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Theatre Goer

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I passed by the old façade several times a week. The old neon sign reading “Paris Cinema” above the old marquis that simply had the word “Adonis”. No movie name, just that one single word to let people know (the right people) what was going on inside.

I had never been inside but I knew. It had two theatres inside. One showed straight porn the other, in what used to be the balcony, showed gay porn. How did I know? I scoured the Craigslist ads daily, I heard the whispers about what went on. I also saw some guys going in. You could see the look on their faces… shame? Lust? It always looked a little different than the guys coming out. They looked…well, satisfied.

After the better part of a year passing by the front of The Paris I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to see for myself. Immediately inside was a small adult video store. Random, older dvd’s, some sex toys, lube, head cleaner, condoms, etc. there was an old guy behind the counter and above him it said “Adonis cinema- $10, Couples cinema -$15, both $20” Figuring I wanted the full experience I paid my $20 and he told me I could pass between the two rooms as I pleased.

Nervously, I went upstairs to check out the Adonis room first. I opened the creaky door letting a small amount of light flood the dark theatre. I heard the noise of activity ceasing as I walked in and stood in place after the door closed in order to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. On the screen there were two men servicing a man with a very large black cock. It was truly impressive.

As my eyes adjusted I noticed there were several small clumps of men, with some small amounts of movement going on. In one group I could see a head in someone’s lap moving slowly up and down. Seeing this got me aroused instantly. I moved around to a seat where I could see the action. It was an older man, probably in his 50’s sucking the cock of a guy who looked to be in his 30’s. The man’s mouth slid slowly up and down the length of the other man’s cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the action happening right there in front of me.

I was so enthralled that I didn’t even notice the guy who sat next to me until he started to fondle my bulge. “Jesus” I exclaimed… I stood and stared at the guy. He looked up at me and kept looking at the hardon in my slacks. He patted the seat I had just vacated.

Nervously I sat back down and he went back to rubbing my cock. “You want some of what he’s getting” he whispered as he indicated the couple I had been watching.

I nodded my head in response and he started to unzip me. Soon he had my 7″ cock in his hand, pushing the foreskin down as he worked it in his hand. God, it felt so good. I could feel the precum leaking. He just smiled and licked my self lube off of his hand. Soon he dipped his head into my lap and he started to lick the head of my cock.

“Oh, fuck” I thought to myself “control man…don’t cum too fast.” Just as I was having these thoughts I noticed that the guy who I had been watching was starting to cum. The older gentleman kept the cock in his mouth as the guy moaned and blew his load. I could tell the load had been swallowed and the younger guy stood up and zipped up. As he left he walked right by me and looked at what I was getting and smiled.

I wasn’t going to be able to take it much longer so I tapped my new friend on his head. To my surprise it just made him work harder. Seeing that a few guys were looking at us didn’t slow me down any. I couldn’t hold it in any more…”fuck” I moaned as I started to blow my load in his mouth. He licked up every drop and kept sucking, managing to keep my cock hard. Something my wife used to do but hadn’t for ages.

As my cock stayed erect I could feel his hand slide under my balls and I felt a finger slide into my crack and start massaging my anus. “No!” I shouted and a couple of our audience members chuckled. He was persistent and pushed his finger into my asshole. I had never felt anything like it. It wasn’t bad, just very different. It was just too much though. I pushed his hand away and stood up and walked away. I guess it was probably bad form to leave without at least offering to get him off but it felt like he crossed a line.

Walking up the aisle I was still stiff as I did up my zipper and belt. As my cock started to settle I felt the need to piss coming on so I slipped into the bathroom. It was old fashioned like the building it was housed in. Sinks along one wall. A couple of stalls along another and a long urinal trough past those. I walked down to the trough and pulled my cock out to piss. Shortly one of the guys who had been watching me get blown was standing next to me and pissing right there with me.

“first time here?” he asked.

I just nodded.

“Nice show you put on back there, don’t worry about freaking a little, anyone would if some guy just jammed his finger up their ass.”

“Yeah” I said. “It did catch me a bit off guard.”

We stood there a bit and finished pissing. I zipped up but I noticed he left his cock out. He looked over at me and started to stroke it a little. “I noticed you didn’t get to try any.” He stared at me now, his cock in his hand and stiff. I looked down, it was pretty impressive. A little bigger than mine and very thick. “Would you like a taste?”

I couldn’t answer out loud. I just nodded. He took my hand and placed it on his cock and started me stroking it. I leaned in and started to kiss his neck. He smelled manly. I could feel his hand running through my hair, gripping and pulling on occasion. It wasn’t long before I felt him start pushing me to the floor. I was eye to cock…the head was leaking and I just couldn’t resist. I took the entire head as deep as I could, gagging almost immediately.

“Slow down, man” he laughed. He pulled his cock from my mouth and started to feed it to me a little at a time. Giving me a little more with each stroke. Here I was, on my knees in a porn theatre bathroom sucking a fat cock for the first time in my life. I should have felt guilty or disgusted with myself, but I was in heaven. Now bobbing up and down on his cock as he rocked his hips gently fucking my virgin face.

He started to groan loudly, I knew what was coming so I allowed him to push deeper hoping that if he exploded in my throat I wouldn’t taste it. No such luck. He let out a moan and unleashed a huge load. It filled my mouth with cream almost instantly as he kept stuffing his cock into my mouth.

“Swallow, slut” he groaned. He was now being relentless. Pushing deeper, harder. I had little chance of breathing if I didn’t swallow his tremendous gift.

I did the only thing I could, trying not to gag as I did. Soon he was done and pulling his limp tool from my mouth.

“Not bad for a rookie” he grinned down at me. He wiped some cum from my chin and pushed it back into my mouth with his thumb, making me suck it off. God I couldn’t believe how hard I was again. To my surprise he leaned down, kissed my open mouth, zipped his pants up, and walked out.

I stood and gathered myself. Wow. That experience was both erotic and dirty at the same time. He was so aggressive but as evidenced by my raging hardon I guess I liked that kind of thing.

I left the bathroom feeling slightly light-headed and shaky but incredibly horny. I walked slowly down the stairs and rather than leave I figured I would give the couples theatre a shot. I walked in and shortly it was apparent that there were no couples, just guys who preferred hetero porn to the gay stuff. Some of the same activities were going on though. Small groups or couples, working each other with hand or mouth.

Again, I took a seat and started to watch the movie, a petite blonde sucking a giant cock. Maybe I would watch to try to pick up pointers for me new found activity. Feeling less nervous and cautious, I soon pulled out my own cock and was stroking it pretty openly. I got a couple of looks, but nothing that showed anything other than approval.

Soon I heard the door open, and following everyone else’s lead I stuffed my cock into my pants. I looked back and could make out a large figure, but little else. Looking back at the screen in moments I saw a large, younger, black guy walk past. He sat diagonally in front of me and watched the screen. Seeing he was just another perv I soon pulled my stiffy back out and went back to work. I saw him look over and give a little grin. Soon he was working his cock out.

“Fuck!” I thought to myself as he pulled it out. “That has to be the biggest cock I have ever seen.” It had to be 9″ and nearly as big around as my wrist. He started tugging on it and soon it was standing straight up.

He looked over and saw me staring and simply smiled. Moments later he looked back and signaled me with his head to join him. I was mesmerized. I walked over, my cock still out and he signaled me to my knees in the aisle.

I knelt down and got right to work. His cock was amazing. So long and thick and stiff. He grabbed me by the head and started to pull me down…”suck it bitch” he whispered nastily. I should have felt insulted but I was just turned on even more. I struggled to get it deeper in my mouth and he had no intention of being gentle. He manhandled my mouth and kept pushing deeper and deeper.

I was trying to get it wet so it would slide in a little better but he kept trying to push past my gag reflex. “Push down your pants and underwear” I heard him growl. Ignoring him, I kept working on his fat black cock. Suddenly I felt a sharp slap on my head. “Now! Push them down now slut.”

Now understanding he meant it I undid my belt and pushed my pants and underwear to my knees. As soon as I did I felt a new pair of hands on me, fondling my cock and balls, rubbing my anus. Looking up out of the corner of my eye I could see it was my first friend from the Adonis cinema. I could also see he had his cock out. It was about 6″ and nicely thick and very stiff. As I kept sucking on the huge black cock in my mouth the older man disappeared behind me.

Soon I knew why. I felt a sharp stab that made me bolt upright a little. The guy fucking my mouth wasn’t letting me go anywhere and soon I felt hands on my hip and the older man grunting and starting to push into my anus.

God it burned!

I could feel him starting to rock his hips, pushing in and out as I fed on the cock in my face. The two men roughly using both my entrances. My mind was spinning but I had never felt such arousal before. They were both starting to drill hard now. I knew what was coming. My reward.

The black guy in my mouth was first. He grunted “mmmfuck yes, swallow this shit faggot!” He exploded. His seed gushing into my mouth as I struggled to swallow as much of it as I could. Soon the man in my ass leaned over on my back, kissing it and reaching for my cock. He grabbed it and started to tug it hard and fast.

“You want my cum inside you?” he moaned loudly.

“Oh, yessssss” I hissed.

Soon I could feel his cock pulsing in my anus. Still licking the remaining cum from the cock in my mouth as the fuck meat in my ass exploded. He cried out and collapsed on me, still tugging my hard cock. I couldn’t take any more as I shot my own load all over his hands and my pants and underwear.

He pulled his cock out of my no longer virgin hole and leaned down and kissed my right ass cheek. “Good boy.” He stood and straightened himself out and left the theatre as I knelt in a pool of my own cum as his started to leak from my asshole. My new black friend just grinned as he pushed his cock back into his underwear and signaled for me to leave.

I stood, my pants around my ankles, struggling to straighten myself out as others watched and snickered. As I walked out men sitting on the aisles looked up at me with dirty grins on their faces. More than a few groped at my cum filled ass and some commented on the mess that was now all over my pants.

I managed to get myself home without too much embarrassment and without my wife seeing my pants. What an intense afternoon. Three guys. Both holes violated. The humiliation.

When do I go back?

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