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Thomas for Hire

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“Kathy? Short for Kathleen? Katherine?” Thomas asked lightly as he poured them both a drink. A strong one for the pale redhead sitting in his easy chair nervously fidgeting.

“What? Oh, I’m sorry. I guess…I guess just actually being here…well, I’m very…this just isn’t me, something I would normally do,” she replied with a drop of her head.

He could almost feel her shame as it poured from her. She crossed and uncrossed her legs. Thomas walked to her slowly and handed her the cool glass.

“Thank you,” she mumbled, her head still down to hide her face, her eyes. He could see that this would go one of two ways. She would either love it or hate it. There would be no in between with this one. But he sometimes liked girls like this, the ones that fought the desire so hard in themselves.

Thomas handed her the clipboard with the questionnaire. She looked up at him hesitantly.

“What’s this?” she asked softly.

“It helps us get started. There are some basic questions and some not so basic questions.”

“Oh. Okay.” Kathy said as she looked the form over. He saw her begin to blush as she read. That was his cue.

“And while you’re doing that, I’ve got something to take care of. I’ll be back in a bit.” He turned and left her without another glance. He went into his home office, checked some messages and then some email. Then he used a remote that dropped a screen down on the wall next to the desk. The screen was split into several smaller screens, the feeds coming from different video cameras throughout the house. He controlled them all with his computer and used it now to zoom in on the living room where the latest of his clients sat contemplating his much thought out questions. Hit and miss experiences early on led him to the belief that a little knowledge beforehand went a long way. He watched her hesitate on each question before filling it out. She took a long time to answer them. After his drink was long gone he saw that she had finished. He ran his hands through his short brown hair, noting that it was longer than he liked to keep it and making a note on a scrap of paper to remember to get a haircut soon. He waited a full five minutes, again watching her knowing that she was getting more nervous by the second.

Thomas wasn’t the garden variety Master/dominating looking person. His build was slight, his skin was pale. He appeared to be meek upon first meetings to most people.

He liked to act the perfect gentlemen with clients before they began a session, especially the first time. He thought that the difference in his demeanor from that to when they began was quite a turn on for most of them. But this girl, she seemed so skittish. He would have to take it carefully.

Kathy looked visibly relieved when he returned to her.

“All done?”

She nodded, dropping her head again. She handed him the clipboard hesitantly not able to meet his light brown eyes.

“Can we just start now?”

Kathy wouldn’t look at him. Thomas resisted the urge to reach out and turn her face up towards him. He liked to keep all of the actions confined to his special room.

“Follow me,” he said. For some reason, one that Thomas was struggling with, this girl annoyed him. It was a foreign feeling. When it came to his much loved domination he was an equal-opportunity kind of guy. There had only been one time before when he’d felt about a client like he was feeling now about Kathy. And that session hadn’t gone well. It was one he didn’t like to think about and generally didn’t have to; he’d never seen that one again.

Down a hallway on the right from the living room where they’d been, at one of several doors, Thomas stopped. This door looked like all the others and like them was closed but it had an electronic punch lock. He entered the combination and as the click of the lock releasing was heard he turned to Kathy and saw that her eyes were wide looking at the lock.

“It’s only on the outside. It doesn’t lock from the inside,” he said, wondering why he was trying to comfort her fear. She nodded her head in understanding slowly. He opened the door, just slightly. “You’ll have privacy to get prepared. I’ll be a few minutes.”

She walked through the door, again not able to look at him, and he shut it. He opened the next door, went it and shut it lightly.

The small room used to be the hall closet. When he’d renovated the bedroom to outfit it with the many contraptions he used, he’d wasted no time in making this his space to get ready in. The first thing he’d done was install a large double mirror. And of course there was a small video monitor that allowed him to watch the girls if they chose to use the bathroom to change in. Nothing was safe from his eyes at this point.

Kathy wandered around the room as he looked through the special glass. He let the clipboard slide from his hand onto the barstool he’d placed inside his hidden space. She was walking around slowly, letting her hands touch things as she passed them. This was another part of the process he liked. He relished it, especially the first session, seeing what in the room caught a woman’s fancy. While he watched her look over the sex swing he was starting to relax about her and began changing. He kept his leather pants, specially made like most of his leather restraints, hanging in the darkness along with the boots liked to wear. He liked to use things that laced up, things that took time to close and secure. His pants were no exception, either were the restraints. Everything he’d had made laced up.

Thomas was changed and ready. He noticed that Kathy still had not begun undressing. He picked up the clipboard and sat on the stool to read it over.

Kathy was short for Katherine. She was 33. Her answer to why she was here was simply ‘to try it’. He rolled his eyes, but wasn’t surprised. It was hard for people to admit the things they wanted most times. His eyebrow raised when he read her answer to the question asking if the client wanted penetration. He was genuinely interested that she’d answered with a yes. With a pause in reading he looked at her again. She was starting now to undress and had removed her blouse. She was in the process of unzipping her jeans. He kept reading. She’d managed to answer every question, as the form required that all questions were to be answered, without directly answering most of them. Another glance up and she’d removed her bra. He skimmed through from top to bottom.

Call her Katherine, check. Penetration, check. Toys were okay, check. Some anal play allowed, check. Wants to be spanked, check. Nipple clamps were a ‘no’, check. Blindfold, check. And of course, as almost always, she’d been ‘naughty’. She wanted to be ‘forced to do things’. He committed all of this to memory, be it short term for now as he didn’t take the time to truly remember things until the first sessions were complete. Her chosen safe word was violet.

He checked her through the mirror again and whether or not she’d removed her panties was something he’d have to find out since she’d put on a, from what he could tell, a sheer white shift of a nightgown. An interesting twist, he didn’t see that often. He watched her uncertainly look around the room. She finally chose the padded bench in the center of the room and sat on it, fidgeting around. She looked up at the metal bar above her, the hooks and attachment points catching her attention.

Thomas liked to watch them wait for him. And he was enjoying now watching her, her nervousness filling the room. He began to rub his cock through the leather of his pants. And it began to swell with anticipation. He knew that maybe there was something not quite right with the pleasure he found in seeing the fear, be it slight or great, in someone’s eyes. Maybe not so much fear, maybe just the nervousness. Either way it made him rock hard every time. He looked once more through the mirror before he lightly touched the dimmer switch for his work room.

Where Kathy had chosen to sit really couldn’t have been better. The light before he dimmed it was quite bright in the room but after he lowered the level there was really only one bulb still shining and it was right above her, illuminating her deep red hair that fell down her back and accentuating the paleness of her skin and her gown. He watched her notice the change in lighting, she looked all around the room but of course didn’t see him.

Thomas took the riding crop he kept on a simple nail in the wall, relishing once again the feel of it in his hand, the power washing through him. He left his small sanctuary and once again released the lock on the door with a few pushes of his finger. He walked through, slowly, and closed the door lightly. The room was silent, so quiet he could hear her every breath as she anticipated what was about to happen. His boots, well worn, thudded heavily across the floor, each step seeming to be more pronounced than the last.

Kathy’s head dropped as soon as she heard him, still she couldn’t see him. Thomas knew she could feel him the closer he got. Her body tensed, she sat up straighter. He kept his slow walking pace until he was before her, his crotch almost directly in front of her hidden face. Her breathing was shallow. His was steady, calm.

He put the end of the crop under her chin and raised her to him, locking on her shiny blue eyes.

“Katherine, did I tell you that you could sit on my bench?” he asked quietly. She made the slightest movement of her head to indicate ‘no’. Thomas didn’t move, didn’t let her chin drop. “I want you to answer me when I ask you a question. Now, did I tell you that you could sit on my bench?”

“No,” she whispered.

“Stand up.”

She did so with the slightest hesitation. Once she was fully erect he let the crop drop.

“Come forward a few steps.”

She did. He began to circle her, looking her over. She stared straight ahead, so uncertain of what would happen. He stopped when he was behind her. Using the crop he lifted the tail of her gown all the way to her waist.

“Panties. I don’t like panties. Pull them down,” he said as he let the crop release the flimsy material.

But really, he did like them. The ones she had on. Tight and white. Perfect for her, he thought, so innocent.

She reached to start removing them. Her fingers were shaking. He reached out and touched her hand.

“Not all the way, just under your cheeks.”

While she did as he told her Thomas walked to a plain black armoire in the furthest corner of the room from them. He opened the doors, not needing the light to find what he needed and removed it. He walked back to her, taking his time. He faced her. Her eyes, he could tell, wanted to look at what he had in his hand. They started to look down several times but never made it all the way.

His other hand found her breast, squeezing it firmly but not roughly. Her nipple hardened and he took it between his fingers, rolling it slightly. Still she didn’t look to see what he had.

“Some things are pleasurable. Some things are painful. Sometimes the two are mixed. The key is control,” he whispered coolly into her ear. She was beginning to moan slightly as he increased the pressure on her nipple with his fingers. He stopped suddenly when she did. And he revealed what he had. “This is an egg.”

She looked over the item, blue and nubby with a cord and a remote. She visibly trembled.

“What–” she started to ask. He cut her off.

“I talk. You don’t unless I tell you to,” he said, stepping back. “Spread your legs further.” She did, just a little. “Hold your gown up, waist high.” She looked straight ahead, not at him but through him it appeared as she lifted the gown up in the front. Thomas looked between her legs, liking that she was very nicely shaved with just a small strip of hair remaining. He turned the egg on with the remote. A small buzzing sound filled the still room.

“Is your pussy wet?”

He almost got lost in the vision she presented. Legs spread, gown lifted, white panties exposing her, cutting into her legs. He almost missed that she merely nodded.

“Lift the gown in the back.” Thomas said a harder edge in his voice. Kathy did and quickly the pristine flesh of her backside received a stinging slap. Her eyes widened in surprise. “I told you, you need to answer me when I ask you a question.”

“Yes,” she said her voice a bit raspy.

“Yes, what?” Thomas asked as he took his nipple between his fingers again. This squeeze was harder. After all, she’d answered no to nipple clamps but his fingers didn’t count as those. She swallowed hard.

“Yes, my pussy is wet.” Her voice was barely audible.

The vibrating egg buzzed in his hand. Thomas reached down and touched her lips. She drew a breath in quickly.

“Look at me,” he demanded. She complied. His free hand explored her, spreading her. His fingers grazed her swelling clit. She closed her eyes, a small groan escaping her. Thomas then spread her wide and began to put the egg inside of her. Her body swayed momentarily from the pleasure it was bringing her. When the egg was in place he handed her the remote to hold along with her gown, which was still being held up at her waist. “Leave it on the lowest setting. And stay just like that, don’t move.”

Thomas again went to the armoire. When he returned she was struggling with holding the remote, holding the gown, keeping her legs spread. Her hips were trying to grind against air. She was whimpering slightly in frustration. He stood behind her.

“You seem to have a difficult time deciding what to do with your eyes, Katherine. I’ll fix that now,” he said as he brought a band of gauzy material over her face and covered her eyes. As he tied the blindfold he could sense her reluctance. With the low lighting he was sure she couldn’t see much at all now. “You can let go of your gown. And the remote. And bring your feet back together.”

She did all of those things, her panties falling to the floor after being stretched so tightly. Still he stood behind her. He picked up the first leather restraint. Gently taking her arm he pulled it behind her, still hearing the faint buzz of the now hidden egg..

Thomas guided her fingers through the fingerless dark brown gloves. He laced it slowly the repeated the process for the other hand. The leather came to the middle of her forearms. There were stout metal rings that were secured inside of the leather and used a small chain with sliding clasps on the end to bring her wrists together and bind them.

“Not being able to see will enhance the sensations,” he whispered in her ear. He came around to the front of her now. He lifted her gown himself this time and pulled it towards him then twisted it and put the tail down the scoop neck between her breasts. “You can keep it on, but it has to be out of the way.”

Thomas noticed that her breathing was becoming ragged now, her stance very relaxed.

“You like that, don’t you?” She breathed a ‘yes’ out quickly followed by a moan. He began unlacing his pants, letting his bulging cock spring free. He leaned slightly and retrieved the dangling remote, turning the intensity up a notch. She quivered.

“I…I…–” she tried to start to say. He put a finger on her lips.

“Ssshhh. On your knees.”

She kneeled with no hesitation at all. He cupped her face with his hands, still holding the remote in the left one, as he guided his cock towards her mouth. Her closed mouth. As the head of his engorged dick touched her full lips she turned her head. The pre-cum that glistened on him trailed across her face when she did this. His hands tightened on her turned her back to him. He pressed against the now clamped tight entrance. She pulled her lips in resisting. Thomas’ right hand snaked through her hair and took a handful and pulled down. She whimpered again, but this time it wasn’t out of pleasure.

“This can happen easy or hard, Katherine, but it WILL happen,” he said as he used a finger of his other hand to turn the control of the egg up a few more notches. She gasped, her mouth making a perfect ‘O’ as she started to sink towards the floor. He was quick though. His hand shot back to her cheek to stable her as he rammed himself into her mouth. She had no choice but to accept it now. A muffled grunt tried to escape her but it was useless. She filled with cock.

He slowly fucked her, making her take him fully into her mouth with each thrust. After a few minutes he stopped, leaving himself inside her hot orifice for a few moments without moving before he pulled out completely.

“Let’s try this again.” Thomas said softly. He released her face. Her lips were slightly parted, the sound of the egg buzzing away inside of her louder now. Her ragged breaths turned into moans as he watched her body begin tensing. She was near orgasm. He pressed his hardness to her lips again and this time she opened her mouth instantly, almost greedily, and accepted him.

“That’s much better. You’re a quick learner, Katherine.” Thomas said, the change in voice obvious as she sucked and licked him with her tongue. Her groans started to come quicker now. He was close himself. For good measure he held her face again as he was about to come. Her breathing quickened, her moans deeper, as an orgasm began to rip through her body. She slowed in her task. Thomas, his hold on her face tightening, began thrusting into her mouth quickly as his own started. He pushed deeply to her throat as he released his hot cum in her. She bucked against him, he felt her struggle trying to get away at the same time as her body twisted and trembled.

Spent, his knees feeling shaky though she’d never know that, Thomas pulled out, wiping cum onto her lips as he did. He backed the vibrator back down to the first setting. She was nearly breathless as she sank down resting her ass on her legs. Thomas pulled her to her feet.

“Did you enjoy that Katherine?” he asked. He was moving her towards the bench that she’d sat on earlier. She nodded, her breathing almost back to normal. Thomas raised the bench a few rungs in its holder, bringing it to almost waist height. He bent her over the leather padded seat. “You seem to have trouble remembering to answer me when I ask you a question.”

She started to stand up. He pushed her back down, moving close behind her.

“Yes, yes I enjoyed that,” she cried out.

“Good girl,” he said. He put his free hand on her ass and she flinched at his touch. He drew his hand back and brought it back down to make hard contact on her vulnerable cheek.


“Pull your legs together.”

She complied. Thomas began spanking her, though not hard. The flat of his palm made contact with each cheek each time he brought it down, now that her legs were together. He spanked her lightly until just the barest hint of red appeared in her pale skin. After her first surprised ‘ow’ she was quiet, though she did squirm a little. He knew he wasn’t hurting her after the first one, which was meant to hurt.

When stopped he paused in the quietness, wanting her to not know he was finished or not.

“So we are clear? If I ask you a question, you answer?”

“Yes.” Kathy answered quickly.

“Aaah, that’s much better, Katherine,” he said, turning the egg back up a level. “Now…if I offer myself to you, you won’t try to resist again. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” she answered, her voice dropping a bit with the vibrator turned back up.

Thomas began spanking her again, this time harder and quicker. As he did she squirmed and cried out a few times, though now it was from the mix of pleasure and pain. He turned the remote up again as he delivered the rapid slaps. She began moaning now. He stopped and turned the vibrator up again, higher than it had been yet. She groaned as her hips involuntarily moved against the table.

“Please?” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please…please…spank me again.”

Thomas obliged. He was never one to turn down an outright request. It wasn’t long until she was loudly reporting her second orgasm. Before she was completely done Thomas told her to spread her legs.

His hand went to her quivering, clenching pussy. She was dripping wet. Kathy moaned loudly when he touched her. He rubbed her juices onto her clit and squeezed it. Her body started rocking again and spasming. Orgasm aftershock, he liked to call that. He got a generous amount of her wetness on his thumb and, touching her skin all the way, he moved it back to her clenched asshole. He rubbed his thumb in slow circles, the slick of her fluid guiding the way. In the throes of her ecstasy he heard the sharp intake of breath letting him know that she indeed had noticed.

Thomas could tell that she wanted to say something. Her felt her dilemma of wanting to say ‘no’ and wanting to also follow his rule. He’d decided only moments before that he would let her slip of saying ‘please’ pass by.

He pressed into her hole with his thumb slightly, just a minimal amount of pressure.

“Katherine, have you ever had anything in your ass?” he asked as he continued gently rubbing and pressing what he assumed was virgin territory. She hesitated. He pressed harder. Still no answer. She kept her head facing the floor as she continued to be bent over the bench. He stopped what he was doing and brought his hand down on her still slightly red cheeks in two precise slaps. “Katherine!”

She remained silent.

“You’re daring to not answer me?” Thomas asked, his voice hard. He was truly surprised. He heard her emit a soft sob. Taking her by one of her bound arms Thomas stood her up quickly. He delivered a few more blows to her tender flesh. He looked at her face and saw tears streaming down from underneath the blindfold.

“I-” she started to say.

“It’s too late now. Your chance to answer is over, Katherine. Whether or not you have ever had anything in your ass is a mute point,” he said as she leaned into her ear and whispered, “Because soon enough you will.” She shuddered and more tears fell. She tried to drop her head but Thomas used his hand on her chin to prevent her. He took hold of the part of her gown that was hanging between her breasts and pulled it up and then let the material fall, the gown covering her again. He cupped her breasts then tugged on her nipples. He let the remote fall from his hand, the cord dangling between her legs.

“I want you to back up a bit, then lean over to the bench. Let your nipples touch, but nothing else,” he commanded. Thomas stood back and watched her, knowing that wasn’t the most comfortable position to try to stand in. He took hold of the back part of her gown and brought it up, draping it over her hands at the small of her back, leaving her ass exposed. “You just relax like that,” he told her, knowing that relaxing in such a way wasn’t very possible.

He went to his armoire. Inside he kept a small digital clock, which informed him in a quick glance that they had about twenty minutes left of their hour. He retrieved a few items before taking his time walking back to her, making decidedly loud steps that echoed on the hard floor. He didn’t take his things to the bench though; he took them to a small table near the sex swing which was attached to the ceiling near the wall furthest from her. As he started back to her he said, “Stand up now, Katherine.” She did, obviously relieved to be out of the uncomfortable stance he’d told her to keep.

Thomas approached her from behind and stood close, pressing himself against her. His hands gathered her long red hair and brushed it all across her left shoulder. He retrieved the remote with his right hand and wrapped his other tightly around her waist, leaning once again into her ear, his lips almost touch her delicate lobe.

“Did you like to be bent over and spanked like a naughty little girl?”

“Yes,” she answered lightly, her own voice barely above a whisper.

“Did it make your pussy wet and throb?”


“Pleasure and pain, Katherine. Just like I told you. We’re getting ready to take that to the next step…but first things first,” Thomas said to her as his hand traveled up the cord attached to the vibrating egg inside of her.. He started pulling it out slowly, holding the length of cord and the remote. Katherine was panting.

“You didn’t want me to take it out?” he asked, closing his eyes and taking in the sweet coconut smell of her hair.

“No,” she answered quietly.

“It can be used for other things.” Thomas said. His hand was full, gripping the device and all it entailed. He managed to turn the vibration level up yet another notch with a small amount of difficulty, as his arm kept her in a tight grip. He pulled the egg completely away from her and out from under the gown. With his finger and thumb he released the clasp of the chain that held her arms behind her back. Her relief was short lived. “I want you to use your hands to spread your cheeks, Katherine.”

As Thomas said those words to her molded his body to hers, his stiff cock pressing against her. “Keep your feet together,” he added. Katherine hands took hold of the material and started pulling at it. He didn’t lessen the pressure of his arm around her. She was trying to grab the fleshy parts of her ass and do as he told her but with him against her she found it a difficult task. She kept trying.

He fought back the urge to chuckle at her dilemma. Kathy started to lean forward a bit to have a better chance to spread herself for him.

“Stand up straight!” His words were quiet in her ear, his voice gruff. She finally got the gown up enough to let her hands get a chance. Thomas moved his pelvis back now, just enough for her follow his instructions. She spread her cheeks wide, her breathing ragged not knowing what he had in mind. He let his dick slip between her legs, the tip of it grazing her puckered hole then moving forward and sliding through the wetness of her pussy. He moved his hips a few times and let her feel him, loving that she didn’t know if he would plunge inside her at any moment. He pulled back and let himself leave her crevice to rest again on the flesh of her backside.

“Keep yourself spread open,” he said softly in her ear.

Thomas moved the egg now to the patch of sensitive skin between her pussy and her asshole. He felt her body quiver at its touch. He rolled the vibrating toy back and forth slowly then moved it back further to rest at the tightly closed hole.

“Oooooh,” she moaned, her body stance becoming slack, losing the position he’d told her to be in.

“Stand up straight, feet together…and keep them spread.”

He knew at this point it was very hard for her to concentrate on those orders. External anal stimulation sent many girls over the edge. She struggled very obviously, starting to lean forward a few times or wanting to spread her legs, letting her cheeks drop slightly then she would bring herself back. He let this continue for a few minutes while he kept holding her very tightly to him, breathing on her neck, whispering into her ear what a good girl she was being. He could feel the muscles in her body tensing and shaking. He let his hand drift downward, spread her open a little and found her throbbing clit through the gown.

“Aahhh, I…I can’t…” she tried to say, but he shushed her again. He held her clit between two of his fingers and manipulated it slowly. He rolled it. He squeezed it. He would let go and then lightly brush the tip of it. Thomas felt her orgasm coming and increased his play with her swollen bud.

“Keep your position,” he ordered. An orgasm ripped through her. She moaned and groaned loudly, panted and gasped. He could feel all of her muscles rippling with pleasure. Still he held her body to his.

When she was spent he finally released her and told her to drop her hands. He left the egg snuggled between her cheeks.

“Wait here. Just like that.” Thomas said. He could see that it was taking every ounce of concentration she could muster to stay like he told her as the vibration continued.

Thomas went to the swing and prepared it for her. He checked his supplies from the armoire, confident that he had what he needed.

“Come to me, Katherine,” he demanded. She turned and followed his voice, walking slowly so as not to lose the pleasurable device.

The swing was on a bungee cord, suspended from the high ceiling. Thomas had extreme success with every client he’d ever strapped into it. He suspected Kathy would be no different. Some had become very nervous once they were completely immobilized by the intricate system he’d devised. He knew it was a bondage dream though.

He took her hands and held them out to touch the contraption.

“Feel it. Crawl into it.” He told her. She started to turn to sit. “No, silly girl. On your knees!”

As she started to do what he’d told her to Thomas reached under the gown and retrieved the egg before it fell. He laid it on the table. He watched her try to situate herself in the moving swing before he held it to steady it for her. Once she was in on her knees, ass in the air, he told her to lay her chest flat. She did and he once again secured her hands behind her back. Then he began strapping her in.

She remained quiet throughout the process. He buckled and secured. He caught himself humming a song he’d heard in the car on his way home.

“How does that feel?” he asked. “Pinching anywhere?”

“No,” she answered softly.

“Good. Almost done.” Thomas finished securing her in. The final part was to adjust the strap hanging from the center. This one lifted her a small amount from the bottom of the swing. She was completely immobilized, save her face, meaning her mouth, and it was designed for the person inside of the setup to feel weightless. He pushed the swing lightly and watched her bound body go back and forth before he caught the swing and stopped it. As the final act he brought up the spreader bar, which he used for good measure, that dangled below and secured it to the cuffs on her thighs, spreading upturned ass wide.

Thomas admired his ingenuity. He worked hard at modifying the plain swing after he’d bought it. He still hadn’t decided if he would fuck this one, this girl, this client who was paying him for the things he’d done to her. But as he looked at her, helpless and waiting, his already swollen cock twitched in anticipation.

Thomas reinserted the egg into her exposed pussy. She uselessly tried to move as she felt it, but the result was only a slight wiggle of the swing. He rested the remote in one of the folds of the straps holding her in.

“Pleasure and pain, Katherine. The mixture of those can be unimaginable.”

He went to the table and picked up his next tool. He smiled. It was the smallest dildo he had, only about three inches long and barely an inch in width. But it had its tricks too. Shaped like a tiny penis the toy could also vibrate and was motorized perform thrusting motions.

Thomas went to her. He touched her skin, ran his hand over her. He placed the tip of the fake penis at the entrance of her pussy, rolling it in her abundant juices. He used a finger of his other hand to massage around her asshole, very lightly. When the toy was covered in wetness from her he brought it to where his finger was. He began pushing at the tight hole with a small amount of pressure. The swing made another slight wiggling motion as she once again tried to move, tried to prevent what was happening but there was no stopping it and soon he had the tiny head inside of her. He heard a faint whimper and paused before continuing. He flipped the switch at the base and this too began vibrating.

With the dildo inside only about an inch, but secured by her muscle clamped on it he stepped away and reached for the old looking rounded wooden paddle he’d had waiting for this. He said nothing, the only sounds in the room being her intermittent moans and the slight buzzing from the two toys her body was accommodating.

Thomas began to tap the end of the little cock with the paddle, the lightest of taps. He retrieved the remote and then began a technique that he had practiced much. As the paddle landed each time he turned the intensity up of the egg quickly then back down again. Kathy’s pleasure was obvious as her moans became louder and longer. He kept at it, increasing the force of the paddle each time he brought it down. Soon her ass had accepted what he’d introduced to it. Then the paddle was hitting flesh. He kept up the egg remote trick as he did this. Her skin was reddening a little as he worked on it. His blows weren’t harsh or even meant to be painful. Just enough to enhance all the other sensations even more.

He stopped. He flipped the other switch on the bottom of the dildo and heard her gasp as it began, in all its little glory, fucking her ass.

Thomas’ own cock was beyond hard. The head was almost dripping pre-cum. He put the paddle down and walked around to her face and thrust himself into her more than willing mouth. He held onto the bungee cord of the swing as she sucked him into oblivion.

Well, almost.

As he felt his orgasm build he pulled out and walked around behind her again and roughly pulled the egg from her pussy and replaced it with his throbbing cock. He moaned himself as he sank inside and began fucking her hard, holding her hips as much as he could with her restrained the way she was. Then he came extremely hard, driving into her with a fierceness, his eyes closed and biting down on his lower lip. She moaned and cried out as she came too, her body causing the swing to jiggle and sway even with him trying to hold her.

Thomas was covered in a thin sheen of sweat as he calmed. He pulled his limp dick from Kathy, silently cursing himself for losing his well practiced control. He stuffed himself back down into the leather and laced his pants back up, making a mental note to send them to be cleaned. When the leather strings were tied he focused on Kathy.

He slowly removed the ass fucker after he turned its functions off and then he began to undo all of the restrictive straps. When he had them all done he unclasped the chain again between her wrists and helped her out. She stood on shaky legs. He unlaced the leather gloves he put on her and removed them.

“Hour’s up,” he said to her softly. He brushed her hair away from her neck. Kathy was in a state of trance after all that had happened to her in the past sixty or so minutes. Thomas left the black gauze over her eyes. “I’ll let you remove the blindfold after I leave the room and you can get dressed again.”

She nodded. He picked up all of his instruments of the trade and left her there.

Thomas quickly entered his private room and began changing again, not even giving her so much as a glance through the glance. He bagged the toys into a drawstring pouch of soft leather to give to her, her choice being to bring them back if she chose herself to return. He left the room and headed for a drink. By the time Kathy emerged he was sitting back in the living room area they’d first been in. She joined him, hesitantly. He rose and offered her a drink. She declined and reached for her purse which she had left there what seemed so long ago. She withdrew her wallet, her hands calmer than they had been all afternoon, and thumbed through some bills. A slight blush came to her cheeks as she looked up at him.

“I…I can’t remember…what did you say it was?” she asked.

“Four-fifty. But for an extra hundred I can make you a DVD of the entire session.”

She looked at him quizzically.

“Did I forget to tell you that video cameras were in place? I apologize. I don’t usually do that,” he said, though he never told the girls ahead of time. “Really, it’s for legal reasons–yours and mine as well. Just in case…you know?”

“I understand,” she replied, a slight smile coming to her lips for the first time since he’d met her. “Do I have to decide right now?”

“No, of course not. It would be available at any time if you want it.”

She looked at her cash again and pulled four-fifty from it. She stood to hand him the money. He took it without looking at it and began walking her to the door. She turned hesitantly once they reached it.

“I don’t quite know what to say.”

“That’s okay.” Thomas said with a sly smile. “No one ever does. You can say ‘goodbye’, ‘I’ll call you’, just whatever you want to say.”

She looked him in the eyes then. For the first time.

“Thank you,” was all she said before she turned and walked out the door.

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