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The Wilson Women

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James had first noticed Megan Williams as she shared lunch with a few friends on the campus of the local university. It had been a hot day and they had taken refuge on a bench that sat in the shade of a tall oak tree. The hot weather had forced her friends into skimpy clothing that left a great deal of flesh on display but Megan had dressed more modestly in a cotton summer dress and flip-flops which amply showed off her superb figure without overtly advertising the fact that she had a body worth drooling over- which she clearly did.

Her fiery-red hair contrasted perfectly with the jade-green of her dress and put the dyed-blond of her two friends to shame with it’s natural intensity and beauty. As James watched the girls it became clear that Megan was everything he looked for in a potential lover, she seemed shy and respectful but aware of the power her body may give her over the men in her life. Initially she looked feisty and untameable but James could see that for the front that it was and he sensed that the underlying air of submission and quiet obedience that she displayed was the more persistent of her character traits, although admittedly a trait that most men would miss.

Since that day James had become intimately involved with Megan, at nineteen years-old she was six years his junior and in many ways she acted her age, although she displayed an uncommon maturity which only served to heighten his enthusiasm for her. He had been right about her submissive nature, too, it hadn’t taken long for her to reach towards his dominant and protective manner and reveal her true self to him. Of course to James this was no surprise he had seen it in her as soon straight away but Megan, herself, had been somewhat taken aback by her eventual self-realisation. James had guessed that her previous boyfriends had been unable to satisfy her properly, that they lacked something but she didn’t know what. When she understood that James could satisfy her she decided to allow herself to let go of what control she had and to try her best to submit to him but some vestiges of her strong will remained. They had yet to become totally intimate with each other, their relationship being somewhat chaste, but this all played into James’ hands. The longer she waited the more eager she would become to submit and the easier it would become for him to give her exactly what it was she wanted whilst at the same time satisfying his own wicked desires.

It was Friday. The last Friday of the semester to be precise. Megan had finally finished her exams and had the best part of the next three months to kill in one way or another. James had asked her to come over to his place for the evening where he had plans to take their relationship further but Megan had insisted that he come over to hers and, seeing the advantage of letting her relax in familiar surroundings, James had agreed.

James had said he’d be at Megan’s by eight and at eight o’clock precisely Megan was relieved of her anticipation by three loud strikes on the wooden door. One thing she had learned of James that he was always precisely on time, he didn’t believe in making people wait in anticipation, instead preferring to be a man of his word and arrive no sooner, or later, than expected. Eagerly Megan darted off to the door and allowed herself only the briefest glance in the mirror to check her appearance before opening the door to the man that for the moment still called himself her boyfriend but would soon call himself her master.

“Hi,” said Megan, her chirpy voice betraying her obvious excitement.

“Good evening,” returned James in his usual dry and commanding tone. He didn’t wait to be invited in before he stepped over the threshold and passed Megan allowing her to close the door behind him.

Already it was clear that Megan was nervous. The pair of them knew that tonight would almost certainly be the night that they first have sex but Megan was not nearly as controlled in her behaviour as James was, perhaps because they both knew that whatever happened would happen strictly on his terms.

“I’ve made sure that we have the house to ourselves tonight,” explained Megan, “I sent mom off to see a movie, she’ll probably not get back until late tonight so we’ve got a while together.”

James was annoyed that they’d have to work around Megan’s mother’s schedule but he felt confident that as soon as Megan had experienced what he could give her it would only be a matter of time before she moved in with him and that particular annoyance would become a thing of the past. “I’m glad to see you’ve planned ahead, you’ve done well.”

Megan smiled with delight, she had already caught the bug of most submissives in that she cried out for positive reinforcement. “I just wanted to make sure everything was perfect.”

“I’m sure it will be,” cooed James.

“Would you like a drink?” asked Megan as she led James onto the leather couch of the living room.

James smiled, impressed by Megan’s attentiveness. “I’d love a drink, thank-you,” he replied. Megan looked as though he was about to speak but James got there before her, “but first…” he said quickly, cutting her train of though, “give me a kiss.”

Immediately Megan made her way towards him, her face lit up with a distinct look of adoration. Wordlessly their lips met and the sweet tingling of their contact sent waves of exhilaration through both of them. James made sure to kiss in a forceful manner and dictated the length it would last. As they kissed he raised his hand to Megan’s thigh and slid firmly over the fabric of her cotton dress to the smooth roundness of her buttocks. Almost as soon as he reached his destination he ceased the kiss and removed his hand allowing Megan to contemplate his touch as she fixed the drinks.

For a moment she looked dazed as she stood back up to full height but she soon regained the wherewithal to get on with the task at hand and headed into the kitchen knowing full-well that she didn’t need to ask what her lover wanted to drink, he only ever drank whisky and she knew exactly which distillery produced his favourite.

Megan soon returned with James’ whisky and a gin and tonic for herself, she seated herself next to him on the leather couch and took a sip of her drink whilst looking on expectantly as James sipped at his.

“I’m disappointed,” James said, turning Megan’s smiling face instantly to one of confused worry. “This is my favourite whisky,” he continued, “I was hoping for an excuse to bend you over my knee and give you a good spanking.”

Megan smiled as his comment relieved her anxiety. “Maybe you wouldn’t need an excuse,” she replied, her voice practically dripping with sensuality.

James was reassured by her comment. They had talked about discipline in the past but he knew that there still may be some reluctance to performing it from Megan who’s past sexual experiences had all been given by inexperienced boys who were all too grateful of her attention to even consider treating her as she so desperately needed. “That’s the kind of talk that I would expect from those sluttish friends of yours,” admonished James, finding an excuse to feign further disappointment.

“I’m sorry,” replied Megan, her tone genuine, “I know I shouldn’t have said it but I meant what I said.”

“I know you did,” replied James, before taking another sip of his whisky. He knew that she was eager and so wanted to make sure that she was made to wait for what was coming to her. She would get what she wanted soon enough. “I notice that you’re wearing that green dress again,” he continued, changing the topic of conversation.

“Yes,” replied Megan, “I wanted to remind you of the day you first saw me.” James had told her that story on one of their past dates although initially he had left out the detail about her obvious eagerness for submission, he had revealed that particular detail only a week earlier.

“You wanted to remind me that I knew you were eager to submit?” he asked, looking over his glass as he took another sip.

“Yes,” replied Megan, looking down timidly.

“And why did you want to remind me of that?” he asked, deciding to have a little fun at her expense.

“Because you were right. I’ve always needed more from the men in my life but I never knew what it was until you explained it to me. Now I feel ready to submit to someone, to you.”

“Is that truly how you feel?” asked James, touched by her candour.

“Without a doubt,” replied Megan, not allowing any time to think.

“How do you know that it’s what you want if you’ve never experienced it?” asked James, eager to know more of her true feelings while she was still inclined to explain them.

“But I have,” replied Megan, “Since we met you’ve been in charge of our relationship, I didn’t notice at first but you controlled the way we met, you controlled the course of our dates and you decided that we’d meet tonight. I’m sure that the only significant contribution to the way that things are turning out that I’ve made is that I’ve not wanted to stop you from dictating how our relationship has evolved.”

“You know,” said James, genuinely impressed, “You are more perceptive than most I’ve met. For many women submission is something they fall into or learn to love but for you it’s like an active choice, as soon as you realised that you needed it you chose to surrender to it.”

“I only want to please you now,” replied Megan, “It’s only by pleasing another that I can truly satisfy myself.”

“But how do you know that you want what I want to give you?” asked James, “How do you know that you’ll enjoy being punished for your misdemeanour’s? How do you know that you need to serve? How do you know that through obedience and control you’ll find satisfaction?”

Megan paused for a moment and considered her answer. “You’re right, I don’t know, but I feel it, I’m sure it’s what I need and I trust that you can give it to me.”

James though for a moment and placed his whisky down on a small oak table that sat beside the couch. Immediately it had become clear to him that Megan was every bit the natural submissive that he had expected and her development into someone aware of those tendencies had gone far better than he could have hoped. “If you want to submit to me,” he said, “then you need to be prepared to do whatever I please, without question. Can you agree to this?”

“Yes,” replied Megan, needing no time to consider her reply.

“And you must accept that my pleasure comes first, I will only allow your desires to be satisfied if it satisfies me to do so?”


“And you accept that any refusal or delay from you will result in punishment?”

“Y-” Megan started to speak but James cut her off.

“Punishment that will put any childhood spankings that you may have had to shame.”

“I do.”

James paused for a moment, more for effect than to think. “If you choose to submit to me tonight my first act will be to punish you. It is important that you understand the deterrent properly in order for it to work as a deterrent at all. I will probably punish you harder than I may normally be inclined to but it’s for the good of our future relationship that I’ll be doing it, is this clear?”

“Yes,” replied Megan.

“And you still choose to submit?”


“Good,” replied James, pleased by Megan’s development, “It is important that you know that at any point you can end your submission, but you must know that if you do it will be the end of our relationship. I will not keep you against your will so at all times remember that the pain or frustration that you may be feeling can be put to an end, all you have to do is say.”

Megan nodded, she felt as though a line had been crossed and her heart was pounding so hard in her chest that she couldn’t muster the energy to speak.

“Finish your drink,” said James, the tone of his voice making it clear that this was his first direct command, “the alcohol may take the edge off the pain.”

Megan finished her drink in one and placed the empty glass down on the table beside her side of the leather couch.

“If you need to address me, you may call me Master or Sir, if you think of any more titles feel free to use them and I’ll accept and dismiss them as you offer them. You may still call me James in public but I will expect you to obey me at all times no matter who’s company we may find ourselves in.”

“Yes, Master,” replied Megan, trembling slightly as she used the honorific for the first time.

“Now stand in front of me,” ordered James, eager to see how obedient his new slave would prove to be.

Immediately she leapt to her feet and stood on the floor before him almost as though she were standing to attention in some military parade. James was impressed by her instincts but reminded himself not to get too excited by her abilities until she had truly been tested.

James stood up and looked down at Megan. At 6′ 4″ he towered over her petite frame and could see in her eyes that for the first time Megan felt intimidated by his presence. “Fold your arms behind your back,” he ordered.

Megan immediately complied and crossed her arms behind her back, an action which forced her chest outward a little allowing her small breasts to push against the fabric of her dress and her nipples to become clearly visible through the thick fabric. “In future, when asked to stand you will adapt this stance, your hands should remain behind your back to allow me access to your front and to stop you from any instinctive desire to obstruct me.”

“Yes Master,” replied Megan, her voice almost a whisper.

James looked down at his slave’s chest, and admired her breasts as they pressed lewdly against the fabric. “I can see that you’re excited,” he remarked, noticing the points of her nipples, “perhaps you’re wishing that you wore a bra tonight?” he asked, rhetorically.

He reached a hand out towards Megan’s stomach and trailed it over her dress to her back as he continued to gaze upon her body. Her posture not only accentuated her pert breasts but also tightened her buttocks and pressed the dress firmly down onto the contours of her body, displaying the faintest outline of her panties through the fabric. “At least you’re not a total slut then,” said James, “You’ve at least put on some panties,” he continued, explaining what he meant by the remark.

He continued his walk around his slave and returned to her front, again he observed her, he was as enamoured of her beauty then as when he had first set his gaze upon her, only now he was so close to finally possessing her that he had to be careful not to display too much anticipation of his own. He raised a hand to her right breast and trailed his thumb over the fabric, allowing himself to enjoy the tremble that rushed through Megan’s body as he made his most intimate contact to date. Almost as soon as he had finished he grabbed the breast in his hand and felt how supple it was in his palm, he kneaded it slowly, more like a lover than a master before removing his hand and allowing Megan to suffer once more in anticipation.

Her anticipation did not last long. James felt that things needed to be moved along a little and without warning he grabbed the top of Megan’s dress and pulled it down to just below her breasts exposing the pale white flesh of her petite orbs to his expectant gaze. The pale white of Megan’s breasts and the fiery red of her hair gave her an air of innocence that struck James as intriguing considering her current situation but to him it only added to her intoxicating allure and he smiled with delight at what he saw allowing Megan a rare glimpse of his true feelings. Quickly he recovered his senses and his face returned to the unchanging and enigmatic visage to which Megan had become so accustomed.

“Does it make you feel uncomfortable to be so exposed?” he asked, delighting in Megan’s predicament.

“No, Sir,” she replied, a little too fast this time.

“I would prefer you to be honest if you are uncomfortable, I will never punish you for honesty.”

“I’m not uncomfortable, Sir. I know I should be but I’m not, it feels so natural to be exposed like this.”

“Very good,” James returned. “I’m glad you didn’t try and placate me with your answer.”

Without warning James shot a hand out at Megan’s exposed left breast and kneaded it roughly, the touch of the lover tempered with the touch of the master. He could feel her hardened nipple rubbing eagerly against his palm as he continued his ministrations and it was becoming clear that Megan’s arousal was only becoming more heightened as he became rougher and more dominant. With that in mind he decided that it was time that Megan began to taste some of what she stood to suffer if she crossed him in future and he abruptly stopped caressing her breast and instead slapped it hard, just above the nipple.

Megan let out something of a yelp as he struck her and James delighted in both the sound that she made and in the way that the delicate flesh of her breast rocked and rippled in response to the blow. Without hesitation he continued with his efforts and slapped the exact same spot on her breast a second time, and a third. Each time Megan let out another yelp but she never tried to flinch away from his assaults.

“How does it feel?” asked James.

“Perfect,” came Megan’s unexpected reply.

James was impressed by her quick acceptance of her true nature but felt sure that there may be some resistance as his punishment became more intense. He quickly struck her right breast five times in rapid succession not allowing her any time to recover between the blows. As before she let out a yelp after the first strike but her vocalisations soon ceased as took the remaining four blows in silence.

By now the tops of both of Megan’s breasts were marked red by James’ ministrations but so far she had shown herself to be equal to anything he had thrown at her. As far as James was concerned he was only getting warmed up but she had stood up to his onslaught far better than he had imagined and he was sure that he would need to step it up quickly in order to make her understand what she was getting herself into.

“I’m going to collect something.” He said, not expecting a reply from Megan, “I trust that when I return I will find you as I have left you.” With that he headed out of the room and out of the front door of the house.

For a moment Megan considered rubbing her breasts, they were in more pain than she had let on but, as they had both expected, the pain was as pleasant to her as any contact from a lover. She could feel the burning of her skin in response to James’ efforts but she felt that she knew she had finally found what she had been looking for in a man and she dared not to jeopardise it for what might prove to be nothing more than a momentary pain release. She planned to remain obedient to him for as long as she could stand and for now she could cope with the pain.

Outside James approached his car and opened the passenger door. Sitting on the seat he found exactly what he was looking for and quickly grabbed it before returning to the house. As he entered the living room Megan couldn’t help but notice that he now carried a large metal briefcase, she tried to keep her gaze fixed firmly ahead but couldn’t help but follow the path of the suitcase part of the way as James moved around behind her and placed it on the coffee table.

“I know that you’re aware that you’ll be punished regardless of your behaviour but that’s no excuse to go looking at things you have no business looking at,” said James in a chastising tone.

“Sorry, Master,” returned Megan, genuinely hurt by the fact she’d already let herself down.

“Apologies are fine,” continued James, “but they’ll never get you out of your punishment, in the future try not to make the mistake and you’ll not have to apologise.”

“Yes, Master.”

James smiled to himself, Megan was a natural, the gods were clearly smiling upon him when their paths first crossed. As he spoke he had busied himself opening the case and was now looking intently upon its contents. Without hesitation he grabbed the object he had been searching for and grasped it behind his back so as to hide it from Megan’s view as he returned to face her.

For a moment he smiled at her, half a smile of admiration at her resistance to his efforts and half a smile of anticipation as he knew that soon he’d have her begging for mercy. He raised his hand and dangled the object in front of Megan’s eyes. She looked up and saw two silvery clips connected by a fine chain, she had never seen such an object before but its use immediately became apparent. James gazed upon the look of recognition that was on Megan’s face as he held a clip in each hand and slowly opened and closed them before Megan’s eyes. “Do you know where these go?” he asked, a menacing smile on his face.

“I think so, Sir,” she replied, clearly realising that what she had gone through already was merely a taste of things to come.


“I think that they go on my nipples, Sir,” Megan replied, softly.

“Very good,” replied James, his sarcasm a little overdone even for his own liking.

He dropped one of the clips allowing it to dangle at the end of the chain before raising his free hand to one of Megan’s nipples and rubbing it softly, feeling the warmth of the little bud in his fingers. He squeezed gently at the dark flesh before stroking it softly again. With his other hand he brought the clip close to the same nipple but didn’t stop his tender strokes for a moment, he wanted to enjoy the scene before him and heighten Megan’s anticipation. “You can walk away if you want,” he said, “you don’t need to take any of this.”

“I do need to,” replied Megan, forcefully, “I’ve needed it for so long I just only recently realised it.”

James didn’t reply, he had received the response that he hoped for and knew that despite her fear she still wanted to continue. Taking her defiance of his taunt as his cue he removed his free hand from her breast and quickly allowed the clamp to grab fiercely at the nipple.

A searing pain shot like fire through Megan’s nipple and surged though her supple breast to the rest of her body. Instinctively she bent away from the source of the pain and was momentarily doubled over with by her efforts to control the searing torment but she soon stood back to attention, her arms never came unfolded behind her back.

“In time you’ll be able to take that like it’s nothing,” said James, “but for now just to take it is enough.”

James could hear Megan’s breathing was becoming laboured as she tried to get on-top of the pain that was unlike anything she had felt before. As soon as her breathing had calmed the attention of both James and herself was drawn to her remaining unclamped nipple and the clip in James’ hand that threatened to give a repeat performance of what she had just endured.

Slowly, James opened the clamp and moved it with painstaking precision until it was poised ready to strike at her delicate bud. Megan tried to remain motionless but could not help herself as she turned her head away and gritted her teeth for what she knew was soon to come. Almost as soon as she did so James unleashed the clamp and another bolt of electrifying pain shot through her whole body causing her to cry out through her gritted teach and bend over in response to the pain.

As before she eventually managed to right herself and stood to attention, spit running down her chin from her agonised outburst. She was shaking uncontrollably as though she’d been left out in the cold but behind all the obvious signs of discomfort she wore a smile of satisfaction proudly on her face.

James looked upon his new slave and found it hard to believe how sexy the vision before him was. Megan’s face was flushed red with exertion and down her chin a small trickle of saliva ran down before dripping onto her similarly red breasts whose nipples were adorned with the shining silver device which had caused her body to become so flushed. He was unable to resist her and leant forward and kissed her deeply on the lips making sure that she realised that their relationship would involve pain but would ultimately be a loving one. As he kissed her he pulled slightly at the silvery chain that now connected her nipples and revelled in the delicate sound she emitted as she moaned through her open lips, half with pleasure, half with pain.

James pulled away from the kiss and thought to himself how well his slave had performed. She showed more potential than he could have hoped for and already it seemed that she was gaining a penchant for pain that he had never seen in anyone so inexperienced before. He considered whether or not it would be worth working her over with the whip, she had already held up well to the nipple clamps and the whip could not come close to delivering the same level of pain. It was clear to him that he needed to step things up a little and use something that would deliver a pain more intense than the clamps.

“Put your hands at your side,” he ordered.

Megan immediately complied and thrust her hands to her side. Her movement caused to chain on her nipples to shake violently and she winced in pain as the angry teeth of the clamps made there presence known to her once more. She found that as she got more comfortable with the pain it worked to arouse her more and more and already she could see that she was embarking upon a lifestyle to which she could easily become accustomed.

James placed his hands at the top of Megan’s dress and pulled it further down her body, letting it fall in a bundle at her feet. Now she was more exposed than before, wearing only a pair of white lace panties and the silvery chain that constricted her nipples. James looked with delight upon the pale skin of her tender body, he wondered if he was about to use the right implement, realising now how much he would like to redden her pale skin with his whip. For now he accepted that the whip would not cause sufficient discomfort to be useful and so he decided to stay on his planned course as he headed back to the suitcase to find the next instrument of torment.

The rattan cane had long been one of James’ favourite instruments and as he took it in he hand he felt a familiar tingle of excitement rush through his body, the feeling of power it gave him unlike anything else he knew. He delighted as he thrust it through the air and listened for the distinctive swish as it flicked gracefully through the air. “Do you know what this is?” he asked, allowing Megan only a couple of further swishes with which to guess.

“Is it a whip, Sir?” she asked, her voice full of trepidation.

“You’re close,” he replied, delightedly, “think of something more rigid.”

“A cane?” replied Megan, sounding more worried than ever.

“Excellent,” said James as he walked into view, allowing Megan her first glimpse of the latest implement. “And where do you think I’ll be using this?” he asked, swishing it once more through the air before his somewhat daunted slave.

“On the butt?” offered Megan, hoping that her answer was correct.

“I’ll admit that it’s a good place to start,” said James, “but not my favourite place. Try again.”

“On my hands maybe,” guessed Megan, thinking of the days it used to be a punishment in schools.

“In a strange way you’re close,” replied James, smiling intently upon his hapless charge. “I bet if I give you one more guess you’ll get it.”

Megan thought hard, if hands was close to being correct then maybe he meant the arms, but that seemed so unlikely. She thought harder, suddenly it dawned on her, it must be… “My feet?” she offered, as she imagined the pain that would undoubtedly follow such a blow.

“Very good,” cooed James, a mixture of genuine praise and theatrical patronisation. “Now lie on the couch, on your back and place your feet upon the arm-rest.”

Megan immediately complied and lay down as she had been instructed, folding her arms beneath her back as she do so as to restrict their ability to move and attempt to intervene. As soon as she was still James took hold of one of her feet in his free and a began to stroke it gently, allowing his fingers to trail tantalisingly slow from her heel up to the balls of her feet. Even this small attention caused Megan’s foot to writhe and wriggle away from James’ touch and he began to wonder how such sensitive feet would stand up to a caning. “Now,” he said, deciding that Megan could do with knowing what exactly was to come, “I’m going to hold your foot like this,” he grabbed her toes firmly in his hand so that Megan’s foot was immobile, “Then I’ll apply the cane to your soles, each blow will be pretty soft, but they’ll come in quick succession so it’ll soon hurt. When the pain comes I want you to try and take it as best you can, is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” replied Megan, “I will try my best.”

James didn’t need to go on, he knew that Megan genuinely wanted to take the punishment but he felt certain that she would be unable to do so without eventually squirming away from him or begging him to be merciful.

He raised the cane until it was an inch above her exposed sole before applying it gently to her skin, he rained down the feathery light strokes in quick succession and wondered how long it would be until Megan could take no more.

As the first blows hit her Megan barely felt anything, for an instrument with such a reputation she was finding it pretty tame. After a few seconds, however, the successive strokes had led to a kind of swelling, burning sensation that spread throughout her lower body which was compounded with each successive stroke. Each time the cane became reacquainted with Megan’s flesh it sent a new shock of pain throughout her body and caused the searing pain in her foot to grow considerably. After thirty seconds she could take no more and just as James had predicted she squirmed uncontrollably, her leg kicking wildly in a desperate attempt to escape the pain that she was feeling. Immediately she felt bad that she had given in so easily but she had been unable to help herself.

Mercifully James stopped his ministrations, “don’t worry,” he said, noting Megan’s distressed face, “you haven’t let me down, I expected that you wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Although Megan felt somewhat reassured by his statement she couldn’t help but remain disappointed, she wished she could have given him a pleasant surprise by taking the pain but instead she had done as he had predicted.

“I’ve decided that I’m going to spare the other foot, you’ve experienced enough pain for now to know that you don’t want to cross me.”

“Thank you, Sir,” replied Megan, truly grateful for his generosity. As she spoke she noticed how aroused she had become from the receipt of pain and how each painful blow had served to stoke the fire now burning in her loins.

James placed the cane down on the coffee table next to his suitcase and looked over at Megan’s exposed flesh. He could no longer contain his lust for her, she had submitted so well to pain, now he wondered how well she could administer his pleasure. “Back on your feet,” he ordered.

Megan immediately complied and returned to attention before the couch. As she moved the nipple clamps reasserted their presence and and send new shcokwaves of pain pulsing through her body. As soon as her foot contacted the cold wood of the floor she was reminded of the pain in her sole and she briefly became weak in the knees before righting herself.

“On your knees,” ordered James, becoming more eager for what was to come.

Megan wasted no time in doing as he had asked and she dropped to the floor, her knees pressed painfully against the hard surface. As soon as she was knelt before him it became clear to her what was to come next, her eyes were level with his crotch and from this vantage she could make out his obvious arousal by the bulge in his pants. Upon seeing his excitement she soon remembered hers and the burning in her pussy became more pronounced, she could even feel the moisture soaking her panties as she awaited his next command, she needed relief badly but she realised that until he got his there would be no chance she’d be allowed to orgasm, all she could do for now was please her master.

James didn’t disappoint, as soon as Megan was situated he unzipped the fly on his jeans and allowed them to fall to his hips revealing a more prominent bulge visible through his tight cotton boxer shorts. He looked down at Megan with delight knowing full-well that in a moments time his entire member would be buried into her pretty mouth. Sensing Megan’s anticipation was as pronounced as his own he grabbed hold of his boxers and pulled the down to just below his buttocks allowing his ample cock to spring forth and bounce to attention between master and slave.

Megan looked upon the fleshy rod that protruded menacingly from between her master’s legs. It was by no means the first cock she’d ever seen but it was certainly the most impressive. Even a girl as inexperienced as she could tell that it was crying out for relief, its skin was flushed a deep, angry red and a series of veins protruded eagerly over the shaft.

“I think you know what to do,” said James, breaking Megan’s reverie, “If you please me I may chose to reciprocate later,” he added, generously.

Megan was glad of the order, she knew what to do and she knew how much she wanted to do it. As soon as James had finished speaking she lunged her head hungrily towards his reddened shaft and placed her lips onto its swollen head. Without the use of her hands she found it somewhat difficult to get it into her mouth but with some adjustment she managed it and was soon sucking earnestly upon his length as though nothing mattered more to her than pleasing her master- indeed, for that moment in time, nothing did.

Megan’s efforts were clumsy at first but soon became more controlled. She raised her head back and forth, pressing her lips firmly down upon the shaft allowing her master the tightest space she could adjust to whilst swirling her tongue seductively around the pole with each pass. As she progressed she wanted so desperately to reach between her own legs and bring some conclusion to her own tormented arousal but she resisted the urge and thought only of earning her own release by facilitating that of her master.

James was surprised at how eager Megan was and soon realised that what she lacked in skill or technique she certainly made up for in enthusiasm. As she continued with her efforts James felt himself becoming even more engorged and he could sense that his orgasm would not be far away. He wanted, desperately, to grab hold of Megan’s head and force his cock roughly down his throat but for now he enjoyed the pleasure that she was giving of her own volition and knew that it would do for now.

As he felt his climax approach James bent his legs and reached down between Megan’s breasts and pulled the silvery chain that connected her nipples. Another wave of pain shot throughout her young body and she screamed loudly in recognition of the pain. Her oral outburst added another dimension of pleasure to the blow-job she was giving and James could take the pressure no longer. Without warning he discharged his load into her eager mouth allowing spurt after spurt of hot cum to coat the inside of her mouth until she could contain his emissions no longer and they leaked lewdly down her chin onto her tormented breasts. As soon as he had finished James collapsed onto the leather couch in a state of sheer exhilaration, “swallow,” was all he could manage to say.

Megan obeyed instantly.

For a moment they both remained silent, panting like mad but not talking. Eventually James stood up and pulled his jeans and boxers over his now flaccid member. “You did well.” he said simply.

As soon as he spoke the pair heard a key turning in the lock of the main door, “that must be my mom,” said Megan, talking out of turn for the first time that night.

“Put your clothes on,” said James, “I’ll handle this.”

To Be Continued…

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