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Late Night Stop

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“That was a lot of fun.” Lori said as she leaned toward her husband and softly kissed his ear.

Mike and his wife Lori were driving back home after a night out to dinner with a group of friends. They were a fairly typical middle-class couple. Both were 35 years old, they had no kids, and held above-average paying white-collar jobs.

It was a few minutes past 1 a.m., and Lori still had a slight buzz from the wine she had enjoyed. Mike had not drunk any alcohol that evening, but was quickly coming to the conclusion that the water and coffee he did consume were beginning to make him uncomfortable.

“Lori, I gotta pull over for a sec.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I just need to make a comfort stop.” Mike said with a grin as Lori gave a slight giggle.

Mike pulled the car into the parking lot of an elementary school that sat in a fairly rural area. The school was built on a parcel of land that had once belonged to a farmer, and was surrounded by scenic farm fields and woods. Behind the school was a large athletic field. Mike drove around to this back field, turned off the car, and got out.

“This should do. I’ll be back.”

It was a warm summer night, and the glow of the full moon illuminated the field. Combined with the lights from the school parking lot, it almost seemed like daytime on that large grassy patch of land. Lori watched her husband as he walked away and out onto the field. The sounds of his zipper, the light clinking of his belt buckle, and the rustle of material as he opened his pants quietly carried to her. A moment later, she saw a stream of liquid arcing away from Mike and heard the sounds of it splashing on the grass.

Lori decided to follow her husband out onto the field. She was still a little high from the wine and good spirits they had enjoyed at dinner with their friends. His back was still toward her as she walked to him and slid her arms around his chest. Pressing her body against his back, Lori embraced him. Gently she kissed the back of his ear and whispered, “I love you.”

Mike turned and embraced his wife, gently kissing her soft lips as the moonlight glowed down on the couple. The intensity began to grow as their tongues circled and entwined in a passionate kiss. They loved each other and their passion was still as heated as it was seven years ago when they first married.

Lori ran her finger tips down Mike’s chest, down to his waist where she found his pants were still open. Her finger tips touched the springy curls of his pubic patch. She ran her fingers over the small patch of fur as they continued to kiss. She continued exploring and found the shaft of his hardening penis, and traced its length as it swelled with excitement. As it grew to its full length, Lori gently grasped it in her hand. Mike gasped as she gently squeezed his firm member.

The couple continued to kiss each other as they stood out in the field. The sounds of the buzzing and chirping of night creatures provided a din of background music underneath the sounds of their growing passion. Mike reached under Lori’s blouse to touch her round breasts. He gently caressed her fleshy globe before she pulled away from him and smiled.

She stepped back to unzip her skirt, letting it drop in a pile around her feet. In a single fluid motion, she slid her panties and hose down to her feet. Then she stepped out of the pile of clothing, wearing only her bra and blouse. Mike smiled as he watched her unfasten each button to open her shirt and drop it to the ground. Reaching between her round breasts, she unclasped the hook of her bra. As her last piece of clothing parted, her breasts slightly bounced as they found freedom. She dropped her bra and added it to the pile of garments.

Mike admired his wife’s naked body as she stood in front of him in the pale moon light. Her breasts were large, but firm. Her body was curvy, but toned. Lori’s short, black hair accentuated her delicate face which rivaled that of any super model.

As Lori knelt in front of her husband, the swollen head of his penis traced over her face, before she let it brush over her soft lips. She teased the tip of his penis with her tongue as she held his balls in her hand. She circled the tip of his swollen cockhead before sliding her lips over its smooth helmet. Her lips stretched over the rim of the head as she gently sucked it into her mouth.

The warm air felt good on Mike’s body as he dropped the last of his clothing in a pile on the grass. He stood in the dim light of the summer night as his sexy wife knelt in front of him, her warm mouth sliding up and down his smooth, hard shaft. They heard the sound of an automobile in the background, but took no notice of where it was headed. They were busy enjoying the humidity of the night.

Suddenly, bright light was shining on them. They looked to see a security jeep’s headlights pointed right at them as the vehicle approached. There was no place to hide. The naked couple had been discovered in a most compromising position as the jeep pulled up to the edge of the field and the engine shut off. The lights continued to shine on them as the doors opened and two men exited.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Said one of the men.

Two men in security uniforms approached the couple. Both men appeared to be in their early twenties. One man had as stubbly shaved head and closely trimmed goatee. The other man had slightly longer hair, but it was still a military length. Both men were fairly tall and muscular. They were security contractors for the school district and township.

“Looks like we came at just the right time.” The other guard said with a grin as he folded his arms.

Lori curled herself into a sitting position and pulled her thighs up to her chest as she tried to hide her nude body from the men. Mike was still standing, with his saliva coated erection pointing straight out. Both were red-faced with embarrassment. The nervous couple was not sure what to expect from the two men. Would they have them arrested for public lewdness, or let them go?

“Don’t stop. Continue what you were doing.” Said the man with the goatee.

“Shit,” thought Lori. “These two guys aren’t just going to let us go.”

“We want to watch.” The other man said with a huge grin.

Lori got on her knees in front of Mike and looked up at him. He nodded as she began to lick the thick head of his hard penis. She felt embarrassed, yet it was strangely exciting to be caught.

“All the way, ma’am” said the goateed guard. He seemed to be the one in charge of the two men, not to mention the whole situation.

Lori closed her eyes and slid her lips back over the head, down Mike’s hard cock, filling her mouth with his hard cock. At first, she nervously sucked up and down the hard shaft. But as she opened her eyes, she could see the guards staring lustily at her. Surprisingly she felt a twinge of excitement as the two men watched.

The guards leered as she sucked her husband’s cock. Her intensity increased as if she wanted to impress the two men. She could feel herself getting wet as she was the center of attention.

“I want to see her on all fours.” murmured the second guard.

“Go ahead and fuck her.” The lead guard told Mike, with a tone that was filled with lust, but not brutishness.

Lori released Mike’s cock from her mouth with one last slurping sound, and turned around so she was on all fours in front of her husband. Mike positioned himself behind her and carefully slid his moist cock into Lori’s humid pussy. His hips pushed forward as he filled her warm crevice.

The guards watched as the couple fucked just a few feet in front of them. Lori’s tits swayed as her body shook with each thrust from her lover. The sound of their bodies slapping together and gasps of pleasure were the only foreign noises over the usual sounds of the night. Lori bucked her hips back with each thrust from her husband. They were wildly fucking for their audience, who were enjoying every moment of the show.

Mike was thrusting faster. He was breathing harder and his soft moans were growing louder. Lori firmly grasped the ground as she readied for his climax. Mike pushed his hips forward one final time as a torrent of cum filled Lori’s hot pussy. Together, they rode his wave of rapture as the two men watched.

Mike rolled over and lay on his back. He looked back at the two men and was surprised to see they were taking off their clothes and dropping them onto the ground. Lori’s eyes widened as she saw the two naked men. He heart seemed to stop for a second as she realized what was about to happen. Part of her was excited, but part of her was very afraid.

“Hey….” Mike said as he began to object.

“Sit tight. You’re in no position to object.” Said the goateed guard.

Both men looked like porno-stars. The guard with a goatee looked like he shaved his body. Even his pubic hair was completely shaved smooth. He had a rock hard body, with six-pack abs. His smooth body emphasized his muscles. The other guard’s body was also well-sculpted, but he had light patches of hair on his chest and pubes.

Their hard cocks pointed straight out, looking like divining rods leading them to Lori. She had never had sex with two men at once. She looked over at her husband, knowing she was going to have to fuck these two men as he watched. Mike had once joked that he thought it would be hot to watch her have sex with another guy, but never thought about it really happening.

Lori was lying on her back, using her elbows to prop herself up. Her thighs were slightly apart as the goateed guard knelt down in front of her. He placed his palms on the ground right above her shoulders as she leaned back to lay flat. She was face to face with him.

“You look incredible.” He said. “Watching you fuck was so hot, I have to have you.”

Lori felt the head of his large cock pressing against her slick opening. She spread her thighs as wide as she could to grant him access to her tight tunnel. With a firm push, the stranger slid inside. Lori yelped as her pussy stretched to accept his thick member.

He felt different, but so good. His smooth skin and large penis gave her a sensation that didn’t feel quite like her husband. The guard began to slide in and out, moving slowly at first, so she could get used to his sizable prick. His momentum increased as Lori bucked her hips to meet each of his thrusts.

Lori could feel the tingle of her orgasm building as the muscular man pumped her hot opening. The walls of her pussy throbbed as it continued to build, finally tightening as the rush of pleasure took her. She wrapped her legs around him as her body shuddered with spasms of pleasure. At the same time, the man gave a whispered moan of pleasure. His hips bucked wildly as his own orgasm released inside Lori.

Sweat beaded on her body, glistening as it reflected the pale moonlight. The goateed guard had left the cradle between her thighs. When she regained her composure, the second guard replaced him.

“Oh fuck, yes.” Lori moaned as this second man easily slid into her soaking wet entrance. He paused to savor the sensation of her warm flesh that enveloped him. She looked into his lust-filled eyes as he plowed forward, continuing her parade of pleasure.

After several moments of thrusting he stopped and brought his mouth to Lori’s ear. “I want to roll over.” He whispered.

Rolling over, he was now flat on his back on the grass with Lori straddling him. Her shapely legs pushed her body up and down his thick rod. Perspiration was beginning to stream down her body as she fucked the second guard. Now she was in control. Her husband and the spent guard watched her breasts bounce up and down as she rode him. The churning was causing her body to burn with anticipation of a second orgasm. Faster, she rocked up and down the length of his slick shaft.

The guard closed his eyes and gave his hips a final thrust. Lori’s body bucked as warm semen sprayed inside her spasming pussy. She arched her back as her throbbing pussy flexed with orgasm. As the last spasms of pleasure shook through her body, she rolled off the man and collapsed on the grass.

Her husband sat next to her as she closed her eyes to rest for a minute. The two guards quickly dressed and got in the jeep to drive away. Mike smiled at Lori as she opened her eyes. “That was way more than either of us expected.” he said.

“That was by far the kinkiest thing I have ever done.” She grinned.

The couple picked up their clothes tossed them in the back seat. They didn’t bother to redress when they drove home to rest from the excitement of the evening.

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