parent’s night just a few weeks ago. He was a tall powerfully built older man. Probably in his forties he had blonde hair going gray on the sides and a hint of an English accent.

Colhaven Prep was the most prestigious boarding school in the area. It was basically a feeder school to the Ivy League with a reputation for hard academics and harder discipline. Kellie and Clark had put the kids there when their jobs began to keep them away from home too often. They decided the kids needed constant care and the proper guidance to keep them on the right path.

She wondered what the kids could have possibly done to have to call her in. She couldn’t wonder long as she remembered a dinner party she was expected at. Dashing upstairs to get dressed she decided she would have to worry about it in the morning.


The next afternoon came fast. The lunch meeting had gone late and she had had a few too many glasses of wine when she realized the time. She rushed into the main office of Colhaven Prep at 5:10 and walked up to the receptionist. “I’m Kellie Jameson” she said “I have an appointment with Mr. Lace.”

“You’re late Mrs. Jameson” the receptionist said, “Mr. Lace took the next appointment. You’ll have to wait until he’s available. You can sit over there.”

Kellie looked around and noticed that all the chairs in the room were the small wooden chairs that normally would be found in an elementary school classroom. When she sat down her knees were awkwardly high and her short business skirt rode up her thighs. Her thigh high stockings were revealed and she tried desperately to pull her short skirt back over the ornate trim at the tops.

She had dressed for her business lunch in her usual way. Today she wore a low slung black bra, black stockings and narrow black thong panties. She was sure that if someone walked into the room they would be able to see straight under her skirt to her barely covered crotch.

Her short gray skirt hung several inches above the knee when she was standing and would ride up nicely when sitting. Her matching gray jacket fit well against her curves and today was stretched over a snug fitting black turtleneck. Her long brunette hair was pulled back which framed her young face and brought out her eyes.

After what seemed like hours the large mahogany door to the headmaster’s Office finally opened. From it stepped a woman Kellie recognized as one of the schools new teachers. She remembered her from the open house. There was something strange about her through.

The young teacher’s blonde hair was slightly askew and her clothes seemed somewhat wrinkled. Kellie thought that her young charges must have been driving her pretty hard to look in such a state by the end of the day. As the teacher passed they exchanged glances and smiles. Kellie noticed that the teacher was walking with an unusual bowlegged stride.

The teacher began to giggle as she stepped outside and disappeared into the afternoon. Kellie watched her walk away.

“Mrs. Jameson” the receptionist snapped “Mr. Lace will see you now.”

Kellie climbed up from the small chair and walked into the Head Masters Office. The door closed behind her and she found herself standing in a large room surrounded by floor to ceiling bookshelves. Light filtered in from several stained glass windows cut above the shelves. The wrought iron fixtures gave the room a Jules Verne look that easily dated its construction to the turn of the century.

A huge leather chair sat empty behind an oversized oak desk. The only other chairs in the room were several reading couches pushed back against the bookcases. Kellie stood patiently waiting for Mr. Lace to appear. It was uncomfortably silent and there weren’t even any noises from the highway running by outside.

Suddenly one of the shelves opened up, a hidden door, and Mr. Lace walked in. “Mrs. Jameson Its good that you waited.”

“Well” she answered “what is it that you have brought me here for? What has happened with the children.”

Lace seemed to ignore her question as he strode over and calmly sat down behind the desk. Kellie again looked around for a chair and an awkward moment passed as she waited in vain for him to offer her a seat.

“I’m afraid I am near to having to expel them,” Lace said finally and with an authoritative air. “They have broken nearly every rule in the honor code.”

“What!” Kellie gasped “why didn’t you tell us before…my husband and I could have gotten involved…”

“Relax Mrs. Jameson. We have a certain order of discipline here at Colhaven that has served us well for over 150 years. That is why you are here now. We believe that children’s problems stem from parental misjudgments as much as their own. That is why we require that parents receive punishment whenever their children do.”

“I see.”

“You and your husband have been unavailable for these things.” Lace lectured “That is part of the problem. Your children are about to be expelled unless critical changes are made.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that unless you follow my instructions exactly that I will expel them and make sure that they are not accepted to another preparatory school in the country!”

“Well of course we will take your advice.”

“No. YOU will follow my instructions to the letter. Since your husband cannot make time for your children it is you who must bear the brunt of their discipline. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I think so, but what must I do?”

“You must start by accepting responsibility for their actions and the appropriate punishment.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you will bend over this desk while I give you a good spanking.”

Kellie laughed out loud. She couldn’t believe her ears. He wanted her to bend over and be spanked. It was outrageous, ludicrous, and unheard of. Surely it was some sort of joke.

“Mr. Lace you can’t be serious.” Kellie questioned “Not only am I a grown woman but the last time I was spanked was 20 years ago. I was 10 years old.”

“That may well be your problem Mrs. Jameson,” Lace replied straight faced “everyone needs some discipline now and then.”

Kellie turned toward the door shaking “I’m leaving Mr. Lace. I’m going to forget we had this conversation.”

“Very well Mrs. Jameson but I will not” Lace replied “and your children will be riding a bus to public school number 239 by tomorrow morning.”

Hearing this Kellie paused with her hand on the large brass doorknob. Her thoughts were racing. She couldn’t bear her kids in public school with all the dangers these days. She had to get them into an Ivy League college and there was no way to get there from public school. Not with the drugs and violence and dirt and grime.

“You can’t do this,” she said. Her will starting to waver.

“Yes I can.” Lace replied “take a look at the contract you signed when we accepted your family into our school. In the event of disciplinary or academic problems it requires the parents to take whatever action the Head Master deems appropriate.”

A tear welled up in Kellie’s eye and her body shook as she turned. She wasn’t sure if it was the wine from lunch or fear but her body was starting to react. A ripple ran through her like a hot wave from her forehead to her toes. To her surprise it even heated up parts of her that usually required erotic stimulation.

“Ok, Mr. Lace, I’ll do what you ask,” Kellie said thinking that a spanking shouldn’t be that difficult. Besides, she thought, it would probably just be a token whack or two. Just to get her in tune with her kids. Some sort of new educational theory. She tried to will herself to stop shaking but it didn’t seem to work.

The thought of being spanked by this man was making her body betray her in other ways. As she walked back toward the large desk her nipples began to harden and she felt her vaginal lips beginning to lubricate themselves. She couldn’t believe that her body was giving her such strange signals. When she needed to be strong she found she had become incredibly aroused.

She approached the desk and took a moment to figure the best way to grip it. She finally bent over slightly and placed her hands at shoulder width against its cool surface. Her high heels pitched her up and forward so that her aerobicized ass jutted invitingly up in the air.

She must be quite a sight she thought as she looked over at Mr. Lace who was still sitting in his great leather chair. Their eyes met and she could tell that he was waiting for something. She shook nervously as she tried to figure out what it could be. Finally she hung her head “what is it Mr. Lace? What are you waiting for?”

“Mrs. Jameson” he replied sounding annoyed. Pointing at a clothes valet near the door he said, “I cannot spank you with your clothes on. Take them off and hang them over there.”

“You want me to take my clothes off!” Kellie cried amazed “bend over this desk and let you spank me!”

“That is exactly what you will do,” Lace said looking at his watch “now please hurry Mrs. Jameson. I’m scheduled to attend a board meeting in two hours.”

Kellie was stunned that he would dare ask such a thing. No, she thought. He didn’t ask her he had told her. No one had ever talked to her that way. Angry and excited she made up her mind.

“Fine!” She said storming over to the valet “you want me naked? I’ll get naked!”

Kellie quickly stripped out of her clothes and hung them neatly on the valet. Wearing only her stockings and earrings she walked back and bent over the front of the desk. Her breasts jiggled as she shook nervously. Despite her fear she noted her thick patch of pubic hair was growing slick. She prayed he wouldn’t notice.

“Very good Mrs. Jameson” Lace said standing “now we can move on.”

Looking up Kellie saw the long strap that he must have retrieved as she undressed. Lace moved around behind her and placed his left hand on the small of her back. She had braced herself but the sharp pain of the first lick still made her jump.

“Steady girl” he said bringing the strap down again and again. The pain raced through her body as the strap lashed itself across her ass cheeks. Her breasts swayed as she shook from each successive hit. Her nipples were swollen and hard and it seemed that each strike sent an electrical current straight through them.

“Yow!” Kellie yelped as the strap popped the soft globes of her ass. “Ah!” she cried as the strap pinched the exposed bud of her anal entrance. “Eeeek!” she shrieked as it slapped against the tender skin of her thigh. Her backside got hotter and hotter as the lashing went on. Finally she could stand it no longer.

“Please Mr. Lace!” She shrieked through her tears “please stop…I can’t take…take it any more.”

She collapsed across the desk as Lace stepped back to survey his work. Her bottom and upper legs were striped with long red lines. She lay face down on the desk with her legs spread behind her. Her body rose and fell as she gasped for air. He had an excellent view of her pouty cunt lips, which despite being struck several times were moist and aroused.

He could have taken her sexually at that moment if he were that kind of man. But he was not that kind of man. She would have to do more than just submit to a spanking to earn his sexual attentions. He had a feeling she would.

Lace leaned over and rang a small bell on the corner of his desk. Kellie heard it but couldn’t imagine what it was for. She was too exhausted to move.


A door in the corner of the room opened and the receptionist walked confidently in carrying a large porcelain bowl. An embarrassed shudder ran through Kellie as she realized that the receptionist was going to see her naked and draped across the desk like some slut rag doll. She tried to rise up but Lace gently placed his hand against her shoulder to hold her down.

“Ms. Milton” Lace called out to the receptionist “Mrs. Jameson is going to need some cleaning up.”

“I see” Ms. Milton said as she set the bowl down on the table. “Mrs. Jameson this is a natural solution of salts and oils that will soothe your welts and help you relax.”

“Thank you” Kellie replied as she watched the receptionist draw a large sponge from the steaming bowl.

Kellie moaned in relief as the hot soapy liquid was applied to her. The warm suds ran down her legs and puddled on the wooden floor beneath. Ms. Milton gently dabbed the sponge across her sore bottom and along her thighs. The stinging began to subside and was replaced with an overall warmth throughout her backside.

Ms. Milton ran the sponge over the backs of Kellie’s thighs and slowly worked her way up between Kellie’s legs. The warm solution was applied liberally over the narrow lips of her slit. Kelly felt an unexpected quivering as the sponge traveled back & forth over her exposed mound. The sensitive skin around her pussy shook at the loving attention from Ms. Milton.

An embarrassed moan escaped from Kelly’s lips as the receptionist began sliding her own slippery fingers across her puffy pink folds. The stuffy secretary’s fingers went to work and Kelly felt herself becoming more and more aroused. She tried to resist but the pain of the spanking followed by the expert attentions to her sex was affecting her. The whole experience was surreal and bizarre and erotically taboo.

Kelly had never fooled around with a woman. She had never even considered the idea. Even in shower rooms she kept her head down for fear of looking on ladies while they lathered themselves. Now this woman, whom she didn’t really like, was getting her off.

Ms. Milton began sliding fingers into Kelly’s love slot. In short order she was shoving three fingers in and out of her. Kelly’s juice was running everywhere and the receptionist collected some of it before diving a finger into her exposed ass. Before she could cry out the finger was knuckle deep and being joined by another. Kelly felt her butt stretch but the sensation only added to her approaching orgasm. Kelly was reduced to a moaning receptor as Ms. Milton finger fucked her pussy and ass.

“Do you and your husband have sex often Mrs. Jameson?” Lace asked through her growing fog of erotic bliss.

“What?” she mumbled.

“Answer the question” he replied sternly.

“No….oooohhh” she stammered “not for a long taaaaahhhm”

“Do you miss his cock?”


“You need more than he can give, is that right?”

“yeeeaaaassss” she gasped pushing back against Ms. Milton’s magic fingers. It was driving Kellie crazy. She would get to the brink and then be brought back down. She had never felt this level of humiliation and sexual ecstasy before.

“You need a cock right now don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Reach into my trousers and take mine out Ms. Jameson.”

“Ooooh” she moaned “can’t, that would be cheateeeeeng.”

“Do it!”

Like all of his commands before she gave in. She unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard 8 inch member. She felt it pulsing in her hand and stared at its giant mushroom head. She heard a voice say taste it and she reached out to its shaft with her tongue. The raw male scent of his cock ignited her short fuse. The texture and taste ran through her brain like wildfire causing her nipples to explode with pleasure. Then the fingers in her pussy and ass rammed hard and she erupted in the best orgasm she had ever had.

She shuddered hard and passed out from the intensity. PART 4

When her eyes fluttered open she found that she was still lying face down on the huge desk. Her knees had been propped up with a footstool which kept her ass at the same level as the desk top. Her legs were still parted lewdly and the warm solution had been replaced with what felt like soft bubbles. Someone was caressing her sore bottom while spreading the soft bubbles over her still excited mound.

Looking over her shoulder she saw Ms. Milton spreading a foamy cream over her pubic hair. Mr. Lace stood back a few paces observing. He had changed into a silk robe and his cock pushed visibly against its soft curtain. Kelly was still in a fog but had begun to give in to the kinky desires that had been hidden inside her. So deep she didn’t even recognize them.

She didn’t dare move once she realized what they were doing. She saw the glint of an old style barber’s razor and soon felt it gliding over her smooth flesh. She only had a whisper of regret as her thick bush was slowly removed. She could feel the track left behind after each stroke. It was surprisingly clean and fresh feeling as the hair was replaced by cool air against her.

With each stroke of the razor, Kellie made a little moan. She was being good, and careful; she didn’t squirm, she didn’t shift. She held perfectly still. But she did emit those little groans, in a low slurred voice. Soon her entire undercarriage was smooth and hairless. Ms. Milton wiped over the entire area with a damp, warm towel. She patted the fresh skin dry with a soft, fluffy towel then stepped back a pace to admire her handiwork.


Mr. Lace stepped forward. He used his hands to feel the heat and skin of her ass. It made him eager to have her and feel the result of his handiwork for his own need. Spreading ointment over the parts of her that still stung from the spanking he soothed the flesh with cool cream. Ms. Milton removed his robe and his cock bounced against Kellie’s upturned bottom.

With more of the comforting balm he lubricated her ass and began to penetrate the orifice, letting a finger push into the dark channel. She realized he aimed to take her there. Suddenly she grew afraid.

“No, please, this can’t happen,” she begged him as salty tears welled up in her eyes. “I’ve never done it like that!” the words rushed to her lips. The admonition was ignored by her tormentor. One finger, much larger than Ms. Milton’s dainty digits, became two, prodding deeper. A third finger opened her wider still. Her own body sparked at an uninvited entry.

She and her husband never did it that way. She had tried it once in college but it had been ignored for years in favor of the standard missionary fuck. Something degrading, base and humbling was in what he now did to her earthy chamber.

Her cries were muted and afraid but carried a certain eagerness underneath. He had known it the moment he had first seen her. She would enjoy being taken by him. She would give herself over to his brutal pleasures.

Fingers slid into her cunt and massaged both of her most private places. Lace filled her full, his penetrations reaching as deeply as they could. All this in preparation for the final assault. When his hands withdrew, Kellie feared the worst would follow and he did not fail her. With his large prick free, he poised himself between her cheeks, and batted the stiff organ at her door, letting the head of his penis toy with her anus until he could sense her relax.

He lubed himself well and then pressed his erection beyond the barrier to the sound of her unhappy scream.

“Relax, my darling,” he whispered, pressing into her further still.

“Mr. Lace please,” she pleaded with him sincerely “I can’t.”

“Yes,” he disagreed. “You can. You’re mine. You belong to me.” He stroked her back as he spoke gently. This cunt, these breasts, this ass is mine,” he said. ….

“No … ” she tried objecting again, though this time the protest was meek.

Lace wasn’t changing his mind. He didn’t believe her complaint, meek or otherwise. He refused to listen to her exhortations to withdraw. Her body told him what her voice would not. In spite of her anxious fear, she pulsed around his prick as he moved inside her ass. With his warm hands soothing her Kelly began to calm. To have him inside this verboten place seemed abusive, more cruel than all the other humiliations she had endured at his hands.

She was confused, one minute wanting him out of her body and out of her life. Yet the next minute, she was overjoyed to feel that cock inside her ass, having him penetrate her deeply. In that moment of defilement she utterly belonged to him, his prize and chattel. The man that had her mastered. He’d made her profoundly content. One precious river of desire moved in every nook and cranny of her physical self. And then, that river, not content to confine itself to physical sensation, moved into her thoughts, exploiting the new and vibrant sensations. A sense of peace, of submission, of release and enslavement snared her mind and drove away the shame.

He fuckeded her ass long and hard. The more she relinquished, the more he used the channel to soothe his body ache. The sensations increased with his tempo and he was soon butt fucking her in hard primal strokes. He came inside her while moving at full speed, prodding violently, clutching her kneeling form with greedy hands and listening to the sounds of her own sensuous joy ring true in his ears.

He heard her release and her happiness, the sound of surrender playing like a symphony. Kellie came as she felt his hot jizzum shooting deep into her rectum. This second powerful orgasm drained her again and she lay on the desk like a limp flower.

Lace’s cock slowly withdrew from her. Ms. Milton stepped forward and wiped it off with a soapy cloth. Then she did the same to Kellie’s upturned ass. The soothing cloth was replaced by something inserted into Kellie’s wide open anus.

“What’s that?” she queried.

“It’s a butt plug my dear” Ms. Milton responded “You will keep it inside you until you get home. This will assure that you don’t lose any of Mr. Lace’s sperm.”

“Ok” Kellie replied although it made no sense to her. The fight had gone out of her.

Ms. Milton helped her up and got her dressed. Mr. Lace retied his robe stepped over to the two ladies. “Mrs. Jameson, you have made an extraordinary argument for us to retain your children at Colhaven. We must have these conferences more often. You will set up an appointment won’t you Ms. Milton?”

“Yes Sir” She replied and turned the dazed Kellie toward the door. Outside the office they stepped over to Ms. Milton’s desk where she opened a large date book. “Lets see now how about next Wednesday at 5:30 pm?”

“Yes, that will be fine” Kellie answered nervously.

“Very good. We’ll see you then.”

Kellie looked into the mirror behind the reception desk and noticed that her hair was disheveled and her clothes were uneven like she had just thrown them on. Turning to leave she noticed the butt plug made her walk with a slightly bowlegged stride.

Making her way to the door she spotted Marjorie Nichols sitting awkwardly in one of the waiting chairs. Her dress pulled up her thighs revealing the tops of her stockings. Kellie recognized her from the orientation all the parents had to go through.

Marjorie smiled and said hello. Kellie just giggled and stepped out into the night air.


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